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1^ 5 Mite ;>1- , 

r *r 




Dealer 5 m 


ilto '<jt £ki fifty# bn G>ts* i 
. Brass Finishfri % 
|5ppat(jii, and yairt 

iU : n$§. beyond p reach < 
t*>.l ;.«■• The oPRrMGFIKI.D o 
tsa L» I;iril<ttng8.j3an be AI03 
give a steady and uniform. 

SAMPSON. DAVENPORT, & 00., ' ? nsussck Si., Hnton.' 

- ^ ~ V ^<5. ^ — i^L. — 


TSo. S7 3Xei*i**„4ni|l Ht reet, 


Mitf' ■ ■*>* 5“ • . - -~7* «» 

i Mrfati f ny neq tit/ 



n,u.x>.4 i»u uifeijtrs r ur wiuusaaa ie. 
NuraF' i*l Hoard of I'nde-rw^Uers, h 
« bat rm-is »i<*C W e legWctfully j. 

*re l 

>v^a. l;y fc /v v i/ 

. ; Siu-e, s tr&i St., T/w 



[IK STREET, BOS JCON, See. a ext j> 



Consisting of 





’oliee and Police Stations! 
atlie^® some statistics regard in 

) to in 


icr= t 

E S 


Lowell f oliee, of which he has furnished 
us a copy, and which we present our 
readers below, believing they will be read 
with interest. The average weight of 
the thirty-five members is 190 pounds, 
thirteen reaching 200 pounds or more. 3 
Mr. Blaisdell is the heaviest, Mr. Blood 
j'the lightest. Their average age is 42 
years, Mr. Huse, the friend of truant 
children, being the oldest, and Mr. Web- 
ster the youngest. The average time in 


ster the youngest. The average time in p, f* 1Q£7 
the police force is 8 years, Mr. Blaisdell'-'*’ 0l iOO/j 
being the senior, and Messrs. Blood, Es- 
ty and Miller the juniors, Messrs. Blais- Tn 
dell and Bullard are the oldest residents, 

(though Messrs. Blood, Fuller, Sinclair}^ ^ Yfovli. 
and Upton are among the early residents. 

Their nativities are as follows: New 
Hampshire, 15 ; Maine, 7 ; Massachusetts, 

6 ; Vermont, 2 ; Canada, 2 ; Ireland, 2 ; 

New York, ,1. We challenge any .city to^ 
produce a larger set of police for the* 
number than Lowell, and we can assure 
those not familiar with the men whose, 
names are given below that with one ex 
cention they are all good looking men. 


Bickford Lang, 

Charlea P. Bowles, 

I x Asa D. Clark, 

‘J Henry Marshall, 

B. G. Mooney, 

Jesse Huse, 

~ Levi Brown, 

Squire L. Bailey, 

Moses D. Barker. 

Allen P. Bickford, 

T. C. Blaisdell, 

Andrew Blood, 

William Bodge, 

Otis Bullard, 

"1 Wm. L. Clark, 

JJohn Coleman, 

Alfred Day, 

John Dougherty, 

Asa P. Efitv, 

D. H. Goodhue, 

Wm. P. Farrington, 38 

Jacob G. Fayor, 33 

A. B. Foss, 43 

H. H. Fuller, 54 

Wm. M. Lee, 30 

Isaac L; Libby, .10 

Eliphalct Miller, 37 

M. \V. l’i'®oy f 40 

George W. Sanborn, 48 

T. J . Sanborn, 33 

James Wlfchcflield, 33 
D. H. Sinclair, 43 

D. S. Spaulding, 23 

Joseph Upton, 43 

j James E. Webster, 27 

^Portable, Counter, 

N. 1845 

piers’, ami Cold 

N. H. 



N. H. 


N. H. 1848 
N. H. 1831 
Me. 1848 
Ireland 1848 
Vt. 1848 
Ireland 1S50 
Mass. 184(1 

JSS !S’ Frames, Spring 

185o 4 

1850 4 ; 

18:11 28 
1833 2 

1848 4 

1831 5 ^ 

SS '$Jk.FJLS, 

1848 4 



N. II. 








N. H. 




N. II. 





N. 11. 














N. 11. 


N. II. 



N. 11. 



X. Y. 






















Believing that great improve- 
ments could be made in the con- 
struction and workmanship of 
Cooking Stoves, and that such im- 
provements would be appreciated 
by the public, and feeling con- 
vinced that a long practical ex- 
perience in the manufacture of 
Stoves would enable the subscri- 
ber to be successful in the under- 
taking, he has devoted himself 
energetically for two years to this 
object; and, as a result, is now 
prepared to show, he is happy to 
say, the most important improve- 
ments ever made in Cooking 
Stoves in the United States. This 
statement is fully confirmed by the 
large number of Testimonials re- 
used these Stoves the past season, and live minutes' 
examination of the Stove itself will further prove all that is claimed for it. 

Sizes suited to all 
practical purposes, 
from that of the 
smallest family to the 
largest class of Ho- 
tels, with or without 
Watkr Fronts, Ex- 
tension Tops, Hot 
Closets, Reser- 
voirs, &c., and fitted 
for either Coal or 

A large supply of 
these Stoves, together 
with the CONE FUR- 
NACE for Brick work 
or Portable Cas- 
ings : COOKING 
TORS, &c., &c., con- 
stantly on hand, and 




Messrs. II. II. WILDER & CO., are the authorized Agents for 
the sale of my manufactured wares in Lowell. 




1868 . 

Patented in the United States, England, and France. 

A Gold Medal was awarded this celebrated Furnace at a recent Fair of the 
Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics’ Association. It also received another Gold 
Medal, First Premium, at the receut Lowell Industrial Exhibition of 1S67. 

This Furnace is now in such general use, and its reputation being so well and 
favorably established, renders it needless to particularize its many superior advan- 
tages for Warming Buildings over any other known plan. Sizes suitable for Warmiug 
all classes of Private or Public Buildings, and for setting either in Brick Work or 
as Portables. 

Ckilson’s Patent Elevated Double Oven Cooking Range, 



This celebrated Range has become 
in all well-regulated Kitchens. It 
is truly the . 


As can be proved by the many thou- 
sands of testimonials received. 

Sizes in variety, for Dwellings, 
Hotels, &c., with or without 


and other washing purposes; also 
Hot Closets and Hot-Air Fixtures 
For heating additional rooms, when 

No Housekeeper will long use any 
other plan of Cooking Range after 
an examination of this. 

For sale at the Subscriber’s Foun- 
dry, in Mansfield, Mass.; or at his 
Store, 99 and lOl Blackstone 
Street, Boston. 

Gardner Chilson. 





Patterns, Models, 



For more than twenty-fine years a Practical 
Mechanic , with an extensive experience on Experi- 
mental Machinery and New Inventions , I can aid 
others in maturing their inventions , and present 
their claims at the Patent Office in a practical 


46 Court Street, Boston — 9, A. II., to 4, P. M. ; 

20 Middle St., Lowell — 7 to 9, P.M. 

J. W. NASH <fc CO, 



Cooking, Parlor, and Office 




Kitchen Furniture. 

No. 105 CENTRAL STREET, Lowell, Mass. 



Pump Work and Repairing done to Order. 




Manufacturers of Silver-Ware, 

Forks, Spoons, Kuivcs, Ladles, Ac. 

Importers of 


And Agents for the American Watches for 


The largest assortment of Jewelry and Silver- 
Plated Ware to be found in New England, out of 



Manufactured to order, and at very low prices. 

Fine Watches and Jewelry neatly repaired and toarranted. Engraving of every 
variety executed in the very best style. 

The only place In JLiowell where Silver Spoons and Silver-ware are 

No. 25 Central, corner Middle Street, Lowell, Mass. 


^ m ^o 3 . 

N S x o e o, v; 




A Business Directory, 



NO. 2 4. 



Office, No. 47 Congress Street, Boston. 





Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1RR8, by Sampson, 
DavenpoeT, & Co., in the Clerk’s Office of the District Court 
* of the District of Massachusetts. 




Advertisers outside of Lowell 30G 

Associations 31 6 

... 285 
, ... 307 
314, 289 
... 20 
... 291 
... 322 
... 313 
. . . 18 
... 295 
... 417 
. . . 323 
... 348 
... 303 
3G0, 3G3 
... 320 
... 322 
. . . 321 
... 323 
... 320 
... 299 
... 323 

Population of Massachusetts, 18G5 7 

Post Office 3G3 

Railroads 3G4, 3G5 

Savings Banks 337, 339, 340, 363 

Schools and Teachers 311 

Sheriffs and Deputies 322 

Streets, Courts, and Places 9 

Telegraph Offices 303 

Temperance Societies 319 

United States Internal Revenue 363 

Ward Boundaries 20 

Names in Directory of 1866 11,142 

Names erased in preparing Directory of 1868 3,586 


Names added in preparing names of 1868 4,299 

Names in Directory of 1868 11,855 

MR KCTOR V— € A IJTi Of*. 

The public are cautioned against ever paging money in advance to 
any jtersons claiming to be connected ivith ns, or onr publications, as onr 
Agents never take any sum, however small, in advance. 

SAMPSON, DAVENPORT, & CO., Directory Publishers, 


Business Directory 

City Government, 1868 

Churches and Ministers 



Court Sessions 

Fire Department 

Halls, Buildings, &c 


Index to Advertising 

Insurance Companies 

Justices of the Peace 

Lowell Gas-Light Company 

Lowell Horse-Railroad Company 

Manufacturing Companies 349-: 


Middlesex County Officers 



Notaries Public 

Odd Fellows 


Police Court 






Combs, Hair- Work, Brushes, Parasols, Sun and Rain Umbrellas, Rocking-Horses, 
Travelling-Bags, Fancy Goods, &c. Also Manufacturers of 
Trunks, Valises, and Carpet-Bags. 



Parasols , Umbrellas , Loots , Shoes, and Trunks neatly repaired. 





to ^ 


.. ..,-V| II 2 j 3j 4 
5 6 | 7! 8 9 10,11 
I 12,13 14 15 16 1718 
1 19 20121122 23124 25 
26 27 28 29*30 31 



. .1. .1. .1..1. .1. .| 1 
2|,3| 4 5 6 71 8 
9 10 11 12 1314 15 
16 1718 19 20 21 22 
23:24,25 20 27 28 29 

1.. ........ 1. 

1, 21 8 , 4 51 6 7 
81 9 1011 12 13 14 
15 1617 18 19 20 21 
, 22 23 24 25 26,27,28 
29 ,30'31 

1 2| 3| 4 
5! 6 ; 7 8 1 91011 
1213 14 15 16 1718 
. 19 20 21,22 23 24 25 
' 26 27 28,29 30'.. 



3j 4 5 6 7 81 9 
10 11 12131415 16 
17 1819 20 21122,23 
24 25 26 27 28,29.30 
31 ..I. .. 

. . | 1 | 21 3! 41 5j 6 
71 8 9 101112 13 
1 141516 17 1819,20 

1 21 122,23 24 25 26 27 


3 .st 

"g I § 

*lf § 


3, 4 

*•‘*• 1**1 1 . 2 
5 1 6 7 8 | 9 10 11 
121314 15[16 1718 
19 20 21:22 23 24 25 . . 
26 27 28 29 30:31 . . \ < 

2 3; 4' 5 
9,10 11 12 
16 17 18 19 20 2lf22 
2324 25 26 27 28 29 

3031 I..I.. L.I..I 

6| 7| 8 

13 14 15 I 




.. 1 2 1 4 M 

7 8 9 10,11 12 J C 0 
13 14 15 16 17,18 19 ( m 
20 21 ,22 23 24 25 26 / 

27 28 29!30 .... . . \ H 

4 j 5! 6 7 
1112 13,14 15 

2 ; 3 * 1 

9 10 

16 17 

7 o 

18 19 20,21 22 23 24 
25 26 27 28 29 30 31 

> O 

lj 2| 31 4| 5| 6| 7 
8 1 9 !i 011 12 13 14 
15 16 17 18 19 20 21 I 
22 23 24125,2612712s , 

J..I 1, 2 3 4 
6 7 1 8! 9 10 11 12 . 
13 14 1516 17 18 19 I 
2021 22 23 24 25 26 1 
27;28 29 30 31| . . . . 



joohsclks anij Stationers, 










KT. J. 

37 Merrimack Street, Lowell. 





Counting - House Stationery, 



Having increased his facilities for manufacturing , by the addition 
of new machinery , and secured the services of one of the best Blank- 
Book workmen in New England , is now prepared to make to order , 
ruled to any pattern, all kinds of Blank Books required by Manufac- 
turing Companies, Banks, Railroads , Insurance Companies, or pri- 
vate individuals. 

Particular attention paid to Rebinding Old Books, Pamphlets, 
Periodicals, Music, fyc., fyc. 

All work done Promptly 9 and in the most substantial manner. 

A full assortment 'of Blank Books, of my own make, constantly 
on hand, and for sale at the lowest market price. 

Also for sale a complete assortment of Stationery, including 
every article desired. 

Letter Paper, Note Paper, Envelopes , fyc., arc bought directly 
from the manufacturers, and will be sold at the very lowest cash 

An examination of his stock is respectfully solicited. 







Carried on from 1S57 to 1865 by Adams, Sampson, & Co.; since 1865, continued 
by tlie same firm, under the style of 


From this office the 


Has been issued annually for TWENTY-TWO YEARS. 





Each annually for some TEN or TWELVE YEARS. 

Charlestown Directory, Roxbury Directory, Fall River Directory, 
Taunton Directory, Salem Directory, Lynn Directory, Lawrence 
Directory, Newbnryport Directory, Lowell Directory, Man- 
chester (M.I1.) Directory, 

Each biennially for from TEN to FIFTEEN YEARS. 


111 185G, 1SG0, 1SG5, and 1SGS. 


In 1859, 1864, and 1807. 



The Maine Register and Business Directory, 


Besides tlie publication of Directories, a great deal of public business of a similar 
character has been done through this office ; some of it as follows : — 

Census of Boston, 1850; Census of Boston, Slay 1855; Census of Boston, 
June 1855; Census of Boston and Roxbury, 1865; Census of Voters 
in Boston in 1857; Statistics of Industry in Boston, 1850; 
Statistics of Industry in Boston and Roxbury, 1865. 

The city has been canvassed twice annually for eighteen years for the Record of 
Births. An annual Census of persons liable to enrolment in the State Militia has 
been taken some eighteen or twenty times, and a Census of School Children thirteen 

S., D., & CO. offer for sale, nearly all Directories published in the United States, 
and some from foreign countries. 






1 , 207 , 339 . 

Barnstable 4,913 

Brewster 1,459 

Chatham 2,637 

Dennis 3,512 

Eastham 757 

Falmouth 2,294 

Harwich 3,540 

Orleans 1,580 

Provincetown 3,475 

Sandwich 4,105 

Truro 1,448 

Wellfleet 2,298 

Yarmouth 2,465 


Adams 8,298 

Alford 461 

Becket 1,395 

Cheshire 1,650 

Clarksburg 530 

Dalton 1,137 

Egremont 928 

Florida 1,173 

Great Barrington 3,920 

Hancock 967 

Hinsdale 1,517 

Lanesborough 1,295 

Lee 4,034 

Lenox 1,667 

Monterey 737 

Mount Washington 233 
New Ashford 178 

New Marlborough 1,649 

Otis 962 

Peru 494 

Pittsfield 9,679 

Richmond 913 

Sandisfield 1,411 

Savoy 866 

Sheffield 2 , 4 G 1 

Stockbridge 1,967 

Tyrmgham 650 

Washington 859 

West Stoctbridge 1,621 
Williamstown 2,563 

Windsor 753 



Acushnet 1,251 

Attleborough 6,200 

Berkley 888 

Dartmouth 3,434 

Dighton 1,815 

Easton 3,084 

Fairhaven 2,548 

Fall River 17,525 

Freetown 1,484 

Mansfield 2,131 

New Bedford 20,863 

Norton ’ 1,709 

Raynham 1,868 

Rehoboth 1,834 

Seekonk 929 

Somerset 1,791 

Swanzey 1,335 

Taunton 16,005 

Westport 2,802 



Chilmai'k 547 

Edgartown > 1,846 

Gosnold 108 

Tisbury 1,699 


Amesbury 4,210 

Andover 5,309 

Beverly 5,944 

Boxford 868 

Bradford 1,567 

Danvers 5,144 

Essex 1,630 

Georgetown 1,926 

Gloucester 11,938 

Groveland 1,620 

Hamilton 800 

Haverhill 10,660 

Ipswich 3,311 

Lawrence 21,733 

Lynn 20,800 

Lynnficld 725 

Manchester 1,643 

Marblehead 7,330 

Methuen 2,575 

Middleton 922 

Nahant 313 

Newbury 1,363 

Newburyport 12,9S0 

North Andover 2,622 
Rockport 3,367 

Rowley 1,196 

Salem 21,197 

Salisbury 3,609 

Saugus ' 2,006 

South Danvers 6,050 

Swampscott 1,619 

Topsfield 1,212 

Wenham 915 

West Newhury 2,088 



Ashfield 1,221 

Bcrnardston 902 

Buckland .1,922 

Charlemont 994 

Colerain 1,726 

Conway 1,538 

Deerfield 3,040 

Erving 576 


Agawam 1,665 

Blandford 1,087 

Brimfield 1,316 

Chester 1,266 

Chicopee 7,581 

Granville 1,363 

Holland 368 

Holyoke 5,648 

Longmeadow 1,480 

Ludlow 1,233 

Monson 3,132 

Montgomery 354 

Palmer 3,081 

Russell 619 

Southwick 1,155 

Springfield 22,038 

Tolland 511 

Wales 696 

Westfield 6,684 

West Springfield 2,100 
Wilbraham 2,111 






































South Hadley 

2, OSS 









New Salem 











Southampton 1,216 

Ware 3,307 

Westhampton 637 

Williamsburg 1,972 

Worthington 925 


Actou 1,660 

Ashby 1,080 

Ashland 1,702 

Bedford 820 

Belmont 1,278 

Billerica 1,808 

Boxborough 454 

Brighton 3,859 

Burlington 594 

Cambridge 29,114 

Carlisle 629 

Charlestown 26,398 

Chelmsford 2,296 

Concord 2,231 

Dracut 1,905 

Dunstable 533 

Framingham 4,681 

Groton 3,176 

Holliston 3,125 

Hopkinton 4,140 

Lexington 2,223 

Lincoln ■ 710 

Littleton 967 

Lowell 31,00-4 

Malden 6,871 

Marlborough 7,209 

Medford 4,860 

Melrose 2,866 

Natick 5,220 

Newton 8,978 

North Reading 991 

Pepperell 1,709 

Reading 2,436 

Sherborn 1,049 

Shirley 1,217 

Somerville 9,366 

South Reading 3,245 

Stoneham 3,299 

Stowe 1,537 

Sudbury 1,703 

Tewksbury 1,801 

Townsend 2,056 

Tvngshorough 624 

Waltham 6,897 

Watertown 3,779 

Wayland 1,138 

West Cambridge 2,760 
Westford 1,568 

Weston 1,231 

Wilmington 850 

Winchester 1,969 

Woburn 7,002 



Nantucket 4,830 


Bellingham 1,240 

Braintree 3,725 

Brookline 5,262 














• 2,510 





































East Bridgewater 
























North Bridgewater 6,335 











South Scituate 




West Bridgewater 1,825 







North Chelsea 












Bar re 






Bolton ' 








Clinton 4,021 

Dana 789 

Douglas 2,157 

Dudley 2,077 

Fitchburg 8,119 

Gardner 2,553 

Grafton 3,962 

Hardwick 1,968 

Harvard 1,353 

Holden 1,846 

Hubbardston 1,546 

Lancaster 1,767 

Leicester 2,528 

Leominster 3.318 

Lunenburg 1,167 

Mcndon 1,207 

Milford 9,102 

Milbury 3,780 

New Braintree 752 

Northborougli 1,623 

Northbridge 2,642 

North Brookfield 2,514 
Oakham 925 

Oxford 2,713 

Paxton 626 

Petersham 1,386 

Phillipston 726 

Princeton 1,238 

Royalston 1,441 

Rutland 1,011 

Shrewsbury 1,571 

Southborough 1,750 

Southbridge 4,131 

Spencer 3,026 

Sterling 1,668 

Sturbridge 1,993 

Sutton 2,363 

Templeton 2,390 

Upton 2,017 

Uxbridge 2,835 

Warren 2,205 

Webster 3,608 

Westborough 3,141 

West Boylston 2,293 

West Brookfield 1,548 

Westminster 1,639 

Winchendon 2,802 

Worcester 30,058 



By Counties. 

Barnstable 34,4S9 

Berkshire 56,966 

Bristol 89,505 

Dukes 4,200 

Essex 171,192 

Franklin 31,342 

Hampden 64,438 

Hampshire 39,199 

Middlesex 220,618 

Nantucket 4,830 

Norfolk 116,334 

Plvmoutli 63,074 

Suffolk 208,219 

Worcester 162,923 



Abbott, from 292 Central to Lawrence [lin square 

Adams, from Salem, Adams block, to Fletcher, Frank- 
Adams place, from Lowell, near Lowell place 
Adams square, from Middlesex, near Walker 
Alder, from 136 East Merrimack, nearly opposite Nes- 
mith, to 2 Stackpole 

Ames, from 260 Central to 80 Lawrence 
Amory, from Bridge, by the Boott canal, to Kirk, Boott 
corporation [bury line 

Andover, from Concord River, South bridge, to Tewks- * 
Anne, from Merrimack, at St. Anne’s church, to French 
Appleton, from Gorham, at St. Peter’s church, to 28 

Arch, from Howard to Middlesex, near Northern depot 
Ash, from 127 East Merrimack to 22 Chestnut 
Auburn, from 150 Gorham to 45 Chapel 
Austin, from 351 Merrimack to Ford 
Ayer’s City, south-west part of the city 
Babcock, west from Chambers 
Baldwin’s court, from 21 Fayette 
Bartlett, from High street square to Alder 
Bay-State avenue, from 187 Central 
Beacon, from opposite 39 Pawtucket to Bowers [ville 
Beacon, from Mount Vernon to Mount Pleasant, Central- 
Belvidere, east of Concord River 
Bennett, from Mount Vernon to Beacon, Centralville 
Blanchard place, from 120 East Merrimack [Moore 
Bleachery, from the Lowell Bleachery, southerly, across 
Blossom, from Gorham, near fair grounds, to Ayer’s City 
Boott, from Gardner to the canal, Lowell corporation 
Bow, from Coburn to Pearl, Centralville 
Bowditch, from Jackson to Middlesex, Hamilton corpo- 
ration [School at 300 

Bowers, from Fletcher, opposite Whiting, and crossing 
Bradley, continuation of First [sex, near Wilder 

Branch, from 301 Middlesex, crossing School, to Middle 
Brewery court, from 11 Thorndike, near Northern depot 



Bridge, from Merrimack, over Central bridge, through 
Centralville [tucket, near R. R. crossing 

Broadway, from Suffolk, opposite Mechanic, to Paw- 
Brook, from Watson, near Lawrence, to Hale’s brook 
Brown’s avenue, from 194 Gorham 
Brown’s court, from River, Centralville 
Burns, from Madison, near Gorham, to South Highland 
Butterfield, from 136 Fletcher to 229 School 
Cabot, from north-west corner of the Lawrence corpora- 
tion to Lowell 

Cady, from 252 Central to 63 Lawrence 
Cambridge, from Hale, near Chelmsford 
Canada, from Tanners to Quebec, Ayer’s New City 
Canal, from Merrimack to Bridge, Massachusetts corpora- 

Carlton, from 278 Middlesex to Marshall 
Carolin’s place, from 29 Fayette • 

Carpenter’s court, from 138 Lawrence to the river 
Carpet lane, from Gardner, rear 110 Market, Lowell cor- 

Carter, from Gorham, to Lowell Rleachery 

Cedar, from Keene, near Gorham, to 337 Central 

Central, from Merrimack to Gorham, at Davis’s corner 

Centralville, north of Merrimack River 

Centre, from 227 Central to Chapel [mills 

Chambers, from Gorham, near Hale’s brook, to Whipple’s 

Chapel, from 76 Charles, southerly, to Central 

Chapel Hill, from Wamesit Falls, westwardly, to Chapel 

Charles, from 35 Lawrence to 84 Gorham 

Chase, from Swift to Whipple [ford line 

Chelmsford, from Thorndike, near Middlesex, to Chelms- 

Chestnut, from Fayette to Park 

Christian, from Mount Pleasant, Centralville [bridge 
Church, from Central, at Washington House, to Stone 
Churchill’s court, from 20 South, opposite Spring 
City avenue, from 9 Middle to City-hall avenue 
City-hall avenue, from Merrimack, near City Hall, to 77 

Clark, from Common, near Salem, to Fletcher 
Clark’s court, from 136 Lawrence 
Clay, from 51 Andover, east of High, to Oak 
Coburn, from 67 River, to Old Road, Centralville 
Coburn lane, from Chelmsford, west of Forrest, to 
Stevens [mack corporation 

Colburn, from 237 Merrimack to Merrimack yard, Merri- 
Commercial square, on Central, opposite Market 



Common, from 14 Salem to Cross, east side North Common 
Common avenue, from Lowell to Cross 
Concord, from Merrimack, near Concord River, to Massa- 
chusetts mills 

Congress, from Thorndike to Gorham 

Cottage, from 237 Central to Chapel 

Court, from Linden to Gorham, north of court house 

Court avenue, from 11 Chapel to Linden 

Crosby, from 344 Central to Whipple’s mills 

Crosby’s court, from 230 Central 

Cross, from Suffolk, westerly, to 215 School 

Cross lane, from 150 Lowell to Adams 

Cummiskey’s alley, from 103 Lowell 

Cushing, from Willie, south of Rock, easterly, to Fletcher 

Dane, from 96 Salem, near Pawtucket, to Fletcher 

Dane-street court, from Dane 

Davidson, from 17 East Merrimack to Howe 

Davidson’s lane, north side of Davidson 

Davis, from 25 Summer to 32 Appleton 

Davis court, from 9 Davis 

Dearborn’s court, from Andover, west of Water 

Decatur, from 388 Merrimack to Salem 

Decatur-street alley, from Decatur, westerly 

Dempsey’s yard, from 44 Salem 

Dodge, from Race to 170 Suffolk 

Donohoe’s court, from Marion, near Cross [Mechanic 
Dummer, from Lowell, west of Worthen, southerly, to 
Dutton, from Merrimack corporation to Willie 
East Merrimack, from Merrimack, at Concord River, 
through Belvidere 
East Pine, from Carlton to Nichols 
Edgerly’s court, from 28 Charles 

Eighth, from 71 Bridge to Methuen, Centralville [sex 
Elliott, from Appleton, opposite stone church, to Middle- 
Elm, from 245 Central to Gorham 
Elm, from Third to Sixth, Centralville 
Everett, from Fayette, south of Chestnut, to 49 High 
Fairmount, from Mansur to the reservoir 
Farson’s court, from 133 Middlesex 
Favor, from 100 Appleton to 81 Summer* [rimack 

Fayette, from 20 Andover, opposite Water, to East Mer- 
Fellows’ court, from 14 High-street square 
Fenwick, from 132 Lowell to Suffolk 
Fifth, from 51 Bridge to 16 Myrtle, Centralville 
First, from Bridge, near the bridge, East Centralville 
Fletcher, from Thorndike, near Middlesex, to Pawtucket, 
near stone house 



Floyd, from opposite 309 Central to Kinsman 
Ford, from 174 Suffolk to Pawtucket 
Forrest, from Chelmsford, west of Parker, to Stevens 
Fourth, from 47 Bridge to 10 Myrtle, Centralville 
Franklin, from 45 Willie, easterly, to opposite 55 Fletcher 
Franklin square, between Suffolk, Adams, and Lagrange 

Fremont, from Third to Sixth, Centralville 
French, from Kirk to Bridge [ville 

Front, from River, along the banks of the river, Central- 
Fulton, from Coburn, Centralville [poration 

Gardner, from 110 Market to counting-room Lowell cor- 
Garnet, from 106 Middlesex to 81 Appleton 
Gates, from Westford to Chelmsford, west of Howard 
George, from Tyler to Warren 
Gold, from 255 School, easterly 
Gore, from Race to Cabot, on Suffolk corporation 
Gorham, from 123 Central, by Hale’s mills, to Tewks- 
bury line 

Goward place, from 84 Appleton 
Grand, from Middlesex to Hale 
Gray place, from 16 Church to Tyler 
Green, from 146 Central to George 
Green’s court, from 114 East Merrimack 
Grove, from Lawrence, near Whipple, to Chase mill 
Hale, from Thorndike, near jail, to Chelmsford, near 
pound [corporation 

Hall, from the north end of Tilden to Cabot, on Suffolk 
Hampshire, from Coburn to Bridge, Centralville 
Hancock, from Merrimack, opposite Prescott counting- 
room, Massachusetts corporation 
Hancock avenue, from 26 Salem to Clark [Moody 

Hanover, from Lowell, crossing 279 Merrimack and 
Harris, from Coburn, Centralville 
Harrison, from 63 Andover, south, to Oak 
Hasty, from Liberty to Westford 
High, from 113 East Merrimack to Nesmith 
High-street square, from north side of East Merrimack, 
near the church [opposite jail 

Highland, from South, by South Common, to Thorndike, 
Holbrook’s court, from Andover to Water 
Hosford square, between Central, Elm, and Wamesit 
Howard, from Middlesex, west of depot, to Hale 
Howard’s avenue, from 10 Davidson [mills 

Howe, from 63 East Merrimack, southerly, to the Flannel 
Hudson, from 298 Central, east 



Hurd, from 106 Central to Warren, near St. Paul’s church 
Jackson, from 89 Central to 145 Middlesex [house 

James court, from East Merrimack, east of Moody school- 
Jefferson, from 68 Lowell to 38 Lewis 
Jefferson square, between Jefferson, Lewis, and Little 
John, from 61 Merrimack, northerly, to the Boott count- 

John-street avenue, from west side of John to Kirk 
Joiner, from 138 Lawrence to the river 
Keene, from 168 Gorham to Chapel 
Kemp, from Walker to Wilder, near railroad crossing 
Kidder, from 242 Gorham to Crosby 
King, from Middlesex to Jackson, near round house 
Kinsman, from Chambers to Crosby, opposite Swift 
Kirk, from French to Merrimack, east of St. Anne’s 

Kirk avenue, from 27 Kirk, between Merrimack and Lee 
Knowles place, from the southwest corner of Davidson 
Korner’s court, from 80 Middlesex to 15 Spring 
Lagrange, from Suffolk, near stone arch bridge to Fletcher 
Lagrange court, from Lagrange street, between Adams 
and Fletcher [canal 

Landing, from Market, west end of market house, to the 
Lane court, from 125 Middlesex 
Lawrence, from 68 Church to Moore 
Lawrence-street court, from 61 Lawrence 
Lawson, from School, south of Branch, to Queen 
Lee, from 11 John, westerly, to 17 Kirk 
Lenton court, from 36 Charles 

Lewis, from Lowell, east side western canal, to Mechanic 
Liberty, from Chelmsford, at the pound, to Pine, near 

Liberty square, junction Fletcher and Adams 

Lincoln, from Chelmsford to Gorham, Ayer’s City 

Lincoln place, from 224 Central 

Linden, from Union to Auburn 

Little, from Dummer to Lewis 

Livermore, from 22 Bartlett to 20 Stackpole 

Livingston, from Carter, northerly and westerly 

Llewellyn, from Mount Pleasant, Centralville 

Locke, from Gorham to South, south of West Union 

London, from Ayer’s City, to Gorham, near fair grounds 

Loudon court, from 183 Central [Cabot 

Lowell, from Dutton, opposite Market, to Salem, corner 

Lowell place, from 147 Lowell 

Luther’s court, from 177 Central 



Lyman, from Race to Cabot, on the Suffolk corporation 
Lyon, from 338 Central to Kinsman ’ [near Hale 

Madison, from 183 Gorham to opposite 85 Thorndike, 
Maiden lane, from 214 Merrimack to 35 Lowell 
Main, from Manchester to Plain 
Manchester, from Gorham to Tanner 
Mansur, from Nesmith to Fairmount 
Manufacturers, from Short to Plain 

Maple, from Gorham, near railroad bridge, to Ayer’s City 
Marion, from Cross, between Suffolk and Adams, to La- 

Market, from 47 Central to Dutton, opposite Lowell 
Marshall, from Grand to Westford 
Marshall court, from 11 Howard to Arch 
Mason’s court, from 201 Central 
McCarry’s court, from Cross, opposite Marion 
McFarlin avenue, from opposite 94 Pawtucket 
Mclntire, from 268 Middlesex to 29 Marshall [Suffolk 
Mechanic, from Dutton, opposite machine shop, C. R., to 
Merriam’s court, from 29 High to 39 Fayette 
Merrimack, from Concord River, North bridge, west, to 

Merrimack square, from Merrimack to Tremont [river 
Merrill, from 182 Lawrence, across Taylor, near Concord 
Merrill’s court, from 15 Chapel 
Methuen, from Seventh to Dracut line, Centralville 
Middle, from 23 Central to Shattuck [line 

Middlesex, from Gorham, corner Central, to Chelmsford 
Middlesex place, from 209 to 225 Middlesex 
Mill, from 105 Lawrence to Central 
Molloy’s court, from 26 Summer 
Montreal, from Quebec to Tanners, Ayer’s City 
Monument square, junction of Merrimack, Moody, and 

Moody, from Merrimack, opposite Merrimack house, to 
Pawtucket [bury line 

Moore, from Gorham, near railroad bridge, east to Tewks- 
Morris court, from Cross to St. Patrick’s church 
Morse’s lane, from Dane to Pawtucket 
Mount Pleasant, continuation of Tenth, Centralville 
Mount Vernon, from 26 Pawtucket to Rock 
Mount Vernon, from Liberty to Westford 
Mount Vernon, from Beacon to Sixth, Centralville 
Mount Washington, from 26 Pawtucket to Broadway 
Myrtle, from 49 Third to Mount Pleasant, Centralville 
Narrow, from River to Front, Centralville 



Nesmith, from East Merrimack, opposite Alder, to Tewks- 
bury line 

New, from 38 Crosby to Lyon 

Newhall, from Whipple to Chambers, south of Kinsman 
Nichols, from 16 Branch to Westford 
Ninth, from 75 Bridge to Tenth, Centralville 
North, from 49 Lawrence to 236 Central 
North Chapel, from the end of Chapel to Charles 
North Common, abutting on Fletcher, Cross, Clark, and 

North Franklin court, from north side Franklin street 
Oak, from 102 High to Nesmith [line 

Old Middlesex Road, from Ayer's City to Chelmsford 
Old Road, from Bridge, east of Tenth, to Dracut line 
Oliver, from 250 School, westerly 
Orange, from Chambers to Crosby, south of Newhall 
Paige, from Bridge, east of Merrimack, westerly, to Kirk 
Park, from Andover, northerly to East Merrimack 
Park Garden, abutting on Chestnut, Park, Andover, and 

Parker, from Chelmsford to Chelmsford line [line 

Pawtucket, from Austin to Middlesex, near Chelmsford 

Pawtucket avenue, from Pawtucket 

Pearl, from 100 Middlesex to 75 Appleton 

Pearl, from Coburn to Bridge, near city line, Centralville 

Perkins, from Suffolk, near Lawrence, C. R., to Cabot 

Perrin, from School, opposite gas works 

Pine, from Westford to Chelmsford line 

Plain, through Ayer’s New City to Chelmsford line 

Plains, north end of River, Centralville 

Pleasant, from 30 Andover [ville 

Pleasant, on the Plains from 109 River to West Central- 

Pleasant court, from 18 Winter 

Pollard’s avenue, from 24 John 

Pond, from Pleasant, westerly, to Concord river 

Poplar, from 156 School, near the gas works 

Poplar, from Quebec 

Porter, from Pine to Middlesex 

Powell, from Liberty, southerly, to Chelmsford 

Prescott, from Merrimack to Central 

Prince, from Merrimack Print-works to Moody 

Prospect, from 7 Kidder to Kinsman 

Putney’s court, from 68 Gorham 

Quebec, from Canada to Plain, Ayer’s City [ford 

Queen, from Middlesex, by old burying ground, to West- 
Quigley’s alley, from 78 Lowell 



Race, from 319 Merrimack to Hall, on Suffolk corporation 
Railroad, from Hale side of the railroad, to 88 Howard 
Railroad alley, from Shattuck, bet. Middle and Market 
Read, from First to Seventh, Centralville 
Reed's court, from 18 Charles 

Richardson, from Mount Yernon to Beacon, Centralville 

River, from Bridge, near the bridge, west, Centralville 

Robinson, from Congress to the railroad 

Rock, from opposite 31 Fletcher to School, at gas works 

Rolfe', from Broadway to opposite 103 Pawtucket 

Salem, from Cabot and Adams to Pawtucket 

Salem place, from Salem 

Sawtell place, from 136 School 

School, from Pawtucket bridge to Liberty 

Second, from Bridge to Read, Centralville 

Seventh, from 67 Bridge, east, .to the river, Centralville 

Shattuck, from 164 Merrimack to Market 

Short, from Chelmsford, above Liberty, to Lincoln 

Simpson, from First to Third, Centralville 

Sixth, from Bridge, east, to the river, Centralville 

Smith, from 24 Branch, southerly, to Liberty 

Smith's court, from 29 Hanover 

Somerset, from School to Queen 

South, from 56 Middlesex, by South common, to Gorham, 
opposite Walnut 

South Common, abutting on Summer, South, Highland, 
and Thorndike 

South Franklin court, from south side Franklin street 
South Highland, from Thorndike, opposite Hale, to Burns 
Spring, from 19 South, westerly, to 6 Pearl 
Stackpole, from Alder to 8 East Merrimack 
Stevens, from Parker to Chelmsford, near town line 
Suffolk, from Lawrence counting-room, across 281 Merri- 
mack, to Adams 

Suffolk court, from 332 Merrimack to 189 Lowell 
Suffolk square, both sides of Merrimack, between Suffolk 
and Cabot [mon 

Summer, from 81 Gorham to Thorndike, by south com- 
Swift, from 181 Lawrence to Whipple 
Tanners, at Ayer's City, along the railroad 
Taylor, from 154 Lawrence to the river 
Taylor's court, from 12 Mill [tralville 

Tenth, from opposite 80 Bridge, to Mount Pleasant, Cen- 
Third, from 37 Bridge, east to Beacon, Centralville 
Thorndike, from Button, near Mechanics mills, to Gor- 
ham, corner Central 



Tilden, from 241 Merrimack to Hall 
Tilden court, from 10 Tilden 
Tremont, from 251 Merrimack to Hall 
Tremont Mall, between Tilden and Tremont [rence 
Tyler, from Central, next south of Church, to 13 Law- 
Union, from 205 Central to 98 Gorham 
Union Court, from 133 Lowell 
Varney, from School, near Butterfield, to Fletcher 
Varnum, from Sixth to Mount Pleasant, Centralville 
Walker, from Middlesex, west of School, to Pawtucket 
Wall, from Davidson to Concord River, thence to David- 
son again 

Walnut, from 162 Gorham to 287 Central 
Wamesit, from Central, Chapel Hill, and runs southeast 
to Lawrence [Wamesit mills 

Wamesit court, from opposite 35 Cushing to Dutton, near 
Wanalancit, from opposite 53 Pawtucket to Broadway 
Warren, from 90 Central, across 89 Church 
Washington square, between First Universalist church 
and Church 

Water, from Andover, opposite Fayette 

Watson, from Lawrence, near Hale’s brook, to Whipple 

Webster, from Jacksou to Middlesex 

Webster, from 74 Bridge to Hampshire, Centralville 

Webster avenue, from Eighth to Tenth, Centralville 

West, on the Plains, from Coburn, Centralville 

West Union, from 97 Gorham to 78 South 

West’s court, from 248 Middlesex 

Western avenue, from Fletcher, near the bridge, west- 
erly, to School 

Westford, from Chelmsford, near Thorndike, westerly, 
to Chelmsford line 

Whipple, from 308 Central to Wamesit Power Co. 
Whiting, from 86 Salem to Mount Vernon 
Wilder, from Pawtucket, south, to Pine 
William, from 134 Central to 5 George 
Willie, from Clark, across Fletcher, near the common, 
south, to Dutton 

Willie avenue, from 20 Salem to Clark 

Willow, from 143 East Merrimack to 58 Andover 

Willow place, from 354 Merrimack 

Wilson’s lane, from Chelmsford to Grand, near Hale 

Winter, from 61 Gorham to Davis 

Worthen, from Merrimack corporation, crossing 190 
Merrimack, to Dutton 

Wyman, from Nesmith, opposite Oak, to Tewksbury line 




Adams Block, Adams, corner Salem 

Albro’s Block, Cushing 

Aldrich’s Block, Appleton, opposite Garnet 

Aldrich’s Block, Middlesex, near Garnet [House 

American House Block, Central, adjoining American 

Appleton Block, Central, between Warren and Hurd 

Arcade Block, East Merrimack, near Concord River 

Ayer’s Pill Block, Market, near Shattuck 

Bangs’s Block, Railroad street 

Barristers’ Hall, Central, corner Merrimack 

Barry’s Block, Suffolk, near Lowell [Dutton 

Boston and Lowell Railroad Depot, Merrimack, corner 

Cabot Block, Cabot, near Moody 

Canal Block, Central, nearly opposite American House 

Carleton Block, 136 Merrimack 

Carolin’s Block, 27 Fayette 

Castle’s Block, Lowell, near Lewis 

Central Hall, in Museum building 

City Government Building, Merrimack, corner Shattuck 

Cit} T Hay Scales, rear City Market building 

Concert Hall, 82 Merrimack 

Convers Hall, 56 Gorham 

Court House, Gorham, corner Elm 

Donahoe’s Block, Suffolk, near Broadway 

Eagle Block, Merrimack, near Suffolk 

Evans Block. Railroad street 

Farson’s Block, rear 125 Middlesex [mill 

Faulkner’s Block, rear of Grove, opposite Faulkner’s 

Fellows Block, Middle 

French’s Hall, 35 Central 

Gas Works, School, near Poplar 

Gladwin’s Block, 128 Merrimack 

Howard’s Block, Appleton, opposite Garnet 

Hale’s Mills, Gorham, near junction Thorndike 

Hamilton Block, Gorham, corner Middlesex 

Hill’s Block, from 4 Dodge 

Huntington Hall, over Boston and Lowell railroad depot 
Industrial Hall, 25 Prescott 

Jackson Hall, over Boston and Lowell railroad depot 
Jail, Thorndike, southwest corner of south common 
Knowles Block, Congress 



Lawrence’s Block, 56 Moody 

Livingston’s Block, 119 Appleton 

Mansur’s Block, Central, corner Market 

Market-house Building, Market, near Central 

Masonic Hall, Nesmith’s building, John 

Maynard’s Block, Dumraer, near Lowell 

McDermott Block, Fenwick 

Mechanics’ Building, Dutton, near Merrimack 

Mechanics’ Hall, in Mechanics’ Building 

Mechanics’ Mills, Dutton, corner Fletcher [Central 

Merchants’ Bank Building, Merrimack, nearly opposite 

Merrimack Hall, Dutton, near Merrimack House 

Music Hall, Dutton, near Merrimack 

Museum Building, Merrimack, opposite Central 

Nesmith’s Block, Merrimack, corner John 

Northern Railroad Depot, Middlesex, near Thorndike 

Odd Fellows’ Hall, Tyler’s block, Central, corner Market 

Otis Allen’s Mills, Middlesex, west of Northern depot 

Parker’s Block, corner Bridge and River, Centralville 

Police Court, rooms in west end of Market-house building 

Police Station, west end of Market-house building 

Post-office Building, Merrimack, nearly opposite Central 

Prescott Block, Merrimack, bet. Prescott and the canal 

Reading-Room, Mechanics’ hall 

Reservoir, on Belvidere heights 

Robbins Block, 50 to 56 Merrimack 

Round House, off Thorndike, near Middlesex 

Savings-bank Building, Shattuck, corner Middle 

Shaw’s Block, East Pine, near Nichols 

Short’s Block, Jefferson, corner Lewis 

Spalding’s Block, Middlesex 

Suffolk Hall, Suffolk, near Lowell 

Theatre Block, Lowell 

Tyler’s Block, Central, corner Market 

Tyler’s Block, Front, Centralville 

Wamesit Bank Building, Middlesex, corner Thorndike 
Wamesit Block, near Wamesit Power Company 
Wamesit Power Company, Lawrence, near Whipple 
Wamesit Steam Mills, Dutton, corner Willie 
Welles’ Block, Merrimack, corner Kirk 
Welles’ Hall, in Welles’ Block 
Wentworth’s Building, Merrimack, corner Shattuck 
Wheelock’s Block, Charles, corner Chapel 
Whipple’s Mills, now Wamesit Power Company 
Williams Block, on Canal bridge, Central 
Wood Market, rear Market-house building, Market 
Wyman’s Exchange, Merrimack, corner Central 




Appleton Company, Jackson street 
Boott Cotton Mills, Amory, foot of John street 
Hamilton Manufacturing Compan} 7 , Jackson street 
Lawrence Manufacturing Co., North end Suffolk street 
Locks and Canals (proprietors of), Mechanic street 
Lowell Bleachery, Bleachery street, south part of the city 
Lowell Machine Shop, Dutton street, near Mechanic 
Lowell Manufacturing Company, Market street 
Massachusetts Cotton Mills, between Bridge and Merri- 
mack streets 

Merrimack Manufacturing Co. north end Dutton street 
Middlesex Company, Warren street 
Prescott Mills, Merrimack street, near Concord river 
Suffolk Manufacturing Co., Suffolk street, below Moody 
Tremont Mills, Suffolk street, below Moody 
Wamesit Power Co., Lawrence street, near Whipple 


"Ward 1 . Beginning at a point in Merrimack River on a line with the mid- 
dle of the Merrimack Canal; thence southerly, along the middle of said canal, 
to the Pawtucket Canal; thence westerly, along said Pawtucket Canal, to the 
mouth of the Western Canal; thence northwardly, along the middle of said 
Western Canal to Merrimack River; thence easterly, down said river to the 
point of beginning. 

Ward 2. Beginning on Merrimack River, on a line with the middle of the 
Merrimack Canal; thence southerly, along the middle of said canal, to the 
middle of Pawtucket Canal; thence easterly, alone the middle of said canal, 
to the middle of Concord River; thence northwardly, along the middle of said 
Concoid River, to Merrimack River; also all that territory lying on the north- 
easterlv side of Merrimack River, annexed to the city of Lowell from the 
town of Dracut. 

Ward 3. Beginning in Central Street, at the bridge over Pawtucket Canal; 
thence running southerly, along the middle of said street, to Gorham Street; 
thence along the middle of said street, to Davis’s Corner (so-called); thence, 
along the middle of the county highway from Lowell to Billerica, to the 
boundary line of the citv, to Lowell; thence east, following said bmv hirv line 
to Concord River; thence, down the middle of said river, to the Pawtucket 
Canal; i hence, up the middle of said canal, to the point of beginning. 

Ward 4. Beginning at the bridge on Central Street, over the Pawtucket 
Canal; thence westerly, following the middle of said canal, to the bridge of 
Nashua and Lowell Railroad over said canal; thence westerly, along said rail- 
road, to the boundary line between Lowell and Chelmsford; thence, along said 
line southerly and easterly, to the county road from Lowell to Billerica; 
thence northerly, along the 'middle of said road, Gorham and Central Streets, 
to the place of beginning. 

Ward 5. Beginning at a point in Merrimack River, on a line with the mid- 
dle of the Western Canal; thence southerly, along the middle of said canal, to 
Pawtucket Canal; thence westerly, along the middle of said Pawtucket Canal, 
to the Nashua and Lowell Railroad bridge; thence, along said railroad, to the 
boundary line between Lowell and Chelmsford; thence northerly, on said 
boundary line, to Merrimack River ; thence easterly, on said river, to the point 
of beginning. 

Ward 6. All that part of the city of Lowell, lying easterly of the thread 
of Concord River. 



B. k L. R. R., Boston & Lowell Railroad; Cent., Centralville ; C. R., Counting 
Room; Corp. or C., Corporation; F. S., Franklin Square; Ham., Hamilton; L. 
M. S., Lowell Machine Shop; L. & L. R. R., Lowell & Lawrence Railroad; Mass., 
Massachusetts; Merr., Merrimack; N. & L. R. R., Nashua & Lowell Railroad; 
R. R., Railroad ; S. B. R. R., Stony Brook Railroad ; S. & L. R. R., Salem & Lowell 
Railroad; b. or bds., boards; c., corner; ct., court; h., house; it., near; opp., 
opposite; r., rear; sq., square. After the name of »he street, the word street is 
usually omitted; the name of a corporation, occurring after the name of a person, 
signifies the place of business of that person. 

AARONS CORNELIA, widow, second-hand clothing, 121 Mid- 
dlesex, house do. 

Abare Isaac H. carder, house 64 Lawrence corporation — 

Abare Newell, weaver, hou'-e 64 Lawrence corporation 
Abare Wilbur A. weaver, house 5 Lawrence corporation 
Abell John S. weaver, boards 67 Lawrence corporation 
Abbot Julian, counsellor, 81 Central, boards 12 Hurd 
Abbott Albert H. & James H. blacksmiths, 292 Middlesex, corner 
Branch, house Branch, near School 
Abbott (Charles H ) & Eames (A. «/!), dry-goods, 132 Mer- 
rimack, house 407 do. 

Abbott Charles W. machinist, Merrimack corp. , house 159 do 
Abbott Charlotte, widow, house 9 Race 

Abbott Dorcas C. Mrs. boarding-house, 17 Hamilton corporation 
Abbott Edward, boards 7 Garnet 

Abbott George B. spindle-maker, boards 67 L. M. S. corporation 
Abbott Hannah, seamstress, house 24 Cady 
Abbott Hannah F. widow, house 24 Cady 
Abbott Henry, carpenter, house 398 Middlesex 
Abbott Henry H. M. engineer, 96 Middle, house 12 Lee 
Abbott Herman, second baud, Lawrence corporation, bouse 42 do. 
Abbott James C. counsellor, 43^ Central, house 10 Kirk 
Abbott James H. (A. H. J. H. Abbott ), blacksmith, 292 Mid- 
dlesex, house 10 East Pine 
Abbo t Joel A. auctioneer, house 54 Andover 
Abbott John, machinist, house Engine House, Middle 
Abbott Laroy S. machinist, Arch, house 294 Merrimack 
Abbott Levi B. machinist, house 8 First 

GKO. F. HUNT &, CO., Fire <fc Life Ius. Ag’y., representing $45,- 
000,000 Capital and Surplus. 28 Central &t., Lowell. (See page 314.) 



Abbott Samuel Mrs. house 27 Church 
Abbott Sarah, widow, boards 3 Massachusetts corporation 
Abbott Soliman A. tinsmith, 12 Merrimack, h. 2 Merriam’s court 
Abbott Thomas R. travelling agent, boards 14 Hurd 
Abbott Ziba, house 241 Central 
Adams Abner S. 7 Central, boards 49 Tyler 
Adams Anson, carpenter, Wamesit Steam Mills, b. 16 Church 
Adams Augustus ( Boston ), boards 14 Cabot [rimack 

Adams Brothers ( Geo. D. fy Darius ), boots and shoes, 45 Mer- 
Adams Charles A. Mrs. house 8 Alder 
Adams Charles E. beltmaker, house 82 Cross 
Adams Charles S. (H. H. Wilder fy Co.), coppersmith, &c., 8 
Jackson, house 43 George, corner Tyler [boards 8 Alder 
Adams Darius, ( Adams Bros.), boots and shoes, 45 Merrimack, 
Adams Enos H, boot and shoe manufacturer, Prescott, corner Mer- 
rimack, house 134 East Merrimack 
Adams Ezra B. ( Adams , North , Co.), 7 Central, h. 34 Tyler 

Adams George D. ( Adams Bros.), boots and shoes, 45 Merrimack, 
boards 8 Alder 

Adams George S. at Smith Adams’s, house Adams square 
Adams George W. carpenter, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 27 

Adams George W. carpenter, house 12 Lagrange court 
Adams Geoige W. painter, 35 E. Merrimack, house 64 High 
Adams Hannah, widow, boards Westford, corner School 
Adams Hannah S. dressmaker, 52^ Merrimack, house do. 

Adams Henry, cabinetmaker, 25 Middlesex, house 112 Merrimack 
Adams Herbert, laborer, house head of Hudson 
Adams (Horace J.), North ( Wm. L.), & Co. ( E . B. Adams), 
furniture, &c. 28 Merrimack and 7 Central, house 49 Tyler 
Adams Ira 0. sashmaker, house 18 North Franklin court 
Adams J Coleman, student, boards 53 Chestnut 
Adams James, machinist, house 21 North Franklin court 
Adams James Mrs. house 1 Mechanic 
Adams James R. laborer, house 14 Tremont corporation 
Adams John, mason, house 378 Merrimack 
Adams John Mrs. house 64 High 
Adams John G. Rev. house 53 Chestnut 
Adams John H. clerk, house Lincoln, near Chelmsford 
Adams John Q. butcher, boards Walker, near Middlesex 
Adams Jonathan, overseer, Merr. Print-works, h. 31 Merr. corp. 
Adams Judith Miss, house 52 Paige 
Adams Julius T. bedstead-maker, house 130 Cross 
Adams Landon, clerk, Lowell corporation, boards 36 Cabot 
Adams M. W. Mrs. fancy goods, 61 Merrimack, bds. 27 Church 
Adams Rhoda E. Mrs. house 36 Cabot 
Adams Rufus 0., Hamilton corporation, house 12 Hamilton 
Adams Samuel E. R. carder, 3 Cushing, house 10 Union 

BOSTON DIRECTORY, Published, annually by Sampson, Daven- 
port, Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St. Boston. 



Adams Smith, tripe dealer, Walker, near Middlesex, house do. 
Adams Theodore, overseer, at J. C. Ayer & Co.’s, h. 17 Grand 
Adams William, overseer, house 138 Lawrence 
Adams William H. machinist, house 21 Massachusetts corporation 
Agnew William, sashmaker, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Aham William, jackspinner, house 78 River, Centralville 
Ainley Susan, widow, boards 29 Suffolk 
Ainsworth George B. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Ainsworth William L. overseer, house 18 Church 
Airton John, dresser, house head of Prospect 
Akers Benjamin M. lumberman, house 138 School 
Albee Lucius, ice peddler, boards 3 McFarlin avenue 
Alcott Albert, boards 42 Tremont corporation 
Alcott Gilman Mrs. house 42 Tremont corporation 
Alden Nancy Miss, house 3 East Merrimack 
Aldrich E. True, wood-screw maker, boards Branch, near School 
Aldrich Hiram H. sashmaker, Mechanics Mills, b. 109 Appleton 
Aldrich Levi M. at locks and canals, house 48 Dummer 
Aldrich Lorin, machinist, boards 93 Appleton 
Aldrich Milton, wood-screw manufacturer, Mechanics Mills, Dut- 
ton, house Branch, near School [Middlesex 

Aldrich Nelson T. wood-screw maker, Mechanics Mills, boards 92 
Aldrich Warren, house 93 Appleton 

Aldrich Wm. K. wood-screw maker, Mechanics Mills, boards 
Branch, near School 

Alexander Edward, picker, house 24 Cabot 

Alexander Geo. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, b. 49£ Cushing 
Alexander- William C. carpenter, boards 10 Suffolk corporation 
Alger Edwin A. (Brown § Alger), counsellor, 55 Central, house 
106 High 

Alger E. Augustus, student, boards 106 High 
Alger Nathan C. laborer, boards 109 Appleton 
Allard Helen, widow, house 3 Farson’s block, rear 125 Middlesex 
Allard Joseph, laborer, house 6 Knowles place 
Allen Charles, laborer, house rear 29 Hanover 
Allen Charles H. harness-maker, 46 Central, boards 54 High 
Allen Charles H. student, boards 373 Middlesex 
Allen David O. (Cowley fy A.), 75 Central, house 51 Coburn, 

Allen Eugene, watchman, Lawrence corporation, boards 46 do. 
Allen Geo. B. cashier, 1st. National Bank, boards 1 Myrtle, Cent. 
Allen George W. variety store, 316 Merrimack, house do. 

Allen Hanson W. house 8 Hamilton corporation 

Allen Hervey W. apothecary, Merr. cor. Suffolk, h. 140 Fletcher 

Allen James, laborer, house 29 William 

Allen James M. machinist and boarding, house 109 Appleton 

Allen John G. harness and trunk maker, 46 Central, h. 54 High 

Allen J oseph O. teamster, house 98 Merrimack corporation 

Agency of Royal Ins. Co., Liv., Eng., with Geo. P. Hunt & Co., 
over Prescott Xat*l Rank, 28 Cent’l. St., Lowell. (See p. 3-14 and 400.) 



Allen Nathan, physician, 12 Hurd, house do. 

Allen Nathaniel, harness-maker, house 27 Suffolk 

Allen Nathaniel, laborer, house 51 Cushing 

Allen Nicholas, Middlesex corporation, house 4 Pond 

Allen Norris, machine printer, house 153 Merrimack corporation 

Allen Otis ( T. F. Burgess § Go .), 235 Middlesex, h. 373 do. 

Allen Otis L. Mrs. house 1 Myrtle, Central ville 

Allen Patrick, laborer, house 5 McCarry’s court 

Allen Rufus, machinist, house 131 Merrimack corporation 

Allen Susan, widow, house 134 Suffolk 

Allen Thomas, laborer, 105 Central, boards G Hamilton corporation 
Allen Thomas 0. lumber, house 373 Middlesex 
Allen William Rev. boards 12 Hurd 

Allen William D fireman, Lawrence corporation, house 26 Cabot 
Allen William H. watchman at Norcross & Saunders, house Ste- 
vens, near Parker 

Allie Michael, laborer, house rear 13 Union 

Allison Henry, at hosiery mill, house 58 Lawrence corporation 

Allison Sarah, widow, boards 74 Lawrence 

Allyn Rachel Id. physician, 34 Church, house do. 

Alwell James, carpenter, house rear 10 Little 
Ambler John, weaver, house 23 Floyd 
Auibros William, laborer, boards 73 Adams 
Ambrose Adam, machinist, house 119 Market 
Ambrose Adam Mrs. millinery, 119 Market, house do. 

Ambrose Joseph, moulder, Willie, corner Dutton, boardsAdams 
Ambrose Joseph M. house 36 Wentworth’s building 
Ambrose Michael, laborer, house 73 Adams 
Ames Aben, shoemaker, house 13 River, Centralville 
Ames Eben H. shoemaker, 339 Merrimack, house 18 Willow 
Ames George, screw cutter, Mt. Vernon, n. B’way, bds. 123 Cross 
Ames Horace Mrs. house rear 214 Central 
Ames Jacob, pattern-maker, house 10 Fifth, *Centralville 
Ames John E. Mrs. widow, house 10 Market 
Ames Lnnian E. carder, boards 55 Boott corporation 
Ames Moses B. carriage trimmer, house 12 Linden 
Amsden William U. clerk R. R. National Bank, boards at Boston 
Anderson Alexander, boards 19 Tremont corporation 
Anderson Alexander, gardener, h. Mt. Washington, n. Pawtucket 
Anderson Charles L. Mrs. boards 8 Favor 
Anderson George B. section hand, house 11 Hanover avenue 
Anderson James, machinist, house 12 Church 
Anderson Jane D. widow, house 8 Favor [can House 

Anderson O. D. & Co. dry goods, 48 Merrimack, boards Ameri- 
Anderson Peter, agent and treasurer, Baldwin M. Co. h. 31 Anne 
Anderson William H. ( Stevens S? A.), counsellor, 1 Barristers 
Hall, house 8 Favor 

Andrew James, spinner, boards 22 Kirk avenue 

New-£uj>luiid Directory, Published, by Sampson, Davenport, <&, 
Co. (formerly Adams, Samps^u, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Andrews Aarou, machinist, house 8 Tremont corporation 

Andrews Benjamin F. weaver, Merrimack corporation, house 50 do. 

Andrews Charles H. marble worker, 181 Central, boards 18 Mill 

Andrews George H. boards 36 L. M. S. corporation 

Andrews John, machinist, house 36 L. M. S. corporation 

Andrews John, Middlesex corporation, house 18 Mill 

Andrews John, Stott’s Mill, house 2 Water 

Andrews Luther N. painter, house 66 High 

Andrews Stephen, hack man, 84 Central, house 238 Merrimack 

Andrews Susan M. teacher Colburn School, boards 18 Mill 

Andrews William, marble works, 181 Central, house 37 Walnut 

Andruss Theodore, peddler, house 5 Middlesex place 

Angell Andrew J. machinist, house 38 Charles 

Annis Rocell C. Mrs. house 2 Merrill’s court 

Annis William, watchman, boards 18 Massachusetts corporation 

Ansant James M. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 

Ansart Abel, laborer, house River road, Dracut 

Ansart Atis, farmer, house River road, Dracut 

Ansart George W. laborer, boards River road, Dracut 

Ansart James, carpenter, house 162 Suffolk 

Anshaw Robinson, loom fixer, house 5 Lagrange court 

Anthony George T. carpenter, 242 Middlesex, boards 77 Cross 

Anthony Isaac Mrs. house 77 Cross 

Appleton Company, Jackson st. 

Appleton Frank P. agent Lowell Bleachery, house Moore 
Appleton John, blacksmith, boards 47 Charles 
Archer John, machinist, Broadway, corner Mt. Vernon, boards 28 
Suffolk corporation 

Ardis James, spinner, boards 2 Reed’s court 

Arlen Abigail W. Mrs. house 3 Ford 

Arlen Betsey, widow, house Maiden lane 

Arlen Charles H. gasfitter, at gas-works, house 2 City-Hall ave. 

Arlin John, waiter, Iff and 18 Merrimack, house 3 East Merrimack 

Arlin John F. saloon, 82 Merrimack, house 7 Fifth, Centralville 

Arlin Sarah, widow, house 3 East Merrimack 

Arlin Stephen N. painter, house 18 Nesmith 

Armstrong Foster I. Mrs. house rear 17 Union 

Armstrong James, liquors, 93 Market, house 91 do. 

Aruda Frank D. hairdresser, American House, house 171 Gorham 
Ash Betsy, widow, house 106 Suffolk 
Ashton Joseph D. boilermaker, house 35^ Cushing 
Ashworth Charles, filecutter, boards Franklin, near Fletcher 
Ashworth George (N. Ashworth Sr Co.), house 14 Franklin 
Ashworth James, section hand, boards 21 Lowell corporation 
Ashworth Michael, spinner, boards 62 Suffolk 
Ashworth Sager & Co. ( G . Ashworth), filecutters, Fletcher, near 
Dutton, house 23 Rock 
Ashworth Thomas, spinner, boards 62 Suffolk 

Security Fire Ius. Co. of N.Y City, Capital, $1,000,000. Assets. 

$1,4:77,677.12. Losses promptly paid. Geo. F. Hunt «fc Co., Agts. 




Aspinall William, loom-fixer, house 63 Adams 
Atherton Abel T. ( T . Atherton S? Co.), Howe, boards 27 Claj 
Atherton Elizabeth Mrs. house 67 Fayette 
Atherton James 0. painter, house 50 Howard 
Atheiton John G., Massachusetts eorp. boards 67 Fayette 
Atherton Thomas & Co. ( A . T. Atherton and Jos. Turner ), ma- 
chinists, 23 Howe, house 27 Clay 
Atkinson Bedelia, widow, house 55 Lawrence corporation 
Atkinson Ira, clerk, boards 17 Hurd 
Atkinson James V. house 69 Boott corporation 
Atwell Andrew J. overseer weaver, Lawrence corp. house 11 do. 
Atwood Almira S. widow, boarding-house, 14 Hamilton corporation 
Atwood Charles C. carpenter, 132 Middlesex, house 25 Charles 
Atwood Daniel, carder, boards 35 First, Centralville 
Atwood David, house 2 Methuen, Centralville 
Atwood Frank D. mason, house 10 Prescott corporation 
Atwood Mary, nurse, house 47 Hanover 
Atwood Warren, machinist, house 3 Boott corporation 
Auger Hadoram, laborer, boards 21 Hamilton corporation 
Austin Aurelia A. boarding-house, 44 Boott corporation 
Austin Azro, house 13 Grand 
Austin Charles, teamster, boards 14 Queen 
Austin Frank, 96 Middle 

Austin George W. machinist, Merrimack, h. 132 Middlesex corp. 
Austin Loring H. clerk Post-office, boards 51 East Merrimack 
Austin Samuel G. section hand, house 9 Mass, corporation 
Austin Wm. W. (Boston), house 48 Howard 
Averill Clarissa, widow, boards 66 Lawrence corporation 
Avery Clark, dyer, house 7 Lawrence 

Avery Franklin S. mason, house Bridge, cor. Tenth, Centralville 
Avery F. S. Mrs. physician, Bridge, cor. Tenth, Centralville 
Avery John, house Nesmith 

Avery William C. supti Middlesex Company, house 8 Warren 
Ayer Ann Miss, boards 70 High 

Ayer Frederick (J. C. Ayer fy Co.), house Pawtucket, c. School 
Ayer James C. & Co. (F. Ayer, A. G. Cook, and Joseph H. 
Ely), cherry pectoral and cathartic pills, 103 and 105 Market, 
house Pawtucket, Opposite Fletcher 
Ayer Nathan, shoemaker, house 52 South 

Ayer Kassel I. operative, boards 15 Elm [tralville 

Aylwood Wm. W. carpenter, house Parker’s block, River, Cen- 

BABB JOHN W. clerk, 103 Central, house 226 Central 
Babb Mary J. widow, house 226 Central 
Babbitt Wilbur F. painter, house 136 School 
Babcock William, waiter, American House, boards do. 

Bachelder Abram & Co. (J. C. Bachelder), bung manufacturers, 
Mt. Vernon, near Broadway, h. East Merrimack, cor. Alder 

New- York State Directory, Published l>y Sampson, Davenport, &■ 
Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Bachelder Joseph C. (Abram Bachelder fy Co.), bung, &c. manuf. 

Mt. Vernon, near Broadway, boards 208 Merrimack 
Bachelder J. G. Mrs. dressmaker, 208 Merrimack, boards do. 
Bacheller Albert L. clerk, boards 11 Massachusetts corporation 
Bacheller David S. beltmaker, house 11 Massachusetts corporation 
Bacheller Nathaniel J. N. printer, Courier office, h. 41 Branch 
Bacon C. S. machinist, house 16 Salem 

Bacon Horace B. (A. Sanborn 8? Co.), watchmaker, 25 Central, 
boards S. P. Sargent’s, Middlesex 
Badger EmelineH boarding-house, 7 Prescott corporation 
Badger George W. overseer, Middlesex, house 34 Walnut 
Badger Mary A. P. Mrs. boards 31 Boott corporation 
Badger Samuel E. machinist, 96 Middle, house 60 Appleton 
Badmington Amos, machinist, 25 Howe, house 6 Chapel 
Badmington Maria Mrs. house 82 High 

Bagley Charles, carpenter, house First, corner Bead, Centralville 
Bagley James J. laborer, house 42 Adams 
Bagley Joanna, widow, house 138 Lowell 
Bagley John Mrs. house 42 Adams 
Bagley Tbomas, laborer, house 42 Adams 
Bagsbaw Walter, machinist, boards 254 Central 
Bailey Allen, shoemaker, boards 48 Church [Centralville 

Bailey Alvah W. wood, Bridge, opposite Seventh, house 67 Bridge, 
Bailey Anson ( Rice § B.), provisions, 131 Central, h. 32 Chapel 
Bailey Austin, soapmaker, boards 267 Middlesex 
Bailey Benjamin, house 17 Fifth, Centralville 
Bailey Clara E. Miss, teacher No. 6 Primary School, b. 51 Hanover 
Bailey Curtis ( Bowman , Hurd, § Co.), provisions, 3 Gorham, 
house 71 Summer 

Bailey Daniel, carpet weaver, boards 344 Central 

Bailey Edward (F. § E Bailey), apothecary, Merrimack, cor. 

John, boards 17 Third, Centralville 
Bailey E Iward M. overseer, house 3 Wamesit block 
Bailey Elijah B. machinist, house 12 Dodge 
Bailey E. C., Lowell corporation, boards 58 Mass, corporation 
Bailey Frederick G. clerk, 66 East Merrimack, b. 58 Andover 
Bailey F. & E. apothecaries, Merrimack, corner John, boards 17 
Third, Centralville 

Bailey Gardner, provisions, 66 East Merrimack, house 58 Andover 
Bailey George E. carder, house 45 Massachusetts corporation 
Bailey George E. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 68 

Bailey George E. piano pins, Mech. Mills, boards 122 Central 
Bailey Gustavus A. overseer Merrimack Print Works, house 26 
Third, Centralville 

Bailey Henry B. yard master, B. & L. B. R. house 28 Franklin 
Bailey Ira J. laborer, house 122 Central 
Bailey James, house 17 Third, Centralville 

Germanta Fire Ins. Co. of N.Y. Assets over $875,000. A first-class 
Co. Policies written at tlxe office of G. F. Hunt Co. (See p. 344.) 



Bailey James H. shoemaker, house 15 South 
Bailey John, mason, house rear 4 Dodge 
Bailey John C. carder, boards 15 South 
Bailey Joshua H. shoemaker, house 67 Warren 
Bailey Manasseh, shoemaker, 6 Warren, house 46 High 
Bailey Priscilla, widow, house 26 Church 
Bailey Sarah E. teacher, Moody School, boards 46 High 
Bailey Squire L. police, house 1 City-Hall avenue 
Bailey Thomas D. mason and shoemaker’s head block, house 51 

Bailey Walter S. clerk, boards 26 Third, Centralville 
Bairstow Abraham, machinist, house 5 Everett 
Baker Andrew K. clerk, 4 Canal block, b. 12 Third, Centralville 
Baker C. E. Mrs. cap manufacturer, 3^ Canal block, house 12 
Third, Centralville 
Baker C. F. Mrs. house 8 Lawrence 

Baker Daniel, laborer, boards 291 Middlesex [Centralville 

Baker Frederick W. machinist, house Sixth, near Mount Vernon, 

Baker George W. house 2 Read, Centralville 

Baker Hugh, sashmaker, at William Kelley’s, house at Dracut 

Baker Hugh, machinist, house Suffolk, near Moody 

Baker James, fireman, B. & L. R. R. house 171 Gorham 

Baker John, boards 12 Franklin square, Adams 

Baker John A. laborer, house rear 65 Market 

Baker Joseph H. section-hand, house 12 Adams, Franklin square 

Baker Josephine, clerk, 93 Central, boards 5 South Highland 

Baker Lucy Miss, nurse, house 2 Auburn 

Baker Maria, widow, house 66 Church 

Baker Mary, widow, boards 164 Broadway 

Baker Richard W. civil engineer, City Gov. Building, h. 34 Hurd 

Baker Samuel, finisher, boards 70 Lawrence corporation 

Baker Samuel H. finisher, house 70 Lawrence corporation 

Baker Sarah H. Mrs. house 34 Hurd [South Highland 

Baker Stephen, carpenter, Mechanics Mills, Dutton, house 5 

Baker Storrs A. carpenter, house 18 Smith 

Balch Eliza A. widow, house 125 East Merrimack 

Balch Mary A. teacher, Edson School, bds. 42 Chapel, cor. Elm 

Balch Perley, principal, Edson School, house 42 Chapel 

Balch William H. boards 125 East Merrimack 

Baldwin Benjamin C. weaver, house 35 Boott corporation 

Baldwin John D. S. moulder, boards 35 Boott corporation 

Baldwin John F. lumber, house 95 Appleton 

Baldwin William H. bleachery, house Gorham, near Railroad 

Ball Benjamin, house 252 Central 

Ball Charles C. machinist, boards 252 Central 

Ball James, machinist, 89 Gorham [1 North 

Ballantyne Henry, machinist, Mechanics Mills, Fletcher, house 

Ballantyne James L. operative, boards 21 Lowell corporation 

Albany Directory, Published, by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Ballantyne Jane, widow, house 1 North 
Ballard William, machinist, hoards 44 Lawrence corporation 
Bambrick Thomas, laborer, 125 Market, house 118 Suffolk 
Bamford Calvin T. variety store, 296 Merrimack, house do. 
Bamford Henry, Hamilton corporation, boards 31 do. 

Bancroft Emma A. cloakmaker, 128 Merrimack, house do. [ville 
Bancroft George A. carpenter, house Coburn, cor. River, Central- 
Bancroft Jefferson, dep. sheriff, 9 Barristers Hall, h. 22 Appleton 
Bancroft John, dresser, house 67 Adams [Appleton 

Bancroft John J. bookkeeper, 1 and 2 Commercial sq. boards 22 
Bancroft Kirk H. physician, Middlesex, corner Central, boards 22 

Bancroft Selwin, grocer, 2 Merrimack, house 18 Bartlett 
Banford Ellen, widow, house 59 Gorham 
Bangeron Charles, woodchopper, house 6 Farson’s court 
Bangs Morris, carpenter, house rear 150 Lowell 
Bannister Frank, bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Bannister Frank 0. physician, 4 Simpson’s block, house 5 Merri- 

Barant Matilda Mrs. boards 15 Hamilton corporation 
Barclay Cyrus P. carpenter, 224 Middlesex, house Queen, opposite 

Barclay Oscar R. carpenter, boards Queen, opposite Somerset 
Barkcuhe Charles, laborer, house Decatur-street alley 
Barker Abby, widow, house Wilder, near Pawtucket 
Barker Alfred P. carpenter, house 41J Tremont 
Barker Alfred Y. student, boards 411 Tremont 
Barker Annie E. saleswoman, 44 Merrimack, b. 41^ Tremont 
Barker Annie M. widow, house 6 East Merrimack 
Barker Edmund, teamster, boards 5 Hudson 
Barker Horace R. & Co. (A. W. Sherman ), steam and gas pipe 
fittings and fixtures, 8 Central ancl 84 Middle, house 163 

Barker James E. teamster, freight depot, boards 5 Hudson 
Barker Moses D. police, boards 32 Massachusetts corporation 
Barker Rebecca, widow, house 69 Fletcher 
Barker Stephen, jr. grocer, 14 Market, house 282 School 
Barker Thaddeus A. clerk, 30 Central, boards 159 do. 

Barker Thomas C. chemist, Hamilton, boards 51 East Merrimack 
Barmrick Thomas, laborer, house 118 Suffolk 
Barnaby Fred M. painter, boards 29 Adams 
Barnard Benjamin F. boarding-house, 50 Mass, corporation 
Barnard Charles II. grocer, Merrimack, corner Prescott, house 43 
Massachusetts corporation [mith’s block 

Barnard Charlotte C. saleswoman, 66 Merrimack, house 15 Nes- 
Barnard David B. & J. billiard saloon, 18 Merrimack, boards do. 
Barnard George W. hackman, 84 Central, house 1 88 do. 

Barnard Henry T. carpenter, boards 14 Central 

Geo. F. Hunt & Co. are Agents for tlie Uiltiv Fire Ins. Co. of N.Y. 
Tilts Co. joins no “ Combination’’ or “ Association.*’ (See p. 344.) 


Barnard John ( D . B. fy J. Barnard), 18 Merrimack, house 43 

Barnard Mariah Miss, house Merrimack, corner Worthen 
Barnard Tristam, boarding-house, 22 Massachusetts corporation 
Barnard Virgil V. at freight depot B. & L. R.R. bds. 48 Church 
Barnard William F. clerk, Merrimack, corner Prescott, boards 43 
Massachusetts corporation 

Barnes Asa Mrs. house 94 Middlesex [Merrimack 

Barnes Charles C. & Co. fur-dealers, 2 Welles block, boards 113 

Barnes Charles E. house 72 Appleton 

Barnes Daniel, overseer, house 326 Central 

Barnes Emily R. Mrs. tailoress, 40 Central, house do. 

Barnes Henry, blockprinter, house 25 High 
Barnes Henry H. woolen goods, 5 Canal blk. h. 174 E. Merrimack 
Barnes Horace B. painter, 241 Merrimack, house 13 Common 
Barnes Joseph H. teamster, boards 25 High 
Barnes Richard, laborer, house 80 River, Centralville 
Barnes Solomon P. hostler, 202 Middlesex, boards Middlesex, cor- 
ner Howard 

Barnes Thomas, finisher, house 25 Floyd 

Barnes William A. machinist, boards 94 Middlesex 

Barnet William H. clerk, boards 2 Merrill’s court 

Barney Alfred ( Bohonan B.), 189 Middlesex, h. 109 Howard 

Baron Christopher, engineer, house Middlesex, at Chelmsford line 

Baron Frederic A. boards 280 Middlesex 

Baron Frederick, house 33 Appleton block 

Baron George, patternmaker, Willie, c. Dutton, h. 286 Middlesex 
Baron Jacob, patternmaker, Hamilton corp. house 280 Middlesex 
Barr Andrew, house 16 Bartlett 

Barr Isaac, blacksmith, house Elm, near Sixth, Centralville 

Barr Lucy, widow, house 16 Bartlett 

Barrett Charles, dresser, Lawrence corporation, house 11 do. 

Barrett Edward E. (Cal.) house 53 Salem 

Barrett James, laborer, boards 5 Andrew 

Barrett Joseph, laborer, house 23 William 

Barrett Margaret, widow, house rear 100 Suffolk 

Barrett Michael, house 25 William 

Barrett Michael, variety store, 23 William, house do. 

Barrett Oliver W. watchman, boards 7 Marshall 

Barrett Patrick, shoemaker, house rear 35 Fenwick 

Barrett Patrick, house 14 Davidson 

Barrett Sarah Mrs. house 7 Marshall 

Barrow Gregory, sawyer, house 291 Middlesex 

Barrow Gregory, laborer, house rear 80 Middlesex 

Barrow Joseph, woodchopper, house 3 Farson’s block, Middlesex 

Barrow Sarah Miss, house 3 East Merrimack 

Barrows William E. machinist, boards 13 L. M. S. corporation 

Barry Bridget, widow, house 23 Moody 

Troy Directory, Published by Sampson. Davenport, & Co. (formerly 
Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 4:7 Congress St., Boston. 



Barry Daniel, house 114 Suffolk 

Barry Edward, grocer, 88 Lowell, house do. 

Barry Ellen, widow, house 17 Winter 

Barry James, painter, Wamesit Sream Mills 

Barry Joanna, widow, house 52 West Union 

Barry John, printer, house 32 Lowell 

Barry John, laborer, house 130 Lowell 

Barry John, operative, house 19 Green 

Barry John M. copper plate printer, 21 Central, h. 31 Lowell 

Barry Joseph, hairdresser, 70 Central, boards 42 do. 

Barry Joseph, hairdresser, boards 52 West Union 

Barry Mary, widow, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Barry Maurice, laborer, house rear 30 Fayette 

Barry Michael, moulder, house Broadway, corner Suffolk 

Barry Michael, carpetweaver, house 5 Kidder 

Barry Patrick, blacksmith, house 108 Lowell 

Barry Richard, currier, house 6 Molloy’s court 

Barry Richard D. spinner, house 76 River, Centralville 

Barry Robert, tinsmith, 105 Central, boards 76 River 

Barry William, spinner, house River, near Coburn, Centralville 

Barth Daniel W. hairdresser, 70 Central, house 67 Lawrence 

Barth John, boards 67 Lawrence 

Bartlett Artemas P. carpenter, house 14 Third, Centralville . 
Bartlett A. B. second hand, Lawrence corporation, boards 27 Tre- 
mont corporation 

Bartlett Charles, at J. C. Ayer’s, boards 13 Central 
Bartlett Charles E. patent-leather worker, house 86 Thorndike 
Bartlett Charles E A. cashier, house 8 Willow 
Bartlett Daniel B. H. machinist, boards 85 Lawrence corporation 
Bartlett D. Bradford, paymaster, Lowell Gas Light Co., Middle, 
corner Shattuck, house 149 East Merrimack 
Bartlett Ebenezer N. Mrs. house 12 Dodge 
Bartlett Edward, painter, house 11 Bleachery 
Bartlett Edwin W. carpenter, boards 85 Lawrence corporation 
Bartlett Elizabeth, widow, house 6 Dodge 

Bartlett Erastus A., Broadway, cor. School, house at Chelmsford 
Bartlett George H. ( Fielding Sf B % ), hardware and agricultural 
implements, 136 Central, house 21 Lawrence 
Bartlett George L. boards 5 Jackson [Centralville 

Bartlett Helen J. fancy goods, 118 Merrimack, boards 28 Fourth, 
Bartlett Horace E. Mrs. widow, house 156 Suffolk 
Bartlett George L. clerk, boards 5 Jackson 
Bartlett J. Adams, boards 23 Lawrence 
Bartlett Orin, weaver, Lawrence corporation 
Bartlett Robert G. produce, house Middlesex, near city line 
Bartlett Stephen, overseer weaver, Law r rence corporation, h. 85 do. 
Bartlett ( Sylvanus ), Moody ( Amos P.), & Co. ( Francis D. 
Munn ), mineral water, 52 Middlesex, house 57 Summer 

If you want a tirst-class Fire, t«ife, Accident, or Live-Stock Ins. 
Policy, call at Geo. P. Hunt & Co.’s Ins. Agency, 38 Central St. 



Bartlett Thomas, house 69 Lowell 

Bartlett Wm. H. patent-leather worker, boards 11 Bleaehery 
Bartlett Wm. II., Merrimack corporation, boards 79 do. 

Bartlett Willington, carder, house 63 Lawrence corporation 
Bartlett Wise, carpenter, house 28 Fourth, Centralville 
Barton Herbert W. currier, boards Lincoln, cor. Chelmsford 
Barton John T. machinist, house 15 Appleton corporation 
Barton Morton A. overseer, Lawrence corporation, house 17 do. 
Bascoin William, furdealer, 162 Merrimack, house 2 Kirk 
Bascom William, jr. student, boards 2 Kirk 
Bass William, physician, 131J Central, house 29 Tyler 
Bassett Charles H. carpenter, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards Mam- 
moth road, Dracut 

Bassett Cyrus, blacksmith, house 25 East Merrimack 
Bassett Frederick, carpenter, house 10 Tremont corporation 
Bassett James Mrs. house Adams, corner Lowell 
Bassett Jane Miss, house 27 Bleaehery 
Bassett Jesse N. dresser-tender, house 17 Abbott 
Bassett John S. agricultural tools, house Wamesit, near Central 
Bassett Louis, machinist, house 129 Middlesex 
Bassett Martin L. machine-tender, boards 75 Lawrence 
Bassett Moses, laborer, house rear 320 Merrimack 
Bassett Moses, jr. clerk, boards rear 320 Merrimack 
Bassett Patrick, spinuer, house 48 Church 
Bassett Seth C. machinist, boards 29 Adams 
Bastien Antoine, woodsawyer, house East Pine, near Carlton 
Batchelder Albert L. clerk, 115 Central, boards 11 Mass. corp. 
Batchelder Amos B. blacksmith, Arch, near Northern depot, boards 
29 Market 

Batchelder ( Asahel G.) & Son ( Wesley E.) patent door locks, 94 
Howard, house 92 do, 

Batchelder Benjamin F. house 30 Tyler 
Batchelder Bigelow, blacksmith, house 29 Market 
Batchelder Caroline A. physician, h. 10 '‘Wentworth’s building 
Batchelder Charles, printer, house 11 Willow 
Batchelder Jane Miss, housekeeper, 16 Appleton 
Batchelder Joseph C. carpenter, house 208 Merrimack 
Batchelder Wesley R. (. Batchelder S? Son), locks, 94 Howard, 
boards 92 do. 

Batchelder Wm., B. & L. R. R. h. Robinson, n. R. R. bridge 
Bateman Robert, laborer, house rear 15 Summer 
Bates Adalaid Mrs. boards 7 Chapel 

Bates Dennis P. overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 43 do. 
Bates Frederick, watchman, boards 25 Appleton corporation 
Bates John, machinist, boards 52 Massachusetts corporation 
Bates Phoebe Mrs. boarding-house. 119 Central 
Bates Wilbor L. cutter, 106 Central, house 125 East Merrimack 
Bates William H. machinist, boards 63 Massachusetts corporation 

Providence Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Bates William W. teamster, house 158 School 
Battles Charles F. agent, Tremont corporation, h. 357 Merrimack 
Battles Frank F. agent, Massachusetts corporation, house 3 Kirk 
Battje Miles H. overseer weaving-room, Hamilton corporation, 
house 47 Charles 

Baxter Andrew, laborer, house 4 Cedar 

Baxter Annie Miss, house Parker’s block, Centralville 

Baxter Catharine, widow, house rear 12 William 

Baxter Charles, match manufacturer, house 87 Gorham 

Baxter Dan, spinner, boards 8 Prescott corporation 

Baxter Darwin D.'Mrs. variety store, 151 Middlesex, house do. 

Baxter Ellen Louisa, house Parker’s block, Centralville 

Baxter George P. clerk, American Bolt Company, h. 296 Central 

Baxter Hugh, laborer, boards 344 Central 

Baxter Lawrence, musician, house 12 William 

Baxter Richard, boards 4 Appleton corporation 

Bayham Edward, laborer, house River, near City line, Centralville 

Beal Daniel W. spinner, Lawrence corporation, boards 30 Cabot 

Beaman Benjamin, boxmaker, boards 8 Tremont corporation 

Beaman Rachel W. Mrs. boardiug-house, 278 Middlesex 

Bean Adeline, widow, house 242 Gorham 

Bean Alvira C. Mrs. house 14 Marshall 

Bean Andrew J. clerk, 113 East Meirimack, boards 35 Mass. corp. 

Bean A. A. Mrs. house 75 Lawrence corporation 

Bean Betsy W. widow, house 45 Cushing 

Bean Caleb M. stonecutter, boards 157 Merrimack corporation 

Bean Charles E. lather, house 157 Merrimack corporation 

Bean Charles W. shoemaker, 193 Middlesex, b. 30 Hamilton corp. 

Bean Hugh Mrs. house Davis court 

Bean James II. stonemason, house 316 School 

Bean James W. boards 10 Queeu 

Bean James W. laborer, boards 316 School 

Bean Jesse S. teamster, boards 14 Queen 

Bean John, shoemaker, boards 29 Hamilton corporation 

Bean Louis, laborer, house 285 Middlesex 

Bean Lyman W. Mrs. house 85 Church 

Bean Margaret A. Mrs. house 10 Queen 

Bean Mary, widow, boards 35 Massachusetts corporation 

Bean Moses, laborer, house 5 Dempsey’s yard 

Bean Olive W. teacher, Edson School, boards 10 Queen 

Bean Sylvester, painter, 22 Middle, house rear 13 Charles 

Bean , grinder, Prescott corporation, house 39 do. 

Beard Alvin, machinist, house Hale, near Cambridge 
Beard Henry C. tinsmith, 265 Merrimack, boards 202 do. 

Beard Ithamar A. house 21 Pawtucket 

Beard Ithamar W. register of deeds, Court Huse, b. 39 Nesmith 
Beard Ithamar W. Mrs. house 39 Nesmitho [Merrimack corp. 
Beard Mary A. Mrs. teacher, No. 36 Primary school, house 141 

Tlie best Stock and Mutual Fire Ins. Cos. are represented by Geo. F. 
Hunt «fc Co., Fire and Life Ins. Agents, 28 Central St. (See p. 344.) 



Beard Samuel, spinner, house 135 Lawrence 
Beauregard Charles, sawyer, house 13 Middlesex place 
Beauregard Joseph, laborer, house 279 Middlesex 
Beck Charles 0. tinsmith, 265 Merrimack, b. 37 Lawrence corp. 
Beck Samuel, tinsmith and boarding-house, h. 37 Lawrence corp. 
Beckett Alexander, woolcolorer, house 165 Broadway 
Bedee Moses V. stonecutter, School, corner B. & L. R. R. cross- 
ing, house Mt. Vernon, near Westford 
Bedell Adam, house 17 Merrimack corporation 
Bedell Adam Mrs. boarding-house, 17 Merrimack corporation 
Bedlow Artemas, house 94 Gorham 

Bedlow George W. paymaster, Boott corporation, house 8 Ash 
Bedlow Joseph, superintendent, Lawrence corporation, h. 87 do. 
Beebe Charles L. spinner, house 58 Boott corporation 
Beecher D. U. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 218 School 
Bee van Daniel, laborer, house 3 Front, Centralville 
Begley Patrick, laborer, house 8 Water 
Behan John, operative, house rear 141 Lowell 
Behan Patrick, laborer, at Jacob Nichols, house 20 Dumraer 
Belanger F. W. clerk, house Parker’s block, Centralville 
Belcher Charles, fireman, house First, near Bridge 
Belden Charles F. (JV Garland fy Co.) wheelwright, rear 285 
Merrimack, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 
Belduke Napoleon, machinist, boards 23 Massachusetts corporation 
Bell Charles A. machinist, house 56 Merrimack corporation 
Bell Granville, machinist, Merrimack corporation, house 56 do. 

Bell Mary P. Mrs. house 77 High 
Bell Samuel M. house 77 High 

Bellamy Matthew, card room, Faulkner’s Mills, h. 6 Factory blk. 
Belleisle Oliver J. fruits and confectionery, 52 Central, h. 8 Hurd 
Bellows Samuel M. clerk, post-office, house 16 Cabot 
Bement Samuel, principal Bartlett School, house 428 1 Merrimack 
Bemis Arzina Mrs. house 203 Middlesex 

Bemis George N. baker, house 203 Middlesex [house do. 

Bemis M. L. Mrs. supporters and braces, 6 Wentworth’s building, 
Benden Frederick, tailor, Hale, near Chelmsford, house do. 

Benner Burnham C. & M. A. furniture, 3 to 6 Commercial sq. 

house 19 Third, Centralville [Centralville 

Benner B. Roswell, clerk, 4 Commercial sq. boards 19 Third, 
Benner Edward A. student, boards 19 Third, Centralville 
Benner Myrick A. (B. C. Sf M. A. B ), furniture, 4 Commercial 
square, house 6 Read, Centralville 
Bennett Frank E. ( Bennett fy Rodliff), wood and coal, Moody, 
corner Tremont, house 97 Appleton 
Bennett George, carpenter, house 22 Howe 
Bennett George A. carpenter, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Bennett Henry H. clerk, boards 28 Hurd 
Bennett Horace W. Merrimack corporation, house 121 do. 

Charlestown Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, «fc Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Bennett James W. carpenter and gravel-roofer, 240 Middlesex, cor- 
ner Grand, house 9 Marshall 
Bennett John A. printer, 21 Central, house 133 Moody 
Bennett John C. carpenter, 200 Dutton, house 18 Lagrange 
Bennett Joseph, operative, boards 5 Faulkner’s block 
Bennett Mary Mrs. boarding-house, 3 Merrimack corporation 
Bennett Wilder, superintendent of H. R. R. boards 110 Central 
Bennett William, city teamster, house 1 Farson’s court 
Bennett Win. S. merchant tailor, 1 1 Central, house 44 Chestnut 
Benoitt Maguire, laborer, house 87 Moody 
Benson Daniel, fuller, house 58 Lawrence 
Benson James, shoemaker, 7 Canal block, boards Pleasant 
Benson Samuel, hairdresser, 22 Central, boards 15 Fayette 
Bent William, counsellor, boards 58 Bartlett 
Bent William H. ( Eagan Sr Bent), counsellors, 56 Central, 
boards 58 Bartlett 

Bentley Samuel, foreman store-house L. M. S. bouse 10 Marshall 

Bentley , house 29 Suffolk corporation 

Bergeron Louis ( Hall fy Bergeron), blacksmith, 285 Merrimack, 
and grocer, 8 Cabot, house do. 

Bergin John, blacksmith, house 15 Adams 

Berick Edward H. C. machinist, Mechanics Mills, Fletcher, house 
Moody, corner Cabot 

Berrian Patrick, laborer, house rear 20 Winter 

Berry Charles C. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, b. 41 Worthen 

Berry Charles R. shoemaker, 339 Merrimack, house 383 do. 

Berry George N. P. spinner, boards 383 Merrimack 
Berry Harriet Mrs. variety store, 70 Middlesex, house do. 

Berry James, miller, Livingston’s, house 44 Rock 
Berry John ( John Mather Sr Co.), Gorham, near Thorndike 
Berry John Beaman, carpenter, house 70 Middlesex 
Berry Mary Mrs. house Maiden lane 
Berry Michael, spinner, house 101 Lowell 
Berry Nelson, house 3 Shaw’s block, E. Pine 
Berry Theophilus D. carpenter, Stevens, near Chelmsford line, h. do. 
Berry Thomas ( John Mather Sr Co.), Gorham, near Thorndike, 
house Prospect, near Kidder 
Besonnett Ebed, sawyer, house 114 Middlesex 
Besse Joseph Yf variety store, 15 Tilden, house do. 

Bethel Joseph, Hamilton corporation, house 17 Cedar 
Betty Thomas, butcher, 253 Merrimack, h. Mammoth road, Dracut 
Betty William, laborer, boards Mammoth road, Dracut 
Bevan Samuel, operative, house 1 Quigley’s alley 
Beverly Melvin H. door, sash, and blind maker, h. 5 Merrimack 
Bews Daniel, boarding-house, 59 Lawrence corporation 
Bickford Abby C. boarding-house, 13 Merrimack corporation 
Bickford Adeline K. widow, boards 20 Lowell corporation 
Bickford Allen P. police, house 4 Mason’s court 

Merchants’ and Farmers’ Mut. Fire Ins. Co., Worcester. Inc. 1846 
has always paid liberal dividends on expiring policies. (See p. 344. 



Bickford Edwin S. dyer, bouse 299 Middlesex 

Bickford Eugene, operative, boards 20 Lowell corporation 

Bickford George H. carpenter, boards 6 Tremont corporation 

Bickford Hartwell H. operative, boards 299 Middlesex 

Bickford Henrietta Mrs. house rear 1 Tilden 

Bickford Henry, carpenter, house 54 Stackpole 

Bickford Joseph, machinist, 82 Middle, bds. 3 Tremont corporation 

Bickford Thomas C. currier, house 12 Pawtucket 

Bickford William H. Mrs. house 4 Bangs block, Railroad 

Bicknell John, farmer, house 19 Prescott corporation 

Bigelow Peter, laborer, house rear 102 Moody 

Biggs James, mason, house 12 Howard [12 Howard 

Biggs James, jr. stonecutter. Thorndike, corner Middlesex, boards 

Biggs John, carpenter, 66 Middle, boards 12 Howard 

Billings Abby, widow, bouse 22 Austin 

Billings Frank I), clerk, 109 Central, boards 9 Third, Centralville 
Billings Fred M. clerk, 109 Central, boards 9 Third, Centralville 
Billings George E. clerk, Appleton Bank, boards 22 Austin 
Billings John T. & Co. ( A . J. Devoll fy S. S. Clough ), ink 
manuf., Bridge, corner River, Centralville, boards 221 Central 
Billings Samuel D. fruit, &c. 109 Central, house 9 Third, Central- 

Billings William, butcher, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Billings William F. provisions, 68 Dutton, boards 138 Colburn 
Billingsley Alexander, variety store, 1 Appleton, house do. 
Bilodeaux Peter, laborer, house Austin, near Ford 
Bingham Fanny Miss, house 54 Lawrence corporation 
Binns Henry, overseer, Lowell, house 3 Pond 
Bird Charles, carriage-maker, 163 Central, house 82 South 
Bird Robert P. servant, house 94 High 

Bird , widow, house 33 Lagrange 

Birenbaum Jacob, house 113 Gorham 
Birkenhead Thomas, laborer, house 41 Willow 
Birmingham Bridget, widow, house 19 High 
Birmingham Samuel T., Indian physician, house Tanner, near junc- 
tion of Boston & Lowell Railroad, Ayer’s City 
Bisbee Ira Mrs. widow, house 86 High 
Bisbee I. Warren, operative, boards 86 High 
Bishaw John, laborer, house 6 East Pine . 

Bishop Nathaniel, jr. spooling, Boott corporation, nouse 73 do. 
Bishop Stewart, Middlesex corporation, boards 68 Warren 
Bishop Thomas, laborer, house 55 West Union 
Bishop William, operative, boards 68 Warren 
Bissell Archibald, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, house 49 
Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Bissell Daniel, machinist, house 235 Middlesex 
Bissell George W. teamster, house 46 L. M. S. corporation 
Bissonnette Albert, operative, house 114 Middlesex 

Pall River Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Bissonnette Isaiah, jr. wireworker, 10 Central, b. 2 Farson’s court 
Bissonnette Isaiah, wireworker, 10 Central, boards 2 Farson’s court 
Bissonnette .John, wireworker, house 2 Farson’s court 
Bixby Charles H. clerk, 132 Merrimack, boards 343 do. 

Bixby Howard C. clerk, 132 Merrimack, boards 343 do. 

Bixby Janies, machinist, boards 57 L. M. S. corporation 
Bixby Joseph, clerk, house 50 Paige 
Bixby Thomas, boards 50 Paige 
Black Abner B. painter, boards 14S Suffolk 
Black Abner M. painter, house 148 Suffolk 
Black John, stone-cutter, boards 1 Bangs block, opp. railroad 
Black Patrick, moulder, house Linden, near Auburn 
Black Peter, laborer, house Linden, near Auburn 
Blackburn Ann, widow, house 16 Summer 
Blackburn James, filecutter, house 63 Adams 
Blackburn James, machinist, boards 16 Summer 
Blackburn John, filecutter, house 63 Adams 
Blackington Daniel, blacksmith, Mechanics Mills, Fletcher, house 
2 S. Franklin court 

Blackmer Warren A. painter, house 3 Wamesit court 
Blair Enoch R. grocer, Broadway, cor. School, house 215 School 
Blaisdell Adeline S. Mrs. house 43 Fayette 
Blaisdell Charles E. carder, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Blaisdell Charles R. counsellor and claim agent, 3 Canal block, 
house 13 Hurd 

Blaisdell Hiram W. bookkeeper, house 92 South 
Blaisdell II. B. Mrs. boarding-house, 74 Lawrence corporation 
Blaisdell Theophilus C. police, house 52 Chapel 
Blaisdell William F. carder, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Blake Amos B. japanner, boards London 
Blake Charles Gr. laborer, locks and canals, boards 42 Dummer 
Blake Edward F. driver ice-cart, house 2 McFarlin avenue 
Blake E. Otis, Yankee notions, 22 John, house 21 Kirk 
Blake Henry, bookkeeper, boards 16 Willie avenue 
Blake Ira S. patent-leather worker, Tanner, house London 
Blake Jesse ( Hubbard § B.'), Tanner, corner Manchester, Ayer’s 
City, house Lincoln, near Main 

Blake John H. reed and harness maker, Fletcher, corner Western 
avenue, boards Howard, corner Chelmsford 
Blake Orestes F. overseer, boards 3 Hamilton corporation 
Blake Patrick, grocer, 11 River, Centralville, house do. 

Blake Stephen F. second hand, Boott corporation, house 75 do. 

Blake Thomas, spinner, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 

Blake Thomas Mrs. house 16 Willie avenue 

Blake Thomas C. Mrs. house 42 Dummer 

Blake William Mrs. boards 6 Massachusetts corporation 

Blake William O. boards London 

Blake W. B. S. waiter, American House, boards do. 

Geo. F. Hunt &. Co. are agents for Merchants’ and Farmers’ Mutual 
Fire Ins. Co. Office, 38 Central St., Lowell, Mass. (See page 341.) 



Blake y Alfred, carpenter, house 14 Abbott 
Blanchard Aaron, timekeeper, L. M. S. house 10 Lagrange 
Blanchard Abel, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 117 
Gorham [house 8 Kirk 

Blanchard Amos Rev. pastor Kirk-street Congregational Church, 
Blanchard Amos, sash and blind maker, house 117 Gorham 
Blanchard Amos A. paymaster Lowell Manufacturing Company, 
house 134 Market 

Blanchard C. F. Mrs. boards 18 Kirk 

Blanchard Charles F. clerk, 1 Central, boards 36 Pawtucket 
Blanchard Clarissa H. widow, house Blanchard’s place 
Blanchard Emery C. Mrs. house 149 Moody 
Blanchard Elbridge A. ( Whittemore Sf B .), 45 East Merrimack, 
boards 121 do. 

Blanchard Frederick, bookkeeper, boards 22 Stackpole 

Blanchard F. R. Mrs. house 90 East Merrimack 

Blanchard Sarah Mrs. house 22 Stackpole 

Blanchaid William, clerk, 86 Merrimack, boards 22 Stackpole 

Blanchard William D. contractor, L. M. S. house 7 Westford 

Bland James, spinner, Hamilton, house Wheelock’s build. Charles 

Blanding Addie Mrs. boards 19 Boott corporation 

Blessington Ann Mrs. boarding-house, 1 William 

Bligh John, machinist, boards 148 Central 

Blodgett Charles, machinist, boards 114 Merrimack corporation 

Blodgett Orlendo, butcher, house Chelmsford, near Parker 

Blodget Sylvester, shoemaker, house 10 Massachusetts corporation 

Blodgett Walter M. operative, boards 25 Appleton corporation 

Blood Andrew, policeman, house 21 John 

Blood Benjamin, engineer, house River road, Dracut 

Blood ( Cyrus ) & Mitchell ( Daniel F.), provisions, Liberty sq. 

Adams, corner Suffolk, house 15 Adams, Franklin square 
Blood Frank A. salesman, 45 Central, house 14 High 
Blood John C. conductor, B. & L. R.R. h. 69 Third, Centralville 
Blood Joseph, teamster, 7 Central, house 63 High 
Blood Josiah, milkman, house 100 Middlesex 
Blood Martin L. machinist, boards 109 Appleton 
Blood Orford R. forwarder, J. C. Ayer’s, h. River road, Dracut 
Blood Sarah Mrs. hoop-skirts, 78 Merrimack, boards 13 Cabot 
Boardman George H. clerk, 134 Merrimack, boards 120 do. 
Boardman H. W. & Co. (i?. L. Read, and C. M. Gillman), elas- 
tic webbing and suspenders, First, opp. Read, Centralville 
Boardman Henry W. counsellor, 5 Barristers Hall, ( also H. W. 

Boardman fy Ob.), house Fifth, corner Read, Centralville 
Boardman John E. carpenter, house Howard, corner Middlesex 
Boardman Langley H. boots and shoes, 34 Central, house 7 Willow 
Boardman S. M. clerk, 24 Prescott, house Fifth, corner Read 
Boardman Thomas, boards 86 South 

Boardman Thomas W. clerk, 60 Middlesex, boards 86 South 

Lawrence Directory, Published, by Sampson, Davenport, &> Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Bodge William, policeman, house 47 Appleton 
Bod well C. F. Mrs. boarding-house, 14 Warren 
Bogue Edward, blacksmith, 163 Central, boards Summer 
Bogue James, jr. boards 111 Market (U. S. A.) 

Bogue Jamep Mrs. house 111 Market 
Bogue William, dyer, boards 111 Market 
Bohonan Carlos E. hack-driver, house 141 Moody 
Bohonan John, laborer, house 13 Fayette 
Bohonan Martin, laborer, house 3 Carolin’s block, Fayette 
Bohonan ( Morrill M.) & Barney {Alfred), grocers, 189 Middle- 
sex, house 43 Chestnut 
Boland Michael, laborer, house 252 Middlesex 
Bolcome Orlando, operative, boards 5 Faulkner’s block 
Bolton Michael, harnessmaker, 163 Central, house rear 16 Paige 
Bolton Thomas, folder, house 56 Church 

Bolton Thomas M. harnessmaker, 163 Central, boards rear 16 Paige 
Bond Charlotte J. widow, boards Middlesex, corner Central 
Bond C. H. Mrs. boards Middlesex, corner Central 
Bonner Joseph J. watchmaker, 84 Central, h. 20 Wentworth blk. 
Bonner L. 11. hairdresser, 70 Central, boards 36 Mass, corporation 
Bonney Arthur P. counsellor, 43J Central, President First Na- 
tional Bank 

Bonney W. Wallace, printer, 21 Central, boards 11 Lee 
Boocock Stad, woolsorter, Lowell corporation, house 13 do. 

Boodry William A. engineer, boards 6 East Pine 

Boorn Edward T. machinist, boards 16 Church 

Boorn Samuel, laborer, house 16 Warren 

Booth John, operative, house 7 Faulkner’s block 

Booth Robert, currier, house 22 Smith 

Boott Cotton Mills, Amory, foot of John 

Borrow Charles, house 285 Middlesex 

Bosca Anadore, picker, boards 26 Massachusetts corporation 

Boston David I. dentist, Merrimack, corner John, house do. 

Boudreau Isaiah, laborer, house 195 School 

Bourasas Moses, operative, house 116 Middlesex 

Bourasses James, helper, Dobbins & Crawford 

Bourbon David, spinner, house rear 394 Merrimack 

Bourbon Palagy, widow, house rear 394 Merrimack 

Bouse Charlotte and Elizabeth Misses, house 80 Charles 

Bou f weli Edson, foreman, house 7 1 Fletcher [Asylum 

Bowden E nerentiana, Sister Superior, St. Perer’s School and Orphan 

Bowden Ernest, spinner, house Lawrenee-street court 

Bowden James, spinner, house 20 Lee 

Bowen George F. overseer, Lawrence corporation, house 129 do. 
Bowen Michael, spinner, house 26 Hurd 
Bowers Alpheus, clerk, 103 Central, boards 27 Chapel 
Bowers Arthur E. clothing and gents’ furnishing goods, 33 Central, 
house 22 Hurd 

The Connecticut Fire Ins. Co., Hartford, Ct. A prompt and liberal 
Co. to injure in ; lias never had a lawsuit. G. F, Hunt <fc Co., Agts. 



Bowers Charles H. blacksmith, 237 Middlesex, house 282 do. 

Bowers James, house 26 Pawtucket 

Bowers Jonathan Mrs. house 70 Pawtucket 

Bowers Jonathan, pleasure resort, house 70 Pawtucket 

Bowers Pamelia Miss, house 299 Central 

Bowker George, spinner, boards 20 Abbott 

Bowlan Henry, laborer, boards 18 Lowell 

Bowles Charles P. deputy marshal, boards American House 

Bowles John, carpenter, house 33 High 

Bowman Bridget Mrs. house Parker’s block, Centralville 

Bowman John, weaver, house 136 Merrimack corporation 

Bowman Maurice, hairdresser, 112 Merrimack, house do. 

Bowman William, Middlesex corp. boards 6 Prescott corporation 
Bowman (T V.P.), Hurd (E. T.), & Co. ( Curtis Bailey ), pro- 
visions, 3 Gorham, house Westford, near line 
Boyd Henry, operative, boards 10 Union 
Boyd James, carpenter, house Id 5 High 
Boyd John, clock repairer, 56 Central, boards 25 Market 
Boyd John, shoemaker, Howe, house 7 Pleasant 
Boyd Joseph, locksmith, house 7 Pleasant 
Boyd Joseph, machinist, house 4 Pleasant, Belvidere 
Boyd Ruth, widow, house 12 South Highland 
Boyden Erastus, superintendent Prescott Mills, house 4 Kirk 
Boyden Wallace H. machinist, house 8 Suffolk corporation 
Boyle Andrew, laborer, house 29 Middle 
Boyle Catharine, house 51 Dutton 
Boyle Daniel, porter, Merrimack House 
Boyle Duke, laborer, house 10 Congress 
Boyle James, carder, boards 135 Merrimack corporation 
Boyle James, blacksmith, at Norcross & Saunders’s, house Middle- 
sex, opposite McIntyre 
Boyle John, fireman, house 21 Spring 
Boyle John, carriagemaker, 163 Central, house 22 Lowell 
Boyle John, laborer, house River, Centralville 
Bo^le John Mrs. house 78 Lowell 

Boyle John F. carder, house Hampshire, near Pearl, Centralville 
Boyle Michael, bleachery, boards 35 Summer 
Boyle Michael, laborer, house River, Centralville 
Boyle Patrick, marbleworker, 155 Central, house 2 Little 
Boynton Benjamin F. overseer, Lowell, h. School, near Bowers 
Boynton Henry, teamster, boards 12 Smith 
Boynton James M. hostler, house 228 Middlesex 
Boynton Mark C. city lamplighter, house 85 Thorndike 
Brabrook Joseph A. harnessmaker, 45 Market, house 27 Tyler 
Brackett Charles E. machinist, Arch, boards 4 Tyler 
Brackett Thomas, laborer, house 7 Wall 
Braekett Shadrach R. house 152 East Merrimack 

Lowell Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 4 7 Congress Street, Boston. 



Bradford ( James IF) & Stevens ( James H-), painters, rear 285 
Merrimack, house 172 Suffolk 
Bradford Ruth, widow, house 215 Middlesex 
Bradley Ambrose E. shoemaker, house 15 Alder 
Bradley Christopher, saloon, 26 Gorham, house do. 

Bradley Daniel, laborer, boards 136 Merrimack corporation 

Bradley Daniel P. Mrs. house 11 Third, Centralville 

Bradley Elizabeth, widow, house 17 Fayette [ville 

Bradley Harriet, teacher, Varnum School, h. 26 Fourth, Central- 

Bradley James, harnessmaker, boards 10 Suffolk corporation 

Bradley James, calico printer, house 15 Dummer 

Bradley James A. woolsorter, boards 17 Fayette 

Bradley Louisa Miss, house 26 Fourth, Centralville 

Bradley Mary, widow, house North Chapel 

Bradley Michael, tailor, house 32 William 

Bradley Miranda W. teacher No. 47 Primary School, house 26 
Fourth, Centralville 

Bradley Patrick, laborer, house 53 Middle [Centralville 

Bradley Sarah A. teacher, Varnum School, boards 11 Third, 
Bradley Thomas, laborer, house 10 Wall 
Bradley Thomas T. (Boston), house 21 Union 
Bradley William T. ( Puffer fy Bradley ), furniture, &c. 13 
Market, house 14 Elm 

Bradore Isadore, laborer, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Bradshaw K. A. model-maker, Wilson, between Chelmsford and 
Hale, house do. 

Bradt David (G. J. fy D. Bradt), bakers, Whiting, house do. 

Bradc D. H. (Boston), bookkeeper, boards Whiting 

Bradt Gerrit J. & D. bakers, Whiting, house Whiting 

Bradt James G. Mrs. boards 31 Tyler 

Brady Ann, widow, house 27 Keene 

Brady Ann, widow, house 3 Short 

Brady Ann, widow, house 83 Lowell 

Brady Bernard A. laborer, house 3 Summer 

Brady Betsey, widow, house 31 Keene 

Brady Bridget Mrs. house 21 Keene 

Brady Cornelius, laborer, house 7 Jefferson [h. 83 Lowell 

Brady (Frank) & Smith (Philip A.), shoemakers, 304 Merrimack, 
Brady James, dyer, house 26 High 
Brady John, blacksmith, Front, corner River, Centralville 
Brady Michael, laborer, house 18 Keene 

Brady Patrick, filer, Broadway, corner Mount Vernon, boards 
Lowell, corner Suffolk 
Brady Peter, job wagon, house 309 Central 
Brady Philip, laborer, house 40 Paige 
Brady Rebecca, widow, house 19 Keene 
Brady Rose Mrs. widow, house 18 Keene 
Brady William G. letter carrier, post-office, house at DraeUt 

The Lowell Office of tlie Howard Fire Ins. Co. is at No. 28 Central 
Street. GEO. F. HUNT <fc CO., Agents. (See page 344.) 




Bragdon George, house 33 Anne 

Bragg Maynard Mrs. house 76 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Bramhall John, weaver, house rear 242 Central 
Brasau Moses, operative, house 120 Middlesex 
Brassor Octable, operative, house rear 5 Hancock avenue 
Brawn John, laborer, honse 8 Pearl [330-g- Merrimack 

Bray Brothers ( Eben fy William //.), confectionery manufacturers, 
Bray Eben ( Bray Bros.), confectionery, 330^ Merrimack, h. do. 
Bray Patrick, spinner, house 76 Church 

Bray Margaret, house 22 North [house do. 

Bray William H. ( Bray Bros.), confectionery, 330^ Merrimack, 
Brazer Lyman V. clerk, 40 Merrimack, boards 12 Hurd 
Brazer William P. hats, caps, and furnishing goods, 47 Central, 
corner Market, house 136 East Merrimack 
Breason Andrew, house 17 Cross 

Breasou Philip, operative, house Broadway, corner Adams 

Breason Philip, house 17 Cross 

Breed Henry K. Mrs. house 52 Church 

Breed John, tinsmith, house rear 40 Appleton 

Breed John H. hairdresser, boards 52 Church 

Breen Bridget, widow, house 54 Middle 

Breen Bridget, widow, house 18 John-street avenue 

Breen Catharine, widow, house 59 Gorham 

Breen Ellen, widow, house 52 Middle 

Breen Ellen, widow, house 49 West Union 

Breen John, operative, house 6 North Chapel 

Breen John, hackdriver, house 16 Green 

Breen John Mrs. house 25 Middle 

Breen John, dyer, house 52 Middle 

Breen John, laborer, house 45 Middle 

Breen John, laborer, house 59 Gorham 

Breen Patrick, laborer, house 34 Crosby 

Breen Thomas, soapmaker, house rear 42 Charles 

Brennan Francis, currier, house Canada 

Brennan James, hostler, 112 Moody, h. rear 58 River, Central ville 
Brennan James, laborer, house 3 Fayette 
Brennan John, laborer, boards 75 Church 
Brennan John, laborer, house 8 Pearl 
Brennan Martin, laborer, house 24 Davidson 
Brennan Mary, widow, house 4 Theatre block, Lowell 
Brennan Michael & Co. (M. and E. Fitzsimmons ) , dry-goods, 56 
Merrimack, house Read, above First, Centralville 
Brennan Michael, laborer, house 61 Lowell 
Brennan Patrick Mrs. house 9 Mill 

Brennan Patrick, mulespinner, house 52 River, Centralville 
Brennan Patrick, laborer, boards 4 Theatre block, Lowell 
Brennan Peter, gardener, house 75 Church 
Brennan Peter, jr. laborer, boards 75 Church 

Lynn Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, &■ Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Brennan Simon, picker-tender, house rear 13 Summer 
Brennan Thomas, laborer, boards 75 Church 
Brennan Thomas, laborer, house 1 Carpet lane 
Brennan Thomas, laborer, house rear ‘28 Fayette 
Brewster John L. variety store, 18 Tilden, house do. 

Briar William Mrs. house Liberty, near Pine 
Brick Catharine, widow, house 41 Fenwick 
Brick Mary, widow, house rear 37 Fenwick 

Brickett Henry W. telegraph and western ticket agent, Merrimack- 
street depot, house 3 Cabot block 
Bridge Christian, widow, boards 22 Varney 
Bridge Ellen A. teacher. No. 24 Primary School, boards 54 Howard 
Bridge William, machinist, 84 Middle, house 5 Suffolk corporation 
Bridges Joseph W. laborer, house Tanner, junction B. & L. II. R. 
Bridges Laura J. widow, house 2 Tremont 
Brierton Edward, provisions, 99 Lowell, house do. 

Briggs Ansel S. weaver, Merrimack corporation, house 73 do. 
Briggs Franklin W. weaver, house 158 Merrimack corporation 
Briggs George Mrs. house 45 Hamilton corporation 
Briggs John Mrs. boards 45 Merrimack corporation 
Briggs Moses A. hairdresser, boards rear 66 3Ioody 
Briggs Richard & Co. ( Rochester Illitiys worth, Wm.Hird, and John 
Gott ), worsted yarns, Nit. Vernon, n. Broadway, h. 13 Ames 
Briggs Sumner, carpenter, house 215 School 
Brigham Charles W. clerk, house 22 Wentworth’s block 
Brigham Ephraim T. photographs, 103 Merrimack, house 20 

Brigham George A. machinist, house 39 Fifth, Centralville 
Brigham Orainel A. baggage-master, Boston and Lowell Railroad. 

boards Third, corner Mt.< Vernon, Centralville 
Brigham Warren, machinist, house 106 Middlesex 
Brigham William F. overseer Massachusetts corporation repair shop, 
house 4 Prescott corporation 

Bright Joseph W. carpenter, house 55 Boott corporation 
Briscoe Michael, laborer, house 10 Jefferson 
Britton Frank, house 37 Wentworth’s building 
Britton Frank T. machinist, 235 Middlesex, boards 273 do. 

Britton Ilenry, boltmaker, house 5 Crosby 

Britton Preston H., L. 31. S. Foundry, house 273 3Iiddlesex 

Britton Ruel F. moulder, boards 273 3Iiddlesex 

Britton William, house rear 15 River, Centralville 

Brizzy Cynthia, house First, Centralville 

Broautt Eioi, laborer, house 3 Davidson’s lane 

Brock John H. job wagon, house 2 31errill 

Broderick James, fireman, house 25 North 

Broderick Thomas, spinner, house 6 Pleasant 

Brody Simon, laborer, house 26 Front, Centralville 

Brogan Bridget, boarding-house, 48 Lawrence corporation 

Mauufg Property, Merchandise, Dwellings, & Household Furni- 
ture, iu9. at satisfactory rates, hy Geo. F. Hunt & Co., Ins. Agt’s. 



Brogan Martin, laborer, boards 48 Lawrence corporation 
Brogan Michael, mason, boards 48 Lawrence corporation 
Brooks Artemas L. lumber dealer and boxes, Mechanics’ Mills, 
house 90 Fletcher 

Brooks Charles W. blacksmith, boards 57 Fletcher 
Brooks Daniel, keeper Guard Locks, h. School, near Pawtucket 
Brooks Frank E. marbleworker, boards 66 Lawrence corporation 
Brooks Henry C. dresser, house 15 Boott corporation 
Brooks Henry D. musician, house 45 Bartlett 
Brooks James G. machinist, house 35 Suffolk [Centralville 

Brooks James W. coffin warehouse, 19 Prescott, house 12 Fourth, 
Brooks Sager, filecutter, house 30 Rock 
Brooks Sarah J. Mrs. house 72 Church 
Brooks Stillman, machinist, house 66 Lawrence corporation 
Brooks William F. B. hairdresser, 276 Merrimack, h. rear 245 do. 
Brophy Catharine Mrs. boarding-house, 514 Lowell 
Brophy James, butcher, Lowell, corner Hanover, bds. 51 £ Lowell 
Brophy Mary, widow, boards 42 Middle 
' Brophy Michael, laborer, boards 5H Lowell 
Brothers Charles, Middlesex corporation, boards 26 Clay 
Brothers Charlotte, widow, house 56 High 

Brothers Geo. W. clerk at Gas Company’s office, boards 33 Charles 
Brothers Henry C. clerk, 2 Central, boards 33 Charles 
Brothers Joseph, machinist, house 33 Charles 
Brothers Rhoda, widow, house 26 Clay 

Brouillett Olivier, bricklayer, house Parker’s block, Centralville 
Brown Aaron, overseer yard Mass, corporation, house 57 do. 

/ Brown Albert, porter, Washington House 

Brown Alfred, carpenter, house rear 13 Charles 
Brown Alfred, carpenter, boards River road, Dracut 
Brown Alice, boards 295 Central 
Brown Alice, variety store, 97 Central, boards 243 do. 

Brown Allen H. house 13 Adams, Franklin square 
Brown Almira G. Mrs. dressmaker, Nesmith’s building, house do. 
Brown ( Alpheus R .) & Alger ( Edwin A.), counsellors, 55 Cen- 
tral, house 9 Kirk 

Brown Ambrose, fireman, boards 43 Boott corporation 
Brown Ammi, water-gauger, house 31 Suffolk, Franklin square 
Brown Amos F. stone worker, house 117 Middlesex 
Brown Amos S. teamster, house 12 Smith 
Brown Benjamin G. teamster, boards 12 Smith 
Brown Bradbury D. boarding-house, 4 Massachusetts corporation 
Brown Charles E. woodworker, house 22 Varney 
Brown Charles H. carpenter, boards 28 Union 
Brown Charles W. clerk, Merrimack, cor. John, boards 65 Andover 
Brown Daniel W. cabinet-maker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 
Mount Vernon, Centralville 

Manchester (IV. H.) directory, Published by Sampson, Daven- 
port, & Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Brown Darius C. reed and power-loom harness maker, Warren, cor- 
ner Church, house 89 Church [Lowell Corporation 

Brown Deliverance P. at Locks and Canals, boarding-house 3 
Brown Ebenezer, shoemaker, boards 4 Massachusetts corporation 
Brown Edmund D. machinist, boards 26 Appleton corporation 
Brown Edwin L. machinist, boards 80 Merrimack corporation 
Brown Edwin R. oiler, boards 40 Boott corporation 
Brown Emma Mrs. house 9 Massachusetts corporation 
Brown Ephraim, patent alarm locks, Whipple’s Mills, house 35 

Brown Eugene M. teamster, boards 12 Smith 
Brown Francis, house 106 Howard 

Brown Francis, overseer, Middlesex Company, house 92 High 

Brown Frank, clerk, Warren, corner Church, boards 87 Church 

Brown Frank J. house 71 Church 

Brown George H. teamster, boards 12 Smith 

Brown George P. teamster, boards 53 Appleton 

Brown George W. finisher, Lowell corp. boards rear 55 Gorham 

Brown Harrison, clerk, 79 Central, house 90 Appleton 

Brown Henry A. carpenter, house 87 Thorndike 

Brown Hiram, wood, 55 Appleton, house 57 do. 

Brown Hiram J. machinist, house 54 Middlesex 

Brown Jacob P. carpenter, house 71 Third, Centralville 

Brown James, watchman, boards 40 Boott corporation 

Brown James, gardener, house 84 Gorham [Fletcher 

Brown Jerome B. woodworker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 37 

Brown Jesse R. weaver, house 51 Andover 

Brown Joel, mason and white washer, house 71 Church 

Brown John, shoemaker, 249 Merrimack, house 102 Moody 

Brown John, peddler, boards 111 Central 

Brown John B. foreman yard Lowell Machine Shop, house 3 
Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Brown John S. weaver, boards 29 Boott corporation 
Brown Jonas E. hairdresser, 181 Middlesex, boards 72 Bartlett 
Brown Joseph F. pressman, 106 Central, boards 119 do. 

Brown Joseph S. dry goods, 54 Merrimack, house 18 Stackpole 

Brown Josiah W. machinist, boards 17 L. M. S. corporation 

Brown Leonard, house 154 East Merrimack 

Brown Levi, captain police, house 265 Central 

Brown Levi E. bobbinmaker, boards Varney, corner Mt. Vernon 

Brown Louisa R. boarding-house, 29 Boott corporation 

Brown Mary Mrs. house 7 Pleasant 

Brown Mary M. widow, boards 54 Middlesex 

Brown Michael, laborer, house 72 Mechanic 

Brown Michael, laborer, at Gas Works 

Brown Myron C. carpenter, rear 55 Gorham, house do. 

Brown Nellie M. teacher, No. 26 Primary school, b. 31 Suffolk 
Brown Nicholas, laborer, house 118 Lowell 

Worth Am. Fire Ins. Co., Hartford, Ct. Capital and Surplus, over 
$400,000. G. F. Hunt &, Co., Agents, 28 Central St. (See p. 344.) 


Brown Otis J. carpenter, bouse 24 Chestnut 
Brown Patrick J. laborer, bouse Merrill, opposite Taylor 
Brown Peter, machine-printer, house 31 Charles 
Brown Priscilla, widow, house Seventh, comer Bridge 
Brown Robert E. soapmaker (S. Horn fy Co.), h. 12 Branch 
Brown Ruel A., B. & L. Railroad, boards 12 Smith 
Brown Samuel A. Mrs. house 426 Merrimack 
Brown Samuel T. house 67 Third, Centralville 
Brown Sarah, widow, house Mammoth road, Dracut 
Brown Sarah G. nurse, house 22 Suffolk corporation 
Brown Sarah J. boarding-house, 3 Lowell corporation 
Brown Stephen, carpenter, house 165 Broadway 
Brown Walker, watchman, Massachusetts corp. house 6 Davidson 
Brown Willard, house 65 Fayette [Merrimack 

Brown Willard A. leather and findings, 88 Market, house 390 
Brown William, house 65 Andover 
Brown William, provisions, house LTnion, corner Linden 
Brown William A. carpenter, boards 9 Appleton corporation 
Brown Wm. D. clerk, local supt. office, Northern depot, b. 67 Third 
Brown William H. machinist, boards Wilson, between Chelmsford 
and Ilale 

Brown William M. peddler, house 229 Middlesex 
Brown William 0. operative, Lawrence corporation, house 8 do. 
Brown William P. carpenter, house 46 Howard 
Brown Woodward, house 5 Merrill’s court 
Brownell George, house 51 Church 
Browner Thomas, mason, boards 18 Adams 
Browner Thomas, jr. trunkmaker, 58 Central, house 18 Adams 
Bruce Daniel A. clerk, boards 4 Lawrence corporation 
Bruce Frederic, boards 111 Central 
Bruce George, laborer, house 34 William 
Bruce Herbert E. weaver, boards 40 Boott corporation 
Bruce William G. Mrs. house 32 Rock 
Bryan Thomas, laborer, boards 415 Merrimack 
Bryant Asahel M. dentist, 52^ Merrimack, boards 6 Tilden 
Bryant Cyrus, cabinetmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 115 

Bryant Daniel, grocer, 110 Middlesex, house 55 Summer 
Bryant Henry, machinist, house 4 Goward place 
Bryant Hosea B. millwright, house 41 South 
Bryant Jenny Mrs. house 14 East Pine 

Bryant J. Hervey, overseer, Appleton corporation, house 21 do. 
Bryant Lizzie A. ( Martin Bryant ), 6 Tilden, house do. 

Bryant Lydia M. widow, house 6 Tilden 

Bryant Lyman P. blacksmith, house 5 Appleton corporation 

Bryant Mertoun C. Mrs. house 14 Kirk 

Bryant Otis H. machinist, boards 41 South 

Bryant Solon, spinner, house 19 Appleton corporation 

JVewburyport Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, 
&, Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Bryant William S., Lowell Machine Shop, b. 20 Hamilton corp. 

Bryer John F. bobbin-maker, Wamesit Steam Mills 

Buce Henry, mat-weaver, boards 2 Hale 

Buchanan James, bleachery, boards 115 Gorham 

Buchanan James Mrs. house rear 74 Middlesex 

Buchanan John, jr. stonemason, 6 Cady 

Buck Benjamin, laborer, house 4 Swift 

Buckland Henry, machinist, boards 10 Appleton corporation 

Buckland John, overseer, Appleton corporation, house 10 do. 

Buckley Charlotte, house 87 Gorham 

Buckley Edward, house 7 Davidson 

Buckley Edward, blacksmith, house 7 Knowles place 

Buckley Jeremiah, laborer, house 1 Howe 

Buckley John, moulder, boards 14 Lowell 

Buckley John F. butcher, 190 Middlesex, h. Carlton, n. Marshall 
Buckley Maurice, laborer, house 2 Jefferson square 
Buckley Michael, wool dealer, Gorham, cor. Union, house 42 South 
Buckley Patrick, gardener, house 1 Jefferson square 
Buckley Patrick, machinist, boards 51 J Lowell 
Buckman Peter, carpenter, house Webster, Centralville 
Buckmaster John, cardstripper, house rear 16 Hummer 
Buckmaster Michael, carder, boards 61 Lawrence corporation 
Buffura Henry G. bookkeeper, boards Mt. Vernon, near Sixth, 

Buffum Joshua, house Mt. Vernon, near Sixth, Centralville 
Bugbee Charles H. painter, 139 Middlesex, boards 40 Lowell Ma- 
chine Shop corporation 

Bugbee Clara, widow, boards 3 Massachusetts corporation 
Bugbee Claudius, laborer, boards 67 Lawrence corporation 
Bugbee Philetus, operative, boards 67 Lawrence corporation 
Bugbee Worcester, carpenter and boarding, h. 40 L. M. S. corp. 
Bugby D. Webster, carder, Lawrence, boards 5 Suffolk corp. 
Bulger Christopher, coachman, house 23 George 
Bulger Mary, widow, house Davidson, comer Howe 
Bullard Otis, police, house 32 Cabot 
Bullens Eliza Ann Mrs. house Mason’s court 
Bullens Frank M. machinist, boards 10 L. M. S. corporation 
Bullens Henry F. student, boards 10 L. M. S. corporation 
Bullens Joseph M. contractor, L. M. S. house 10 L. M. S. corp. 
Bullens Stephen A. machinist, boards 10 L. M. S. corporation 
Bullock Elisha C. cabinet-maker, Wamesit Steam Mills, bbards 
Massachusetts corporation 

Bulmer George, boarding-house, 26 Suffolk corporation 
Bulmer John Mrs. house 4 Pearl 
Bulmer Robert B. junk, &c. house 3 Knowles place 
Burbank Andrew J. overseer, Hamilton corp. house 68 Appleton 
Burbank ( Charles H.) & Winnek ( William G.), tailors, 53 Cen- 
tral, house 21 Anne 

Business that can't afford Insurance is too poor to follow. Wis- 
dom, Prudence, Experience, all say, Insure at once. (See page 344.) 



Burbank John J. spinner, house 144 School 
Burbank Leonard, boauls Mammoth road, Dracut 
Burbank Levi S. teacher High School, house 408 Merrimack 
Burbank Samuel, house 35 Anne 

Burbank Thomas W. dresser, house 163 Merrimack corporation 
Burbeck Chares L. clerk, 221 Centra), boaids 41 Church 
Burbeck Hattie L. Miss, dressmaker, 121 Central, boards do. 
Burch John, whitewashes house 43 Hanover 
Burger Henry, hairdresser, 32 Prescott, boards Sixth, corner 
Llewellyn, Centralville 

Burgess Alfred, hairdresser, 11 Prescott, boards 48 Chapel 
Burgess Augustus D. helper, boards 15 Clark 
Burgess Dwelley W. blacksmith, Mechanics Mills, house 15 Clark 
Burgess Ebenezer, trunks, &c. 38 Central, house 22 Bartlett 
Burgess Frank, bookkeeper, 235 Middlesex, b. Liberty, near Pme 
Burgess George F. clerk, 38 Central, boards 22 Bartlett 
Burgess James C. Mrs. hou.-e 77 High 
Burgess Bufus H. watchman, house 14 Suffolk corporation 
Burgess Thomas F. & Co. ( Otis Allen), machinists, 235 Middlesex, 
house Liberty, near Pine [Meirimaek 

Burgess Washington C. flagman Merrimack-street depot, house 332 

Burgess , laborer, boards 5 Andiew 

Bitrgin John, machinist, Hamilton corporation, house 38 do. 

Burg in Patrick, blacksmith, 15 Adams 
Burgin William, laborer, boards 38 Hamilton corporation 
Burgoyne Patrick, spinner, Middlesex corp. house 83 Church 
Burke Daniel, laborer, house rear 29 Keene 
Burke George, laborer, house 53 Middle 
Burke James, laborer, house 4 McDermott’s block 
Burke John, laborer, house 5 Cross 
Burke John ( Cal .), house Demp*ev’s yard 
Burke John, blacksmith, boards 3 1 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Burke Lucius M. bookkeeper at D. W. Clement’s, boards 109 

Burke Mary, widow, house 51 Charles 
Burke Mary, widow, house 18 Adams 
Burke Michael, laborer, house 5 Curamiskoy's alley 
Burke Patrick, laborer, house 5 Carpet lane 
Burke Patrick, laborer, house 2 Union court 
Burke Thomas, house 81 Church 

Burke William A. agent, Boott corporation, house 27 Anne 
Burleigh Ann M. widow, boarding-house, 15 Merrimack corporal ion 
Burnap Ethan, house 17 Tyler 

Burnett Robert, carpenter, boards 114 Merrimack corporation 
Burnett Samuel, laborer, 125 Market, boards 23 Mass. corp. 
Burnham Aaron C., Boston & Lowell Railroad, house Hale, near 

Burnham Albert W. (S. L. fy W. G. Ward § A. W. Burnham), 
dentists, 5 Savings Bank building, house 145 Fletcher 

United States Directory, 1867, Price $30, for sale toy Sninpoiu, 
Davenport, Co., 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Burnham Alfred W. weaver, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Burnham Crawford ( Howes Sf Burnham), lumber, Dutton, near 
Wamesit Steam Mills, house do. 

Burnham Eleazer, Boston & Lowell Railroad, house 22 Marshall 
Burnham Frank R. clerk, 109 Central, boards 4 Livingston’s block, 

Burnham George N. clerk freight depot, boards 16 Westford 
Burnham James H., Boston & Lowell Railroad, boards Hale, near 

Burnham Julia Mrs. boards 50 Tyler 

Burnham Norman, B. & L. freight depot, house 16 Westford 
Burnham Philetus, paymaster Prescott Mills, h. 22 Prescott corp. 
Burnham Roswell S. carpenter, h. 4 Livingston’s block, Appleton 
Burnham Walter, physician, Middlesex, corner Central, house 31 

Burns Chastina H. house 24 South 

Burns Cornelius, operative, boards Lawrence, near the Mills 

Burns David, spinner, house 7 Davidson 

Burns Edward, carpenter, house 6 East Merrimack 

Burns Edward, carder, boards 14 Massachusetts corporation 

Burns Elias, overseer Prescott Mdls, house 7 Massachusetts corp. 

Burns Grace, widow, house rear 160 Suffolk 

Burns James, laborer, house 22 George 

Burns James, slater, house 18 Dummer 

Burns James, laborer, house 13 Somerset 

Burns John, laborer, house Brewery court 

Burns John, laborer, house 20 Adams 

Burns John, laborer, boards 10 Suffolk corporation 

Burns John, machinist, house 12 Summer 

Burns John, clerk, boards 51^ Lowell 

Burns John, woolsorter, house 11 Green 

Burns John, laborer, rear 51 Middle 

Burns John H. carpenter, house 10 River, Central ville 

Burns Julia, widow, house 51 Middle 

Burns Mary, widow, home 17 Union 

Burns Michael, cabinet-maker, house 250 Middlesex 

Burns Michael, spinner, house 37 North 

Burns Miles, operative, boards 38 William 

Burns Owen, boards 51 Massachusetts corporation 

Burns Patrick, teamster, at D. W. Horne’s, house rear 21 North 

Burns Patrick, laborer, boards 23 George 

Burns Patrick, teamster, boards 2 Garnet 

Burns Patrick, Middlesex corporation, house 93 Gorham 

Burns Peter, at Bleachery, boards 36 Bleachery 

Burns Richard, cabinet-maker, house 3 West court 

Burns Thomas, engineer, at Smith Adams’s, house Adams square 

Burns Thomas, laborer, house Lincoln place 

Burns Thomas, laborer, house 38 William 

Xarragansett Fire &. Marine Ins. Co.. Prov., R.I. Cap., $500,- 
OOO. Policies written by G. F. Hunt & Co., Agts., 38 Central St. 



Burns Timothy, laborer, house 2 Garnet [tralville 

Burns William, shoemaker, 116 Central, house Llewellyn, Cen- 
Burns, see Byrne and O' Beirne 

Burpee Achsa Mrs. house Pearl, near Bow, Cen tralville 
Burpee Sardenia, house 10 Third, Centralville 
Burrage Hamilton, clerk, Bleachery, house 37 Chapel 
Burrill ( Cyrus W.) & Wirt ( William), painters, 20 Middle, 
boards 9 Prescott corporation 

Burrill Ellen S. teacher, Green School, boards 57 Merrimack corp. 
Burrows Cyrus, painter, house 9 East Merrimack 
Burrows Henry, superintendent Merrimack Print Works, house 
Worthen, corner Merrimack 

Burrows Henry A. printer, boards 144 Merrimack corporation 
Burrows Valentine, grocer, 49 Gorham, house do. 

Burrows William, operative, boards 5 Bkiulkner’s block 
Burson Lucy, widow, house 1 Theatre block 
Burton Alexander P. hairdresser, 122 Central, house 90 High 
Burton Henry W. carpenter, house Engine-house, Middle 
Burton Mary, widow, house 19 Union 

Burton Stephen, fireman B. & L. R.R. boards 119 Central 

Burtt George N., house 53 Lawrence 

Burtt J. Albert, provisions, 31 Middlesex, house 26 Church 

Burwell Emily, widow, house 32 Willie 

Bush Betsey, widow, house 35 Fayette 

Bush Francis J. weaver, house 309 Central 

Bush Jane Mrs. boards 37 Massachusetts corporation 

Bushee Stillman, weaver, Tremont corporation, house 31 do. 

Buswell Albert, physician, 9 Central, boards do. 

Butcher Aaron W. clerk, 17 Middle, boards 92 Appleton 
Butcher John, iron and steel, 17 Middle, house Broadway, corner 

Butcher John, laborer, boards 144 Merrimack corporation 
Butcher Robert, overseer, Merrimack Print Works, boards 100 Ap- 

Butcher Robert H. (Am. Bolt Co.), boards Broadway, n. Wilder 
Butcher William, laborer, house 144 Merrimack corporation 
Butler (Benjamin F.) & Webster (William P.), counsellors, 4 
and 6 Museum Building, house Andover, n. Tewksbury line 
Butler Charlotte Mrs. house 119 East Merrimack 
Butler David R. Mrs. boards 32 Prescott corporation 
Butler Ellen Mrs. house 22 Broadway 

Butler Freeman II. & Co. (John H. Buttrick), apothecaries, Cen- 
tral, corner Jackson, boards 159 Central 
Butler George D. clerk, Bridge, cor. Page, b. 29 Prescott corp. 
Butler Henry, machinist, house 3 Livingston’s block, Appleton 
Butler John, boards 70 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Butler John, laborer at Gas Works, hou^e 2 Lowell place 
Butler John, coffin-maker, 24 Gorham, house 70 Mechanic 

Salem Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, &- Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Butler Jonathan, carder, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Butler Josiah, clerk, 10 Middle, house 1 Tyler 
Butler S. B. shoemaker, 152 Middlesex, house do. 

Butler William, laborer, house 33 Fenwick [son’s court 

Butler William, bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 4 Far- 
Butler William D. grocer, Dracut, near Pawtucket bridge, house do. 
Butman Betsey Mrs. house 69 School [corner School 

Butman Samuel L. harnessmaker, 196 Middlesex, house Lawson, 
Butterfield A. Howard, machinist, 237 Middlesex, b. Bangs’s blk. 
Butterfield Frank 0. clerk at I). S. & G. F. Richardson’s, 55 Cen- 
tral, boards 113 Merrimack 

Butterfield George, second hand, Lawrence corporation, house 5 do. 
Butterfield Luther H. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 17 
North Franklin court 

Butterfield Mary A. Mrs. house 2 Bangs’s block, Railroad 
Butterfield Mima, widow, boards 57 Howard 
Butterfield Reuben Mrs. widow, house 57 Howard 
Butterfield Stephen S. teamster, 9 Thorndike, h. 10 Brewery ct. 
Butterfield Stillman A. machinist, 237 Middlesex, boards 21 Ham- 
ilton corporation 

Butterfield Theodore Mrs. house Hale, near Chelmsford 
Butters Edward, painter, house 35 East Merrimack 
Butters George, carpenter, boards 14 Massachusetts corporation 
Butters G. S. livery and sale stable, 19 Church, h. at Tewksbury 
Butters Horace, cloth-room. Prescott corp., boards 53 Mass. corp. 
Butterworth Benjamin S. bolt-maker, house 202 Lawrence 
Butterworth Hugh, overseer, Middlesex Co. house foot of Pleasant 
Butterworth John, shoemaker, 300 Central, house 298 do. 
Butterworth Samuel I). plasterer, house 102 Middlesex 
Button Joel, machinist, at R. Ivitson’s, house Moody, corner Austin 
Buttriek Abner W. Mrs. house 3 Highland 
Buttrick Abner W. student, boards 3 Highland 
Buttriek Alden B. ( Buttrick § Co.'), 20 Market, b. 239 Central 
Buttrick Frederic A. clerk, 20 3Iarket, boards 3 Highland 
Buttrick Henry 31. cabinetmaker, rear 239 3Iiddlesex, boards 
Westford, corner School [Grand 

Buttrick James G. deputy U. S. Collector, 1 Nesmith block, b. 9 
Buttrick John 3Irs. house 9 Grand 

Buttrick John A. treasurer City Institution for Savings, Appleton 
block, house 3 Highland 

Buttrick John H. ( F . H. Butler Sf Co.), cashier, Wamesit Na- 
tional Bank, 31iddlesex, corner Thorndike, boards 9 Grand 
Buttrick Nathan 31rs. house Westford, corner School 
Buttrick & Co. (A. B. Buttrick and B. N. Webber), grocers, 20 

Butts Edward, woodworker, boards 61 L. 31. S. corporation 
Buzzell Eleazer B. laborer, house 3 Bay State avenue 
Buzzell Oliver A. house 12 Read, Centralville 

Fire, Marine, & Inland Insurance effected through the Security of 
N.Y. and Narragansett Ins. Cos., toy Geo, F. Hunt & Co., Agents. 



Byam Henry S. cabinetmaker, boards 7 Pearl 

Byam Stillman, carriagemaker, house 7 Pearl 

Byam Sumner A. boots and shoes, 162 Merrimack, boards 120 do. 

Byers William, laborer, boards 344 Central 

Byrne James, nailer, house 9 Wort hen 

Byrne Michael, Middlesex, house George, corner Green 

Byrne Patrick, carder, house rear Pleasant, Centralville 

Byrne Thomas, laborer, house 23 Green 

Byron John, Hamilton, house 28 Keene 

Byron Michael, tanner, house off Short 

Byron Thomas, laborer, house off Short 

CAD WELL A DIN, machinist. Lawrence corporation, house 52 do. 
Cadwell Linus M. carpenter, house 39 Fletcher [22 Tyler 

Cady Frances Miss, dressmaker, Merrimack, corner John, boards 
Cady Frederic, stonecutter, house 86 Howard 
Cady George L. wire goods, machinists’ tools, 237 Middlesex, 
house 248 do. 

Cady Lyman, mason, house 12 Cady 

Cady Hansom E. machinist, house 73 Summer 

Cady Samuel, mason, boards 106 Howard 

Cady William R. patent medicines, 242 Central, house do. 

Caffrey Bernard, Bleachery, house Crosby, 1st cottage 

Caffrey Terrence, operative, house 18 Jefferson 

Cahill Bernard, spinner, boards 33 Middle 

Cahill Charles S. cigarmaker, house 46 Bartlett 

Cahill James, eardstripper, house 4 Quigley’s alley 

Cahill John, spinner, house 33 Middle 

Cahill John, tailor, boards 162 Central 

Cahill John, laborer, house 22 Fenwick 

Cahill John J. tailor, 27 Central, boards 119 Market 

Cahiil Mary, widow, house 40 East Merrimack 

Cahill Michael, stonecutter, boards 72 L. M. S. corporation 

Cahill Owen, blacksmith, house 58 Union 

Cahill Peter, laborer, house 13 Jefferson 

Cain Henry, spinner, boards 38 Paige 

Cain John, laborer, house Gorham, near Congress 

Cain John Mrs. boarding-house, 13 Boott corporation 

Cain John, house 13 Boott corporation 

Cam John H. laborer, boards Gorham, near Congress 

Cain Marcellus, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, b. 6 East Pine 

Cain Sabina, widow, house 38 Paige 

Cain, see Kain and Kane 

Calder John H. machinist, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Calderwood Alexander, carpenter, house 68 Moody 
Calder wood William, clerk, 25 Merrimack, boards 23 Walnut 
Caldwell Clarissa B. widow, house 67 Pawtucket 
Caldwell Edwin B. glasscutter (Boston), house 70 Pawtucket 

Taunton Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, <fc Co. 

(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Caldwell Lewis H. beltmaker, house 67 Pawtucket 
Caldwell Otis, ironmoulder, house 215 Middlesex 
Caldwell Pliny W. tinsmith, 8 Jackson, house at Tewksbury 
Calef Andrew J. (Merrill Sf Calef), carpenter, house First, corner 
Simpson, Centralville 

Calef Susan Miss, boarding-house, 36 Boott corporation 
Calka Levi, caipenter, house 119 Moody 
Call Alvin F. machinist, boards 68 Moody 
Call Henry E. clerk, J. C. Ayer & Co. boards 5lerrimaek house 
Call Jere. C. bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 13 Railroad 
Callahan Charles, carder, house 2 Brown’s court, Centralville 
Callahan Charles, carpenter, 6 Brown’s court, Centralville 
Callahan Charles, grocer, River, above Front, house 1 Brown's 
court, Centralville 

Callahan Cornelius F. clerk, boards 3 Fenwick 

Callahan Daniel, laborer, house River, above Front, Centralville 

Callahan Daniel, grocer, 82 Suffolk, house 3 Fenwick 

Callahan Dennis Mrs. house 106 Suffolk 

Callahan James, saloon, 5 River, Centralville, house do. 

Callahan John, laborer, house 13 Winter 

Callahan John, carder, house 4 Brown’s court, Centralville 

Callahan Mary, widow, house 17 Dummer 

Callahan MichaSl, color-maker, house 1 Davis eourt 

Callahan Patrick, laborer, house 5 River, Centralville 

Callahan Mary, widow, house 1 Theatre block, Lowell 

Callahan Rose Mrs. widow, h. 1 Brown’s ct., River, Centralville 

Callahan Thomas, carder, house 5 River, Centralville 

Callahan Thomas, laborer, house 22 Green 

Callahan Thomas, moulder, boards 5 Spring 

Calloy Patrick, laborer, house 6 North Chapel 

Calnan Dennis, laborer, house rear 10 Dummer 

Calvert Anastasia Mrs. Commercial Exchange, 14 Lowell, h. do. 

Calvert Frank, machinist, boards American House 

Calvert Frank, machinist, boards 47 Andover 

Calvert Thomas, mariner, house 14 Lowell 

Cambridge Charles, boards 300 School [boards 300 School 

Cambridge Fletcher II. boltraaker, Mt. Vernon, near Broadway, 

Cambidge Joseph L. agent, house 300 School 

Cambridge Oscar L. weaver, boards 300 School 

Cameron Rose, widow, boards 19 Tremont corporation 

Cammody Daniel, blacksmith, house 80 Charles 

Campbell Abel M. at bleachery, house 23 Bleackery 

Campbell Bridget, widow, house 26 Fenwick 

Campbell Charles E. fireman, house 96 Merrimack corporation 

Campbell Francis, at bleachery, house Gorham, near the railroad 

Campbell George, farmer, boards 26 Fenwick 

Campbell Hugh, machinist, house 21 Lee 

Campbell Hugh, jr. machinist, boards 21 Lee 

Middlesex Mutual Fire Ius. Co., Concord, Mass. Inc. 1836. A pop- 
ular dividend-paying Co. 6. F. Hunt & Co., Agents. (See p. 344.) 



Campbell James P. student, boards 21 Lee 

Campbell John, Middlesex corporation, house 88 William 

Campbell John, machinist, boards 102 Lowell 

Campbell John, operative, house 53 Charles 

Campbell John H. helper, Cushing, corner Rock, boards 16 Davis 

Campbell Joseph, carpenter, boards 21 Lee 

Campbell Peter, operative, house 10 Cross 

Campbell Robert R. designer, boards 53 Charles 

Campbell Thomas,* laborer, house 4 John-street avenue 

Canfield Patrick, house 7 Theatre block 

Canning Wm. P. machinist, Mechanics Mills, Fletcher, bds. 4 Dodge 
Canty Owen, Middlesex corporation, boards Water, near Andover 
Capen Charles F , Middlesex corporation, boards 1 George 
Capen John, watchman, boards 1 George 
Carey Ann, widow, house 51 River, Centralville 
Carey Fardy, moulder, Willie, corner Dutton 
Carey Michael, laborer, house First, near Bridge 
Carey Michael, laborer, house rear 45 River, Centralville 
Carey Michael, laborer, house 8 Ilurd 

Carey ( Wilson W.) & Harris ( George IF.), wood-working ma- 
chinery, Broadway, corner Mt. Vernon, house 57 Butterfield 
Carey, see Cary 

Cargill William H. carpenter, house 22 Fourth, Centralville 

Carkell John, farmer, house 21 High 

Carkin Dexter, city teamster, house 29 Rock 

Carkin Martha, widow, boards River road, Dracut 

Carleton Alice, house 25 Anne 

Carleton George H. Mrs. house 25 Anne 

Carleton George W. physician, house 25 Anne 

Carleton Joseph E. clerk, Pawtucket bridge, h. River road, Dracut 

Carleton Lucy F. teacher, No. 4 Primary School, boards 18 Chapel 

Carleton Mary F. teacher, Edson School, boards 18 Chapel 

Carleton Nettie E. teacher, Green School, boards 18 Chapel 

Carleton 0. carpenter, bouse Paige, near Bridge 

Carleton Sarah Mrs. house 18 Chapel 

Carleton & Hovey ( Charles Hovey and T. G. Tweed ) , apotheca- 
ries, 164 Merrimack 

Carley George E. clerk, 48 Merrimack, boards 18 Market 

Carley James M. machinist, house 19 Bleachery 

Carlin Ellen, house 62 Fenwick [Dracut 

Carll Alonzo W. provisions, 820 Merrimack, house Mammoth road, 

Carll Francis, carpenter, house 7 Railroad 

Carlton Amos, carpenter, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 11 Dodge 

Carlton Caleb, wood, First, Centralville, house at Pelham, N.H. 

Carlton Eli B. clerk, 77 Merrimack, house Fremont, Centralville 

Carlton Emma A. Miss, dressmaker, 78 Middlesex, b. 12 East Pine 

Carlton Frank, machinist, house 35 Central 

Carlton William, mason, house 276 Middlesex 

BOSTON DIRECTORY, Published annually by Sampson, Daven- 
port, Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St. Boston. 



Carlton, see Carleton 

Carmichael James, machinist, house Common, corner Cross 
Carmichael James Mrs. house 75 Adams 
Carmichael Lawrence, operative, house 33 Salem 
Carmody Daniel, blacksmith, house 80 Charles 
Carnes Mary, widow, boards 78 Middle 
Carney Catharine, widow, house Donohoe’s court 
Carney George J. assistant treasurer Lowell Institution for sav- 
ings, boards 428 Merrimack 
Carney Henry, laborer, house 3 Coburn, Centralville 
Carney Honora Miss, fancy goods, 262 Merrimack, house Fenwick 
Carney James, operative, house 78 Charles 
Carney James, spinner, boards 8 Prescott corporation 
Carney James G. treasurer Lowell Institution for Savings, Sav- 
ings-bank building, house 25 Pawtucket 
Carney John, laborer, house head of Merrill 
Carney Michael, laborer, house 61 Lowell 
Carney Michael, butcher, at Smith Adams’s, house 7 Queen 
Carney Thomas, laborer, house 21 North 
Carolin Thomas, grocer, 8 Howe, house 89 E. Merrimack 
Carpenter Benedict 0. overseer, Mass. h. 25 Prescott corporation 
Carpenter Joseph Mrs. boarding-house, 23 Mass, corporation 
Carpenter Joseph F. house 21 Prescott corporation 
Carpolstea Joseph, laborer, bouse rear 82 Moody 
Carr Charles F. clerk, Massachusetts corporation, house 19 do. 

Carr David, cabinet-maker, Mechanics Mills, house 20 Smith 
Carr Frank, laborer, boards 4 Garnet 

Carr Gilbert C. machinist, house 25 Massachusetts corporation 

Carr James M. teamster, house 14 Queen 

Carr Margaret, widow, boards 36 Boott corporation 

Carr Mary A. Miss, house 10 William 

Carr Richard, Boott corporation, house 16 River, Centralville 

Carraly Peter, laborer, house 6 South 

Carrigan Margaret Mrs. boards 23 Appleton corporation 

Carrigan Nancy, widow, house 21 Lowell 

Carroll Andrew, tailor, house 73 Adam 

Carroll Catharine, widow, house 19 Summer 

Carroll David, operative, house 256 Lowell 

Carroll Francis, machinist, boards 28 Front, Centralville 

Carroll George, boards 48 Middle 

Carroll George Mrs. house 48 Middle 

Carroll Henry L., Hamilton corporation, boards 14 do. 

Carroll James, stareher, boards 35 Bleachery 
Carroll John, dyer, house 85 East Merrimack 
Carroll Mary, widow, house 24 Worthen 
Carroll Mary, widow, boards 13 Tremont corporation 
Carroll Michael, house 157 Lowell 
Carroll Owen Mrs. house 66 Gorham 

Geo. P. Hunt & Co. are agents for tlie Connecticut Mutual Life 
Ins. Co. Por full particulars, see pages 311 and 315, 



Carroll Sylvester, laborer, bouse 4 Railroad avenue 

Carroll Thomas, laborer, house opposite 20 Fenwick 

Carson George, moulder, boards 67 L. M. S. corporation 

Carson Joseph Mrs. house head of Worthen 

Carter Albert D. overseer Middlesex corporation, house 50 High 

Carter Charles B. stable, Merrimack, house 269 do. 

Carter Charles E. clerk, Central, corner Jackson, boards Fletcher, 
near Franklin 

Carter Charles E. moulder, boards 101 East Merrimack 
Carter Daniel, farmer, house 304 Gorham 
Carter Enoch B. watchmaker, 72 Central, house 21 Moody 
Carter E. B. Mrs. millinery, 21 Moody, house do. 

Carter Eliza E. W. boarding house, 4 Boott corporation 
Carter George C. clerk, house 162 Moody 
Carter George II. overseer, Middlesex corporation, house 15 Oak 
Carter George W. clerk, 174 Merrimack, house Moody 
Carter George W. painter, boards 34 Suffolk 
Carter Henry P. ( Brown Sf C.), 200 Middlesex, b. 59 Appleton 
Carter Horaee A. carpenter, house 176 Merrimack corporation 
Carter John Townsend, carver, 239 Middlesex, bds. 304 Gorham 
Carter John W. cabinetmaker, house 6 Oliver 
Carter Joseph, house 101 East Merrimack [road, Dracut 

Carter Nathaniel C. sewing machines, 86 Merrimack, house River 
Carter Stanley, machinist, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Carter ( Wm. (7.), Rowland ( Thomas ), & Co. (P. S. Coburn ), 
woolsorting and washing, Whipple’s Mills, house near Paw- 
tucket bridge, Dracut 

Carter Wm. F. machinist, Lawrence corporation, house 64 do. 
Carter William H. ( Livingston , Carter , Sr Co.), 7 Thorndike, 
house Bridge, above Tenth, Centralville 
Cartmell Isaac, sashmaker, house 271 Middlesex 
Cartwright George P. machinist, boards 4 Suffolk corporation 
Carty Lucy Miss, house 16 George 
Carvell Daniel, laborer, house Chelmsford, near Hale 
Cary William, picker, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Cary, see Carey 

Caryl Edwin F. weaver, house 16 Queen 

Casey Cornelius, L. M. Shop foundry, boards 13 Winter 

Casey Daniel, laborer, house rear 15 Dummer 

Casey Daniel, laborer, house 3 Union court 

Casey Daniel, mariner, house 24 Hurd 

Casey Hugh, baker, house 5 Jefferson 

Casey James, laborer, house 74 Lowell 

Casey John, laborer, house 20 Lewis 

Casey Mary Miss, house 72 Lowell 

Casey Michael, house 72 Lowell 

Cashman John, spinner, house 26 North 

Caskin Dennis, house Front, Centralville 

New-Englaud Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & 
Co. (formerly Adams, Sampan, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Caskin James, laborer, house 15 Davis 

Cass Mary, widow, house 40 Water 

Cass Rose, widow, house 21 William 

Cassey Thomas, laborer, house 85 Moody 

Cassidy Catharine Mrs. widow, house rear 40 Appleton 

Cassidy James, operative, Lawrence corporation, boards 46 do. 

Cassidy James W. overseer carder, house near Navy Yard, Dracut 

Cassidy John, carpenter, house 14 Charles 

Cassidy John, cabinetmaker, boards 11 Massachusetts corporation 

Cassidy Michael, carder, house Davis court 

Cassidy Patrick, laborer, boards 58 Middle 

Cassidy Patrick J., Lowell Machine Shop, house 104 Market 

Cassidy Peter, carpenter, 19 Prescott, bas. 11 Mass, corporation 

Cassidy Robert, painter, house 12 Union 

Cassley Charles, laborer, house 15 Cedar 

Castles Henry, operative, house 1 Hancock avenue 

Castles Henry, carder, boards 81 Hamilton corporation 

Castles Joseph, Merrimack Print Works, bds. 5 Suffolk corp. 

Castles Stephen, boarding-house, 52 Dutton 

Castor John, laborer, house stone house, Whipple Mills 

Caswell Alden Y. ticket agent, B. & L. R. R. house 51 Fletcher 

Caswell Alonzo, machinist, Merrimack corporation, boards 51 do. 

Caswell Clark R. conductor L. & L. R. R. house 160 Suffolk 

Caswell Michael B. police, house 106 Moody 

Caswell Oscar, engineer, L. & L. R. R. house 42 Rock 

Caswell Sarah A. widow, boards 45 Boott corporation 

Cates John W. weaver, boards 50 Massachusetts corporation 

Caton James, porter, American House, boards do. 

Caulfield John, Merrimack, house Hampshire, Centralville 
Cavanaugh Augustine, laborer, boards 12 Cabot 
Cavanaugh John, laborer, house rear 18 Davidson 
Cavanaugh Joseph, carder, house 12 Cabot 
Cavanaugh Margaret, widow, house 4 Front, Centralville 
Cavanaugh Michael, at bleachery, house 36 Bleachery 
Cavanaugh Owen, blacksmith, 41 Middle, boards William 
Cavanaugh Patrick, spinner, house 9 High 
Cavanaugh Terrence, farmer, house Railroad alley 
Cavanaugh William Joseph, boards 12 Cabot 
Cavanaugh, see Kavanaugh 

Cavanay Bartholomew, farmer, Sixth, near Christian, Centralville 
Caverly Daniel D. house Pine, corner Westford 
Caverly John H. clerk, Merrimack Manuf. Co. b. Elm, Centralville 
Caverly Ira, carpenter, house Elm, Centralville 
Caverly Robert B. counsellor, 27 Merrimack, house Third, corner 
Fremont, Centralville 

Cawsey John, Stott’s Mill, house 7 Chestnut 
Cawsey William, Stott’s Mill, house 24 High 
Chadwick Thos. loom-harnessmaker, house near Harris’s shop 

How to provide for the comfort and support of our families after 
our decease is the earnest thought of every man. (Seep. 344 & 345.) 



Chalk Clarissa Mrs. boarding-house, 29 Suffolk corporation 
Chalmers James B. grocer, 10 Adams, boards 14 Salem 
Chamberlain Calvin T. undertaker, 23 Prescott, h. 394 Merrimack 
Chamberlain John R. Middlesex corp. house 6 Prescott corporation 
Chamberlain Parker Mrs house 5 Pearl 
Chamberlain Sarah Mrs. boards 246 Merrimack 
Chamberlin Burleigh T. machinist, Appleton corp. house 28 do. 
Chamberlin Charles, blacksmith, Lowell Steam Boiler Works, house 
3 Willie 

Chamberlin Cornelius W. machinist, Arch, opposite depot, boards 
Middlesex, opposite Howard House 
Chamberlin Joseph, carpenter, rear 34 Charles, house 145 Gorham 
Chamberlin Joseph A. grocer, 9 Middle, house Chelmsford, near 

Chamberlin Mary, widow, boards 56 Fletcher 
Chambers Cyrus, silk-dyer, 252 Gorham, house 276 do. 

Champlin George W. painter, 22 Middle, house rear 18 Grand 
Chandler Alfred D. contractor L. M. S., 28 L. M. S. corp. 
Chandler Ezra, laborer, house 71 Lawrence corporation 
Chandler Francis H. grocer, 201 Middlesex, h. Westford, n. Grand 
Chandler George II. assistant superintendent Merrimack Manufac- 
turing Company, house 28 Merrimack corporation 
Chandler Hermon, physician, 55 Merrimack, house do. 

Chandler James, laborer, house 71 Adams [house 23 John 

Chandler Luther ( Gordon fy Chandler), periodicals, 32 Merrimack, 
Chandler Lysander, physician, 62 Central, and 136 Essex, Law- 
rence, house 62 Central 
Chandler Mary C. Mrs. house rear 20 Winter 
Chandler Simeon, weaver, Merrimack corporation, house 62 do. 
Chandler Susan, widow, house 40 Fayette 
Chandler William E. painter, boards 122 Moody 
Chapin Milo J. machinist, 86 Merrimack, house 33 Walnut 
Chapin Samuel, carder, Merrimack corporation, house 62 do. 
Chaplin Silas T. engineer, B. & L. R. R. house 15 Thorndike 
Chaplin Wiseman W. operative, house 11 Austin 
Chapman Charles F. machinist, boards 1 Appleton block 
Chapman Charles S. carder, boards 26 Massachusetts corporation 
Chapman John, Middlesex corporation, house rear 30 Summer 
Chapman John, carpenter, house 101 Merrimack corporation 
Chapman Joseph (Boston), boards 17 Boott corporation 
Chappie John, carpet mills, house 8 Davis court 
Cfharlesworth Thomas, spinner, house Lawrence court 
Charlton Bridget Miss, house 10 William 
Charlton James, laborer, house 13 William 
Charnley Richard, machinist, Lawrence corporation, house 13 do. 
Charters Ward, carpenter, house Bridge, cor. Seventh, Central ville 
Charters William, blacksmith, house 45 Fayette 
Charters Willie A. boards 45 Fayette 

Mew-York State Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, «fc 
Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), df Congress Street, Boston. 



Chase Aaron B. finisher, house 31 Suffolk corporation 
Chase Abel C. policeman, house ‘21 Church 
Chase Abial H. overseer, Prescott Mills, bouse 23 Prescott corp. 
Chase Albert E. spinner, boards Lawrence, near the Mills 
Chase Alfred H. woollen manufactory, Lawrence, house Nesmith, 
near Park 

Chase A. IV. variety store, 92 Middlesex, boards do. 

Chase Celestia P. teacher Mann School, boards 7 Tilden 
Chase Charles A. clerk, 253 Merrimack, house 1 Tremont 
Chase Charles A. principal Green School, boards 9 Nesmith 
Chase Charles C. principal High School, house 9 Nesmith 
Chase Charles E. clerk, 105 Market, boards 10 High-street square 
Chase Charles V. fireman, house 33 Prescott corporation 
Chase C. P. teacher, boards 7 Tilden 

Chase David, bookkeeper, C. B. Coburn’s, house 11 Fourth, Cent. 
Chase Ezra A. Massachusetts corp. house 12 Prescott corporation 
Chase Francis N. clerk, boards 9 Nesmith 

Chase Frank A. clerk, 158 Merrimack, house 10 High-street square 

Chase Frank N. clerk at R. Kitson’s, boards 9 Nesmith 

Chase George, painter, boards 5 Chelmsford 

Chase George, machinist, boards 2 Middlesex place 

Chase George, clerk, Howard House 

Chase George F. physician, 118 Middlesex, house do. 

Chase George W. clerk, 179 Middlesex, boards 5 Chelmsford 
Chase Harvey B. superintendent Chase’s Mill, b. 385 Merrimack 
Chase Herman, operative, boards Lawrence, near the Mills 
Chase Ira M. provisions, 253 Merrimack, h. Mammoth road, Draeut 
Chase Itbamar H. overseer, Chase’s Mill, boards Charles 
Chase I. H. overseer, boards Lawrence, near the Mills 
Chase Jacob, overseer, Lawrence, house 24 Suffolk corporation 
Chase James E. machinist, house 6 Farson’s court 
Chase {John A'), Sargent (F. W.), & Shattuck (H. B.), hard- 
ware, cloths, and clothing, 5 Central, house 31 Nesmith 
Chase Joseph, beltmaker. Merrimack corporation, house 20 do. 
Chase Julia, widow, house 83 Appleton 

Chase J. Eaton, superintendent and designer, Chase’s Mill, house 
10 High-street square 

Chase Lorenzo, shoe dealer, 7 Tilden, house do. 

Chase Lucian H. watchman Lowell Manuf. Co. house 66 Moody 
Chase Moses B. shoemaker, house Middlesex, opp. Howard House 
Chase Olive Mrs. boarding-house, 2 Middlesex place 
Chase Olive, widow, house 85 Salem 
Chase Philander H. finisher, house 162 Lawrence 
Chase Samuel A. principal Mann School, house 50 Bartlett 
Chase (Samuel M.) & Hildreth (Fred. A.), printers, 9 Savings- 
Bank building, house 22 Oak 
Chase Sarah E. Mrs. baarding-house, 118 Middlesex 
Chase Warren E. boards 37 South 

Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co., State Mutual Life Assurance Co., 
Worcester, Mass. G. P. Hunt & Co., Agents. (See page 344.) 



Chase William K. clerk, 47 Central, boards Nesmith 
Chase William W. machinist, Merrimack corporation, h. 143 do. 
Chatterton Robert, spinner, house 133 Lawrence 
Cheever Appleton F. machinist, house 25 Adams 
Cheever Benjamin, farmer, h. Bridge, above Tenth, Centralville 
Cheever Elbridge, farmer, house 9 Pleasant, Centralville 
Cheever Ezekiel B. machinist, boards 13 Franklin square 
Cheever Henry, machinist, house 151 Broadway [Howard 

Cheever James P. blacksmith, City Shop, Western ave. house 99 
Cheever Joel B. teamster, house 31 Lagrange 
Cheever Mary A. Mrs. house Pleasant, Centralville 
Cheever Willard, mason, house 88 Merrimack 
Chefeau Peter, laborer, house 8 Middlesex place 
Chenery Loring W. engineer, house 10 Bleachery 
Cheney Charles W. fruits, &c. 10 Merrimack, b. 113 Central 
Cheney Cleveland J. overseer, locks and canals, house Worthen, 
near Mechanic [near Mechanic 

Cheney Cleveland J. jr. clerk, 36 Merrimack, boards Worthen, 
Cheney Daniel P. bobbinmaker, house 2 Branch 
Cheney David J., Merrimack corporation, house 116 do. ^ 

Cheney Elias, house Chelmsford, near Lincoln 

Cheney ELiphalet, fruit, Market, corner Central, house 2 Branch 

Cheney Franklin, house Grand, near Hale 

Cheney George A. ( True <0 O’.), provisions, 273 Merrimack, 
boards 10 Cabot block 

Cheney ( George S.) & Hartwell ( James D.), grocers, 251 Mer- 
rimack, house 177 Moody 

Cheney John L. (. Parker fy Cheney ), bobbin manuf. Wamesit 
Steam Mills, boards 2 Read, Centralville 
Cheney Luther S. Mrs. house 4 Branch 
Cheney Sarah A. widow, house Quebec, corner Manchester 
Cheney Walter A. moulder, boards 4 Branch 
Cheney Warren, waiter, 42 Central, boards do. 

Cheney William Mrs. hoop-skirts, &c. 168 Merrimack 

Cheney William F. boards Grand, near Hale 

Chesley Charles E. painter, boards 2 Tilden court 

Chesley Harrison W. carpenter, house London, near Main 

Chesley Isaac Mrs. house 2 Tilden court 

Chesley John T. house 258 Merrimack 

Chesley Levi W. hairdresser, 181 Middlesex, house 13 Smith 

Chick R. H. widow, house 23 Suffolk corporation 

Child George M. fireman, B & L. R. R. house 16 Marshall 

Childs George W. overseer Walker’s, house 60 Lawrence 

Chisholm George, watchman, Lawrence corp. boards 43 do. 

Choate Asa, stonemason, house 174 Merrimack corporation 
Choate George, house 49 Church 
Choate George W. clerk, 5 Central, boards 49 Church 
Choate James A. clerk, 149 Central, boards 49 Church 

Albany Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Choate James F. sawyer, house rear 6 Moody 

Choret Alexander, laborer, house 9 Middlesex place 

Christeen Charles, polisher, house Holbrook’s court 

Christian Isabella, house rear 134 Suffolk 

Christian Sabina, widow, house rear 134 Suffolk 

Christie Ellen, widow, house 5 Pleasant 

Christie James, machinist, house 78 Church 

Christie William, weaver, house 78 Church 

Church Henry C. at George Ripley & Co.’s, house 90 South 

Church Henry W. boards 90 South 

Church Lemuel, moulder, house 1*22 Cross 

Church Waldo B. mac linist, boards 122 Cross 

Churchill Addison, house 266 Merrimack 

Churchill Benjamin F. student, boards 79 Merrimack corporation 
Churchill Charles Mrs. house 1 1 Butterfield 
Churchill Daniel, house 26 Thorndike [house 102 Middlesex 
Churchill George W. stonecutter, Thorndike, corner Middlesex, 
Churchill Ludlow A., Merrimack corporation, boards 79 do. 
Churchill Moses, stonecutter, School, corner Boston and Lowell 
Railroad crossing, boards 18 Suffolk corporation 
Churchill Nathauiel, agent, house 98 East Merrimack 
Churchill Samuel, house 15 Queen [Chelmsford 

Churchill Sheldon W. grocer, 58 Middlesex, house Lincoln, near 
Cigole Napoleon, cabinetmaker, house 5 Farson’s court 
Clancey Farrell, boards 30 Union 
Clancey Patrick, papermaker, house 30 Union 
Clancey Patrick, at bleachery, house 10 Kidder 
Clancey Timothy, operative, h. near Pawtucket bridge, n. Dracut 
Clapp Richard M. marble-worker, 181 Central, boards 9 Abbott 
Clapp Zebulon, cabinetmaker, house 9 Abbott 
Clapper Richard, machinist, house 8 Willie 
Clark Adelaide A. Mrs. boarding-house, 5 Lowell corporation 
Clark Ann, widow, house 31 Wamesit 
Clark Asa D. policeman, house 89 Howard 
Clark Asa P. painter, boards 25 Market 
Clark Benjamin F. ( Boston ), house 20 Chapel 
Clark Benjamin F., Hamilton corporation, house 187 Central 
Clark Betsey Mrs. variety store, 9 Tilden, house do. 

Clark Ceylon A. overseer, house 19 South 

Clark Charles, painter, house 25 Market 

Clark Charles D. operative, house 9 Lowell corporation 

Clark C. Martin, machinist, house 156 Merrimack corporation 

Clark David, carpenter, house 28 Chestnut 

Clark Dustin, boarding-house, 29 Hamilton corporation 

Clark Edward, moulder, Willie, corner Dutton 

Clark Edward D. moulder, house 102 Howard 

Clark Edwin A. carpenter, house 93 Howard 

Clark Edwin R. (U. S. A.), house 93 Howard 

GEO. F. HUNT &, CO., Fire «fc Life Ins. Ag’y, representing $45,- 
000,000 Cajiital and Surplus. 28 Central St., Lowell. (See page 344.) 



Clark Ezra, Merrimack corporation, house 36 do. 

Clark Franklin J. sashmaker, boards 23 Willie 

Clark Geo. shoemaker, house Pleasant, near River, Centralville 

Clark George, cabinetmaker, boards Westford, corner School 

Clark George W. carder, house 55 Boott corporation 

Clark George W. serewmaker, 237 Middlesex, boards 28 Suffolk 

Clark Gilbert, painter, boards 25 Market 

Clark Hannah D. Miss, clerk, 123 Central, boards 252 do. 

Clark Hannah M. P. Mrs. house 252 Central 
Clark Henry A. at bleachery, boards 9 Bleachery 
Clark Hiram E. teamster, boards 13 Suffolk corporation 
Clark Hiram F. shoemaker, house 35 Tremont 
Clark James G. bailer, boards 9 Tilden 

Clark Jeremiah, agent Lowell Card Company, and manuf. of loom 
harness, twine. &e. 96 Middle, house 36 Suffolk, c. Lagrange 
Clark John, carpenter, boards 26 Hamilton corporation 
Clark John, machine-printer, boards 12 Chestnut 
Clark John, mason, house 5 Coburn, Centralville 
Clark John H. variety store, 187 Central, house do. 

Clark John W. earriagemaker, house 295 Middlesex 

Clark Joseph, house 9 East Merrimack 

Clark Joseph, boards 5 Appleton corporation 

Clark Joseph, weaver, house 73 River, Centralville 

Clark Lydia, widow, boards 24 Branch 

Clark Mary A. Miss, dressmaker, 121 Moody, house do. 

Clark Michael, foreman Holt’s Mills, house 7 High 

Clark Michael, laborer, house rear 20 Winter 

Clark Michael, laborer, house 24 Lowell 

Clark N. W. wheelwright, at Joel Jenkins’s, house 8 Race 

Clark Oliver P. second hand, Lawrence corporation, house 39 do. 

Clark Orrin N. moulder, house 37 L. M. S. corporation 

Clark Patrick, laborer, Wamesit Steam Mills 

Clark Peter, carder, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 

Clark Rhoda, widow, boards 15 South 

Clark Royal F. patent medicines, house 28 Suffolk 

Clark Sabra P. Mrs. house 131 Middlesex 

Clark Solomon, teamster, 91 Merrimack corporation, house 39 do. 
Clark Thomas, blacksmith, 163 Central, house 37 Lowell 
Clark William, painter, house Webster avenue, Centralville 
Clark William, patternmaker, house 5 Franklin square 
Clark William H. furniture manufacturer, 25 Middlesex 
Clark William L. policeman, house 25 Mount Vernon, Centralville 
Clark William W. weaver, house 40 Prescott corporation 

Clark , Holt’s Mills, boards 8 Prescott corporation 

Clarke John, overseer printing-room, Hamilton corporation 
Clarkin Peter, house rear 76 Middlesex 
Clary Bridget Mrs. widow, house Carter, near Gorham 
Clary Michael, fireman, bleachery. house 164 Lawrence 

Troy Directory, Published toy Sampson. Davenport, & Co. (formerly 
Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Claskey William N. weaver, house 3 Boott corporation 
Clay Martha R. Mrs. hou>e Suffolk, corner Broadway 
Clay Stephen B. house 34 Suffolk 
Clay William R. painter, boards 21 Hamilton corporation 
Clayton Edwin L. carder, boards 36 Massachusetts corporation 
Cleary Dennis, laborer, house Merrill, near Taylor 
Cleary Michael, bleachery, house 164 Lawrence 
Cleary Patrick, finisher, house 3 Livingston 
Cleasby Charles, machinist, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Cleaves William G carpenter, boards 278 Middlesex 
Clegg George W. boards 51 Massachusetts corporation 
Clemence Wm. H. deputy sheriff, 10 Barri.-ters’ Hall, h. 75 Summer 
Clement Alpha, engineer, B & L. R. R. house 7 Radroad 
Clement Daniel W. wood, Dutton, near Wamesit Sceam Mills, 
house 22 Rock [cor. Howard 

Clement Elizabeth W. teacher, Franklin School, b. Chelmsford, 
Clement Ezekiel A. grocer, 256 Merrimack, house 250 do. 
Clements Albert M. stonecutter, School, corner Boston and Lowell 
Railroad crossing, boards Mount Vernon, near Wes f ford 
Clements George A. driver steamer No. 2, Middlesex, boards do. 
Clements Robert J. laborer, boards 10 Union 
Cleveland Henry H. machinist, boaids 278 Middlesex 
Cleworth John ( William Cleworth Sr Son), reedmaker, Wa- 
mesit Steam Mills, boards rear 48 Church 
Cleworth Walter, printer, “Courier” office, bds. rear 48 Church 
Cleworth William & Son (John), reedmakers, Wamesit Steam 
Mills, house rear 48 Church 

Clifford Alden, carpenter, Lawrence corporation, house 2 do. 
Clifford Arthur I. clerk (Boston), boards 28 Howard 
Clifford Arthur L. contractor, L. M. S. house 28 Howard 
Clifford Charles T. hairdresser, 184 Merrimack, boards 260 do. 
Clifford George W. laborer, house 8 Lagrange court 
Clifford Lavina, widow, boards Middlesex, near School 
Clifford Samuel, weaver, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Clifford Thomas, house 10 Adams block 
Clifford Warren, dyer, Weare Clifford’s, house 56 High 
Clifford Weare, silk dyer, 2 and 4 Andover, house 72 Fayette 
Clinton Rosa, widow, house Front, Centralville 
Clogston Daniel F. Massachusetts corporation, h. 21 Prescott corp. 
Clough Albert M. piano pins, Mechanics Mills, boards 6 Ford 
Clough Henry H., Merrimack corporation, house 20 Moody 
Clough Henry P. farmer, house 82 Bridge, Centralville [ville 
Clough Ilerschel P. clerk, 4 Merrimack, b. 82 Bridge, Central- 
Clough Horatio E. brass finisher, 84 Middle, boards 9 Central 
Clough Ira, clerk, 80 Merrimack, house 18 Hurd 
Clough Ira A. crockery, glassware, &e. 80 Merrimack, b. 18 Hurd 
Clough Marshall II clerk, 4 Merrimack, and city librarian, City 
Government Building, boards 82 Bridge, Centralville 

Agency of Royal Ins. Co., Liv., Rug., with Geo. F. Hunt & Co., 
over Prescott Vat’l Bank:, Cent’l St., Lowell. (See pp. 3M and 40G.) 



Clough Monroe S. cl^crk, 80 Merrimack, boards 18 Hurd 
Clough Sarah H. widow, house 6 Ford 

Clough Stevens S. (*/. T. Billings Sf Co.), ink manufacturer, 
Bridge, corner River, Centralville, boards 18 Hurd 
Clough S rill man (Bunels, Clough ,8? Co.), granite yard, Thorndike, 
corner Middlesex, house 77 Appleton 
Clough Thomas K. driver, boards 52 Chapel 
Clough Walter S. grocer, 8 Tilden, house do. 

Cloyes Francis E. carver, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 7 Water 

Cluck Frank, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 

Cluen Peter, bleachery, house 3 Livingston 

Clyne John, furnaceman, Willie, corner Button, house 48 Lewis 

Clystie , widow, house 9 Winter 

Coates S. A. carpenter, boards 58 Massachusetts corporation 

Cobb Anna Mrs. house 64 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 

Cobb Frank, machinist, boards 64 L. M. S. corporation 

Cobb Frank, watchman, boards 344 Central 

Cobb Granville, carpenter, boards 114 Merrimack corporation 

Cobb John Mrs. house 26 Suffolk, Franklin square 

Cobb T. S. watchman, AppletoD, boards 13 Suffolk corporation 

Coburn Abel, milkman, house River road, Dracut 

Cobutn Alonzo A. teller, Prescott National Bank, boards 14 Cabot 

Coburn Alonzo L. behmaker, house First, Centralville 

Coburn Andrew J. weaver, Boott corporation, house 18 do. 

Coburn Anfort ( Cambridge ), house River road, Dracut 

Coburn Catharine J. widow, house 94 High 

Coburn Charles, freightman, house 91 Appleton 

Coburn Charles A. cabinetmaker, boards 91 Appleton 

Coburn Charles B. & Co. ( Charles H. Coburn ), paints, oils, &c. 

1 and 2 Mechanics building, Button, h. Colburn, n. Merr. 
Coburn Charles H ( Charles B. Coburn Co.), paints, oils, &c. 

Mechanics building, house 393 Merrimack 
Coburn Clarence G. clerk, 201 Middlesex, b. Westford, c. Grand 
Coburn Daniel, millwright, house 35 Walnut 
Coburn Edward C. carpenter, house 1 Garnet [n. Merrimack 
Coburn Edward F. clerk, at C. B. Coburn & Co.’s, b. Coburn, 
Coburn Fordyce, overseer of repairs, house 18 Bleachery 
Coburn Frank S. machinist, Chase Mills, house at Dracut 
Coburn Franklin, clerk, C. B. Coburn & Co. h. 375 Merrimack 
Coburn Frederick V. shoemaker, 14 Middle, house 4 Pearl, 

Cobum George A. weaver, Boott corporation, boards 18 do. 

Coburn George F. clerk, 58 Middlesex, bds. 4 Pearl, Centralville 
Coburn George W., United States assistant assessor, 2 Nesmith 
block, house at Dracut 
Coburn Harriet S. widow, boards 42 Branch 
Coburn Henry A. farmer, house Chelmsford, near city line 
Coburn James M. carpenter, boards 50 Massachusetts corporation 

Providence Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Coburn James V. house 50 Appleton 

Coburn ( John H.), Wing ( Alpheus G.), & Co. ( Thomas J. 
Cobarn ), shuttle manufacturers, First, opposite Read, house 
First, near Bridge 

Coburn John M. farmer, house River road, Dracut 
Coburn Joseph B. V r . city assessor, h. Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 
Cobuiu Joseph B. V. farmer, house River road, Dracut 
Coburn Joseph B. V. jr. carpenter, house 3 Pearl, Centralville 
Coburn Nathaniel B. farmer, house River road, Dracut 
Coburn Orville D. photographist, 19 Central, house 60 Chapel 
Coburn Oscar, fanner, house River road, Dracut 
Coburn Otis A. painter, house 141 Merrimack corporation 
Coburn Peter S. {Carter, Rowland, fy Co.), Whipple’s Mills, 
house Pawtucket bridge, Dracut 
Coburn Prescott, boards Gates, near Westford 
Coburn Samuel, jr. machinist, house 33 South 
Coburn Stephen A. farmer, house Chelmsford, near city line 
Coburn Susan Mrs. house River, road, Dracut 
Coburn Thomas J. {Coburn, Wing , Co.), house Mt. Pleasant 

Cobuin Timothy, farmer, house River road, Dracut 
Coburn Walter, beards 48 Elm 
Coburn Walter, boards Colburn, near Merrimack 
Coburn ( Willard ) & Park (Robert), masons, River road, above 
Pawtucket bridge, Dracut, house do. 

Coburn William A. weaver, hou>e 127 Merrimack corporation 

Cochran David, house 80 Moody 

Cochran Dennis, laborer, house 16 Jefferson 

Cochran Edmund, operative, house 23 William 

Cochran John, watchman, Lawrence corporation, boards 43 do. 

Cochran John, operative, house near Nav) Yard, Diaeut 

Cochran John, picker, house 45 West Union 

Cochran John, dyer, house 15 Walnut 

Cochran John, jr. woolsorter, Chase Mills, boards 15 Walnut 
Cochran Julia A. boai ding-house, 12 Boott corporation 
Cochran Samuel, umbrella-repairer, house 18 Cross 
Cochran William, laborer, house rear 99 Lowell 

Cochran , house 38 Willow 

Cockroft Thomas, overseer, boaids 254 Central 
Cody Michael, dyer, boards 134 Merrimack corporation 
Cody William, machinist, boaids 134 Merrimack corporation 
Cuff James, teamster, Willie, corner Dutton 
Coff Martin, Willie, corner Dutton 

Coffietd Orange, moulder, boards 25 L. M. S. corporation 

Coffield Owen, fruits, &c. Jackson, near L. M. S. bds. 8 Davis 

Coffin Charles H. clerk, 51 Central, boards 20 Hurd 

Coffin Deborah C. house 66 Bartlett 

Cofran William, weaver, boards 31 Treuiont corporation 

Cogan Peter, Middlesex, house 5 Water 

Security Fire Ins. Co. «f Bi.Y. City. Capital, $1,000,000. Assets, 
$1,477,077.12. Losses promptly paid. Geo. F. Hunt <fc Co., Agts. 



Coggeshall Frederick P. bookseller, 51 Merrimack, house 12 Ash 
Coggeshall George M. clerk, 51 Merrimack, boards 12 Ash 
Coggin David, student, boards 27 Nesmith [at Tewksbury 

Coggin Jacob (Page, Kidder , fy Co.), Thorndike, cor. Dutton, h. 
Coggins James, spinner, house rear 55 Market 
Coggins John, spinner, house rear 55 Market 
Coggins Patrick, laborer, house 84 Middle 
Coggswell Lorenzo D. patternmaker, house 12 Fifth, Centralville 
Colbath John 0. cabinetmaker, 238 Middlesex, boards 76 Dutton 
Colburn A. A. Mrs. millinery, 1 Wells block, house 24 Third 
Colburn Elias H carpenter, house 24 Third, Centralville 
Colburn Lizzie Miss, boards 33 Walnut 
Colburn Martin L. (Richards, Morton, fy Colburn), 15 Ash 
Colburn Newton, carpenter, house rear 30 Bridge, Centralville 
Colby Amos, pump and block maker, Howe, house 63 East Merr. 
Colby Amos W. hackman, 21 Merrimack, house 28 Central 
Colby Cbarles H. student, boards 339 Middlesex 
Colby Daniel B., Appleton corporation, boards 7 Decatur 
Colby Daniel 8. teamster, house 339 Middlesex 
Colby Hannah P. widow, boards 15 Tremont corporation 
Colby John, picker, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Colby John W. house 166 Moody 
Colby Lucius, painter, house 22 North Franklin court 
Colby Mary Mrs. boarding-house, 20 Boott corporation 
Cole Andrew P. clerk, Middlesex, cor. Thorndike, b. 100 Appleton 
Cole A«a C. operative, house Pollard’s avenue 
Cole (Danville) & Nichols (Albert F.), iron and brass founders, 
Dutton, corner Willie, house 118 Cross 
Cole David Mrs. house 61 West Union 

Cole Francis, picker, Massachusetts corporation, house 62 Moody 

Cole George H. boards 115 Gorham 

Cole Gustavus, moulder, boards 61 West Union 

Cole Harriet, widow, house 39 Bridge. Centralville 

Cole Miranda Miss, house 54 Lawrence corporation 

Cole Nelly Miss, house 130 Lawrence 

Cole Thomas, gigger, house 23 North 

Cole William, confectioner, 37 Central, boards do. 

Cole William P. M. beltmaker, boards rear 1 Tilden 

Coleman Dominick, pickertender, house 47 West Union 

Coleman Jeremiah, laborer, at Gas Works, house 104 Lowell 

Coleman John, police, house 47 West Union 

Coleman Joseph A. doorniaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, b. 26 Willow 

Coleman Michael J. laborer, house 15 Union 

Coleman Murtagh, third hand, boards 6 Jobn-street avenue 

Coleman Patrick, laborer, house 183 Lawrence 

Colgan Richard, laborer, house 56 Middle 

Colkins Sarah A. boarding-house, 19 and 20 Tremont corporation 
Collier Mary S. nurse, house 16 Suffolk block, Cabot 

Charlestown Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport. «fc Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 4:7 Congress Street, Boston. 



Collinge Sarah Miss, clerk, Middlesex, c. Gorham, boards 2 Lyon 
Collins Barney, farmer, house Mammoth road, Dracut [tucket 
Collins Benjamin F. dry goods, 84 Merrimack, h. Beacon, n. Paw- 
Collins Charles H. machinist, Arch, boards 38 Grand 
Collins Cornelius, stonecutter, Middlesex, comer Thorndike, house 
Marion, near Cross 

Collins Cornelius Mrs. house 5 Fenwick 

Collins David M. overseer, Merrimack corporation, house *23 do. 
Collins Dennis, laborer, house 30 Adams 
Collins Dennis, laborer, house High, corner Chestnut 
Collins Donald, laborer, house 151 Lowell 

Collins Edward B. moulder, house 73 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Collins Ellen, widow, house 1 Cross 

Collins Enos, currier, boards 260 Merrimack 

Collins Florence, laborer, house 1 Cross 

Collins George F. engineer, house 31 Fletcher 

Collins James, grocer, 68 Lowell, house do. 

Collins Jeremiah, operative, house 5 Fenwick 

Collins Joanna, widow, house rear 26 William 

Collins John, flagman, house 150 School 

Collins John, clerk, 97 Gorham, boards Ayer's City 

Collins John, laborer, house 106 Suffolk 

Collins John, laborer, locks and canal, house 5 Fenwick 

Collins John, laborer, boards 34 Lowell 

Collins John, machinist, boards 18 Dummer [corp. 

Collins Joseph B. boots and shoes, 12 Tilden, b. 136 Merrimack 
Collins Josiah T. variety store, 170 Suffolk, house 168 do. 

Collins Lucy B. boarding-house, 5 Merrimack corporation 

Collins Mary, widow, house Marion, near Cross 

Collins Mary, widow, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Collins Patrick, laborer, 43 Market, house 2 Clark’s court 

Collins Patrick, at bleachery, house 24 Congress 

Collins Patrick, machinist, house Fletcher, corner Cross 

Collins Patrick, 24 Prescott, boards 73 East Meirimack 

Collins Susan, house 51 Bridge, Centralville 

Collins Thomas, overseer, boards 256 Central 

Collins Thomas, laborer, house rear 26 William 

Collins Thomas, overseer, Lowell corporation 

Collins Thomas, stonecutter, house Marion, near Broadway 

Collins Timothy Mrs. house 18 Dummer 

Collins William Mrs. house 49 West Union 

Colliton John, house 70 River, Centralville [Charles 

Collson Anson, jr. cabinetmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 11 

Colombe Antoine, laborer, house 10 Adams block 

Colot Peter, laborer, house Decatur-street alley 

Colson Charles D. clerk, Hamilton, boards 134 Merrimack corp. 

Colson Delia, boarding-house, 134 Merrimack corporation 

Colson Lorenzo, furniture-maker, house 11 Charles 

Germania Fire Ins. Co. of N.Y. Assets over $875,000. A first-class 
Co. Policies written at tlie office of G. P. Hunt &, Co. (See p. 344.) 



Colwell Philip, grocer, 1G4 Central, house do. 

Coly Peter, physician, 118 Middlesex, hoards do. 

Combs Elizabeth Miss, boarding-house, 6 Massachusetts corp. 
Comerford James, printer, boards 145 Merrimack corporation 
Comerford Richard, overseer, Merrimack Print Works, house 145 
Merrimack corporation 

Comey W. W. 37 Prescott, boards 48 Massachusetts corporation 

Comins Thomas B. house 1 Salem 

Comins Thomas B. jr. clerk, boards 1 Salem 

Conan t Abel, house 9 Lagrange 

Conant Abel E., Northern express, Northern depot, house 9 Smith 

Conant ( Abel E.) & Co. ( Geo. E. Stanley), teamsters, fr’ght depot 

Conant Andrew, farmer, house near Dracut line, Conantville 

Conant George W. moulder, boaids 9 Smith 

Conant Henry A. coachman, house 42 Wentworth’s building 

Conant Horace J. janitor, house 52] Merrimack 

Conant Johu, overseer, Lawrence corporation, house 24 do. 

Conant John H. spinuer, Lawrence corporation, house 24 do. 
Conant Julius E. livery stable, 170 Central, house 13 Elm 
Conaton Bridget, house rear 20 Summer 

Conaughton Patrick, mulespinner, house rear River, Centralville 

Concannon Michael, laborer, house 32 Railroad alley 

Concannon Patrick, laborer, house 5 Brown’s court, Centralville 

Condon Ellen, widow, house 21 Adams 

Condon Garrett Mrs. house 21 Adams 

Condon James, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Condon Joanna, widow, house Salem, above Cabot 

Condon Mary, widow, house 45 Adams 

Condon Mary Mrs. house 5 Putney’s court 

Condon Patrick, laborer, house 132 Lowell 

Coney Henry, operative, boards 5 Prescott corporation 

Conihe Theodore W. spinner, Merrimack corporation, boards 19 do. 

Conihe William, overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 19 do. 

Conklin Daniel, watchman, house 1 Boott corporation 

Conlan Elizabeth Mrs. house 72 Suffolk 

Conlan John S. Middlesex corporation, house 10 Water 

Conlan Patrick, laborer, boards rear 101 Gorham 

Conley Aliek, carpenter, house Gray’s place 

Conley Francis, laborer, house 3 Hancock avenue 

Conley George H., Massachusetts corp. house 19 Prescott corp. 

Conley Hugh, stonemason, house 19 Union 

Conley James, laborer, house 2 Howe 

Conley' Joanna, widow, boards Willie, corner Cross 

Conley Margaret, widow, house 6 Jefferson 

Conley Mary, widow, house 53 Middle 

Conley Michael, carriage-smith, 103 Central, h. Charles, n. Cent la 
Conley Michael, laborer, house 19 Green 
Conley Michael, laborer, house 17 Union 

Fall River Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, iv Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Conley Michael, laborer, house 40 Lowell 
Conley Nancy, widow, house Cross, near Adams 
Conley Patrick, machinist, house rear 30 Lewis 
Conley Peter, masontender, house 5 Hancock avenue 
Conley Thomas, laborer, boards 6 Jefferson 
Conlin James, laborer, boards 55 West Union 
Connell George, Brooks’s saw mill, boards 109 Appleton 
Connell George W. laborer, boards 109 Appleton 
Connell George, laborer, house 3 Baldwin’s court 
Connell John, pressman, 222 Merrimack, h. 3 Wicr’s blk. Merr. 
Connell John, laborer, house rear 16 Dummer 
Connell John, dyer, house 10 Kidder 
Connell John W. sawyer, home 6 Middlesex place 
Connell Mary, widow, house rear 16 Dummer 
Connell Maurice, laborer, house rear 29 Hanover 
Connell Philip H. sawyer, house 6 Middlesex place 
Connell Thomas, laborer, boards rear 55 Market 
Connelly John, laborer, house Tyler’s block, Centralville 
Connelly Michael, laborer, boards 85 East Merrimack 
Conner Joseph B. spinner, Suffolk corporation, boards 2 do. 
Conner Sarah Mrs. house 3 Middlesex place 
Conners Philip, teamster, house 2 Short 
Connolly John, laborer, house 28 Bleachery 
Connolly William Mrs. house 7 Franklin square, Adams 
Connor Michael, laborer, house rear 55 Common 
Connor Patriek, laborer, house 137 Lowell 
Connor Patriek, pressman, 5 Central, house Coburn, Centralville 
Connors Charles, tailor, house 3 Coburn, Centralville 
Connors Dennis, laborer, house 74 Gorham 
Connors Elizabeth, widow, house rear 15 Hancock avenue 
Connors James Mrs. house 55 River, Centralville 
Connors Michael ( Cal .), house 17 Adams 
Connors Michael, laborer, house rear 43 River, Centralville 
Connors Owen, laborer, house 38 South 
Connors Thomas, laborer, house Suffolk court 
Conran Arthur, operative, house 156 Lowell 
Conroy James, laborer, house 29 North 
Conroy John, boards 12 Charles 
Constantinople Ambrose, laborer, house 94 Moody 
Constantinople David, laborer, house rear 82 Moody 
Constantinople Henry, carpenter, Salem, corner Willie avenue, 
house 30 Salem 

Constantinople Nelson, laborer, house 86 Moody 
Convers Albert, machinist, boards 1 Hamilton corporation 
Convers George H. clerk, 163 Central, boards 7 Tyler 
Convers Samuel, carriage-manufacturer, 163 Central, h. 7 Tyler 
Convers Samuel E. 163 Central, house 7 Tyler 
Conway Bartholomew, 40 Boott corporation 

Geo. F. Hunt & Co. are Agents for the Baltic Fire Ins. Co. of N.Y. 
This Co. joins no “ Combination »» or f( Association.*’ (See p. 344.) 



Conway Bernard, grocer, Worthen, corner Lowell, house 8 Cross 

Conway Cornelius, machinist, hoards 57 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Conway Elizabeth, widow, house head of Front, Centralville 

Conway John, tanner, house 02 Charles 

Conway Joseph, engraver, Hamilton, house 179 Central 

Conway Margaret, widow, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Conway Michael, at bleachery, house 13 Winter 

Conway Michael, machinist, boards Jefferson, near Lowell 

Conway Michael, house Lowell, near Maiden lane 

Conway Michael, operative, house 13 Hanover 

Conway Patrick, laborer, house 15 William 

Conway Thomas, currier, house Manchester 

Conway Thomas, laborer, house 6 Chapel 

Cook Albert G-. ( J. 0. Ayer 8? Co.), boards Merrimack House • 
Cook Benjamin L. lather, house 6 Pearl 
Cook Charles S. lather, house 6 Garnet 
Cook Charles W. clerk, 53 Central, boards 325 Merrimack 
Cook Clement H. 1 Central, boards 137 Gorham 
Cook Elbridge G. currier and tanner, Lincoln, Ayer’s City, house 
at Milford 

Cook Esther, widow, house 10 Howe 
Cook Frank, loom-harnessmaker, house near Harris’s shop 
Cook ( Gilman G.) & Taylor ( Albion C.), drygoods, 42 Merri- 
mack and 103 Central, boards American House 
Cook Haven P. tailor, 11 Central, house 14 Willow 
Cook Henrietta, widow, boards 11 Hancock avenue 
Cook James, house rear 99 Lowell 

Cook James, secretary Lowell Mutual Insurance Company, 49 
Central, house 180 East Merrimack 
Cook John, mason, house 8 Davidson 
Cook John A. carpenter, boards 13 Suffolk corporation 
Cook Mark H. shoe cutter, house 521 Merrimack 
Cook M. E. Miss, house 156 Suffolk 
Cook Orville, currier, boards Lincoln, corner Chelmsford 
Cook Peter A. house 27 Howard 
Cook Rebecca, widow, house near Harris’s shop 
Cook Samuel, laborer, boards 3 Knowles place 
Cook Sophronia A. widow, house 6 Garnet 
Cook Thomas, carder, house 5 Pleasant 
Cook William, painter, house 7 River, Centralville 
Cook Wdliam, loomfixer, house rear 73 River, Centralville 
Cook William, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 5 Railroad 
Cook William G. Mrs. variety store, 325 Merrimack, house do. 
Cooke Edwin II. letter-carrier, boards 8 Read, Centralville 
Cooke Homer A. editor, house 8 Read, Centralville 
Cooke J. Bartlett, advertising clerk, J. C. Ayer & Co. house 3 

Cooke William H. boards 8 Read, Centralville 

Lawrence Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, &, Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Cooledge Franklin S. spinner, Merrimack corporation, h. 57 do. 

Cooledge JacoL S. machinist, house 6 Cabot block 

Cooley James, shoemaker, house 10 Green’s court 

Coolidge Catharine, widow, house 289 Middlesex 

Coolidge Martin, laborer, boards 289 Middlesex 

Coolidge Michael, laborer, house 197 School 

Cooney Simon, jr. machinist, house rear 22 Winter 

Cooney William, shoemaker, 138 Lawrence, house do. 

Cooper Charles F. driver steamer No. 3, house do. 

Cooper Henry, boards 52 Andover 

Cooper Henry C. clerk, 7 Central, boards 1 Lawrence corp. 

Cooper Isaac, overseer weaver, Lawrence corporation, hou?e 1 do. 
Cooper Samuel G. stampmaker, boards 45 Charles 
Cooper Sarah Mrs. house 45 Charles 

Cooper William H. photographer, 89 Merrimack, boards 35 Boott 

Cooper William H. expressman, Northern depot, h. 30 Howard 

Copeland Charles, laborer, boards 2 Middlesex place 

Copeland Charles C. boards 5 Middlesex place 

Copeland Edward, teamster, boards 2 Middlesex place 

Copeland Edward W. teamster, boards 2 Middlesex place 

Copp D. Gilbert, teamster, boards 5 Perrin 

Copp Sewall G. teamster, boards 5 Perrin 

Corbett Charles L. milkman, house 103 Pawtucket 

Corbett John, laborer, house West Union, corner Gorham 

Corbett John, laborer, house 26(3 Middlesex 

Corbett John C. engineer, house 103 Pawtucket 

Corbett Josiah L. laborer, Fletcher, cor. Cushing, h. 4 Lagrange ct. 

Corbett Michael Mrs. house Water, corner Pond 

Corbett Michael, provisions, 65 Gorham, house 87 do. 

Corbett Patrick, Middlesex, house 6 Pleasant 
Corbett William, teamster, Mclntire, corner Middlesex 
Corcoran John, picker-tender, house 45 West Union 
Corcoran, see Cochran 

Corden Patrick, carpet weaver, house 21 Keene 
Corey Alvin, pipe-fitter, house Andover, corner Water 
Corey, see Cory 

Corkins Sarah, boarding-house, 19 and 20 Tremont corporation 

Corley John, watchman, Lowell, house 18 Market 

Corliss Horatio G. F. counsellor, 29 Merrimack, b. 53 Pawtucket 

Corliss John L. farmer, house 53 Pawtucket 

Cornellie Oliver, laborer, house rear 45 Salem 

Corner John, provisions, 306 Merrimack, house 3 Common 

Comer Josiah, house 5 Willow place 

Corner Josiah T. house 6 Willow place 

Cornock James, shoemaker, house 50 Charles 

Cornock Frederick H. baker, boards 261 Merrimack 

Cornock James Mrs. baker, 261 Merrimack, house do. 

Cornwell Betsey Mrs. widow, house Chelmsford, near Grand 

If you want a first-class Fire, Life, Accident, or Live-Stock Ins. 
Policy, call at Geo. P. Hunt <fc Co.’s Ins. Agency, 38 Central St. 



Corr John, at bleachery, house 4 Crosby 

Corr John, jr. at bleachery, house 6 Crosby 

Corr Patrick, Stott’s Mills, house 31 Cedar 

Corr Peter, laborer, boards 4 Crosby 

Corr Peter, laborer, house 1 1 Congress 

Corr Thomas, blacksmith, boards 4 Crosby 

Corrigan James, operative, boards 44 Gorham 

Corrigan Margaret Mrs. boards American House 

Corrigan Patrick, laborer, house 22 Hurd 

Corrigan Sarah, widow, house 44 Gorham 

Corrigan Thomas, laborer, boards 44 Gorham 

Corryn Owen, mason, house 241 Gorham 

Corser David, painter, house head of Pleasant 

Corson Frank W. carder, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 

Cory William M. overseer yard, Lawrence corporation, h. 28 do. 

Cosay John, spinner, house 7 Chestnut 

Cosgrove John, grocer, 272 Merrimack, house 274 do. 

Cosgrove John, stencilcutter, house 193 Gorham 
Cosgrove Peter, laborer, house rear 120 Middlesex 
Cosgrove Sarah, widow, house River, above Front, Centralville 
Costello Daniel, operative, house rear 114 Suffolk 
Costello Edward, spinner, house 24 Gorham 
Costello Edward, laborer, house North Chapel 
Costello James (T. Costello S? Co .), stoves and tinware, 118 Cen- 
tral, boards 70 Gorham 
Costello Michael, spinner, house 294 Central 
Costello Michael, tailor, 164 Central, house do. 

Costello Patrick, laborer, house 184 Gorham 

Costello Robert Mrs. house 70 Gorham [tral, h. 70 Gorham 

Costello Thomas & Co. (J. Costello ) , stoves and tinware, 118 Cen- 

Cote Joseph, laborer, house 39 Salem 

Cotter Thomas, house 171 Gorham 

Cottingbam Mary, widow, house 3 1 Worthen 

Cotton Neal ( Sargent C.), fish, r. 57 Central, h. 57 Bartlett 

Cotton Warren B. boards 51 Bartlett 

Coucher Mary, widow, house 9 Middlesex place 

Couchery James, mulespinner, house rear 13 River, Centralville 

Coughlan Dennis, machinist, house 18 Jefferson 

Coughlan Ellen F. teacher, No. 32 Primary School, bds. 9 Chapel 

Coughlan Hannah, widow, house 17 Hanover 

Coughlan Hannah, widow, house 6 Adams 

Coughlan Jeremiah, sawyer, house 277 Middlesex 

Coughlan Jeremiah, laborer, house 50 Common 

Coughlan John, laborer, house 152 Lowell 

Coughlan John, operative, house 61 Lowell 

Coughlan Mary, widow, house 17 Dumrner 

Coughlan Michael, laborer, house 37 Fenwick 

Coughlan Michael, machinist, house 121 Lowell 

Lowell Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 4 7 Congress Street, Boston. 



Coughlan Patrick, operative, house opposite 34 Adams 
Couilliard Joseph J. blacksmith, Arch, near Northern depot, house 
84 Howard 

Goulson Catharine Miss, boards 60 Gorham 
Coulson Rosanna, widow, boards 60 Gorham 
Coulsou Samuel, grocer, 60 Gorham, house do. 

Courchaine Joseph, painter, house 7 Cabot 

Coursay Danby, laborer, house rear 56 Dutton 

Coursay Janies, laborer, house 45 Appleton 

Coursay William, spinner, house 26 High 

Courser David, painter, house 12 Pleasant 

Courtemanches Peter, variety store, 72 Middlesex, house do. 

Courtney Daniel, laborer, house rear 104 Suffolk 

Courtney John (P. S? J. Courtney ), grocer, 104 Suffolk, house do. 

Courtney Patrick & John, grocers, 104 Suffolk, house 50 Lewis 

Courtney William, provisions, 49 River, house do. Centralville 

Coveny John, Lawrence corporation, house 7 do. 

Cowan William, Middlesex, boards 2 Reed’s court 
Coward Jacob B. blacksmith, Wamesit Water Power Company, 
house 39 Charles 

Cowdrey Silas, brassfinisher, 84 Middle, house 62 Church 
Cowdry Melissa Mrs. house Railroad, near Hale 
Cowell James, boards 11 Kidder 
Cowell William, carpet-printer, house 11 Kidder 
Co wen Daniel Mrs. house Water, corner Pond 
Cowen David, laborer, house 158 Lawrence 
Cowen William, boards Water, corner Pond 
Cowen William, machinist, house 160 Lawrence 
Cowley ( Charles ) & Allen ( David O .) , counsellors, 7 5 Central, 
house 154 Lawrence 

Cowley Eliza, teacher, No. 18 Primary School, bds. 54 Lawrence 
Cowley John, boards 154 Lawrence 
Cowley Sarah, widow, boards 76 Church 
Cox Arthur L. boards 46 Howard 

Cox Fayette, machinist, Broadway, corner Mount Vernon, house 
59 Butterfield 

Cox James, dyer, house 48 East Merrimack 

Cox James, shoemaker, house 43 Davidson 

Cox John S., Middlesex corporation, house 12 Water 

Cox Nelson, fanner, house near Navy Yard, River road, Dracut 

Cox Orson, house 1 Union 

Cox Owen W. mechanic, boards 48 East Merrimack 
Cox Patrick, house 56 Hamilton block 

Cox Simon, shoemaker, 224 Merrimack, house 56 Hamilton block 

Cox William, laborer, boards rear 120 Middlesex 

Coy Clarence P. boards 27 Willie 

Coy George E. boards 27 Willie (21st Regiment) 

Coyle Peter, laborer, house 1 John-street avenue 

The best Stock and Mutual Fire lug. Cos. are represented by Geo. F. 
Hunt & Co., Fire and Life Ins. Agents, 28 Central St. (See p. 344.) 




Crafts Henry C. weaver, house 111 East Merrimack 
Craig John, laborer, house 1 Swift 
Craig Owen, laborer, house 214 Central 
Cram John L. teamster, boards 45 Cushing 
Crandall Benjamin, at Hosiery Mill, boards 73 Lawrence corp. 
Crane Charles T. carpenter, house 20 Congress 
Crane Ebenezer, overseer, Appleton corporation, house 20 do. 
Crane Edward B. ((7. C. § Son), boots and shoes, 120 Central, 
boards 66 Warren [tral, h. 66 Warren 

Crane George & Son (. Edward B.), boots and shoes, 120 Cen- 
Crane John, laborer, house 55 Common 
Crane John, operative, house 10 Adams block 
Crane John E. pattern and model maker, 20 Middle, house 70 
Third, Centralville 

Crane John J. laborer, house 203 Middlesex 
Crane Mary, widow, house 21 Andover 
Crane Owen, operative, house 214 Central 
Craven James L. overseer, Lowell, house 160 Moody 
Crawford James Mrs. house 78 Charles 

Crawford John J. ( Dobbins § Crawford), boiler manufacturer, 
Dutton, house Hale, corner Railroad 
Creadon Timothy, laborer, Willie, cor. Dutton, boards 3 Fenwick 
Creighton Peter, carpenter, house Lowell, corner Worthen 
Cressey Samuel G. bookkeeper, house 5 Oak [Thorndike 

Cresswell Charles H. stonecutter, house Livingston place, near 
Critchett Hattie C. Miss, teacher, Colburn School, b. 37 Charles 
Critchett James, farmer, house Hampshire, Centralville 
Critchett Nathaniel Mrs. house 37 Charles 
Crockett Amos F. machinist, house 283 Central 
Crockett John, mason, boards 10 Suffolk corporation 
Crockett John G. machinist, house 45 Hamilton corporation 
Crockett Leander F. machinist, house West, corner Maple 
Crockett Selden L. machinist, house 107 Moody 
Croker Thomas, lastmaker, house 164 Lowell 
Crombie William, variety store, 65 Market, house 33 Lagrange 
Cronan Jeremiah, laborer, house 4 Swift 

Cronan Patrick, laborer, house 4 Swift [Adams 

Crooker Abel F. painter, 139 Middlesex, house 9 Franklin square, 
Crooker Calvin B. bleachery, house 3J4 Gorham 
Crooker Orin, teamster, house 93 Lawrence 
Crosby B. Frank, mason, boards 63 East Merrimack 
Crosby Caleb Mrs. house 133 Gorham 
Crosby Charles, laborer, house Lincoln, Ayer’s City 
Crosby Charles T. ( Marshall fy Crosby), cabinetmaker, rear 
239 Middesex, house 35 Branch 
Crosby Elizabeth Mrs. house 1 Union 

Crosby Ephraim, cabinetmaker, Mechanics Mills, house 56 Tyler 
Crosby George Mrs. house 110 Appleton 

Lynn Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Crosby Harriet Mrs. house 65 Bartlett 

Crosby John, tailor, house Abbott, near Lawrence [bury line 
Crosby Nathan, justice Police court, Market, h. Nesmith, n. Tewks- 
Crosby Sylvester, bobbinmaker, house Wilson’s lane 
Crosby Warren C. house 33 Union 

Crosby William D. jig sawyer, Mechanics Mills, house 99 Howard 

Cross Andrew, carpet weaver, house 11 Lawrence 

Cross Andrew B. photographer, 27 Central, boards 11 Lawrence 

Cross Charles, marbleworker, boards 35J Cushing 

Cross Charles A. overseer, house 48 Tyler 

Cross Esther, widow, boards 124 Cross 

Cross Eugene, at bleachery, boards 24 Bleachery 

Cross Francis W. cabinetmaker, house 3 Wamesit block 

Cross George W. loomfixer, boards 11 Lawrence 

Cross Gershora B. finisher, house 3 Bleachery 

Cross John, overseer, Naylor’s carpet manufactory, h. 268 Central 

Cross Lydia M. Mrs. boards 166 Moody 

Cross Thomas, watchman, boards 29 Hamilton corporation 

Cross William, bobbinmaker, house 3 Burns 

Cross William, laborer, Wamesit Steam Mills 

Crossley Robert, independent missionary, house 6 Clark’s court 

Crosson Catherine, widow, boards 2 Boott corporation 

Crouse Carrie, widow, boards 111 Merrimack corporation 

Crowe Cornelius, dyer, house rear 115 Market 

Crowe John, laborer, house Carpenter’s court 

Crowell Albert, clerk, 121 Central, boards 162 Merrimack corp. 

Crowell Roscoe G. carpenter, 66 Middle, house 360 Merrimack 

Crowell Zenas Mrs. house 162 Merrimack corporation 

Crowell Zenas A. machinist, boards 162 Merrimack corporation 

Crowfoot Elizabeth, widow, house rear 187 Central 

Crowley Ann, widow, house 83 Gorham 

Crowley Bartholomew, house rear 30 Lewis 

Crowley Bartholomew, house 3 Green 

Crowley Bridget, widow, house 13 Summer 

Crowley Cornelius, laborer, house 118 Lowell 

Crowley Daniel, finisher, house 19 Keene 

Crowley Daniel, millinery, 108 Merrimack, h. Wilder, n. Broadway 

Crowley Dennis, fireman, house 14 Salem 

Crowley Dennis Mrs. house 10 Broadway 

Crowley Ellen Miss, house 27 Marion 

Crowley Ellen, widow, boards 42 Middle 

Crowley Frank, laborer, at Gas Works 

Crowley Harriet, widow, boards 29 Hamilton corporation 

Crowley James, machinist, boards 10 Broadway 

Crowley Jeremiah, law student, 75 Central, boards 10 Broadway 

Crowley John, laborer, house River road, Dracut 

Crowley John O. woolsorter, boards 156 Lawrence 

Crowley Michael, laborer, house 90 Gorham 

Merchants’ and Farmers’ Mnt. Fire Ins. Co,, IVorcester. Inc. 1846, 
has always paid liberal dividends on expiring policies. (See p. 341.) 



Crowley Michael, laborer, house rear 18 Summer 
Crowley Michael, dressertender, house 156 Lawrence 
Crowley Patrick, moulder, boards 13 Summer 
Crowley Robert E. machinist, boards 156 Lawrence 
Crowley Thomas F. machinist, boards 156 Lawrence 
Crowley Timothy Mrs. house Marion, near Cross 

Crowley Mrs. house Marion, near Broadway 

Crown George W. machinist, Mechanics Mills, Fletcher, house 1 
Tremont corporation 

Crowther Charles H. dyer and finisher, Lawrence, near Whipple’s 
Mills, house at Middlesex village 
Crowther Isaac, woolsorter, house Stonehouse, Whippleville 
Crowther Thomas, blacksmith, house 11 Prescott corporation 
Croxford J. Frank, at 17 Central, house 26 Bartlett 
Croxford Louisa J. furnishing goods, 17 Central, house 26 Bartlett 
Cruddcn Peter Rev. pastor St. Peter’s Cath. Ch. b. 17 Appleton 
Cryan Thomas, laborer, boards 136 Merrimack corporation 
Cuff James, laborer, house 4 McCarry’s court 
Cuff Martin, foundry, house Marion, near Broadway 
Cuff Richard, spinner, boards rear -3 High 
Cull Edmund, laborer, house 26 Winter 
Cullen James, dyer, house 21 Chestnut 
Culley Charles, Merrimack, house 1 Tilden court 
Cummings Andrew J. weaver, house 175 Merrimack corporation 
Cummings Benjamin C. laborer, 163 Central, b. 3 Mason’s court 
Cummings Calvin T. laborer, boards 13 Green 
Cummings Catharine, widow, house 202 Merrimack 
Cummings George F. operative, boards 270 Merrimack 
Cummings Hannah, widow, boards off River road, Dracut 
Cummings James, laborer, boards 103 Merrimack corporation 
Cummings John, laborer, house 17 Cross 
Cummings John, operative, house Fenwick, corner Suffolk 
Cummings John A. hostler, 202 Middlesex, h. School, c. Branch 
Cummings Martha, widow, house 314 Merrimack 
Cummings Melvil B. C. shoemaker, boards 54 Stackpole 
Cummings Michael, laborer, at Gas Works 
Cummings iN'icholas, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lowell 
Cummings Patrick, laborer, house 8 Jefferson 
Cummings Phebe M. Mrs. house 270 Merrimack [tralville 

Cummings Richard, laborer, at Gas Works, boards 55 River, Oen- 
Cummings Silas R. harnessmaker, 46 Central, boards 26 Mas- 
sachusetts corporation 

Cummings William P. shoemaker, boards 57 East Merrimack 
Cummiskey Ann, widow, house 23 Hanover 
Cummiskey Eleanor, widow, boards 23 Hanover 
Cummiskey Hugh, house 8 Adams 

Cummiskey James W. variety store, 186 Merrimack, h. 23 Hanover 
Cummiskey James W. laborer, boards 23 Hanover 

Manchester (N.H.) Directory, Published l>y Sampson. Daven- 
port, &- Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress »t., Boston. 



Cummiskey Mary F. teacher, No. 43 Primary School, bds. 8 Adams 
Cummiskey Patrick, liquors, 87 and 89 Market, house do. 
Cummiskey William, carriagemaker, house 109 Appleton 
Cumnock Thomas, laborer, boards 40 Boott corporation 
Cunningham Charles, L. 31, S. boards 4 Appleton corporation 
Cunningham John, laborer, house 132 Central 
Cunningham John, machinist, house 84 Thorndike 
Cunningham John, spinner, boards rear 19 Dummer 
Cunningham Michael, mulespinner, boards rear 19 Bummer 
Cunningham Patrick, teamster, Middlesex, house 21 Green 
Cunningham William T. weaver, house Pleasant, Centralville 
Curchill Nathaniel, agent, house 98 East Merrimack 
Curley Thomas, laborer, house Hampshire, Centralville 
Curran Edward J. harnessmaker, 163 Central, house 18 Adams 
Curran James, operative, house 86 Middlesex 
Curran John, laborer, house 40 Paige 
Curren Barney, laborer, house 19 Winter 
Currier Edwin 31. wireworker, boards 35 Willow 
Currier George W. operative, boards 107 Central 
Currier Horace T. clerk, 5 Canal block, boards 60 Bartlett 
Currier Jacob B. ( Gordon Sf Curry r) , coffin warehouse and pic- 
ture-frames, 23 Prescott, house 60 Bartlett 
Currier James H. laborer, house 35 Willow 
Currier James W. tobacconist, 54 Central, house 53 Bartlett 
Currier Joel 3Irs. house 207 Central [h. Broadway, n. Wilder 
Currier John ( Putnam fy C.), soap-manufacturer, Lenton court, 
Currier 31ary D. and Lydia 3Iisses, house 158 Suffolk 
Currier Rhoda L. and Frances D. 3Iisses, house 28 Race 
Currier William, weaver, boards 4 3Iassachusetts corporation 
Curry Bridget, widow, house 1 Quigley’s alley 
Curry John, bleachcry, house Carpenter’s court 
Curry 3Iichael, printer, house 12 Cabot 
Curry Patrick, laborer, house 13 Cedar 
Curry Thomas, house 31t. Vernon, corner A 
Curtin John, laborer, Willie, corner Dutton 
Curtin John, laborer, house 10 Green 
Curtin Patrick, laborer, house 10 Green 
Curtin William, blacksmith, house 8 Carolin block, Fayette 
Curtis 3Iiehael, moulder, Willie, corner Dutton 
Curtis 3Iiehael, moulder, house 3 Putney’s court 
Curtis Thomas H. locksmith, 129 Central, house 199 do. 

Curtis William W. 3Irs house 197 Central 
Cusack John, provisions, 344 Central, house do. 

Cusack Patrick, bleachery, boards Gorham, near Congress 
Cushing Daniel, clerk, 123 and 125 3Iarket, house 28 Pawtucket 
Cushing Daniel W. insurance agent at Ripley’s, h. 28 Pawtucket 
Cushing Edward, sawyer, 233 Middlesex, house 254 do. 

Cushing George S. clothing, 33 3Ierrimack, house 9 Tyler 

Geo. F. Hunt & Co. are agents for Merchants’ and Farmers’ Mutual 
Fire Ins. Co. Office, 538 Central St., Lowell, Mass. (See page 344.) 



Cushing Joseph, painter, house 7 Cabot 
Cushing Joseph, house 29 Anne 
Cushing Joseph L. boards 28 Pawtucket 

Cushing Oliver E. agent, Lowell Gas Light Company, Middle, cor- 
ner Shattuck, house 179 School 
Cushing Stephen, bouse 29 Anne 
Cushing Thomas, clerk, 10 Adams, boards 7 Cabot 
Custy Ann, widow, house 6 Edgerly court 
Custy George, baker, house 68 Gorham 
Custy Joseph H. machinist, house 29 Summer 
Custy Patrick, laborer, boards 29 Summer 
Cutler David M. G. Mrs. house 9 Ames 
Cutler William, machinist, boards Howard House 
Cutler William H. Rev. boards 35 Common [Smith 

Cutter Abijah ( Richardson Sf 0.), gunsmith, 66 Central, h. 23 
Cutter Hannah, widow, boards 388 Merrimack [house 388 do. 
Cutter P. D. (Tower, Pierce , Sf Cb.), dry goods, 138 Merrimack, 
Cutter Rachel A. widow, house 96 Merrimack corporation 
Cutter ( Stephen ) & Walker ( G. W.), shoulder braces, 48 Central, 
house 85 Summer 

DACEY DANIEL, laborer, at Gas Works, house 2 Cross 

Dacey Jeremiah, picker, boards 102 Lowell 

Dacey John, currier, boards 104 Lowell 

Dacey John, laborer, house 24 Fayette 

Dacey Timothy, gate-tender, housd 58 L. M. S. corporation 

Dadmun Gerard P. clerk, 99 Central, boards 159 do. 

Daggett Harry C. carpenter, house 32 Massachusetts corporation 

Daily Bartholomew, spinner, house 29 North 

Daily Bridget, widow, house 38 South 

Daily Bridget, house 72 Lowell 

Daily Charles, machinist, boards 51|- Lowell 

Daily Cornelius, moulder, house 55 West Union 

Daily Daniel, operative, boards 1 George 

Daily Frank W. S. boards 134 East Merrimack 

Daily George, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 61 Middle 

Daily Hugh, blacksmith, house 17 North 

Daily Isabella, widow, house 61 Middle 

Daily James, blacksmith, house Holbrook’s court 

Daily James, weaver, house 10 William 

Daily James, blacksmith, boards 17 North 

Daily John, laborer, house 11 Dummer 

Daily John, laborer, house 4 Jefferson square 

Daily John, Middlesex corporation, house 22 New 

Daily John, laborer, house 18 Jefferson 

Daily Margaret, widow, house 131 Lowell 

Daily Maurice, operative, house 131 Lowell 

Daily Michael, laborer, house 62 Fenwick 

IVewtouryport Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, 
&> Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Daily Michael, carder, house 80 Fayette 

Daily Nora, widow, house 26 Fenwick 

Daily Owen, operative, house 21 Adams 

Daily Patrick, laborer, house 14 Winter 

Daily Patrick, operative, house 20 New 

Daily Patrick, laborer, house 26 Adams 

Daily Patrick, laborer, house Little, near Lewis 

Daily Peter, laborer, house Congress 

Daily Thomas, spinner, house rear River, Centralville 

Daily Timothy, laborer, house rear 70 Lowell 

Daily William, laborer, house rear 21 North 

Daily, see Daly 

Dallagher James, operative, house Fyler’s block, Centralville 
Dallagher Michael, hairdresser, American House, b. 9 River, Cent. 
Dalton Charles C. spinner, Boott corporation, boards 44 do. 

Dalton Charles H. shuttleraakcr, house 71 High 

Dalton Charles M. clerk, 10 Middle, boards 71 High 

Dalton Michael, shoemaker, 89 Charles, house Charles, n. Chapel 

Dalton Michael Mrs. house 3 Trcinont 

Dalton Thomas, bobbinmaker, boards 15 Thorndike 

Daly Elwood S. machinist, boards 38 Fletcher 

Daly Isaac S. shoemaker, Suffolk, near Broadway, h. 10 Mclutire 

Daly Zebedee S. provisions, 38 Fletcher, house do. 

Daly, see Daily 

Darn Charles A. machinist, house 45 Appleton [corp. 

Dam John C. machinist, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 19 L. M. S. 
Dam Melvin, machinist, house 53 Howard 
Dam Michael, tailor, house 2 Carpet lane 
Dame Emery, house 9 Wamesit 

Dame Samuel, mason, house 100 East Merrimack [corp. 

Dame Silas, doormaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 7 Lawrence 

Damon Alexander M. overseer, Hamilton corporation, house 35 do. 

Damon J. B. Mrs. house 55 Lawrence corporation 

Dana Andrew J. painter, house 77 Merrimack corporation 

Dana Augustus, teamster, house 108 Merrimack corporation 

Dana David Mrs. boards 51 East Merrimack 

Dana Mary F. teacher, Edson School, boards 51 East Merrimack 

Dana Samuel L. chemist, Merrimack Print Works, h. Wanalancit 

Danahe Catharine, house 19 Adams 

Danahe Daniel, laborer, house 38 Adams 

Dane Alden, watchman, boards 3 East Merrimack 

Dane Charles F. peddler, boards 98 Salem 

Dane Eliza, widow, house 3 East Merrimack 

Dane George, blacksmith, Dane, house 98 Salem 

Dane Henry J. boards 98 Salem 

Dane Hiram, painter, 179 Middlesex, h. Chelmsford, cor. Howard 
Dane Joseph, machinist, boards Aldrich’s block, 90 Appleton 
Danforth James, laborer, house 35 Worthen 

The Connecticut Fire Ins. Co., Hartford, Ct. A prompt and liberal 
Co. to insure in ; has never had a lawsuit. G. F. Hunt & Co., Agts. 



Danforth Levi, bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 5 Goward pi. 

Danforth Martha G. Mrs. millinery, 107 Merrimack, house do. 

Danforth Sarah H. boarding-house, 23 and 24 Appleton corp. 

Daniels Ann, widow, house 47 Market 

Daniels Joshua W. house 23 Bartlett 

Danigan Bridget, widow, house 47 Chapel 

Darling Kendall R. house 35 Tremont corporation 

Darracott C. J. widow of J. R. house Pawtucket, near Fletcher 

D’Arruda Frank, house 171 Gorham 

David Duport, butcher, house 252 School 

David Frank Mrs. house 3 Farson’s court 

David Joseph, bobbinmaker, boards 3 Farson’s court 

Davidson Anthony, third hand, Lawrence corp. house 29 do. 

Davies Sturgis J. overseer spinner, Lawrence corp. house 12 do. 
Davin Michael, tailor, 55 Central, house 2 Carpet lane 
Davis Albert, Appleton corporation, boards 4 Appleton 
Davis Ari Mrs. house Church, corner George 
Davis Asahel, mag. electro mach’s, Mechanics Mills, h. 88 Church 
Davis ( Asahel ) & Gardner ( Henry E .), steam-cooking apparatus, 
111 Middlesex 

Davis Bartlett, carpenter, 302 School, house 300 do. 

Davis Betsy, widow, house 3 Cabot block 

Davis Charles B. carpenter, boards 13 Franklin square, Adams 

Davis Charles H. carpenter, boards 309 School 

Davis Charles P. blindmaker, at William Kelley’s, boards Adams 

Davis Charles W. boards 44 Lawrence corporation 

Davis Cyrus, spinner, Merrimack corporation, boards 61 do. 

Davis Daniel, overseer, house 26 Hamilton corporation 

Davis Daniel, carpenter, house 360 Merrimack 

Davis Daniel N. overseer, Hamilton corporation, house do. 

Davis David Mrs. house Carlton, corner Marshall 
Davis Eben, machinist, boards 9 Appleton corporation 
Davis Eben L. machinist, 235 Middlesex 
Davis Edmund S. machinist, boards 47 Charles 
Davis Edward H. boards 230 Gorham 
Davis Edward L. sashmaker, boards 23 Willie 
Davis Elisha, farmer, house 230 Gorham 
Davis Elisha L. 21 Central, house 89 Moody 
Davis Eliza A. widow, house 47 Charles 

Davis Francis, turner, Cushing, corner Rock, house Tilde n court 
Davis Francis B. laborer, house rear 80 Moody 
Davis Frank, boards 230 Gorham 

Davis Fred. H. expressman, N. & L. depot, boards 54 Howard 

Davis George, bungmaker, boards 79 Broadway 

Davis George, cabinetmaker, Mechanics Mills, b. 21 Tremont corp. 

Davis George, boards 4 Appleton corporation 

Davis George A. cabinetmaker, house 21 Tremont corporation 

Davis George E. boards 230 Gorham 

United States Directory, 1867, Price $30, for sale l>y Sampson, 
Davenport, & Co., 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Davis George M. woodturner, boards 51 Massachusetts corporation 
Davis George W. operative, boards 51 Massachusetts corporation 
Davis George W. foreman, E. F. Watson, house 10 Marshall 
Davis Henry, teamster, Merrimack corporation, house 01 do. 

Davis Horace L. paper dealer, 2 Warren, boards 113 Merrimack 
Davis Hosea Q. gasfitter, Gas Company’s Shop, house 95 Market 
Davis James, grinder, boards 51 Massachusetts corporation 
Davis John, counsellor, 49 Central, b. Chelmsford, cor. Westford 
Davis John, laborer, house 31 High 
Davis John, carder, boards 54 Boott corporation 
Davis Joseph, carpenter, house 11 Charles 
Davis Joseph, overseer Lowell corporation, house 47 Fletcher 
Davis Joseph B. Rev. house 47 Bridge, Centralville 
Davis Leland F. spinner, boards 26 Hamilton corporation 
Davis Lois, widow, house Mammoth road, cor. River road, Dracut 
Davis Lydia, widow, house 21 Tremont corporation 
Davis Marcellus, at bleachery, boards 6 Bleachery 
Davis Mary A. widow, boards Branch, corner Walker 
Davis Nathaniel ( Runels , Clough, 3? Co.), granite yard, Thorn* 
dike, corner Middlesex, house 54 Howard 
Davis Newell J. machinist, boards 47 Charles 
Davis Orrin D. spinner, boards 26 Hamilton corporation 
Davis Oliver T. musician, house 100 East Merrimack 
Davis Paul S. clerk, house 18 Market 

Davis Philo F. machinist, Mechanics Mills, b. 21 Tremont corp. 
Davis Reuben P. slater, house Westford, near Grand 
Davis Riley, carpenter, house 14 Marshall 
Davis Samuel G. house 36 Hurd 
Davis Simon C. painter, house 150 Middlesex 
Davis ( Stephen C.) & Malendy ( Thomas ), lumber and boxes, 
233 Middlesex, house 20 Marshall 
Davis Sydney, superintendent city scales, house 37 Chapel 
Davis Theodore, laborer, house rear 101 Lowell 
Davis Thomas J. printer, 21 Central, house 11 Willow 
Davis Watts E. carpenter, boards 4 Marshall 
Davis William II. agent, house 24 Willow 
Davis William P. overseer Tremont, house 44 Lawrence corp. 

Davis , boards 9 Central 

Davy Martin, laborer, house 35 Worthen 

Davy Patrick Mrs. house 82 Market 

Dawley Richard, engineer, boards 31 Fayette 

Dawson Edward, wireworker, boards 38 Massachusetts corp. 

Dawson George, woolsorter, house 136 Suffolk 

Dawson Robert, carder, house Kirk avenue 

Day Alvin W. doormaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, b. 5 Hudson 

Day Charles, teamster, house 25 Willie 

Day Charles J. clerk at bleachery, boards 160 Gorham 

Day Henry J. clerk, 22 John, boards 21 Kirk 

The Lowell Office of the Howard Fire Ins. Co. is at No. 28 Central 
Street. GEO. F. HUNT «fc CO., Agents. (See page 344.) 



Day James T. carpenter, house 9 Fifth, Centralville 

Day Lucretia A. teacher, No. 37 Primary School, b. 246 Central 

Day Margaret, widow, house Cross, near Marion 

Day Mico, carder, boards 33 Massachusetts corporation 

Day Orrin, tinsmith, 8 Jackson, house 160 Gorham 

Day Samuel, operative, house 85 School 

Day Silas, job wagon, house 5 Hudson 

Day Thomas J. physician, house 34 Willow 

Day William D. carriagemaker, 163 Central, boards 246 do. 

Day William L. Mrs. house 246 Central 
Dayon Felix, house rear 320 Merrimack 

Dean ( Benjamin G.) & Kittredge ( F ’. IF), counsellors, 49 Cen- 
tral, boards Chelmsford, near railroad bridge 
Dean Daniel H. Mrs. house 172 East Merrimack 
Dean Horace C. house 127 East Merrimack 
Dean John, colormaker, house Davis court 
Dean Samuel B. printer, 44 Central, house First, c. Bead, Cent. 
Dean S. Lizzie, teacher, No. 42 Primary School, b. Chelmsford . 
Dearborn Alphonzo D. B. painter, house 41 Fayette 
Dearborn Elbridge, boots and shoes, 98 Merrimack, h. 38 Cabot 
Dearborn George Frank, broker, boards 22 Andover 
Dearborn Henry H. stockbroker, 28 Central, boards 21 Andover 
Dearborn Leonard, house 22 Andover 
Dearborn Maria, widow, house 343 Merrimack 
Dearborn Peter, house 404 Merrimack 
Dearborn Sarah, widow, house 123 Moody 
Deary Susan, widow, house 99 Adams 
Death James, machinist, house Taylor’s court 
Deeren John, laborer, boards 80 Middle 
Deering Edward, shoemaker, 25 Fayette, house do. 

Deering James, spinner, Middlesex, house 4 Baldwin’s court 

Deering William, house 25 Fayette 

Degnan Dominick, laborer, house 36 Appleton 

Deisery Lady, Lady Superior, Sisters Notre Dame, Adams 

Delaney John, painter, house 53 West Union 

Delaney Michael, laborer, house 3 Front, Centralville 

Delaney Thomas, tailor, 74 Market, house do. 

Delaney , widow, house 109 Lowell 

Delano Granville, painter, house lower end Water 

Delarier Joseph, laborer, house Suffolk Hall 

Delay James, laborer, house Adams, near Broadway 

Delay John, laborer, house 49 Fenwick 

Delong James, miller, boards 2 Middlesex place 

Delmore Catharine, widow, house 133 Lowell 

Delmore Margaret, house rear 86 Lowell 

Demarra Louis, laborer, house rear 20 Moody 

Deming Charles, boards 40 Tremont corporation 

Deming Isaac, overseer spinner, house 40 Tremont corporation 

Salem Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Dempsey Arthur, laborer, house 33 Common 
Dempsey Daniel, gatekeeper, Market-st. crossing, h. 22 Dummer 
Dempsey Michael, clerk, 47 Lowell, boards 88 Salem 
Dempsey Patrick, grocer, 47 Lowell, house 88 Salem 
Deneau Jean Baptiste, laborer, house 10 Adams block 
Denehey John, laborer, 1 Theatre block, Lowell 
Dennett Hiram, tailor, 5 Central, house 37 Adams 
Denney Margaret, widow, house 55 Common 
Denning Catharine, widow, house Lowell, corner Jefferson 
Denning Johu, laborer, house 100 Suffolk 
Dennis Edward P. machinist, boards 50 Appleton 
Dennis Frank A. currier, house rear 25 Middle 
Dennis James, machinist, boards 39 Appleton 
Dennis James Mrs. house 420 Merrimack 
Dennis Jennie H. teacher, Green School, boards 59 Appleton 
Dennis John, patternmaker, Arch, house 33 South 
Dennis Richard Mrs. house 59 Appleton 
Dennis William H. engineer coast survey, boards 2 Stackpole 
Dennison James, operative, Lawrence corporation, boards 43 do. 
Dennison Mary, widow, house rear 43 River, Centralville 
Densmore Horace, machinist, house 34 Church 
Densmore Ira, overseer, Middlesex Company, house 36 Church 
Denton Alfred M. moulder, 8 Jackson, house Morse’s lane 
Denton John A. brass-moulder, H. H. Wilder & Co.’s, house 297 

Derby John, shoemaker, house 21 Franklin square 
Derbyshire Sarah, widow, house 15 Cady 
Derry John, carpetweaver, house 3 Hudson 
Derry Mrs. house 99 Adams 

Desmarres Joseph, operative, Lawrence corporation, boards 43 do. 

Desmazes William W. finisher, 7 Thorndike, boards 278 Middlesex 

Desmond Dennis, laborer at Gas Works, house 71 Adams 

Desmond Daniel, Merrimack, house 5 Dummer 

Desmond Ellen, widow, house 56 Adams 

Desmond John, laborer, house 100 Suffolk 

Desmond John, laborer, house 56 Adams 

Deusbury Frederick, designer, boards 80 Merrimack corporation 

Devine David, operative, house Marion, near Cross 

Devine Dennis, laborer, house 5 Putney’s court 

Devine Dennis, shoemaker, house 64 Gorham 

Devine James, laborer, house rear 55 Market 

Devine John, spinner, house 79 Church 

Devine John, laborer, house 30 Lewis 

Devine Mary, widow, house 60 River, Centralville 

Devine Patrick J. grocer, Andover, corner Water, house 2 do. 

Devitt James, locksmith, boards 100 Market 

Devlin Ellen, widow, house 18 William 

Devlin James, laborer, boards 40 Paige 

3Ianuf'g Property, Merchandise, Dwellings, & Household Furni- 
ture, ins. at satisfactory rates, hy Geo. P. Hunt & Co., Ins. Agt's., 



Devlin Janies, variety store, 24 Gorham, house do. 

Devlin John, laborer, house 3 Carpet lane 

Devlin John, Chase Mills, house 119 Lawrence 

Devlin John, laborer, house Parker’s block, River, Centralville 

Devlin John, spinner, house 7 Thorndike 

Devlin John S. spinner, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 

Devlin Michael, spinner, boards 24 Gorham 

Devlin Peter, at J. C. Ayer & Co.’s, house 44 William 

Devlin William, laborer, house Powell [tannery 

Devlin William, driver, at A. L. Waite’s, house Chelmsford, opp. 

Devno Peter, carpenter, house Chambers 

Devoll Andrew J. {J. T. Billings Co.), ink manufacturer, 
Bridge, corner River, Centralville, house 221 Central 
Dewar David, weaver, boards 28 Walnut 
Dewhurst James K. Mrs. house 340 Central 
Dewhurst William, Massachusetts corporation, boards 67 Fayette 
Dewhurst William, blacksmith, house 12 Hale 
Dexter Edwin S. carpenter, house 39 Branch 
Dexter Solomon K. grocer, 113 Thorndike, h. Auburn, cor. Linden 
Dick Peter, dry goods, 19 Market, house do. 

Dickenson Barney P. woolsorter, house 1 Faulkner’s block 
Dickerman Alphonzo T. bookkeeper, 27 Central, boards 48 Elm 
Dickerman George M. machinist, boards 17 Cady 
Dickey Adams F. watchman, boards 43 Prescott corporation 
Dickey Benjamin M. weaver, house 43 Prescott corporation 
Dickey Hanover, physician, 15 Hurd, house do. 

Dickey Robert M. carpenter, house 12 S. Highland 

Dickey Sarah Mrs. boards 10 Tremont corporation 

Dike Morrill H. machinist, house 2 Oak 

Dillingham Artemas, millwright, house Bridge, near Fifth 

Dillingham Edward D. blacksmith, 163 Central, house 10 Auburn 

Dillingham Paul Mrs. house Elm, near Sixth, Centralville 

Dillion Julia A. widow, boards 13 Tremont corporation 

Dillon David, laborer, house 179 Lawrence 

Dillon Thomas, at Lowell Machine Shop, house 27 Keene 

Dimock Dwight L. clerk, 88 Market, boards 11 Warren 

Dingly William A. boards 36 Tremont corporation 

Dingly William T. overseer, Tremont corporation, house 36 do. • 

Dinnay Patrick, operative, house Tyler’s block, Centralville 

Dinsmore Frank H. printer, 21 Central, boards 65 Charles 

Dinsmore George P. painter, boards 79 Merrimack corporation 

Dinsmore James H. house Walker, corner Broadway 

Dinsmore Robins, editor, house Charles, near corner Central 

Dinsmore, see Densmore 

Ditson Reuben H. operative, house 16 Market 

Divine Philip, moulder, house rear 21 Dummer 

Dix Daniel, carder, Merrimack corporation, house 49 do. 

Dixon John, painter, house Gray’s place 

Taunton Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, &. Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Poston. 



Dobans Michael, peddler, house 4 Merrill [Cushing 

Dobbins George R. boilermaker, Lowell-street Boiler Works, h. 61 
Dobbins ( William ) & Crawford {John «/.), boiler manufacturers, 
Dutton, house Hampshire, corner Dover, Centralville 
Dobson Thomas, weaver, house 50 Tyler 
Dockery Patrick, laborer, house rear 40 Appleton 
Dodge Agnes, widow, boards 1 George • 

Dodge Charles H. dyer, boards 18 Warren 
Dodge Charles W. Mrs. house 27 Chapel 
Dodge Edward P. carpenter, house rear 52 Stackpole 
Dodge Eliza Mrs. house 38 Boott corporation 
Dodge Eveline Miss, house 5 Willow 

Dodge Fidelia 0. Mrs. principal Colburn School, house 18 Tyler 

Dodge Henry, painter, house 17 Suffolk corporation 

Dodge Joseph M. Mrs. house 87 Church 

Dodge Luke C. junkdealer, 55 Dutton, house 52 High 

Dodge Lucius H. clerk, 10 Middle, boards 18 Tyler 

Dodge Newton, tanner, house 6 Race 

Doe Lydia, widow, house 34 Fayette 

Doe William K. carpenter, house 166 Merrimack corporation 

Doherty Andrew, laborer, house Front, Centralville 

Doherty Ann, widow, house 8 Theatre block 

Doherty Bridget, widow, boards 2 William 

Doherty Charles, at Hubbard & Blake’s, house 45 Gorham 

Doherty Edward, blacksmith, house 53 West Union 

Doherty Henry, watchman, boards 115 Merrimack corporation 

Doherty James, bobbinraaker, house 8 Theatre block 

Doherty John, laborer, house 49 Middle 

Doherty John, laborer, house Water, near Andover 

Doherty John, laborer, house 2 Green 

Doherty John, bobbinmaker, Mechanics Mills, boards Lowell 

Doherty Mary, widow, house 12 William 

Doherty Michael, operative, L. M. S. house 22 Green 

Doherty Patrick, currier, house 20 Winter 

Doherty Stephen, laborer, house 33 Worthen 

Doherty, see Dougherty 

Dolan David, laborer, house 237 Gorham 

Dolan Edward, laborer, house 14 Winter 

Dolan James, grocer, 83 East Merrimack, house 15 High 

Dolan James, operative, boards 52 Massachusetts corporation 

Dolan John, laborer, house 22 Green 

Dolan John, laborer, house 25 Davidson 

Dolan Michael, laborer, house 20 Green 

Dolan Patrick, laborer, house 7 High 

Dolan Patrick, machinist, 235 Middlesex 

Dolan Sarah A. widow, boards 41 Fletcher 

Dolan Terrence, bleachery, house 5 Livingston 

Dolan Thomas, milkman, house 18 Lewis 

Xorth Am. Fire Ins. Co., Hartford, Ct. Capital and Surplus, over 
$100,000. G. F. Hunt <fc Co., Agents, 28 Central St. (See p. 344.) 


Dolan Thomas, marbleworker, 165 Middlesex, h. Gorham, cor. West 

Dolan Thomas, dyer, house 56 River, Centralville 

Dolan Timothy, bleachery, house 237 Gorham 

Dolby William H. teacher, hoards 43 Lawrence corporation 

Dole Thomas, wheelwright, 128 Middlesex, house 44 Howard 

Dole William T. clerk, 113 Thorndike, hoards 44 Howard 

Dollard James, peddler, house 13 Davis 

Dolloff Horatio C. clerk, Central House, hoards do. 

Dolloff John H. watchman, boards 46 Charles 
Dolloff Orrin, driver, hoards 33 High 
Dolloff William P. carpenter, house 33 High 
Donaghue Charles A. operative, house 20 Broadway 
Donaghue David, Middlesex, hoards 6 Prescott corporation 
Donahoe Bridget, house rear 115 Market 
Donahoe Daniel, laborer, house 53 West Union 
Donahoe James, grocer, 66 Gorham, house West Union 
Donahoe James, spinner, hoards 2 Reed’s court 
Donahoe James, baker, house 57 Common. 

Donahoe John, boltmaker, house 5 Swift 

Donahoe John, colorer, house 147 Lowell 

Donahoe John, loomfixer, house 73 River, Centralville 

Donahoe John, laborer, house 14 Keene 

Donahoe John, laborer, house 92 Suffolk 

Donahoe John, machinist, boards 119 Central 

Donahoe John, spinner, boards 14 Keene 

Donahoe Mary, widow, house 85 Charles 

Donahoe Michael, operative, house 132 Lawrence 

Donahoe Michael, laborer, Gas Works, house 57 Common 

Donahoe Michael, farmer, house Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 

Donahoe Patrick, washer at H. 0. Morse’s, boards 146 Suffolk 

Donahoe Patrick, at American Bolt Co.’s, house 350 Central 

Donahoe Patrick, laborer, Gas Works, house 55 Common 

Donahoe Patrick, operative, boards 132 Lawrence 

Donahoe Patrick, hostler, house 146 Suffolk 

Donahoe Patrick, laborer, house 3 Theatre block, Lowell 

Donahoe Patrick, jr. farmer, boards Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 

Donahoe Thomas, laborer, house Coburn, Centralville 

Donahoe Thomas, spinner, house 162 Gorham 

Donahue Charles, moulder, Willie, corner Dutton 

Donavan Dennis, boards 6 South 

Donlan James P. fireman, house 102 Merrimack corporation 
Donlan Michael, fireman, house 103 Merrimack corporation 
Donlon Thomas, wiredresser, house rear 19 Summer 
Donnell Ellen, widow, boards 36 Boott corporation 
Donnelly Ann, widow, house 4 Chapel 
Donnelly David, woolsorter, boards 21 Lee 
Donnelly Edward, Hamilton corp. house 21 Winter 

BOSTON DIRECTORY, Published aimually by Sampson, Daven- 
port, &. Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St. Boston. 



Donnelly Edward, machinist, house 21 Lee 
Donnelly James, laborer, house 102 Merrimack corporation 
Donnelly John, boots and shoes, 7 Canal block, bds. 81 Summer 
Donnelly John J. blacksmith, 285 Merrimack, bds. 23 Mass. corp. 
Donnelly Joseph, painter, house 63 River, Centralville 
Donnelly Margaret Mrs. house 26 Winter 
Donnelly Mary, widow, house 21 Lee 
Donnelly Michael, tailor, 74 Market, boards do. 

Donnelly Michael, fireman, house 103 Merrimack corporation 

Donnelly Owen, weigher, house 18 Summer 

Donnelly Patrick, laborer, house 38 Crosby 

Donoghue Patrick, laborer, Gas Works, house 55 Common 

Donovan Bridget, widow, house 97 Adams 

Donovan Catharine, widow, house 17 Market 

Donovan Daniel, Merrimack corporation, house 1 Dummer 

Donovan Daniel, laborer, house 96 Adams 

Donovan Dennis, laborer, house 50 Fenwick 

Donovan Ellen Miss, house rear 17 Dummer 

Donovan Jeremiah Mrs. house 85 Salem 

Donovan Jeremiah, laborer, house Fenwick 

Donovan Jeremiah, laborer, at Gas Works 

Donovan Jeremiah, laborer, rear 9 Jefferson 

Donovan Jeremiah, laborer, Willie, cor. Dutton, house 45 Adams 

Donovan Jeremiah J. eordmaker, 96 Middle 

Donovan John, laborer, house 118 Suffolk 

Donovan John, house 3 McCarry’s court 

Donovan John J. (Zb Gove S? Co.), 227 Central, bds. 17 Market 
Donovan Mary A. millinery, 17 Market, house do. 

Donovan Matthew, painter, 75 Market, bouse 289 Central 
Donovan Patrick, operative, house 30 Lewis [hoe’s court 

Donovan Richard, flagman B. & L. R. R., Middlesex, house Dono- 
Donovan Timothy, laborer, freight depot, house Fenwick, near 

Donovan Timothy, moulder, house 24 Broadway 

Donovan William, teamster, bouse Fletcher, corner Broadway 

Donovan William C. hairdresser, 12 Central, boards 111 do. 

Donovan William E. hairdresser, boards 9 Central 

Doolan James, laborer, house 26 Fenwick 

Dooley Edward, boots and shoes, 337 Central, house do. 

Dooley Robert, blockprinter, house Crosby, 2d cottage 
Doonan — Mrs. house 22 Broadway 
Dorathy John, operative, boards 7 Warren 

Doris C. A. & M. A. millinery, 122 Merrimack, boards 20 Adams 
Doris M. A. (C. A. Sr M. A. D.) 122 Merrimack, boards 20 Adams 
Doris William Mrs. house 20 Adams 

Doris William D. machinist, Mechanics Mills, house 20 Adams 
Dorcey Richard, tea dealer, house 1 Coburn, Centralville 
Dority Mary H. widow, boards 82 Moody 

Business that can't afford Insurance is too poor to follow. Wis- 
dom, Prudence, Experience, all say. Insure at once. (See page 344.) 



Dorr William H. machinist, house rear 888 Middlesex 
Dorrity Ann, widow, house 8 Maiden lane 

Doten Lucius H. stonecutter, School, corner Boston and Lowell 
Railroad crossing, boards 1 Lagrange court 
Doton Elizabeth, widow, boards First, corner Read, Centralville 
Dougherty John, police, house 49 West Union 
Dougherty John, soapmaker, house Kemp, corner Wilder 
Dougherty Stephen, laborer, house 33 Worthen 
Douglass Erastus, house Worthen, corner Mechanic 
Douglass Francis, laborer, house 16 Winter 
Douglass John, spinner, house 7 Boott corporation 
Douglass Neil, operative, house 21 E. Merrimack 
Douglass Samuel, carpenter, 23 Middle, house 85 Broadway 
Douglass Thomas G. mason, house 41 Adams 
Doulan Thomas, house 18 Lewis 
Dow A. F. fish and oysters, 310 Merrimack, house do. 

Dow Charles, moulder, house 83 Lowell 
Dow Charles, overseer, Lowell, house 301 Middlesex 
Dow Charles E. boilermaker, Dobbins & Crawford’s, house 265 

Dow David, clerk, 310 Merrimack, boards do. 

Dow Frank B. clerk, 136 Central, boards 49 Charles 
Dow George W. blacksmith, boards 166 Central 
Dow Goodrich Q. clerk, 134 Merrimack, boards 343 do. 

Dow John D. carpenter, 75 Market, house 49 Charles 
Dow Joshua, jr 187 Middlesex, house 17 Thorndike 
Dow Thomas E. carpenter, Mechanics Mills, Dutton, house 12 
Third, Centralville 

Dowd Charles, stonecutter, boards 3 Pearl 
Dowd John, laborer, house Maiden lane 
Dowd John, stonecutter, boards 3 Pearl 
Dowling Ellen, widow, house 185 Gorham 
Dowling Jane, widow, house 3 East Merrimack 
Dowling John, house 185 Gorham 

Dowling Thomas S. Mrs. house 13 Massachusetts corporation 
Downing Edward C. woolsorter, boards 15 Auburn 
Downing Edwin, painter, boards Lawson, near School 
Downing Edwin T. clerk, 68 Middlesex, bds. Broadway, n. Adams 
Downing Jonathan, painter, house Lawson, near School 
Downing Julia, widow, house 75 Lowell 
Downing Moses G. carpenter, house 83 Broadway 
Downing Thomas, carpenter, house Broadway, corner Adams 
Downing William, machinist, boards Broadway, near Adams 
Downs Almira Miss, boarding-house, 26 Appleton corporation 
Downs Horatio B. carpenter, Hamilton corporation, house 47 do. 
Downs John E. contractor, L. M. S. house Walker, corner Kemp 
Downs Samuel P. Mrs. house rear 245 Merrimack 

New-En^laud Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, «fc 
Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Dows Amos W. apothecary and botanic medicines, 185 Cen- 
tral, house do. [chanic 

Dows Benjamin W. clerk, Merrimack, cor. Worthen, bds. 69 Me- 
Dows Betsey, widow, house 9 Merrill’s court 
Dowse John, botanic physician, house 09 L. M. S. corporation 
Dowzer William Mrs. house 99 E. Merrimack 
Doyle Daniel, stripper, house 5 John-street avenue 
Doyle George, Appleton corporation, boards 17 Appleton 
Doyle John, blacksmith, boards 72 L. M. S. corporation 
Doyle John, laborer, house Molloy’s court 
Doyle John, laborer, house 7 Dempsey’s yard 
Doyle John, laborer, house rear 20 Summer 
Doyle John, wood piler, house River, above Front, Centralville 
Doyle John, at Chemical Works, Pawtucket, house rear 7 Salem 
Doyle John, shoemaker, boards 12 Lowell 
Doyle Lawrence, at bleachery, house rear 17 Union 
Doyle Margaret, widow, house rear 29 Hanover 
Doyle Michael, teamster, house 62 South 
Doyle Moses, tailor, house 58 South 
Doyle Patrick, slater, house 4 Pearl 
Doyle John B. laborer, house 15 William 
Doyle William, spinner, house 56 Church 
Dozois Alfred, grinder, Lawrence, boards 24 Cabot 
Dozois Charles, operator, house 9 Cabot 
Dozois John B. provisions, 3 Salem, house 24 Cabot 
Drach Joseph, blacksmith, house 8 Spring 

Drake Alfred, machine wool-comb and hackle and gill pins manu- 
facturer, Whipple’s Mills, boards 254 Central 
Drake Harriet, widow, house 22 Cabot 
Drake Mary, widow, house rear 115 Market 
Drake Samuel, spinner, 7 Thorndike, house rear 115 Market 
Drake William, wheelwright, 163 Central, boards 252 do. 

Draper Joseph, hackman, house 29 Suffolk corporation 
Draper Joshua L. carpenter, house 112 Middlesex 
Draper Margaret, widow, house 4 Pearl 

Dresser Henry W. house School, corner Liberty [Liberty 

Dresser Rosina R. Mrs. dressmaker, 75 Central, bds. School, cor. 
Dresser Samuel F. Mrs. boards Wamesit House 
Dresser Samuel T. proprietor Wamesit House, 187 Middlesex 
Drew Charles E. blacksmith, boards River road, Dracut 
Drew Charles E. carpenter, Boott corporation, house 17 do. 

Drew ( Charles iP.), Taft ( Nelson F.), & Welch ( Ezra B.), dry 
goods, 126 Merrimack, house 5 Willow 
Drew C. S. Mrs. house 149 Moody 

Drew Henry C. dry goods, 123 Central, h. Stackpole, cor. Alder 
Drew Holman H. cabinet maker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 166 

Drew Holman H. Mrs. dressmaker, 168 Central 

Narragansett Fire & Marine Ins. Co., Prov., R.I. Cap., $500,- 
000. Policies written by G. F. Hunt <fc Co., Agts., 38 Central St. 

7 * 



Drew James B. Rev. house 4 Ash 

Drew John (J. H. Drew fy Co.), house River road, Dracut 
Drew JohnB. confectioner, 3 Appleton block, boards 40 Charles 
Drew Jesse H. & Co. (John Drew), blacksmiths, Pawtucket 
bridge, Dracut 

Drew Mary S. widow, house 55 Lawrence corporation 
Drew M. machinist, 237 Middlesex, boards Lawrence corporation 
Drew Pamelia S. widow, house rear 11 Cady 
Drew Reuben W. house 143 Fletcher 
Drew Silas S. (Boston), boards 74 Appleton 
Dreyfus Jacob (Lederer Sr Dreyfus), furnishing goods, 5 Appleton 
block, house at Boston 

Driscoll Cornelius, at Gas House, house 16 Dummer 

Driscoll Daniel, laborer, house 1 Cummiskey’s alley 

Driscoll Daniel, laborer, house Union court 

Driscoll Daniel, laborer, house rear 347 Merrimack 

Driscoll Daniel, woodsawyer, house 100 Lowell 

Driscoll Daniel, operative, boards 1 George 

Driscoll Dennis, carpet-weaver, house 7 Kidder 

Driscoll James, carpet-weaver, house 13 Cedar 

Driscoll Jeremiah, laborer, house Marion, corner Broadway 

Driscoll Thomas, house 45 Adams 

Driver James, spinner, house 28 Water 

Driver John, finisher, house 294 Central 

Drown Amos B. mason, house 107 Appleton 

Drown John, wheelwright, 163 Central, house 298 do. 

Drown Joseph, at American Bolt Co.’s, boards 298 Central 
Drum James, fireman, house 3 Brown’s court, Centralville 
Drum Patrick, mulespinner, house 66 River, Centralville 
Drury Linus D. clerk, Merrimack, cor. Suffolk, bds. 140 Fletcher 
Drury Patrick, helper, Lowell-street Boiler Works 
Drury Thomas, variety store, 77 Charles, house do. 

Duckies Thomas, carpenter, 9 Fourth, Centralville 
Duckworth James, Merrimack P.' W. boards 63 Merrimack corp. 
Ducy Patrick, mason, house Fletcher, near Cross 
Ducy Thomas, locks and canals, house Broadway, uear Suffolk 
Ducy Thomas, laborer, house 6 Wall 
Dudley Albion J. at Stott’s Mills, house 7 Everett 
Dudley Charles E. clerk, A. L. Waite & Co.’s, boards Chelmsford, 
near Parker 

Dudley Dennison, travelling agent, house 192 Central 
Dudley Edward L. shoemaker, 160 Middlesex, bds. 5 Chelmsford 
Dudley George, wire-worker, house 32 Prescott corporation 
Dudley George W. carpenter, house 62 Broadway 
Dudley Josiah P. carpenter, house Lincoln, corner Chelmsford 
Dudley Ward S. carpenter, house 7 South Franklin court 
Dudley William C. engineer, Mechanics Mills, house 20 Franklin 
Duff John, grocer, 15 River, Centralville, house do. 

Nevv-Yorlt State Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & 
Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Duff Stennis, blacksmith, house 1 Green 

Duffy James, laborer, house 6 Pearl 

Duffy James, machinist, house 9 Molloy’s court 

Duffy James, carpenter, house 10 Cross 

Duffy John, laborer, house rear 30 Fayette 

Duffy John, cardstripper, boards 31 North 

Duffy Michael, laborer, house 31 North 

Duffy Michael Mrs. house rear 18 Winter 

Duffy Patrick, dresser, boards 4 Massachusetts corporation 

Duffy Peter, Massachusetts corporation, boards 8 Prescott corp. 

Duffy Thomas, house 9 Molloy’s court 

Duffy William, house rear 39 Fayette 

Duffy William, operative, house 15 Hurd 

Dufresne Joseph, laborer, house 129 Middlesex 

Dufur Raymond, clerk, 232 Merrimack, boards do. 

Dufur Moses ( Hutchins § 2L), clothing, 232 Merrimack, h. do. 
Dugan Patrick, laborer, house 28 Howard’s avenue 
Dugan Peter, loom-fixer, house 75 Lowell 
Dugdale Edward, overseer, house Lawrence, near Chase’s Mills 
Dugdale James, worsted and braid manufacturer, Whipple’s Mills, 
house 74 Lawrence 

Dugdale John T. woolsorter, Chase’s, house 31 Wamesit 
Dugdele William, machinist, house 63 Boott corporation 
Duhig Jeremiah, laborer at Gas Works, house 2 Cross 
Duke Max, weaver, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Dulagan Charles, laborer, bouse 335 Central 
Dulhanty Joseph, laborer, house 49 East Merrimack 
Dumas Levi, bookbinder, 37 Merrimack, house 13 Ash 
Dummer Edward, machinist, boards 120 Merrimack 
Humphrey James, machinist, house 71 Mechanic 
Duncan John G. Mrs. house 94 Merrimack corporation 
Duncan Mary C. widow, house Coburn [110 Appleton 

Duncan William W. apothecary, Wamesit Bank building, boards 
• Dunfay Matthew Mrs. house 84 Lowell 

Dunigan John, currier, Willie, corner Broadway, house 34 Common. 
Dunklee Alzina Mrs. house 25 Appleton corporation 
Dunlap Andrew, cabinet maker, house 6 Ford 
Dunlap Ira W. finisher, house 15 Bleachery 
Dunlavy George, laborer, house 26 Adams 
Dunlavy James, laborer, house 53 Fenwick 
Dunlavy John, operative, house 115 Lowell 
Dunlavy Nancy, house 10 Adams 
Dunn Anna, widow, boards 4 Boott corporation 
Dunn Bernard, laborer, house 66 Adams 
Dunn Edward Mrs., house 53 Lowell 
Dunn Frank, shoemaker, house Front, Centralville 
Dunn Jerry, moulder, Willie, corner Dutton, boards 41 Lowell 
Machine Shop corporation 

Fire, Marine, &, Inland Insurance effected through the Security of 
A'.Y. and Narragansett Ins. Cos., by Geo. F. Hunt & Co., Agents- 



Dunn John, currier, house 4 Wamesit court 
Dunn Mary, widow, house rear 18 William 
Dunn Mathew, moulder, house 58 Lowell 
Dunn Michael, carder, house 18 Railroad alley 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, house rear 91 Gorham 
Dunn Sarah, widow, house 18 Railroad alley 
Dunn William, machinist, house 14 Little 

Dupee Job W. machinist, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 38 Marion 
Dunphy Bridget Mrs. house 206 Central 
Duprey Joseph, laborer, house 293 Middlesex 
Dupuy Peter A. L. clerk, 138 Merrimack, house 7 Cabot 
Duquet Edward, teacher French, boards 21 Kirk 
Durant A. M. clerk 44^ Meirimack, house Fourth, corner Read, 
Central ville 

Durant Ann M. Mrs. boarding-house, 50 Moody 

Durant Charles W. jr. engraver, 25 Central, bds. 43 Boott corp. 

Durant Charles W. boards 14 High 

Durant {George), & Simonds {Thomas), wood aud coal, 6 
Middlesex, house 41 Chapel 
Durant John, sawyer, 6 Middlesex, boards do. 

Durell Abbie M. boards 6 Appleton corporation 
Durgin A. F. clerk, Merrimack House, boards do. 

Durgin Cyrus W. clerk, 5 Prescott block, house 75 Bridge, 

Durgin John H. jr. machine printer, house 149 Merrimack corp. 
Durgin Marshall A. cabinet maker, house 39 Branch 
Durham Michael, laborer, house 15 East Merrimack 
Durning Thomas, house 99 Gorham 
Durning Thomas, laborer, house 51 Market 
Durrell Frank, watchman, boards 12 Hamilton corporation 
Durrell Laura J. widow, house 55 Massachusetts corporation 
Durrell Marcellus, dresser, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Durrell Moses, fireman, Boott corporation, boards 44 do. 

Durrell Stillman R. teamster, boards 33 Hamilton corporation 

Duston Harlow, tinworker, 12 Merrimack, boards 50 Mass. corp. 

Dutton George W. carpenter, Merrimack corporation, house 54 do. 

Dutton Samuel S. house 16 Appleton corporation 

Duval Louis, laborer, house 88 Moody 

Dwelley Susan E. boards 23 Appleton corporation 

Dwinell Charles S. house Linden, corner Auburn 

Dwinell John F. agent, house 73 High 

Dwyar John, tanner, boards 1 Moore 

Dwyar Michael, wire-polisher, house 5 Lawrence 

Dwyer Daniel, boat-builder, boards 4 Little 

Dwyer John, laborer, house 2 Union court 

Dwyer William Mrs. house 12 Floyd 

Dyar Warren H. house 8 Chapel 

Dyke Elijah J. Mass. corp. house rear 105 East Merrimack 
Dyson George, spinner, boards 84 High 

Albany Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



EACOTT ELIZABETH, widow, house 93 Moody 
Eacott Mathew, provisions, Bridge, near Second, Centralville, house 
6 Third, do. 

Eacott William, grocer, 28 Water, house 30 do. 

Eaglesham Juliette A. widow, boards 2 Highland 
Eames A. Henry, currier, boards 105 Thorndike 
Eames Luther Mrs. house 105 Thorndike [111 Gorham 

Eames Luther J. ( Abbott fy J%.), dry-goods, 132 Merrimack, house 
Eapes Christopher, laborer, house rear 13 Jefferson 
Earl John, spinner, house rear 25 Middle 
Earl J. P. Miss, house 3 Read, Centralville 
Earl William D. ( Boston ), boards 53 Pawtucket 
Earle James, laborer, house 6 South 
Earle Sarah Miss, house 3 Read, Centralville 
Early James, operative, house 14 Mill 
Early Martin, house 11 Fenwick 
Earnshaw Robert, loomfixer, house 5 Lagrange court 
Easter Richard, weaver, boards 40 Boott corporation 
Eastman Adelia, house 25 Appleton corporation 
Eastman Alice, widow, house 10 Market [School 

Eastman Alphonso, machinist, 237 Middlesex, boards rear 124 
Eastman Asa B. M. carpenter, house 112 Middlesex 
Eastman Benjamin, carpenter, house 9 Race 
Eastman Charles J. painter, house 64 Massachusetts corporation 
Eastman Charles W. L. contractor Lowell Machine Shop, boards 6 
Merrimack corporation 

Eastman Daniel, variety store, 11 Merrimack, h. Paige, n. Bridge 

Eastman Edmund, machinist, house rear 124 School [Liberty 

Eastman Enoch, watchman at A. L. Brook’s, house School, corner 

Eastman Ezekiel W. house 10 High-street square 

Eastman George F. painter, house 53 Howard 

Eastman George M. carpenter, house 27 Suffolk corporation 

Eastman George W. clerk, 28 Central, boards 10 High-st. square 

Eastman Isaac C. house 28 Appleton 

Eastman James D. bobbinmaker, house 3 Middlesex place 

Eastman John C., Prescott corporation, house 20 Prescott 

Eastman Philip II. machinist, house 27 Kirk 

Eastman Sarah, widow, house 23 Common 

Eastman Sarah Ann, house 23 Common 

Eastman Susan F. boarding-house, 27 Suffolk corporation 

Eastman William A. machinist, house 27 Kirk 

Easton James, boards 19 Tremont corporation 

Eaton Abial Mrs. variety store, 288 Merrimack, house do. 

Eaton Alvin, pattern-maker, house 125 Cross [Centralville 

Eaton Asa B. photographer, 15 Barristers’ Hall, house 23 Third, 
Eaton Charles H. machinist, boards 125 Cross 
Eaton Charles W. bookkeeper ( Boston ), house 7 Favor 
Eaton Daniel A. variety store, 3 Merrimack, house 26 Cady 

Middlesex Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Concord, Mass. Inc. 1826. A pop- 
ular dividend- paying Co. G. F. Hunt <fc Co., Agents. (See p. 344.) 



Eaton Daniel C. bookkeeper, 28 Middle, house 81 Cross 
Eaton Frances, widow, house 383 Merrimack 
Eaton George, shoemaker, house 8 Chestnut 
Eaton Geo. W. tanner and currier, Willie, c. Broadway, house do. 
Eaton Horace L. moulder, house 22 Clay [Appleton 

Eaton Jeremiah B. carriage manufacturer, 128 Middlesex, house 74 
Eaton Job S. grocer, 368 Merrimack, house 24 Common 
Eaton John, carpenter, house 6 Simpson’s block 
Eaton Boswell G. dentist, 5 Savings Bank building, boards 23 
Third, Centralville [12 Hurd 

Eaton S. B. Mrs. bookseller and stationer, 40 Merrimack, boards 
Eaton Samuel C. pop-corn dealer, house 107 Howard 
Eaton Simeon, painter, boards 51 Massachusetts corporation 
Eaton Willis G. foreman paper department, Lowell Machine Shop, 
house 7 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Eaton Worcester, provisions, 366 Merrimack, house 81 Salem 
Edds Jeremiah L. painter, house 17 Lee 
Edds Judith A. widow, house 17 Lee 
Edgcomb Elisha, teamster, house 1 Waraesit court 
Edgell Levi ( Lowell Card Co .), 96 Middle, bds. 41 Prescott corp. 
Edgell William, machinist, house 41 Prescott corporation 
Edgerley Samuel, boards 50 Chapel . * 

Edmonds George B. ( Vinton S \ Edmonds ), spectacle manufacturer, 
Mechauics Mills, house Willie, near Rock 
Edson Charles M. E. house 58 Broadway [cor. Kirk 

Edson Theodore Rev. rector St. Aune’s Church, house Merrimack, 
Edson William P. woolsorter, boards 13 L. M. S. corporation 
Edwards Benjamin ( Litchfield , Edwards , $ Co .), 127 Market, 
house 64 Hale 

Edwards Elbridge, boards Aldrich’s block, Appleton 
Edwards George C. house 34 Howard 
Edwards Ivory Mrs. boards 33 Smith, corner Westford 
Edwards Jabez, overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 27 do. 
Edwards William, moulder, house Aldrich’s block, Appleton 
Edwards William P. moulder, Willie, corner Dutton 

Edwards , cutter, house 53 Lawrence corporation 

Egan James, Middlesex, house 4 Carolin’s block, Fayette 
Egan Joanna, widow, house 4 Carolin’s block, Fayette 
Egan Patrick, laborer, house 45 Chapel 

Egan Patrick, jr. laborer, boards 45 Chapel [44 Adams 

Egan ( Patrick ) & Bent ( Wm. AT), counsellors, 56 Central, boards 
Egan Thomas, gardener, house 44 Adams 
Egan Thomas, turner, house Mount Vernon, near Liberty 
Ela Horace (A. D. Puffer Sr Co.), grocer, 32 Middlesex, house 
96 Gorham 

Ela Theodore, book agent, house 96 Gorham 

Elder Frederick E. carpenter, house 86 Church 

Eldridge L. B. Mrs. saleswoman, 48 Merrimack, boards 2 Tyler 

Troy Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, &. Co. (formerly 
Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Eldridge Joshua S. painter, house 2 Tyler 
Elkins Hiram W. roll-coverer, house 57 East Merrimack 
Elkins James N. student, boards 27 Third, Centralville 
Elkins William R. watchman, Massachusetts, boards 73 Fayette 
Ellenwood Gayton P. blacksmith, house 108 East Merrimack 
Ellen wood George R. machinist, boards 108 East Merrimack 
Elliott Edmund, variety store, 1 Tilden, house do. 

Elliott Elmira, widow, house 123 East Merrimack 
Elliott Esther Mrs. house Broadway, near Guard Locks 
Elliott George M. ( George F. Hunt § Co.), insurance agent, 28 
Central, house 1 Perrin 

Elliott Hannah M. boarding-house, 4 Appleton corporation 
Elliott Jane C. Mrs. millinery, 99 Merrimack, house Methuen, 

Elliott John P. bleachery, house 29 Chapel 

Elliott Richard A. clerk, 48 Merrimack, bds. Methuen, Centralville 
Elliott Thomas H. carpenter, boards Broadway, near Guard Locks 
Ellis John, operative, boards Lawrence Chase’s boarding-house 
Ellis Joseph, machine combmaker, boards 51 Massachusetts corp. 
Ells Hannah E. widow, house 341 Merrimack 
Ellwood Mark, shoemaker, boards 3 Hamilton corporation 
Elmore Owen, at bleachery, house 37 Bleachery 
Elyin Charles, weaver, house Parker’s block, Centralville 
Elwell Mary E. boarding-house, 26 Massachusetts corporation 
Elwell Tempest, overseer Bunton Mills, h. 110 River, Centralville 
Ely Joseph H. (J. G. Ayer § Co.), medicines, &c. 103 Market, 
house 10 Stackpole 

Emerald J. R. eating-house, 143 Central, house do. 

Emerson Alvin, overseer bleachery, house Gorham, opp. F. Ground 
Emerson Archibald, carpenter, house rear 27 Cedar 
Emerson Arthur L. clerk, 18 Central, boards 45 Andover 
Emerson Charles F. clerk, 32 Middlesex, boards 61 Church 
Emerson Charles L. boaids 64 Andover [32 Chestnut 

Emerson Cyrus B. baggage-master, Merrimack street depot, house 
Emerson Daniel, mason, house 584 Fayette 
Emerson David, jr. overseer Lawrence corporation, house 82 do. 
Emerson David G. cigar manufacturer, 128 Suffolk, h. 8 Decatur 
Emerson Edgar A. bleachery, boards Gorham, opp. Fair Ground 
Emerson George, moulder, Willie, corner Dutton 
Emerson George A. student, boards 45 Andover 
Emerson Henry C. tea-dealer, house 34 Wentworth’s block 
Emerson James, clerk, house 162 Moody 
Emerson John D. painter, house 45 Andover 
Emerson Luther, grocer, 8 East Merrimack, house 64 Andover 
Emerson Mary, widow, boards Gorham, opposite Fair Ground 
Emerson Moses C. operative, house 129 Moody [street square 
Emerson Moses W. photographist, 89 Merrimack, house 1 High- 
Emerson Nathan, painter, 43 East Merrimack, house 18 Clay 

Geo. F. Hunt & Co. are assents for tlie Connecticut Mutual Life 
Ins. Co. For full particulars, see pages 344 and 345, 



Emerson Philip H. thread store, 69 Merrimack, house 67 do. 
Emerson Warren, house 11 Warren 
Emerson Warren A. boards 11 Warren 
Emerson William R. cigar maker, house 144 Jackson 
Emerson William R. Mrs. dressmaker, 144 Jackson, house do. 
Emery Almoran H. carpenter, Fletcher, near Whitney, house 1 
Morse’s lane 

Emery Alonzo, "clerk, 31 Middlesex, boards 111 Central 
Emery F. H. waiter, 21 Merrimack, boards 5 Mass, corporation 
Emery George, hackman, house 1 Suffolk corporation 
Emery Henry, proprietor Merrimack House, Merrimack, c. Dutton 
Emery Lewis F. baggage master. Northern depot, h. 52 Appleton 
Emery Lendal B. ( Piper fy Emery), grocer, Pawtucket bridge, 
house River road, do. 

Emery Stillman S. carpenter, house 64 Moody 
Emery William H. boards Merrimack House 
Emmons Benjamin, boot-maker, at 14 Middle, house Hildreth, near 
City line, Centralville 

Emmons Corryden, box-maker, boards 34 Suffolk 

Emmons Henry E. weaver, boards 44 Lawrence corporation 

Emmott George, tinsmith, 118 Central, boards 13 Paige 

Emmott George J. clerk, boards Hale, near Railroad 

Emmott James, engraver, Hamilton, house 190 Central 

Emmott Mary Mrs. house Hale, near Railroad 

Emmott Theodore W. clerk, boards Hale, near Railroad 

Emory Justin T. bobbin-maker, house 5 Evans block, Railroad 

Engel John, machinist, house 20 Appleton corporation 

England James P. machinist, house Whippleville, near Lawrence 

Ene George, operative, Lawrence, boards 43 Lawrence corporation 

Eno Joseph, laborer, house 266 Middlesex 

Eno Peter, lumberman, house 3 Shaw’s block. East Pine 

Eno Teddy, laborer, house East Pine, near Carlton 

Eno William F. overseer, Massachusetts Mills, boards 19 Kirk 

Enright James F. carpenter, boards 18 Willie avenue 

Enright Margaret Mrs. house 18 Willie avenue 

Enright Mary, widow, boards 87 Charles 

Enright Michael, laborer, house 87 Charles 

Enright Thomas, laborer, house 1 Fenwick 

Enright, see Henright 

Erdis James, carder, house rear 116 Market 

Erskine Charles M. clerk, 27 Central, boards 62 Andover 

Erskine Clara C. house 408 Merrimack 

Erskine David M. Mrs. house 62 Andover 

Erskine Hannah, widow, house 408 Merrimack 

Estes George, overseer carder, house 1 Appleton corporation 

Estabrook Frank, machinist, boards 23 Race 

Estabrook William H. dresser, boards 148 Suffolk 

Esty Asa Frank, policeman, house 101 Howard 

Providence Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Esty Samuel, operative, boards 96 Middlesex 

Evans Frederic, marble-worker, 181 Central, bds. 291 Merrimack 

Evans George E. civil engineer, boards Westford, corner Grand 

Evans James, machinist, house Mason’s court 

Evans John W. weaver, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 

Evans Joseph, foreman at Wm. Kelley’s, house Westford, c. Grand 

Evans Josiah F. Mrs. house 1 Evans block 

Evans Leonard, machinist, boards 36 Charles 

Evans Mary M. boarding-house, 1 Lowell corporation 

Evens William, variety store, 290 Merrimack, house do. 

Evison William, engraver, house 21 Chapel 

Ewan Robert, laborer, Boston & Lowell Railroad, house 46 South 

Ewing John, clerk, Lafayette House 

Ewing Samuel, peddler, house Water, corner Pond 

FAGAN JAMES, helper, Lowell-street boiler works, house 

Fagan John, spinner, boards Wamesit, near Central 
Fagan Michael, laborer, house 60 Fayette 
Fahey Andrew, laborer, house Howe, corner Davidson 
Fahey Edward, operative, boards Lawrence, near the mills 
Fahey Frank, laborer, boards Howe, corner Davidson 
Fahey Henry, laborer, boards Howe, corner Davidson 
Fahey John, American Bolt Company, house 2 Clark’s court 
Fahey Peter, laborer, boards 5 Carolin’s block, Fayette 
Fairbank Woodbury, beltmaker, house 54 Boott corporation 
Fairbrother Edward W. machinist, boards 139 Merrimack corp. 
Fairgrieve George, section hand, Lowell corporation, h. 5 Lagrange 
Fairgrieve George W. ( Offutt Sr Fairgrieve ) , furniture, 40 Mar- 
ket, boards 5 Lagrange 

Falcon Littleton, lumberman, boards 32 Willie 
Fall John, b'leachery, house 5 Livingston 
Fallon Andrew, painter, house 64 Church 
Fallon Edward, bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Fallon Michael, laborer, house 71 Gorham 
Fallon Michael, laborer, house 19 Dummer 
Fallon Michael, jr. laborer, house rear 19 Dummer 
Fallon Owen, gardener, house 195 School 

Falls Alonzo, patternmaker, house 14 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Farley Bernard, laborer, at Gas Company’s shop, house 51 Salem 

Farley H. B., Boston Express, Merrimack-street depot 

Farley James, washer, boards 37 Worthen 

Farley James H. tinsmith, house Front, Centralville 

Farley Lawrence, dyer, house 73 East Merrimack 

Farley Lawrence, clerk, 89 Market, boards do. 

Farley Michael, fireman, house 203 Middlesex 
Farley Michael, fireman, 233 Middlesex, house 7 Wall 
Farley Owen, grocer, 74 Gorham, house do. 

How to provide for tlie comfort and support of our families after 
our decease is the earnest thought of every man. (See pp. 344 & 345.) 



Farley Patrick, laborer, house rear 347 Merrimack 

Farley Terence, laborer, house 1 Howe 

Farley Thomas, finisher, house 114 East Merrimack 

Farley Thomas, spinner, boards Lawrence, near the mills 

Farmer David P. teamster, house 1 Livingston’s block, Appleton 

Farmer Noal Mrs. house 35 Salem [Willie 

Farnham George B. carpenter, 242 Middlesex, cor. Grand, h. 33 

Farnham George W. engineer, at Gas Works, house 154 School 

Farnham Jane, widow, house 26 Bridge, Centralville 

Farnham William L. carpenter, house 5 Robinson 

Farnsworth David W. overseer carder, Lawrence corp. house 9 do. 

Farnum Clarissa, widow, boards 12 Branch 

Farr Alpha B., Custom House (Boston), house 24 Stackpole 

Farr Edward H. turnkey at jail, Thorndike, boards do. 

Farr Lovey C. matron at jail, Thorndike, boards do. 

Farr Mary, widow, house 24 Stackpole 
Farrar Cyrus S. physician, house 227 Middlesex 
Farrar James, carpenter, boards 96 Middlesex 
Farrell Catharine, widow, house 2 Fulton, Centralville 
Farrell Henry, provisions, 6 Lowell, house do. 

Farrell James, cabinetmaker, rear 239 Middlesex, boards 252 do. 

Farrell John, laborer, city, house 148 Lowell 

Farrell Joseph F. ( U. S. Navy), boards 2 Fulton, Centralville 

Farrell Michael, tinsmith, 8 Jackson, boards 2 Fulton, Centralville 

Farrell Michael, laborer, house 7 Dempsey’s yard 

Farrell Owen, peddler, house 121 Lowell 

Farrell Patrick, laborer, house 152 Lowell 

Farrell Patrick, house 107 Lowell 

Farrell Peter ( California ), house 7 Huid 

Farrell Richard, machinist, boards 58 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Farrell Thomas, operative, house 12 Charles 
Farrell Thomas, boards 2 Fulton, Centralville 
Farrell William, woolsorter, house 271 Merrimack 
Farrington Amos W. clerk, 94 Central, house 5 Tyler 
Farrington Charles, carder, boards 43 Massachusetts corporation 
Farrington Daniel, carpenter, house 10 Ford 
Farrington De Witt C. agent U. S. Bunting Company, Whipple’s 
Mills, house Andover, near Tewksbury line 
Farrington Ebenezer, wood-worker, house 61 Fletcher 
Farrington Francis, laborer, house 32 Crosby 
Farrington Henry, Industrial Hall, house Central 
Farrington Henry, pressman, house 191 Central 
Farrington Isaac, propr’r Eagle Mills ( Chelmsford ), h. 12 Tyler 
Farrington Southwell, Boston and Lowell Railroad, h. 7 Tremont 
Farrington Thomas, laborer, house 3 Maiden lane 
Farrington William P. police, boards 122 Moody 
Farson Frank E. painter, 139 Middlesex, boards 52 Appleton 
Farson Fred. E. machinist, Mechanics Mills, Fletcher, boards 17 
Appleton corporation 

Charlestown Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Farson Samuel, painter, house 52 Appleton 
Farwell J. R. shoemaker, 5 Warren, house 13 Charles 
Farwell Samuel W. clerk, 185 Central, boards do. [tory block 
Faulkner Frederick ( Luther W. Faulkner fy Son), boards 1 Fac- 
Faulkner Luther W. & Son {Frederick), woollen manufacturers, 
Grove, near Lawrence, house at Billerica 
Faulkner Mary, widow, boards 42 William 

Faunce Ansel B. mason, and variety store, house 362 Merrimack 
Faunce Emma Mrs. nurse, house 6 Favor 

Faunce Thomas, machinist, boards 67 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Favor Cbauncey 0. sashmaker, house 126 Cross [Fletcher 

Favor Frank Waldo, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, b. 47 
Favor Jacob G. police, house 172 Gorham 
Favor James A. watchman, house John 

Favor Joseph B. doormaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 47 Fletcher 
Favor Nathaniel B. & Son ( N \ P. Favor), door, sash, and blind 
manufacturers, Wamesit Mills, house 81 Summer [Favor 
Favor Nathaniel P. {N. B. Favor fy Son), Wamesit Mills, h. 9 
Fay Bernard, laborer, house 196 Gorham 

Fay Frederick T. clerk, 164 Merrimack, h. 146 Merrimack corp. 

Fay Hannah, dressmaker, house 78 Lowell 

Fay Henry J. clerk, 126 Central, boards 146 Merrimack corp. 

Fay James L. engraver, house 146 Merrimack corporation 

Fay Patrick,- laborer, house 6 Wall 

Fay R. 3Irs. bonnet bleacher, 92 Merrimack, house do. 

Fay Samuel, superintendent Lowell Manufacturing Company, house 
Moody, corner Pawtucket [tralville 

Fay Thomas F. horseshoer, 285 Merrimack, house Bradley, Cen- 
Featherstone John, machinist, house 2 Hale 
Fee Thomas, laborer, house 38 Appleton 
Feeney John, cook, Merrimack House, house rear 16 Bummer 
Felbur Mary, widow, house 22 Howe 
Felch Stephen, carpenter, house 290 Middlesex 
Fellows James K., President Lowell Mutual Insurance Company, 
49 Central, house Andover, near Park 
Fellows Rufus, physician, house 20 Hurd 
Fellows Samuel, house 106 East Merrimack 
Fellows Samuel A. spindlemaker, boards 67 L. M. S. corporation 
Fellows Willis M. boards 20 Hurd 
Fenderson Charles H. machinist, boards 15 South 
Fenderson George S. machinist, boards 15 South 
Feneuf Napoleon, moulder, house rear 45 Salem 
Fenley Michael, operative, house 2 ) Adams 
Fenton William, Middlesex, house 12 Green 
Ferguson Henry, weaver, house rear 101 Gorham 
Ferguson James, laborer, house 8 Water 
Ferguson John Q., J. C. Ayer’s, house 21 Charles 
Ferguson Keziah, widow, boards 29 Prescott corporation 

Mutual Bern- lit Life Ins. Co., State Mutual Life Assurance Co. 
Worcester, Mass. G. P. Hunt &, Co., Agents. (See page 344.) 



Ferguson Levi, overseer, Lowell Manufacturing Company, house 
24 Stackpole 

Ferguson Sarah, widow, house 8 Water 

Fernald Mark, painter, house Westford, opposite Queen 

Fernald, see Furnald 

Fernley Thomas, spinner, boards 42 Boott corporation 
Ferrin Catharine Mrs. housekeeper at J. B. French’s, boards do. 
Ferrin Silas, box-maker, 233 Middlesex, house Carlton, near 

Ferris Charles W. clerk, boards 27 Massachusetts corporation 

Ferson Clarentine E. blacksmith, boards 5 Robinson 

Ferson Levi Mrs. house 5 Robinson 

Ferson Levi 0. boards 5 Robinson 

Fessenden Samuel F. currier, house Lincoln, near Main 

Field Charles, house 43 Fayette 

Field Charles M. machinist, 237 Middlesex, boards Howard House 
Field David C. G. agent Wamesit Power Company, Whipple’s 
Mills, house Hale, corner Grand 

Field David S. contractor, L. M. S. house 23 L. M. S. corporation 
Field George W. gas and steam fitting and machinist, Whipple’s 
Mills, house 2 Ford 

Field Joseph, overseer, house 1 Wamesit block 
Field Simon C. carpenter, house 122 Moody 
Field, see Fields 

Fielding David Mrs. house 7 Water 

Fielding {Henry A.) & Bartlett {George H !), hardware and agri- 
cultural warehouse, 136 Central, house 34 Lawrence 
Fielding Joseph, spinner, house 7 Merrill 

Fielding Josiah B. paperhangings and painting, 99 Central, and 1, 
3, and 4 Jackson, house 9 Elm 
Fielding Sarah, widow, house Old Ladies’ Home, 58 Moody 
Fielding Stephen K. 99 Central, house 7 Elm [block, Fayette 
Fields John, soda and mineral water, 15 Lowell, boards 7 Carolin’s 
Fields Margaret, widow, house 7 Carolin’s block, Fayette 
Fields Thomas, overseer, Middlesex Company, house 8 Wall 
Fields, see Field 

Fife Elmore R. carpenter, house 1 Oliver 
Fife Hugh, boltmaker, house 33 Keene 
Fife James, operative, boards 21 Lowell corporation 
Fife John, Hamilton, house rear 111 Market 
Fife Michael, operative, house 50 Gorham 

Fife Nelson, machinist, Broadway, cor. Mt. Vernon, bds. 1 Oliver 

Fifield Ann G. Mrs. boards 159 Central 

Fifield Joseph C. overseer, Lowell corporation, house 17 do. 

Fifield Stephen, laborer, house rear 31 Middle 
Fifield William A. carpenter, house 16 Clark 
Fifield William H. weaver, boards 44 Boott corporation 
Filand John, laborer, house 56 Dutton 

Fall River Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 4 -.7 Congress Street, Boston. 



Filene Isadore, peddler, house 23 Tremont 

Files Allen, watchman Lowell corp., house Varney, near Fletcher 

Fillmore Albert, house 3 Union 

Fillmore Amos B. machinist, boards 89 Appleton 

Fillmore Theodore, carpenter, 58 Rock, house 4 Franklin square 

Finch Obed, student, boards 77 High 

Findley James, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 

Finn Abigail, widow, house 7 Andover 

Finn Catharine S. Mrs. millinery, 101 Merrimack, house 19 Lee 
Finn James B. machinist, house 19 Lee 
Finn John, operative, house 1 Quigley’s alley 

Finn , widow, house 50 East Merrimack 

Finley George, section hand, boards 21 Lowell corporation 
Finley Michael, teamster, 9 Thorndike, house 45 Adams 
Finnan Patrick, at “Vox Populi ” office, house 14 Howe 
Finnegan Bridget, widow, house 17 George 
Finnegan Daniel, laborer, house 51 Fenwick 
Finnegan John, laborer, house 6 Lowell place 
Finnegan Margaret, widow, house 13 Lee 
Finnegan Michael, grocer, 52 Church, house do. 

Finnegan Thomas, overseer dyer, Merrimack Print Works, house 
90 Merrimack corporation 
Finton William, spinner, house 12 Green 
Firth Thomas, blacksmith, house 74 High 
Firth William, operative, Hamilton corp. boards 70 Middlesex 
Fish Carrie A. Mrs. house 22 Tremont corporation 
Fish Frank, harness maker, boards 10 Suffolk corporation 
Fisher A. W. Mrs. house 98 Gorham 
Fisher Charles, weaver, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Fisher Daniel, cabinet maker, boards 27 Willie 
Fisher Martha Mrs. variety store, 219 Middlesex, house 217 do. 
Fisher Samuel S. machinist, house Suffolk, corner Broadway 
Fisher Sumner, shoemaker, 138 Central, house 17 Floyd 
Fisher Susan Mrs. house Pollard’s avenue 

Fisher S. Homer, ticket agent (Boston), b. Suffolk, cor. Broadway 

Fisher Thomas Mrs. house 10 Broadway 

Fisher William, spinner, house 76 Warren 

Fisk William F. boards 5 Lawrence corporation 

Fiske Amos, overseer, house 34 Cabot 

Fiske Charles H. machinist, house 152 Gorham 

Fiske Edward A. boards 39 Adams 

Fiske George, boards 27 Chapel 

Fiske George W. turner, house 100 Appleton 

Fiske Henry B. teller (Howard Bank, Boston ), b. 100 Appleton 

Fiske Levi Mrs. boarding-house, 79 Merrimack corporation 

Fiske Sarah C. teacher No. 17 Primary School, b. 100 Appleton 

Fiske Sarah M. clerk, boards 27 Chapel 

Fiske William, comfortable manuf. 3 Cushing, house 39 Adams 

GEO. P. HUNT & CO., Fire & Life Ins. Ag’y, representing $45,- 
000,000 Capital and Surplus. 38 Central St., Low-ell. (See page 344.) 



Fiske William 0. boards 39 Adams 

Fitts Frank E. bookkeeper ( Boston ), boards 7 Willie 

Fitts Isaac N. millwright, house 7 Willie 

Fitts Mary, widow, house 10 Cabot 

Fitts Michael, tinsmith, boards 10 Cabot 

Fitts John, moulder, boards 10 Cabot 

Fitts Michael, filecutter, boards 42 L. M. S. corporation 

Fitz Bridget, widow, house 1 Marion 

Fitz John, moulder, Willie, corner Dutton [Centralville 

Fitzgerald Ann, Mary, Lizzie, and Catharine, house Parker’s block, 
Fitzgerald Catharine, widow, house 24 Water 
Fitzgerald Charles H. weaver, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Fitzgerald David, laborer, house 2 Water 
Fitzgerald Edmund, laborer, house Manchester, corner Main 
Fitzgerald Ellen, widow, house 8 Cabot 
Fitzgerald Garrett, laborer, house 1 Fenwick 
Fitzgerald Hannah, widow, house 132 Lowell 
Fitzgerald Jeanette, widow, boards Old Ladies’ Home, 58 Moody 
Fitzgerald Jeremiah, laborer, house 102 Suffolk 
Fitzgerald John, painter, boards Cross, near Adams 
Fitzgerald Mary, widow, house Cross, near Adams 
Fitzgerald Maurice, laborer, house 1 Short 
Fitzgerald Patrick, currier, house London, Ayer’s City 
Fitzgerald Patrick, sawyer, house Brewery court 
Fitzgerald Richard, dyer, boards 95 Merrimack corporation 
Fitzgerald Terance, laborer, house 96 Adams 
Fitzgerald Thomas, saw-filer, house 269 Middlesex 
Fitzpatrick Owen, carpetweaver, house Chapel, corner Central 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, carpetweaver, boards Chapel, corner Central 
Fitzpatrick Peter, laborer, house 292 Central 
Fitzpatrick Peter, machinist, house 2 Theatre block, Lowell 
Fitzpatrick William Mrs. house 19 Winter [Cabot 

Fitzsimmons Ellen (JZ Brennon fy Go.'), 56 Merrimack, boards 10 
Fitzsimmons Mary (JZ Brennon 8? Co.), 56 Merrimack, boards 10 

Fitzsimmons Michael, at S. G. Mack’s, house 10 Cabot 
Fitzsimmons Owen Mrs. house 55 Bridge, Centralville 
Flagg Hannah, widow, operative, boards 119 Central 
Flagg William H. overseer, Boott corporation, house 72 do. 

Flagg William M. carpenter, boards 72 Boott corporation 
Flahavan Michael, tinsmith, 125 Market, boards 49 Middle 
Flaherty Hannah, widow, house 28 Salem 
Flaherty James, laborer, house 3 Carpet lane 
Flaherty Thomas, mulespinner, house rear 12 River 
Flaherty William, laborer, house rear 41 Market 

Flaherty , widow, house 12 Adams 

Flanagan Catharine, widow, house 263 Middlesex 
Flanagan Edmund, carpenter, house 14 Charles 

Lawrence Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, &. Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Flanagan Harry, operative, boards 5 Faulkner’s block 

Flanagan John, laborer, boards 1 George 

Flanagan Michael, farmer, house 33 Floyd 

Flanagan Michael, laborer, 105 Central, boards 263 Middlesex 

Flanagan Patrick, pressman, boards 1 George 

Flanagan Patrick, laborer, house 70 Lowell 

Flanagan Patrick, laborer, house 184 Gorham 

Flanagan Thomas, laborer, boards 19 High 

Flanary Michael, stonemason, house 20 Summer 

Flanders Charles R. bonnet bleaehery, 82 Merrimack, house do. 

Flanders Daniel, watchman, boards 7 Warren [court 

Flanders Henry R. boots and shoes, 302 Merrimack, b. 4 Tilden 

Flanders George A. dyer, boards 233 Gorham 

Flanders Lyman L. carpenter, house 2 Tilden court 

Flanders Moses T. oiler, house 198 Central 

Flanders Peter ( Boston ), house 386 Merrimack 

Flanders Phanuel, farmer, house 233 Gorham 

Flanders Samuel B. overseer carder, Hamilton corp. house 11 do. 

Flanders William G. overseer, Massachusetts corporation, h. 19 do. 

Flanders William S. machinist, Merrimack corporation, h. 122J do. 

Flavin John, card stripper, house 15 Dummer 

Fleck Patrick, carpenter, house 79 Market 

Fleming John, dyer, house 263 Middlesex 

Fleming John, Middlesex corporation, house 70 Warren 

Fleming Julia, widow, house Cross, above Suffolk 

Fleming Patrick, laborer, house Cross, above Suffolk 

Fleming Patrick, laborer, house 117 Lowell 

Fleming Richard, laborer, house 2 Cummiskey’s alley 

Fleming William S. machinist, boards 70 Warren 

Fletcher Benjamin, sash and blind maker, house 45 Charles 

Fletcher Edmund Mrs. house 210 Central 

Fletcher Edmund D. ( Nichols fy Fletcher), grocer, 144 and 146 
Central, house 210 do. 

Fletcher Edmund D. ( Nichols fy Co.), flour, old freight depot, 
Thorndike, house 210 Central 

Fletcher Horatio, intelligence office, 84 Central, house 56 Bartlett 
Fletcher Horatio R. house 1 Cabot block 
Fletcher Isaac A. bookkeeper at D. W. Horn’s, h. 288 Central 
Fletcher ( James H.) & Simpson (. Alexander IF.), furniture, Wa- 
rnesit Mills, house 128 Cross 

Fletcher James T. machinist, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Fletcher J. B. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, bds. 263 Central 
Fletcher Lewis N. weaver, Lawrence corporation, house 22 Cabot 
Fletcher Miles J. clerk, 13 Market, boards 111 Central 
Fletcher Nathaniel F. clerk, 96 Merrimack 
Fletcher Nellie E. widow, boards 112 Merrimack corporation 
Fletcher Oliver, overseer, Lowell, house 56 Moody 
Fletcher Orra A. weaver, house 126 Merrimack corporation 

Agency of Royal Ins. Co., Liv., Eng., with Geo. F. Hunt & Co., 
over Prescott Xat’l Bank, 28 Cent’l St., Lowell. (See pp. 341 and 406.) 



Fletcher Richard, house 13 Marshall 

Fletcher Shuah H. widow, boards Liberty, near Chelmsford 

Fletcher Simon T. clothing, 263 Central, house do. 

Fletcher Stephen R. bonnet bleachery, 96 Merrimack, house do. 
Fletcher Warren, bobbinmaker, house 1 Albro’s block, Cushing 
Fletcher William, farmer, house Liberty, near Chelmsford 
Fletcher William, elevator tender, house 208 Merrimack 
Flint Albert G. overseer spinner, Lawrence corp. house 22 do. 
Flint Almy J. clerk, Lowell Machine Shop, boards Liberty, near 

Flint Charles L. machinist, house 380 Merrimack 

Flint Edwin H. machinist, boards 109 Appleton 

Flint George, milkman, boards 95 Howard 

Flint George W. hackman, 112 Moody, boards 4 Cabot block 

Flint Henry E. hackdriver, boards 1 George 

Flint James, "moulder, Willie, corner Dutton , [near School 

Flint Joseph K. patternmaker, Mechanics Mills, house Liberty, 

Flint Oliver S. 112 Moody, house 109 do. 

Flint Oliver W. livery stable, 112 Moody, house 4 Cabot block 
Flint Omer A. student, house Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 
Flood Ann, widow, house 2 Fayette 
Flood Edward, carder, house 2 Dodge 

Flood Edward, machinist, boards 53 Massachusetts corporation 

Flood Elizabeth, widow, house 16 George 

Flood Henry F. machinist, house 5 Lowell place 

Flood John, laborer, house rear 148 Lowell 

Flood John C. fruit, &c. 63 Dutton, house do. 

Flood Joseph, gigger, boards George, near Green 
Flood Nancy, widow, house 21 Davidson 

Flood Peter, cigar-manufacturer, 23 East Merrimack, house 21 do. 

Flood William, gigger, boards George, near Green 

Flora John, file-grinder, house 7 East Pine 

Florence Wilbur, bobbinmaker, Wamesit Mills 

Flynn Catharine, widow, house Dummer, near Lowell 

Flynn Catharine, widow, house 3 Cummiskey’s alley 

Flynn Dennis, blacksmith, boards 123 Lowell 

Flynn Ellen, widow, house 102 Suffolk 

Flynn Ilanuah Mrs. house 40 Appleton 

Flynn James, currier, boards 5 Molloy’s court 

Flynn James, marble-polisher, 165 Middlesex, house 8 Cedar 

Flynn John, laborer, boards 51 Massachusetts corporation 

Flynn John, carder, boards 11 Massachusetts corporation 

Flynn John, provisions, Dummer, near Lowell, house do. 

Flynn John, chair bottomer, 352 Central, house do. 

Flynn John Mrs. house 8 Cedar 
Flynn Michael, house 322 Merrimack 
Flynn Michael X. machinist, boards 21 Willie 
Flynn Miles, laborer, house 5 Molloy’s court 

liOwell Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Flynn Owen, laborer, house Water, corner Ponrl 

Flynn Patrick, laborer, bouse 50 West Union 

Flynn Patrick, Merrimack corporation, boards 38 Paige 

Flynn Patrick Mrs. house 38 Paige 

Flynn Peter, shoemaker, boards 5 Molloy’s court 

Flynn Philip, laborer, house 12 Broadway 

Flynn Thomas, watchman, house 8 Faulkner’s block 

Flynn William, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 5 Molloy’s court 

Fogarty Charles A sashmaker, boards 35^ Cushing 

Fogg A. C. Miss, dressmaker, 8 Canal, boards 31 Hamilton corp. 

Fogg Charles A. machinist, house 1 South Franklin court 

Fogg Mary S. widow, house 8 Grand 

Fogg Nancy 3Iiss, boarding-house, 31 Hamiltou corporation 

Foley Bartholomew, spinner, house 28 Fayette 

Foley Catharine, house 45 Adams 

Foley Charles, operative, boards 24 New 

Foley Charles A. sashmaker, boards 35 Cushing 

Foley Ellen, widow, house 118 Lowell 

Foley James, operative, boards 111 Central 

Foley James Mrs. house 6 Lewis 

Foley Jeremiah, trunkmaker, boards 118 Suffolk 

Foley John, laborer, house 118 Suffolk 

Foley John, jr. laborer, boards 118 Suffolk 

Foley John, currier, Willie, corner Broadway, boards 37 Fenwick 

Foley Michael, Stott’s Mill, house 7 New 

Foley Michael, foundry, house Marion, near Broadway 

Foley Peter, laborer, house rear 55 Market 

Follansbee John, carder, boards 11 Hamilton corporation 

Follansby Nellie Mrs. variety store, 238 Merrimack, house do. 

Follen Ellen, widow, house 30 William 

Follen Patrick, engineer, house 25 Congress 

Folsom Alanson, mason, house Cambridge, 5th from Hale 

Folsom A. carpenter, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 

Folsom Catharine B. widow, millinery, 73 Merrimack, house do. 

Folsom Frank, spinner, Lawrence, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 

Folsom Ira N. machinist, house 5 Chelmsford 

Folsom Jeanette, widow, house 204 Central 

Folsom Jeremiah S. insurance agent, 21 Central, house 22 Chapel 

Folsom Jonathan P. drygoods, 44^ Merrimack, house 42 High 

Folsom Lorenzo A. agent, house 113 Appleton 

Folsom Mary Mrs. widow, house 17 Cady 

Folsom Mary F. teacher, 73 Merrimack, house do. 

Foody William, laborer, house 3 Tremont 

Foote Charles C. machinist, 84 Middle, house 80 South 

Foote Irvin A. pianoforte tuner, 275 Merrimack (also IF. S. 

Foote fy Co.), house 36 Cabot 

Foote James D. (J. L. Foote $ Co.), house Pine, near Wilder 

Security Fire Ins. Co. of N.Y. City. Capital, $1,000,000. Assets, 
$1,4:77,677.12. Losses promptly paid. Geo. F. Hunt <fc Co., Agts, 



Foote James L. & Co. ( James D. Foote), stoves and tin-ware, 277 
and 279 Merrimack, house Liberty, near Pine 
Foote Sanford J. house 83 Salem 

Foote Warren S. & Co. {Irvin A. Foote), piano-fortes, 275 Merri- 
mack, house 7 Butterfield 

Forbes John, house 48 Appleton [dlesex, h. 25 Marshall 

Forbush ( Charles ) & Ingham ( William A.), grocers, 167 Mid- 

Ford Bridget, widow, house 15 Greeu 

Ford Charles, machinist, house 1 Abbot 

Ford David A. clerk, 251 Merrimack, boards 5 Butterfield 

Ford James W. boards 5 Butterfield 

Ford John, operative, boards 115 Merrimack corporation 

Ford John, laborer, house 12 Church 

Ford John, fireman, Merrimack corporation, boards 51^ Lowell 
Ford Lydia N. Mrs. variety store, 344 Merrimack, house 5 But- 

Ford Michael, laborer, house Middlesex, opposite Mclntire 
Ford Patrick, spinner, boards 21 Kirk avenue 
Ford Patrick, house 15 Green 
Ford Sarah A. widow, house 29 Cushing 

Ford , stonecutter, boards 69 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Forrest Anna, clerk, 97 Central, boards 27 Chapel 
Forrest William, house 5 Appleton corporation 
Forristall William J. cloth-finisher, house 10 Davidson 
Forsaith John, expressman, Merrimack-street depot, boards 113 
East Merrimack 

Forsberg Oscar A. clerk, 319 Merrimack, boards 22 Varney 
Fosdick Amos S. machinist, house 86 Charles [Fletcher 

Fosdick Lucian G. clerk, Cabot, cor. Salem, house Varney, near 
Fosdick John F. carpenter, house 3 High-street square 
Foss Augustus B. policeman, house Lincoln, near Chelmsford 
Foss Edward J., Hamilton, house Moody 

Foss George W., Lowell Machine Shop, house 6 Middlesex place 
Foss George W. laborer, house 158 Central 
Foss Jacob, Appleton Mills, boards 72 Appleton [mack 

Foss John F. machinist, Lowell Machine Shop, house 332 Merri- 
Foss Justin E. napper, Hamilton corporation, house 82 Moody 
Foss Luther B. locksmith, 129 Central, boards 6 Middlesex place 
Foster Addison P. Bev. house 40 Branch 
Foster Adelaide Miss, clerk, 95 Central, boards 9 Favor 
Foster Albert M. foreman job-room “ Citizen and News,” house 3 
Adams court 

Foster Anna A. widow, boards 11 Auburn 

Foster Charles, tinsmith, 29 Middlesex, b. 15 Third, Centralville 

Foster Charles, machinist, house 15 Hurd 

Foster Charles F. boards 64 Church 

Foster Davis Bev. boards 105 Gorham 

Foster Eden B. Bev. house 19 Tyler 

Lynn Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Foster Francis A. overseer, house 219 Central 

Foster Frank, spinner, boards 6 Tremont corporation 

Foster George, tinsmith, house 15 Hurd 

Foster George G. bleacher, house Bleachery, near the railroad 

Foster Henry S. engineer, boards 260 Merrimack 

Foster Herbert A. printer, boards 64 Church 

Foster James, overseer carder, Lawrence corporation, house 84 do. 

Foster Jesse, carpenter, Salem, cor. Willie avenue, house 15 Salem 

Foster Jesse H. teamster, house 2 Water 

Foster Lemuel, weaver, boards 1 Hamilton corporation 

Foster Loring, carder, Tremont corporation, house 32 do. 

Foster Lydia, widow, house Old Ladies’ Home, 58 Moody 
Foster Mary C. widow, boards 5 Lowell corporation 
Foster Merrill C. carder, Tremont corporation, boards 32 do. 

Foster Obadiah R. house 64 Church 
Foster Richard, boards 19 Tyler 

Foster Samuel W. overseer, Lowell corporation, house 9 do. 

Foster Sewall, shoemaker, house Richardson, Central ville 
Foster William Mrs. boards Hildreth, cor. Pearl, Centralville 
Foster W. H. saloon, 164 Merrimack, house do. 

Foudy John, laborer, 125 Market, house 16 Davis 
Fountain Louis, laborer, house 7 Knowles place 
Fountain Silliman, machinist, house 30 Salem 
Fowler Albert, mason, house 11 Third, Centralville 
Fowler George L. carpenter, 13 Worthen, boards 120 Merrimack 
Fowler John, Middlesex, boards 82 Church 
Fowler John E. shoemaker, house 22 Fifth, Centralville 
Fowler Samuel, spinner, Hamilton, boards 10 Suffolk corporation 
Fox Adeline, widow, house 6 Dodge 
Fox Amanda M. Mrs. boarding-house, 45 Boott corporation 
Fox Bridget, widow, house 68 River, Centralville 
Fox Franklin M. shoemaker, house 30 Chestnut 
Fox Jesse Dr. house 49 Third, Centralville 
Fox Lorenzo S. physician, 2 Wells’s block, house 10 Nesmith 
Fox Patrick, bleachery, house 5 Livingston 
Fox Peter, painter, house 68 River, Centralville 
Fox Thomas, bleachery, house 8 Congress 
Fox Warren & Co. clothing, 57 Central, house 46 Andover 
Franeis Charles H. messenger, Sargent’s express, boards 31 Boott 

Francis James, civil engineer, locks and canals, boards 47 Worthen 
Francis James B. agent, locks and canals, house 47 Worthen 
Francis Joseph, student, boards 47 Worthen 
Franklin Edgar H. clerk, 54 Merrimack, house 52-^ do. 

Franklin Martha A. teacher, No. 8 Primary School, boards Mfc. 

Vernon, corner Sixth, Centralville 
Franklin Win. B. overseer, Lawrence corporation, house Sixth, 
corner Alt. Vernon, Centralville 

Germania Fire Ins. Co. of N.T. Assets over $375,000. A first-class 
Co. Policies written at tile office of G. F. Hunt &> Co. (Seep. 344.) 



Frappj Louis, laborer, house 3 Davidson 
Frawley John, finisher, boards 5 Livingston 
Frawley Margaret, widow, house 5 Livingston 
Frawley Peter, finisher, boaids 5 Livingston 
Frawley Peter O’ C. grocer, Gorham, corner Moore, house 1 Moore 
Fraser Daniel, cabinetmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boaids 28 La- 

Frazer Alexander Mrs. house 11 Marion 
Frazier Thomas, peddler, house 22 Howe 
Frederick Ellen, widow, house 94 Adams 
Fredlitue Edward, laborer, house 7 Garnet 
Freeman Abigail, widow, boards 83 Branch 
Freeman Benjamin F. dyer, house 17 Clay 
Freeman Benjamin S., American Bolt Company, house 26 Walnut 
Freeman Charles T. clerk, boards 154 Broadway 
Freeman Henry, bleachery, house 3 Livingston 
Freeman John, bleachery, house 3 Livings'on 
Freeman Lyman, carpenter, house 154 Broadway 
Freeman Mary J. widow, house 10 Third, Centralville [Dutton 
Freeman Robert K. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 76 
Freeman Samuel J. carriage-painter, 292 Middlesex, h. 33 Branch 
Freeman Samuel K. carriage-painter, Arch, near Northern depot, 
boards 33 Branch 

Freeman Tbomas, bleachery, house Prospect, corner Kidder 
Freeman William, dyer, house 17 Clay [hou.^e 388 Middlesex 
French Abram & Co. ( Horace E. French), clothing, 92 Central, 
French Almira, widow, house Aldrich block, 90 Appleton 
French Amos, machinist, house 346 Merrimack 
French (Amos B.) & Puffer ( F . IF.), crockery and glass ware, 
115 Central, house at Chelmsford 
French Amos B. receiving clerk, freight depot, boards 31 Branch 
French Benjamin, dresser, house 142 Merrimack corporation 
French Benjamin F. Mrs. house 13 Anne 
French Charles Mrs. boards 18 Lagrange 
French Charles H. clerk, 145 Central, boards 23 Charles 
French Cyril Mrs. house 7 Chapel 
French Elvin, musician, house 24 Wentworth’s block 
French Franklin, clerk, house Vamum, near Myrtle, Centralville 
French George O. E. bill-poster, 21 Central, boards 68 Warren 
French Henry, operative, house 40 Marion 

French Horace E. (A. French Co.), clothing, 92 Central, 
boards 388 Middlesex 

French Jonathan, confectionery, house 167 Merrimack corporation 
French Joseph, harnessmaker, boards 114 Merrimack corporation 
French Josiah B. house Chelmsford, near railroad bridge 
French Mary Mrs. house 3 Luther’s court 

French William, overseer, house Varnum, near Myrtle, Centralville 
French William C. clerk, house 16 Cabot 

Manchester (N.H.) Directory, Published l»y Sampson, Daven- 
port, &< Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



French William II. apothecary, 2 Central, h. 7 Third, Centralville 
French William H. overseer, Lowell Felting Mills, house 18 Ash 
Frichette Charles, laborer, house 114 East Merrimack 

Frill , widow, house 39 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 

Frizell Joseph P. civil engineer, house 3 Fifth, Central ville 

Frost Charles H. spinner, house 5 Fourth, Centralville 

Frost Elizabeth W. teacher Coburn School, boards 48 Andover 

Frost George W. carpenter, house 10 Salem 

Frost Helen Mrs. boards 16 Hamilton corporation 

Frost Joseph, farmer, house Mammoth road, Dracut 

Frost Lyman J. overseer carder, Lawrence corp. house 48 Church 

Fruhauf Jacob k Co. fancy goods, 109 Merrimack, house 17 Lee 

Fryatt Thomas, machinist, house rear 66 Moody 

Frye Abby Mrs. house 257 Central 

Frye E. E. house 15 Andover [c. Fletcher 

Frye Frederick {Read fy Frye), mason, 20 Prescott, h. Pawtucket, 

Frye George, mason, house 23 Kirk 

Frye Hannah Mrs. house rear 209 Central 

Frye John F. counsellor, 43^ Central, boards 257 do. 

Frye Laura Mrs. house 191 Gorham 

Frye Marshall, currier, house 11 Railroad [Mechanic 

Frye Nathan W. sup’t Gates’s Tannery, Chelmsford, h. Worthen, c. 

Frye Reuben, mason, house 128 Merrimack 

Fuller Charles A. W. machinist, house 7 Ford 

Fuller Charles H. boards 54 East Merrimack 

Fuller Charles J. operative, boards 7 Ford 

Fuller Darius S. engineer, house Elm, near Third, Centralville 

Fuller Edward R. carpenter, house 5 Burns 

Fuller Edwin A. mechanic, boards 54 East Merrimack 

Fuller Ellen, widow, house 30 Williams [cor. Marshall 

Fuller Ensign C. woodturner, Mechanics Mills, Dutton, h. Grand, 

Fuller Eugene, carpenter, boards 27 Massachusetts corporation 

Fuller Fred C. spinner, boards 69 Boott corporation 

Fuller Granville L. cabinetmaker, boards 25 Willie 

Fuller Harrison H. house 54 East Merrimack 

Fuller Homer, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 25 Willie 

Fuller Jason, grocer, 65 East Merrimack, boards 106 do. 

Fuller John B. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 25 Willie 
Fuller Julia A. widow, house 25 Charles 
Fuller J. Frank, milkman, boards 106 East Merrimack 
Fuller Samuel S. overseer, Middlesex corporation, house 32 Suffolk 
Fuller William T. carpenter, house 9 North Franklin court 
Fullerton Benjamin B. moulder, boards 5 Massachusetts corp. 
Fullerton George W. engineer, house 5 Massachusetts corporation 
Fullerton Mary, widow, boards 5 Massachusetts corporation 
Fullerton Sarah Jane, boarding-house, 15 Hamilton corporation 
Fulton James, spinner, house First, near Bridge, Centralville 
Fulton Walter M. spinner, house 29 Appleton corporation 

Geo. F. Hunt &. Co. are Agents for the Baltic Fire Ins. Co. of N.Y. 
This Co. joins no “ Combination ” or “ Association.” (See p. 344.) 



Fulton Mrs. house 31 Adams 

Furber George D., Industrial Hall, house 42 Grand 
Furbish Almeda M. matron Old Ladies’ Home, 58 Moody 
Furbish ( Joshua A.) & Sanborn (A7.), carriagemakers, Andover ,. 

corner Pleasant, house 52 Charles 
Furbush Anna A. millinery, 83 Merrimack, house 11 Willow^. 
Furbush John M. photographer, house 11 Willow 
Furlong James W. laborer, boards 87 Moody 
Furlong John C. boards 38 Paige [cor. Varney 

Furnald Nathaniel G. carpenter and builder, 23 Middle, h. School, 
Furnald, see Fernald 

Fury Thomas, laborer, house rear 52 Middle 

GADBOYS THEOPHILUS, clerk, 167 Middlesex, house Far- 
son’s court [dlesex place 

Gadette Cai, cabinetmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 8 Mid- 
Gaffney Catharine Miss, house 5 Theatre block 
Gaffney E. widow, house 18 Davidson 
Gaffney James, mason, house Adams, near Broadway 
Gaffney John, laborer, house 107 Merrimack corporation 
Gaffney Michael B. laborer, boards 107 Merrimack corporation 
Gaffney Owen, laborer, house 6 Theatre block, Lowell 
Gaffney Patrick, laborer, house 6 Theatre block, Lowell 
Gaffney Terence, laborer, house 21 High 
Gaffney Thomas, hairdresser, house 21 High 
Gagan Joseph, baggage master, Northern depot, h. 23 Broadway 
Gage Daniel P. physician, 13 John, boards Washington house 
Gage Edward T. clerk, 166 Merrimack, boards 13 Kirk 
Gage George B. clerk, 134 Merrimack, boards 44 Bartlett 
Gage Henry F. clerk, 164 Merrimack, boards 13 Kirk 
Gage Isaac T. overseer, house 129^ Merrimack corporation 
Gage James U. drygoods, 52 Merrimack, house 93 Salem 
Gage Lydia Mrs. boarding-house, 29 Tremont corporation 
Gage Robert W. butcher, boards 22 Marshall 
Gage Seth, house Bridge, above Tenth, Centralville 
Gage William H. Mrs. millinery, Carleton block, house 13 Kirk 
Gale Charles C. marble worker, boards 9 Abbott 
Gale George M. painter, house 12 Race 
Gale Horace, machinist, boards 27 Willie 
Gale Seneca, wood-sawyer, house 12 Race 
Gallagher Charles, junk dealer, house 58 Middle 
Gallagher Edward, calico printer, house 42 Paige 
Gallagher Ellen Mrs. dressmaker, 17 Race, house do. 

Gallagher Felix, spinner, Middlesex corp. house 24 Gorham 
Gallagher James, blacksmith, house rear 90 Gorham 
Gallagher James, laborer, house 90 Charles 
Gallagher John, laborer, house 6 Cedar 
Gallagher Martin, spinner, house 23 High 

JVewburyport Directory, Published by Sampson, Duveuport, 
Ac. Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Gallagher Mary, widow, house 48 Howard’s avenue 
Gallagher Mary and Jane, house Kirk avenue 
Gallagher Owen, machinist, house 54 River, Centralville 
Gallagher Owen, house 42 Paige 
Gallagher Patrick, laborer, boards 42 Paige 
Gallagher Patrick, laborer, boards 40 Paige 
Gallagher Patrick, laborer, boards 48 Howard’s avenue 
Gallagher Ptobert, bartender, American House, h. 61 Hamilton blk. 
Gallagher Thomas, laborer, boards 58 Middle 
Gallagher Thomas, laborer, house Congress, rear Hale’s Mills 
Gallivan Edward, laborer, house rear 20 Dummer 
Gallogley James, laborer, house rear 78 Lowell 
Gallon Hugh, woolsorter, house 9 Carolin’s block, Fayette 
Galloupe Daniel P. principal Varnum -School, house Methuen, 

Galvin Ann, widow, house 28 Howard’s lane 

Galvin Bridget, widow, house 6 Merrill 

Galvin Ellen, widow, house 24 Broadway 

Galvin John, spinner, boards 23 George 

Galvin Michael, laborer, house 8 Wall 

Galvin Patrick, operative, house 3 Reed’s court 

Ganimel Pliny F. machinist, boards 134 Merrimack corporation 

Gandron Clemence, laborer, house 17 Paige 

Ganley Robert, laborer, house 26 Winter 

Gannon Bernard, spinner, house 26 Cedar 

Gannon Dennis, spinner, house 4 Front, Centralville 

Gannon James, bleachery, house 23 Cedar 

Gannon John, laborer, house 2 Cedar 

Gannon John, laborer, house 8 Molloy’s court 

Gannon Margaret Mrs. house 24 Worthen 

Gannon Maurice, carder, house rear 13 Summer 

Gannon Robert, carder, house 118 Lowell 

Gannon Thomas, slater, house rear 30 Cedar 

Gara Bernard, picker, house 17 High 

Gard William, laborer, house 146 Suffolk 

Gardner ( Almond B.) & Willey ( G . H.), carpenters, 11 Middle, 
house 51 Andover 

Gardner George, city auditor, City Government building, house 
Mt. Washington, near Varney [corp. 

Gardner Henry L. machinist, Arch, boards 25 Lowell Machine Shop 
Gardner James, laborer, at Moore, corner Whipple 
Gardner James E. house 10 Adams, Franklin Square 
Gardner Joseph, laborer, boards 7 Middlesex place 
Gardner Mary C. widow, house 25 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Gardner Mary C. teacher Bartlett School, boards Mt. Washington, 
near Varney 

Gardner Robert Mrs. house 54 Bartlett 
Gardner Theodore F. machinist, house 25 Church 

If you want a first-class Fire, Life, Accident, or Live-Stock. Ins. 
Policy, call at Geo. F. Hunt &, Co.’s Ins. Agency, 28 Central St. 



Gardner William S. ( Sweetser & Gardner), counsellor, 43^ 
Central, house 54 Bartlett 
Garfield L. H. teamster, house 192 Gorham 
Garland Albert E. house 133 East Merrimack [East Merrimack 
Garland Carrie M. teacher, No. 16 Primary School, boards 127 
Garland Jeremiah Mrs. house 133 East Merrimack 
Garland Joseph P. milkman, house Wilder, near Middlesex 
Garland Nathaniel & Co. ( Charles F. Belden), wheelwrights, rear 
285 Merrimack, house 5 Suffolk corporation 
Garland Owen, job wagon, house rear 73 Charles 
Garland Samuel Mrs. house 127 East Merrimack 
Garland William, spinner, house 7 Fayette 
Garland William W., Merrimack corporation, house 118 do. 
Garmon Aaron, teamster, house 18 Massachusetts corporation 
Garnet John, Merrimack corporation, boards 139 do. 

Garnet Joseph, proprietor Sherman House, 14 River, Centralville 

Garragan Margaret, widow, house 2 William 

Garrett Henry L. Mrs. house 9 Lawrence corporation 

Garrett Robert J. overseer, Mass. corp. house Walker, cor. Kemp 

Garrett William A. boards Walker, corner Kemp 

Garrigan Michael, clerk, boards 16 High 

Garrigan Patrick, clerk, 134 Central, boards 16 High 

Garrigan Philip, blacksmith, house 16 High 

Garrigan Thomas J. grocer, 134 Central, boards 16 High 

Garrihan Malachi, dyer, house 12 Mill 

Garrison Alfred, hairdresser, boards 15 Fayette 

Garrison Henry, spinner, house 5 Water 

Garrity Alice, widow, house 39 Worthen 

Garrity Ann Mrs. house 37 North 

Garrity Bartholomew, house rear 21 North 

Garrity Daniel, laborer, boards 37 North 

Garrity Michael, carpenter, house 29 North 

Garrity Michael, operative, house 7 5 Lowell 

Garrity J. F. hairdresser, 4 Central, boards 29 North 

Garrity William, woolsorter, boards 70 Suffolk 

Gartland Frank, mariner, house 61 Gorham [River, Centralville 

Garvan James C. machinist, Fletcher, corner Cushing, boards 60 

Garvey Margaret, widow, house rear 13 Jefferson 

Garvey Mary, widow, house 12 Adams 

Garvey Michael, laborer, house 42 Adams 

Garvey Michael, laborer, boards rear 35 Fenwick 

Garvey Thomas, laborer, house rear 35 Fenwick 

Garvin Bridget, widow, house 27 Union 

Garvin Charles W. spinner, boards 50 Massachusetts corporation 

Garvin James, laborer, house 13 Union 

Garvin John E. laborer, boards 274 Gorham 

Gary M. C. laborer, rear 57 Central, house 2 Pleasant, Centralville 

Gassed Stephen, spinner, boards 254 Central 

United States Directory, 1867, Price $30, for sale toy Sampson, 
Davenport, <fc Co., 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Gately John, farmer, at A. L. Waite’s, house Carpet lane 
Gately Patrick, laborer, house 289 Middlesex 
Gately Patrick, laborer, house 64 Suffolk 

Gately William, bleaehery, house 6 Crosby [Chelmsford 

Gates Abbie D. teacher, No. 31 Primary School, boards Hale, near 

Gates Charles L. clerk, 23 Central, boards 52 Andover 

Gates Clara L. Miss, boards 30 Lawrence 

Gates Elihu, machinist, house 33 Suffolk, Franklin square 

Gates George W. operative, boards 33 Suffolk, Franklin square 

Gates Jeremiah, physician, 6^ Hurd, house do. 

Gates Josiah & Sons (J. Emery and Prescott (7.), belt and hose 
manufacturers, 4 and 6 Mechanics building, Dutton, h. Gates 
Gates J. Emery ( Josiah Gates 8? Sons ) , belting manufacturer, 6 
Mechanics building, boards Gates 
Gates Luther F. shoemaker, 19 Merrimack, house 52 Andover 
Gates Prescott C. ( Josiah Gates § Sons), belting manufacturer, 6 
Mechanics building, boards Gates 

Gates Sarah L. teacher No. 21 Primary School, boards 125 Gorham 
Gaudette Alexander, laborer, house IT Paige 
Gault Samuel, painter, boards 8 Prescott corporation 
Gaunt William, laborer, house Taylor, corner Merrill 
Gauthier Gabriel, carpenter, house 279 Middlesex 
Gay Alonzo, yard hand, Massachusetts, boards 13 Suffolk corp. 
Gay Nathaniel, watchman, Tremont corporation, house 32 Race 
Gay Otis W. clerk Merchants National Bank, boards 32 Race 
Gaynor Thomas, flesher, house Short, comer Chelmsford 
Geary James, Merrimack corporation, house 4 Cummiskey’s alley 
Gee Thomas, boards 154 Merrimack corporation 
Gee William, sketchmaker, house 154 Merrimack corporation 
Gee William Mrs. second-hand clothing, 338 Merrimack, house 154 
Merrimack corporation 

Geer Frederick S. clerk, J. & J. M. Pearson’s, house 35 Marion 
Geer George, blacksmith, Dutton, near Fletcher, boards 35 Marion 
Gennell Francis, laborer, house 84 Moody 
Gennmash William, laborer, house 285 Middlesex 
George Amos S. machinist, house 65 Lawrence corporation 
George Edward C. carder, house 4 Goward place 
George Edward F. weaver, boards 114 Merrimack corporation 
George John S. ( Sprague 8? George ), clothing, 82 Merrimack 
Gerar Xavier, weaver, house 94 Moody 

Gerrish Thomas G. city treasurer, City Government building, house 
Pawtucket, corner School [Centralville 

Gerry Gustavus A. dentist, Merrimack, cor. John, house 39 Third, 
Gerry John, spinner, house 33 North 

Getchell J. L. contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, house at Billerica 
Getchell Otis J., Appleton corporation, house 15 Appleton 
Getchell Seth S. tinsmith, 265 Merrimack, house 14 Pawtucket 
Getchell , tinsmith, house 122 Merrimack corporation 

The best Stock and Mutual Fire Ins. Cos. are represented by Geo. F. 
Hunt & Co., Fire and Life Ins. Agents, 28 Central St. (See p. 314.) 



Gibbons Thomas Mrs. house 20 Fenwick 
Gibbons Thomas J. moulder, house 20 Fenwick 
Gibbs Charles H. sashmaker, Mechanics Mills, b. 3 Tremont corp. 
Gibbs Oscar F. weaver, house 77 Boott corporation 
Gibbs Adam II. file-cutter, Arch, near N. & L. depot, b. 50 Hale 
Gibby Samuel J. ( Parsons Sf Gibby ), copper stamp-cutter, 3 
Fletcher, house 50 Hale 
Giblin James, laborer, house 17 Summer 
Giblin James, jr. painter, boards 17 Summer 
Giblin Martin, provisions, 61 Market, house do. 

Giblin Michael, chair-repairer, 106 Market, house do. 

Giblin Michael, painter, house Carpet lane 
Giblin Richard, clerk, 61 Market, boards do. 

Gibney Thomas, carder, boards 4 Massachusetts corporation 
Gibson Brothers ( J . Sf M.), grocers, Bridge, corner Paige 
Gibson James ( Gibson Brothers ), house 49 Bridge, Centralville 
Gibson Moses ( Gibson Brothers), house Bridge, above Tenth, 

Gibson Phineas S. bobbinmaker, house rear 124 School 
Gibson Thomas ( Smith 8? Gibson), screws and bolts, Mt. Vernon, 
near Broadway, boards South, coiner Appleton 
Gibson Thomas, laborer, house Broadway, near School 
Gifford Alden I. engineer, B. & L. R. li. house 146 Jackson 
Gifford Esther M. widow, house 282 Middlesex [Middlesex 

Gifford Frank A. blacksmith, B. & L. R. R. round house, h. 282 
Gifford Frederick F. machinist, Mechanics Mills, Fletcher, h. 282 

Gigear Joseph, repair shop Hamilton corporation, boards 31 do. 
Gilbert Alexander, yard hand, Lawrence, b. 5 Suffolk corporation 
Gilbert Alfred P. carpenter, house 28 Prescott corporation 
Gilbert Jerome B. mechanic, house Tanner, junction B. & L. R. R. 
Gilbert Oscar J. b. Tanner, junction B. & L. R. R., Ayer’s City 
Gilbert Walford, weaver, boards 43 Appleton 
Gilbert William H. dresser, Lawrence corporation, house 21 do. 
Gilchrest Arthur, watchman, L. M. S. boards 96 Middlesex 
Gilchrest George, soapmaker, boards 267 Middlesex 
Gilchrest George C. photographist, 92 Merrimack, house 16 Myrtle, 
Centralville [Centralville 

Gilchrest George E. photographist, 88 Merrimack, boards 16 Fifth, 
Gilchrest Margaret Mrs. house 55 Market 
Gilchrest Robert A. weaver, house 35 Cushing 
Gilcreast George W. teamster, S. Horn & Co. 

Gilday Michael, machinist, 235 Middlesex, house rear 55 Market 

Gildea Michael, bleacher, house 35 Bleachery 

Gildee John, bleacher, house 12 Keene 

Gildee Thomas, cloth-measurer, house 44 South 

Gile Elizabeth, widow, boards 28 Union 

Gile Simon H. overseer, Lowell corporation, house 14 do. 

Salem Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, &, Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Giles Edwin L. carpenter, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Giles Joseph B. Mrs. boarding-hou.»e, 51 East Merrimack 
Giies Lydia, widow, house 29 Prescott corporation 
Giles Mellon S. carder, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Giles Thomas J. watchman, house 109 Merrimack corporation 
Gill Alexander, bobbinmakcr, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 37 Salem 
Gill Ann, widow, house 10 Lee 

Gillen John, repairs, Merrimack corporation, house 3 Tremont 

G lien Patrick, laborer, house 1 5 Green 

Gilley Michael, laborer, house 5 Water 

Gillie Joseph, operative, hou'-e 13 Jefferson 

Gillis Abby, widow, house 15 South 

Gillogley James, Middlesex corporation, house Winter 

Gillogley John, laborer, house 23 Cedar 

Gillogly Patrick, mason, house 29 Keene [East Pine 

Gilman Albert I. bobbinmakcr, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 6 
Gilman Albert S. stonecutter, Thorndike, corner Middlesex, boards 
Wamesit Bank building 

Gilman Albion L. watchman, Merrimack, b. 12 Suffolk corporation 
Gilman Alfred, tailor, 156 Merrimack, house 266 Central 
Gilman Alfred, jr. clerk, 156 Merrimack, boards 266 Central 
Gilman A. H. provisions, 190 Middlesex, house 192 do. 

Gilman Caleb M. {II. W. Boardman Sf Co.), suspenders, First, 
opposite Read, Centralville, house East Pine, near Carlton 
Gilman Caroline M. widow, house East Pine, near Carlton 
Gilman Charles E. machinist, boards 19 Suffolk corporation 
Gilman Edward, machinist, boards 266 Central 
Gilman Experience T. widow, boarding-house, 19 Suffolk corp. 
Gilman Frances A. widow, house 242 Central 
Gilman Hollis M. blacksmith, house 16 Pawtucket 
Gilman John H. physician, 7 Welles block 
Gilman Martha Miss, house 16 Massachusetts corporation 
Gilman Rufus H. Mrs. boarding-house, 3 Hamilton corporation 
Gilman Willie E. screwmaker, Mount Vernon, near .Broad way, 
boards Pawtucket 

Gilmore Elizabeth, widow, boards 7 Massachusetts corporation 
Gilmore Gilbert, laborer, house 25 Cedar 
Gilmore Hannah, widow, house rear 99 East Merrimack 
Gilmore John D. billiards, 24 Central, house do. 

Gilmore John H. machinist, house 86 Thorndike 

Gilpatrick Nathan, watchman, Merrimack corporation, house 123 do. 

Gilpatrick Nehemiah, machinist, Merrimack, house 41 Cushing 

Gilroy Michael, laborer, house 61 Lowell 

Gilroy Patrick, laborer, house 12 William 

Gilson Ebenezer, house 21 Warren 

Gilson Catharine, widow, house 25 Davidson 

Gilson John, laborer, boards 25 Davidson 

Gilson Lewis G. boarding house, 21 Suffolk corporation 

Merchants’ and Farmers’ Mut. Fire Ins. Co., Worcester. Inc. 184:6, 
has always paid liberal dividends on expiring policies. (See p. 314.) 



Gilson Lucy D. nurse, house 4 Walnut 

Gilson Patrick, laborer, boards 25 Davidson 

Ginnissey Patrick, laborer, house IT High 

Ginty Catharine, widow, house 6 Pearl 

Gladwin Silas F. dentist, 128 Merrimack, house 397 do. 

Gladwin William W. dentist, P28 Merrimack, boards 397 do. 

Glaghy James, laborer, house 19 Winter 

Glaney Francis, laborer, house 26 Winter 

Glancy Hugh, laborer, house rear 31 Middle 

Glaney Mary, widow, house Howard’s avenue 

Glancy Patrick, laborer, house 30 Union [house 16 Appleton 

Glazier ( James ) & Taylor ( T. _E.), variety store, 9 Merrimack, 

Gleason Augustus, overseer yard, Hamilton corp. house 19 do. 

Gleason Clarissa, widow, house 16 Brown 

Gleason George R. eardmaker, 96 Middle, house 90 Appleton 

Gleason Michael, spinner, boards 22 Kirk avenue 

Gleason Patrick, laborer, house 1 John-street avenue 

Gleason Russell, 96 Middle, boards 90 Appleton 

Gleason William, operative, house rear 13 Union 

Glennon John, operative, boards rear 102 Moody 

Gledhill George, dyer, house 63 Gorham 

Glidden Ada B. boarding-house, 139 Merrimack corporation 

Glidden Alva, stone-cutter, boards 32 Lawrence corporation 

Glidden Nathaniel A. variety store, 78 Middlesex, house do. 

Glidden Olive Mrs. boarding-house, 32 Lawrence corporation 

Glidden Seth, carpenter, boards 32 Lawrence corporation 

Glines Amos, blacksmith, 125 Market, boards 111 Central 

Glines George S. machinist, Mechanics Mills, house 17 Smith 

Glines Nancy, widow, house 22 Tremont corporation 

Glispin Thomas, section hand, boards 19 Suffolk corporation 

Glode William, spinner, house 23 High 

Glover Frederick, cabinet-maker, Mechanics Mills, house 167 
Merrimack corporation [house do. 

Glover William B. stencil-cutter and engraver, 8 Merrill’s court, 
Goddard Benjamin, United States assistant assessor, 2 Nesmith’s 
block, house Liberty, corner Powell 
Goddard Benjamin F. ( Boston ), house Liberty, corner Powell 
Goddard Charles T. bookkeeper, 20 Market, house 396 Middlesex 
Goddard Eliza A. Mrs. boarding-house, 6 Hamilton corporation 
Goddard Peter, laborer, house 7 Middlesex place 
Goddard Samuel B. machinist, house 80 Lawrence corporation 
Godden Dorothea G. widow, house 84 South 
Godfrey George T. machinist, house 33 Bleachery 
Godfrey Michael, carder, boards 15 Winter 
Godfrey William, carpenter, house 6 Edgerley’s court 
Goding Betsey Mrs. nurse, house 39 Walnut 
Goding Elbridge, mariner, house 39 Walnut 
Goding Gilbert H. finisher, 7 Thorndike, house rear 125 Middlesex 

Taunton Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, «fc Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Goding William Mrs. house 25 Church 

Goggin Edward, laborer, house rear 140 Lowell 

Goggin Thomas, laborer, house 134 School 

Goggin William, operative, house 12 Cross 

Goherty Daniel, laborer, house 54 Middle 

Going Charles, proprietor American House, 86 Central 

Gokea Lewis, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 2 Garnet 

Gokea Lewis, jr. Mechanics Mill*, boards 2 Garnet 

Golden Luke, carder, boards 278 3Iiddlesex 

Golden Luke, carder, boards 4 Massachusetts corporation 

Golding Aon Mrs. house 10 Davidson 

Golding Bernard F. machinist, boards 41 River, Centralville 

Golding Edward, laborer, house 28 Davidson 

Golding Henry, Middlesex, house rear 18 William 

Golding Hugh, napper, house 46 West Union 

Golding James, laborer, house 6 Wall 

Golding John, laborer, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 14 Fayette 
Golding Patrick, laborer, house rear 43 River, Centralville 
Golding Patrick, Massachusetts corp. house 31 East Merrimack 
Golding Rebecca, widow, house 2 Davidson’s lane 
Golding Thomas, laborer, house 41 River, Centralville 
Golding, see Goulding 

Goldsmith Thomas, cutter, 5 Canal block, house 10 Charles 
Gonale Francis, laborer, house 84 Moody 
Goodale Aaron, baker, house 41 Appleton 
Goodale Amos, golden ointment, 18 Alder, house do. 

Goodale Amos W. laborer, house Howard, corner Middlesex 
Goodale Augustus M. sash and blind maker, boards Howard, corner 

Goodale George B. house rear 12 Chapel 
Goodale Irving K. clerk, 281 Merrimack, boards 7 Trcmont 
Goodale Oal, marbleworker, boards 41 Appleton 
Goodale Olin W. sash and blind, boards Howard, corner Middlesex 
Goodale Proctor F. cloth-measurer, boaids 41 Appleton 
Goodale William, tinsmith, 125 Market, house 7 Tremont 
Goodale William H. printer, 21 Central, house at Chelmsford 
Goodale William W. machinist, house 63 Lawrence [Highland 
Goodell Harlan P. clerk, 47 Central, boards at B. N. Webber’s, 
Goodell Jotham, laborer, Merrimack corporation, house 25 Cabot 
Goodhue Charles W. machinist, Mount Vernon, near Broadway, 
boards 4 Bangs block, Railroad 

Goodhue David H. police, house 26 Willow [Centralville 

Goodhue Jason ( Howe 8? G.), 90 and 92 Market, house 82 Third, 
Goodhue Sarah, widow, house River, Centralville 
Goodine Israel, laborer, house rear 58 Middle 
Goodrich Alson S. boarding-house, 43 Lawrence corporation 
Goodroe Charles, clerk, 4 Salem, boards do. 

Goodroe Charles, laborer, house Salem, above Cabot' 

Geo. F. Hunt & Co. are agents for Merchants’ and Farmers’ Mutual 
Fire Ins. Co. Office, 28 Central St., Lowell, Mass. (See page 314.) 



Goodroe David G. Mrs. house 37 Salem 
Goodspeed John, painter, boards 72 Appleton 
Goodspeed Sylvanus P. ( H. W. Hilton fy Co .), dry goods, 36 Mer- 
rimack, boards 51 E. Merrimack 
Goodwin Burt, bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Goodwin Clarendon, carpenter, boards 31 Walnut 
Goodwin Daniel, spinner, boards 40 Boott corporation 
Goodwin Edwin, paper carrier, 21 Central, house 31 Walnut 
Goodwin George P. clerk, 54 Merrimack, house 129 E. Merrimack 
Goodwin John A. postmaster, treas. Horse R. R. h. 143 E. Merr. 
Goodwin Joseph B. clerk, 138 Central, boards 25 Church 
Goodwin Lucinda, widow, boards 55 Merrimack 
Goodwin Milton, shoemaker, house 44 Paige 
Goodwin Oscar R. oiler, house Congress 
Goodwin Sarah Jane, widow, house 131 Middlesex 
Goodwin Walter H. upholsterer, 13 Market, house 24 Appleton 
Googins Benjamin L. carpenter, house 12 South Highland 
Googins Charles H. boards 12 South Highland 
Gookin Jerome, stonecutter, boards 109 Middlesex 
Gookin Nathaniel, stonecutter, house 109 Middlesex 
Gorden Jeanette Miss, boarding-house, 120 Merrimack 
Gordon Alexander, machinist, house 28 Walnut 
Gordon Allen 1). machinist, house 9 Prescott corporation 
Gordon Ann, widow, house Old Ladies’ Home, 58 Moody 
Gordon Charles, picker, house 22 Massachusetts corporation 
Gordon ( Daniel H.) & Currier (J. B.'), coffin warehouse and 
picture frames, 23 Prescott, house 98 E. Merrimack 
Gordon Ellen Miss, house rear 1 Tilden 
Gordon Frank L. boards 78 Central 
Gordon James, overseer, Boott corporation, house 68 do. 

Gordon Lawrence M. apothecary, 356 Merrimack 

Gordon Margaret Mrs. house 51 Middle 

Gordon Michael, laborer, house 26 Lowell 

Gordon Michael, spinner, boards 51 Middle 

Gordon Sarah A. Mrs. periodicals, 78 Central, house do. 

Gordon Silas D. spinner, house 159 Merrimack corporation 
Gordon Stetson L. machinist, house 25 Fifth, Centralville 
Gordon Susan, widow, house 142 Merrimack corporation 
Gordon ( Williani) & Chandler ( Luther ), booksellers, 32 Merri- 
mack, house 23 John 

Gordon William, laborer, boards 51 Middle 

Gordon William S. blacksmith, School, corner Boston and Lowell 
Railroad crossing, house Westford, corner School 
Gordon Mrs. house 84 South 
Gorgan John, laborer, house 152 Lowell 
Gorman Bernard, color-mixer, house 27 William 
Gorman Bryan, tailor, Prescott, cor. Merrimack, house 27 Charles 
Gorman Catharine, widow, house 19 Davidson 

BOSTON DIRECTORY, Published annnally by Sampson, Daven- 
port, & Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St. Boston. 



Gorman Daniel, laborer, house 19 Winter 

Gorman Daniel, fireman, B. & L. R. R. house 35 Summer 

Gorman James, laborer, boards 3 Fenwick 

Gorman Mary Miss, house 13 Summer 

Gorman Michael, laborer, house 8 Jefferson 

Gorman Patrick, laborer, house’ rear 15 Summer 

Gormley Catharine, widow, house Davis court 

Gormley John, laborer, house 52 Gorham 

Gormley Patrick, variety store, 15 Ilancoek avenue, house do. 

Gorton Daniel, house 4 Stackpole 

Goss William L. watchman, boarding-house, 12 Stiff >lk corp. 
Gotham Charles II. machinist, 25 Ilowe, boards 82 High 
Gotham Henry, millwright, house 69 High [n. Broadway 

Gott John ( Richard Briggs S? Co.), worsted yarns, Mt. Vernon, 
Gould Andrew F. teamster, at A. L. Brooks’s, house 29 Adams 
Gould Charles, watchman, boards 5 Boott corporation 
Gould Charles, house 29 Suffolk corporation 
Gould George E. watchman, N. &. L. R. R. boards 110 Howard 
Gould Geo. II., Boston express, Merrimack depot, b. 260 Merrimack 
Gould George P. spinner, Lawrence corporation, house 13 do. 
Gould Jarel, overseer spinner, Lawrence corporation, house 83 do. 
Gould John, laborer, house 12 Middlesex place 
Gould Jonathan, carpenter, house River road, Dracut 
Gould N. E. watchman, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Gould Sumner S. machinist, L. M. S. corporation, house 71 do. 
Gould Warren F. machinist, boards 83 Lawrence corporation 
Goulding Barney, finisher, boards 35 Bleaehery 
Goulding Henry, laborer, house rear 18 William 
Goulding Robert, slater, 54 Dutton, house 81 Broadway 
Goutery Michael, bleaehery, house 17 Winter 
Gove ( Dana B.) & Kidder (John), provisions, 196 Merrimack^ 
house 8 Merrimack corporation 
Gove Dana B. Mrs. boarding-house, 8 Merrimack corporation 
Gove David & Co. (/. J. Donovan), grocers, 227 Central, house 
237 do. [court 

Gove Morrill C. foreman II. R Baker & Co. house 7 Merrill’s 
Gove Winthrop, carpenter, house 22 Oak 
Goverin Bernard, laborer, house 27 William 
Gowan Sarah Miss, house 24 Common 

Goward Francis & Z. real-estate agents, 71 Summer, house do. 

Goward Zephaniah (F. S? Z. Goward), house 116 Appleton 

Gowen George, Middlesex, boards 6 Prescott corporation 

Grady Charles, clerk, 47 Lowell 

Grady James, bleaehery, house 41 Livingston 

Grady John, operative, house 92 Gorham 

Grady John, bleacher, boards 35 Bleaehery 

Grady Mary, widow, house rear 80 Lowell 

Grady Patrick, butcher, 139 Lowell, house 4 Suffolk court 

The Connecticut Fire Ins. Co., Hartford, Ct. A prompt and liberal 
Co. to insure in ; has never had a lawsuit. Gr. F. Hunt & Co., Agts. 



Grafton Nancy, widow, house 59 East Merrimack 
Graham Charles, carriage painter, 128 Middlesex, b. 14 Lowell 
Graham Frederick, moulder, house 68 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Graham George, machinist, boards 58 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Graham James, Hamilton Print Works, house 5 Lawrence 
Graham James, weaver, boards 58 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Graham Patrick, laborer, house Parker’s block, River, Oentralville 
Granger Leon, operative, house Decatur-street alley 
Grant Aaron R. overseer yard, Boott corporation, house 51 do. 
Grant Alexander, machinist, house 4 Mechanic [Market 

Grant Eugene L. wheelwright, Arch, near Northern depot, b. 29 
Grant Fred {Boston), boards 31 Tyler 
Grant Hugh J. carpenter, 20 Gorham, house 12 Summer 
Grant John, laborer, house 32 Union 

Grant John E. boots and shoes, 193 Middlesex, house 87 Howard 

Grant Patrick, laborer, house 52 Fenwick 

Grant Thomas, machinist, house rear 31 Lagrange 

Graves Charles S. conductor, Stony Brook R.R. house 11 Grand 

Graves Orville D. clerk, 46 Merrimack, house 5 Tyler 

Graves Simeon H. blacksmith, Lawrence corporation, house 51 do. 

Gray Albert, confectioner, house 19 Walnut 

Gray Albert M. clerk, 205 Central, boards Liberty, near Smith 

Gray Daniel S. provisions, 205 Central, house Liberty, near Smith 

Gray Frank, clerk, 205 Central, boards Liberty, near Smith 

Gray James, laborer, house 6 Swift 

Gray Michael, finisher, bouse 8 Whipple 

Gray Patrick, laborer, house 57 River, Centraiville 

Gray Peter, laborer, house 185 Lawrence 

Gray Peter, clerk, 8 Merrimack, boards 8 William 

Gray Thomas, laborer, house rear 20 Winter 

Gray Wilder H. laborer, boards 150 Suffolk 

Gray William C. house 6 Church 

Gray Wdliam D. stonecutter, house 31 Union 

Gray William H. painter, house 150 Suffolk 

Greeley James, woolsorter, boards 11 Warren 

Greeley Martha, widow, house 85 Church 

Greeley Pell M. weaver, house 20 Massachusetts corporation 

Green Albert T. carder, house 61 Massachusetts corporation 

Green Amos, overseer, Merrimack, h. Alt. Pleasant, Centraiville 

Green Amos, wheelwright, rear 292 Middlesex, house 17 Smith 

Green Andrew, provisions, 75 Charles, house do. 

Green Ann, widow, house 55 Common 

Green Charles, operative, house 34 Crosby 

Green Charles, tin peddler, house Middlesex, near City line 

Green Charles, picker, house 54 Massachusetts corporation 

Green David, blacksmith, house 23 Adams 

Green Ebenezer D. printer, house 18 Third, Centraiville 

Green Edward, carpet-weaver, boards 87 Gorham 

Hiew-£u!(land Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & 
Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Green Elias, hairdresser, 22 Central, boards River, Centralville 
Green Ellen Miss, house 60 River, Centralville 
Green George, boltmaker, house 10 North 

Green George T. boards 23 Pawtucket [h. 400 Merrimack 

Green George W. clothing manufacturer, Prescott, cor. Merrimack, 
Green Hannah, widow, house 168 Gorham [Thorndike 

Green Hartwell F. laborer, Boston and Lowell Railroad, house 82 
Green Hugh, laborer, house River, near City line, Centralville 
Green James, dyer, 8 Davis court 
Green James, carder, house 43 River, Centralville 
Green James H. Mrs. house 36 Prescott corporation 
Green Jane, widow, house 133 Lawrence 

Green Job W. overseer, Middlesex Company, boards 166 Central 
Green John Mrs. house 21 Willie 
Green John J. clerk, boards 21 Willie 

Green John 0. physician, Savings Bank block, h. 23 Pawtucket 
Green John O. jr. physician, boards 23 Pawtucket 
Green John R. blacksmith, house Mammoth road, Dracut 
Green Joseph, overseer, Middlesex corporation, boards 166 Central 
Green Joseph, at J. Johnson’s, house 83 School 
Green Joseph, mats and rugs, 8 Hale, house do. 

Green Joseph H. painter, 43 East Merrimack, house 49 Lawrence 
Green Joseph S. machinist, house 83 School 
Green Levi P. Industrial Hall, house 11 Cady 
Green Lydia Mrs. house 266 Merrimack 
Green Michael, hostler, house 7 1 Charles 
Green Patrick, laborer, house Common, corner Cross 
Green Patrick Mrs. house 51 West Union 
Green Peter, hostler, G. W. Norris's, houso 6 Cross 
Green Richard, woolsorter, house 60 River, Centralville 
Green Robert, house 4 Cross 
Green Robert, jr. house 4 Cross 
Green Rufus K. finisher, house 7 Bleachery 
Green Samuel S. machinist and boarding-house, 45 Lawrence corp. 
Green Samuel S. machinist, house 11 Dodge 
Green Sarah M. E. Miss, house 117 Gorham 
Green Sylvia B. Miss, boarding-house, 16 Merrimack corporation 
Green Webster N. machinist, boards 45 Lawrence corporation 
Green William, woolsorter, house 5 Merrill 
Green William Mrs. boards 4 Wamesit court 
Greenhalge Frederic T. ( Howe fy Greenhalge) , counsellor, 49 
Central, boards 35 Merrimack corporation 
Greenhalgh John, operative, house 11 Abbott 
Greenhalgh William Mrs. house 35 Merrimack corporation 
Greenlaw Moses W. gilder, 77 Merrimack 
Greenleaf Daniel G. constable, 3 Canal block, Central, h. 34 High 
Greenleaf John, carpenter, house London 
Greenleaf Nathan S. 48 Central, house 24 Read, Centralville 

The Lowell Office of the Howard Fire Ins. Co. is at No. 538 Central 
Street. GEO. F. HUNT & CO., Agents. (See page 344.) 



Greenleaf Wellington T. carpenter, house London 

Greenleaf William P. clerk, 36 Merrimack, boards 113 do. 

Greenwood John, laborer, house 9 Middlesex place 

Greenwood Othello, grocer, 208 Lawrence, hoards 15 Floyd 

Greenwood Randolph, grocer, 208 Lawrence, boards 15 Floyd 

Greenwood Samuel, house 15 Floyd 

Greer John, laborer, house head of Merrill 

Gregg Thomas, laborer, house 47 Middle 

Gregory Albert, Stotts Mills, boards Lawrence, corner Grove 

Gregory William J. shoemaker, 302 Merrimack, house 314 do. 

Gregware John, cardgrinder, house 83 Lawrence corporation 

Genier John, machinist, boards 14 Appleton corporation 

Greiner Oscar, musician, boards 12 Prescott corporation 

Gresley Thomas, laborer, house 29 Suffolk corporation 

Griffin Addison, machinist, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 

Griffin Alvah J. house 399 Merrimack 

Griffin Arrick M. sashmaker, house 52 Rock 

Griffin Bridget, widow, house 59 River, Centralville 

Griffin Charles, engineer, B. & L. R. R. boards 2 Middlesex place 

Griffin Charles, carpenter, house 31 Massachusetts corporation 

Griffin Charles A. sbuttlemaker, boards 01 East Merrimack 

Griffin Charles 0. bookkeeper, 49 Central, boards 31 Mass. corp. 

Griffin Edward, laborer, house 57 Dutton 

Griffin George, carpenter, house 34 Rock 

Griffin George A. jr. counsellor, 55 Central, h Bowers, n. Beacon 

Griffin Harrison, grinder, house 18 Howe 

Griffin James, operative, boards Lawrence, near the mills 

Griffin James, laborer, house 53 Fenwick 

Griffin John, machinist, Hamilton repair shop, house 29 Howard 

Griffin Joseph, stone-mason, house 159 Broadway 

Griffin Joseph B. clerk, 18 John, boards Bowers, near School 

Griffin Joseph W. boots and shoes, 18 John, house at Chelmsford 

Griffin Josiah E. carpenter, house 61 East Merrimack 

Griffin Margaret, widow, house 9 Worthen 

Griffin Michael, laborer, house 59 River, Centralville 

Griffin Owen, overseer dyer, Lawrence corporation, house 40 do. 

Griffin Patrick, cardstripping, house rear 15 River, Centralville 

Griffin Samuel P. fancy goods, 110 Merrimack, house 01 Andover 

Griffin William, house 18 Adams 

Griffith John ( Rugg fy Griffith), 77 Merrimack, h. 9 Harrison 
Griffith Merrick, overseer, Prescott Mills, house 2 Last Merrimack 
Griffith Stephen, woolsorter, house 158 Lowell 
Grimes Andrew, provisions, 122 Lowell, house do. 

Grimes John, foundry, house 22 Lewis 
Grimes Lydia. S. widow, boards Lincoln, corner Hale 
Grimes William, dyer, house Queen, near Middlesex 
Grindell John Mrs. house 11 Fayette 
Grinuell Charles E. Rev. house 410 Merrimack 

Kew-York State Directory, Published, by Sampson, Davenport, <t 
Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Grin nell Enoch N. carpenter, house 404 Merrimack 
Griswold Henry D. C. Mrs. house 1 Common 
Groom James, laborer, house Adams, near Broadway 
Groom John, laborer, house 91 Adams [Butterfield 

Grosvenor Horace. P. confectioner, 3 Appleton block, boards 5 
Grosvenor Jonathan P. patentee, house 5 Butterfield 
Grout Orra A. widow, boards 12 Fifth, Centralville 
Grover Ariston, steel-letter cutter, 132 Middlesex, house Middlesex, 
near City line [house 51 Third, Centralville 

Grover ( Josiah ) & Harvey ( Charles H.), clothing, 31 Merrimack, 
Grover William R. letter-cutter, 132 Middlesex, boards Middlesex, 
near City line 

Grush Clara A. Miss, variety store, 157 Middlesex, boards Hale, 
foot of Howard [boards Hale 

Grush J. Granville, clerk, Wamesit National Bank, Middlesex, 
Grush Joseph S. house Hale, opposite Howard 
Guerin Hubert, laborer, boards 21 Hamilton corporation 
Guild Alonzo J. carder, house 35 Prescott corporation 
Guild Charles M. paymaster, U. S. Navy, -house 66 Andover 
Guild Henry C. clerk, house 5 Austiu 
Guinan William, grinder, house 2 Kirk avenue 
Gulliland Alexander M. machinist, house Coburn, Centralville 
Gumb Louis, stone-cutter, boards 115 Gorham 
Gurdy William, carpenter, boards 106 Moody 
Gurney William, picker, 14 Massachusetts corporation 
Guthrie Mary, widow, boards 28 Gorham 
Guthrie Patrick, laborer, house 28 Gorham 
Guthrie Patrick, laborer, house 8 Summer 
Guy Juliett ( S . fy J. Guy ), dressmaker, 236 Merrimack, h. do. 
Guy Sarah & Juliette, dressmakers, 236 Merrimack, h. do. 

Guyton Patrick, laborer, house 4 Dempsey’s yard 
Guyton Patrick H. ( Mealey S r Guyton ), grocer, 308 Merrimack, 
boards 4 Dempsey’s yard 

Gwinn Lizzie R. ( Danforth § Gwinn ), millinery, 107 Merrimack 
Gynney William, operative, boards Lawrence, near mills 

HACKETT A. W. watchman, bds. 69 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Hadley {Addison) & Moulton {Moses S .), wood-turning, and 
model-makers, Cushing, cor. Rock, h. Mt. Vernon, cor. Cross 
Hadley Edmund M. weaver, Merrimack corporation, house 73 do. 
Hadley Elias H. overseer Merrimack, house Wilder, near Broadway 
Hadley Emeline, widow, house 2 Goward place 
Hadley Emily D. widow, house 2 Goward’s block, South 
Hadley George W. pistolmaker, house 124 Cross 
Hadley Harriet A. teacher, 14 Primary School, bds. 483 Merrimack 
Hadley John, livery stable, Worthen, near Merrimack, house 387 

Hadley John E. boards 387 Merrimack 

MauuFg Property, Merchandise, Dwellings, &. Household Furni- 
ture, ins. at satisfactory rates, hy Geo. F. Hunt & Co., Ins. Agt’s. 



Hadley John L. woolsorter, house 42 Lagrange 
Hadley Joshua, house Church 

Hadley Joshua M. carpenter, house Lincoln, near Chelmsford 
Hadley Samuel P. jr. counsellor and clerk Police Court 
Hadley Sarah A. teacher, No. 2 Primary School, bds. 287 Merrimack 
Hadlock William, laborer, house 45 Chapel 
Haeffely E. chemist, house 136 Merrimack 

Hagan Joseph, baggage-master, Northern depot, house 23 Broadway 
Hagar Dinah, widow, boards 5 Lowell corporation 
Haggerty Hannah, house Marion, near Cross 
Haggerty Michael, moulder, Willie, corner Dutton 
Haggerty Philip P. clerk, post-office, house 55 Chestnut 
Haggerty William Mrs. house 29 Summer 

Haggett Albert A. paymaster, Middlesex Company, house 28 Hurd 
Haggett Allen Mrs. house 8 High 
Haggett Helen A. teacher, Moody School, boards 8 High 
Haggett John, soapmaker, house 19 Charles 
Haggett John H. shuttlemaker, house 58 Chapel 
Hague Joseph, file- grinder, house 28 Bock 
Haigh Sarah, widow, boards 44 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Haines Franklin A. teamster, boards 23 Church 
Hale Bernice S. & Son («/. B. Hale), silk-covered wire and laid- 
line manufacturers, Whipple’s Mills, house 27 Cady 
Hale Frances W. Mrs. house 24 Front, Centralville 
Hale Isaac, paver, house 14 Adams 

Hale James B. ( B . S. H. efr Son), Whipple’s Mills, bds. 27 Cady 

Hale Martin, bobbinmaker, house 63 Cushing 

Hale Mary H. Mrs. boarding-house, 4 Appleton corporation 

Hale Mary J. restaurant, Northern depot, boards 4 Marshall 

Hale Sarah J. Mrs. house 220 Central [lin court 

Hale Thomas J. foreman, Parker & Cheney, house 4 South Frank- 

Haley Andrew, laborer, house 32 William 

Haley Edward, laborer, house 5 Water 

Haley Hugh, laborer, boards 14 AVinter 

Haley William, spinner, boards 51J Lowell 

Hall Albert B. house 147 East Merrimack 

Hall Albert P. ( Galvin § A. P. Hall), Andover, corner Fayette, 
and clerk, 146 Central, house 41 Church 
Hall Alfred J. carpenter, Mechanics Mills, house 1 Goward place 
Hall Alonzo A. tailor, 222 Merrimack, house 323 do. 

Hall Calvin & A. P. grocers, Andover, cor. Fayette, h. 41 Church 

Hall Charles W. Mrs. house 2 AVamesit court 

Hall Christopher C. house Hasty, near Liberty 

Hall Dyer, finisher, house 20 Bleachery 

Hall Ebenezer, second hand, Boott corporation, house 39 do. 

Hall Ebenezer M. shoemaker, 64 Middlesex, h. 3 Appleton corp. 
Hall Edgar A. woodworker, Mechanics Mills, bds. 3 Tremont corp. 
Hall Eli W. house 15 Elm 

Albany Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Hall Elisha, overseer, Chase’s Mills, house 14B Gorham 
Hall George P. glove manufacturer, house rear 26 Bartlett 
Hall Harriet J. widow, boards 34 Lawrence 
Hall Hiram N. moulder, house 53 Elliott 

Hall John, variety store, 22 South, boards 14 Massachusetts corp. 
Hall John, boards 14 Massachusetts corporation 
Hall John, carder, boards 175 Merrimack corporation 
Hall John C. ( Boston ), hou<e 39 Church 
Hall Luther B. eating-house, 16 and 18 Merrimack and 47 East 
Merrimack, house do. 

Hall Mary A. millinery, 5 Welles block, boards 113 Merrimack 
Hall Mary A. physician, 27 Kirk, house do. 

Hall Robert L. cabinetmaker, house 309 School 
Hall Samuel l). machinist, house 16 Marshall 
Hall Sarah, widow, boards 14 River, Centralville 
Hall Thelles P. cutter, 156 Merrimack, house Welles block 
Hall Wilbur, shoemaker, 64 Middlesex, house Church 
Hall William, carpenter, boards 61 Lawrence corporation 
Hall Zachariah D. weaver, boards 28 Boott corporation 
Hall Gobiesk J. sashmaker, Mechanics Mills, bds. 3 Tremontcorp. 
Halleran Jane, widow?* house 51 Butterfield 
Halleran Robert J. embroidery stamper, 51 Butterfield, house do. 
Hallett Marsena, shoemaker, house 222 Central 
Hallett Milo G. jeweller, 153 Central, boards 13 Appleton corp. 
Ilallisy John, laborer, at Gas Works, house Cross 
Halloran Patrick, blacksmith. Arch, near Northern depot 
Hallowell Albert ( Reed fy Hallowell), brass-finisher, Mechanics 
Mills, house 47 Fayette 

Hallowell Charles E. machinist, Boott corporation, house 65 do. 
Hallowell Daniel P. carriagesmith, house 15 Oak 
Hallowell Enoch, weaver, house Main 

Hallowell John, house 28 Hamilton corporation [Centralville 

Hallowell Samuel G. farmer, house Bridge, near Dracut line, 

Hallowell William G. carriag>painter, 128 Middlesex, boards 54 do. 

Halpin Alice, widow, house 9 Water 

Halpin Bartholomew, machinist, 2 Shaw’s block 

Halpin Bernard, dyer, house Wall 

Halpin Francis, laborer, boards 9 Water 

Halpin John, Lowell Machine Sbop foundry, house 9 Water 

Halpin Nicholas, tanner, house 9 Water 

Halpin Patrick, house Dutton 

Halpin Patrick, spinner, house 22 William. 

Halpin William, laborer, house 5 Knowles place 

Halstead James W. boards 25 High 

Halstead Robert, block-printer, hou^e 25 High 

Halstead William H. woolsorter, 7 Thorndike, house 190 Central 

Halsted Henry, American Bolt Company, house head of Livingston 

Ham A. D. machinist, house 3 Clark 

A'ortli Am. Fire Ins. Co., Hartford, Ct. Capital and Surplus, over 
$400,000. G. F. Hunt <fc Co., Agents, 2S Central St. (See p. 314.) 



Ham John G. mason, house Seventh, near Bridge, Centralville 

Hamblet Daniel V. carpenter, house River road, Dracut 

Hamblet Eugene, clerk, 1 Central, boards 36 Hurd 

Hamblet Gilbert, carpenter, house 8 Ford [rence corporation 

Hamblet Jesse, teamster, 233 Middlesex, boarding-house, 72 Law- 

Hamblet Joseph, carpenter, boarding-house, 138 Merrimack corp. 

Hamblet Mary Miss, house Mammoth road, Dracut 

Hamblet Peleg B. stone-layer, house Mammoth road, Dracut 

Hamblet Theodore, farmer, house River road, Dracut 

Hamer John W. foreman, 237 Middlesex, house 29 High 

Hamill James, operative, Lowell, house 59 Church 

Hamill James, jr. plasterer, boards 59 Church 

Hamilton Edward, house rear 30 Lewis 

Hamilton Manufacturing Company, Jackson 

Hamilton Patrick, spinner, house 7 Thorndike 

Hamilton Mary H. music teacher, house 54 Lawrence corporation 

Hamilton Patrick Mrs. house 86 Lowell 

Hamlin Jennie, boards 24 Read, Centralville 

Hammond Earl, mason, house 8 Branch 

Hanaford G. Mrs. dressmaker, 16 John, house 10 Nesmith block 
Hancock Forest E clerk, 80 Lawrence, boards 73 do. 

Hancock George N. clerk, 76 Dutton, boards First, near Bridge, 
Centralville [Centralville 

Hancock Levi, produce dealer, 76 Dutton, house First, near Bridge, 
Hancock Sarah G. widow, house 73 Lawrence 
Hand George J. conductor, S. & L. R. R. h. 14 N. Franklin court 
Hand George W. stone-mason, 105 Pawtucket, West Walker 
Hand Henry M. V. B. fireman, B. and L. R. R. house 52 Rock 
Hand Horace, brakeman, Boston and Lowell Railroad 
Hand John, spinner, house 47 Chapel 

Hand Peter, bleacher, boards 35 Bleaehery [block, E. Pine 

Handlen Samuel, boilermaker, Dobbins & Crawford, house 1 Shaw’s 

Handley Francis, laborer, house 7 McCarry’s court 

Handley Mary, widow, house 72 Lowell 

Handley Patrick, laborer, house 87 Charles 

Handley Sophronia J. dressmaker, house 33 Hamilton corporation 

Handy Thomas, laborer, house 9 Andover 

Hanks Stedman W. Rev. house 6 Kirk 

Hanley Daniel, laborer, boards 33 Massachusetts corporation 

Hanley George, machinist, boards 134 Merrimack corporation 

Hanley Jeremiah, woolsorter, boards 23 Summer 

Hanley Michael, machinist, house 2 Cummiskey’s alley 

Hannafin John, laborer, house 13 Adams 

Hannafin John, laborer, house 102 Suffolk 

Hannafin Morris, laborer,* house 36 Adams 

Hannafin William, operative, house 86 Suffolk 

Hannaford David F. machinist, house 19 Branch 

Hannaford William, machinist, Suffolk corporation, house 1 do. 

Troy Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. (formerly 
Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Hannaford William, woodsplitter, 6 Middlesex, boards do. 

Hannigan Peter, laborer, house 1 Edgerly court 

Hanover Terrance, undertaker, 24 Gorham, house 48 West Union 

Hanrahan Margaret, widow, house 21 Summer 

Hansbury James, blacksmith, house 17 William 

Ilansbury John, blacksmith, Dutton, near Fletcher, h. 17 Dumraer 

Hansbury Martin, laborer, house 31 Worthen 

Haoscom Alvin, spinner, boards 22 Massachusetts corporation 

Hanscom Francis, teacher, house 18 Austin 

Hanscom John, woodworker, boards 6 Tremont corporation 

Hanscom John E. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 

Hanscom Mary, widow, house 13 Austin 

Hanscom Susan Mrs. boarding-house, 5 and 6 Tremont corporation 
Hanlon Benjamin F. machinist, boards 4 West’s court 
Hanson Charles, teamster, boards 2 Wamesit court 
Hanson Charles H. teamster, house 20 Adams 
Hanson Charles W. clerk, house Sixth, above Myrtle, Centralville 
Hanson Enos H. operative, house 121 Moody 
Hanson Ephraim C. boxmaker, house 37 Branch 
Hanson Frederick A. spinner, boards 59 Massachusetts corporation 
Hanson George, fish-dealer, house 203 Middlesex 
Hanson John A. doormaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 69 Adams 
Hanson John S. teamster, freight depot, boards 19 Smith 
Hanson Martha G. Mrs. house 281 Central 
Hanson Richard R. house 10 Cabot block 
Hanson Samuel, bedstead-maker, boards 16 Rock 
Hanson Thomas, machinist, boards Central Hotel 
Hanson Wm. H. doormaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 69 Adams 
Hanson Wyman 0. carpenter, house 2 Lagrange court 
Ilapgood Edgar (E. Hapgood § Son), 43 High, boards 49 do. 
Hapgood Edwin, tin peddler, house 24 Chestnut [49 do. 

Ilapgood Ephraim & Son ( Edgar ), junk dealers, 43 High, house 
Hapgood Frank W. bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 
120 Moody 

Hapgood Harry, hairdresser, Central, corner Church, bds. 119 do. 
Hapgood James, house 57 Church 

Hapgood James, machinist, Fletcher, cor. Cushing, bds. 174 Suffolk 

Hapgood William E. S. painter, house 174 Suffolk 

Harahan Patrick, machinist, house 26 Lowell 

Hard William H. moulder, house 51 L. M. S. corporation 

Hardaker William, woolsorter, house rear 46 Charles 

Harding David, overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 124 do. 

Harding Nathaniel, spinner, house 44 Prescott corporation 

Harding Oliver M. overseer, Boott corporation, house 76 do. 

Harding Sarah W. Miss, house 1 Tremont corporation 

Hardisty Thomas, laborer, house 1 Pearl 

Hardman Alice J. teacher, Green School, boards 34 Moody 

Business that can’t afford Insurance is too poor to follow. Wis- 
dom, Prudence, Experience, all say, Insure at once. (Seepage 344.) 



Hardman Mary E. teacher, No. 30 Primary School, boards 34 Mer- 
rimack corporation [Merrimack corp. 

Hardman William, paymaster, Merrimack Print Works, house 34 
Hardy Daniel E. cook, boards 175 Middlesex 
Hardy Harvey C. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, bds. 49 Cushing 
Hardy Henry P. machinist, house 8 Tilden 
Hardy John, machinist, boards 39 Cedar 
Hardy Joseph W. watchman, L. M. S. house 103 Howard 
Hardy Robert, currier, house Manchester, near Quebec 
Hardy William J. clerk, 5 Prescott block, house 66 High 
Hare Patrick, stripper, boards 20 Kirk avenue 
Harhon Patrick, laborer, house 26 Lowell 
Harkins Elizabeth, widow, house 96 Lowell 
Harkins Hugh, boilermaker, house 52 Lewis 
Harkins Michael, laborer, house River, near City line, Centralville 
Harley James, overseer, color shop, Hamilton, boards Washington 
House [turing Co. house 49 Andover 

Harley William, superintendent, Print Works, Hamilton Manufac- 
Harlow James H. photographist, 88 Merrimack, boards Pawtucket, 
north of Moody 

Harlow Lucy, widow, boards Liberty, corner Powell 
Harlow Noah R. paymaster, Locks and Canals, house Pawtucket, 
north of Moody 

Harmon Abram B. machinist, boards 3 Tremont corporation 
Harmon Anson, operative, Lawrence corporation, house 39 do. 
Harmon Charles L. ( Lowell Card Company), 96 Middle, boards 
41 Prescott corporation 
Harmon Daniel, laborer, house 31 Fenwick 
Harmon George H. mariner, boards 5 Appleton corporation 
Harmon Ivory L. carpenter, 67 Middle, house 75 do. 

Harmon James M. physician, Welles block 
Harmon Moses, carpenter, 67 Middle, house 75 do. 

Harnden Edwin, hostler, 19 Church, house 119 Central 
Hamden Mary Mrs. house 30 Cabot 

Harnden Samuel, Boston Express, Merrimack depot, h. 50 Water 

Harney Catharine, widow, house 15 Cedar 

Harney John, machinist, boards 102 Lowell 

Harper Henry, painter, house 275 Middlesex 

Harper James, overseer, Massachusetts, h. 20 Fifth, Centralville 

Harper Margaret, widow, house 111 East Merrimack 

Harper Mary, widow, house 111 East Merrimack 

Harricy John, laborer, house Cross, near Adams 

Harrigan George, stonecutter, boards 2 Middlesex place 

Harrigan John, salesman, 1 and 2 Commercial square, h. 9 Chapel 

Harrigan Thomas, laborer, house 10 Front, Centralville 

Harriman Alfred, knitter, Lawrence corporation, boards 42 do. 

Harriman Charles A. overseer, 7 Thorndike, house 254 School 

Harriman James O. machinist, Lawrence corporation, b. 42 do 

Providence Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Harriman William D. blacksmith, boards 41 Boott corporation 
Harrington Bridget, widow, boards 15 Winter 
Harrington Chauncy, bouse 21 .Franklin square 
Harrington Cornelius, laborer, boards 12 Davidson 
Harrington Daniel, Merrimack corporation, house rear 100 Lowell 
Harrington Daniel, laborer, house Fenwick 
Harrington Daniel, laborer, boards 18 Howe 
Harrington Daniel G. wheelwright, house 18 Adams 
Harrington Daniel J. tailor, house 31 Fayette 
Harrington Dennis, laborer, house rear 86 Lowell 
Harrington Frank, Dugdale’s Mill, house 32 Crosby 
Harrington James, laborer, house 17 Keene 
Harrington James Mrs. house 15 Paige 
Harrington Jeremiah, laborer, house 237 Gorham 
Harrington John, laborer, boards 18 Howe 
Harrington John, laborer, house 91 Lowell 
Harrington John, laborer, house 41 Davidson 
Harrington Margaret, widow, house 18 Howe 
Harrington Mary, widow, house 1-J Kidder 
Harrington Michael Mrs. house 62 South 
Harrington Michael, machinist, boards 10 Kidder 
Harrington Murtaugh, teamster, house 9 Thorndike 
Harrington Thomas, stonecutter, boards 62 South 
Harrington Thomas, currier, house 5 Spring 
Harrington Timothy, laborer, boards 18 Howe 
Harrington Timothy, Prescott, house 41 Davidson 
Harrington Timothy, laborer, house 12 Davidson 
Harrington William, supt. at E. G. Cook’s, b. Lincoln, cor. Hale 
Harrington William, rag gatherer, house 17 Winter 
Harris Amanda, dressmaker, boards 41 Boott corporation 
Harris Arthur, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 4 Appleton corp. 
Harris Benjamin F. machinist, boards 79 Broadway 
Harris Eugene N. watchman, boards 43 Lawrence corporation 
Harris Frank, spinner, 7 Thorndike, boards 278 Middlesex 
Harris Frederick W. clerk, A. L. Waite & Co. bds. 167 Moody 
Harris George E. clerk, 12 Fletcher, boards 167 Moody 
Harris George L. overseer, Lawrence corp. house 175 Moody 
Harris George W. loom-harness, Lawrence corporation, also ( Carey 
fy Harris ), wood-working machinery, Broadway, corner Mt. 
Vernon, house 78 Lawrence corporation 
Harris Henry, woollen spinner, house 9 Tremont corporation 
Harris Henry H. weaver, house 20 Massachusetts corporation 
Harris John, starch-boiler, house 16 Keene 
Harris Mary, widow, house 79 Broadway 
Harris Mary C. Mrs. boards 73 Boott corporation 
Harris Sarah Ann Mrs. boards 9 Elm 
Harris Sarah F. widow, house 167 Moody 

Harris William, painter, Tremont, h. Pearl, n. Bow, Centralville 

Xairagansett Fire &, Marine Ins. Co.. Prov., R.I. Cap., $500,- 
000. Policies written by Cr. F. Hunt &, Co., Agts., 38 Central St. 



Harrison Bertram, teacher writing, house 61 High 

Harrison Joseph, weaver, house 9 Prospect 

Harrison Joseph, Prescott, house 46 Prescott corporation 

Harrison William, laborer, house rear 30 Fayette 

Hart Alfred A. cabinetmaker, ‘25 Middlesex, house 250 do. 

Hart Almira Mrs. boarding-house, 70 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Hart Andrew, Middlesex, house 21 Clay 

Hart Cornelius, laborer, house 1 Lowell place 

Hart Daniel, laborer, house rear 35 Fenwick 

Hart Edward, fuller, house 81 Lawrence 

Hart J ames Mrs. house 35 Suffolk [lin court 

Hart James W. foreman, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 8 South Frank- 
Hart Michael, stonecutter, boards 6 Middlesex place 
Hart Patrick, laborer, house 10 Congress 
Hart William, laborer, house 45 Fenwick 
Hartford Dudley, stonecutter, boards 6 Bangs’s block 
Hartford Hiram E. carpenter, boards 13 Tremont corporation 
Hartford Mark, bobbinmaker, house 229 Middlesex 
Hartigan Thomas, laborer, house 35 Bleachery 
Hartley Ellis, dyer, boards 90 Moody 
Hartley Henry, peddler, house 21 Warren 
Hartley Henry A. clerk ( Boston ). boards 21 Warren 
Hartley John, weaver, house 90 Moody 
Hartley Richard, spinner, boards 90 Moody 
Hartley William, machinist, boards 90 Moody 
Hartshorn Edward, clerk, 46 Merrimack, house 46 Tyler 
Hartshorn Newton T. crayon artist, Carleton block, boards 15 Elm 
Hartwell Ira, overseer yard, Suffolk corporation, house 25 do. 
Hartwell James D. ( Cheney Sr Hartwell), grocer, 251 Merri- 
mack, house 135 Moody 

Harvey Alice, widow, house 43 River, Centralville 
Harvey Charles H. ( Grover S? Harvey), clothing, 31 Merrimack, 
house 38 Worthen [Massachusetts corp. 

Harvey Eben A. agent, boots and shoes, 35 Merrimack, house 28 
Harvey George D. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 16 Rock 
Harvey Hugh, house 6 Congress 

Harvey Ira M. cardgrinder, house 20 Prescott corporation 
Harvey John Mrs. house Little, near Lewis 
Harvey John, boards 6 Congress 

Harvey John F. clerk, Thorndike, corner Dutton, boards 11 Lee 

Harvey Joseph, blacksmith, house 85 Merrimack corporation 

Harvey Margaret, widow, boards 6 Congress 

Harvey Michael, laborer, boards 2 William 

Harvey Samuel W. milkman and boarding-house, 13 Central 

Harvey William Mrs. house 38 Worthen 

Harwood Charles A. clerk, boards Pine, corner Westford 

Harwood Clara W. bookkeeper, 90 Market, house 40 High 

Harwood Isaac, machinist, house 20 Race 

Charlestown Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co, 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Harwood Rufus, teamster, house Pine, corner Westford 
Haseltine George W. carpenter, Chapel, c. Central, house 88 South 
Haseltine Mary Mrs. house 299 Central 
Haseltine Sophia, widow, boards 20 Boott corporation 
Hasey Edward IV. teamster, house 124 School 
Haskell Charles T. machinist and locksmith, 30 Prescott, h. 8 Cady 
Haskell Job H. stencilmaker, 13 Middle, house 3 Union 
Haskell Myron E. section hand, house 16 Appleton corporation 
Haskell Theodore B. machinist, house 9 Lagrange [corp. 

Haskell William G. photographist, 103 Merrimack, boards 5 Mass. 
Hassett Catharine, widow, house 52 Fenwick 
Hastings Alexander, carpenter, house Pearl, Centralville 
Hatch Albert, watchman, house 166 Suffolk 
Hatch Andrew J. shoemaker, house 73 Charles 
Hatch Charles F. clerk, 133 Central, boards 50 Church 
Hatch Ebenezer L. shoemaker, house Paige, near Bridge 
Hatch Edwin, operative, house 13 Warren 
Hatch Fred, upholsterer, 13 Market, boards 3 East Merrimack 
Hatch George S. harnessmaker, 8 Merrimack block, Dutton, house 
38 High 

Hatch George S. carpenter, house 52 Tyler 

Hatch Joseph, laborer, house rear 20 Moody 

Hatch Mehitable A. widow, house 10 Warren 

Hatch William, operative, house 115 Merrimack corporation 

Hatch’ , widow, house 3 East Merrimack 

Haughton Samuel, teamster, boards 12 Smith 
Hauver Jacob, carpenter, house 100 Merrimack corporation 
Ilavey Ann, widow, house rear 13 Union 
Havey Bob, operative, boards rear 13 Union 
Haviland Bernard, filecutter, boards 11 Jefferson 
Haviland Edward, at J. C. Ayer’s, boards 11 Jefferson 
Haviland ( Francis N. J.) & Brother ( Thomas P), provisions, 
Lowell, corner Suffolk, house 11 Jefferson 
Haviland John, machinist, boards 11 Jefferson 
Haviland Patrick, house 11 Jefferson 

Haviland Thomas P. ( Haviland fy Bro.), provisions, h. 271 Merr. 
Hawkes Andrew N. shoemaker, 300 Central, house 5 Hudson 
Hawkes Mackerness N. shoemaker, house Manchester, cor. Quebec 
Hawley Almira, widow, boards 17 Tremont corporation 
Haworth Thomas, weaver, house 86 Merrimack corporation 
Hay Charles, miller, boards 82 Moody 
Hay Eliza Miss, house 1 Tremont corporation 
Hay Nathaniel D. laborer, house 82 Moody 
Hay Wellington, loomfixer, Lawrence corporation, boards 82 Mo’ody 
Hayden Albert J. (Boston), boards Fletcher, comer Dane 
Hayden Charles F. stonecutter, house 93 Howard 
Hayden Ephraim F. baker, house Fletcher, corner Dane 
Hayden Rufus N. house 93 Howard 

Fire, Marine, &. Inland Insurance effected through tlie Security of 
N.Y, and Narragansett Ins. Cos., by Geo. P. limit & Co., Agents. 



Hayden Thomas, picker, boards 54 Boott corporation 

Hayes Andrew, laborer, bouse 22 Winter 

Hayes Daniel, moulder, house 70 Suffolk 

Hayes Jeremiah, laborer, house 29 Fenwick 

Hayes John, cardgrinder, boards 59 Massachusetts corporation 

Hayes John F. tinsmith, 125 Market, boards 1 Chapel 

Hayes John, laborer, house Maiden lane 

Hayes Joseph R. apothecary, 18 Central, house 12 Stackpole 

Hayes Lawrence, teamster, 43 Market, house North 

Hayes Mary, widow, house 290 Central 

Hayes Mary, widow, house 109 Lowell 

Hayes Mathew, laborer, house opposite rear 48 Fenwick 

Hayes Patrick, watchman, Crosby, near mills 

Hayes Patrick, laborer, house Donahoe’s court 

Hayes Patrick, laborer, house 100 Suffolk 

Hayes Roger, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Hayes Timothy, boards .Crosby, near mills 

Hayes William, house 1 Chapel 

Haynes Alvin F. machinist, house 30 Prescott corporation 
Haynes George, teamster, Merrimack corporation, house 61 do. 
Haynes George H. watchman, Merrimack corporation, boards 61 do. 
Haynes John M. clerk, 17 Middle, boards 27 Hamilton corporation 

Haynes , hairdresser, Merrimack, boards 32 Willie 

Hayward J. Clark, painter, 16 Middle, house 31 Chestnut 

Hayward Mary S. house 133 East Merrimack 

Hayward Sarah, nurse, house 2 South Highland 

Haywood Ann, widow, house 12 Tremont> corporation 

Hazen Carlos, clerk at S. G. Mack’s, house 39 Bartlett 

Hazen Whitemore D. woodworker, boards 34 Boott corporation 

Head Mary, widow, house 80 Church 

Heafley Edward, chemist, boards American House 

Heald Ai W. teamster, house 7 Wamesit court 

Heald John, confectionery, 1 Merrimack, boards 46 Paige 

Heald Samuel M. carpenter and boarding-house, 4 Hamilton corp. 

Heald Sarah M. widow, house 64 Moody 

Healey David, house 19 Fourth, Centralville [mack corp. 

Healey David, jr. overseer Merrimack Print Works, h. 64 Merri- 

Healey Henry, engraver, Merrimack P. W. h. 45 Merrimack corp. 

Healey James, hostler, house rear 39 Lowell 

Healey James, laborer, house 21 Pond 

Healey James, blockprinter, house 20 Fayette 

Healey John, laborer, house 21 Pond 

Healey Joseph C. carpenter, Merrimack corporation, house 173 do. 
Heardman Johnston, baker, house 6 Prospect 
Heath Charles II. beltmaker, boards 79 Merrimack corporation 
Heath ( Edwin O.) & Steele (Sylvanus), provisions, 193 Central, 
house 20 Hamilton corporation 
Heath Elbridge G. machinist, house 5 Mclntire 

Fall River Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Ileath Margaret, widow, house rear 101 Lowell 

Heath , machinist, boards 80 Merrimack corporation 

Heatlnvood Thomas, Lafayette House, Middlesex, near Walker 
Heaton Anthony, grinder, house 4 Clark’s court 
Heaton James, dyer, house 4 Clark’s court 

Hebberd DeWitt C. brass-finisher, Mechanics Mills, h. 66 Warren 
Hebden John, woolsorter, house rear 81 Market. 

Hebert Lewis, clerk, 201 Middlesex 

Hedge Levi, chief clerk post-office, boards Washington House 
* Hedrick George, United States deputy collector, and pianofortes, 
36 Central, house Andover, near Park 
Hedrick George C. book-keeper, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 
Andover, near Park 

Heeren Patrick, laborer, house 1 Watson 
Heffernan Ann, widow, boards 3 George 
Heffernan Mary, widow, house 60 Lowell 
Heffernan Mary, widow, house 155 Lowell 

Heffernan , laborer, house 61 Lowell 

Heland Hannah, grocer, 24 Adams, house do. 

Heland James, laborer, house 8 Theatre block 
Hellewell Tempest, overseer, house 109 River, Centralville 
Hellinan Charles, finisher, house 5 Crosby 
Hemeuway Marshall, grocer, 221 Central, house 125 Gorham 
Hemingway Jos. H. cigarmaker, 52 Central, boards 52 Bartlett 
Hemmenway Elizabeth W. Mrs. house 22 Moody 
Hemmenway Lorenzo F. shoemaker, boards 22 Moody 
Henaghan Martin, laborer, house 26 Cabot 
Henahan Patrick, grinder, Hamilton, house 20 Summer 
Henbury Martin, baker, house 13 North 
llenchy Thomas, nailmaker, 136 Middlesex, boards 100 Market 
Henderson George W. (S. F. Henderson § Son), bds. 60 Moody 
Henderson Mary J. widow, boards 85 School 
Henderson Sarah J. boarding-house, 2 Lowell corporation 
Henderson Shepard F. & Son ( George W.), wood-dealers, 289 
Merrimack, house 60 Moody 
Henderson William, laborer, house 20 North 
Hendrick Lawrence, laborer, house rear 18 Winter 
Hennessy Daniel, laborer, house 22 Lowell 
Hennessy John, laborer, house 60 Adams 
Hennessy John, laborer, house 20 North 
Hennigin Margaret, house rear 307 Fayette 
Henry Daniel E. Mrs. house 84 Church 
Henry John, laborer, house rear 43 River, Centralville 
Henry John, cigar-maker, boards 33 Massachusetts corporation, 
Henry Michael, laborer, house 16 Little 
Iiensler Jane, widow, house 79 Charles 
Hensler William, operative, boards 79 Charles 
Henwright Michael, foreman at A. D. Waite’s, house Powell 

Middlesex Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Concord, Mass. Inc. 1826. A pop- 
ular dividend-paying Co. G. F. Hunt & Co., Agents. (See p. 344.) 



Ilcnwright, see Enright 

Herbert Warren, carder, boards 48 Church 

Herrick Edgar, sailor, boards 57 East Merrimack 

Herrick Edward S. variety store, 158 Suffolk, house 154 do. 

Herrick Sarah, seamstress, house 05 Worthen, L. M. S. corp. 

Hersey Amos J. house 2 Evans block 

Hersey Caroline T. widow, house 29 Massachusetts corporation 
Hersey Frederic, telegraph-operator, Merrimack-street depot, boards 
32 Chestnut 

Hersey Hiram, boards 32 Chestnut 

Hersey Hiram Mrs. house 32 Chestnut 

Hessian Mary, house Tyler’s block, Centralville 

Ileywood Amos B. principal Franklin School, boards 14 Hurd 

Hibbard George, watchman, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 

Hibbert Charles, machinist, house 67 Cushing 

Hibbert Charles S. machinist, boards Middlesex, near Grand 

Hibbert George, bobbinmaker, house 26 Suffolk 

Hibbert Samuel E. sashmaker, boards 67 Cushing [Cushing 

Hibbert William Z. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 67 

Hibbird Charles, weaver, boards 51 Massachusetts corporation 

Hickey James, blacksmith, house 53 Fenwick 

Hickey James, laborer, at Bobbins & Crawford’s, house 25 North 

Hickey John, laborer, house Thorndike, corner Hale 

Hickey John, laborer, house 1 Carolin’s block, Fayette 

Hickey John Mrs. house 92 Suffolk 

Hickey Mary, widow, house 8 Mill 

Hickey Margaret, widow, house 25 North 

Hickey Michael, bootmaker, 240 Merrimack, house 144 Suffolk 

Hickey Patrick, laborer, house 64 Fenwick 

Hickey Thomas, spinner, house 29 North 

Hickey Walter, city teamster, house 51 Fenwick 

Hicks Alfred T. boards 5 Ash 

Hicks Benjamin H. house 5 Ash 

Hicks Edward, operative, Lawrence corporation, boards 43 do. 
Hicks Frank E. Mrs. boards 42 Merrimack corporation 
Higgins Anthony, laborer, house 59 Gorham 
Higgins Edson S. tea-dealer, 105 Middlesex, house 107 do. 

Higgins Francis, currier, house Chelmsford, corner Short 

Higgins Francis, laborer, house 4 Green 

Higgins James, laborer, house Wamesit, corner Lawrence 

Higgins John, presser, house 181 Lawrence 

Higgins Orlando M. patternmaker, house 18 Church 

Higgins Patrick, laborer, boards 153 Lowell 

Higgins Patrick, laborer, house 24 Green 

Higgins Patrick, laborer, house 12 Pleasant 

Higgins Samuel, spinner, house 26 Boott corporation 

Higgins William, laborer, house 4 Green 

Higgins William, variety store, 21 Market, house do. 

Lawrence Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



High William C. clergyman, 67 Bridge, Centralville 
Highland John, laborer, house 36 South 
Hight Hanson H clerk, 64 Merrimack, boards 50 Moody 
Hight Randall S. fish, 7 East Merrimack, house 124 Central 
Hildreth Abigail, widow, house 192 Gorham 
Hildreth Albert G. house First, near Bridge 
Hildreth Charles L. foreman Lowell Machine Shop, house 5 do. 
Hildreth ( Fisher A.) & Hunt ( Chart s ), printers, Museum build- 
ing, house Sixth, corner Myrtle, Centralville 
Hildreth Fred A. ( Chase fy Hildreth ), printer, 9 Savings Bank 
building, boards 19 Kirk [Third, Centralville 

Hildreth Henry A. wire-worker, 10 Central, house Bridge, opp. 
Hildreth Hezekiah, harnessmaker, boards 58 Massachusetts corp. 
Hildreth II. J. Mrs. variety store, Bridge, corner Second, house do. 
Hildreth Nancy A. widow, at Old Ladies’ Home, 58 Moody 
Hildreth Sherman F. confectioner, 47 Merrimack, house do. 

Hill Abel T. carpenter, house 152 Suffolk 

Hill Asa V. music teacher, house 25 Willow 

Hill Benjamin C. machinist, house 16 Suffolk corporation [sex 

Hill Bros. ( G. F. Sf II. B.), carriage manufacturers, 136 Middle- 

Hill Cyrus F. overseer, Lowell corporation, house 11 do. 

Hill David L. machinist, house 158 Suffolk 
Hill Dorcas and Lucy Misses, house rear 4 Dodge 
Hill Eliphalet, woodturner, house 14 Adams 
Hill Eliza Miss, house at Old Ladies’ Home, 58 Moody 
Hill Elvira Dike Mrs. house 150 Suffolk 

Hill Emeline W. Mrs. variety store, 49 East Merrimack, house do. 
Hill Epaphras A. wood, 341 Middlesex, house 337 do. 

Hill George E. carpenter, house rear 35 Cushing 
Hill George F. (Hill Bros ), carriage manufacturer, 136 Middle- 
sex, house 106 do. 

Hill George W. machinist, house Gorham, corner Manchester 
Hill Henry E. cabinet manufacturer, 239 Middlesex, house 225 do. 
Hill Hosea B. (Hill Bros.), carriagcmaker, 136 Middlesex, house 
48 Charles 

Hill Ida A. teacher, Franklin School, boards 16 Suffolk corp. 

Hill James, shoemaker, boards 139 Merrimack corporation 
Hill James E. fish dealer, 66 Middlesex, boards 70 Lawrence 
Hill James R. bootmaker, boards 139 Merrimack corporation 
Hill John, overseer, Lowell corporation, house 3 Abbott 
Hill John B. machinist, house 25 Boott corporation 
Hill Joseph, tanner, boards rear Engine House No. 1 
Hill Joseph, overseer, Merrimack Print Works, house 63 Merri- 
mack corporation 

Hill Margaret, widow, house Dempsey’s yard 

Hill Maria Mrs. boards 6 South 

Hill Marritta, teacher, boards 25 Willow 

Hill Mary Mrs. house rear Engine House No. 1, Central 

Geo. F. Hunt & Co. are agents for tire Connecticut Mutual Life 
Ins. Co. For full particulars, sec pages 341 and 315. 



Hill Mary L. teacher, No. 44 Primary School, boards 40 Worthen 
Hill Nathaniel, Locks and Canals, house 40 Worthen 
Hill Nathaniel, jr. librarian, Middlesex Mechanics’ Association, 
boards 40 Worthen 

Hill Nathaniel 31. weaver, boards 139 3Ierriniack corporation 
Hill Paul, commissioner of Cape Cod Harbor, house 8 Cabot blk. 
Hill Rufus F. blacksmith, house 11 Smith 

Hill Thomas, laborer, Boston and Lowell Railroad, house 7 Spring 
Hill Truman L. carriagemaker, 136 3Iiddlesex, boards 48 Charles 
Hill William, cardstripper, boards 4 Boott corporation [ford 

Hill Wright L. carriagesmith, 163 Central, h. Stevens, n. Chelrns- 
Hilliard Sarah 3Iiss, boards 3Ierrimack House 
Hdls Alfred 31. machinist, 31echanics Mills, house 40 31arion 
Hills Eliphalet, woodturner and patternmaker, 3Iechanics 3Iills, 
house 14 Adams 

Hills George A. ( Boston ), boards 20 Tyler [Worthen 

Hills George D. bookkeeper, at J. C. Ayer & Co.’s, house 36 
Hills George H. flour, freight depot, Thorndike, house 20 Tyler 
Hilt Joseph, operative, house 8 Suffolk corporation 
Hilton Elbridge G. shoemaker, house 5 Crosby 
Hilton Hoyt W. & Co. (S. P. Goodspeed ), dry goods, 36 31er- 
rimack, house 43 Bridge, Centralville 
Hilton Robert V. carpenter, house 48 3Ierrimack corporation 
Hilton William C. carpenter, boards rear 56 3Ioody 
Hinch William 3Irs. house rear 22 Howe 
Hinchcliffe Alfred, spinner, house 20 Lee 

Hinchcliffe Richard, spinner and variety store, 147 Central, h. do. 
Hinche John, laborer, house 23 Wamesit 
Hinche 31ichael, laborer, house 26 Cedar 
Hinchy Thomas, nailmaker, boards 100 31arket 
Hinckley Albert L. carpenter, 3Ierrimack corporation, house 48 do. 
Hindle Richmond, dyer, Hamilton corp. house 4 Bay State avenue 
Hines Ann, widow, house 38 Appleton 
Hines Joseph, hostler, 19 Central, boards 1 Green 
Hines 3Ialachi, machinist, boards 38 Appleton 
Hird Francis, overseer, Dugdale’s, house 14 Abbott 
Hird Joseph, saloon and boarding-house, 78 3Iarket 
Hird William ( Richard Briggs fy Coi), worsted yarns, 3It. Ver- 
non, near Broadway, house 9 Tremont 
Hirshfield Herman, clothing, 20 Central, house 65 Lawrence 
Hirshfield Philip ( Boston ), 1 Tenth, Centralville 
Hiscox Andrew J. file manufacturer, Arch, near Northern depot, 
house rear 68 Appleton [boards 12 Walker 

Hiscox Charles H. filecutter, Arch, n. Nashua and Lowell depot, 
Hiscox John, cloth finisher, boards Hale, near Railroad 
Hislop James G. teamster, boards rear 35 Cushing 
Hissopp George, watchman, Lawrence, corporation, boards 43 do. 
Histin 3Iichael, bleaehery, house 342 Central 

Lowell Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Hitchcock Lavina, widow, boards 52 Massachusetts corporation 
Hixon Lloyd W., M.D. Dracut Height, Central ville 
Hoar Bridget, widow, house rear 70 Lowell 
Hoar Catharine, widow, house 14 Davis 
Hoar Maurice, laborer, house rear 100 Suffolk 
Hoar Michael, wines and liquors, Lowell, corner Dutton, house 
Adams, corner Broadway 
Hoar Michael, hatter, house rear 70 Lowell 
Hoar Samuel, machinist, house 53 Lawrence corporation 
Hoar William, laborer, house rear 70 Lowell 
Hobart Anna L. clairvoyant, 4 Middlesex, house do. 

Hobart Charles H. weaver, house 2*2 Hamilton corporation 

Hobart George W. house 4 Middlesex 

Hobart Peter, house 85 Church 

Hobert Flavel, bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 

Hubert William D. carder, boards 22 Hamilton corporation 

Hobbs Charles P. carpenter, boards 17 Lee 

Hobbs Dwell T. machinist, boards 18 Appleton corporation 

Hobbs James, boards 40 Third, Centralville 

Hobbs John C. carpenter, house 188 Middlesex 

Hobbs Reuben, laborer, house 14 Rock [ville 

Hobbs Ruth A. variety store, 71 Merrimack, h. 40 Third, Central- 

Hobbs William, fireman, boards 2 Middlesex place 

Hobbs William L. fireman, B. L. & N. R. R. b. 2 Spalding block 

Hobson George, letter-carrier, post-office, house 24 Linden 

Hodder George, Middlesex, boards 70 Fayette 

Hodder William, dyer, Middlesex, house 70 Fayette 

Hodgdon Alvin, fireman, house 29 Walnut 

Hodgdon Billings, spinner, boards 4 Massachusetts corporation 

Hodgdon George T. carpenter, house 239 School 

Hodgdon Jane, widow, boards River road, Dracut 

Hodgdon Joseph M , B. & L. R. R. house Railroad, near Hale 

Hodgdon Lucinda, dressmaker, house 48 Church 

Hodgdon Samuel G. carpenter, 23 Middle, house 50 Cushing 

Hodgdon Alvin N. operative, Lawrence corporation, house 8 do. 

Hodge Henry, teamster, house 14 Queen 

Hodge Henry, artist, boards 111 Merrimack corporation 

Hodge John Mrs. house 5 Dummer [Dracut 

Hodge John M. shoemaker, Mammoth road, house off River road, 

Hodge Joseph A. machinist, 96 Middle, h. Ill Merrimack corp. 

Hodge William, bleacher, house 37 Worthen 

Hodgkins Samuel S. weaver, house 47 Boott corporation 

Hodgman Abel Goodrich, house 5 Clark 

Hodgman Benjamin, hats, caps, &c. 30 Central, house 53 Summer 
Hodgman Josiah, teamster, house 250 School 
Hodgman Simon T. house 6 Bangs block, Railroad 
Ilodsdon Henry M. wire-worker, boards 28 Prescott corporation 
Hogan Bridget, widow, house 4 Carpet lane 

IIow to provide for the comfort and support of our families after 
our decease is the earnest thought of every man. (See pp. 341 & 345.) 




Hogan Dennis, laborer, house rear 10 Duramer 
Hogan James H. carpenter, house 119 Moody 
Hogan John, carder, boards 13 Massachusetts corporation 
Hogan Jonathan G. clothes-cleaner, Prescott, near Merrimack, house 
River, Centralville 

Hogan Keron, machinist, boards 22 Spring 

Hogan Matthew, foreman, house 6 Jolin-street avenue 

Hogan Michael, house 6 Salem 

Hogan Patrick, laborer, house rear 15 Dummer 

Ilogan Puilip, laborer, house 22 Spring 

Hogan Thomas, laborer, house 5 Dodge 

Hogan William, Lowell Machine Shop, house 10 Cross 

Hogan , widow, house 18 Fayette 

Holbrook Orella and Emily Misses, house 39 Chestnut 

Holbrook Sarah Sirs, house 2 1 Andover 

Holden Ann B. widow, boards 39 Pawtucket 

Holden Austin ( Boston ), house 32 Walnut 

Holden Charles A. carpetweaver, boards 32 Walnut 

Holden Frances A. teacher, Moody School, boards 30 Race 

Holden Frederick A. overseer, Locks and Canals, house 30 Race 

Holden Isaac, nurseryman, house River road, Dracut 

Holden Mary, widow, boards 44 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 

Holden Peter, operative, house 35 Salem 

Holden Richard, boards 2 Hale 

Hole Owen R. machinist, boards 134 Merrimack corporation 

Holland Daniel, machinist, boards 23 George 

Holland James B. carriage-trimmer, 163 Central, house 12 Cady 

Holland John, laborer, house 340 Merrimack 

Holland John Mrs. house 58 Adams 

Holland John, tailor, house 4 Lowell place 

Holland John W. house 30 Merrimack corporation 

Holland Lewis K. (Boston), boards 30 Merrimack corporation 

Holland Margaret, widow, house 94 Lowell 

Holland Mary, widow, house 8 Cross 

Holland Michael, laborer, house rear 43 Middle 

Holland Michael, carder, house rear 55 Market 

Holland Michael, tailor, 3 Prescott block, house do. 

Holland Susan, widow, house 53 Lowell 
Holland Timothy, laborer, at Gas Works, bouse 96 Lowell 
Holleran David, boltmaker, 237 Middlesex, house 6 Appleton 
Hollinger Daniel, trader, boards 154 Appleton 
Hollis James W. teamster, house 37 Hamilton corporation 
Hollis Zebediah S. teamster, at A. L. Brooks’s, house 3 Livingston 
block, Appleton 

Hollissy William, bleacherv, house Congress 
Holloran Patrick, blacksmith, house 84 Charles [Centralville 
Hollyman William, hairdresser, 2 Prescott building, boards 64 River, 
Hollyman William, hairdresser, boards 15 Fayette 

Lynn Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, &, Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Ilolman John C. machinist, house 13R| Merrimack corporation 
Holmbeck William, machinist, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 41 
Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Holmes Betsey, widow, house 4 Water 

Holmes Mark, cabinetmaker, Mechanics Mills, house East Pine 

Holmes Mark, jr. wood turner, house 50 Adams 

Holmes Sarah Mrs. boarding-bouse, 27 Massachusetts corporation 

Holmes Stillman B. patnter, house 62 Middlesex 

Holmes William, wood-turner, house 255 School 

Holt Abiel Mrs. house 23 Willie 

Holt Abner D. tinsmith, boards 3 High-street square 

Holt Abraham, Stott’s Mill, house 19 Floyd 

Holt Alfred E. machinist and boarding-house, 1 George 

Holt Benjamin, tailor, 4 Merrimack, house 62 Charles 

Holt Caroline E. teacher, Bartlett School, boards 430 Merrimack 

Holt Daniel, millwright, Howe, house 20 Nesmith 

Holt Daniel, physician, 15 John, house do. 

Holt Edward B. student, boards 15 John 

Holt Francis, carpenter, Appleton corp. h. East Pine, cor. Carlton 

Holt James, machinist, house 19 Floyd 

Holt James G. laborer, house 30 Suffolk corporation 

Holt John, flannel manufacturer, Howe, house 16 Nesmith 

Holt Joseph, shoemaker, boards 48 Church 

Holt Joseph S. paymaster, Tremont Mills, house 430 Merrimack 

Holt Levi, machinist, house 19 Floyd 

Holt Lucy J. Mrs. boards 105 Gorham 

Holt ( Luther ) & Bergeron {Louis ) , blacksmiths, 285 Merrimack, 
house 172 Suffolk 
Holt Paul, house 430 Merrimack 
Holt Susan, widow, house 3 Massachusetts corporation 
Holthain Joseph, carpenter, house First, Centralville 
Holton Frederic ( Boston ), house 24 Pawtucket 
Honahan Thomas, shoemaker, 15 Davis 

Honey Alden, wood-worker, Wamesit Steam Mills, bds. 27 Adams 
Honey Fred, machinist, boards 13 Franklin square 
Honey Frederick B. turner, Mechanics Mills, boards 13 Adams 
Hood Abraham K. carpenter, Willie, near Rock, h. 164 Broadway 
Hood Charles H. machinist, boards 15 Hamilton corporation 
Hood Elizabeth, widow, house 28 Charles 

Hood George A. carpenter, boards 164 Broadway [corp. 

Hood George W. E. machinist, house 33 Lowell Machine Shop 
Hood Harrison P. modelmaker, Rock, cor. Willie, h. 53 Butterfield 
Hood John, machinist, boards 5 Lagrange 

Hood Jenette, widow, house 61 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Hooke Henry M. physician, Welles block, house 415 Merrimack 
Hoole Edward P. spinner, Merrimack corporation, house 53 do. 
Hoole John II., Merrimack corporation, house 117 do. 

Hoole William, Stotts, house 73 Warren 

Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co., State Mutual Life Assurance Co. 
Worcester, Mass. G. P. Hunt &. Co., Ageuts. (See page 344.) 



Hooley Daniel Mrs. house rear 35 Fenwick 

Hooper James T. dresser, boards 53 Merrimack corporation 

Hooper John, tinsmith, 277 Merrimack, boards First, Centralville 

Hooper Lois Mrs. house 53 Merrimack corporation 

Hope Catharine Mrs. house rear 2 Dodge 

Hope John R. clerk ( Boston ), boards 291 Central 

Hope Jonathan, American Bolt Company, house 291 Central 

Hope Mary S. Mrs. house 11 Elm 

Hope William C. American Bolt Company, house 248 Gorham 
Hope William F. tinsmith, 105 Central, boards 3 Dodge 
Hopkins Eliza Mrs. boarding-house, 25 Hamilton corporation 
Hopkins James, deputy sheriff. 49 Central, house 59 Andover 
Hopkins James A. capt. 35th Regt. U.S.A. bds. 59 Andover 
Hopkins Samuel E. machinist, bds. 65 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Hopkins Sarah A. boarding-house, 37 Boott corporation [corp. 
Hopkins Seth E. machinist, Lowell Machine Shop, house L. M. S. 

Hopkins , widow, boards 19 Tremont [sex, house 375 do. 

Horn Alfred S. (S. Horn 8f Co.), soap, &c. School, corner Middle- 
Horn Augustus, operative, Lawrence, house Ford, corner Suffolk 
Horn Benjamin, machinist, house 3 Wamesit court 
Horn Charles C. C. Mrs. house 3 Lagrange court [52 Chestnut 
Horn Clara Miss, dressmaker, Nesmith’s block, 43^ Merrimack, h. 
Horn Emma A. millinery, 83 Merrimack, house 52 Chestnut 
Horn Eben, wheelwright, house Pleasant, Centralville 
Horn Samuel, house 54 Smith [sex, cor. School 

Horn Samuel & Co. ( Alfred S. Horn), soap and candles, Middle- 
Home Asa P. farmer, boards River road, Dracut 
Horne Daniel W. coal and wood, Fletcher, corner Western avenue, 
house 6 South Highland 

Horner Isabella E. teacher, No. 19 Primary School, bds. 2 Abbott 
Horner Jane E. teacher, No. 29 Primary School, boaids 2 Abbott 
Horner John, agent, house 66 Howard 
Horner William, Middlesex corporation, house 2 Abbott 
Horricks Margaret, widow, house 10 Tilden 
Horsfall Jonas, blacksmith, Whipplesville, near Lawrence 
Horton John, marble worker, house 24 Wamesit 
Horton John F. carpenter, 13 Prescott, house 88 High [Cushing 
Horton Richard, shifter, Boston and Lowell Railroad, house 49^ 
Hosford Hocum & Co. ( A . G. Pollard ), diy goods, 46 Merrimack, 
house 260 Central 

Hosmer Edward S. clerk, house 2 Livermore 
Hosnier Edwin, mason, boards 60 Merrimack coiporation 
Hosmer Francis, stonecutter, boards 60 Merrimack corporation 
Hosmer Henry, clerk, Tilden, boards 50 Moody 
Hosmer Isaac, stonecutter, house 60 Merrimack corporation 
Hosmer Mary E. widow, boards 10 Massachusetts corporation 
Hosmer Nathan H. clerk, 12 Tilden, boards 50 Moody 
Hosmer Stephen, trader, house 1 Livermore 

Manchester (N.H.) Directory, Published by Sampson. Daven- 
port, Si, Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Hough George W. machinist, house 174 Merrimack corporation 
Houghton Edward L. printer, 21 Central, house 6 Chapel 
Houghton William S. machinist, hoards 57 Fletcher 
Houston Mary, widow, house 66 Fayette 
Houston Nathaniel, loom repairer, house 10 First, Centralville 
Hovey Augusta Miss, boards 56 Massachusetts corporation 
Hovey Augustus, hoarding-house, 14 Massachusetts corporation 
Hovey Augustus V. weaver, boards 14 Massachusetts corporation 
Hovey Charles ( Carleton S? Hovey), apothecary, 164 Merrimack, 
house Park, opposite Chestnut [tralville 

Hovey Cyrus, silverplater, 86 Merrimack, boards 34 Fourth, Cen- 
Hovey Edwin, machinist, boards 120 Merrimack 
Hovey Frederick H. student, boards 2 Fifth, Centralville [ville 
Hovey Harriet C. teacher, Edson School, bds. 8 Fourth, Central- 
Hovey James S. teller, Railroad National Bank, boards Bridge, 
corner Fifth, Centralville 

Hovey Joseph, house 34 Fourth, Centralville [Centralville 

Hovey Joshua, shoe manufacturer, Bridge, near River, h. 2 Fifth, 
Hovey William, shoe manufacturer, Bridge, near River, house 8 
Fourth, Centralville 

Howard Allen, laborer, boards 44 Lawrence corporation 
Howard Charles, bleachery, house 4 Livingston 
Howard Ebenezer, laborer, house rear 56 Moody 
Howard Elbridge G. machinist, boards 96 Middlesex [building 
Howard Frank, sashmaker, Mechanics Mills, house Wamesit Bank 
Howard Henry E. boards 50 Moody 

Howard Horace, jr. {Boston), boards Chelmsford, corner Liberty 

Howard James, bookkeeper, Dutton, cor. Fletcher, h. 11 Walnut 

Howaid James, laborer, house 34 Bleachery 

Howard James, jr. dyer, boards 34 Bleachery 

Howard James S. finisher, boards rear 56 Moody 

Howard Jennie Mrs. house 254 Central 

Howard John, laborer, boards 34 Bleachery [place 

Howard John F. patternmaker, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 2 Goward 
Howard John H. clerk {Boston), boards Chelmsford, cor. Liberty 
Howard Levi, boards 27 Willie 

Howard Martin V. B. clerk, 43 Market, boards rear 56 Moody 

Howard Mary Ann, widow, house 21 John 

Howard Michael, Middlesex, house 2 Fayette 

Howard Patrick, laborer, house 19 Winter 

Howard Peter, bleachery, house 40 Carter 

Howard Theresa R. widow, house 23 Race 

Howard Thomas, spinner, house 2 South Highland 

Howarth Abraham, woolsorter, boards 8 Prospect 

Howarth Joseph, watchman, Stott's Mill, house 8 Prospect 

Howarth Thomas, operative, house 7 Merrill 

Howe Albert, carpenter, house 229 Middlesex 

Howe Anthony, laborer, house 4 Molloy’s court 

GEO. P. HUNT &, CO., Fire & Life Ins. Ag’y, representing $45,- 
000,000 Capital and Surplus. 28 Central St., Lowell. (See page 344.) 



Howe Augustus J. carpenter, Louse 17 Oak 
Howe Aurelia L. teacher No. 25 Primary School, b. 37 Andover 
Howe ( Charles F.) & Greenhalge ( Frederic T.'), counsellors, 
49 Central, house 17 Charles 
Howe Clarissa, widow, boards 140 Fletcher 
Howe Edwin A. letter earlier, boards 22 Oak 
Howe ( Edward B.') & Goodhue {Jason), card manufacturers, 90 
and 92 Market, house 40 High 
Howe Eliza, widow, house 3 Maiden lane 
Howe Flavilla L. nurse, boards 71 Lawrence corporation 
Howe Henry C. & J. F. carpenters, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 
91 Summer 

Howe Horace F. carpenter, Second, house 20 Third, Central ville 
Howe Ivory H. machinist, 235 Middlesex, h. rear 91 Appleton 
Howe James, spinner, house Pleasant, corner Pond 
Howe James M. carpenter, 25 Third, Centralville, house do. 

Howe Jeremiah, overseer, Suffolk corp. house 5 Cabot block 

Howe Jeroboam, farmer, house 22 Oak 

Howe Joanna, widow, house 3 Front, Centralville 

Howe John, carpenter, house 33 Union [89 Summer 

Howe John F. {H. C. fy J. F. Howe), Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 

Howe Joseph M. woolsorter, boards 139 Merrimack corporation 

Howe Joseph S. card grinder, boards 114 Merrimack corporation 

Howe Laura F. teacher, Mann School, boards 37 Andover [ville 

Howe Lorenzo G. carpenter, First, c. Read, h. 22 Third, Central- 

Howe Lydia, widow, house 37 Andover 

Howe Martha W. boards 37 Andover 

Howe Moses G. lawyer {Boston), boards Yarnum, Centralville 
Howe Patrick, carder, house rear 18 Winter 
Howe Robert, Lowell corporation, house 25 Market [Centralville 
Howe Ruby F. teacher, Middle-st. Primary School, b. 22 Third, 
Howe Sally, widow, house 40 High 
Howe Stedman M. clerk, 24 Middle, boards 50 Moody 
Howe William E. dresser, house 2 Boott corporation 
Howe William G. carpenter, Fourth, near Read, Centralville, house 
10 Myrtle, Centralville 

Howell Mary S. dressmaker, house 94 Gorham 
Howes {Henry C. fy John F.) & Burnham {Crawford), lumber, 
Hutton, near Wamesit Steam Mills 
Howes Lucius, painter, house 29 Cushing 

Howes Samuel P. portrait painter, 112 Merrimack, house 2 Lyon 

Howes William, clerk, 201 Middlesex, house 31 Cushing 

Hoy John, boards 109 Appleton 

Hoy John, carpenter, boards 3 Tremont corporation 

Hoye Frank, cigarmaker, house engine house, Middle 

Hoye John, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 

Hoyle Samuel Mrs. house 30 High 

Hoyt Abilenia E. widow, boarding-house, 44 Boott corporation 

IVewburyport Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, 
«fc Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Hoyt Charles B. F. at Gas Company’s shop, house 45 Hanover 
Hoyt Charles E. painter, house Seventh, cor. Bridge, Centralville 
Hoyt Daniel S. mason, house 37 South 

Hoyt Don Carlos, conductor, B. & L. R.R. house 34 Willie [tral 
Hoyt Eli W. apothecary, Central, cor. Middlesex, house 243 Cen- 
Hoyt Frank, cigarmaker, 70 Merrimack, b. 33 Massachusetts corp. 
Hoyt Homer, watchman, boards 44 Boott corporation 
Hoyt James H. showman, house First, near Read, Centralville 
Hoyt Jane B. widow, house 30 Suffolk corporation 
Hoyt Sylvia, boards 270 Merrimack 

Hoyt Wallace N. painter, and boarding-house, 2 Suffolk corp. 

Hoyt William H. contractor, L. M. S. house Marshall, c. Westford 
Hubbard Charles, foreman, Isaac Place’s, house 147 Broadway 
Hubbard C. Francis, carpenter, house 19 Adams 
Hubbard John F carpenter, house 5 Clark 

Hubbard {John Q. A.) & Blake (Jesse), patent-leather manufac- 
turers, Tanner, corner Manchester, Ayer’s City, h. Lincoln 
Hubbard Josiah, real-estate agent and constable, 3 Canal block, 
house 31 Bartlett 

Hubbard William, driver horse cars, bds. 37 Massachusetts corp. 
Hubbard, see Hebhard 

Hnbbell Thaddeus, trader, house 4 Pond [14 Chestnut 

Huckins Charles W. boilermaker, at Dobbins & Crawford’s, house 

Huckins Edwin J. D. blacksmith, house 45 Fayette 

Huckins William, laborer, house 5 Wamesit court 

Hudson Hannah J. house Abbot’s cottage, River 

Hudson William Green, clerk, 12 Merrimack, boards 80 South 

Huggins Nancy, widow, house 42 Bartlett 

Hughes Edward Mrs. house Blossom, near Gorham 

Hughes George, house 2 Coburn, Centralville 

Hughes John, operative, house rear 179 Central 

Hughes John, tea-dealer, 47 Market, house do. 

Hughes John, bleachery, house 7 Livingston 
Hughes Martha L. widow, boards 3 Lowell corporation 
Hughes Patrick, laborer, house Whipple 
Hull Henry, at G. W. Norris’s, house 243 Central 
Hull William H. furniture (Boston), house River road, Dracut 
Hulme James, 48 Central, house 16 Church 
Hulme James H. 48 Central, boards 16 Church [ville 

Humphrey James C. laborer, h. Hampshire, cor. Coburn, Central- 
Humphrey Patrick, machinist, house 7 Boott corporation 
Hunt Ambrose S. weaver, house 39 Tremont corporation 
Hunt A. A. Mrs. boarding-house, 17 Hurd [Appleton 

Hunt Charles (Hildreth fy H.), printers, Museum building, h. 12 
Hunt Dennis, engraver, Merrimack P. W. boards 261 Merrimack 
Hunt Edwin, woolsorter, Middlesex, house 97 Howard 
Hunt Elihu S. wholesale provision dealer, 96 Market, house Fair- 
mount, corner Mansur 

Agency of Royal Ins. Co., Liv., Eug., with Geo. F. Hunt Co., 
over Prescott Vat’l Bank, 28 Cent’l St., Lowell. (See pp. 344 and 406.) 



Hunt Frederick M. woolsortcr, boards 23 Moody 
Hunt George F. & Co. ( George M. Elliott), insurance agents, 28 
Central, house 35 Bartlett 
Hunt Hebsibath Miss, house 8 Race 
Hunt Henry, tinsmith, 135 Middlesex, boards 82 do. 

Hunt John B. overseer, Hamilton corporation, house 43 do. 

Hunt John W. clerk, Adams, cor. Fletcher, bds. 43 Hamilton corp. 
Hunt J. Livingston, printer, Museum building, bds. 12 Appleton 
Hunt Lucian A. mason, house 12 N. Franklin court 
Hunt Mary Mrs. house 23 Moody 
Hunt Michael, carder, house 82 Middlesex 

Hunt Myra J. widow, boarding-house, 5 Boott corporation [corp. 
Hunt Nellie M. teacher, No 35 Primary School, bds. 39 Tremont 
Hunt Roswell ( Gal .), house 17 Hurd 
Hunt Sarah L. Mrs. house 12 Appleton 
Hunt Susan Mrs. boards 29 Tyler 

Hunt William II. printer, Museum building, bds. 12 Appleton 
Hunter Gilman Mrs. house 19 Tremont 

Hunter John G. furniture, 255 Merrimack, bds. 19 Tremont corp. 
Hunter John H. paper-hanger, boards 84 Church 
Hunter Lucina, widow, house Gorham, opposite Fair Ground 
Hunter Margaret, widow, house rear 111 Market 
Huntington Heman, weaver, house 46 Lawrence corporation 
Huntington James T. Mrs. boarding-house, 136 Merrimack corp. 
Huntington Lucius W. reporter, “ Citizen and News,” 44 Central, 
boards 136 Merrimack corporation 
Huntley Curtis, Boott corp. house street off Methuen, Centralville 
Huntley Curtis Mrs. millinery, 43 Merrimack, h. at Conantville 
Huntley Ellen J. millinery, 90 Merrimack, house do. 

Huntley John, variety store, 93 Moody, house do. 

Huntley John H. paper-hanger, 99 Central, boards 84 Church 
Hunton Caroline, house 2 Massachusetts corporation * 

Ilunton Granville J. section hand, boards 7 Appleton corporation 
Huntoon Adelbert M. clerk, 224 Merrimack, boards 406 do. 
Huntoon Alpha Mrs. house 1 Madison 
Huntoon Charles H. machinist, boards 321 Merrimack 
Huntoon Diana M. teacher, Moody School, bds. 14 Merrimack corp. 
Huntoon George L. house Mammoth road, Dracut 
Huntoou Moses C. boots and shoes, 224 Merrimack, house 406 do. 
Huntoon Oren, boarding-house, 14 Merrimack corporation 
Huntoon Woodman C. salesman, Market, corner Central, house 10 

Huntress Ann, widow, house 135 Merrimack corporation 
Huntress Elisha W. farmer, house 5 Jackson 
Huntress John S. machinist, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Hurd Daniel, house 120 Moody 

Hurd Edgar T. ( Bowman , Hurd , Go.), provisions, 3 Gorham, 

house 31 Lawrence corporation 

United States Directory, 1867, Price $21), for sale toy Sampson, 
Davenport, & Co., 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Hurd Ella, boards 22 Massachusetts corporation 

Hurd George W. house 48 High 

Hurd George W. S. clerk, boards 48 High 

Hurd James, messenger, Court House, house 185 Gorham 

Hurd John W. photographer, 15 Barristers’ Hall, b. 125 Gorham 

Hurd, see Hird 

Hurlbert George, watchman, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 05 Church 

Hurley Charles, operative, boards 5 Faulkner’s block 

Hurley Cornelius, house Marion, near Broadway 

Hurley Dennis, laborer, house rear 13 Jefferson 

Hurley John, foundry, boards Marion, near Broadway 

Hurley Michael, laborer, house Broadway, corner Adams 

Hurley Tirpothy, painter, boards Marion, near Broadway 

Hurney Martin, house Paige, near Bridge 

Husband William, cardstripper, house opposite 30 Adams 

Huse Ebenezer, farmer, house near Dracut line, Conantville 

Huse George, house 18 Austin [Conantville 

Huse Hiram E. clothing, 4 Canal block, house near Dracut line, 

Huse Jesse, truant officer, house 36 Common 

Huse Orlando N. shoemaker, boards 36 Common 

Huse Stephen W. ( Stone fy Huse), 21 Central, house 47 Andover 

Huse S. E. boards Merrimack House 

Hussey Angeline E. dressmaker, 52^ Merrimack, bds. 33 Hanover 
Hussey Annie L. Miss, house 59 Howard 
Hussey George, teamster, boards 61 Boott corporation 
Hussey George R. machinist, house 21 Prescott corporation 
Hussey John, dresser, Lawrence corporation, house 11 do. 

Hussey Levi, laborer, boards 34 Massachusetts corporation 
Hussey Walter, car inspector, Boston and Lowell Railroad, house 
59 Howard 

Hutchins Albert, driver, 37 Central, boards do. 

Hutchins Asa B. teas, &c. 12 John, boards 36 Massachusetts corp. 
Hutchins Charles L. Rev. house 28 Linden 
Hutchins Edwin Mrs. house 27 Walnut 
Hutchins Elvira R. fancy goods, 117 Central, house 17 South 
Hutchins Frank, boards 173 Merrifnack corporation [h. 75 do. 
Hutchins ( F '. B.) & Dufur (Moses), clothing, 232 Merrimack, 
Hutchins Jacob N. conductor, Horse Railroad, house 17 South 
Hutchins Melbourne F. (Nichols 8? Hutchins), confectioner, 37 
Central, boards do. 

Hutchins Royal W. overseer, Massachusetts corp. house 41 do. 
Hutchins William E. farmer, house Albro’s block, Cushing 
Hutchinson Edward, boards 432 Merrimack 
Hutchinson Edward B. musician, house 9 Central [44 Lagrange 
Hutchinson Edward M. bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 
Hutchinson Elbridge, moulder, boards 115 Gorham 
Hutchinson E. 0. box-maker, A. L. Brooks’s 
Hutchinson George, boards 59 Massachusetts corporation 

Security Fire Ins. Co. of JY.Y. City. Capital, $1,000,000. Assets, 
$1,477,677.13. Losses promptly paid. Geo. F. Hunt «fc Co., Agts. 



Hutchinson Henry C. carpenter, house 67 Warren 

Hutchinson Mary J. house 9 Lee 

Hutchinson Grin, section-master, house 16 Cady 

Hutchinson Reuben, music teacher and tuner, bds 432 Merrimack 

Hutchinson Reuben M. farmer, house 432 Merrimack 

Hutchinson Rufus F. Mrs. house 110 Howard 

Hutchinson Samuel K. contractor, house 21 Nesmith 

Hutchinson Susan, widow, house 57 East Merrimack 

Hyatt William, teamster, at H. & A. Whitney’s, bds. 96 Middlesex 

Hyde David Mrs. house 89 Salem 

Hyde James, boards 11 Massachusetts corporation 

Hyde John, hostler, house 65 Massachusetts corporation 

Hyde Samuel, machinist, house 33 Smith, corner Westford 

Hyde William, spinner, boards 42 Boott corporation 

Hylan Eugene S. boards 21 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 

Hylan Sumner, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop corp. house 21 do. 

Hyland Richard, clerk, boards 22 Willie avenue 

IBEY CHARLES, hostler, 202 Middlesex, boards 8 Grand 
Illingworth Rochester ( Richard Briggs fy Co.), worsted yarns, 
Mt. Yernon, near Broadway, house Merrimack 
Ilsley Addison, mason, house 9 Queen 
Ingalls Charles, painter, house Lawson, near Queen 
Ingalls Joseph, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop corp. house 15 do. 
Ingalls Mercy, widow, house at Old Ladies’ Home, 58 Moody 
Ingalls Nelson, overseer, Boott corporation, house 32 do. 

Ingalls Oliver W. eating saloon, 130 Merrimack, house 54 Paige 

Ingalls Thomas, police, house 26 Bridge, Centralville 

Ingalls William W. carpenter, Lawrence corporation, house 18 do. 

Ingalls , widow, house Marion, corner Lagrange 

Ingham Charles S. clerk, 167 Middlesex, boards 25 Marshall 
Ingham John, currier, near Mt. Yernon, corner Broadway, house 
325 Merrimack 

Ingham Richard, house 42 Branch [sox, boards 25 Marshall 

Ingham William A. ( Forbush <& Ingham), grocer, 167 Middie- 
Ireson Benjamin S. overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 70 do. 
Irvin James, shoemaker, 75 Central, boards 114 Merrimack corp. 
Irving James, foreman, Holt’s Mill, boards 5 Prescott corporation 
Ives Arthur, house 190 Gorham 
Ivers George, moulder, house 190 Gorham 
I vers James, moulder, house 190 Gorham 
Ivory Nicholas, carpenter, house 51 Charles 

JACK IRA, teamster, house Cabot, opposite Lyman 
Jackson Andrew, machinist, boards 3 Dodge 
Jackson Charles, operative, house 3 Dodge 
Jackson Charles W. machinist, 26 Lagrange 
Jackson George, boards 17 Appleton corporation 

Salem Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Jackson John P. carpenter, 242 Middlesex, h. 12 Tremont corp. 

Jackson Nancy Mrs. house 3 Dodge 

Jackson William, physician, house 13 Andover 

Jackson , machinist, house 25 Market 

Jacobs Aaron, carpenter, house Mt. Vernon, near Smith 
Jacobs Amos, machinist, Lawrence corporation, house G do. 

Jacobs David, tanner, house Canada 

Jacobs Frank P. clerk, 20 Merrimack, boards 14 High 

James Horace Rev. house 9 Centre, Chapel Hill 

James Mitchell, bobbinmaker, boards 56 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

James Sarah B. widow, house 131 Middlesex 

Jameson Fanny, widow, house 1 Garnet 

Jaques Aaron T. clerk, 46 Merrimack, boards 166 E. Merrimack 
Jaques Frank M. carpenter, house 294 Merrimack 
Jaques Frank T. ( J . S. Jaques § Co.'), boards 66 Boott corp. 
Jaques John C. blacksmith, Lowell Machine Shop, house 1 Low- 
ell Machine Shop corporation 

Jaques John S. & Co. ( Frank T. Jaques Sr Charles E. Smith), 
shuttle manuf. Wamesit Power Co. house 166 E. Merrimack 
Jaques John L. shuttlemaker, boards 166 East Merrimack 
Jaques William P. house 16 First, Centralville 
Jaquith Abigail Mrs. house 36 Bartlett 

Jaquith Nathan, house 105 Thorndike [Marshall 

Jarvis William, filecutter, Arch, n. N. & L. depot, b. Grand, cor. 
Jefferies Thomas & Co. ( Robert Simpson), bakers, 346 Central, 
house do. 

Jeffers James, laborer, house 142 Suffolk 

Jeffers James, saloon, 92 Lowell, house 124 Suffolk 

Jeffers Margaret, widow, house 75 Lowell 

Jeffery David F. machinist, 278 Middlesex 

Jefts William H. moulder, house 10 Chestnut 

Jenkins Joel, carriage manuf. Arch, n. Northern depot, house do. 

Jenkins Mary, widow, house 1 McFarlin avenue 

Jenkins Mrs. house 18 River, Centralville 

Jenkinson Noah, painter, 6 Prescott, house 22 Abbott 
Jenness Charles W. clerk, 98 Merrimack, boards 7 Lowell corp. 
Jenness G. W. boards 4 Massachusetts corporation 
Jenness L. Wellman, physician, 55 Merrimack, house Chelmsford, 
neair City Farm 

Jennings Tillotson L. trader, house Forest, near Pine 
Jepson John C. grocer, 195 Central, house do. 

Jepson Thomas, house 11 Congress 

Jerry Isaiah, watchman, house 19 Prescott corporation 

Jessop John, porter, 164 Merrimack, house 21 Tremont 

Jewell Charles L. boards 16 Boott corporation 

Jewell George K. clerk, 33 Central, boards 37 Bartlett 

Jewell Leonard F. spinner, house 16 Boott corporation 

Jewell W. A. blacksmith, 12 Middlesex, house 46 L. M. S. corp. 

Germania Fire Ins. Co. of N.V. Assets over $875,001). A first-class 
Co. Policies written at tlie office of G. P. Hunt & Co. (See p. 344.) 


Jewett Abner A. clerk, 58 Merrimack, boards Middlesex, near 
City line [mack, li. do. 

Jewett Andrew F. ( Wentworth Sf Jewett ), counsellor, 170 Merri- 
Jewett Benjamin W. peddler, boards iear 242 Central 
Jewett Charles A. carriage painter, 168 Central, house 2S8 do. 
Jewett Clarissa Miss, boards 30 Bleachery 
Jewett Francis, butcher, house Middlesex, near City line 
Jewett Frank E. {N. J. Wier S? Co.), stoves, tinware, &c. 198 
Merrimack, house 5 Sixth. Centralville 
Jewett Jeremiah P. physician, 22 Kirk, house do. 

Jewett John, carpenter, house 5 Sixth, Centralville 
Jock John, machinist, boards 14 Appleton corporation 
Jock Peter, machinist, house 14 Appleton corporation 
Jockow Julius C. blacksmith, house 60 Church 
Johine Dennis, laborer, house 30 High 
Johnson Albert T. dentist, Wentworth’s building, house do 
Johnson Alfred, farmer, house 59 East Merrimack 
Johnson Andrew E. restaurant, 188 Middlesex, house do. 

Johnson Andrew J. carpenter, house 30 Massachusetts corporation 
Johnson Andrew L. travelling agent, house 5 Third 
Johnson Augustus J. Mrs. house 123 East Merrimack 
Johnson Charles, laborer, house 2 Smith 

Johnson Charles W. machine printer, house 147 Merrimack corp. 
Johnson Coolidge B. coppersmith, 8 Jackson, boards 3 Oliver 
Johnson Daniel, farmer, house 67 High 
Johnson Eleanor, boarding-house. 19 Lowell corporation 
Johnson Eliza, widow, house 182 Lawrence 
Johnson Ellen, widow, house 69 Adams 
Johnson Frank, loomfixer, boards 182 Lawrence 
Johnson George, upholsterer, boards 3 Tremont corporation 
Johnson George, blacksmith, house 25 Worthen 
Johnson Henry IT. watchman, house Somerset, near Queen 
Johnson James, laborer, Willie, corner Dutton 
Johnson John, laborer, house 11 Adams 
Johnson John H. carpenter, house rear Pleasant, Centralville 
Johnson Jonathan, watchmaker and optician, 1 Merrimack House, 
house 1 Austin 

Johnson Joseph B. Merrimack corporation, house rear 39 do. 

Johnson Joseph M. D. boarding-house, 67 Lawrence corporation 

Johnson Margaret, widow, house rear 37 Fenwick 

Johnson Michael, house Worthen, corner Lowell 

Johnson Morris, laborer, house 88 Suffolk [Nesmith 

Johnson Moses A. agent Lowell Felting Mill, Pawtucket, house 11 

Johnson Nancy H. widow, boards 2 Jackson 

Johnson Richard, operative, house rear 19 Dummer 

Johnson Robert, laborer, house 90 Suffolk 

Johnson Robert, laborer, house 11 Adams block [Howard 

Johnson Sidney, clerk, B. & L. R. R., Northern depot, boards 95 

Taunton Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, <& Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Johnson William A. agent, house 3 Oliver 

Johnston Brent, house 31 Adams 

Johnston Brent, jr. house 31 Adams 

Johnston E. R. 5lrs. house 58 Massachusetts corporation 

Johnston Mary Mrs. house 02 Massachusetts corporation 

Johnston Thomas B. house 31 Adams 

Jones Arthur, bobbinmaker, boards 35 South 

Jones Charles M. grocer, 88 Gorham, house do. 

Jones Charles W. machinist, boards 119 Gorham 

Jones Daniel, spinner, house 5 Cady 

Jones Francena, teacher, boards River road, Dracut 

Jones Frances A. widow, house 23 Cedar 

Jones Henry S. machinist, boards 5 Jackson 

Jones John, spinner, boards 54 Boott corporation 

Jones John, weaver, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 

Jones John, watchman, house 37 Floyd 

Jones Joseph L. fireman, house 71 Lawrence corporation 

Jones Lemuel II. machinist, house 59 Boott corporation 

Jones Nathaniel, blacksmith, Bleachery, house 164 Gorham 

Jones Peter, mule spinner, house Parker’s block, Centralville 

Jones Phineas, overseer, Boott corporation, house 66 do. 

Jones Rufus, watchman, Lawrence corp. boards 43 do. 

Jones Sylvester A. engineer, 7 Thorndike, h. River road, Dracut 

Jones S. F. Rev. house 18 Tyler 

Jones William, operative, house 18 Keene 

Jones William, house 35 South 

Jones William B. stonecutter, house 144 School 

Jones William F. machinist, house 4 Middlesex place 

Jordan Alfred B. Mrs. house 8 Wamesit 

Jordan George W. dresser, boards 26 Massachusetts corporation 

Jordan John, boards 44 Boott corporation 

Jordan John Mrs. house 21 Fayette 

Jordan John, laborer, house rear 114 Middlesex 

Jordan Mary, widow, house rear 66 Moody 

Jordan True P. overseer dresser, Lawrence corporation, h. 23 do. 
Josselyn Charles R. jeweller, 82 Gorham, house do. 

Jowett William, warpdresser, house rear 53 Charles 

Joyce Charles G. pistolmaker, boards 123 Middlesex 

Joyce Ellen, widow, house 2 Quigley’s alley 

Joyce James II. moulder, boards 119 Central 

Joyce John, laborer, boards 85 East Merrimack 

Joyce John, dyer, boards 2 Quigley’s alley 

Joyce Mary, widow, house 85 East Merrimack 

Joyce Patrick, operative, boards 85 East Merrimack 

Joyce Patrick, mason, house 24 Worthen 

Joyce William H. laborer, freight depot, house 123 Middlesex 

Judd Carry A. Mrs. house 59 East Merrimack 

Judd Jabez W. woolsorter, boards 13 Ames 

Geo. F. Hunt «fc Co. are Agents for the Baltic Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y. 
This Co. joins no “ Combination ” or “ Association . ” (See p. 344.) . 



Judd Malvina A. widow, boards 276 Middlesex 

Judge Elizabeth, widow, house 18 Auburn 

Judge Henry, engraver, boards 10 Union 

Judge Henry W. operative, house 10 Union 

Judge Richard, Dugdale’s Mill, boards 18 Auburn 

Judge Robert, spinner, 7 Thorndike 

Judge Thomas, Dugdale’s Mill, boards 18 Auburn 

Judkins Charles J. H. clerk, 251 Merrimack, house 345 do. 

Judkins Edgar H. conductor, H. R.R. boards 37 Fifth 

Judkins J. Judson, bookseller, 6 John, h. 37 Fifth, Centralville 

Junkius Leander, machinist, boards 5 Jackson 

KAIME CHARLOTTE S. teacher, No. 27 Primary School, 
boards 237 Central 
Kain Thomas Mrs. house 53 Middle 

lvalery Michael, variety store, Gorham, corner Summer, house do. 

Karnes Jennie, widow, boards Sawtell place 

Kane Gregory F. clerk, 41 Market, boards 75 Cross 

Kane John, laborer, house Tyler’s block, Centralville 

Kane Thomas, laborer, house 7 Mill 

Kane Timothy, boards 18 Adams 

Kane , sashmaker, boards 6 East Pine 

Kane , boards 18 Adams 

Kane, see Cain and Kain 

Kapplor Frank, weaver, house Lincoln, near Quebec 
Karigan Edward, carder, house 19 Spring 
Kavanagh Joseph Mrs. house 5 Hancock avenue 
Ivavanagli Thomas, variety store, house 173 Gorham 
Kavanagh, see Cavanaugh 
Ivearnes Bernard, operative, house 36 Adams 
Kearnes James, foreman, at A. L. Brooks’s, house 86 Middlesex 
Ivearnes John, boards 34 Hamilton corporation 
Kearnes Peter Mrs. house rear 69 River, Centralville 
Kearney James, Appleton corporation, house 68 Charles 
Ivearuin Thomas, laborer, house Whipple 
Keating John, picker, house 24 New 
Keefe Daniel, bleachery, house Carter, near Gorham 
Keefe John, carder, boards 14 Massachusetts corporation 
Keefe Martin, laborer, house 13 North 
Keefe Mary, widow, house Marion, near Cross 
Keefe Michael, blacksmith, house rear 17 Union 
Keefe Michael, flagman, at freight depot, house 10 Broadway 
Ivcefe Michael E. printer, Merrimack Print Works, h. 89 Merri- 
mack corporation 

Ivcefe Nicholas, laborer, house 14 Little 
Ivcefe Patrick, operative, house 37 Cedar 
Keefe, see O'Keefe 

Keegan James, painter, boards 4 Dodge 

BOSTON DIRECTORY, Published annually by Sampson, Daven- 
port, &■ Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St. Boston. 



Keegan Mary, widow, house 4 Dodge 

Keegan Thomas, machinist, house 4 Dodge 

Keeler George S tinsmith, 118 Central, house 56 Summer 

Keeler George W. plumber, boards 45 Summer 

Keenan James, laborer, house 49 Middle 

Keenan John, laborer, house 27 Cedar 

Keenan Mary, widow, house rear 17 Summer 

Keenan Timothy, operative, house 4 Luther’s court 

Keenan William Mrs. house 23 Andover 

Keenan W. U. carver, boards Howard House 

Keene Lewis, watchman, Lawrence corp. boards 46 do. 

Keene Thomas, house Maiden lane 
Keese Levi, house Richardsou, Centralville 
Keith Joseph, house 9 Dodge 
Keith Joseph H. machinist, boards 9 Dodge 
Kelary Mary, widow, house 36 Lewis 
Keller Lora, weaver, boards 44 Boott corporation 
Kelley Andrew, carpetweaver, house 20 Adams 
Kelley Andrew, sashmaker, and assistant foreman steamer 2, house 
Adams, near Lagrange 

Kelley Andrew, jr. sash and blind manufacturer, boards 20 Adams 
Kelley Andrew K. book-agent, house rear 124 School 
Kelley Ann, widow, confectionery, 61 Lowell, house do. 

Kelley Bernard, laborer, house rear 42 Appleton 
Kelley Bridget, widow, house 39 Davidson 

Kelley Catharine, widow, house 10 William [tralville 

Kelley Daniel, carpenter, 36 Middle, h. Pleasant, cor. Bow, Cen- 

Kelley Daniel, laborer, house rear 42 Gorham 

Kelley Edward, laborer, house 19 George 

Kelley Edward, operative, house rear 120 Middlesex 

Kelley Edwin E. tinsmith, house 55 Massachusetts corporation 

Kelley Elizabeth, widow, house 18 Green 

Kelley Frank, laborer, house Lawson [Washington 

Kelley Frank F. bookkeeper, Mechanics Mills, b. east side of Mt. 
Kelley Hannah, widow, house 12 Cross 

Kelley James, at J. C. Ayer & Co.’s, house rear 276 Merrimack 
Kelley James, foundry, house 22 Lewis 
Kelley James, machinist, boards 94 Lowell 
Kelley Jane M. Mrs. house 3 Pearl 
Kelley John, machinist, house 80 Church 
Kelley John, laborer, boards 94 Lowell 
Kelley John, laborer, boards rear 102 Moody 
Kelley John, laborer, house 26 Lowell 
Kelley John A. painter, boards 31 North 
Kelley John A. marbleworker, 181 Central, house 11 Cabot 
Kelley John A. ( William 8? John Kelley ), painter, 326 Merri- 
mack, boards 160 Lawrence 
Kelley Margaret, widow, house 94 Lowell 

If yon want a first-class Fire, Life, Accident, or Live-Stock Ins* 
Policy, call at Geo. F. Hunt & Co.'s Ins. Agency, 29 Central St. 



Kelley Margaret, widow, house 14 Winter 
Kelley Mary, house Jefferson, near Lowell 
Kelley Mary, widow, house rear 272 Merrimack 
Kelley Mary A. house 39 East Merrimack 
Kelley Mary Jane, widow, house 11 Cabot 
Kelley Matthew, helper, boards 40 Paige 
Kelley Michael, laborer, house rear 10 North 
Kelley Michael, clerk, 67 Gorham, boards 12 Keene 
Kelley Michael, laborer, house rear 102 Moody 
Kelley Michael, moulder, house rear 74 Middlesex 
Kelley Michael, boltmaker, house 40 South 
Kelley Michael, house Railroad 
Kelley Michael, spinner, house 21 Kirk ave. 

Kelley Mortimer, laborer, house rear 27 Middle 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, house 19 Chestnut [tion 

Kelley Patrick, laborer, boards 35 Lowell Machine Shop eorpora- 
Kelley Patrick, teamster, at C. B. Coburn & Co/s 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, house 21 Kirk avenue 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, house 15 Green 
Kelley Patrick, hostler, house 34 Lewis 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, house 12 Cross 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, boards 10 William 
Kelley Patrick, operative, boards 7 Warren 
Kelley Peter, laborer, boards 10 William 
Kelley Peter, laborer, house 36 William 
Kelley Robert, spinner, 7 Thorndike, boards 28 Bleachery 
Kelley Sarah J. widow, house Adams block 
Kelley Sewall P. beltmaker, house Coburn, near Bow 
Kelley Shepard A., Print Works, boards 114 Merrimack corp. 
Kelley Simon, provisions, 67 Gorham, boards 12 Keene 
Kelley Sylvester, operative, boards 119 Central 
Kelley Terrence, laborer, at Gas Works, b. Lewis, cor. Jefferson 
Kelley Thomas, laborer, house Railroad alley 
Kelley Thomas, job wagon, house 62 Suffolk 
Kelley Thomas, house 83 Lowell 
Kelley Thomas, weigher, house 23 Summer 
Kelley Thomas, spinner, house 4 Brown’s court, Centralville 
Kelley Thomas A. hosemaker, bds. Pleasant, cor. Bow, Centralville 
Kelley Timothy, wagoner, house 109 Lowell 
Kelley William, sash, door, and blind manufacturer, Mechanics 
Mills, house east side Mt. Washington 
Kelley William, spinner, house 30 Boott corporation 
Kelley William, laborer, house 16 Winter 
Kelley William & John, painters, 326 Merrimack, h. 42 Salem 
Kelley William, operative, boards 30 Boott corporation 
Kelley William A. gardener, house Methuen, Centralville 

Kelley , widow, house 61 Lowell 

Kelsey Hugh, botanic medieines, 29 Elm, house do. 

New-Eu"laiul Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, <fc 
Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Kelsey Jeremiah A. painter, Merrimack corporation, k. 120 do. 
Kelty Luke Mrs. house 41 Lowell 

Kemp Calvin A. conductor, H. R.R. h. Broadway, cor. Walker 
Kemp George, machinist, boards 51 Massachusetts corporation 
Kempton Orin, conductor, B. & L. R.R. house at Stoneham 
Kendall Charles A. boards 235 Central 
Kendall Daniel Mrs. house 15 Common 

Kendall George M. clerk. Savings Bank building, b. 235 Central 
Kendall Jonathan, paints, oils, &c. Savings Bank building, Skat- 
tuck, house 235 Central, Chapel Hill 
Kendall Lester, boards 38 Boott corporation 
Kendall Leonard, Merrimack Billiard Hall, b. Merrimack House 
Kendall Timothy D. clerk, American House, boards do. 

Kennan Willard M. machinist, house 127 Cross 
Kennear Horatio, shoemaker, boards 50 Massachusetts corp. 
Kennedy Alexander, laborer, house 15 William 
Kennedy Alfred D. woodmoulder, house 32 Rock 
Kennedy Anastasia, widow, house 42 South 
Kennedy Andrew, carder, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Kennedy Charles E. piano-forte hardware, Mechanics Mills, Fletch- 
er, house 27 Suffolk 

Kennedy James, laborer, house 162 Gorham 

Kennedy John, laborer, house 138 Lowell 

Kennedy John, laborer, house 6 Fenwick 

Kennedy John, house 27 Keene 

Kennedy John, operative, boards 2 Suffolk corporation 

Kennedy John Mrs. house 27 Cedar 

Kennedy John Edson, chemist, house 24 Austin 

Kennedy Margaret, house 3 Lowell place 

Kennedy Michael, laborer, house 102 Lowell 

Kennedy Patrick ( Cambridge ), house 18 Jefferson 

Kennedy Thomas, laborer, boards 92 Merrimack corporation 

Kennedy Thomas, spinner, house 4 Luther’s court 

Kennedy William, teamster, boards 10 Suffolk corp. [ville 

Kenneson Melville J. clerk, 42 Merrimack, h. 9 Fourth, Central- 

Kenneson Thomas, junk dealer, house 3 Hudson 

Kenney Charles, farmer, house Coburn, near River, Centralville 

Kenney Costellow, dresser, Merrimack corporation, house 38 do.. 

Kenney James Mrs. house 5 Cabot 

Kenney Patrick, laborer, house 53 West Union 

Kenney Patrick, laborer, house 229 Central 

Kenney Thomas, currier, house near Lincoln, near Chelmsford 

Kennison Charles F. carpenter, house 76 Merrimack corporation 

Kenniston Calvin, laborer, boards 67 Bridge, Centralville 

Kenniston William H. laborer, house rear 67 Bridge, Centralville 

Kennison, see Kenneson 

Kent Horatio, painter, boards 109 Appleton 

Kent James, boots and shoes, 224 Merrimack, house 428 do. 

Tlie best Stock, and Mutual Fire Ins. Cos. are represented by Geo. F. 
Hunt &. Co., Fire and Idle Ins. Agents, 38 Central St. (See p. 344.) 



Kent Marianna B. teacher, Bartlett School, hoards 428 Merrimack 

Kent Mary A. teacher, boards 428 Merrimack 

Kenworthy James, finisher, Hamilton, house 32 Howard 

Kenyon John, operative, house 114 Suffolk 

Keogh Peter 11. tailor, house 40 Fayette 

Kerns Edward II. hoards 15 George 

Kerns Mary, house 38 Davidson 

Kerr Joseph, carpenter, boards 13 Adams, Franklin square 
Kerrigan Mary, widow, house Lowell, near Jefferson 
Kershaw Abram, loom-harness maker, house 35 Cushing 
Kershaw Joseph, overseer, house 49 Hamilton corporation 
Kershaw Sarah, widow, boards 48 Massachusetts corporation 
Kerwin John, laborer, house 7 Wall 
Kerwin Patrick, saloon, 7 Hanover, house 9 do. 

Keyes Benjamin F. teamster, house 54 Ijawrence corporation 
Keyes Catharine, widow, house 158 Lowell 
Keyes Henry F. clerk, Lowell, near Hanover, house 153 Lowell 
Keyes Joseph B. counsellor, 43| Central, U. S. deputy marshal 
(Boston), house 121 Gorham 

Keyes (Julian V .) & Tucker (G. F.), dry goods, 134 Merrimack, 
house 50 Third, Centralville 

Keyes Patrick, grocer, Lowell, near Hanover, house 121 Lowell 
Keyes Thomas, house 90 Lowell 
Keyes William, laborer, house 28 Davidson 
Keys John, coal and wood, 15 Prescott, house at Tyngsborongh 
Keyser Frederick R. A. cabinetmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 
42 Fayette 

Keyser Le Gross, printer, over post-office, boards 26 Suffolk 
Kibbey Charles H. machinist, boards 62 Massachusetts corporation 
Kidder Charles L. machinists’ tools, 237 Middlesex, boards Mar- 
shall, corner Grand 

Kidder John (Gove § Kidder ), 196 Merrimack, h. 143 Moody 
Kidder John, moulder, boards 41 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Kidder John, machinist, Lawrence corporation, house 3 do. 

Kidder John H. machinist, house 11 Mclntire 
Kidder John W. moulder, boards 42 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Kidder Mary 0. teacher, No. 38 Primary School, b. 143 Moody 
Kidder Moses W. physician, and agent American Improved Gas 
Light Company, 16 Hurd, house do. 

Kidder Rachael S. widow, boards 16 Hurd 
Kidder Samuel, house 49 Chestnut 

Kidder Samuel, jr. (Page, Kidder, S? Co.), flour, &c. Thorndike, 
corner Dutton, house 27 Nesmith 
Kidder William H. moulder, boards 11 Mclntire 
Kiely Desire, widow, house 41 Tremont 

Kieley, see Kiley. [Howard, h. at Pelham 

Kilbern James W. (Perkins fy Kilbern), fish, Middlesex, corner 
Kilburn Elizabeth A. widow, house 24 Water 

Hcw-York State Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, <t 
'Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Kilbnrn John M. ( White Brothers Kilburn), 67 E. Merrimack 
Kileski Henry, house 27 Willow 

Kiley Lawrence, grocer, Lowell, corner Lewis, house 6 Lewis 
Kiley Roger, grocer, 141 Lowell, house do. 

Kilkenny John, laborer, house 26 Keene 
Kimball Charles, high sheriff and jailer, Thorndike, house do. 
Kimball Charles A. boards 131 East Merrimack 
Kimball Charles H. clerk, 83 Merrimack, house 63 Bartlett 
Kimball Charles R. apothecary, Merrimack, corner Central, house 
137 Gorham 

Kimball Charles W. engineer, house Chelmsford, near Parker 
Kimball Daniel S & Co. ( George M. Trowbridge), screen manu- 
facturers, Wamesit Mills, house 391 Merrimack 
Kimball David T. boarding-house, 22 Boott corporation 
Kimball David T. laborer, house 1 West court 
Kimball Edward W. clerk, 7 John, boards 47 Myrtle 
Kimball Dennison J. carpenter, house 406 Merrimack 
Kimball Durrell, Hamilton corporation, house 27 do. 

Kimball Elizabeth, widow, boards 54 Boott corporation [mack 
Kimball Gilman, physician, Merrimack, cor. Worthen, h. 411 Merri- 
Kimball Hannah, widow, house 137 Gorham 
Kimball Isaac, carpenter, house Chelmsford, corner Howard 
Kimball Jacob B. spinner, boards Lawrence, near the mills 
Kimball James, sawyer, Mechanics Mills, boards 92 Middlesex 
Kimball John F. cashier, Appleton Bank, house 36 Pawtucket 
Kimball John S. steel letter-cutter, 130 Middlesex, house 6 Cady 
Kimball Joseph D. clerk, 319 Merrimack, house 95 Salem 
Kimball J. Chellis, counsellor, 5 Barristers’ Hall, boards Merri- 
mack House 

Kimball Leonard, provision dealer, 47 Myrtle, Central ville, h. do. 
Kimball Le Roy S. clerk, 92 Market, boards 131 East Merrimack 
Kimball Louisa T. widow, house 92 Middlesex 
Kimball Mary, house 32 Race 

Kimball Moses F. roll-coverer, 92 Market, h. 131 East Merrimack 

Kimball Sulven, carpenter, boards rear 124 School 

Kimball William, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 

Kimball William II . machinist, boards 22 Boott corporation 

Kimball Wilson, machinist, Merrimack corporation, house 58 do. 

Kiminer Eugene, cabinetmaker, 239 Middlesex, house 266 do. 

Ivimneur Peter, cabinetmaker, boards 141 Middlesex 

King Ann Mrs. house 15 William [miskey’s alley 

King Augustus, hairdresser, 184 Merrimack, h. Lowell, cor. Cum- 

King Carry Miss, sewing, house 37 Fourth, Centralville 

King Catharine Mrs. house 36 Cedar 

King Gardner W. clerk, freight depot, b. 77 Coburn, Centralville 
King Godfrey B. machinist, house Richardson, Centralville 
King Hugh, beltmaker, Fletcher, cor. Western ave. h. 15 William 
King John, shoemaker, 29 East Merrimack, house 18 Fayette 

Merchants’ and Farmers’ Mut. Fire Ins. Co., AVorcester. Inc. 1846, 
has always paid liberal dividends on expiring policies. (See p. 3J4.) 



King Lutheria, machine sewing, house 37 Fourth, Centralville 

King Martha, widow, at Old Ladies’ Home, 58 Moody 

King Nelson, laborer, house rear 1 Hancock 

King Patrick, baker, boards 16 Summer 

King Robert, sash and blind maker, boards 63 L. M. S. corp. 

King Stephen, shoemaker, 110 Market, house do. 

King Susan B. widow, house 33 Chestnut 
King Thomas, machinist, boards 15 William 
King William, shoemaker, house 16 Fayette 
King William, operative, boards 14 Appleton corporation 
King William R. laborer, Wamesit Steam Mills, bds. 63 Worthen 
Kingsley Albert E. spinner, boards 67 Lawrence corporation 
Kingsley Enos 0. overseer carder, Lawrence corp. house 26 do. 
Kinneur Peter, cabinetmaker, boards 141 Middlesex 
Kinney Arial, engineer, house 13 Bleachery 
Kinnier Horatio, shoemaker, boards 5 1> Massachusetts corporation 
Kirby Catharine, widow, boards 4 Jefferson square 
Kirby David R. Mrs. house 19 Boott corporation 
Kirby Stephen J. student, boards 19 Boott corporation 
Kirk James P. boiler-maker, Lowell-street Boiler Works, house 
265 Middlesex 

Kirk Joseph A. carder, Lawrence, boards 13 Suffolk 
Kirk Mary, widow, boards 11 Massachusetts corporation 
Kirkley James, machinist, 237 Middlesex, boards 11 Marshall 
Kirwin James, carpenter, 235 Middlesex, boards 64 Lawrence 
Kirwin John, dresser-tender, house 131 Lawrence 
Kirwin John, weaver, boards 131 Lawrence 
Kirwin Patrick, woolsorter, boards 131 Lawrence [156 School 
Kitchen Charles B. gas-fitter, Gras Company’s shop, Shattuck, house 
Kitchen Mary, widow, boards 30 Willie 
Kitchen Stephen R. overseer, Lawrence corp. boards 30 Willie 
Kitchen William, operative, Lawrence corporation, boards 44 do. 
Kitson Richard, cotton machinery and card-clothing manufactory, 
Worthen and Dutton, house 413 Merrimack 
Kitson William, superintendent, at Richard Kitson’s, boards Merri- 
mack, near Pawtucket 
Kitson William, boards 413 Middlesex 

Kittredge Abner, painter, 22 Middle, house First, corner Bridge 
Kittredge Abner L. paints, oils, &c. 4 Appleton block, h. 33 Charles 
Kittredge Daniel, boots and shoes, 14 Middle, house 80 Bridge, 

Kittredge Eliza, widow, boarding-house, 68 Warren 
Kittredge E. B. machinist, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Kittredge Francis W. {Dean fy Kittredge) , counsellor, 49 Central, 
boards 178 East Merrimack 
Kittredge George S. hose-maker, house 30 Suffolk 
Kittredge Henry, stonemason, house 18 Pawtucket 
Kittredge Henry A. clerk, 14 Middle, bds. 80 Bridge, Centralville 

Albany Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Kittredge Jeduthan, painter and roofer, 24 Prescott, house 50 Elm 
Kittredge Jeremiah, boards 80 Bridge, Centralville 
Kittredge Luther, stonemason, house 4 Butterfield 
Kittredge Luther F. stonemason, house Mammoth road, Dracut 
Kittredge William, coal and wood, 28 Middle, h. 178 E. Merrimack 
Kittredge William N. clerk, 65 E. Merrimack, bds. 68 Warren court 
Knapp B. F. E. boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Knapp Charles F. rheumatic-liniment manufacturer, h. 4 Mechanic 
Knapp ( Chauncey L.) & Morey ( George F .), publishers “ Citizen 
and News,” 44 Central, house 153 Moody 
Knapp Daniel, overseer, Lawrence corporation, house 18 do. 
Knapp Hiram, carpenter, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Knapp Horace H. clerk, bleachery, boards 18 Lawrence corporation 
Knapp Joel, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, house 52 Lowell Ma- 
chine Shop corporation 

Kneeland John, laborer, house 29 Railroad alley 
Kneeland John, jr. boards 29 Railroad alley 
Kniffin George W. saloon, house 164 Gorham 
Knights John H. fish market, 201 Central, house 50 Chapel 
Knott William, laborer, boards 6 'Prescott corporation 
Knowles Arvilla L. Mrs. boards 23 Appleton corporation 
Knowles Brothers ( Charles H. § Jefferson A.), trunks, fency 
goods, and boots and shoes, 114 Merrimack 
Knowles Charles H. (AT. Bros.), 114 Merrimack, bds. 63 Andover 
Knowles Charles V. student, boards 63 Andover 
Knowles Cyrus B. cabinetmaker, Mechanics Mills, h. 166 Suffolk 
Knowles Elbridge G. house 41 Boott corporation 
Knowles Ellen Mrs. house 133 Lawrence 
Knowles Emeline Miss, house 31 Chapel 
Knowles Henry M. clerk, 21 Central, boards 94 South 
Knowles James, piper, house 81 Warren 
Knowles James, machinist, 237 Middlesex, house 18 Davidson 
Knowles Jefferson A. ( K. Bros .) 114 Merrimack, bds. 63 Andover 
Knowles John, filecutter, house 30 Rock 

Knowles John A. counsellor, 14 Appleton block, house 94 South 
Knowles John A. jr. scale manuf. Mech. Mills, boards 94 South 
Knowles Manlius, blacksmith, Cushing, corner Rock, house 41 
Boott corporation 

Knowles Samuel, dresser-tender, house 113 Lawrence 
Knowlton Emma Mrs. boards 19 Boott corporation 
Knowlton George W. machinist, house 38 Lagrange 
Knowlton G. Winfield, clerk, Wamesit National Bank, Middlesex, 
boards 38 Lagrange 

Knox Sylvester, grocer, 288 Middlesex, house 290 do. 

Ivoach Axel, wool-sorter, house 52 Church 
Kogan Michael, operative, house 6 Little 

Kohawn Dennis, laborer, house 30 High [near Parker 

Krom Martin, currier, at Hubbard and Biakes, boards Chelmsford, 

Geo. F. Hunt &, Co. are a^euts for Merchants’ and Farmers’ Mutual 
Fire Ins. Co. Office, 2S Central St., Lowell, Mass. (See page 344.) 



Kuvrean Peter, stonecutter, house rear 114 Middlesex 
Kyle Amos M. real-estate agent, house 1(5 Appleton 
Kyle Oscar N. clerk, boards 16 Appleton 

LABOUNTY LEONARD J. overseer, Appleton corp. h. 12 do. 
Lacey Ann, widow, house rear 12 River, Centralville 
La Cherity Henry, bobbinmaker, house 11 Middlesex place 
Ladd Carlton, operative, house 7 Tremont corporation 
Ladd Frank J. clerk, 42 Merrimack, boards 132 East Merrimack 
Ladd Freeman W. paper and twine, 243 Merrimack, boards 138 

Ladd Henry, saw-mill, boards 114 Merrimack corporation 

Ladd Henry, laborer, house 293 Middlesex 

Ladd Huldah, widow, house 4 Alder 

Ladd Jonathan, counsellor, house 132 East Merrimack 

Ladd Solomon II carpenter, house Yarney, near School 

La Doux Horace, spinner, Appleton, bds. 17 Appleton corporation 

Lafine Michael, laborer, Wamesit Steam Mills 

Laflamme Eugene, carpenter, house 266 Middlesex 

Laflamme John, boxmaker, 233' Middlesex, boards 3 Mclntire 

Laflamme John B. boards 3 Mclntire 

Laflamme Joseph K. leather-cutter, 90 Market, house 3 Mclntire 

Laflamme Lizzie, widow, house 137 Middlesex 

La Fountain Selaino, bedstead-maker, house 30 Salem 

La Fountain Seymour, cabinetmaker, 239 Middlesex, h. 293 do. 

Lahey Andrew, laborer, house 3 Quigley’s alley 

Lahey John, laborer, house 132 Lowell 

Lahey John, operative, house Marion, near Cross 

Lahiff Margaret, widow, house 48 South 

Lahy Catharine, widow, house 44 Water 

Lahy Daniel, moulder, house 44 Water 

Laighton George K. machine printer, house 152 Merrimack corp. 
Laighton, see Leighton [Fletcher 

Lake Allen P. {Mathews S? Lake), grocer, 80 Dutton, boards 31 
Lake Amasa, carpenter, 242 Middlesex, house 31 Fletcher 
Lake George R. boxmaker, 233 Middlesex, boards 31 Fletcher 
Lakin Abel, cooper, house 5 Railroad 
Lakin John, laborer, house 9 Summer 

Lakin John H. cabinetmaker, boards 5 Railroad [court 

Lakin Joseph P. carpenter, Fletcher, cor. Cushing, h. 8 McCarry’s 
Lakin Mary, widow, house 9 Summer 
Lakin Patrick, laborer, boards 9 Summer 
Laking Samuel, cotton-sorter, house 33 Fourth, Centralville 
Lama Sevire, laborer, house 4 Davidson’s lane 
Lamb ( Bernard ) & Nichols (Andrew), boots and shoes, 19 Mer- 
rimack, house 39 River, Centralville 
Lamb William Mrs. house 119 Gorham 
Lambert Edward, operative, boards 4 Decatur 

Troy Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, &. Co. (formerly 
Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Lambert Frederick, laborer, house 12 Willie avenue 
Lambert Henry, loom-harnessmaker, house near Harris’s shop 
Lambert Louisa, widow, house 4 Decatur 
Lamere Anson, variety store, 15 Merrimack, house do. 

Lamere John, variety store, Parker’s block, house do. Central ville 
Lamore Joseph, laborer, house 322 Merrimack [Salem 

Lamoreaux Isadore, carpenter, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 39 
Lamourena Alexander, carpenter, house 39 Salem [tucket 

Lamson Daniel B. L. clerk, 20 Market, boards Beacon, near Paw- 
Lamson Edwin ( Stiles , Rogers, 3? Co.'), flour, &c. 23 Market, 
boards Beacon, near Pawtucket 
Lamson Henry P. boards 66 Chestnut 
Lamson Nathan Gi. clerk, boards 66 Chestnut 
Lamson Nathaniel M. overseer, house 38 Tremont corporation 
Lamson Tobias L. P. paymaster, Lawrence, house 66 Chestnut 
Lamson William, watchman, Savings Bank building, house Beacon, 
near Pawtucket 

Lamson William, jr assessor, house 38 Chapel 
Lamson William H. Mrs. house Yarney, near School 
Lanahan Patrick, laborer, house 56 West Union 
Lancaster ( Samuel T.) & Totman (Stark), tailors, 104 and 106 
Central, house 10 Ash 

Lander William C. carpenter, house 12 Davidson 
Landers Catharine, widow, house 2 Dempsey’s yard 
Landers Margaret, widow, house rear 73 Charles 
Landers Maurice, laborer, house 29 Fenwick 
Landers Thomas, moulder, Willie, corner Dutton, boards 70 Low- 
ell Machine Shop corporation 
Landess John A. spinner, 7 Thorndike 
Landry Edward, carpenter, 26 Middlesex, boards 166 Central 
Landry Godfrey, carriagemaker, 136 Middlesex, boards 141 do. 
Lane Albert A. photographist, 50 Merrimack, house 127 Moody 
Lane Asa, machinist, house 72 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Lane Benjamin C. machinist, boards 7 Dodge 
Lane Bridget, widow, boards 10 Suffolk corporation 
Lane David, machinist, Fletcher, corner Cushing, house Mount 
Vernon, near Liberty 

Lane Daniel, clerk, 98 Middlesex, boards 96 do. 

Lane John, mariner and boarding-house, 96 Middlesex 
Lane Jonathan Mrs. house 66 Moody 

Lane Joseph D., Lowell Machine Shop, house 45 L. M. S. corp. 
Lane Louisa C. apothecary, 79 Merrimack, house do. 

Lane Martin Mrs. house 31 East Merrimack 

Lane Michael, laborer, 43 Market, boards 174 Lawrence 

Lane Patrick, teamster, 43 Market, house 134 Lawrence 

Lane Samuel, carpenter, house 7 Dodge 

Lane Stephen, spinner, house 21 North 

Lane S. H. clerk, Lowell, corner Worthen, house 8 Dodge 

Tile Connecticut Fire Ins. Co., Hartford, Ct. A prompt and liberal 
Co. to insure in 5 lias never had a lawsuit. G. F. Hunt & Co., Agts. 



Lane William, laborer, house rear 15 Summer 

Lane , laborer, boards 49 Cushing 

Lang Benaiah, painter, house 36 Massachusetts corporation 
Lang Bickford, city marshal, Police-office, house Forrest 
Lang Charles, watchman, boards 43 Massachusetts corporation 
Lang Edward, machinist, house 107 Appleton 
Lang Thomas, section hand, Appleton corporation, boards 17 do. 
Lang William A. teacher, Reform School, house Chelmsford, near 

Langan Michael J. carriage-painter, 163 Central, h. 101 Gorham 

Langdell Charles G. hack-driver, boards 17 Tremont corporation 

Langdell Clarence A. clerk, 2*1 Merrimack, bds. 17 Tremont corp. 

Langdell James A. boards 17 Tremont corporation 

Langdell Mary, widow, house 17 Tremont corporation 

Langevin Michael, laborer, house Jefferson, corner Lewis 

Langlan Michael, painter, house rear 101 Gorham 

Langley Ansell R. bleacher, house 12 Bleachery 

Langley Clark M. printer, J. C. Ayer & Co.’s, house 47 Summer 

Langley Daniel W. bleacher, house Moore, near Bleachery 

Langley Soloman, junk-dealer, 19 Lowell, house 12 Chestnut 

Langlois J. E. physician, 14 John, boards 19 Kirk 

Lanigan James, spinner, house Clark’s court 

Lansing David, coachman, boards Rolfe 

Lqntaigner Louis, laborer, house 5 Davidson’s lane 

Laplant Charles H. spinner, boards 26 Massachusetts corporation 

La Point Frank, weaver, Merrimack corporation, boards 175 do. 

La Point Frederick, carder, house 87 Moody 
La Point Louis, carder, boards 87 Moody 

La Point Napoleon, card-stripper, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Lappen Thomas, provisions, 62 Gorham, boards Central [corp. 
Laptad Henry, painter, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 3 Hamilton 
Lara Etienne, engraver, Merrimack Print Works, house 32 
Merrimack corporation 

Larabee John H. trader, house Branch, corner School 
Larault Prosper, shoemaker, 224 Merrimack, house 50 Law- 
rence corporation 

Lareian Paul H. boards 10 Read, Centralville 
Larkin Margaret, widow, boards 4 Mulloy’s court 
La Rock Joseph, laborer, house 322 Merrimack 
Larrabee Charles, shoemaker, house 52 Stackpole 
Lary Daniel, teamster, 9 Thorndike 
Lary Lewis D. Mrs. house 112 Middlesex 
Lary Richard, laborer, house Congress, near Hale’s Mills 
Lary, see Leary 

Lasselle Horace W. house rear 124 School 
Latham Cyrus, house 36 Fourth, Centralville 
Latham Cyrus II. ( Wood, Sherwood , Sf Co.'), Bridge, opposite 
Seventh, house 27 Third, Centralville 

Providence Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Lathe Nathaniel, carpenter, house Second, cor. Bridge, Centralville 

Lathers George, moulder, boards 6 Middlesex place 

Lathrop Buth S. house 1 Oak 

Laughlin Ann, widow, house 8 North 

Laughlin Bernard, laborer, house Merrill, near Taylor 

Laughlin John, laborer, house Merrill, near Taylor 

Laughlin John, spinner, house rear 20 North 

Laughlin John, laborer, house 74 Church 

Laughlin Mary, widow, house 8 North 

Laughlin Michael, spinner, house 7 Lawrence 

Laughlin Robert, spinner, house 2 Reed’s court 

Laughlin, see Loughlin 

Laughton Abel A. tailor, 82 Merrimack, house 87 Chestnut 
Lavell James, mule room, Boott corporation, house 10 do. 

Lavell Jane, widow, house 22 Kirk avenue 

Lavery George, designer, Hamilton corporation, house 63 Fletcher 
Laveryaire Peter, laborer, house 20 Davidson 
Law Clarissa, widow, house River, Centralville 
Law John K. carder, boards 75 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Lawler Thomas, stonecutter, house rear 27 Middle 
Lawler William, laborer, 8 Jackson, house 63 Church 
Lawless Mary, widow, house rear 186 Lowell 
Lawrence Allen C. engineer, Lawrence corporation, house 30 do. 
Lawrence Alvin, engineer and watchmaker, 72 Central, house rear 
23 Charles 

Lawrence Ambrose and George W. dentists, 9 John, house do. 
Lawrence Benjamin, machinist, house 101 Cross 
Lawrence Charles, teamster, boards 6 Lowell corporation 
Lawrence David P. house in Agricultural Fair GrDunds 
Lawrence George P. ( under the style of E. B. Patch 8? Co.), fur- 
niture, 1 and 2 Commercial square, boards 25 Lawrence 
Lawrence George T. carver, Mechanics Mills, house 1 Shaw’s block, 
East Pine [Third, Centralville 

Lawrence George W. (A. 8f G. W. Lawrence ), dentist, house 38 
Lawrence Henrie W. tailor, 4 Merrimack House, h. 408 Merrimack 
Lawrence Jonathan G. overseer, Lowell, h. 10 Lowell corporation 
Lawrence Manufacturing Company, north end Suffolk 
Lawrence Marshall, watchman, Lawrence, boards 43 Lawrence corp. 
Lawrence Roxana, widow, boards Middlesex, near Wilder 
Lawrence Samuel, dentist, 32 Central, house do. 

Lawrence William F. farmer, house Parker, near Chelmsford 
Lawrence W. Frank, pat. leather finisher, b. Parker, n. Chelmsford 
Lawson Francis, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, house 35 Suffolk 
Lawson James W. farmer, house Gorham, near City line 
Lawson Joseph, carder, house 36 Appleton 
Lawson Mary Ann, widow, house 3 Baldwin’s court 
Lawson Mitchell, laborer, boards Gorham, near City line 
Lawson Peter, house 30 Pawtucket 

The Lowell Office of the Howard Fire Ins. Co. is at No. 2S Central 
Street. GEO. P. HCNT & CO., Agents. (See page 3«.) 



Lawson Thomas B. artist, 8 Savings Bank building, house 58 High 

Lawson William J. machinist, house 28 Walnut 

Lawton George F. student, house 24 Prescott corporation 

Lawton James, superintendent, Massachusetts, h. 24 Prescott corp. 

Lawton Patrick, house 58 West Union 

Lawton Beuben, machinist, house 41 Hamilton corporation 

Laycock Samuel, dyer and variety store, 100 Market, house do. 

Leach Alexander, mule-spinner, boards 58 L. M. S. corporation 

Leach Betsey Miss, house Bowers, corner Beacon 

Leach James, dyer, boards rear 26 Bridge, Centralville 

Leach Isabella, widow, house rear 26 Bridge, Centralville 

Leach Joanna, widow, house 116 Suffolk 

Leach Moses S. Middlesex-street depot master, house 38 Grand 

Leach Robert, nut-maker, house Front, near Bridge, Centralville 

Leach Thomas, card-stripper, house 13 River, Centralville 

Leach William, house 8 Prescott corporation 

Leahy Daniel, file-cutter, boards 41 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Learned Daniel, teamster, house 13 Queen 

Learned John, engineer, 233 Middlesex, house 9 Howard 

Leary Daniel, teamster, boards 1 Quigley’s alley 

Leary Daniel, laborer, house 99 Lowell 

Leary Dennis, operative, house 115 Lowell 

Leary Ellen, house 115 Lowell 

Leary Hannah, house 1 Quigley’s alley 

Leary James, peddler, house 10 Lewis 

Leary James, laborer, house 3 Cummiskey’s alley 

Leary Jeremiah, operative, house 85 Lowell 

Leary Jeremiah, operative, boards 3 Cummiskey’s alley 

Leary Jeremiah, operative, house 115 Lowell 

Leary John, house 10 Lewis 

Leary John, house Adams, near Broadway 

Leary John, machinist, Lowell Machine Shop, house 78 Cross 

Leary , widow, house 109 Lowell 

Leathers Mary F. Mrs. boards 23 Appleton corporation 
Leathers Nathan, stone-mason, Westford, near Liberty 
Leavitt Daniel G. livery stable, 32 Prescott, and Middlesex, near 
Northern depot, house Gold, near School 
Leavitt Edwin, teamster, house 63 Cushing 
Leavitt Erasmus D. house 9 High-street square 
Leavitt Erasmus D. jr. engineer, boards 9 High-street square 
Leavitt Haron D carpenter, house 32 Church 
Leavitt John B. Mrs. boarding-house, 41 and 42 L. M. S. corp. 
Leavitt John E. moulder, boards 42 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Leavitt Lizzie, widow, house rear 27 Middle 
Leavitt William B. shoemaker, 78 Moody, house 9 Tilden court 
Leavitt Jane Mrs. house 10 Jefferson [place 

Le Baun David, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 8 Middlesex 
Le Baun Louis, laborer, house 289 Middlesex 

Charlestown Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congr ess Street, Boston. 



Le Bell Joseph, carder, house Cambridge 

Lederer B. & Co. ( Jacob Dreyfus), hats, caps, and furnishing 
goods, 5 Appleton block, house do. 

Lee Bernard, operative, house 37 Common 

Lee Charles, carpenter, house 9 South Highland 

Lee Charles, Middlesex, house 1 Pond 

Lee Daniel T. Middlesex, house 99 Central 

Lee Ellen, widow, house 11 Middle 

Lee James, 1st, house 248 Gorham 

Lee James H. Mrs. house 56 Church 

Lee James W. spinner, boards rear 53 Charles 

Lee Jeremiah, laborer, house 126 Lowell 

Lee John, house 328 Central 

Lee John, laborer, house rear 148 Lowell 

Lee John T. blacksmith and carriage manufacturer, Fletcher, near 
Dutton, house 14 Adams, Franklin square 
Lee Joseph, machinist, boards 33 Massachusetts corporation 
Lee Michael, grocer, 119 Lawrence, house do. 

Lee Michael, laborer, house 41 Salem 

Lee Patrick, operative, boards 37 Common 

Lee Peter, laborer, house 2 Watson 

Lee Simeon, spinner, house rear 53 Charles 

Lee Stephen H. painter, house 2 Tremont 

Lee William M. policeman, house 16 Franklin square, Adams 

Leeman Wilder, grainer, boards 122 Moody 

Lees John M. machinist, house 59 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 

Le Foy Julian, laborer, house Liberty, near Chelmsford 

Legg Charles H. painter, 99 Central, house 158 Gorham 

Lehany Edward, clerk, 53 Gorham, boards 56 West Union 

Lehany James, grocer, 53 Gorham, house 56 West Union 

Lehany Kate, widow, house 56 West Union 

Leight Louis, laborer, house rear 15 Willie avenue 

Leighton Andrew, overseer, Bleachery, house Central, cor. Lyon 

Leighton Gancelo, carpenter, boards 158 Gorham 

Leighton George, printer, house 152 Merrimack corporation 

Leighton George, house Holbrook’s court 

Leighton Newbury II. Mrs. house 6 Bleachery 

Leighton Patrick, laborer, house 10 Summer [house do. 

Leighton W. H. physician and apothecary, Merrimack, c. Worthen, 

Leighton, see Laighton 

Leland Thomas, embroidery stamping, 74 Central, house do. 
Leland William, fancy goods, 250 Gorham, house do. 

Lemay Gilbert, laborer, house 29 Howard’s court 
Le Mountain John, house 21 Market 
Leneux Moses, at J. C. Ayer & Co.’s 
Lennon Catharine, widow, house 30 Lowell 
Lennon John, ale, 28 Lowell, house 22 Willie avenue 
Lennon Joseph G. music teacher, boards 30 Lowell 

Man up" Property, Merchandise, Dwellings, & Household P limi- 
tin' e, ins. at satisfactory rates, liy Geo. P. Hunt & Co., Ins. Agt's. 



Lennon Michael B. machinist, boards 30 Lowell 
Leonard^Abel W. (Tapley fy Leonard ) , wood, rear Jackson, near 
round house, house 25 George 
Leonard Catharine, widow, house 40 Salem 
Leonard Dennis, moulder, boards 40 Salem 
Leonard George, carpenter, house 3 Third, Centralville 
Leonard George, carpenter, 228 Central, house do. 

Leonard Hugh, laborer, house 40 Salem 

Leonard James, machinist, house 1314 Merrimack corporation 

Leonard John, grocer, 85 East Merrimack, house do. 

Leonard Martin, peddler, house 21 Pond 

Leonard Michael Mrs. house 10 River, Centralville 

Leonard Owen, machinist, boards 40 Salem 

Leonard Sarah Mrs. h. Webster’s avenue, cor. Ninth, Centralville 

Leonard Sylvester B. machinist, Merrimack corporation, h. 41 do. 

Leonard Terrance, laborer, house 6 Dempsey’s yard 

Lepene Harriet H. widow, house Parker’s block, Centralville 

Leslie Charles, painter, house 66 Church [rence 

Leslie Edwin C. merchant tailor, 4 Merrimack House, h. 13 Law- 

Leslie H. G. clerk, 4 Merrimack House, boards 13 Lawrence 

Leslie Norman J. painter, house 66 Church 

Leslie Peter P. harnessmaker, house 9 Lawrence 

Lesure Ansel P. house 159 Central 

Le Valley Julius, baker, boards Decatur 

Levee Jerry, operative, boards 14 Appleton corporation 

Leville John, carder, house 4 Edgerly court 

Lew Adrastus, farmer, house off River road, Dracut 

Lew Osmond, farmer, house 9 Hurd 

Lewis Ann, widow, house 28 Lagrange 

Lewis Charles T. waiter, house 3 Court avenue 

Lewis Ephraim B. carpenter, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 43 Cushing 

Lewis Frank A. hosiery mill, Lawrence corporation, boards 42 do. 

Lewis George V. hackdriver, house 15 Tremont corporation 

Lewis Henry F. house 3 Read, Centralville 

Lewis Jeremiah, hairdresser, 276 Merrimack, house do. 

Lewis John, at Kitson’s, house Broadway, near Suffolk 

Lewis John, painter, boards 9 Pleasant, Centralville 

Lewis John, jr. operative, boards Broadway, near Suffolk 

Lewis John A. cardgrinder, house 18 Third, Centralville 

Lewis John Edward, hairdresser, house Front, Centralville 

Lewis Joseph, finisher, house 26 Bleachery 

Lewis Levi J. boards 62 River, Centralville 

Lewis Loring W. farmer, boards rear River, Centralville 

Lewis L. I. Mrs. house 62 River, Centralville 

Lewis Nancy, widow, house Front, Centralville 

Lewis O. S. patternmaker, boards 62 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Lewis Theodore W. hairdresser, house 62 River, Centralville 

Lewis Walker Mrs. house 64 River, Centralville 

Fall River Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, «fc Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 


Lewis Walker, hairdresser, 2 Prescott building, b. 64 River, Cen- 

Lewis William E. machinist, boards 25 Boott corporation 
Lewis Winslow S. machinist, boards 94 Middlesex 
Libbee George F. clerk, 8 Jackson, house 30 Charles 
Libbey Adaline C. boarding-house, 11 Boott corporation 
Libbey Charles W. clerk, boards 11 Boott corporation 
Libbey Eliza Miss, boarding-house, 14 Hurd 
Libbey Frank, boards 11 Boot corporation 

Libbey Isaac, fanner, house Mammoth road, Dracut [Cabot 

Libbey Isaac H. carpenter, Merrimack, cor. Maiden lane, h. 27 

Libbey Martin V. B. blacksmith, house 8 Willie 

Libbey Sarah and Nancy Misses, house 12 Pleasant 

Libbey William E. carpenter, house 14 Tremont corporation 

Libby Albert E, watchman, Middlesex, house 11 Fayette 

Libby Alexander H. hairdresser, 70 Central, house 11 Ash 

Libby Almon, overseer, Middlesex corporation, house 20 Church 

Libby Benjamin F. house 30 Branch 

Libby Isaac L. police, house 88 Appleton 

Libby John F. scenic artist, 112 Merrimack, boards 30 Branch 

Libby Nelson F. periodicals, &c. 24 Liberty square, house do. 

Libby William F. overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 21 do. 

Liberty Edmond, laborer, house 53 Salem 

Liberty Jesse, woodsawyer, house East Pine, corner Carlton 

Liddell Andrew, weaver, boards 16 Third, Centralville 

Liddell Catharine, widow, house 16 Third, Centralville 

Lilley Charles, overseer, house 1 Pleasant 

Lilley Hannah, widow, house 256 Central 

Linahan John, stonecutter, house 51 Market 

Lincoln Jefferson, watchman, Lawrence corporation, boards 43 do. 

Lincoln William, watchman, house 2 Merrill 

Lindsay William, bleaehery, house Congress, rear Hale’s Mills 

Lines Thomas, Appleton corporation, boards 4 do. 

Linney Randall, house 43 South 

Lishon E. nail manufacturer, 136 Middlesex, house rear 120 do. 
Litchfield G. A. insurance agent, 5 Barristers’ Hall, boards Wash- 
ington House 

Litchfield Oliver C. carpenter, house 263 Middlesex 
Litchfield ( Paul F .), Edwards (i?.), & Co. (A. Scott), commission 
merchants, 127 Market, house 131 Cross 
Little Charles Mrs. house 82 Merrimack corporation 
Little Edwin, boards 82 Merrimack corporation 
Little Leonard P. carpenter, 66 Middle, house 46 Dummer 
Little Mary J. widow, boards 1 Merrimack corporation 
Littlefield Lucy Mrs. house 155 East Merrimack 
Littlefield William, clerk, house 106 Merrimack 
Littlefield William N. clerk, Bridge, corner Paige, boards 28 Massa- 
chusetts corporation 

IVortU Ain. Fire Ins. Co., Hartford, Ct. Capital and Surplus, over 
$400,000. G. F. Hunt <&> Co., Agents, 28 Central St. (See p. 344.) 



Livermore Albert W. engineer, Lowell corporation, house 8 do. 
Livermore Elizabeth B. house 48 Bartlett 

Livingston Alfred, physician, Middlesex, corner Thorndike, boards 
Thorndike, corner Chelmsford 

Livingston Alfred J. painter and lampblack manufacturer, 179 
Middlesex, house 5 Chelmsford [East Pine 

Livingston Benjamin, teamster, 9 Thorndike, house Carlton, corner 
Livingston Caleb Mrs. house 7 Chelmsford [Branch 

Livingston Cornelius S., United States Bunting Mill, boards 34 
Livingston Daniel, clerk, 9 Thorndike, house 34 Branch 
Livingston Ellen Mrs. boards 21 Hamilton corporation 
Livingston Ephraim D. printer, Wyman’s Exchange, bds. 34 Branch 
Livingston Franklin E clerk, 189 Middlesex, bds. 2 Middlesex pi. 
Livingston James H. variety store, 105 East Merrimack, house do. 
Livingston Joseph, spinner, house 8 North 
Livingston Sarah, widow, boards 148 Middlesex 
Livingston William, boards 115 Gorham 
Livingston William Mrs. house Thorndike, corner Chelmsford 
Livingston William E. grain, flour, wood, coal, lumber, &c. 9 
Thorndike, house off Middlesex, near City line 
Livingston ( William, E.); Carter ( William H . ) , & Co. (. Alfred 
Livingston ) , blankets and flannels, 7 Thorndike 
Locke George, watchman, Lawrence corporation, boards 43 do. 
Locke Izette, widow, boards 36 Massachusetts corporation 
Locke Jewett J. sewing machines, 31 Central, boards 119 do. 
Locke Mary, widow, boards 33 Andover 

Locke Mary, widow, boards 38 Massachusetts corporation [Cross 

Locke Samuel W. (E. B. Worthen $ Co.), 216 Merrimack, h. 83 

Locke William M. painter, Massachusetts corporation, house 42 do. 

Loftus John, laborer, boards 9 Summer 

Logan David, machinist, boards 115 Gorham 

Logan James, teamster, house 34 William 

Logan James, blockprinter, house 7 Prospect 

Logan Michael, laborer, house rear 29 Hanover 

Logan Thomas H. machinist, boards 7 Prospect 

Loguachier Mitchell, laborer, house 282 Merrimack 

Loiselle J. L. hairdresser, 12 Central, house 71 Middle 

Loker Loring, provisions, house 7 Chelmsford [cor. Howard 

Loker William L. shoemaker, 160 Middlesex, house Chelmsford, 

Lombard Oliver D. weaver, house 1 Massachusetts corporation 

Loncke Benjamin F. shoemaker, house 26 Walnut 

Long Charles, woodsawyer, house 14 Lewis 

Long David W. blacksmith, Merrimack corporation, house 46 do. 

Long Martha, widow, boards 14 Lewis 

Long Michael, laborer, house 19 Adams 

Long Patrick, tailor, house 15 King 

Long Roxanna, boarding-house, 1 Merrimack corporation 

Loomis William A. house 54 High 

Lawrence Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Looney Michael, laborer, house 95 Merrimack corporation 

Lorceo S. house 35 Salem 

Lord Ann Mrs. house 3 McFarlin avenue 

Lord George, laborer, boards 34 Franklin 

Lord Henry A. carpenter, house Middlesex, near City line 

Lord Hester M. millinery, 27 Market, house 25 do. 

Lord John R. fireman, Lawrence corporation, boards 26 Cabot 
Lord Mary, widow, house 278 Middlesex 
Lord Oliver, carpenter, house 46 Charles 

Lord Ralph W. confectionery and fruit, 80 Central, bds. 4 Tyler 
Lord Randolph C. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 65 
Boott corporation [corp. 

Lord Samuel X. harnessmaker, 8 Merrimack block, bds. 49 Mass. 

Lord , harnessmaker, boards 49 Massachusetts corporation 

Lother S. A. dressmaker, 136 Merrimack, house do. 

Loude Joshua, carder, boards 28 Massachusetts corporation 
Lougee Sarah A. Mrs. boarding-house, 115 Gorham 
Lougee Susan Miss, house 13 River, Centralville 
Loughlin Barney, laborer, house rear 18 Winter 
Loughlin Robert, spinner, house 2 Reed’s court 
Loughlin, see Laughlin 

Loughran James, counsellor, 3 Canal block, house 41 Charles 
Louney Bridget, widow, house 5 Jefferson 
Louney John, laborer, boards 5 Jefferson 

Lovejoy Daniel, blacksmith, Cushing, cor. Rock, house 27 Franklin 
Lovejoy Daniel H. physician, Central, cor. Jackson, bds. 13 Auburn 
Lovejoy Edwin, provisions, 113 East Merrimack, house 13 Willow 
Lovejoy Edwin B. carpenter, boards 15 Cabot 
Lovejoy Elwyn W. blacksmith, Cushing, cor. Rock, h. 27 Franklin 
Lovejoy Emery W. foreman, paint shop Lowell Machine Shop, 

. house 31 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Lovejoy Frank 0. painter, boards 15 Cabot 
Lovejoy Frederick, express, Merriinack-street depot, house Mar- 
shall, near Westford [Marshall, near Westford 

Lovejoy Frederick M., Boston Express, Merrimack-street depot, bds. 
Lovejoy George E. machinist, boards 46 Howard 
Lovejoy Henry W. boarding-house, 113 Merrimack 
Lovejoy Hubbard, architect, rear 285 Merrimack, house 15 Cabot 
Lovejoy fra A. confectioner, 1 Middle, boards 6 Merrill’s court 
Lovejoy James A. fireman, B. & L. R. R. bds. 215 Middlesex place 
Lovejoy John, overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 22 do. 
Lovejoy John P. carpenter, house 19 Kirk 
Lovejoy Joseph, laborer, boards 3 Goward place 
Lovejoy Wdliam, watchman, boards 52 Boott corporation 
Lovejoy William, machinist, L. M. S. boards 7 Hamilton corporation 
Lovejoy William, house 62 Middlesex 
Lovejoy William F. carpenter, boards 15 Cabot 
Lovett George, overseer picker, house 43 Tremont corporation 

Business tlxat can’t afford Insurance is too poor to follow. Wis- 
dom, Prudence, Experience, all say, Insure at once. (Seepage 3M.^ 



Lovett Hugh, mariner, boards 10 Jefferson 

Lovett Stephen, boots and shoes, 264 Merrimaek, house 3 Ford 

Lovett Torry Mrs. house 1 0 Jefferson [grange court 

Lovrein Charles E. sash-maker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 10 La- 

Lovrien William F., Massachusetts eorp. house 42 Prescott eorp. 

Low George W. machinist, Lowell Machine Shop, house 58 Chapel 

Low Hannah Mrs. house 78 South 

Low James, porter, house 86 Water 

Low John, machinist, house 44 William 

Low Nehemiah, moulder, house Nichols, near Branch 

Lowe Edward B. salesman, 1 Canal block, house 78 South 

Lowe Joseph, stonemason, house 61 Boott corporation [Branch 

Lowe Lizzie S. teacher, No. 34 Primary School, bds. Nichols, near 

Lowell Bleachery, Bleaehery street 

Lowell Card Company (Jeremiah Clark , Charles L. Harmon , and 
Levi Edgell ) , machine card-clothing, 96 Middle 
Lowell Machine Shop, Dutton, near Mechanic 
Lowell Manufacturing Company, Market 
Lowney Bridget, widow, house 5 Jefferson 
Lowney Cornelius, planer, 233 Middlesex, house 269 do. 

Lowney Ellen, widow, house 168 Gorham 

Lowney Owen, operative, house rear 194 Gorham 

Lowney Patrick E. stampmaker, boards 168 Gorham 

Lubey Jeremiah, machinist, boards 51J Lowell 

Lubey Matthew, currier, boards 51^ Lowell 

Lucas William A. machinist, boards Chelmsford, near Howard 

Luce David A. coppersmith, house 95 Market 

Lucius Richard C. currier, boards 325 Merrimaek 

Luke Daniel, machinist, house 104 Howard 

Luke George, machinist, house 88 Howard 

Lukin Alphonse, carder, Lawrence corporation, boards 46 do. 

Lukin A. teacher French, St. Anne’s Sehool, h. 46 Lawrence eorp. 

Lull Daniel C. overseer, 7 Thorndike, house 82 South 

Lumberg Alix, finisher, house Stone house, Whippleville 

Lumbert Peter, teamster, house 50 Cushing 

Lund Ephraim, teamster, 233 Middlesex, h. Mt. Vernon, n. Westford 

Lund Noah D. teamster, 9 Thorndike, h. Wilder, near Broadway 

Lunn Thomas, spinner, house 40 Howard’s avenue 

Lunt Ezekiel, laborer, house 13 Somerset 

Lunt Francis, roll-eoverer, boards 51 East Merrimaek 

Lunt Lewis H. freight clerk, B. & L. R. R. house 132 School 

Luseomb Cyrus E. painter, house 29 Market 

Luseomb John W. Mrs. house 22 Common 

Luther John, card-stripper, boards 51 Massachusetts corporation 

Luther Thomas, machinist, house 40 Hamilton corporation 

Luttrell Christopher, operative, Lowell eorp. house 26 Hurd 

Luttrell James, Lowell corporation, boards 26 Hurd 

Lyall James B. dresser, Hamilton corporation, house 133 Lawrence 

Lowell Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Lyall Peter, stonecutter, house B mgs block, opposite Railroad 
Lyford Asa B. overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 23 do. 
Lyt’ord John B. produce dealer, house 37 Lagrange 
Lyford Simeon G. overseer, Hamdfcon corp. house 34 Appleton 
Lyford Zebu Ion ( California ), house 154 Gorham 
Lyman Alfred P. watchmaker, 12-5 Central, boards 36 Chapel 
Lyman Roland, watchmaker, 128 Central, house 36 Chapel 
Lyman Russell, wheelwright, house 4 Church 
Lynch Abbie S. Mrs. variety store, 184 Merrimack, house do. 
Lynch Alonzo K. carriage painter, 136 Middlesex, house Elliot, near 

Lynch Bridget, widow, house 43 Summer 

Lynch Bryant, operative, boards 5 Faulkner’s block 

Lynch Catharine, widow, house 2 Howe 

Lynch Ctiarles, laborer, boards 92 Merrimack corporation 

Lynch Henry, machinist, boards 57 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Lynch James, machinist, 235 Midd esex, house 60 Hamilton block 

Lynch James, card-grinder, house 77 Adams 

Lynch James, bleachery, house 174 Gorham 

Lynch James, laborer, house 9 Davidson 

Lynch James, dresser, boards 38 Boott corporation 

Lynch James, laborer, house 53 Market 

Lynch James, machine printer, house 17 Cedar 

Lynch Jeremiah, grocer, SufFdk, near Broadway, house do. 

Lynch John, grocer, 1 Adams, house do. 

Lynch John, laborer, house 132 Lowell 
Lyuch John, house 101 Lowell 
Lynch Joseph, dyer, boards 33 Hamilton corporation 
Lynch Lawrence, blacksmith, house 16 William 
Lynch Martin, house 8 Carolin’s block, Fayette 
Lynch Mary, widow, house Hughes block, William 
Lynch Michael, bleachery, house rear 4 Livingston 
Lynch 5Iichael, laborer, house 4 Green 
Lynch Michael J. teamster, 41 Market, boards 75 Cross 
Lynch Patrick, provisions, 97 Gorham, house Manchester, opposite 

Lynch Patrick, laborer, house 9 Davidson 

Lynch Patrick, carder, boards 4 51 assachu setts corporation 

Lynch Patrick, laborer, boards 18 Lowell 

Lynch Patrick, laborer, house 77 Adams 

Lynch Patrick, liquors, 41 Market, house 75 Cross 

Lynch Patrick H. teamster, 41 Market, boards 75 Cross 

Lynch Patrick 51., 5Ierrimack, house 4 Lee 

Lynch Philip, provisions, 68 5Iiddlesex, house 43 Summer 

Lynch Richard, laborer, house rear 31 5Iiddle 

Lynch Susan, widow, house 57 Lowell 51achine Shop corporation 

Lynch William, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 

Lynes Frederick L. carpenter, boards 21 Hamilton corporation 

JVarragaiuett Fire & Marine Ins. Co.. Prov., R.I. Cap., $500,- 
000. Policies written by G. F. Hunt & Co., Agts., 28 Central St. 




Lynn Catharine, boards 21 North 

Lynn Stephen, spinner, house 21 North 

Lyon Ann, widow, house 59 Chapel 

Lyon Henry W. clerk, 92 Central, house 59 Chapel 

Lyon James, laborer, house 18 Adams 

Lyon Plynie, patternmaker, boaids 45 Summer 

Lyons Bernard, boards 51^ Lowell 

Lyons Bridget, widow, house 29 Marion 

Lyons Daniel, laborer, house 8 Lewis 

Lyons Ellen, widow, boards 88 Lowell 

Lyons Harriet, widow, boarding-house, 49 Lawrence corporation 

Lyons John, house Jefferson, corner Lowell 

Lyons Mary, widow, house High, corner Chestnut 

Lyons Murphy, laborer, house 58 Common 

Lyons Philip Mrs. house 31 Tremont 

Lyons Philip Mrs. house 115 Lowell 

Lyons Thomas, gardener, house 285 Middlesex 

Lyons Thomas J. clerk, 5 Welles block, boards 33 High 

MACFARLAND ROBERT, machine printer, house 48 Hamilton 

Mack James, at bleachery, house 37 Bleachery 

Mack J. R., Hamilton, boards 39 Church 

Mack Michael, laborer, house 18 Lowell 

Mack Michael, Middlesex, house 42 William 

Mack Sewall G. stove-dealer, 125 Market, house 392 Merrimack 

Mack Thomas, machinist, 235 Middlesex 

Mackay Charles, machinist, boards 30 Franklin 

Mackay David, machinist, house 30 Franklin 

Mackie Henry W. at saw-mill, house 13 Austin 

Madden Joanna, widow, house 18 Adams 

Madden John, laborer, house rear 37 Fenwick 

Madden John, laborer, house 5 Howe 

Madden John F. machinist, boards 49 L. M. S. corporation 

Madden Martin, laborer, house 11 Chapel [Church 

Maddoqks George, machinist and engineer, Steamer 2, house 61 

Maddocks William H. slater, house 38 Water 

Maddocks William J. clerk, Merrimack, cor. John, bds. 38 Water 

Maddox Ivory, Hamilton, boards 29 Hamilton corporation 

Madle William H. blacksmith, Cushing, c. Rock, house 53 Church 

Magee Deyea, machinist, house 229 School 

Magee Michael, house 19 Summer 

Magee William H. knitter, Lawrence corporation, boards 42 do. 
Magivney Charles, laborer, boards 344 Central 
Magoon Dennis, carpenter, house 76 Lowell 
Magoon Henry, house rear 4 Dodge 

Magoon John, Merrimack, house Lowell, corner Maiden lane 
Magrath Mary, teacher, boards 26 Fourth, Centralville 

BOSTON DIRECTORY, Published annually toy Sampson, Daven- 
port, Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St. Boston. 



Magrew James, shoemaker, 304 Merrimack, house 39 Cross 
Maguire Andrew, shoemaker, 43 Middle, house do. 

Maguire Bernard, bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Maguire Catharine, widow, house 32 Lewis 
Maguire Cornelius, operative, house rear 194 Gorham 
Maguire Daniel, spinner, boards 138 Lawrence 
Maguire James, laborer, at Gas Works, house Adams, opposite 
Catholic church 

Maguire James, machinist, Arch, opposite depot, bds. 72 Mechanic 

Maguire James J. laborer, boards 8 Franklin square 

Maguire John, laborer, house 17 Hanover 

Maguire Margaret E. widow, house 41 East Merrimack 

Maguire Margaret M. widow, house 10 Little 

Maguire Martin, bleachery, house 4 Livingston 

Maguire Mary, Kate, and Lizzie, house 61 Church 

Maguire Mary, widow,- house 5 Cross 

Maguire Michael, Merrimack, house Christian, Centralville 

Maguire Patrick, laborer, house 8 Franklin square 

Maguire Thomas, grocer, 78 Gorham, house do. 

Maguire, see McGuire 

Mahan Catharine, widow, house 1 Edgerley’s court 

Mahan Hannah, widow, house 28 Davidson 

Mahan James, machinist, house 13 Cady 

Mahan Owen, laborer, house 47 Chapel 

Mahan Patrick, woolsorter, boards 1 Edgerley’s court 

Mahan Thomas, woolsorter, boards 47 Chapel 

Maher James, moulder, Willie, corner Dutton 

Maher John, gardener, boards 23 George 

Maher Michael, mason, house 12 Green 

Maher Patrick, laborer, house 8 Keene 

Maher Patrick J. fireman, B. & L. R. R. house 44 South 

Maher William, carder, house 3 Summer 

Maher William, moulder, Willie, corner Dutton 

Maher , widow, house 108 Lowell 

Mahoney Daniel, laborer, house 12 Cross ' 

Mahoney Florence, laborer, house 88 Suffolk 

Mahoney Honora, widow, house 5 Wall 

Mahoney Jeremiah, laborer, boards 5 Wall 

Mahoney John, laborer, house 2 Davidson’s lane 

Mahoney John, laborer, house Marion, near Cross 

Mahoney John, laborer, old freight house, house 2 E. Merrimack 

Mahoney John, laborer, house Cross 

Mahoney Kain Mrs. house opposite 34 Adams 

Mahoney Mary Mrs. house 18 Green 

Mahoney Michael, laborer, house 10 Cross 

Mahoney Michael J. house 130 Lowell 

Mahoney Patrick, fireman, house Marion, near Cross 

Mahoney Thomas, laborer, house 58 Adams 

Fire, Marine, &. Inland Insurance effected through the Security of 
N.Y. and Narragansett Ins. Cos., by Geo. F. Hunt & Co., Agents. 



Mahoney Timothy, laborer, house 2 Massachusetts corporation 
Majseatt Cherise, widow, house 88 Moody 
Maker George E. clerk, 52 Merrimack, boards 6 Race 
Maley John, mule-spinner, house 53 Lowell 
Malcy John J. laborer, house 1 Reed’s court 
Maley Michael, operative, house 4 Reed’s court 
Mallon Lawrence, laborer, house 5 Coburn, Central ville 
Mallon .Michael, laborer, house rear 73 River, Centralville 
Malone Margaret, widow, house 64 Gorham 
Maloney Betsey, widow, boards 36 Boott corporation 
Maloney Catharine Miss, house 2 Coburn, Centralville 
Maloney Charles, baker, 34 Paige, boards do. 

Maloney James, blacksmith, house 86 Middlesex 

Maloney Patrick Mrs. house rear 99 East Merrimack 

Maloney Patrick, teamster, house 67 Gorham 

Maloney Sarah, widow, house 313 Middlesex 

Maloy Edward, gasfitter, 84 Middle 

Maloy John, tailor, house 39 Salem 

Maloy William, laborer, boards 60 Fayette 

Manahan Cornelius, wood-sawyer, house 3 Coburn, Centralville 

Manahan James, overseer, Faulkner’s Mill, house 5 Factory block 

Manahan John F. real-estate agent, house Branch, west of School 

Manahan Mark, carpenter, house 71 Bridge, Centralville 

Manahan Samuel T. house 87 Salem 

Manchester Margaret, widow, house Little, near Lewis 

Mangan Edward, bleachery, house 23 Cedar 

Mangan Thomas, switchman, B. & L. R.R. house 182 Gorham 

Mangan William, laborer, house 12 Lowell 

Manley Emma, widow, house 4 Pleasant 

Manley Frederick E. insurance agent, 87 Merrimack, h. at Billerica 
Mann Matthew, operative, house 28 Gorham 
Manning Daniel, grocer, 30 Adams 

Manning Daniel W. intelligence office, house 2S6 Merrimack 
Manning Dennis Mrs. house 34 Adams 

Manning George II. clerk, 13 Market, boards 4 Massachusetts corp. 

Manning John Mrs. house 34 Adams 

Manning John Mrs. house rear 38 Dummer 

Manning Lyman B. civil engineer, boards 105 Gorham 

Manning Michael, laborer, house 40 South 

Manning Nancy Mrs. boarding-house, 105 Gorham 

Manning Orrin, operative, house rear 12 River, Centralville 

Manning Patrick, laborer, boards 42 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Manning Patrick, machinist, Willie, cor. Dutton, h. 149 Lowell 

Manning Patrick Mrs. house 18 Lowell 

Manning William, manufacturer of corn cake, Broadway, corner 
School, house at Chelmsford 

Manning William H. boards 4 Massachusetts corporation 
Mannion Thomas, spinner, house 106 Lowell 

Manchester (N.H.) Directory, Published by Sampson, Daven- 
port, Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Mansfield Albert F. machinist, house rear 103 Howard 
Mansfield Albert K. draughtsman, L. M. S. bds. rear 103 Howard 
Mansfield Gardiner S. boarding-house, 61 Lawrence corporation 
Mansfield Matthew, laborer, house Hancock avenue 
Mansur Aaron Mrs. house 39 Nesmith 

Mansur Benjamin K. clerk, 146 Central, boards 113 Merrimack 

Mansur David, blacksmith, house 8 Third, Centralville 

Mansur George, asst, superintendent roads, h. 4 Wamesit court 

Mansur Honora, widow, house 5 Putney’s court 

Mansur Horace, machinist, house *236 Central 

Mansur William G. 146 Central, house 12 Nesmith 

Manuel Albert Mrs. house 3 Court avenue 

Manuel James, hairdresser, 11 Prescott, house 48 Chapel 

Marble Charles H. painter and variety store, 330 Merrimack, h. do. 

Marcy Larra, fancy goods, 332 Merrimack, house do. 

Marcy Stephen, bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Maiden Andrew P. clerk, “ Courier” office, boards 27 Chapel 
Harden {George A.) & Rowell {Edwin T.), proprietors Lowell 
“ Courier,” 21 Central, boards 27 Chapel 
Marden John F. machinist, Arch, n. N. & L. depot, b. 49 Worthen 
Marden Wendell P. at “ Courier” office, boards 27 Chapel 
Mardin Joseph, carpenter, house 313 Middlesex 
Maren Michael, laborer, house 40 South 
Marin Samuel P. clerk, 134 Merrimack, boards 59 Fletcher 
Maritt William, laborer, house 10 Howe 
Mark George W. proprietor Central House, house do. 

Markman Helen, widow, house 57 Hamilton block 

Marks Thurston, yard hand, Merrimack corp. h. 18 Suffolk corp. 

Marks William, painter, house 14 Abbott 

Marley Daniel, operative, boards Chase boarding-house, Lawrence 
Man* John, machinist, boards 44 South 

Marr Patrick J. fireman, Boston and Lowell Railroad, h. 44 South 
Marr William, moulder, boards 44 South 
Marr William, laborer, house 3 Summer 

Marren James, grocer, 34 Lowell, house 14 Clark [yard 

Marren John, boots and shoes, 218 Merrimack, h. 3 Dempsey’s 
Marrett Thomas, watchman, Lawrence corp. boards 43 do. 

Marriot John, jr. trunkmaker, 58 and 60 Central, h. 19 Andover 
Marriott Charles W. carpenter and foreman steamer 2, house 100 

Marsh Charles E. clerk, 54 Merrimack, boards 9 Cabot block 
Marsh Elias P. machinist, house 14 Adams, Franklin square 
Marsh Frank, machinist, boards 52 Lawrence corporation 
Marsh George H. mason, boards 54 Boott corporation 
Marsh George P. cloth room, Boott corporation, boards 40 do. 
Marsh Izette S dressmaker, 52J Merrimack, house do. 

Marsh James R. cigarmaker, 70 Merrimack, boards 6 Ash 
Marsh James William, mason, house 11 Race 

Middlesex Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Concord, Mass. Inc. 1«3G. A pop- 
ular dividend- paying Co. G. F. Hunt Co., Agents. (See p. 344.) 



Marsh John, produce dealer, house 226 School [Centralville 

Marsh Joel C. hairdresser, 32 Prescott, b. Sixth, cor. Llewellyn, 
Marshall Abner H. blacksmith, Thorndike, corner Middlesex, house 
River road, Dracut 

Marshall Albert, painter, boards 19 Clay 

Marshall Alonzo D. cabinetmaker, rear 239 Middlesex, b. 268 do. 
Marshall (Alvin) & Crosby ( Charles T.), cabinetmakers, 262 
and rear 239 Middlesex, house at Tewksbury 
Marshall Andrew, Middlesex, house 76 Warren 
Marshall Asaph R. ( Tyng Sf Marshall), wrenches, Wamesit Steam 
Mills, house Grand, south of Chelmsford 
Marshall Bradley, machinist, house 13 Appleton corporation 
Marshall Charles, weaver, Lawrence, house 29 Suffolk corporation 
Marshall Charles, farmer, house River road, Dracut 
Marshall C. A. Miss, dressmaker, 20 John, house do. 

Marshall Dorcas, widow, house River road, Dracut 
Marshall Ezra, janitor High School, house Decatur 
Marshall George, spinner, Hamilton corporation, boards 7 do. 
Marshall Henry, police, house 10 Church 
Marshall Herbert, house River road, Dracut 
Marshall Herman, house 19 Clay 
Marshall Horatio C. mason, house River road, Dracut 
Marshall Horace G. operative, boards 5 Decatur 
Marshall Isaac N. clerk, Northern depot, house 31 Branch 
Marshall James G. clerk Boston and Lowell Railroad freight 
depot, boards 120 Merrimack 
Marshall Jesse, farmer, house River road, Dracut 
Marshall John J. woolsorter, house rear 22 Cabot 
Marshall ( Joshua AT.) & Varnum (J. P. ), counsellors, 3 Barris- 
ters’ Hall, house 33 Bartlett 
Marshall Josiah, laborer, house 19 Holbrook’s court 
Marshall J. B. bookkeeper, boards 120 Merrimack 
Marshall Lois Mrs. house 32 Bleachery 
Marshall Luther H. {Boston), boards River road, Dracut 
Marshall Mary, widow, house rear 16 Dummer 
Marshall Moses, designer, at David Lane’s, house 27 Willie 
Marshall M. C. blacksmith, 132 Middlesex, boards 22 Lowell corp. 
Marshall Otis, teamster, boards 12 Smith 
Marshall Richard, house 5 Decatur 
Marshall Rufus W. farmer, boards 32 Bleachery 
Marshall Simeon M. {Boston), house River road, Dracut 
Marshall Thomas, bobbin-maker, house rear 36 Appleton 
Marston Andrew B. grinder, Merrimack corporation, house 56^- do. 
Marston Arthur B. clerk, 164 Merrimack, boards 51 E. Merrimack 
Marston Frederick A. card-grinder, Merrimack corp. house 55 do. 
Marston Jonathan C. Mrs. house 41 Tremont corporation 
Marston Mary A. Mrs. boards 51 East Merrimack 
Marston Susan, dressmaker, 114 Central, house do. 

Wewhuryport Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, 
&• Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Martin Albert R. hostler, at J. Hadley’s, house 6 Tilden 

Martin Bernard, mason, house 18 Adams 

Martin Edward, carpenter, house 27 North 

Martin Edward, shoemaker, Adams, cor. Lowell, house 20 Adams 

Martin Edward, mason, house Broadway, near Adams 

Martin Enoch M carpenter, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 84 Willie 

Martin Franklin, tin-dealer, house 2 Dane [Bridge, Centralville 

Martin George L. variety store, 17 Merrimack, house Second, near 

Martin James, laborer, house rear 120 Middlesex 

Martin James, laborer, boards, 66 Suffolk 

Martin James Mrs. house rear 17 Cross 

Martin John, house 87 Fenwick 

Martin John, farmer, house 98 Adams 

Martin ( Julia A. ) & Bryant (A. A.), variety store, 6 Tilden, h. do. 
Martin Laurin, clerk, Lowell Institution for Savings, and the old 
Lowell National Bank, boards 51 East Merrimack 
Martin Louisa, widow, house 17 Boott 

Martin Mary S. Mrs. boarding-house, 67 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Martin Robert, shoemaker, house 20 Adams 

Martin William T. supt. hosiery mill, Lawrence corp. house 77 do. 

Martindale A. C. blacksmith, house 4 Tyler 

Martindale Chester W. clerk, 227 Central, house 4 Tyler 

Martyn Nancy Miss, boards Merrimack, corner Worthen 

Marvel Bradford, clerk, boards 54 Pawtucket 

Marvel Caleb M. city assessor, house 54 Pawtucket 

Marvel William F. letter-carrier, Postroffice, boards 54 Pawtucket 

Marvin Daniel B. track repairer, house 136 School 

Mason Andrew A. spinner, Merrimack corporation, house 55 do. 

Mason Daniel W. bobbinmaker, house 87 Broadway 

Mason Edward H. boards 120 Merrimack 

Mason Gilbert, wireworker, 10 Central, boards 4 Davidson 

Mason Irving W. machinist, Arch, boards 2 Middlesex place 

Mason Joseph, Merrimack corporation, house 59 do. 

Mason Louis, laborer, house 281 Middlesex 

Mason R. E. fruit, &c. 79 Central, house 83 Appleton 

Mason Sarah, dressmaker, house 120 Moody 

Mason Thomas, watchman, house London 

Mason Thomas A. mariner, boards 1 Union 

Mason Thomas T. house First, near Read, Centralville 

Massachusetts Cotton Mills, between Bridge and Merrimack 

Masta Emeline B. widow, house 156 Suffolk [241 School 

Masta Joseph A., Indian physician, 3 Wentworth building, house 

Masten Winfield, clerk, 214 Merrimack, boards 174 Suffolk 

Masterson Ann, widow, house 341 Central 

Masterson James, picker, house rear 29 Hanover 

Masterson J ane Mrs. house 2 Crosby 

Masterson John, house 95 Adams 

Masterson Michael, boards 2 Crosby 

Geo. P. Hunt &, Co. are agents for tlie Connecticut Mutual Life 
Ins. Co. For full particulars, see pages 344 and 345. 



Mather John & Co. ( Thos. Mather and J.fyT. Berry), cotton hock- 
ing manufs., Gorham, near Thorndike, house 141 Gorham 
Mather Joshua, house 27 Appleton corporation [141 Gorham 

Mather Thomas ( John Mather fy Co.), Gorham, n Thorndike, bds. 
Mathews Abraham, carpenter, house Westford, near Grand 
Mathews ( Albert W.) & Lake (Allen P.), grocers, 80 Dutton, 
house Westford, near Grand 
Mathews William, house Methuen. Centralville 
Matthews Frances Mrs. house Linden, corner Auburn 
Matthews Leonard, hostler, G. W. Norris’s, boards 1 George 
Matthews N. C. stonecutter, boards 115 Gorham 
Maxfield Jared P. clerk, Suffolk corporation, house 15 do. 

Max field Rufus A. overseer spinner, Lawrence eorp. house 21 do. 
Maxfield Stephen C. Mrs. boarding-house, 68 Lawrence corporation 
Maxwell William, weaver, house 18 Ash 
May Isaac, teamster, boards 67 Salem 

Mayberry Eliza, variety store, 76 Middlesex, house 74 do. [Kirk 
Maynard Caleb I. W. lace and fancy goods, 76 Merrimack, house 25 
Maynard Eliza Miss, boarding-house, 16 Hamilton corporation 
Maynard John, painter, 139 Middlesex, boards 96 do. 

Maynard John M. house 49 Dutton 

Maynard Sophia, boards 40 Hamilton corporation [Smith 

Maynard Stearns, sawfiler, at Noreross and Saunders’s, house 32 
Maynes James, operative, house 20 Keene 
McAlarney James, tinsmith, 29 Middlesex, boards 3 North 
McAlarney James P. tinsmith, boards 3 North 
McAlarney William, house 3 North 
McAlarney William H. hairdresser, boards 3 North 
McAleer John, hostler, boards Lafayette House 
McAleer John, laborer, house 71 Gorham 
McAleer Joseph, cabinetmaker, house 185 Lawrence 
McAleer Joseph, machinist, house 4 George 
MeAloon Arthur, soap and chemical works, Pleasant, house 51 
River, Centralville 

MeAloon Edward, laborer, house 186 Gorham 
MeAloon Michael, laborer, house 51 River, Centralville 
MeAloon William, grocer, 69 Gorham, house do. 

McAlpine Alexander R. machinist, boards Westford, opp. Queen 
McAlpine John, machinist, boards 204 Central 
McAlpine Peter, weaver, house 204 Central 
McAlpine Thomas D. boards 204 Central 

McAlvin Annie E. boards 1 Methuen, Centralville [tralville 

McAlvin Granville K. clerk, 30 Merrimack, bds. 1 Methuen, Cen- 
McAlvin John Mrs. house 1 Methuen, Centralville 
McAlvin John H. city clerk, City Government building, house 24 
Fourth, Centralville 

McAnaney John, wire worker, house Parker’s block, Centralville 
McAnn Robert, laborer, 8 Jackson, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 

United States Directory, 1867, Price $530, for sale liy Sampson, 
Davenport, & Co., 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



McAnulty Barney, carder, boards 3 Edgerly’s court 
McAnulty Bridget, widow, house 4*2 South 
McAnulty Charles, house rear 31 Middle 

McAnulty Francis, silversmith, 25 Central, bds. 5 Hurd [Hurd 

McAnulty Isabella V. teacher, No. 11 Primary School, boards 5 

McAnulty James, house 18 Sunimer 

McAnulty John, laborer, house 10 Water 

McAnulty John, house 5 Hurd 

McAuulty John, laborer, house 15 Green 

McAnulty John J. machinist, boards 5 Hurd 

McAnulty Lawrence, provisions, 12 Summer, boards rear 15 do. 

McAnulty Mary, widow, house rear 15 Summer 

McAnulty Michael, woolsorter, boards 3 Edgerly’s court 

McAnulty Patrick, operative, bouse 10 North 

McAnulty Patrick, operative, house 10 Floyd 

McAnulty Peter, operative, house 15 Green 

McAnulty Peter, operative, Appleton corp. house 44 Gorham 

McArdell Edward, machinist, house 162 Lowell 

McArdell , at Kitson’s, house 9 Jefferson 

McArthur Hector, machinist, boards 29 Suffolk 
McArthur Lizzie, bookkeeper, Wood, Sherwood, & Co. boards 29 
Suffolk, Centralville 

McArthur Nancy P. widow, house 29 Suffolk 
MeArthur William, moulder, house 30 Willie 
McAtee Patrick, laborer, house 7 Madison 

McAvanue Patrick, blacksmith, house 11 Massachusetts corporation 

McAvoy Dominick, shoemaker, house 31 William 

McAvoy John, laborer, house 19 Davidson 

McAvoy Lucy, widow, house 53 Middle 

McAvoy Michael, laborer, house 3 Jefferson square 

McAvoy Patrick, laborer, house 53 Lowell 

McAvoy Patrick, clerk, 66 Middlesex, boards 2 Swift 

McBride Bernard F. variety store, 80 Middlesex, house do. 

McBride John, laborer, house 18 William 

McBrien Ann, widow, house 43 Middle 

McCabe Alexander, laborer, house 3 Maiden lane 

McCabe Daniel, carder, house 53 Gorham 

McCabe Ellen, widow, house 42 Middle 

McCabe Ellen, widow, boards Lowell, near Hanover 

McCabe James, operative, house 1 Whipple 

McCabe Mary, widow, house 40 Appleton 

McCabe Mary, widow, boards 36 Boott corporation 

McCabe Peter, dyer, house Wall 

McCafferty James, second hand, house 61 River, Centralville 

McCaffrey John, laborer, house rear 15 Summer 

McCaffrey John, laborer, house 20 Summer 

McCaffrey John F. commission merchant, 212 Central, house do. 

McCaffrey Patrick, laborer, house 58 Middle 

How to provide for the comfort and support of our families after 
our decease is tile earnest thought of every man. (See pp. 344 & 345.) 



McCaffrey Patrick, 2d, laborer, bouse 58 Middle 
McCaffrey Rose Mrs. house 89 Gorham 
McCaffrey Terrence, dyer, house 16 Jefferson 
McCahey Mary, widow, house 27 Summer 
McCallicut Catharine, widow, house 35 Summer 
McCann Andrew, operative, boards 115 Merrimack corporation 
McCann Arthur, grocer, 52 Gorham, boards Summer 
McCann Francis, laborer, house 25 Middle 

McCann James, laborer, boards 4 Pearl [line 

McCann John, grocer, 40 Gorham, house Andover, near Tewksbury 

McCann Mark, laborer, house 12 Howe 

McCann Michael, laborer, house 2 Knowles place 

McCann Patrick, laborer, house 63 River 

McCanna Patrick Mrs. house 74 Lowell 

McCanna Patrick, hostler, house 7 Lowell corporation 

McCanna Sarah, widow, house 58 Common 

McCanney Catharine, widow, house 40 Gorham 

McCanney James, laborer, boards 1 Hurd 

McCanney Nancy, boards 1 Hurd 

McCanney John, variety store, 42 Gorham, house do. 

McCardell John, laborer, house rear 25 Middle 
McCarey John, laborer, house Adams, near Broadway 
McCarron James, provisions, 167 Gorham, house do. 

McCarron John, house 51 Middle 

McCarron Michael, laborer, house 29 Tremont 

McCarron Michael, laborer, house 51 Middle 

McCarter John, watchman, house 41 Summer 

McCarthy Dennis, laborer, house 48 Fenwick 

McCarthy Hugh, mason, house 61 Lowell 

McCarthy Jeremiah, moulder, boards Fenwick, near Suffolk 

McCarthy Mary, widow, house Fenwick, near Suffolk 

McCarthy Smith, laborer, house 6 Adams 

McCarthy Thomas, laborer, house 64 Suffolk 

McCarty Charles, operative, house 2 McCarry’s court 

McCarty Cornelius Mrs. house 34 Suffolk 

McCarty Daniel, laborer, house rear 71 Adams 

McCarty Daniel Mrs. house rear 71 Adams 

McCarty Daniel, laborer, honse Broadway, near Adams 

McCarty David, laborer, house 1 Marion 

McCarty David, flagman, house Pawtucket, near Middlesex 

McCarty Dennis, laborer, house 1 Cross 

McCarty Eugene, laborer, house 109 Lowell 

McCarry Eugene, laborer, boards 46 Lawrence corporation 

McCarty Hannah, widow, house 84 Suffolk 

McCarty Honora, widow, house 15 Dummcr 

McCarty Hugh, clerk, boards 66 Suffolk 

McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house 45 Adams 

McCarty Jeremiah, cloth-finisher, house 7 Andover 

Salem Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house rear 150 Lowell 
McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house 20 North 
McCarty Jeremiah, carder, house 6 Lewis 
McCarty Jeremiah, jr. laborer, boards 6 Lewis 
McCarty John Mrs. house 58 Middle 
McCarty John, shoemaker, 12 Lowell, house do. 

McCarty John, laborer, house rear 48 Fenwick 
McCarty John, stone-worker, house 6 Broadway 
McCarty John, mason, house rear 21 North 
McCarty John, moulder, house 2 Jefferson 
McCarty John, laborer, house 238 Middlesex 
McCarty Mary, widow, house 71 Lowell 

McCarty Michael, grocer, Suffolk, corner Cross, house G6 Suffolk 

McCarty Michael, laborer, house 5 Suffolk court 

McCarty Michael, spinner, house 4 Green 

McCarty Michael, laborer, house 98 Adams 

McCarty Michael, laborer, 1G3 Central, house 8 Union 

McCarty Mary Mrs. house 10G Lowell 

McCarty Patrick, American Bolt Company, house 10 Mill 

McCarty Patrick, laborer, house 35 Lowell 

McCarty Patrick, laborer, house 27 Fenwick 

McCarty Thomas, laborer, house 2 Carpet lane 

McCarty Thomas, confectioner, house 68 Gorham 

McCarty Thomas, spinner, house 9 North 

McCarty Timothy, engineer, 9 Thorndike, house rear 48 Fenwick 
McCarty William, job wagon, house 150 Lowell 

McCarty Mrs. house rear 19 Winter 

McCauley James, file-cutter, house 27 North 

McCauley Peter, quarrier, house 22 North 

McCIaney Margaret, widow, house 27 Worthen 

McClannan John Mrs. house 14 Winter 

McCloy Elizabeth, variety store, 71 East Merrimack, house do. 

McCluskey Barney, operative, house 26 North 

McCluskey Dennis, operative, boards Lawrence, near mills 

McCluskey Francis, machinist, boards 19 Winter 

McCluskey John, bleacher, boards 19 Winter 

McCluskey John, carder, house 61 River, Centralville 

McCluskey Joseph, mule-spinner, boards 19 Winter 

McCluskey Michael Mrs. house 19 Winter 

McCollough 3Iarion, widow, house rear 12 River, Centralville 

McCollough 31 ary, widow, boards 11 3Iassachusetts corporation 

3IcComb William, laborer, house 2 Howe 

3IcConnon 3Iary, widow, house 11 Davis 

31cCool John, clerk, 126 Central, boards 111 do. 

3IcCormick Catharine, widow, house Water, corner Pond 
3IeCormick Edward, operative, boards 37 North 
3IcCormick Eliza, widow, house 37 North 
3IcCormick George P. carpenter, house 76 3Iiddle 

Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co., State Mutual Life Assurance Co. 
Worcester, Mass. G. F. Hunt & Co., Agents. (See page 314.) 



McCormick James, laborer, house 181 Green 
McCormick John, clerk, house 10 Summer 
McCormick John E. clerk, 134 Merrimack, boards 142| do. 
McCormick Mary, widow, house 18 Green [Johnson’s row 

McCormick Patrick, tailor, Prescott, corner Merrimack, house 2 
McCormick Patrick, tailor, house 2 John-street avenue 
McCormick Thomas, house rear 20 Middle 

McCormick Thomas, engraver, house 142^ Merrimack corporation 
McCormick Thomas, plasterer, house 4 Wall 
McCourt Bridget, widow, house rear 22 Howe 
McCourt Mary, Margaret, and Ellen, dressmakers, h. 13 Summer 
McCourt Philip, Lowell Machine Shop foundry, house 15 Summer 
MeCowan Bethie, widow, boards 115 Market 
McCowan John, spinner, boards 1 John-street avenue 
McCoy Ann, widow, house 57 East Merrimack 
McCoy Henry, seaman, boards 57 East Merrimack 
McCoy James, carpenter, boards Mount Vernon, near Smith 
McCoy James E. turner, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 115 Middlesex 
McCoy {James M.) and Moore ( Elisha ), Business College, Welles’ 
block, house 2 Stackpole 

McCoy John, moulder, boards 130J Merrimack corporation 
McCracken Agnes, widow, house 67 Church [corporotion 

McCracken James, blacksmith, 244 Middlesex, boards 3 Hamilton 
McCracken William S. overseer, Brown’s lock manufactory, boards 
67 Church. 

McCready Charles, boards 28 Suffolk corporation 

McCready Charles 0. clerk, 56 Merrimack, boards 28 Suffolk corp. 

McCready John, harnessmaker, boards 54 Boott corporation 

McCue Bridget, widow, house 94 Adams 

McCuc Edward, machinist, boards 70 Dutton 

McCue Herbert, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 

McCue Hugh, laborer, house 70 Dutton 

McCue John, laborer, house 38 Lewis 

McCue John, laborer, house 22 Howe 

McCue John, Lowell Machine Shop foundry, house 7 Garnet 

McCue Martin, operative, house 24 Lowell 

McCue Michael, clerk, 52 Gorham, boards 42 do. 

McCue Patrick Mrs. house 5 Adams 

McCullough Mary, widow, house 15 Green 

McCullough Michael, laborer, boards 26 Fayette [Lincoln 

McCullough Patrick, currier, at Cook’s tannery, house Main, near 

McCullough Patrick, laborer, house 17 William 

McCumiskey — — , carriage-maker, boards 109 Appleton 

McCurdy John T. G. carpenter, house 6 Fifth, Centralville 

McCurdy Willber G. receiving clerk, freight depot, house 16 Adams 

McCusker Mary, widow, house 44 Gorham 

McCusker Michael, laborer, house 19 William 

McCusker Owen, laborer, house rear 31 Worthen 

Taunton Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



McCusker Terrance, laborer, house 6 North Chapel 
McDaniels Ephraim, overseer, house 2 Appleton corporation 
McDaniels John, currier, boards 63 L. M. S. corporation 
McDaniels John Mrs. house Gates, near Westford 
McDaniels Joseph H. teacher, High School, b. Gates, n. Westford 
McDaniels Walter H. overseer, United States Bunting Company, 
boards Gates, near Westford 
McDerinid Erasmus, laborer, 96 Market, boards 25 do. 

McDermott Andrew, laborer, house 78 Middle 
McDermott Ann, widow, house rear 148 Lowell 
McDermott Bridget, widow, house 50 Middlesex 
McDermott Dominick, gardener, house rear 90 Gorham 
McDermott Francis, laborer, at Gas»Works, house 33 Tremont 
McDermott James, fireman, house 37 Bleachery [Middlesex 

McDermott James & Michael, provisions, 66 Charles, boards 50 
McDermott James, bootmaker, house 50 River, Ccntralville 
McDermott James, hostler, house 7 Simpson block 
McDermott John, operative, house 19 Green 
McDermott John, laborer, boards 1 Summer 
McDermott Mary, house 10 Molloy’s court 
McDermott Michael, gigger, house 7 George 
McDermott Michael (/. Sr M McDermott ) , provisions, 66 Charles, 
boards 50 Middlesex 

McDermott Michael, laborer, boards 16 Little 

McDermott Owen Mrs. house 23 Davidson 

McDermott Patrick, laborer, house 37 Keene 

McDermott Peter, laborer, house Adams, opposite Catholic church 

McDermott Thomas, carder, house 8 Jefferson 

McDermott Thomas, laborer, house 53 Middle 

McDonald Alexander, laborer, house 7 Davidson 

McDonald Ann, widow, house 7 Jefferson 

McDonald Catharine, house rear 15 Summer 

McDonald Ellen, widow, house rear 100 Suffolk 

McDonald Hannah, widow, house 78 Middle 

McDonald Hugh, washer, house rear 15 Summer 

McDonald James, clerk, Merrimack P. W. boards 83 Merr. corp. 

McDonald James, farmer, house Mammoth road, Dracut 

McDonald James, machinist, boards 42 L. M. S. corporation 

McDonald James, laborer, house 2 Carolin’s block, Fayette 

McDonald James, farmer, house 20 High 

McDonald Jane, widow, house Mammoth road, Dracut 

McDonald Jeremiah, teamster, 9 Thorndike, house rear 11 do. 

McDonald Jeremiah, laborer, house 26 Common 

McDonald John, engraver, house 83 Merrimack corporation 

McDonald John, mat manufacturer, 10 Hale, house do. 

McDonald John Mrs. house rear 15 River, Centralville 
McDonald Margaret, widow, house 2 Wall 
McDonald Michael, farmer, boards 20 High 

GKO. F. HUNT & CO., Fire Life Ins. Ag’y, representing $15,- 
000,000 Capital and Surplus. 38 Central St., Lowell. (See page 344.) 



McDonald Michael, boards Webster, Centralville 

McDonald Patrick, laborer, house rear 15 Summer 

McDonald Peter, stonemason, house 2 Knowles place 

McDonald Thomas, farmer, house 20 High 

McDonald Thomas, laborer, house 21 Summer 

McDonnell Thomas, laborer, house 11 Chapel 

McDonough John H. cigars, &c. 73| Charles, house do. 

McDonough K. J. Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 2 Bridge, h. do. 

McDonough Martin, laborer, boards 21 Summer 

McDonough Michael, laborer, house 14 George 

McDonough Owen, laborer, boards 27 Cedar 

McDonough Thomas, laborer, house 6 South 

McDonough Thomas, laborer, house 20 South 

McDowell Wilkelmina, widow, boards 2 Lowell corporation 

McElaar Hugh, machinist, Lowell Machine Shop, house 4 George 

McElhaney William Mrs. house 38 Appleton 

McElhaney William, jr. card stripper, boards 38 Appleton 

McElholin William, shoemaker, 240 Merrimack, house do. 

McElroy James, Merrimack, house 9 Hanover 
McElroy John, laborer, house 75 Lowell 
McEnally Ann, widow, house 2 Baldwin’s court 
McEnroe James, hairdresser, 4 Central, boards 42 do. 

McEnroe Lawrence S. hairdresser, 4 Central, boards 42 do. 
McEtee Patrick, house Madison, near Gorham 
McEvoy Bridget, widow, house 22 Spring [Centralville 

McEvoy Hugh, tailor, 2 Canal block, house Tenth, Mt. Pleasant, 
McEvoy John F. counsellor, 75 Central, boards Tenth, Mt. Pleasant, 

McEvoy John W. machinist, house 17 Davidson 
McEvoy Patrick H. carpenter, boards Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 
McFarland Bradford, laborer, 9G Market, b.E. Merrimack, n. Howe 
McFarlin Luke ( W. fy L. McFarlin ) , ice, 94 Pawtucket, house do. 
McFarlin Wm. & Luke, ice-dealers, 94 Pawtucket, house do. 
McFayden Arthur, loomfixer, boards 61 Lowell M. S. corporation 
McGann Thomas, spinner, house 3 North 
McGarey Patrick, house rear Fulton, Centralville 
McGarcy William Mrs. house 1 Hurd 

McGarr Edward, operative, boards 115 Merrimack corporation 

McGafrity John, house 1 Crosby 

McGee James, machinist, 235 Middlesex 

McGee Michael, laborer, house 19 Summer 

McGee Michael, laborer, at Gas Works 

McGill James, fancy goods, 3 Welles block, house 33 Howard 

McGlinehey James, laborer, house 174 Gorham 

McGlinchey John, laborer, house 26 William 

McGlone Hugh, laborer, house 16 Keene 

McGlone Patrick, laborer, boards 16 Keene 

McGlone Thomas, house 29 Cedar 

Lynn Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



McGlone Thomas F. provisions, 33 E. Merrimack, b. 37 Fayette 
McGoverin Ann, widow, house 11 William 

McGoverin Francis Mrs. fancy goods, 1 East Merrimack, house do. 

McGoverin John, operative, house 13 Somerset 

McGoverin Patrick, laborer, house 11 William 

McGovern Edward, laborer, house 4 Little 

McGovern John, laborer, house Somerset 

McGovern Mary, widow, house 3(3 William 

McGovern Patrick, house 6(3 River, Centralville 

McGovern Peter, teamster, 233 Middlesex, house 2 Garnet 

McGovern Philip, gas works, house Broadway, above Adams 

McGovern William, laborer, house 28 William 

McGowan Felix, shoemaker, house 260 Central 

McGowen William, laborer, house rear 17 William 

McGrade Janies, laborer, house rear <26 William 

McGrade James, moulder, house 1 Summer 

McGrath Henry, laborer, house 40 Appleton 

McGrath John, junk dealer, house rear 148 Lowell 

McGrath Lawrence, laborer, house 3 Livingston 

McGrath Patrick, laborer, house 21 Chestnut 

McGrath William N. shifter, Railroad, house 271 Middlesex 

McGraw Bridget, widow, house Cross, near Adams 

McGuane John, laborer, house 61 Gorham 

McGuane Michael, carder, house rear 1 Summer 

McGuinness James W. bookkeeper, boards 115 Gorham 

McGuinness Patrick, laborer, house 19 High 

McGuire Ann, widow, house 22 Fenwick 

McGuire Ann, widow, boards 7 Queen 

McGuire Barney, teamster, 9 Thorndike, house Brewery court 
McGuire Bernard, blacksmith, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 220 

McGuire Cornelius, variety store, 25 Summer, house do. 

McGuire Francis, laborer, house 10 Keene 

McGuire Francis, laborer, house 50 Adams 

McGuire Hugh, laborer, house rear 61 Middle 

McGuire James, machinist, boards 70 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

McGuire James, house rear 57 River, Centralville 

McGuire James, laborer, house 7 Queen 

McGuire John, Chase’s Mills, house 12 Kidder 

McGuire John, teamster, 9 Thorndike, house Brewery court 

McGuire Lizzie Mrs. boards 25 Hamilton corporation 

McGuire Martin, bleachery, house 4 Livingston 

McGuire Michael, laborer, Willie, corner Dutton, h. r. 48 Fenwick 

McGuire Michael, laborer, house rear 274 Merrimack 

McGuire Michael, laborer, house 43 Gorham 

McGuire Michael, hostler, Lafayette House, boards 7 Queen 

McGuire Patrick, laborer, B. & L. R. R. house 34 Common 

McGuire Patrick, laborer, house Brewery court 

Ageucy of Royal Ins. Co., Llv., Eng., with Gteo. P. Hunt & Co., 
over Prescott IVat’l Bank, 38Cent’l St., Lowell. (See pp. 344 and 406.) 



McGuire Rose, widow, house 23 Davidson 
McGuire Thomas, bleacher, house 17 Winter 
McGuire, see Maguire 
McGuirk James, laborer, house 49 Salem 
McGuirk John, tinsmith, 125 Market, boards 49 Salem 
McGuirk Patrick, grocer, also coal and wood dealer, Suffolk, near 
Lagrange, house 32 Suffolk 
McGuirk Patrick, laborer, house 28 Fayette 
McGuirk Thomas, laborer, boards 49 Salem 
McGurken Mathew, boiler-maker, boards 56 L. M. S. corporation 
McHugh James, clock repairer, 49 Market, house do. 

McHugh Patrick, woolsorter, house 10 Green 
Mcllhenney William Mrs. boards 85 Broadway 
Mclnnenny Joseph, laborer, house 34 Lawrence 
Melntee Kate, widow, house 1 Carpet lane 
Melntee Patrick, laborer, house 14 Fayette 
Mclutire Alexander, oiler, boards 134 Merrimack corporation 
Mclntire Elbridge, butcher, house Wilder, near railroad crossing 
Mclntire Ellen, nurse, boards Branch, corner School 
Mclntire Ira Mrs. house 32 Water 
McIntosh Margaret, house 136 Suffolk 
McKarney Patrick, provisions, 73 Gorham, house 1 Summer 
McKay Michael, laborer, house 11 Davidson 
McKee Alexander, laborer, house 2 Mechanic [Centralville 

McKee David, harnessmaker, 161 Middlesex, house rear 52 River, 
McKee John, boilermaker, Lowell Steam Boiler Works, house 8 

McKeever Edward, hostler, boards 108 Market 
McKee ver John, laborer, house 108 Market 
McKeever Patrick, woolsorter, boards 56 Middle 

McKeever , teamster, boards 3 Pearl 

McKellar David, restaurant, 115 Market, house do. 

McKenna Francis M. bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 

McKenna James, laborer, house 132 Central 

McKenna James, porter, 1 and 2 Commercial sq. h. 104 Central 

McKenna James, jr. machinist, boards 132 Central 

McKenna Mary, widow, house 5 Putney’s court 

McKenna Owen, waiter, house 4 Paige 

McKenna Patrick, laborer, house 7 Wall 

McKenna Patrick, hostler, at J. Hadley’s, bds. 7 Carpet corporation 

McKenna Thomas, carpetweaver, house 10 Cedar 

McKenney John H. blacksmith, Lawrence corporation, h. 14 do. 

McKenzie John Mrs. house 63 Middle 

McKenzie William, currier, house Canada 

McKeon Lawrence, house rear 57 River, Centralville 

McKeown William, Middlesex, house 31 Willow 

McKeown John, clerk, 34 Central, house 31 Willow 

McKiernan Ambrose, laborer, house 6 Putney’s court 

N«w-Eusland Directory, Published toy Sampson, Davenport, & 
Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.)? £7 Congress St., Boston. 



McKiernan Edward, laborer, house 6 Davidson 
McKiernan James, laborer, boue 13 Dummer 
McKiernan John Mrs. house 21 South 
McKiernan John, spinner, house 42 William 
McKim John, laborer, house 55 Gorham 
McKinley John, laborer, house 30 Gorham 
McKinnon John, laborer, boards 114 Merrimack corporation 
McKissoek Robert, shoemaker, 6 Prescott block, house 37 First, 
Centralville [Centralville 

McKissoek William, bootmaker, 6 Prescott block, boards 37 First, 
McKnabb Robert, laborer, house 18 Green 
McKnight Mary, widow, house head Lawrence-street court 
McKnight Sarah, widow, boards 80 Church 
McLane James, laborer, house rear 16 Winter 
McLane Rebecca, widow, house G3 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
McLane William, painter, boards 63 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
McLaughlin Ann, widow, house 8 North [tral 

McLaughlin Brothers {James and John ) , boots and shoes, 116 Cen- 
McLaughlin Charles, machinist, boards 13 Hamilton corporation 
McLaughlin Charles Mrs. house 39 Adams 
McLaughlin Edward, house 57 Middle 
McLaughlin Edward, mason, house 15 Willie avenue 
McLaughlin Ellen, house Abbott, near Lawrence 
McLaughlin Francis, tender, house 81 Merrimack corporation 
McLaughlin Frank, Merrimack, boards John-street avenue 
McLaughlin Hugh, teamster, house 34 Water [house do. 

McLaughlin James, Print Works, and variety store, 58 Gorham, 
McLaughlin J ames Mrs. house 8 North 

McLaughlin James ( McLaughlin Brothers ') , boots and shoes, 
116 Central, house 58 East Merrimack 
McLaughlin John, laborer, house 37 Lowell 
McLaughlin John, laborer, house 18 Green 
McLaughlin John ( McLaughlin Brothers), boots and shoes, 116 
Central, boards 58 East Merrimack 
McLaughlin John, laborer, boards 48 West Union 
McLaughlin John, laborer, house 1 Green 
McLaughlin John Mrs. house Little, near Lewis 
McLaughlin Margaret, widow, house 58 East Merrimack t 
McLaughlin Margaret, widow, house 5 Summer 
McLaughlin Mary, widow, house rear 24 Lotvell 
McLaughlin Mary, widow, house 9 North 
McLaughlin Michael, Lowell Machine Shop, house 53 Gorham 
McLaughlin Michael, bobbinmaker, house 18 High 
McLaughlin Philip, laborer, house 47 Gorham 
McLaughlin Susan, house 18 John-street avenue 
McLaughlin Terrence, bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 
McLaughlin Thomas, dyer, boards John-street avenue 
McLaughlin Thomas, laborer, boards 58 East Merrimack 

Security Fire Ius. Co. of N.Y. City. Capital, $1,000,000. Assets, 
$1,177,677.12. Losses promptly paid. Geo. F. Hunt & Co., Agts. 




McLaughlin Timothy Mrs. house 68 Suffolk 

McLean Hugh, operative, house 4 George 

McLces Thomas, shoemaker, 145 Middlesex 

McLennan John C. overseer, Lowell, house School, corner Gold 

McLucas Abraham, machinist, boards 43 Massachusetts corporation 

McLynch Michael, bleachery, house rear 4 Livingston 

McMahon Catharine, widow, house 13 Winter 

McMahon Daniel, woolwasher, house Davidson, corner Ilowe 

McMahon Daniel, laborer, house High, corner Chestnut 

McMahon DennL, Stott’s Mills, h. 5 Carolin’s block, Fayette 

McMahon Francis, laborer, boards River, n. City line, Centralville 

McMahon Hugh F. house 35 Middle 

McMahon James, finisher, house 13 Winter 

McMahon James, laborer, house Lowell, corner Jefferson 

McMahon James, watchman, house River, n. City line, Centralville 

McMahon John, bleachery, house 6 Prospect 

McMahon John, laborer, house 3 Carolin’s block, Fayette 

McMahon John, operative, house 85 Charles 

McMahon Margaret, widow, house 3 High 

McMahon Martin, laborer, boards 344 Central 

McMahon Mary, clerk, boards Carter, corner Livingston 

McMahon Patrick, laborer, house 38 Lewis 

McManaman Bernard, at Ripley’s Mill, house Thorndike, n. Hale 

McManaman Bridget, widow, house 13 William 

McMann John, bleacher, house 6 Prospect 

McManus Neal, at J. C. Ayer & Co.’s, house 36 William 

McManus James, mason, house River, above Front, Centralville 

McManus James, house 35 Middle 

McManus John, laborer, house 31 East Merrimack 

McManus John J. laborer, boards 12 William 

McManus John Mrs. house 12 William 

McManus Michael, teamster, atD. W. Horne’s, house r. 58 Market 

McManus Nancy Mrs. dressmaker, 13 William, boards do. 

McManus Patrick, laborer, house 26 Davidson 

McManus Patrick, carder, house 9 George 

McManus Peter, stonecutter, boards 344 Central 

McManus Thomas, carder, house 30 Fayette 

McManus William, laborer, house 7 High 

McManus Winnie Miss, boards 2 William 

McMaster John, carpenter, boards 31 Walnut [31 High 

McMaster Lucas I. shoemaker, Prescott, corner Merrimack, house 
McMaster Thomas A. boot-cutter, Prescott, corner Merrimack, bds. 

120 Merrimack 

McMaster Thomas J. boards 31 Walnut 
McMeekin Andrew, eating-house, 177 Middlesex 
McMonagal Stephen, machinist, house Hampshire, Centralville 
McMorrow Michael, woolsorter, house 5 Faulkner’s block 
McMorrow , laborer, house 20 Howe 

Kew>Y^rk State Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, &. 
Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



MeMulkin John, upholsterer, 7 Central, house 1 Hurd 

McMulkin Owen, painter, boards 1 Hurd 

McMullen William, spinner, house Court avenue 

McNabb Brothers, ( John and Thomas'), grocers, 8 Merrimack 

McNabb John ( McNabb Brothers ), grocer, 8 Merrimack, h. 20 Ash 

McNabb John, laborer, house 56 Middle 

McNabb John, machinist, house Broadway, corner Adams 

McNabb John, laborer, house 3 Davidson’s lane 

McNabb Patrick, house 40 Gorham 

McNabb Robert, operative, house 18 Green 

McNabb Sarah, widow, bouse 20 Ash 

McNabb Thomas, dyer, honse 20 New 

McNabb Thomas {McNabb Brothers ) , 8 Merrimack, boards 20 Ash 
McNabb Thomas, painter, house 165 Gorham 
McNalley Patrick, tailor, house 5 High 
McNaboe George, carder, house 28 Tremont corporation 
McNally Frank, card-maker, 96 Middle, boards 78 Market 
McNamara Anthony, laborer, at Gas Works, bouse Maiden lane 
McNamara James, laborer, house rear 31 Middle 
McNamara James, laborer, house Fenwick, near Lowell 
McNamara Owen, constable and real-estate agent, 7 Museum build- 
ing, house 25 Wamesit 
McNamara Henry, laborer, house 18 Green 
McNamara Michael, laborer, house 17 High 
McNamara Michael, gigger, house 42 William 
McNamara Patrick, laborer, house Linden, corner Auburn 
McNamara Thomas, machinist, boards 42 William 
McNamee Charles, baker, boards 26 Fayette 
McNamee Frank, baker, 34 Paige, boards do. 

McNamee Frank, mason, house 26 Fayette 

McNaughton John II. clerk, 36 Merrimack, boards 13 Chapel 

McNaughton Marion, widow, house 13 Chapel 

McNeil Mary Miss, housekeeper, boards Liberty, near Pine 

McNeese Michael, laborer, house 13 Fayette 

McNellie George, dresser, boards 57 Boott corporation 

McNulty, see McAnulty 

McOsker Fergus, blindmaker, house 5 Summer 

McOwen Timothy, mason, house 48 South 

McPaden John, laborer, house 32 Middle 

McPeek Mary, widow, house 6 Middle 

McPhetres Betsey Mrs. house 32 High [32 High> 

McPhetres Samuel A. at “Vox Populi ” office, 21 Central, house 
McPhilmee John, bleacher, boards 35 Bleachery 
McQuade Andrew, laborer, house 16 Green 
McQuade Ann, house 43 Gorham 

McQuade Arthur, laborer, Willie, corner Dutton, boards 14 George 
McQuade Bridget, widow, house 14 George 
McQuade Bridget, widow, house 2 William 

Germania Fire Ins. Co. of N.Y. Assets over $875,000. A first-class- 
Co. Policies writteu at the office of G. F, Hunt & Co. (See p. 344.) 



McQuade Edward, moulder, Willie, corner Dutton 

McQuade Edward, stonecutter, house 32 Union 

McQuade Ellen, widow, house 55 Middle 

McQuade Francis, saloon, house 8 William 

McQuade Francis, machinist, house rear 29 Middle 

McQuade Francis, laborer, boards 1 William 

McQuade James, laborer, house 9 Summer 

McQuade James, dyer, house 50 Middle 

McQuade Joseph, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 9 Summer 

McQuade Margaret, widow, house River, above Front, Oentralville 

McQuade Matthew, woolsorter, house 15 William 

McQuade Michael, carder, boards 14 George 

McQuade Michael, laborer, house 23 Green 

McQuade Michael Mrs. house 22 Winter 

McQuade Patrick, laborer, 12 Tyler, boards do. 

McQuade Patrick, laborer, house 19 Spring 
McQuade Mary, widow, house 1 Wall 
McQuaid E. moulder, boards 4 Garnet 
McQuaid James A. moulder, boards 4 Garnet* 

McQuaid Murty, laborer, house 4 Garnet 
McQuait Kate Mrs. boards 26 Appleton corporation 
McQueeney Michael, operative, Middlesex, house 6 Putney’s court 
McQuesten John, clerk, 132 Merrimack, house Pawtucket, north 
of Moody 

McRae William, gardener, boards 19 Market 
McShaffrey John, currier, house 31 Summer 
McShea John, laborer, at D. W. Horne’s, house Davis court 
McShea Owen, laborer, house 118 Middlesex 
McSherry Thomas, bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 
McSbcrry Thomas, painter, boards 109 Appleton 
McSoley .John Mrs. house 47 Stackpole 
McSorley Alexander, grocer, 80 Middle, house do. 

McSorley Charles, laborer, house 36 Middle 

McSorley Edward, laborer, boards 80 Middle 

McSorley Mary, widow, house 14 Howe 

McSorley Patrick, cigars, 3 Bridge, house 47 Essex 

McSweeney Henry, bottler, 15 Lowell, house Lowell, near Dutton 

McSwegan , Middlesex, boards rear 41 Market 

McSwegan Patrick, house rear 41 Market 

McTeage Peter, operative, house 27 North 

McVey Daniel, jr. laborer, boards 83 Charles 

McVey John, butcher, house 11 William 

McWade Melissa, boarding-house, 80 Merrimack corporation 

McWade Michael, bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 

McWilliams James, laborer, boards 2 William [mer 

McWilliams John, Lowell Machine Shop foundry, house 15 Sum- 

McWilliams Thomas, finisher, boards 35 Bleachery 

McWilliams William, moulder, house 15 Summer 

Albany Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, «fc Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Mead Artemus, shoecutter, 41 Merrimack, house 47 Bartlett 
Mead Francis, laborer, house 7 Kidder 
Mead George G. painter, house 74 Church 
Mead Henry A. jeweller, 25 Central, boards 47 Bartlett 
Mead John, tailor, house 72 Lowell 
Mead John, laborer, house 21 Hamilton corporation 
Mead Martha, widow, house 74 Church [house 16 xilder 

Mead Matthias, agent, stoves and tinware, 37 East Merrimack, 
Mead Patrick, tailor, 175 Middlesex, house 14 Willie avenue 
Mead Ransom L. tanner, boards rear 99 Lowell 
Mead William, spinner, Merrimack corporation, boards 50 Moody 
Meadowcroft James, house Moore, near Whipple 
Meadowcroft John L. boards Moore, near Whipple 
Meagher John, currier, house Lincoln, near Chelmsford 
Mealey Frank, spinner, house 5 Edgerly court 
Mealey John J. stampmaker, boards 1 Reed’s court [court 

Mealey Martin W. photographist, 50 Merrimack, boards 1 Reed’s 
Mealey Michael, spinner, house 4 Reed’s court 
Mealey ( Michael II.) & Guyton ( Patrick H), grocers, 308 
Merrimack, house 271 do. 

Meanen Honora, widow, house 8 Wall 
Meany A. W. machinist, boards 47 Bartlett 
Meaney Edward, laborer, house 53 Market 
Mears David, weaver, Merrimack corporation, house 60 do. 
Mecham Samuel, loom-harnessmaker, house 1 Morse’s lane 
Medina Emanuel J. ornamental hair work, 94 Merrimack, house 
11 Carlton block 

Medley John, spinner, house rear 36 Appleton [corp. 

Mee John, marbleworker, 165 Middlesex, boards 33 Massachusetts 
Meehan James, cigars, &c. 17J Merrimack, house 15 Hurd 
Mehan Daniel, laborer, house 25 Union 

Mehan John & Brother (Owen), housekeeping goods, 24 Pres- 
cott, house Webster, Centralville 
Mehan Owen (John Mehan $ Brother ), boards 16 High 
Mehan Thomas, painter, 24 Prescott, h. Hampshire, Centralville 
Mciglan Michael, farmer, house Sixth, near Llewellyn, Centralville 
Meigs Josiah V. inventor of firearms, 92 Market, h. 12 Walnut 
Meldrum Robert, Chemical Works, Pawtucket, north of Moody, 
house 416 Merrimack 

Melendy Henry II. foreman, 233 Merrimack, house 12 Queen 
Melendy Thomas (Davis fy Melendy), lumber, &c. 233 Middlesex, 
house at Nashua 

Mellen Charles B. cabinetmaker, house 172 Gorham 
Mellen James, shoenaker, Fletcher, near Dutton, h. 98 Fletcher 
Mellen James Mrs dressmaker, house 98 Fletcher 
Mellen John, spinner, house 27 Union 

Mellen John, Lowell Machine Shop foundry, house 43 Gorham 
Mellen John, tanner, boards 1 Moore 

Geo. F. Hunt & Co. are Agents for the Baltic Fire Ins. Co. of 1V.Y. 
Tills Co. joins no “ Combination ’» or “ Association.” (See p. 344.) 



Mellen John, stonecutter, house 62 Hamilton corporation 

Mellen John L. glovecutter, house 88 Willow 

Mellen Patrick, butcher, Andover, corner Water, h. 60 Fayette 

Meloy John, tailor, house 6 Decatur 

Meloy John A. hostler, boards 6 Decatur 

Melvin Benjamin, machinist, house 38 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Melvin Benjamin F. bootmaker, 3 Prescott block, house 51 Co- 
burn, Centralville 

Melvin Betsey Mrs. house 145 East Merrimack 
Melvin Charles F. boards 50 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Melvin Dawes, machinist, house 50 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Melvin Dustin B. machinist, house 31 Marion 
Melvin Eliza, widow, house 38 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Melvin Goodman B. shoemaker, Parker’s block, h. do. Centralville 
Melvin Harriet L. Mrs. house 381 Merrimack 
Melvin Henrietta, teacher. High School, boards 381 Merrimack 
Melvin James (A. B. Richardson Sf Co.), clothing, 23 Central, 
house 145 East Merrimack [at Chelmsford 

Melvin Jerome B., Magic Comb Co. 8 Wentworth’s building, house 
Melvin Joshua, physician, house 65 Fletcher 
Melvin Lucy, widow, house 26 Bartlett 
Melvin Marietta, teacher, High School, boards 381 Merrimack 
Melvin Rufus, machinist, house 76 Third, Centralville [ville 

Melvin Susan J. Mrs. variety store, Parker’s block, h. do. Central- 
Mercer Richard P. Mrs. house 89 Appleton 
Merchant J. Gilman, machinist, b. 71 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Mereier Francisco, laborer, boards 322 Merrimack 
Mercier John, laborer, house 322 Merrimack 
Mereier John, jr. laborer, boards 322 Merrimack 
Meredith Edward, carriage-painter, 163 Central, house 44 Fayette 
Merriam Albert, house 16 Adams 

Merriam Eliza, teacher, No. 12 Primary School, b. 3 L. M. S. corp. 
Merriam Jacob A. carpenter, house 6 Austin 
Merriam Levi T. clerk, 68 Merrimack, boards 51 East Merrimack 
Merriam Mary A. widow, house 3 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Merrick James A., Lowell Machine Shop, house 1 Carlton 
Merrick Wesley M. machinist, 84 Middle, house 7 Dodge 
Merrill Almira, widow, house 13 Cabot 
Merrill Alphonzo, job wagon, house 17 Fifth, Centralville 
Merrill Ambrose J. weaver, house 24 Massachusetts corporation 
Merrill A. A. & Co. (George W. Merrill ), boots and shoes, 6 
Central, house 19 Alder 

Merrill Bartlett C. (J. Merrill fy Son), bookseller and stationer, 
37 Merrimack, house 30 Hurd 

Merrill Benjamin Mrs. house Bridge, above Tenth, Centralville 
Merrill Charles M. boarding-house, 4 Lowell corporation 
Merrill Charles M. clerk, 96 Market, boards 34 Treinont corp. 
Merrill Charles M. jr. clerk, house 34 Tremont corporation 

Troy Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, &. Co. (formerly 
Adams, Sampson, & Co.), Congress St., Boston. 



Morrill Charles O. spinner, Lawrence corp. boards 41 do. 

Merrill Clarinda, widow, boards 55 Chapel 
Merrill Edwin, stable, Paige, near Bridge, house 72 Bartlett 
Merrill Farnuin, silk peddler, house 48 Elm 
Merrill Frank M. clerk, 37 Merrimack, boards 23 Chapel 
Merrill George W. (A. A. Merrill fy Co.), boots and shoes, 6 
Central, house 17 Alder 

Merrill Horatio N. watchman, Merrimack corporation, house 50 do.. 
Merrill John F. overseer. Lawrence corporation, house 19 do. 
Merrill Joshua & Son ( Bartlett Q.) booksellers and stationers, 37 
Merrimack, house 23 Chapel 

Merrill Samuel H. machinist, h. near Harris’s shop, Lawrence corp. 
Merrill Samuel P. clerk, house 59 Fletcher 
Merrill ( William P.) & Calef (A. J.), carpenters, 2G Middlesex, 
house First, near Simpson, Centralville 
Merrimack Manufacturing Company, north end Dutton 
Merritt Edward, painter, house 42 Fayette 
Merritt Wesley M. gasfitter, boards 9 Dodge 
Meserve Eben, depot master, Merrimack-st. depot, h. 24 Appleton 
Meserve Harry (Boston), boards 5 Pearl 
Mesler Abbie Mrs. house Paige, near Bridge 
Messenger Enoch, operative, house 71 Warren 
Messer Abiel, stonemason, house 68 Bartlett 
Messer Almira D. dressmaker, 52^ Merrimack, boards 68 Bartlett 
Messer Frank, boards First, near Bridge, Centralville 
Messer George P., Massachusetts, boards 42 Prescott corporation 
Messer Sybil, widow, house First, near Bridge, Centralville 
Metealf George E. overseer, house Bacon, Centralville 
Metcalf Martin L. dyer. Chase’s Mills, house at Chelmsford 
Middlesex Company, Warren 

Middleton Henry G , Massachusetts corp. house Pleasant 

Middleton John, city teamster, boards Lowell [n. Main 

Miles Alfred, machinist, Broadway, cor. Mt. Vernon, h. London, 

Miles Frank, teamster, house 85 Howard 

Miles Freeman, currier, house 43 Appleton 

Miles James, machinist, house London 

Miles James, provisions, 71 Market, house do. 

Milet William, painter, house 103 Gorham [mack corp. 

Miller Alton, wood-worker, Wamesit Steam Mills, b. 138 Merri- 
Miller Alton, mechanic, boards 39 Fletcher 
Miller Eliphalet, policeman, house 36 Tremont corporation 
Miller Frederick C. harnessmaker, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 
Miller George, gardener, Mrs. W. Livingston’s, house 11 Marshall 
Miller George W. boarding-house, 10 Suffolk corporation 
Miller Henry, wood-worker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 138 Mer- 
mack corporation 

Miller James R. bedsteadmaker, house 120 Cross 

Miller John, overseer white room, Hamilton corporation, h. 44 do. 

If yon want a firit-class Fire, Life, Accident, or Live-Stock Ins. 
Policy, call at Geo. F. Hunt & Co.’s Ins. Agency, 28 Central St. 



Miller Joseph, carpenter, 10 Central, house 17 Willie avenue 

Miller Joseph, house 29 Suffolk corporation 

Miller Oliver, shoemaker, 145 Middlesex, h. rear 17 Willie avenue 

Miller Walter W. bobbinmaker, boards 35^ Cushing 

Milliken Frank J. clerk {Boston), house 164 Moody 

Milliken John, upholsterer, house 1 Hurd 

Mills Benjamin T. machinist, house 18 Tremont corporation 

Mills Eli, mule-room, Hamilton corporation, boards 31 do. 

Mills Eliza, widow, house 218 School 
Mills Henry, weaver, house 15 Hurd 
Mills Hiram B. machinist, house Lincoln, near Chelmsford 
Mills Hugh, moulder, house 39 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Mills James H. print works, Hamilton, boards 21 Suffolk corporation 
Mills Martin V. machinist, Lawrence corporation, house 15 do. 
Mills Moses, boards 1 Mt. Yernon 
Mills Samuel, stonecutter, house 29 Howard 
Mills William, woolsorter, boards 69 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Milner Thomas Mrs. house 17 Marshall 
Miner Abram, laborer, house 5 Westford 
Miner Charles, weaver, Merrimack corporation, house 122 do. 
Miner Marville Mrs. house 30 William 
Miner Rosa, widow, house 32 William 
Minogue Charles, boarding-house, Chase’s Mills 
Minter James, American Bolt Company, 210 Lawrence, house 
Moore, corner Bleachery 
Minter Matthias, house Moore, comer Bleachery 
Mitchell Charles T. boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Mitchell Daniel F. {Blood fy Mitchell ), provisions, Adams, corner 
Suffolk, house Varney, corner Mt. Washington 
Mitchell Edward, laborer, boards rear 102 Moody 
Mitchell George, laborer, boards 11 Middlesex place 
Mitchell George, carpenter, house 39 Salem 
Mitchell George B. watchman, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Mitchell George E. house 35 Elm 
Mitchell Henry W. fireman, house 24 Bleachery 
Mitchell James, operative, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Mitchell Joseph, laborer, house 330 Merrimack 
Mitchell Peter, hoop-skirt manufactory, 168 Merrimack, b. 113 do. 
Mitchell William, operative, house 21 John 
Moan James, bleachery, house 7 Livingston 
Moar John E. carder, Merrimack corporation, boards 25 do. 

Moar Stephen, overseer, house 25 Merrimack corporation 
Moffatt James, laborer, house Tyler’s block, Centralville 
Moffit Henry S. machinist, house 32 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Moffit William, tinsmith, house 62 Fayette [William 

Mollahan Francis {P. fy F. Mollahan ), grocer, 44 Gorham, bds. 1 
Mollaban Peter & Francis, grocers, 44 Gorham, boards 1 William 
Molleur Pascal, carpenter, house 32 Salem 

Providence Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, «fc Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Molloy Ann, widow, boards 111 Merrimack corporation^ 

Molloy George, trunk maker and emigration agent, 15 Market, 
house 1 Molloy’s court 

Molloy Margaret, widow, house rear 76 Charle^ 

Molloy Mrs. house 61 Lowell 

Monaghan Cornelius, laborer, house 4 Coburn, Centralville 
Monaghan Henry, laborer, house fear 4 Lee 
Monaghan Peter, printer, boards 4 Tyler 
Monagon George B. printer, 21 Central, boards 111 do. 

Monahan Ann, widow, house 28 High 
Monahan James, operative, boards 5 Faulkner’s block 
Monahan John, operative, house 14 Floyd 
Monahan Mary, widow, house rear 272 Merrimack 
Monahan Patrick, laborer, boards 28 High 
Mongan Mary, widow, house 10 Hurd 
Mongell Patrick, laborer, house 42 William 
Mongovan Mary, widow, house 7 Ford 

Monk Luther F. engineer, 21 Central, boards 114 Merrimack corp. 

Monroe Lang, carder, house 9 Hamilton corporation 

Monroe Lewis, laborer, house 7 Wall 

Monroe Margaret, widow, house 53 River, Centralville 

Monroe Sophia, widow, boards 29 Hamilton corporation , 

Monroe William C. dyer, house 53 River, Centralville 
Monroe, see Munroe 

Monteith Robert, blacksmith, house 60 Massachusetts corporation 
Montferrand De Fabre, clerk, 48 Merrimack, house 19 Kirk 
Monty Albert W. leather dealer, house 13 Paige 
Moody Amos P. ( Bartlett , Moody, § Co.'), mineral water, 52 Mid- 
dlesex, house 82 Appleton 

Moody Andrew, superintendent Lowell Machine Shop, h. 1 Kirk 

Moody David, machinist, boards 75 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Moody Delana, widow, house 43 Tremont 

Moody Isaac, chemist, house Moore, near Whipple’s 

Moody Job, teamster, house 248 Merrimack 

Moody Joseph D., Indian physician, 184 Central, house do. 

Moody Samuel S. machinist, house 75 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Moody Sally Mrs. house 133 Merrimack corporation 

Moody Theodore, boarding-house, 59 Massachusetts corporation 

Mooney Ann, widow, house 52 Dutton 

Mooney Benjamin G. police, house 29 Willie 

Mooney Bridget, widow, house 5 Wall 

Mooney Christopher, grocer, 1 9 E. Merrimack, house do. 

Mooney Gustavus A. clerk, Lawrence corporation, boards 5 Austin 
Mooney Henry, boarding-house, 33 Hamilton corporation 
Mooney John, teamster at S. Horn & Co’s., house 84 Middlesex 
Mooney John C. carpenter, house 13 Hurd 
Mooney Peter, provisions, 38 Market, house 59 Hamilton block 
Mooney Samuel, yard hand, Lawrence corporation, bds. 45 do. 

The best Stock and Mutual Fire Ins. Cos. are represented by Geo. F. 
Hunt & Co., Fire and Life Ins. Agents, 38 Central St. (See p. 344.) 



Mooney Samuel Mrs. house 5 Austin 
Mooney Thomas, laborer, house 11 Wall 

Mooney Mrs. house 22 Howe 

Moore Albert, laborer, house Moore 

Moore Albert M. counsellor, 1 Barristers’ Hall, house 30 Clay 
Moore Azubah, widow, house 61 West Union 
Moore Benjamin F. machinist, boards 6 Branch 
Moore Benjamin M. machinist, Fletcher, cor. Cushing, h. Branch 
Moore Charles, watchman, boards 3 Tremont corporation 
Moore Cynthia B. Mrs. dressmaker, house 148 Suffolk 
Moore Edward F. clerk, 46 Merrimack, boards 41 Mass. corp. 
Moore Elisha ( McCoy fy Moore), Welles block, boards 19 Kirk 
Moore Ephraim S. cabinetmaker, rear 239 Middlesex, h. at Middlesex 
Moore Francis E. teacher, Chapel-street Primary School 
Moore Frank {Boston), boards 121 Gorham 
Moore Frederic L. carriage-painter, Arch, near Northern depot, 
boards at Middlesex 

Moore George, Middlesex Mills, house Water, near Andover 

Moore George E. blacksmith, boards 61 West Union 

Moore George E. jig sawyer, rear 239 Middlesex, house at Middlesex 

Moore George F. boards Varney, corner Mt. Vernon 

Moore George N. photographer, 245 Merrimack, boards 16 Bartlett 

Moore Horatio N. overseer, Lawrence corporation, house 86 do. 

Moore Humphrey F. machinist, house 6 Tilden 

Moore James A., Middlesex Company, boards 30 Clay 

Moore J ames M. overseer, Middlesex Co. house 30 Clay, corner Oak 

Moore John, carder, boards 54 Boott corporation 

Moore John G. overseer, Middlesex corp. house 46 Tyler 

Moore John N. bootmaker, 193 Central, house 191 do. 

Moore Joseph, farmer, house River road, Dracut 

Moore Lucius B. house Moore, opposite stone house 

Moore Mary G. widow, house 33 Hanover 

Moore Salathiel, house 14 High-street square 

Moore Sarah, widow, house 6 Branch 

Moore Susan B. widow, house Moore, near Bleachery 

Moore Thomas E. carder, house 59 Massachusetts corporation 

Moors Albert, bleachery, house Moore, Stone house 

Moran Bernard, spinner, house 99 Lowell 

Moran James, laborer, house rear 37 Fenwick 

Moran James F. machinist, boards 5 Cross 

Moran John, operative, house 105 Merrimack corporation 

Moran John, laborer, house Howe, corner Davidson 

Moran John F. grocer, 129 Lowell, boards 102 Moody 

Moran Margaret, widow, boards 5 Boott corporation 

Moran Margaret, widow, house Floyd 

Moran Michael, laborer, house 1 Howe 

Moran Michael, Prescott corporation, house 15 East Merrimack 
Moran Michael, moulder, house 10 Jefferson 

Charlestown Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Moran Michael Mrs. house 4 Theatre block 

Moran Patrick, laborer, house 4 Knowles place 

Moran Patrick, laborer, house 55 Gorham 

Moran Patrick, laborer, house 13 Fenwick 

Moran Patrick, cooper, house 102 Moody 

Moran Thomas E. marble worker, 165 Middlesex, house 5 Cross 

Moran Thomas, wiredresser, L. M. S. h. rear Smith, n. Mt. Vernon 

Moran Thomas Mrs. house rear 13 Little 

Moran William, laborer, house 31 Floyd 

Morehouse Isaac, watchman, Lawrence corp. boards 43 do. 

Morey Bernard, spinner, boards 61 Lawrence corporation 

Morey Dolly, widow, boards 32 Bartlett [Merrimack 

Morey George F. ( Knapp fy Morey), publisher, 44 Central, h. 380 

Morey Julian A. ( Chelmsford ), boards rear 55 Gorham 

Morey Louey, widow, house 32 Bartlett 

Morey Sherman M., Middlesex, house 43 Branch 

Morey Stephen, laborer, boards 51 Cushing 

Morey Thomas J. peddler, house 52 Tyler 

Morey William, foreman printer, “ Citizen ” office, house 32 Bartlett 
Morgan Christopher, house 36 Lawrence corporation 
Morgan Christopher, jr. spinner, house 76 Lawrence corporation 
Morgan Ebenezer, real-estate agent and employment office, 314 
Merrimack, boards 36 Lawrence corporation 
Morgan Ebenezer, 2d, clerk at 1 Merrimack House, boards 36 
Lawrence corporation 

Morgan E. jeweller, boards 36 Lawrence corporation 
Morgan Frank, laborer, house 31 Tremont 
Morgan Henry Mrs. house 15 Hurd 
Morgan John, bleachery, bouse 31 Keene 
Moriarty Cornelius, laborer, house 3 Quigley’s alley 
Moriarty Joanna, widow, house 20 Adams 
Moriarty John, laborer, house 7 Carolin’s block, Fayette 
Morisette Pascal, wheelwright, boards Albro’s block, Cushing 
Morn Patrick, stonemason, boards 4 Massachusetts corporation 
Morrill Charles, superintendent public schools, City Government 
building, boards 420 Merrimack 
Morrill Elizabeth, widow, house 31 Chapel 
Morrill Eugene, painter, boards 31 Chapel 
Morrill Ezra, carpenter, house 99 Cross 

Morrill Hannah A. Miss, fancy-goods, 66 Merrimack, h. 31 Chapel 
Morrill Joseph, operative, house rear 394 Merrimack 
Morrill Leonard, yard Boott corporation, house 39 do. 

Morrill Nathaniel Y^. painter, 197 Gorham, house 25 Walnut 

Morrill Ralph H. liquors, &c. 145 Central, boards 23 Charles 

Morrill R. H. boards 54 East Merrimack 

Morrill Sarah, widow, house 1 Middlesex place 

Morrill Sarah Miss, house 120 Moody 

Morris Ann Mrs. house 59 West Union 

Merchants’ and. Farmers’ Mut. Fire Ins. Co., Worcester. Inc. 1846, 
has always paid liberal dividends on expiring policies. (See p. 344.) 



Morris Frank, laborer, bouse 55 West Union 
Morris Henry, machinist, boards 59 West Union 
Morris James, laborer, bouse rear 81 Middle 
Morris James, laborer, bouse 3 George 
Morris James, peddler, house 13 Broadway 
Morris John, bouse 6 Simpson’s block 
Morris John, moulder, boards 39 Appleton 
Morris John Mrs. boards 55 Fletcher 
Morris Martin, baker, 34 Paige, bouse do. 

Morris Mary, widow, house 34 Paige 
Morris Thomas F. baker, 34 Paige, boards do. 

Morris Mrs. house 8 Jefferson 

Morrisoy Dennis, laborer, house rear 49 Fenwick 

Morrisey Michael, boltmaker, boards 138 Lawrence 

Morrisey Paschal, carriage-maker, 163 Central, boards 49 Cushing 

Morrisey Thomas, operative, house rear 148 Lowell 

Morrison David, tanner, boards Central House [lane 

Morrison Dependence, roll-coverer, 92 Merrimack, h. r. 2 Morse’s 

Morrison Hannah T. Mrs. boarding-house, 4 Merrimack corp. 

Morrison Hugh, real-estate agent, 114 Middlesex, house do. 

Morrison James, laborer, house 24 Worthen 

Morrison James G. overseer, Middlesex Company, house 33 Elm 

Morrison James L. boards 30 Appleton corporation 

Morrison John, overseer, Appleton corporation, house 30 do. 

Morrison John F. music-teacher, boards 30 Appleton corporation 

Morrison Richard, laborer, house 1 Suffolk court 

Morrison Sarah E. widow, boards 41 Boott corporation 

Morrison William D. Mrs. house 45 Summer 

Morrow Hugh, bleachery, house 34 South 

Morrow John, laborer, house Liberty, near Pine 

Morse Albert A. machinist, boards 177 Merrimack corporation 

Morse Amos M. blacksmith, 128 Middlesex, bds. 1 Wamesit block 

Morse Amos Mrs. boards 282 Salem 

Morse Bela H., Middlesex, house 22 Warren 

Morse Charles H. grocer, 126 Central, house 39 Andover 

Morse Charles T. fireman, boards 6 Water 

Morse Decatur J. weaver, house 15 Prescott corporation 

Morse Edgar H. boards 26 Prescott corporation 

Morse Edwin L. teamster, bouse 37 Branch 

Morse Eliza, widow, boards 37 Branch 

Morse Elizabeth, widow, house 6 Water 

Morse Elizabeth, widow, house 24 Austin 

Morse Ezekiel R. expressman, Merrimack-st. depot, h. 14 Church 
Morse Frank R. Rev. boards 31 £ Merrimack corporation 
Morse Franklin G. gardener, house Webster, n. Ninth, Centralville 
Morse George H. patent-leather worker, boards 81 Appleton 
Morse Henry 0. livery stable, Monument sq. Merr. h. 50 Dutton 
Morse Henry S. paymaster, Chase’s Mill, h. Wamesit, n. Central 

Fall River Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Morse Isaiah, boards River road, Dracut [h. 157 Central 

Morse James C. fruit, periodicals, &e. 133 Central and 6 Gorham, 
Morse James N. bookkeeper, at Norcross and Saunders’s, house 
45 Willie 

Morse James W. contractor, L. M. S. house 81 Appleton 
Morse Joshua B., Lawrence, house River road, Dracut 
Morse Maria M. dressmaker, house 24 Austin 
Morse Mary J. widow, house 1 Ford 
Morse Nathan, hostler, Washington House 
Morse Nathan C. shoemaker, house 177 Merrimack corporation 
Morse Robert, trader, boards 6 Water 
Morse Sarah C. Miss, boards 6 East Pine, near Carlton 
Morse Thomas E. Mrs. house 8 Fifth, Centralville 
Morse William, fuller, house Water, corner Pond 
Morse William G. overseer, Mass. corp. house 26 Prescott corp. 
Morse Willis, machinist, house 81 Appleton 
Mort James W. cigar manufacturer, 77 Central, house 52 Bartlett 
Morton Israel R. stonecutter, School, corner Boston and Lowell 
Railroad crossing, house 18 Suffolk corporation 
Morton Phineas, watchman, L. M. S. boards 96 Middlesex 
Morton Reuben T. {Richards, M., Sf Colburn), plasters, 15 Ash 
Morton True, machinist, house 3 South Franklin court 
Moses Stephen T. millinery, 97 Merrimack, h. 28 Bridge, Cent. 
Mosher Daniel W. watchman, house 12 Warren 
Mosher James {Boston), house 67 Charles 
Motley George, treasurer Appleton corporation, house 43 Nesmith 
Moulton Charles, watchman, 7 Thorndike 

Moulton Charles L. clerk, Middlesex Company, house 53 Church 
Moulton Eliza, widow, house rear 91 Appleton 
Moulton Enoch I. expressman, S. & L. R. R. b. 11 Merr. corp. 
Moulton Fannie R. dressmaker, 95 Central, boards 12 Hurd 
Moulton Ira Mrs. boording-house, 11 Merrimack corporation 
Moulton John II. bobbin manuf. Mechanics Mills, boards Chelms- 
ford, cor. Westford 

Moulton John L. mason, house 57 First, Centralville 
Moulton Moses S. {Hadley fy Moulton), turners, &c. Cushing, 
corner Rock, house rear 31 Cushing [opp. Park 

Moulton Oliver H. snpt. Hamilton Manuf. Co. h. 182 E. Merr. 
Moulton Samuel, teamster, boards 5 Perrin 
Mowe Daniel Mrs. house 94 Middle 

Mowe George S. manuf. Mowe’s Cough Balsam, house 94 Middle 
Moxley Pnilena C. embroidery stamping, 252 Gorham, b. 248 do. 
Moxley Phileua E. nurse, house 248 Gorham 
Mudgett William A. shoemaker, house 50 Church 
Mugtord George, laborer, house 101 Lowell 
Mulcahy James P. painter, 22 Middle, house 76 Lowell 
Mulcahy John, wool-puller, boards 7 Davidson 
Mulcahy Michael, operative, house rear 21 Dummer 

Geo. F. II ii ut <fc Co. are agent, for Merchants’ and Farmers' Mutual 
Fire Ins. Co. Office, 38 Central St., Lowell, Mass. (See page 344.) 



Muldoon Julia Miss, house Thorndike, corner Hale 
Muldoon Michael, laborer, house rear 17 Union 
Mulhearn Bridget, widow, house 78 Charles 
Mulhern Michael, foundry, house Marion, near Broadway 
Mulhern Patrick, operative, boards 26 Winter 
Mulherrin Catharine Miss, house 10 River, Centralville 
Mulherrin Mary, house 10 River, Centralville 
Mulholland James, laborer, house Salem, above Cabot 
Mulholland John, painter, boards 42 L. M. S. corporation 
Mullen Barney, currier, house Tanners, near Lincoln 
Mullen Charles, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 56 L. 
M. S. corporation 

Mullen Charles, teamster, Howe & Burnham’s, Dutton, h. Summer 
Mullen Dominick, flagman, Boston and Lowell Railroad, Northern 
depot, house rear 17 Winter 
Mullen Elizabeth, widow, house 54 West Union 
Mullen Elizabeth, widow, house rear 17 Winter 
Mullen Elizabeth Mrs. boards 2 William 
Mullen Hugh, laborer, B. & L. R. R. house 54 West Union 
Mullen James, operative, house 15 Spring 
Mullen James, machinist, 235 Middlesex, house 23 Winter 
Mullen John, dyer, boards 115 Gorham 
Mullen John, plasterer, house 3 Korner’s court 
Mullen John, strainermaker, house 9 Fifth, Centralville 
Mullen John, quarrier, boards Union 
Mullen Joseph, laborer, house rear 5 Hancock avenue 
Mullen Michael, painter, house 87 Merrimack corporation 
Mullen Mitchell, bobbinmaker, Mechanics Mills, b. 56 L. M. S. corp. 
Mullen Rebecca Mrs. house 56 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Mullett Sarah A. Mrs. house Bowers, corner Beacon 
Mullett Sarah E. Miss, boards Bowers, corner Beacon . 

Mulligan Mary, widow, house rear 9 Jefferson 
Mulligan Patrick, laborer, house 18 Jefferson 
Mulligan Patrick, operative, house 66 Suffolk 
Mulliban Michael, helper, Willie, corner Dutton 
Mulranan Patrick, laborer, house 16 Winter 
Mulray Patrick, laborer, at Gas Works, house 8 Broadway 
Mulready Mary, widow, house 101 Gorham 
Mulvanoy Matthew, woolsorter, boards 16 High 
Mulvey Patrick Mrs. boards 98 Lowell 
Mulvey Patrick, operative, house 14 Adams 
Munn Charles H. Mrs. house 10 Read, Centralville 
Munn Francis D. ( Bartlett , Moody , 8? Co.), mineral- water, 52 Mid- 
dlesex, house 69 Bridge, Centralville 
Munn Frederick, spinner, house 8 Massachusetts corporation 
Munn George M. machinist, Mechanics Mills, house Lee 
Munroe Charles, machinist, house 32 High 
Munroe E. L. widow, boards 19 Howard 

Lawrence Directory, Published l>y Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Munroe George S. clerk, 195 Middlesex, house 19 Howard 
Munroe William H. painter, house 83 Howard 
Munroe William, overseer, Lowell corporation 
Munroe, see Monroe 

Munsell John, watchman, hoards 44 Boott corporation 
Munsey Edgar S. teamster, house 2 Wamesit court 
Munsey Timothy, carpenter, house 5 Perrin 
Murch George W . watchman, house 149 Moody 
Murch Thompson, stonecutter, School, corner Boston and Lowell Rail- 
road crossing, house 29 Marshall [13 Hancock avenue 

Murkland Archibald, hosemaker, at Josiah Gates & Sons, boards 
Murkland George, printer, at Penhallow’s, house rear 61 Salem 
Murkland James, beltmaker, 6 Mechanics building, house 30 Suffolk 
Murkland James, mason, boards 14 Cady 
Murkland James, operative, boards 13 # Hancock avenue 
Murkland John, section hand, house 14 Cady 
Murkland John, jr. Mrs. boards 248 Gorham 
Murkland John W. (IF. Sf J. W. Murkland ), 82 Middle, house 
2 Lawrence 

Murkland Sophia, widow, boards 248 Gorham 
Murkland William & J. W. pattern makers and machinists, 82 
Middle, house 15 Hancock avenue 
Murkland William, jr. machinist, boards 13 Hancock avenue 
Murkland Woodward E. moulder, boards 14 Cady 
Murphy Catharine, widow, house Adams, near Broadway 
Murphy Catharine, widow, house 27 Summer 
Murphy Catharine, dressmaker, house 30 Lowell 
Murphy Cornelius, laborer, at Gas Works, h. Lewis, cor. Jefferson 
Murphy Cornelius, papermaker, house Carney’s alley 
Murphy Cornelius, laborer, house 3 Jefferson 
Murphy Daniel, beer-agent, 44 Dutton, house 21 Lewis 
Murphy Daniel, house 2 Howe 
Murphy Daniel, laborer, house 24 William 
Murphy Daniel, house 16 Dummer 
Murphy Edward, gardener, house 42 Salem 
Muiphy Hetty Mrs. house 20 Summer 
Murphy James, foundryman, house 43 Adams 
Murphy James, laborer, boards 18 Lowell 
Murphy James, moulder, Willie, corner Button 
Murphy Jeremiah, carpet-weaver, house 2 Swift 
Murphy Jeremiah, gardener, house 7 Andover 
Murphy Jeremiah, operative, boards 1 George 
Murphy John, laborer, house 45 Adams 
Murphy John, house Common, near Cross 
Murphy John, tailor, 47 Market, house do. 

Murphy John, laborer, house Carpenter’s court 

Murphy John, Appleton, house Wheelock’s block, Chapel 

Murphy John, moulder, Willie, cor. Dutton, bds. 42 L. M. S. corp. 

The Connecticut Fire Ins. Co., Hartford, Ct. A prompt and liberal 
Co. to insure in j lias never had a lawsuit. G. F. Hunt & Co., Agts. 



Murphy John, moulder, house 13 Little 
Murphy John, carder, house 16 North 
Murphy John Mrs. house 19 Winter 

Murphy John B. Mrs. house 40 Cabot [court 

Murphy Joseph H. overseer, Faulkner’s Mills, h. 2 Lawrence-street 

Murphy Julia, widow, boards 74 River, Centralville 

Murphy Lawrence, laborer, house 9J Suffolk 

Murphy Margaret, boards 1 Quigley’s alley 

Murphy Mary, house 90 Suffolk 

Murphy Michael, laborer, house 66 Church 

Murphy Michael, laborer, house 1 Andover 

Murphy Mich'ael, clerk, boards 21 Lewis 

Murphy Michael, machinist, hoards 7 Andover 

Murphy Patrick, tailor, house 150 Lowell 

Murphy Patrick, harnessmaker, house 33 Salem 

Murphy Patrick, spinner, house 11 North 

Murphy Stephen, laborer, boards 102 Suffolk 

Murphy Thomas, laborer, house 61 Lowell 

Murphy Thomas, boilermaker, house 18 Lewis 

Murphy Thomas, laborer, house rear 15 Willie avenue 

Murphy Thomas, blacksmith, 84 Middle, boards 292 Central 

Murphy Timothy, laborer, house rear 15 William 

Murphy Timothy, laborer, house 43 Fenwick 

Murphy Timothy, laborer, house 2d Howe 

Murphy Timothy, laborer, house Lowell, corner Maiden lane 

Murphy William, laborer, house rear 114 Suffolk 

Murphy William, laborer, boards 30 Pawtucket 

Murphy William, laborer, house 13 Davis 

Murphy William J. mariner, boards 13 Davis 

Murphy Mrs. house 158 Lowell 

Murray Andrew, overseer, Lowell corp. house 7 Lagrange 
Murray Catharine, widow, house 50 West Union 
Murray Dennis, bleachery, house 181 Lawrence 
Murray Ellen, house rear 114 Suffolk 
Murray James, house 3 Mechanic 

Murray James, Merrimack P. W. boards 106 Merrimack corp. 
Murray James, laborer, house 2 Swift 
Murray James, laborer, house 181 Lawrence 
Murray James T. clock-repairer, rear 20 Winter, house do. 

Murray Jeremiah, laborer, house 181 Lawrence 

Murray John, dyer, house rear 23 High 

Murray John, laborer, house 100 Lowell 

Murray John, spinner, boards 4d Boott corporation 

Murray Mary, widow, house 52 Dutton 

Murray Mary, widow, house 142 Merrimack corporation 

Murray Patrick, junk, house 38 South 

Murray Patrick, spinner, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 

Murray Patrick, laborer, house 2 Suffolk court 

Lowell Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, &. Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 4:7 Congress Street, Boston. 



Murray Peter, laborer, house rear 99 East Merrimack 

Murray Samuel T. Mrs. house 7 Cabot block 

Murray Thomas, druggist, boards rear 23 High 

Murray Timothy, house rear 75 Lowell 

Murray Timothy, blacksmith, boards 14 Winter 

Murray William C. marbleworker, 155 Central, house ISO do. 

Murray , peddler, house 1 Cummiskey’s alley 

Murrer Joseph, boarding-house, 137 Middlesex 

Murtagh Patrick, finisher, house 27 Bleachery 

Murtough Edward, Massachusetts corporation, boards Railroad alley 

Murtough Mary, widow, house Railroad alley 

Murtough William, Massachusetts corporation, bds. Railroad alley 

Muzzey H. C. Mrs. house 3 High-street square 

Myers Ann E. boarding-house, 14 Boott corporation 

Myers Henry L. carder, house 69 Market 

Myers John, moulder, Wdlie, corner Dutton 

Myers Porter, teamster, boards 25 Bleachery 

Mylet James, boards 21 Summer 

Myron John, carpenter, house East Pine, near Carlton 

NADIN GEORGE, Hamilton corporation, boards 6 do. 

Nannan John, Hamilton corporation, house 7 Lowell [Charles 

Napolski Francis X. tailor, 69 Charles and 52 Central, house 69 

Narney Owen, laborer, boards Wanalancit 

Nary Daniel, machinist, house 104 Middlesex 

Nary David Mrs. house 16 Davis 

Nary Sarah, Mrs. dressmaker, 95 Central, house 226 do. 

Nash James W. & Co. stoves and kitchen furniture, 105 Central, 
house 57 Bartlett 

Nash John C. harnessmaker, 196 Middlesex, boards 6 East Pine 
Nash William, currier, house 22 Linden 
Nason Almira, widow, boards 41 Church 
Nason Mary Miss, house 148 Suffolk 
Nason Phebe, widow, house 22 Austin 
Nawn Richard, operative, house 6 Carolin’s block, Fayette 
Nawnn John, laborer, house 97 Merrimack corporation 
Naylor George, carpet manufacturer, Wamesit Power Company,, 
house 17 Ames 

Naylor Joseph, woolen carder, house 16 Tremonfc corporation 

Naylor Walker, machinist, house 47 Market 

Neal Aurelia C. widow, house 381 Merrimack 

Neal Charles H. operative, house 1 Pollard’s avenue 

Neal Joseph Mrs. house 85 Howard [rimack 

Neal Martha A. teacher, No. 10 Primary School, boards 381 Mer- 

Nealley Benjamin F. Mrs. boards 40 Worthen 

Nealley Charles, boards 19 Suffolk corporation 

Nearney Patrick, laborer, boards 136 Merrimack corporation 

Nearney Roger, laborer, house Coburn, near River, Centralville 

The Lowell Office of the Howard Fire Ins. Co. Is at No. 28 Central’ 
Street. GEO, F. HUNT & CO., Agents. (Seepage 344.) 




Needham William 0. cloth room, Massachusetts corp. boards 50 do. 
Neilon Martin, bleachery, house rear 4 Livingston 
Nelson Edwin, dresser, boards 4 Massachusetts corporation 
Nelson George E. machinist, Arch, boards 115 Gorham 
Nelson Henry, carpenter, 26 Middlesex, bds. 4 Massachusetts corp. 
Nelson James, operative, house rear 73 River, Centralville 
Nelson Josiah F. Mrs. house Broadway, near Guard Locks 
Nesmith John, United States collector, 1 Nesmith’s block, house 
83 Andover 

Nesmith Thomas, house Park, near Andover 

Nestor John, laborer, house 33 Worthen 

Nevens Robert B. carder, house 8 Merrill’s court 

Nevins Christopher, house 86 Middlesex 

Nevins Edward, boards 33 Hamilton corporation 

Nevins John R. carpenter, boards 42 Appleton 

Nevins Michael, house rear 101 Gorham 

Nevins Patrick, house rear 42 Appleton 

Newell Hannah Miss, house 16 Massachusetts corporation 

Newell Harriet Miss, boards Tremont corporation 

Newell Mary R. widow, house 14 Cabot 

Newell Mary R. widow, house 24 Lowell 

Newell William, mason, boards 16 Massachusetts corporation 

Newhall Henry L. clerk, house near Navy Yard, Dracut 

Newhall Samuel, chairmaker, house 387 Middlesex 

Newton Carlos, carpenter, Tremont corporation, house 26 do. 

Newton Charles E. Mrs. fruit, &c. Button, house 6 Wamesit court 

Newton Charles N. fruits and periodicals, 143 Middlesex, house do. 

Newton Erastus, photographer, 162 Middlesex 

Newton E. machinist, house 67 Charles 

Newton Henry L. C. Mrs. house 10 Massachusetts corporation 

Newton Russell D. machinist, Arch, house 129 Cross 

Newton William O. machinist, boards 6 Wamesit court 

Nichless George H. machinist, house Lincoln place 

Nichol George, saloon, 81 Market, house do. 

Nicholas Rolia, watchman on railroad, house 38 Rock 
Nichols Alanson, bookkeeper, 9 Thorndike, house 16 Branch 
Nichols Albert F. {Cole fy Nichols), iron and brass foundry, But- 
ton, house 120 Appleton 
Nichols Almira C. Mrs. house 190 Central 
Nichols Andrew ( Lamb Nichols), boots and shoes, 19 Merri- 
mack, house 3 Union 

Nichols Cemantha R. teacher, Bartlett School, boards 42 Worthen 
Nichols Charles C. house 17 Chapel 

Nichols Converse, blacksmith, 132 Middlesex, house 92 Appleton 
Nichols Bavid, marble works, 59 and 61 Button, boards 51 East 

Nichols Edward H. boards 47 Nesmith [Tyler 

Nichols Edwin (6r. N fy E. Nichols), 109 Market, boards 46 

BOSTON DIRECTORY, Published annually liy Sampsou, Daven- 
port, & Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St. Boston. 



Nichols Forrest B. cabinetmaker, Mechanics Mills, bds. 17 Chapel 
Nichols Frank A. ( Boston ), boards 16 Branch 
Nichols Gilman N. & E. produce, 109 Market, house 31 Hanover 
Nichols Henry, laborer, boards 20 Hamilton corporation 
Nichols Ira Edwin, clerk, J. Nichols, boards 208 Central 
Nichols Isaac, marble-worker, house 10 North Franklin court 
Nichols Jacob, furniture, &c. Dutton, cor. Lowell, h. 208 Central 
Nichols John H. clerk, house Fremont, corner Third, Centralville 
Nichols John Q. clerk, Dutton, corner Lowell, bds. 208 Central 
Nichols ( Levi ) & Hutchins (M. F.), confectionery, 37 Central, 
boards do. 

Nichols Moses, Merrimack, boards 202 do. 

Nichols Thomas, painter, house 35 Central [146 Central 

Nichols ( William') & Fletcher ( Edmund D .), grocers, 144 and 
Nichols ( William) & Co. ( E . D. Fletcher ), flour dealers, old 
freight depot, Thorndike, house 47 Nesmith 
Nichols William II. upholsterer, 11 Middle, house rear 31 Cushing 
Nickerson Fraut, physician, 5 Savings Bank building, house 125 
East Merrimack 

Nickerson Dr. boards 105' Gorham 

Nickson James, machinist, boards 61 Lawrence corporation 

Nierney Roger Mrs. house 6 Coburn, Centralville 

Nimblett George D. currier, house Main [Intire 

Noble Charles O. cabinetmaker, rear 239 Middlesex, house 7 Mc- 

Noble George H. contractor, L. M. S. house 151 Broadway 

Nolan Cornelius, laborer, house 12 Winter 

Nolan Thomas, Merrimack, house 4 Cummiskey’s alley 

Nolan Timothy, laborer, house North Chapel 

Noon William, Merrimack, house 85 Lowell • 

Noonan Dennis, starcher, boards 35 Bleachery 
Noonan James, Middlesex, boards rear 30 Fayette 
Noonan John, gigger, house 9 George 
Noonan Michael, bleachery, house 200 Lawrence 
Noonan Patrick, laborer, house 50 Lewis 
Noonan Thomas, laborer, boards 9 Winter 
Norcott Mary E. widow, house 28 Suffolk 
Norcross Albert G. dressing-room, Massachusetts corp. h. 54 do. 
Norcross ( Isaac IF.) & Saunders ( Charles IF), agents, manufac- 
turers, and dealers in lumber, Middlesex, near Branch, house 
141 Fletcher 

Norcross Isaac W. jr. boards 141 Fletcher [near Parker 

Norcross J. Edwin, clerk, A. L. Waite & Co.’s, house Chelmsford, 
Norcross Nicholas W. insurance agent, 4 Barristers’ Hall, boards 

Norman Rufus, carpenter, house 165 Merrimack corporation 
Norris Alonzo S. weaver, boards 61 Lawrence 
Norris Charles E. operative, Lawrence corporation, house 51 do. 
Norris George B. carpenter, h. Coburn, cor. Hildreth, Centralville 

Manufg Property, Merchandise, Dwellings, &, Household Furni- 
ture, ins. at satisfactory rates, hy Geo. F. Hunt & Co., Ins. Agt’s. 



Norris George G. S. carpenter, house 92 Merrimack corporation 
Norris George W. livery stable, Warren, n. Central, h. 32 Hurd 
Norris Henry, filecutter, Arch, near N. & L. depot, b. 69 Everett 
Norris John, mason, house 69 Fayette 
Norris John, jr. variety store, 189 Central, house do. 

Norris Proctor P. operative, Lawrence corporation, boards 52 do. 
Norris Roscellus C. watchman, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
North Frederick T. overseer, Middlesex Company, house 31 Elm 
North William, overseer, Middlesex Company, house 35 Lawrence 
North William L. (Adams, North , § Co.),l Central, h. 47 Tyler 
Northum George II. weaver, boards 44 Boott corporation 
Norton Ann, widow, house 13 Abbott 
Norton Ellen Miss, house 13 Abbott 
Norton Horace R. machinist, boards 5 Jackson 
Norton James F. gasfitter, 84 Middle, house 15 Marshall 
Norton John, laborer, at Gas Works, house 42 Appleton 
Norton Sophia Mrs. boarding-house, 72 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Norton William B. machinist, boards 13 Franklin square 
Norton Mrs. boards 208 Merrimack [8 Adams 

Nourbourne Alfred ( IF. Robinson 8? Co.), Mechanics Mills, house 
Nourse Francis H. supt. S. & L. R.R. and L. & L. R.R., Mid- 
dlesex-street depot, house 105 Appleton [corp. 

Nourse James P. patternmaker, house 54 Lowell Machine Shop 
Nourse John A. cabinetmaker, 239 Middlesex, house 23 Howard 
Nourse John H. cabinetmaker, 239 Middlesex 
Nowell Foster, house 141 East Merrimack [Merrimack 

Nowell George F. machinist, Fletcher, cor. Cushing, h. 141 East 
Noyes Aaron, soapmaker, house 382 Middlesex 
Noyes Amos B. machinist, 96 Middle, boards 16 Austin 
Noyes Benjamin A. carpenter, house 16 Austin 
Noyes Benjamin C. laborer, house 88 East Merrimack 
Noyes Charles Mrs. house 47 Fayette 

Noyes Cyrus S. trunkmaker, 58 and 60 Central, house 13 Oak 

Noyes Gilman C. painter, house Fulton, Central ville 

Noyes Henry, boards 230 Central 

Noyes Henry H. cigars, &c. 139 Central, boards 141 do. 

Noyes Huldah C. widow, house 87 Moody 
Noyes John F. carpenter, house 230 Central 
Noyes John W. machinist, boards 16 Austin 
Noyes Joseph, machinist, boards 17 Walnut 
Noyes Joseph L. house Wyman 

Noyes Newton T. patent pie-forks, house Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 

Noyes Person ( Boston ), house 1 Auburn 

Noyes William M. machinist, house 39 Carter 

Nudd David P. teamster, boards 25 Cabot 

Nudd George Y. painter, house 18 Adams, Franklin square 

Nugent Michael, junk dealer, 16 Gorham, house 24 George 

Manchester (N.H.) Directory, Published by Sampson, Daven- 
port, & Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 


Nugent Thomas, teamster, at wood-yard, Jackson, house Central, 
corner Green 

Nugent William A. shoemaker, house 50 Church 
Nute Addison, clerk, Merrimack House, boards do. 

Nute Andrew T. machinist, house 14 Elm 

Nute Orin S. scalemaker, Mechanics Mills, boards 14 Elm 

Nute Sewall T. teamster, house near Navy Yard, Dracut 

Nuttage Mary, widow, house 63 Adams 

Nuttall James, spinner, boards 42 Boott corporation 

Nutter Alfred, millwright, house 11 Ames 

Nutter James R., Middlesex, house Holbrook’s court 

Nutter Lewis, painter, house 62 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 

Nutter Michael, spinner, boards Holbrook’s court 

Nutting Benjamin F. stonecutter, house 14 Cady 

Nutting Stephen Henry, machinist, house 228 School 

Nutting James, marbleworker, house High, corner Chestnut 

Nutting R. L. woodturner, 239 Middlesex 

Nye Fanny Mrs. house 27 Boott corporation 

Nye George A. teamster, house 267 Middlesex 

O’BEIRNE PATRICK, clothpresser, house 93 Gorham 
Ober Oliver, patternmaker, house 11 Tyler 
O’Brien Ann, widow, house 5 Union court 
O’Brien Ann, widow, boards 19 Tremont corporation 
O’Brien Catharine, widow, house 3 Brown’s court, Centralville 
O’Brien David W. clerk, 7 Canal block, boards 70 Lawrence 
O’Brien Edward, laborer, boards 56 South 
O’Brien Hugh, clerk, house 106 Merrimack 
O’Brien James, carpenter, house 81 Charles 
O’Brien James, laborer, at Gas Works, house 45 Adams 
O’Brien John Rev. pastor St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, house 
Fenwick, near do. 

O’Brien John, machinist, bds. 41 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 

O’Brien John, laborer, house rear River, Centralville 

O’Brien John, operative, boards 1 George 

O’Brien Marcus, moulder, house 15 Broadway 

O’Brien Mary, widow, house 25 Summer 

O’Brien Mary, widow, house 56 South 

O’Brien Michael, laborer, house rear 19 Winter 

O’Brien Owen, laborer, house 81 Water 

O’Brien Patrick ( California ), house 40 Adams 

O’Brien Patrick, tailor, 69 Charles, boards 22 Green 

O’Brien Patrick Mrs. house 21 Adams 

O’Brien Terrance, bleachery, house 8 Mill 

O’Brien Thomas, laborer, house 70 Lawrence 

O’Brien Thomas, laborer, house rear 38 Dummer 

O’Brien Thomas, bleacher, boards 35 Bleachery 

O’Brien Timothy, laborer, house Common, near Cross 

North Am. Fire Ins. Co., Hartford, Ct. Capital and Surplus, over 
$4:00,000. G. F. Hunt <fc Co., Agents, 28 Central St. (See p. 344.) 



Ockington David, painter, house 56 Andover 

Ockington Naney, clerk, 40 Merrimack, boards 56 Andover 

O’Colligan John, operative, house 20 New 

O’Connell David, moulder, boards rear 847 Merrimack 

O’Connell Ellen, widow, house rear 347 Merrimack 

O’Connell James, carder, house 2 Lee 

O’Connell John, tailor, boards rear 847 Merrimack 

O’Connell John Mrs. house 194 Gorham 

O’Connell John, laborer, hoards 194 Gorham 

O’Connell Luke, blacksmith, boards 194 Gorham 

O’Connell Michael, laborer, house Howard’s avenue 

O’Connell Michael, laborer, house 15 Winter 

O’Connell Patrick, house 32 North 

O’Connell Patrick, house 15 Union 

O’Conner Bernard, laborer, house 12* Coburn, Centralville 

O’Conner James A. machinist, boards Dutton, corner Fletcher 

O’Conner John, fruit, &c. Dutton, corner Fletcher, house do. 

O’Conner John, laborer, house 23 Wamesit 

O’Conner John M. machinist, boards Dutton, corner Fletcher 

O’Connor Bernard, clerk, 38 Market, house do. 

O’Connor Catherine, widow, house 25 Union 
O’Connor John, spinner, 7 Thorndike 
O’Connor Patrick, laborer, house 6 Appleton 
O’Connor Thomas, marbleworker, house 42 Salem 
O’Connor William, baker, house 59 River, Centralville 
O’Day John, laborer, house Wheelock’s block 
O’Day Margaret, widow, house 148 Central 
O’Day Michael, grinder, boards 33 Massachusetts corporation 
O’Donnell John, Boston and Lowell Railroad, house 52 Lewis 
O’Donnell John, laborer, house 11 East Merrimack 
O’Donnell Thomas, laborer, house 8 Little 
O’Dwyer Martin, card stripper, house 28 Gorham 
Offutt David F. clerk, 39 Market, house*ll Green 
Offutt George & Sou, upholsterers, 135 Central, house 11 Green 
Offutt ( George F.) & Fairgrieve {George IF.), furniture, 39 Mar- 
ket, house 29 do. 

O’Gara Bernard, laborer, house 17 High 

O’Gara Patrick, farmer, house 15 High 

Ogelvie Nancy Jane, variety store, 85 Merrimack, house do. 

Ogg Joseph, blacksmith, house 11 Worthen 
Ogg Joseph, moulder, Willie, corner Dutton 
Ogg Telles, at bobbin shop, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Ogle Isaac, tinsmith, house 62 Dutton 

O’Gorman Barnard, barber, American House, boards 27 William 
O’Grady George, machinist, house 64 Charles 
O’Grady John, variety store, 101 Gorham, house do. 

O’Hara Bridget, widow, house -9 Water 
O’Hare Hannah, widow, house 61 Gorham 

UTewburyport Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, 
&. Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



O’ Hare James, carder, boards 6 Hamilton corporation 
O’ Hare James, laborer, at Gas Works 
O’llare John, laborer, house 2 Coburn, Centralville 
O’Hare John, bleachery, house Prospect, corner Kidder . 

O’ Hare Mary, widow, house 62 Moody 

O’Hare Michael, laborer, house 65 Dutton 

O’Hare Michael Mrs. house 62 Dutton 

O’Hare Peter, laborer, house 102 Lowell 

O’Hare Rosa, widow, house 12 Howe 

O’Hare Thomas, laborer, house 6 Dempsey’s yard 

O’Hare Thomas, spinner, 7 Thorndike, house rear 4 Livingston 

O’Hearn Cornelius, blacksmith, house 86 Marion 

O’Hearn Ellen, widow, house 62 Suffolk 

O’ Hearn James, laborer, house 54 Lewis 

O’Hearn John, mason, house 84 Market 

O’Hearn Michael, moulder, house 104 Suffolk 

O’Hearn Michael, painter, boards 54 Lewis 

O’Hearn Richard, laborer, house 9 Fenwick 

O’Hearn Thomas, laborer, house 21 Dummer 

O’ Hearn Timothy, tanner, house 181 Lawrence 

O’Helorin David, laborer, house 6 Appleton 

O’Herron Michael, teamster, A. L. Brooks’s 

O’Keefe David Mrs. house 34 North 

O’Keefe James, laborer, house 230 Middlesex 

O’Keefe James, engineer, boards 64 Suffolk 

O’Keefe Michael, blacksmith, 285 Merrimack, house Charles 

O’Keefe Patrick, spinner, boards 34 North 

O’Keefe, see Keefe 

O’Laughlin Ann, widow, boards 40 South 
O’Laughlin James, boards 19 High • 

O’Laughlin Michael, at bleachery, boards 36 Bleachery 
O’Laughlin Michael, dyer, boards 132 Lawrence 
O’Laughlin Patrick, laborer, house 9 Carolin’s block, Fayette 
O’Laughlin Terrence, laborer, house 21 Davidson 
Oldrayd Joseph, engraver, Merrimack Print Works, house 106 
Merrimack corporation [son’s court 

Olney Emery, bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 6 Far- 
O’Malley Austin, house 16 Williams 

O’Malley Edward, machinist, 235 Middlesex, house 148 Suffolk 

O’Mand Janies, laborer, house 24 Lowell 

O’Neil Bernard, grocer, 81 Gorham, boards 28 Summer 

O’Neil Bridget, widow, house Howard’s avenue 

O’Neil Bridget, widow, house 9 Winter 

O’Neil Catharine, widow, house 1 Hurd 

O’Neil Charles, student, boards Dempsey’s yard 

O’Neil Cornelius, laborer, house Lewis, corner Jefferson 

O’Neil Daniel, spinner, house 32 Lewis 

O’Neil Daniel, yard, Merrimack corporation, boards 134 do. 

Business that can't afford Insurance is too poor to follow. Wis- 
dom, Prudence, Experience, all say, Imure at once. (Seepage 314 .) 



O’Neil Dennis, marble polisher, 181 Central, house Davidson, cor- 
ner East Merrimack 

O’Neil Francis, laborer, boards 28 Summer 
O’Neil Ileury, helper, Lowell-street Boiler Works 
O’Neil Hugh, tailor, 1 Hurd, house do. 

O’Neil Hugh, sawyer, house 311 Middlesex 
O’Neil Hugh S. tinsmith, house 62 Lowell 
O’Neil James, machinist, boards 2 Quigley’s alley 
O’Neil flames, operative, house 6 Jefferson 
O’Neil James, tanner, house Lincoln, Ayer’s City 
O’Neil James, house Dempsey’s yard 
O’Neil John, operative, boards 5 Faulkner’s block 
O’Neil John, cooper, boards 5 CummLkey’s alley 
O’Neil Jeremiah, clerk, 24 Adams, boards do. 

O’Neil Margaret Mrs. house 29 Congress 

O’Neil Margaret, widow, house 1 Quigley’s alley 

O’Neil Margaret, widow, boards 5 Summer 

O’Neil Margaret, widow, house Fulton, Centralville 

O’Neil Margaret, widow, house Lewis, corner Jefferson 

O’Neil Mary, dressmaker, house 28 Summer 

O’Neil Mary, widow, house 52 Middle 

O’Neil Mary, widow, house rear 43 Middle 

O’Neil Michael, spinner, house 23 North 

O’Neil Patrick, washer, house 103 Gorham 

O’Neil Patrick, boards 32 Lewis 

O’Neil Patrick, dyer, boards Lewis, corner Jefferson 

O’Neil Terrance, house 28 Summer 

O’Neil Thomas, bleachery, house 23 Cedar 

O’Neil Timothy, laborer, house rear 141 Lowell 

Orange Henry S. house 13 John 

Ordway Alonzo, policeman, house 57 Lawrence corporation 
Ordway George B., Lowell & Lawrence Railroad, house 69 School 
Ordway George O. machinist, boards 22 Common 
Ordway Henry M. watchmaker, 86 Mirrimack, house 5 Nesmith 
Ordway Jeremiah, blacksmith, h. Seventh, near Bridge, Centralville 
Ordway Joseph E. overseer, at R. Kitson’s, h. First, near Bridge, 

Ordway Martha, widow, house 22 Common 

Ordway Willard, laborer, house 24 Suffolk 

Ormsby James, machinist, house 131 Lowell 

O’Rourke Farrell, whitewasher, house 169 Merrimack corporation 

O’Rourke Frank E., Merrimack corporation, boards 78 Middle 

O’Rourke John, helper, house rear 75 Lowell 

O’Rourke Miles, laborer, house 78 Middle 

Orso Catharine, widow, house 29 Howard’s avenue 

Ort Adam, blacksmith, house 34 Marion 

Osborn Edmund H. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, b. 22 Grand 
Osborne Louisa Miss, at Old Ladies’ Home, 58 Moody 

United States Directory, 1867, Price $30, for sale toy Sampson, 
Davenport, Co., 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Osgood Asa C. clerk, 46 Merrimack, boards American House 

Osgood Atis, machinist, 237 Middlesex, house 21 Queen 

Osgood Caleb Mrs. widow, house 50 Andover 

Osgood Charles, farmer, house Gorham, near Railroad bridge 

Osgood Charles T. harnessmaker, boards 10 Suffolk corporation 

Osgood Edwin S. clerk, 44|- Merrimack, house 20 Hurd 

Osgood George C. physician, 14 Barristers’ Hall, boards 12 Hurd 

Osgood George N. painter, 252 Merrimack, h. School, cor. Liberty 

Osgood Horace, baker, house 2 Bay State avenue 

Osgood Isaac, carpenter, house 43 Church 

Osgood Isaac P. machinist, boards 36 Franklin 

Osgood Maria, teacher, No. 33 Primary School, boards 237 Central 

Osgood Orin F. bookkeeper, 27 Central, boards 65 Butterfield 

Osgood Samuel, machinist, house 36 Franklin 

Osgood William F. surveyor, house 65 Butterfield 

O'Shaughnassay John, grocer, 1 Coburn, Centralville, house do. 

O’Shea Dennis, blacksmith, 41 Middle, house 39 do. 

O’Shea Pierce, laborer, house 45 Gorham 

Osterhoudt Simeon D. machinist and boarding-house, 38 Lawrence 
corporation [ner Broadway 

O’Sullivan James, shoemaker, 7 Canal block, boards Fletcher, cor- 
Oswald Henry, brush maker, house 12 Clay 
Otis Alice, widow, house 24 Hurd 
Otis Jane, widow, house 328 Central 
Otis John, saloon, 220 Middlesex, boards 48 Appleton 
Otis Silas D. overseer, house 16 Bleachery 
O’Toole Thomas, laborer, Pleasant, near Coburn, Centralville 
Outram George, file-forger, Arch, near N. & L. depot, b. 11 Cedar 
Owen Francis N. clerk, H. & A. Whitney, boards 52 E. Merrimack 
Owen Richard, night watchman, at H. O. Morse’s, bds. 10 Dummer 
Owen William N. provisions, 50 East Merrimack, house 52 do. 
Owen W. Alonzo, musician, boards 52 East Merrimack 
Owens Francis, machinist, boards 148 Central 
Owens Hugh, house Adams, near Broadway 
Owens James, grocer, 148 Central, house do. 

Owens Patrick, hostler, house 10 Dummer 

PAASCHE ALEXANDER, carpenter, house Pawtucket, near 
City line 

Packard Amos, teamster, 1 and 2 Com. square, house 37 George 
Packard Joseph, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h.14 Lagrange ct. 
Packard Lucius B. Mrs. house 76 Lawrence corporation 
Packard Sarah S. Miss, house 47 Tyler 

Packard William H. dresser, boards 4 Massachusetts corporation 
Packer {David) & Thompson (A.), physicians, 16 Central, h. do. 
Page Abram, oyster saloon, 112 Central, house 12 Ames 
Page Almira, tailoress, house 18 Austin 
Page Alonzo, carpenter, house 44 Dummer 

Narragansett Fire <fe Marine Ins. Co.. Prov., R.I. Cap., $500,- 
OOO. Policies written toy G. F. Hunt & Co., Agts., 28 Central St. 



Page Charles, student, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Page Co arles, mason, house 197 Gorham 

Page Charles A., Horse Railroad station, Gorham, corner Moore, 
boards 12 Ames 

Page Charles R. fruit, &c. 298 Merrimack, house do. 

Page Dudley L. confectioner, 1 Middle and 89 Merrimack, house 
39 Merrimack 

Page Edward II. mason, boards 17 Austin 
Page George W. carpenter, 132 Middlesex, house 88 Appleton 
Page Hannah, widow, boards 12 Ames [house do. 

Page Henry J. ( James Y. Page fyCo.), stoves, &c. 265 Merrimack, 
Page Isaac, house 149 Broadway 

Page T. Henry, insurance agent, 49 Central, boards 149 Broadway 
Page Ira M. weaver, boards 65 Lawrence corporation 
Page Janies C. house Albro block, Cushing 
Page James Y. & Co. ( Henry J . Page), stoves and tinware, 265 
and 267 Merrimack, house 100 Salem 
Page John, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Page John C. carpenter, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Page Jonathan, carpenter, house 194 Central 
Page J. Frank, carpenter, boards 194 Central 
Page (Lemuel), Kidder ( Samuel , jr.), & Co. (J. Coggin fy E. 

M. Read), flour, Thorndike, corner Dutton, h. 26 Appleton 
Page Martha, variety store, 206 Merrimack, house 140 Colburn 
Page Mary E. teacher, boards 26 Appleton 
Page Moses C. (Rogers fy P.), grocer, 11 John, h. 104 Moody 
Page Orange Mrs. house 29 Adams 

Page P. and E. A. Misses, boarding-house, 140 Merrimack corp. 
Page Samuel, mason, house 17 Austin 
Page Samuel S. mason, boards 17 Austin 
Page Sarah E. dressmaker, boards 16 Central 
Paige Charles E. transportation agent, Boston and Lowell and 
Nashua and Lowell railroad, office Northern depot, house 14 
Westford [corner Lawson 

Paige Frank W. harnessmaker, 196 Middlesex, boards School, 
Palfrey John C. superintendent Merrimack Manufacturing Company, 
house 85 Andover 

Palmer Albert, machinist, house 12 Prescott corporation 

Palmer Charles A. machinist, boards 156 Moody 

Palmer Daniel Mrs. house Bridge, near City line, Centralville 

Palmer Hannah Mrs. house Lawson, near Queen 

Palmer Harriet M. Mrs. boards 76 Merrimack corporation 

Palmer Horace T. building-mover, house 35 Charles 

Palmer Jacob, tailor, house Hampshire, Centralville 

Palmer James M., cotton batting, 120 Merrimack, boards do. 

Palmer John, machinist, house 156 Moody 

Palmer John F., Merrimack corporation, house 119 do. 

Palmer Libbie H. Mrs. dressmaking, 170 Merrimack, house do. 

Salem Directory, PublUUed by Sampson, Davenport, &. Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Palmer Percy W. clerk, boards Fairmount, corner Mansur 
Papps Charles H. filecutter, Arch, near Nashua and Lowell depot, 
house 11 North Franklin court 
Pardee Isaac L. sawyer, boards 52 Merrimack corporation 
Pardee Mary E. and Sarah E. Misses, house 52 Merrimack corp. 
Park John, laborer, Mechanics Mills, Dutton, h. Pine, n. Westford 
Park Robert ( Coburn cO P.), masons and contractors, house 
River road, Dracut 

Parker Aiken Mrs. boarding-house, 5 Jackson 
Parker Benjamin, shoecutter, house 6 Austin 
Parker Charles A. laborer, boards 5 Jackson 
Parker Charles, marbleworker, house 68 Lawrence corporation 
Parker Charles L. woolsorter, boards 18 Appleton corporation 
Parker Daniel, physician, 7 Barristers’ Hall, house at Billerica 
Parker Daniel B. cabinetmaker, house Mount Vernon, n. Westford 
Parker Elbridge G. wood-teamster, house Forrest 
Parker Eliza, boarding-house, 11 Tremont corporation 
Parker Frank, moulder, boards 11 Massachusetts corporation 
Parker Frank F. Mrs. house 6 Lagrange court 
Parker Frank T. machinist, boards 5 Jackson 
Parker George E. boards Varney, corner Mount Vernon 
Parker George E. foreman, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Parker George W. spinner, h. Hildreth, above Coburn, Centralville 
Parker George W. photographer, 103 Merrimack, boards 31 
Hamilton corporation 

Parker Henry, moulder, boards 5 Jackson 

Parker Henry A. conductor horse railroad, bds. 1 Middlesex place 
Parker Hiram, physician, 17 John, house do. 

Parker James, carpenter, house 49 Cushing 
Parker Jephthah, farmer, house Liberty, near Pine 
Parker Jesse H. moulder, house 236 Central 
Parker John M. G. ( New Orleans ), h. Mount Pleasant, Centralville 
Parker J. Nelson, bookkeeper, 46 Merrimack, boards 21 Kirk 
Parker Lucy R. house 16 Appleton corporation 
Parker Milan A. bleachery, house 5 Bleachery 
Parker Moses G. physician, 4 First, Centralville 
Parker Nancy L. boarding-house, 18 Appleton corporation 
Parker Rossila J. boards 26 Appleton corporation 
Parker Samuel B. overseer, Livingston, Carter, & Co.’s Mill, house 
1 Middlesex place 

Parker Sarah Miss, house at Old Ladies’ Home, 58 Moody 
Parker Sarah E. widow, house 6 Third, Centralville 
Parker Theodore E. house 104 East Merrimack 
Parker ( William H.) & Cheney {John A.), bobbin-manufacturers, 
Wamesit Steam Mills, house Varney, corner Mount Vernon 
Parkhurst Ebenezer N. sashmaker, house 63 Butterfield 
Parkhurst George W. K. clerk, 45 Central, boards 159 do. 
Parkhurst Matthias, house 3 Chapel 

Fire, Marine, &. Inland Insurance effected through the Security oi 
N.Y. and Narragansett Ins. Cos., by Geo. F. Hunt «&> Co., Agents. 



Parkhurst Rollins ( Upton fy Parkhurst}, 5 John, h. at Wilton, N.H. 
Parkhurst William A., Merrimack, house 256 Central 
Parks George, painter, 173 Central, house 175 do. 

Parks Perces, widow, boards Pawtucket, corner School [Main 
Parmenter Addison, upholsterer, 7 Central, house London, near 
Parmenter Charles H. second hand, Lawrence corp. hodse 40 do. 
Parmenter Horace, overseer weaver, Lawrence corporation, h. 10 do. 
Parmenter Micah, laborer, house 6 Evans block, Railroad 
Parsons Floris E. bobbinmaker, boards 6 East Pine 
Parsons Frank D. driver steamer No. 1, house do. 

Parsons John, house 23 Howard 
Parsons Joseph R. Mrs. boards 5 Boott corporation 
Parsons ( William ) & Gibby (S. J. ), copper stamp and block 
cutter, 3 Fletcher, house Hale, near Cambridge 
Partlow Horatio, watchman, house 55 Bartlett 
Partridge William, teamster, house 285 Middlesex 
Patch Benjamin, paymaster Merrimack Manufacturing Company, 
house 68 Merrimack corporation 

Patch Ephraim B. auctioneer and commission merchant, 1 and 2 
Commercial square, house 25 Lawrence [Commercial square 
Patch E. B. & Co. {George P. Lawrence ), furniture, 1 and 2 
Patch George L. boards 25 Lawrence 
Pateneaud Dugan, farmer, boards 1 Tilden court 
Pateneaud Joseph, farmer, house 1 Tilden court 
Patnaud Joseph, grocer, 328 Merrimack, house do. 

Patrick Samuel C. cigar manufacturer, 70 Merrimack, house 6 Ash 
Patten Davis B. machinist, house 125 Merrimack corporation 
Patten Joseph A. overseer, Lowell, house 46 Third, Centralville 
Patterson Charles J. musician, house 17 Walnut 
Patterson George W. overseer, Lawrence corp. house 27 do. 
Patterson James H. carpet- weaver, house 2 Wamesit block 
Patterson Samuel M. dresser, Boott corporation, house 78 do. 
Patterson William, carpenter, house 9 Tremont 
Paul Charles, laborer, house 86 Middlesex [Gates, near Westford 
Paul Cornelius C. Boston Express, Merrimack street depot, house 
Paul George K. gas fixtures ( Boston ), house Linden, cor. Auburn 
Paul Thomas, overseer, Hamilton corporation, house 10 S. Highland 
Paulint Rozilla, widow, boarding-house, 8 Appleton corporation 
Paulus Paul, cigarmaker, house 4 Walnut 
Payne John, laborer, house rear 18 Winter 
Payne Patrick B. spinner, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Payson James H. watchman, house 46 Rock 
Payson James H. jr. sashmaker, boards 46 Rock 
Peabody Baldwin T. {Custom House, Boston}, boards Wilder, 
corner Broadway [Massachusetts corporation 

P 1 ody Frank B. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 14 
Peabody Hartwell, screwmaker, 237 Middlesex, bds. 10 Mclntire 
Peabody Isaac, dyer, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 

Taunton Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, «fc Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Peabody James M. dry goods, 58 and 60 Merrimack, h. 30 Appleton 
Peabody John T. carpenter, house Madison, corner Burns 
Peabody Joseph, principal, Moody School, house 9 Everett 
Peabody Josiah G. doors, sashes, and blinds, Wamesit Mills, house 
Wilder, corner Broadway 

Peabody Morton N. doormaker, boards Wilder, corner Broadway 
Peabody W. L. bookkeeper, 51 Central, boards 9 Everett 
Pead Samuel F. carpenter, house 99 Merrimack corporation 
Pearl Auburn F. clerk, 195 Central, boards Third, Centralville 
Pearl Frank F. ( Washburn Pearl), provisions, 31 Market, house 
42 Third, Centralville [chine Shop corporation 

Pearl Isaac, Lowell Machine Shop foundry, house 26 Lowell Ma- 
Pearse Charles Mrs. house 81 Church 

Pearson Elizabeth B. dressmaker, 131 \ Central, boards 111 do. 
Pearson Frank M. student, boards 32 Pawtucket 
Pearson Hiram E. Mrs. house 32 Prescott corporation 
Pearson James M. (J. fy J. M. P arson), house 32 Pawtucket 
Pearson John & J. M. grocers, 3 Savings Bank building, house 
Lincoln, corner Hale 

Pearson John W. physician, Merrimack, corner Worthen, house do. 
Pearson J. Prescott, weaver, boards 124 Central 
Pearson Louis E. laborer, boards 136 Merrimack corporation 
Pearson Mehitable Mrs. house 30 Bartlett 
Pearson Samuel, Hamilton corporation, boards 43 South 
Pearsons Samuel, house 15 Suffolk corporation 
Pease George W. paper-boxmaker, 2 Appleton blk. h. 40 Lawrence 
Peaslee Eben B. machinist, house 160 Merrimack corporation 
Peaslee James W. wireworker, boards 26 Massachusetts corporation 
Peavey Emerson H. cardgrinder, Prescott corporation, house 39 do. 
Peavey Frank S. machinist, house 160 Suffolk 
Peavey Jewett, machinist, house 166 Suffolk 
Peck George A. contractor, L. M. S. house 20 L. M. S. corporation 
Peebles Jason E. spinner, house 2 Faulkner’s block 
Peirce Edward B. machinist, Howe, near Davidson, b. 40 Bartlett 
Peirce George L. Middlesex, house 1 Pond 
Peirce John, painter, boards 51 Massachusetts corporation 
Peirce John X. machinist, Howe, near Davidson, house 40 Bartlett 
Peirce John N. jr. cashier, Merchants’ National Bank, house 13 

Peirce Leonard, Middlesex, house 13 Harrison 
Peirce, see Pierce 

Pelsue George W. machinist, boards 61 West Union 
Pender Ellen, widow, house 19 Cross 
Pender John, laborer, house 8 Broadway 
Pender Michael F. tinsmith, house Marion, near Cross 
Pender William, laborer, house 8 Broadway 
Pendergast Gerrit, laborer, house 21 Dummer 
Pendergast Isaac B. carpenter, boards 94 Middlesex 

Middlesex Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Concord, Mass. Inc. 1836. A pop- 
ular dividend-paying Co. G. P. Hunt & Co., Agents. (See p. 344.) 



Pendergast John Mrs. boards rear 16 Dummer 
Pendergast Michael, laborer, house Lowell, near Jefferson 
Pendergast Peter, shoemaker, 304 Merrimack, house Varnum’s 
Cottage, River, Centralville 
Pendergast Richard, house 35 High 
Pendergast Thomas, Middlesex, house 24 Hurd 
Penhallow Benjamin H. book and job printer, Wyman’s Exchange, 
house 28 Third, Centralville 
Penhallow Lucy E. Miss, house 11 Kirk 
Penn Patrick, boilermaker, boards loO Market 
Pennell Ada Mrs. house 16 Market 
Penniman Dean Mrs. house 75 Salem 
Penniman Franklin H. stone-dealer, house 67 Salem 
Penniman George F., Boston Express, Merri mack-street depot, 
house 12 Butterfield 

Penniman Mary Miss, boards Chelmsford, corner Howard 
Penniman Robert, teamster, house 4 Bleachery 
Pennington William F. fancy painter, 99 Central, h. 42 Lagrange 
Percival Maria Miss, house 15 Massachusetts corporation 
Perham Elizabeth Mrs. boards 47 Worthen 
Perham Foster, bookkeeper, 43 Market, h. Mammoth road, Dracut 
Perkins Apo'los, carpenter, house 180 Gorham 
Perkins Charles, house 29 Suffolk corporation 
Perkins Clayton, machinist, Mechs. Mills, Fletcher, b. 33 Hanover 
Perkins C vrus, machinist, house Albro’s block, Cushing 
Perkins Daniel F. boards 260 Merrimack 
Perkins David M. dresser, hou^e 34 Boott corporation 
Perkins Edward, grinder, L. M. Shop, house 160 Moody 
Perkins Ella F. teacher, No. 23 Primary School, boards 39 Tre- 
mont corporation 

Perkins Francis S. machinist, Mechs. Mills, Fletcher, h. 53 Fletcher 
Perkins George T. machinist, Mechs. Mills, Fletcher, b. 128 Moody 
Perkins Henry P. paymaster, bleachery, house 278 Gorham 
Perkins James W. peddler, house 39 South 
Perkins ( Jonathan S.) & Kilbern (James IP . ), fishdealers, Mid- 
dlesex, corner Howard, house 33 Marion 
Perkins Major Gilbert, overseer weaver, house 39 Tremont corp. 
Perkins Susan W. widow, boards 53 Fletcher 
Perkinson James, laborer, boaids 55 West Union 
Perley Enoch T. carpenter, house Varney, near Mt. Washington 
Perley Thomas J. watchman, Aldrich’s block, Appleton 
Perow Peter shoemaker, house 20 Moody 
Perrin George W. machinist, house 7 Wentworth's building 
Perrin Lewis L. contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, house 9 Lowell 
Machine Shop corporation 

Perrin Mary J. dressmaker, Wamesit Bank building, house do. 

Perry Alfred, mason-tender, house 322 Merrimack 

Perry Charles, shoemaker, 67 Middle, h. Lincoln, n. Chelmsford 

Lyim Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Perry George G. clerk, 60 Middlesex, boards 10 Howard 
Perry John 13. livery stable, Arch, house 10 Howard 
Perry Oliver H. agent, Middlesex Company, house at Andover 
Perry Silas 0. moulder, house 55 L. M. S. corporation 
Perry Thomas, carder, house rear 31 Middle 
Person Margaret, widow, house 1 Adams [Willie 

Persons Albert C. inspector, R. W. Arms Company, h. Cross, near 
Persons Randolph, grocer, 214 Merrimack, house 174 Suffolk 
Peterson Nelson, carder, boards 22 Hamilton corporation 
Peterson Ruth 13. Miss, house 148 Suffolk 
Pettigrew Lyman H. spinner, boards 43 Tremont corporation 
Pettigrew Stephen G. stationery, house 15 J Middlesex 
Pettingell John, chimney caps, &c. Mechanis Mdls, Dutton, house 
at Salisbury [boards 95 Appleton 

Pettingell Walter J. chimney caps, cisterns, &c., Mechanics’ Mills, 
Pettingell William, hostler, 159 Middlesex, boards 13 Franklin sq. 
Pettes Harriet, widow, house rear 99 East Merrimack 
Pevey Abiel, foreman, Lowell Machine Shop foundry, house 8 
Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Pevey Frank S. moulder, L. M. S. Foundry, house Suffolk 
Pevey George E. draughtsman, boards 9 L. M. S. corporation 
Pevey James A. moulder, Lowell Machine Shop foundry, house 
246 Middlesex [boards 8 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Pevey John M. assistant foreman/Lowell Machine Shop foundry, 
Pevey Merrill C. moulder, house 18 L. M. S. corporation 
Phelan George, machinist, house 44 Boott corporation 
Phelan James D. gardener, house 9 Davis 
Phelan William H. machinist, house 9 Davis 
Phelps Albro, watchman, boards 43 Lawrence corporation 
Phelps A. operative, Lawrence corporation, boards 43 do. 

Phelps Chester R. carpenter, house 22 L. M. S. corporation 
Phelps Francis H. currier, house Liberty, near Chelmsford 
Phelps Sarah Jane Miss, boards 35 Fourth, Centralville 
Phelps W. P. painter, 24 Prescott, boards 11 Fifth, Centralville 
Philbio John, operative, boards 6 Hamilton corporation 
Philbrick Albanus, harnessmaker, house 94 East Merrimack 
Philbrick Caleb, expressman, Merrimack street depot, h. 285 Central 
Philbrick Calvin, city messenger, Mayor’s office, house 287 Central 
Philbrick Charles H. timekeeper for the city, house 18 Race 
Philbrick Charles W. house 9 Cabot block 
Philbrick Freeman C. clerk (Boston}, boards 287 Central 
Philbrick George A. clerk, 348 Merrimack, boards 125 Moody 
Philbrick Moses E. provisions, 348 Merrimack, house 125 Moody 
Pnillips Arm, widow, boarding-house, 62 Lawrence corporation 
Phillips James L. clerk, 310 Merrimack, boards do. 

Phillips Josiah S. bookkeeper, house 159 Broadway 
Phinney Robert G. beltmaker, house 3 Water 
Phippen John, watchman, house 12 Fayette 

Geo. F. Hunt &- Co. are agents for tlie Connecticut Mutual Life 
Ius. Co. For full particulars, see pages 344 and 345. 



Phipps William B. gigger, house rear 216 Central 
Pickens John, dyer, 100 Moody, house do. 

Pickering Cyrus C. house 105 Howard 

Pickering Ralph, mule spinner, boards 29 Bootfc corporation 

Pickles John, carder, boards 90 Moody 

Pickman David, machinist, Middlesex, house 4 Water 

Pierce Ashbel F. doormaker, house 36 Rock 

Pierce A. S. Mrs. dressmaker, 24 John, house do. 

Pierce Charles A. machinist, Fleicher, c. Cushing, house 2 Carlton 

Pierce Edwin F. bookkeeper, Wamesit Steam Mills, b. 36 Rock 

Pierce Emeline, widow, boards River road, Dracut 

Pierce Frank W. clerk, 62 Merrimack, boards 16 Lagrange 

Pierce Henry 31. operative, boards 8 Boott corporation [31alden 

Pierce James {Tower, Pierce , S? Co.), 138 Merrimack, house at 

Pierce James A. sashmaker, boards 36 Rock 

Pierce James 31. carpenter, house 70 Lawrence corporation 

Pierce John, painter, 43 East 3Ierrimack, boards 51 31ass. corp. 

Pierce J. Warren, machinist, house 16 Lagrange 

Pierce Levi, house First, near Bridge, Centralville 

Pierce Lewis A. clerk, freight office, B. L. & N. R.R. b. 36 Rock 

Pierce Lucinda, boarding-house, 5 Faulkner’s block 

Pierce Olive, widow, house 3Iammoth road, Dracut 

Pierce Samuel P. coppersmith, 8 Jackson, h. 23 Third, Centralville 

Pierce Thomas B. carpenter, hou:-e 24 TFemonfc corporation 

Pierce William S. carpenter, house 17 3iarshall 

Pierce, see Peirce 

Pihl Henry, laborer, boards Stone house, Whippleville 

Pihl 31artin Emanuel, dyer, house Stone house, 3Yhippleville 

Pike Albert J. hairdresser, Wamesit Bank building, h. 77 High 

Pike Daniel, painter, house 141 Merrimack corporation 

Pike D. Clark, teamster, 9 Thorndike, house 19 Queen 

Pike Henry C. dresser, boards 139 3!errimack corporation 

Pike 31ary E. teacher, Bartlett School, b. 49 Third, Centralville 

Pike 31ary J. house 49 Third, Centralville 

Pike Washington F. bungmaker, house Broadway, corner School 

Pike William, blacksmith, house First, near Bridge 

Pike William, blacksmith, Cushing, c. Rock, h. 70 L. 31. S. corp. 

Pillsbury Benjamin P. printer, “ Vox Populi” office, h. 23 Charles 

Pillsbury George, student, boards 24 Kirk 

Pillsbury Harlin, physician, 24 Kirk, house do. 

Pillsbury James B. carpenter, house 26 Chestnut 
Pillsbury Richard C. carpenter, 26 31iddlesex, house 5 Abbott 
Pdlsbury Sally, widow, boards 5 Abbott 
Pindar Joseph, at Belvidere Woolen Mills, house 7 Clay 
Pindar Laura J. teacher, 3Ioody School, boards 29 Chestnut 
Pindar 3Iiehael, laborer, at Gas Works, house 31arion, cor. Cross 
Pinder Albert, letter-carrier, Post-office, house 7 Cabot block 
Pinder Charles, moulder, boards 7 Clay 

Kew>£u»land Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & 
Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Pinder James II. clerk, Post-office, boards 29 Chestnut 
Pinder Joseph I)., United States assistant assessor, 2 Nesmith’s 
block, house 29 Chestnut 

Pine George, porter, Savings Bank building, bds. 33 Mass. corp. 
Pingree Henry B. house 7 Lagrange court 
Pingree Orrin, machinist, boards 7 Lagrange court 
Pinkham George E. physician, Central, c. Jackson, b. 192 Central 
Pinkhain James N. machinist, house Andover, corner Clay 
Pinney x\lden, farmer, house Pine, near Chelmsford line 
Pinney Charles M. carpenter, boards 33 Adams 
Pinney Samuel C. carpenter, house 33 Adams 
Piper Ann 31. Mrs. house Lincoln, near Chelmsford 
Piper George W. machinist, house 39 Lagrange 
Piper ( Levi T.) A Emery ( Lendal JS.), grocers, Pawtucket 
bridge, Dracut, house Bivcr road, do. 

Pitt John, carpenter, West, near Coburn, house do. Centralville 
Place David, engineer, house 50 Rock 

Place Isaac, door, sash, and blind manufacturer, Wamesit Steam 
Mills, house 137 Fletcher 

Plaisted Asa R. tinsmith, 125 Market, boards 34 Franklin 
Plaisted Ira II. carpenter, house 34 Franklin 
Planche Henry Mrs. boarding-house, 111 Central 
Plastridge Charles A. house Elm, near Sixth, Centralville 
Plastridge Salmon, house 1 Ford 

Platt James, blacksmith, house 104 Merrimack corporation 
Plimpton Albert B. sash and blind maker, Wamesit Steam Mills,, 
house 6 Favor 

Plimpton Betsy Mrs. boarding-house, 34 Hamilton corporation 
Plumado Laura A. Mrs. house Mt. Vernon, near Westford 
Plummer Charles H. clerk, boards 104 Moody 
Plummer Elbridge, boards 54 Boott corporation 
Plummer John A. butcher, house River road, Dracut [Merrill 
Plummer John W. boots and shoes, 68 Central, h. near head of 
Plummer Samuel, peddler, house 13 Paige 
Plummer Wesley, weaver, house 25 Boott corporation 
Plunkett Francis C. physician, 5 Welles block, house do. 

Plunkett Joseph, woolsorter, house Dutton, corner Lowell 
Plunkett Patrick, cardgrinder, house rear 146 Lowell 
Plunkett Robert J. peridler, house 188 Gorham 
Pollard Arthur G. {H. Hosford fy Co.'), 46 Merrimack, b. 46 Elm! 
Pollard Gorham L. prop. Lowell island House, house 57 Andover 
Pollard Joseph S. house 46 Elm 
Pollard Rhoda B. widow, house 33 Chestnut 
Pollard Rosella, boarding-house, 8 Appleton corporation 
Pollard Sylvester, printer, boards 150 Merrimack corporation 
Pollard Thomas, overseer, Merrimack Print Works, h. 150 Merri- 
mack corporation 

Poison James, moulder, boards 73 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

How to provide for the comfort and support of our families after 
our decease is the earnest thought of every man. (See pp. 344 & 345.) 



Poison Jenny Mrs. house 204 Central 

Pomeroy Roland T. carpenter, house Mammoth road, Dracut 

Poinfred James, at “ Vox Populi ” office, house Fulton, n. Coburn 

Pond Emma C. widow, house 54 Middlesex 

Poole George II. spinner, house 9 Suffolk corporation 

Poole Hiram, bungmaker, boards 79 Broadway 

Poole Frank, bootmaker, house 21 John 

Poor Charles E. carpenter, house Blanchard place 

Poor Eliza C. boarding-house, 52 Boott corporation 

Poor Lydia H. nurse, house Blanchard place 

Poor Thomas, B. &. L. R.R. boards Branch, corner School 

Poore J. Edwin, clerk, First National Bank, b. 4 High-st. square 

Poore Lucy Mrs. house 4 High-street square 

Porter Calvin E. carpenter, house 41 Wentworth’s building 

Potter Henry, machinist, boards 21 Race 

Potter James Mrs. boarding-house, 80 Market 

Potter Joseph W. machinist, Broadway, c. Mt. Vernon, h. 4 Ford 

Potter William, overseer, house 69 Appleton 

Powell Hamilton, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 

Powell Henry, sash and blind maker, bds. 18 Appleton corporation 

Powell Sarah, boards 270 Merrimack 

Powers Charles, cooper, boards 5 Cummiskey’s alley 

Powers Ellen, widow, house Tyler’s block, Centralville 

Powers Ellen, widow, house 14 Lowell 

Powers George H. tinplate-worker, 28 Andover, boards 44 Elm 
Powers Hannibal ( Streeter Sr Powers ), 7 John, house 34 Chestnut 
Powers Joel, house 98 Fletcher 
Powers John, Hamilton, boards 55 Market 
Powers John, laborer, house 4 Carpet lane 
Powers John, machinist, boards 14 Lowell 
Powers John L. mason, house 152 Suffolk 
Powers Margaret, widow, house Z0 Howe 
Powers Mary and Ann, house 24 Hurd 
Powers Michael, laborer, house 42 Fayette 
Powers Patrick, laborer, house 19 Dummer 
Powers Thomas, blacksmith helper, boards 14 Lowell 
Powers William, cooper, house 5 Cummiskey’s alley 
Powers William H. woolsorter, boards 14 Lowell 
Powers William M. hairdresser, boards 14 Lowell 
Prarie Isaac, laborer, house 3 Hancock avenue 
Pratt Abbie H. dressmaker, boards 229 Middlesex 
Pratt Albert F. comedian, boards 1 Robinson 
Pratt Amasa ( M \ G. Pratt Sf Go.) y planing, &c. Wamesit Mills, 
house 10 Butterfield 

Pratt Cyrus W. trader, house 37 Bartlett 
Pratt David, machinist, house 38 Marion 

Pratt David A. woodworker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house Marion 
Pratt Henry, knitter, house 58 Lawrence corporation 

JSew-York State Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & 
Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Pratt Joseph W. machinist, house 10 Prescott corporation 
Pratt Matthew C. & Co. ( Amasa Pratt ), planing and moulding, 
Wamesit Mills, house Varney, corner Mount Washington 
Pratt Samuel C. bookkeeper, 1 Nesmith’s block, house 60 Andover 
Pratt Thomas, stairbuilder, 61 Cashing, house 1 Robinson 
Pratt Thomas, woodsawyer, house rear 80 Middlesex 
Pratt Thomas F. sraii builder, boards 1 Robinson 
Pratt William F. farmer, house 2 High-street square 
Pray George E. mason, boards 68 Massachusetts corporation 
Pray John J. mason, house 63 Massachusetts corporation 
Pray Margaret, widow, house 22 North 
Preble Austin D. watchman, Middlesex, house 42 Lawrence 
Precourt Ansel, laborer, Wamesit Sream Mills 
Precourt Joseph, laborer, house 10 Middlesex place 
Presby Mason W. watchman, house 316 School 
Prescott Alfred A. woodsawyer, house rear 120 Middlesex 
Prescott Alvah, blacksmith, house 1 Lagrange court 
Prescott Augustus L. carder, Boott coiporation, house 64 do. 
Prescott Cnarles, plancmaker, house 13 Green 
Prescott D. Moody , .stuccoworker, 19 Middle, house 5 Harrison 
Prescott Henry A. Mrs. house 14 Tyler 
Prescott James H. machinist, house 168 Merrimack corporation 
Prescott J. M. engineer, B. & L. R. R. boards 2 Middlesex place 
Prescott John H. cabinetmaker, boards 3 > Franklin 
Prescott Mills, Merrimack, near Concord river 
Prescott Melbourn, engineer, B. & L. R. R. bds. 2 Middlesex pi. 
Prescott Samuel D. folder, house 30 Bleachery 
Presho Mary, widow, house 51 Lawrence 
Presho Phinehas A. boards 51 Lawrence 
Pressey Howard R. teamster, at A. L. Brooks’s 
Pressey James, produce dealer, house 9 Central 
Pressey Thomas W. constable, 55 Central, house 217 do. 

Preston Erasmus D. shoemaker, house 13 North Franklin court 
Preston John, copper-stampmaker, 111 Thorndike, b. 2 Highland 
Preston Lois, widow, house 1 Fellows court [School 

Preston L. A. Mrs. clerk, 39 Merrimack, house High, near Moody 
Preston Samuel W. shoemaker, house 7 Decatur [ford 

Price Charles D. blacksmith, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. at Chelms- 
Price George, laborer, house rear 8 William 
Price William, bleachery, house 309 Central 
Pride Thomas, stonecutter, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Priest Frederick H. operative, boards 23 Race 
Priest George A. bookkeeper, at H. & A. Whitney’s, bds. 30 Boott 

Priest Mary S. widow, house 23 Race 
Prince Edward, boards Pawtucket, opposite Fletcher 
Prince John D. jr. Mrs. house Pawtucket, opposite Fletcher 
Prince Robert, manufacturing chemist, b. Pawtucket, opp. Fletcher 

Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co., State Mutual Life Assurance Co. 
Worcester, Mass. G. P. Hunt «fc Co., Agents. (See page 314.) 



Proctor Elbridge, beltmaker, at Whiting & Co.’s, boards 62 Low- 
ell Machine Shop corporation 

Proctor Fred W. student, boards Wilder, near Pawtucket 
Proctor George H. blacksmith, boards 34 Suffolk 
Proctor Goward II. contractor, L. M. S. boards 12 L. M. S. corp. 
Proctor Heman, blacksmith, L. M. S. house 2 L. M. S. corporation 
Proctor Henry B. clerk, 201 Middlesex, house 246 do. 

Proctor Horace B. hairdresser, 32 Prescott, h. Sixth, c. Llewellyn, 

Proctor James Mrs. boards Loudon court 

Proctor Joseph W gasfitter, Mount Vernon, near Broadway, house 
Wilder, near Pawtucket 

Proctor Seward N. carpenter, 183 Central, house Loudon court 
Prow Peter, shoemaker, 224 Merrimack, house 20 Moody 
Pucell John W. plasterer and stucco worker, house 45 Biver, Cen- 
tralville [h. 25 Chapel 

Puffer Asahel D. & Co. ( Horace Eld), grocers, 32 Middlesex, 
Puffer Freeman W. (. French Puffer), crockery, 115 Central, 

boards 111 do. [&c. 13 Market, h. 3 Wamesit 

Puffer (James F.) & Bradley ( William T.), furniture, stoves, 
Puffer Josiah Mrs. boards 254 School 
Puffer Louisa Mrs. house 54 Tyler 
Puffer Stephen, provision dealer, 90 Middlesex 
Pulcifer Ilervey, A. L. Brooks’s, house 111 Appleton 
Pullen George W. watchman, boards 115 Gorham 
Pullen John A. machinist, Merrimack corporation, house 40 do. 
Purcell James, laborer, house 3 Summer 
Purcell Thomas, mason, house First, Centralville 
Purcell Thomas, laborer, house 46 Davidson 
Purinton Joshua K. boards 11 Butterfield 

Pushee , painter, boards 203 Middlesex 

Putnam (Adam) & Currier (John), soap and candle manufacturers, 
Lenton court, house 12 Lawrence [Mansur 

Putnam Addison, clothing warehouse, 45 Central, h. Nesmith, n. 
Putnam Eliza, widow, boards 52 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Putnam Frank P. bookkeeper, 45 Central, b. Nesmith, n. Mansur 
Putnam Jacob D. grocer, 5 Prescott block, house 10 Willow 
Putnam Martha Mrs. house 98 Salem [Rock 

Putnam Perry, patternmaker, Broadway, cor. Mt. Vernon, h. 40 
Putnam Warren F. teller, First National Bank, boards 40 Rock 

Putnam , carpenter, boards 88 Howard 

Putney Mary E. Mrs. house 36 Charles 

Pyne George, clerk, boards 33 Massachusetts corporation 

QUANT GEORGE, carpenter, house 88 Merrimack corporation 
Quierty Patrick, laborer, house rear 20 Summer 
Quigley Andrew, laborer, boards 14 Austin 
Quigley Dennis, laborer, house 4 Quigley’s alley 

Albany Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, A Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Quigley James, laborer, boards Marion, near Cross 
Quigley Margaret, widow, house 14 Austin 
Quigley William, laborer, house 14 Austin 
Quill Francis, laborer, house 25 Congress 

Quimby Alonzo P. painter, 63 Adams, h. Chelmsford, cor. Plain 

Quimby Darius, watchman, boards 26 Massachusetts corporation 

Quiinby Enoch, machinist, Mechanics Mills, Fletcher, h. 128 Moody 

Quimby James B. painter, 71 East Merrimack, house 13 Alder 

Quimby John II, wachinan, Merrimack, bds. 12 Suffolk corporation 

Quimby Orin, watchman, boards 29 Hamilton corporation 

Quinlan James, laborer, house 59 Gorham 

Quinlan John, blacksmith, house 55 West Union 

Quinlan John, laborer, house 8 Davis court 

Quinlan Michael, laborer, boards 6 Carolin’s block, Fayette 

Quinlan Michael, laborer, boards 59 Gorham 

Quinlan Patrick, laborer, house 6 Carolin’s block, Fayette 

Quinn Austin, Middlesex, boards 1 George 

Quinn Bridget Mrs. house 24 Jefferson 

Quinn Catharine, widow, house 10 Adams 

Quinn James, blacksmith, house 7 Theatre block 

Quinn James F. machinist, house 126 Lowell 

Quinn John, laborer, house 13 Adams 

Quinn John, tailor, 1 Appleton block, house 7 Hurd 

Quinn John, moulder, house 5 Wamesit court 

Quinn J. H. E. currier, boards 17 Hanover 

Quinn Maurice, Merrimack corporation, house 47 Market 

Quinn Michael, laborer, house 9 Carolin’s block, Fayette 

Quinn Neal, laborer, house rear 44 Gorham 

Quinn Patrick, shoemaker, 13 East Merrimack, house do. 

Quinn Peter, grocer, 4 Salem, house do 
Quinn Thomas, operative, house 1 Adams 
Quinn Thomas, laborer, house 19 Adams 
Quinn Thomas, laborer, house 20 Adams 
Quinn Thomas, laborer, at Gas Works 
Quinn Thomas, laborer, house 21 William 
Quinn Thomas V. Merrimack, house 17 Hanover 
Quirk Ellen, widow, house 16 Adams 
Quirk John, laborer, house rear 70 Lowell 
Quirk Mary, widow, house 5 Jefferson 

RABBITT JOHN, laborer, house 14 Mill 
Racicot Maurice, laborer, house 131 Middlesex 
Rafferty John Mrs. house 182 Gorham 
Rafferty Patrick, dyer, house 28 Cedar 
Rafferty Patrick, laborer, boards 182 Gorham 
Rafter James, house 44 Salem 
Rafter Patrick, clerk, 47 Lowell, boards 44 Salem 
Ragan Dennis, laborer, house 5 McCarry’s court 

GEO. P. HUNT <fc CO., Fire &. Life Ins. A g’y, representing $45,- 
000,003 Capital and Surplus. 28 Central St., Lowell. (See page 314.) 



Ragan Dennis, operative, house 37 Fenwick 

Ragan Dennis, 2d, laborer, house rear 37 Fenwick 

Ragan Jeremiah, laborer, bou*e 57 Fenwick 

Ragan Jeremiah, operative, house 7 McCarry’s court 

Ragan John, laborer, house 6 McCarry’s court 

Ragan Patrick, laborer, house 70 Lowell 

Ragan Patrick, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Ragan Thomas, stonecutter, boards 36 Marion 

Ragan Thomas, house Lowell, corner Fenwick 

Ragin Timothy Mrs. house 12 Lewis 

Rahell Edward, carriage-trimmer, Andover, corner Pleasant 

Rahell Patrick, operative, house 45 Chapel 

Rahil Rose, widow, house 3 Crosby 

Ramsbottom Thomas, blockprinter, house 1 Baldwin court 

Ramsdell Alonzo 0. shoemaker, 300 Central, house 220 do. 

Ramsdell Edward L. conductor, H. R. R. house 57 Fletcher 

Ramsdell Franklin F. painter, boards 134 Merrimack corporation 

Ramsdell Joseph S. teamster, house 25 Bleachery 

Ramsdell Theodore, house 107 Moody 

Ramsdell William Harry, machinist, Mt. Yernon, corner Broad- 
way, boards 32 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Rand David, carpet-weaver, house 20 Cedar 
Rand Enoch S., Boston Express, Merrimack-st. depot, h. 405 Merr. 
Rand Enoch S. jr. Boston Express, Merrimack depot, b. 405 Merr. 
Rand M. Abbie, variety store, 76 Central, house do. 

Rand Ruth E. nurse, boards 28 Appleton 
Rand Samuel, carpenter, house 223 Middlesex 
Randall J. Jerome B. bookbinder, house Cambridge 
Randall Robert B. salesman, 57 Central, house 10 Chestnut 
Randlett Kirk, Appleton, boards 49^ Cushing 
Randlett Mortimer B. house School, near Westford 
Ranger Elias H. house 13 Lagrange court 
Ranger William F. carriagemaker, boards 13 Lagrange court 
Raniville Felix, hosemaker, at Josiah Gates & Sons, house 30 Suffolk 
Ranlett Newell A. auctioneer, house 47 Third, Centralville 
Ranlett Orrin B. clerk, Liberty square, boards 73 Cushing 
Rano Lawrence, machinist, house 17 Adams 
Roscoe H. Alphonso, painter, Dutton, n. Fletcher, h. 127 Middelsex 
Rawlings Eben D. Mrs. house Broadway, corner School 
Rawlings Elwin G. E. student, boards 62 Lawrence corporation 
Rawlings Horace H. cabinetmaker, boards Broadway, corner School 
Rawlings James D. hardener, Arch, near Nashua and Lowell depot, 
boards Hale, near Railroad 

Rawlings Seva S. mason, house 75 Lawrence corporation 
Rawson George Mrs. house 158 Central 

Rawson R. T. teacher writing, 128 Merrimack, boards 23 Bartlett 

Ray John, helper, house Salem, above Cabot 

Ray William E. upholsterer, 11 Middle, boards 7 Oak 

Troy Directory, Published toy Sampson, Davenport, &, Co. (formerly 
Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 4 7 Congress St., Boston. 



Ray William H. & Co. cabinetmakers, 11 Middle, h 7 Oak 
Raymond Bartholomew, 106 Merrimack, bds. 30 Fourth, Centralville 
Raymond Daniel, hair work manufacturer, 100 Merrimack, h. 30 
Fourth, Centralville 

Raymond Hannah, widow, house TO Fayette 
Raymond John, operative, house 148 Central 
Raymond Liberty C. spinner, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Raymond Samuel E. clerk, gas office, house Poplar 
Raynes George W. {J. Raynes Sf Co.), 43 Central, h. 3 Centre 
Raynes Harry, clerk, 43 Central, boards 3 5 Lawrence 
Raynes Joseph & Co. {G. W. Raynes), jewellers and manufac- 
turers of silverware, 43 Central, house 36 Lawrence 
Read Calvin, trader, house 1 Westford 
Read Drusilla Miss, tailoress, house 18 Westford 
Read ( Elijah M.) & Frye ( Frederick ), masons and contractors, 
20 Prescott, house Andover road, Tewksbury 
Read Enoch M. {Page, Kidder , § Co.), flour, Thorndike, corner 
Dutton, house at Newburyport [Westford 

Read George G. stonecutter, Thorndike, cor. Middlesex, house 18 
Read Hannah, and Betsey, Misses, house 151 Moody 
Read Rebecca Miss, house at Old Ladies’ Home, 58 Moody 
Read Robert and Son {R. L.), grocers, 30 Bridge, house 20 Fourth, 

Read Robert L. {R.Readfy Son), also {H. W. Boardman A r 
Co.), 5 Barristers Hall, boards 20 Fourth, Centralville 
Read William W. trader, house First, near Simpson, Centralville 
Read, see Reed 

Reader Edward, agent, house 9 Oak 
Reader Thomas W. Mrs. house 74 Appleton 
Ready Ambrose L. clerk, 55 Dutton, house 64 do. 

Ready James Mrs. house 19 Warren 
Reagan John, Middlesex, house 23 Green 
Reardon Daniel, laborer, house 64 Adams 
Reardon John, fireman, house Broadway, near Adams 
Reardon Patrick, laborer, house rear 140 Lowell 
Reardon Patrick, fireman, house 4 Lowell place 
Reardon William, laborer, house 31 Fenwick 

Reardon , widow, house 21 East Merrimack 

Redmond James, laborer, house 10 Front, Centralville 
Redmond John, laborer, house 10 Front, Centralville 
Redmond Lawrence, marblepolisher, 155 Central, h. 329 do. 
Redmond Martin, bleacher, house 4 Kidder 
Reed (A. Byron) & Hallo well {Albert), brass-finishers and gasfit- 
ters, Mechanics Mills, Fletcher, boards American House 
Reed Ann, widow, boarding house, 112 Merrimack corporation 
Reed Charles A. carder, Merrimack corporation, house 38 do. 

Reed Edward E. overseer, Boott corporation, house 74 do. 

Reed George W. spinner, Merrimack corporation, house 51 do. 

Agency of Royal Ins. Co., Llv., Eng., with Greo. P. Ilnnt & Co., 
over Prescott Xat’l Bank, 38 Cent’l St., Lowell. (See pp. 311 and 106.) 



Reed Gordon, machinist, house 46 Paige 
Reed H. M., Merrimack corporation, boards do. 

Reed John W. counsellor, 4 Barristers’ Hall, boards 112 Prince 

Reed Louisa Mrs. house 1 Pearl 

Reed Mary, widow, house rear 52 River, Centralville 

Reed Mary B. F. widow, boarding-house, 18 Suffolk corporation 

Reed Ransom Mrs. house 28 Tyler 

Reed Samuel, winder, house 22 Bleaehery 

Reed Samuel, laborer, house 3 Tilden court 

Reed Thomas C. laborer, freight depot, house 19 Queen 

Reed Webster, produce, 247 Merrimack, boards 11 Warren 

Reed Webster, operative, boards 166 Central 

Reed Willard 0. clerk, B. & L. R. R. boards 227 Middlesex 

Reed William, operative, Appleton corp. house 25 do. 

Reed William N. weaver, house 43 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Reed, see Read 

Reensterina Gothard, woolsorter, boards 41 Appleton 
Regan Charles, card stripper, boards 40 Boott corporation 
Regan Dennis, dyer, boards 44 Lawrence corporation 
Regan Matthew, stonecutter, boards 6 Middlesex place 
Regan Timothy, laborer, boards Mt. Vernon, near Pawtucket 
Regnier Augustus, boards 5 Dempsey’s yard 
Regnier Jules, laborer, house 1 Dempsey’s yard 
Regnier Louis C. laborer, house 53 Salem 
Reilly Bernard, variety store, 77 Church, house do. 

Remond Joseph, shoemaker, 25 Suffolk, house do. 

Renfrew John, machinist, boards 4 Mechanic 

Rescoe Lewis, laborer, house rear*320 Merrimack 

Reshford Edward, marble-polisher, 165 Middlesex, bds. 8 do. 

Reynolds Amasa N. carpenter, house Railroad, near Hale 

Reynolds Bernard, house 27 Wamesit 

Reynolds Charles, machinist, house 156 Middlesex 

Reynolds Daniel, janitor, house rear 18 Grand 

Reynolds Edward,' flannel-finisher, house 116 East Merrimack [mer 

Reynolds Francis, blacksmith, Fletcher, cor. Cushing, h. r. 16 Dum- 

Reynolds Francis, Hamilton corporation, house 43 Gorham 

Reynolds Hamilton E. janitor, boards rear 18 Grand 

Reynolds Harry H. machinist, boards Hale, near Howard 

Reynolds Mary, widow, house 116 East Merrimack 

Reynolds Patrick, house 121 Lowell 

Rhine Thomas, porter, Merrimack House 

Rhodes John, overseer, Middlesex Company, house 15 Hurd 

Rhodes John, jr. boards 15 Hurd 

Rice Catharine Miss, boarding-house, 12 Merrimack corporation 
Rice CortisN. machinist, Mechanics Mills, Fletcher, boards 33 Mas- 
sachusetts corporation [house 249 do. 

Rice ( Edward G.) & Bailey {Anson), provisions, 131 Central, 
Rice Franklin E. clerk, 42 Merrimack, hoards 51 East Merrimack 

Providence Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Rice Henry M. & J. provisions, 4 E. Merrimack, house 11 Auburn 
Rice Jonathan ( H M. Sf J. Rice), 4 E. Merrimack, h. 17 Auburn 
Rice John S. machinist, boards South, corner Appleton 
Rice Mary J. teacher, No. 7 Primary School, house 265 Central 
Rice Moses, watchman, Appleton corp. house South, cor. Appleton 
Rich George W. carver, boards 268 Middlesex 
Rich Susan, widow, house 26 Bartlett 
Richard Mitchell, carpenter, house 1 Dempsey’s yard 
Richards ( Albert D .), Morton ( R. 7\), & Colburn (M. L.), court- 
plasters, 15 Ash, house 43 Willow 
Richards Henry II. boxmaker, house rear 30 Front, Centralville 
Richards James C. W. carder, boards 62 Merrimack corporation 
Richards John, overseer yard, Merrimack corporation, house 37 do. 
Richards Joseph, weaver, house 64 Lawrence corporation 
Richards Leonard J. building mover, boards 17 Andover 
Richards Lewis, picker, boards 20 Massachusetts corporation 
Richards Luther, superintendent streets, house 17 Andover 
Richards Martin, showman, house 5 Merrimack 
Richards Naomi, widow, house 53 Hanover 
Richards Sarah P. widow, house rear 30 Front, Centralville 
Richards Watson, mariner, bouse rear 30 Front, Centralville 
Richardson Abel, farmer, boards Hildreth, corner Pearl, Centralville 
Richardson Abraham Mrs. house Water, corner Pond 
Richardson Alden B. & Co. (/. Melvin), clothing, 23 Central, 
house 46 Andover [Lawrence corporation 

Richardson Annie E. teacher, No. 22 Primary School, boads 25 
Richardson Benjamin F. engineer, Boston & Lowell Railroad, 
house 8 Mclntire 

Richardson Charles, carpenter, house 6 Franklin square 
Richardson Charles II. boards 63 Massachusetts corporation 
Richardson Charles H. milkman, house 11 Alder [City Hall ave. 
Richardson Charles H. Boston Express, Merrimack-st. depot, bds. 2 
Richardson Daniel, jr. butcher, 320 Merrimack, b. 60 Lawrence corp. 
Richardson Daniel H. butcher, house Middlesex, west of Walker 
Richardson Daniel L. house Middlesex, corner Walker 
Richardson Daniel S. & G. F. counsellors, 55 Central, house Nes- 
mith, corner Mansur 

Richardson Edward J. machinist, 92 Market, h. 15 N. Franklin ct. 
Richardson Elbridge G. piano-tuner, house 383 Merrimack 
Richardson Elizabeth B. widow, h. rear Parker’s block, Centralville 
Richardson Frank L. ( L . B. Richardson 4* Go ), broker, 108 
Central, boards Highland, corner Thorndike 
Richardson George, draughtsman, Lowell Machine Shop, house 4 
Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Richardson George, refreshment saloon, 21 Merrimack, house do. 
Richardson George, hostler, house 21 Chailes 
Richardson George F. (I). S. Sf G. F. Richardson) , counsellor, 
55 Central, house Nesmith, corner Mansur 

Security Fire Ins. Co. N.Y. City. Capital, $1,000,000. Assets, 
$1,4:77,077.13. Losses promptly paid. Geo. F. Hunt «fc Co., Agts. 



Richardson George H. machinist, boards 10 Merrimack corporation 
Richardson George H. clerk, Boott corporation, boards 3 Third, 

Richardson George M. hairdresser, 242 Merrimack, h. at Boston 
Richardson Hannah, widow, house Bridge, near Old road 
Richardson Helen, widow, boards 28 Merrimack corporation 
Richardson Tra G. house 13 Auburn 

Richardson Janies B. boarding-house, 10 Merrimack corporation 
Richardson John A. G. clerk, 195 Middlesex, boards East Pine, 
near Carlton , [Fletcher 

Richardson John B. grocer, Adams, cor. Fletcher, house Willie, cor. 
Richardson John M. farmer, boards Hildreth, cor. Pearl, Centralville 
Richardson Joseph L. painter, boards 102 East Merrimack 
Richardson Julian A. boards 5 Pearl 

Richardson Leonard, photographist, 27 \ Kirk, b. 31 Hamilton corp. 
Richardson Lewis B. & Co. (F. L. Richardson ), brokers, 108 
Central, house Highland, corner Thorndike 
Richardson Maria C. teacher, EJson School, boards 6 Franklin sq. 
Richardson Margaret H. boarding-house, 3 Third, Centralville 
Richardson Merrill Mrs. house Hildreth, corner Pearl, Centralville 
Richardson Nancy, house Hildreth. Centralville [Centralville 

Richardson Oakley E. D. carpenter, boards Bridge, cor. Hildreth, 
Richardson Obadiah W. weaver, house Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 
Richardson (Oliver A.) & Cutter ( Abijah ), gunsmiths, 66 Cen- 
tral, house 102 East Merrimack 

Richardson Samuel C. hairdresser, 242 Merrimack, house 32 Willie 
Richardson Sarah, boards 14 Cabot 

Richardson Sullivan, restaurant, 42 Central and 4 Prescott, house 
First, corner Read, Centralville [ville 

Richardson Sumner, grocer, Hildreth, cor. Pearl, house do. Central- 
Richardson Sibyl Miss, house 123 Gorham 

Richardson ( Sylvester ) & Smith ( D . B .), wood-dealers, Salem, 
corner Common, house School, corner Bowers 
Richardson Thomas L. overseer, Lawrence corporation, house 25 do. 
Richardson William, engineer, Lowell Steam Boiler Works, house 
90 Appleton 

Richardson William C. weaver, Srott’s Mill, house 5 Chestnut 
Richardson W. B. machinist, 92 Market, h. 16 N. Franklin court 
Richardson William W. clerk, Adams, corner Fletcher, boards Willie, 
corner Fletcher 

Richmond Charles B. paper-manufacturer, 80 Lawrence, h. Andover 

Richmond Lucia Miss, house 38 Lawrence 

Ricker Almon N. at A. L. Brooks's house 23 Smith 

Ricker Charles E. machinist, house 5 Chapel 

Ricker Charles H. engineer, house 106 Merrimack 

Ricker Charlotte, widow, boarding-house, 7 Appleton corporation 

Ricker Ebenezer, mason, house 19 Chapel 

Ricker Freeman D. spinner, boards 7 Appleton corporation 

Cliarlestovvu Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co, 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Ricker George A. carpenter, boards 19 Chapel 

Ricker Mary S. widow, house 7 Lawrence corporation 

Ricker Nathan L. laborer, Locks and Canals, house 40 Dummer 

Ricker Timothy, Mrs. house 28 Boott corporation 

Ricker William, operative, Lawrence corporation, boards 44 do. 

Rickhart Henry H. machinist, boards 5 Jackson 

Riddle David L. peddler, house 90 Appleton 

Ridge Edwin, file-grinder, house 11 Cedar 

Riell Rose, widow, house 3 Crosby 

Rigner Lewis, laborer, house 9 Cabot 

IFgney Edward, laborer, house rear 19 Summer 

Rigney Michael, laborer, house 7 Molloy’s court 

Riley Bartholomew, laborer, house 4 Wall 

Riley Bernard, wood-dealer, 25 Davidson, house do. 

Riley Bridget, widow, house rear 108 Gorham 

Riley Bridget Mrs. house 18 River, Centralville 

Riley Catharine, widow, house 28 Front, Centralville 

Riley Charles, laborer, house 26 River, Centralville 

Riley Daniel, laborer, house rear 15 River, Centralville 

Riley Daniel, tailor, house 25 Fenwick 

Riley Edward, machinist, house rear 78 Lowell 

Riley Ellen, widow, house 18 Keene 

Riley Francis, operative, house 6 Fenwick 

Riley Frank, laborer, boards rear 103 Gorham 

Riley Frank, moulder, Willie, corner Dutton 

Riley Hugh, spinner, house 20 North 

Riley Hugh, laborer, house 50 Middle 

Riley James, carpenter, house 45 Chapel 

Riley James, laborer, at Gas Works, house 98 Adams 

Riley James, house 48 Davidson 

Riley James E. laborer, 90 Market, house 67 do. 

Riley James, currier, house 3 Court avenue 

Riley James, operative, house 5 Theatre block, Lowell 

Riley John, grocer, 77 Gorham, boards 15 Summer 

Riley John, dyer, house rear 61 Middle 

Riley John, laborer, house Andover 

Riley John, laborer, at Gas Works 

Riley John, Merrimack corporation, house 22 Kirk avenue 

Riley John, currier, house Fenwick, corner Suffolk 

Riley John, moulder, boards 40 Paige 

Riley John, soapmaker, house 93 Merrimack corporation 

Riley John, grocer, Lowell, corner Worthen, house do. 

Riley John, dyer, house 97 Lowell 
Riley John, laborer, house 29 Fenwick 
Riley John, laborer, house East Pine, near Nichols 
Rtley John, operative, house 14 Keene 

Riley John, Lowell Machine Shop corporation, house 261 Gorham 
Riley Joseph, chemical plumber, house 48 Water 

Germania Fire Ins. Co. of N.Y. Assets over $875,000. A first-class 
Co. Policies written at the orifice of G. P. Hunt «fc Co. (See p. 344.) 



Riley Julia, widow, house Howard’s avenue 

Riley Lawrence, laborer, boards 30 Lowell 

Riley Luke, butcher, house Broadway, near School 

Riley Luke, jr. butcher, boards Walker, near Middlesex 

Riley Mary, widow, house 2 Fenwick 

Riley Michael, laborer, house rear 78 Lowell 

Riley Michael, laborer, house 15 Davidson 

Riley Michael, laborer, house 14 Keene 

Riley Michael, carder, boards 54 Boott corporation 

Riley Owen, laborer, boards 45 Chapel 

Riley Patrick, laborer, house 48 Middle 

Riley Patrick, at Mehan Bros. 24 Prescott, bds. 73 E. Merrimack 

Riley Patrick, laborer, house rear 78 Lowell 

Riley Patrick, Boott corporation, house rear 65 Market 

Riley Peter, laborer, house 35 Keene 

Riley Peter, laborer, house Sixth, Centralville 

Riley Peter, Middlesex, house Sixth, corner Pleasant, Centralville 

Riley Peter, laborer, house 54 Middle 

Riley Peter, laborer, house Parker’s block, Centralville 

Riley Peter Mrs. house 53 Middle 

Riley Philip, bleacher, house 7 Livingston 

Riley Philip, teamster, house 11 Green’s court 

Riley Philip, bleacher, house 261 Gorham 

Riley Simon, laborer, boards 40 Paige 

Riley Thomas, laborer, house 8 William 

Riley Thomas, turner, Cushing, corner Rock, h. Main, c. Lincoln 
Riley Thomas, fish, Gorham, corner Appleton, boards 48 Middle 
Riley Thomas, laborer, house Worthen, near Lowell 
Riley Thomas, woodturner, house Maine 
Riley T. laborer, boards 103 Gorham 
Riley William, at American Bolt Company, house 37 George 
Rines George, weaver, boards 53 Massachusetts corporation 
Rines John S. dresser, boards 42 Lawrence corporation 
Ring Dennis, laborer, house Broadway, near Adams 
Ring Dennis Mrs. house 12 Lewis 
Ring Jeremiah, carpetweaver, house 30 Cedar 
Ring Patrick, watchman, Round House, boards 50 Common 
Ring Thomas, at Print Works, boards 115 Merrimack corporation 
Ring William, boards Broadway, near Adams 
Ring William D. house 39 Wentworth’s block 
Ring W. D. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Riordan John, machinist, house rear 38 Dummer 
Riordan Patrick, paper-maker, house 85 Gorham 
Riordan Susan, widow, house 38 Dummer 
Ripley Edward, 45 Central, boards Pine 
Ripley Edward E. boards Smith, near Liberty 
Ripley George, insurance agent, 10 Middle, house Park, corner 
East Merrimack 

Pall River Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Ripley George & Co. ( Joseph and Leonard Church'), manufactur- 
ers of cotton bats, wadding, and paper, 10 Middle 
Ripley Herbert B. wire-worker, house Read, cor. Fifth, Centralville 
Ripley Joseph B. printer, 21 Central, house Smith, near Liberty 
Ripley Thomas, farmer, house Westford, opposite Queen 
Risley Eli H. overseer, Chase’s Mills, boards 63 Lawrence 
Ritchie Catharine, widow, boards 44 L. M. S. corporation 
Ritchie John P. clothing, 50 Central, house 66 Lawrence 
Riviere Marie, widow, house 118 Middlesex 
Rix Benjamin F. Mrs. h. off Methuen, near City line, Centralville 
Rix George W. section hand, L. & L. R. R. house Thorndike 
Roach Catharine, widow, house Adams, opposite Catholic Church 
Roach Charles, boards 41 Salem [Gorham 

Roach Lawrence, painter, 1 and 2 Commercial square, house 94 
Roach Margaret, widow, boards 20 William 
Roach Michael, bleachery, house Prospect, near Kidder 
Roach Morris, shoemaker, house 6 Middle 
Roach Patrick, laborer, house 41 Salem 
Roach Patrick, woolsorter, boards 84 Market 

Roach , machinist, house 31 Lawrence corporation 

Roache Lawrence, billposter, house 94 Gorham 

Roane John P. stonemason, house 83 Gorham 

Roane Michael, laborer, house 16 Keene 

Roark Andrew, laborer, house Lowell, near Hanover 

Roark Daniel E. boards 10 Keene 

Roark Edward, laborer, 233 Middlesex 

Roark Francis, laborer, house 17 Lee 

Roark John, house 32 Crosby 

Roark John, house 103 Lowell 

Roark John, laborer, boards 136 Merrimack corporation 
Roark John, laborer, house 6 Front, Centralville 
Roark Michael, butcher, 39 Lowell, house do. 

Roark Miles, laborer, house 78 Middle 
Roark Patrick, provisions, 75 Lowell, house do. 

Roark Peter, laborer, house 69 Lowell 
Roark Terrence, saloon, boards 51^ Lowell 
Roark Thomas, laborer, house 43 Lowell 

Robbins Albert F. boots and shoes, 68 Merrimack, b. 38 Bartlett 

Robbins Charles H. mason, house 90 Bridge, Centralville 

Robbins George, blacksmith, house 35 L. M. S. corporation 

Robbins Hannah, widow, boards Willie, corner Franklin 

Robbins Henry, carpenter, house 7 Lawrence corporation 

Robbins Jacob, house 182 East Merrimack 

Robbins John, mason, house First, Centralville 

Robbins Mary Anne, widow, house Putney’s court 

Robbins Sophia T. widow, house 131 Middlesex 

Roberg James, bobbinmaker, house 16 Rock 

lloberge James, doormaker, Wamesit Steam Mill, h. 22 Grand 

Geo. F. Hunt &Co. are Agents for tire Baltic Fire Ins. Co. of N.Y. 
Tills Co. joins no ** Combination ” or “ Association.” (See p. 344.) 


Roberge Lewis, doormaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 179 

Roberge William, at felting mill, boards 79 Broadway 
Roberts Charles, machinist, Broadway, corner Mt. Vernon, house 
4 Suffolk corporation 

Roberts Dudley, machinist, boards 65 L. M. S. corporation 
Roberts James, painter, house 43 Tremont corporation 
Roberts James P. machinist, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Roberts J:>hn, machinist, Lawrence corporation, house 63 do. 
Roberts John, bobbinmaker, house 22 Grand 
Roberts John L. teamster, house 40 Franklin 
Roberts Michael, house 54 Lewis [Bow, Centralville 

Roberts Nathaniel, bootmaker, 35 Merrimack, house Coburn, near 
Roberts Willard, Lawrence corporation, house 43 Tremont corp. 
Roberts William, dresser, house 175 Merrimack corporation 
Robertson Janies L. gasfitter, house 16 Lowell corporation 
Robertson John, porter, C. P. Talbot & Co.’s, h. r. 43 Chestnut 
Robie Solon S. engineer, B. & L. R. R. house 42 Branch 
Robiio Elizabeth, widow, house 53 Middle 
Robiio Frank, spinner, boards 53 Middle 
Robinson Alexander, finisher, boards 12 Union 
Robinson x\lexander H. paymaster, Appleton Mill, h. 32 Lawrence 
Robinson Benjamin, operative, house 3 George 
Robinson Benjamin & Co. fancy goods, 102 Merrimack, house 7 

Robinson Charles S. carder, house 64 Massachusetts corporation 
Robinson Clarence W. clerk, Market House, boards 7 Harrison 
Robinson Don C. moulder, Willie, corner Dutton 
Robinson Edwin, dresser, boards 58 Boott corporation 
Robinson Ferdinand, house Middlesex, west of Walker 
Robinson Frederick W. millinery goods, 61 Merrimack, h. 16 Kirk 
Robinson Georgie Miss, bookkeeper, 3 Cushing, boards 33 Lowell 
Machine Shop corporation 

Robinson Henry, mason, house Fletcher, near Willie 
Robinson James, spinner, house 34 Cedar 
Robinson James, laborer, house 10 Keene 
Robinson James, painter, house 76 Warren 
Robinson Jasper, laborer, boards 22 North Franklin court 
Robinson John, machinist, Mechanics Mills, boards 33 Lagrange 
Robinson John, weaver, house 342 Central 
Robinson John A. farmer, house River road, Dracut 
Robinson Manila Miss, boards 3 Boott corporation 
Robinson Robert, filemaker, house Lawience-street court 
Robinson William, weaver, house 8 North 
Robinson William, watchman, boards 24 Boott corporation 
Robinson William, weaver, boards 67 Lawrence corporation 
Robinson William & Co. (A. Nourbourne ), machinists, Me- 
chanics Mills, house 24 Rock 

Lawrence Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, <fc Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Roby Augustus B. machinist, Merrimack corporation, house 74 do. 

Roby E. P. Mrs. boards 47 Fletcher 

Roby Royal, fireman, B. & L. R. R. boards 15 Fletcher 

Roby Solon, engineer, Boston and Lowell Railroad 

Rochemont (Jeorge de, moulder, Willie, c. Dutton, house Oliver 

Rock William W. spinner, house 40 Walnut 

Rodliff Ferdinand, superintendent, Hamilton Manufacturing Com- 

pany, house 35 Appleton 

[35 Appleton 

fnnnnr ( h 

Rodliff Ferdinand, jr. paymaster, Hamilton Manufacturing Co. b. 
Rodliff Horatio H. ( Bennett fy Rodliff), Moody, house 91 Salem 
Rodliff William, spinner, house 77 Lawrence 
Rogan Bridget Miss, house 5 Dodge 
Rogan Patrick, painter, house 59 Adams 
Rogers Arnold R. patent-leather polisher, house 24 Congress 
Rogers Caleb, clerk, 31 Market, boards 1 Merrimack corporation 
Rogers Catharine, widow, house rear 8 Union 
Rogers David, stonecutter, house 3 Union 
Rogers David Mrs. house 244 Central 
Rogers Eunice Mrs. boarding-house, 6 Merrimack corporation 
Rogers Felix, laborer, house rear 61 Middle 
Rogers Harriet, widow, house 58 Bartlett 
Rogers Hugh, operative, house rear 78 Lowell 
Rogers Hugh, dyer, house 3 Edgerley’s court [mack, b. 428 do. 
Rogers Jacob & Co. ( Frederic Taylor), hardware, &e. 166 Merri- 
Rogers John, rag-gatherer, house 1 Summer 
Rogers John, laborer, boards rear 61 Middle 
Rogers John, laborer, house 5 Knowles place 
Rogers John, boards 314 School 
Rogers John, laborer, house rear 29 Hanover 
Rogers John F. cashier, R. R. National Bank, and treasurer Me- 
chanics Savings Bank, house 23 Nesmith [Moody 

Rogers John G. (Stiles, Rogers, Sf Co.), 23 Market, house 165 
Rogers Lizzie Mrs. dressmaker, 56 Moody, house do. 

Rogers Martha, widow, house 18 Kirk 

Rogers Joseph P. farmer, house High, near Nesmith 

Rogers Michael, laborer, house 48 Adams 

Rogers Patrick, laborer, house 61 Lowell [School 

Rogers (Rufus) & Page (Moses G.), grocers, 11 John, h. 314 

Rogers Thomas, turner. Mechanics Mills, boards 48 Adams 

Rogers Thomas, laborer, house 30 Cedar 

Rogers Thomas, laborer, boards rear 61 Middle 

Rogers Thomas, laborer, house 20 Jefferson 

Rogers William M. watchman, house Lincoln 

Rokes James, clerk, 7 Central, boards South 

Roland Peter, spinner, house 23 George 

Rolfe Abiel, freight agent, Lowell and Lawrence Railroad, h. Rolfe 

Rolfe Eliza G. widow, boards 14 Elm 

Rolfe Frank 0. clerk (Boston), boards Rolfe 

If you want a first-class Fire, Life, Accident, or Live-Stock Ins. 
Policy, call at Geo. F. Hunt & Co.’s Ins. Agency, 33 Central St. 



Rolfe Lizzie C. widow, house 45 Andover 
Rollins Abijab, stonecutter, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Rollins Anthony, house 15 Tremont corporation 
Rollins David B. moulder, house 27 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Rollins Frank E. clerk, 46 Merrimack, b. 63 Massachusetts corp. 
Rollins George S. salesman, 51 Central, house 24 South 
Rollins Henry C. cardgrinder, 59 Massachusetts corporation 
Rollins John L. house 55 Chapel 
Rollins Jonathan, mason, house 6Q, Church 
Rollins Pliny, spinner, house 17 Massachusetts corporation 
Roinana Anthony IlCv. assistant St. Peters, boards 17 Appleton 
Root Charles S. at Josiah Gates & Son’s, boards 43 Hanover 
Root George B. at C. B. Coburn’s, house 68 Moody 
Roper Caroline Mrs. house 14 Clay 
Roper Francis, Middlesex, house rear 9 Andover 
Roper George W. machinist, house 13 Appleton corporation 
Roper Nancy, widow, boards 13 Appleton corporation 
Roscoe. Alphonso, house rear 125 Middlesex 
Roscoe Edwin, carver, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 5 Railroad 
Roscoe Maurice, Hamilton corporation, house 2 Green 
Rose George, Middlesex, boards 67 Fayette 
Rose Gilbert, receiving clerk, freight depot, house 255 Central 
Rose John, Middlesex, house 78 High 
Rose Maria Mrs. dressmaker, house 23 Kirk 
Ross Charles, blacksmith, 163 Central, boards 65 High 
Ross James F. hairdresser, Washington House, house 281 Central 
Rousseau Elzeard, doormaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 118 

Roth John, carpetweaver, boards 344 Central 
Rothwell John, painter, house 80 Cross 

Rothwell John, moulder, house 332 Merrimack [mack corp. 

Rothwell Thomas, filecutter, Arch, n. N. & L. depot, b. 36 Merri- 
Rothwell Thomas Mrs. house 36 Merrimack corporation 
llourke Lawrence, picker, boards 14 Massachusetts corporation 
Rowe Daniel, carder, Boott corp., boards 5 Suffolk corporation 
Rowe George A. watchmaker, 43 Central, bds. 51 E. Merrimack 
Rowe Patrick, operative, house 16 Adams 

Rowe Richard Mrs. grocer, 38 Lowell, corner Dummer, house do. 
Rowell Edward T. ( Marden Rowell ), proprietors Lowell “ Cou- 

rier,” 21 Central, boards Washington House 
Rowland Thomas ( Carter , Rowland , Sf Co.)^ woolsorter, Whip- 
ple’s Mills, house at Chelmsford 
Rowlingson William, combmaker, house Clark’s court 
Roy Bozil S. overseer, Chase’s Mills, house 174 Lawrence 
Roy Febien, carpenter, house 3 Hancock avenue 
Roy Hilaire, carpenter, house 5 Dempsey’s yard 
Roy Julian, carpenter, house 32 Salem 
Royal Peter, driver, house 152 Gorham 

Lowell Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston, 



Royer Louis, teacher French, boards 60 Moody 
Ruby Solon, engineer, Boston and Lowell Railroad, house Branch 
Rugg Amos, paymaster, Massachusetts Mill, boards 12 Hurd 
Rugg ( Chester JF.) & Griffith (John), umbrella and music store, 
77 Merrimack, house Mt. Vernon, cor. Bennett, Central ville 
Rugg Frederick H. turner, boards 398 Middlesex 
Rugg Irene, widow, houj-e 398 Middlesex 
Rugg Samuel S. machinist, house 16 Race 
Runals Robert K. grocer, 319 Merrimack, house 337 do. 

Rundlert Frank G. clerk, 2 Merrimack, house 1 Union 
Rundlett M. A. Mrs. house 1 Union 
Runels Daniel, watchman, boaids 115 Gorham 
Runels ( George), Clough (Stillman), & Co. (A7. Davis and S. 
Sweatt), granite stone yard, Thorndike, corner Middlesex, 
house 99 Thorndike 

Rushford Edward, marblecutter, boards 8 Appleton corporation 
Rushworth Benjamin, machinist, house 7 1 Lawrence 
Rushworth John W. gigger, house rear 53 Charles 
Russell Alexander, jackspinner, b. River, above Front, Centralville 
Russell Alonzo L. clothing, 1 Canal block, Central, h. 51 Appleton 
Russell Asa C. milkman, house 39 Appleton 
Russell Charles L. machinist, house rear 242 Merrimack 
Russell Cyrus K. grocer, 281 Merrimack, (also Russell fy Lane), 
house 377 do. [then 

Russell ( Cyrus K.) & Lane (P. P.), grocers, Lowell, cor. Wor- 
Russell David, spinner, house rear 10 River, Centralville 
Russell Edwin F. mason, house 20 Church [Nesmith 

Russell Elizabeth B. teacher, at High School, Anne street, b. 29 
Russell Emily H. Mrs. house 3 Middlesex place 
Russell Frank, photographer, house 8 Ford 
Russell Frank P. clerk, 109 Central, house 215 do. 

Russell Horace, machinist, 235 Middlesex, house 16 Queen 
Russell James B. clerk, Prescott National Bank, bds. 29 Nesmith 
Russell James S. teacher, High School, house 29 Nesmith 
Russell James Taft, machinist, boards 242 Merrimack 
Russell Josiah, mason, house 215 Central [ford 

Russell Leonard M. machinist, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 34 West- 
Russell Nancy W. widow, boards 377 Merrimack 
Russell Robert, car pet weaver, boards 344 Central 
Russell Sarah N. widow, boards 35 Lawrence corporation 
Russell Sidney S. grocer, 149 Central, house do. 

Russell William A. J. brassfinisher, 84 Middle, boards 13 Central 
Rust John A. at J. C. Ayer’s, boards 14 Lowell corporation 
Ruston William, laborer, house 109 Lowell 
Rutherford Robert, spinner, 7 Thorndike, house 82 Church 
Rutherford Thomas Mrs. house 76 Warren 
Ryan B. Mrs. provisions, 53 Dutton, house do. 

Ryan Henry, cigarmaker, boards 33 Massachusetts corporation 

The best Stock and Mutual Fire Ius. Cos. are represented by Geo. F* 
Hunt &> Co., Fire and Life Ins. Agents, 28 Central St. (See p. 344.) 




Ryan James ( California ), house 53 Dutton 
Ryan Janies, at bleachery, boards 3G Bleachery 
Ryan John, operative, boards 5 Cross 
Ryan John, variety store, 79 Charles, house do. 

Ryan John Mrs. house 5 Cross 

Ryan Ma tin, laborer, house rear 16 Appleton 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, house 61 Lowell 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, boards 5 Cross 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, house rear 31 Worthen 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, house 1 John-street avenue 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, house rear of Fenwick [68 Lawrence 

Ryan Patrick J. carriage-painter, Pleasant, corner Andover, house 

Ryan Thomas, house 7 Summer 

Ryan William, laborer, house 36 Lewis 

Ryan William, laborer, house William 

Ryan William F. machinist, boards 42 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Ryden Thomas J. clerk, 3 Bridge, house 188 Gorham 
Ryder James, painter, 99 Central, house 18 Abbott 
Ryder Susan, widow, boards 48 Massachusetts corporation 
Ryerson C. E. tea and coffee, 3 Merrimack House, house 11 Lee 
Rycrson Henry J. bookseller, 29 Central, h. 156 East Merrimack 

SADDLER MARGARET, widow, house 94 Gorham 
Sails Edwin S. 95 Central, boards do. 

Sails Harriet M. Mrs. variety store, 95 Central, boards 12 Hurd 
Salmon George F. machinist, house 69 Church 
Salmon Martha S. Mrs. house 26 Cady 

Salmon Patrick, laborer, house 103 Gorham [361 Merrimack 
Salmon William F. agent Lawrence Manufacturing Company, h. 
Saltmarsh Franklin, stonecutter, boards 61 West Union 
Sampson John, laborer, house 28 Fayette 

Sanborn Amos & Co. {IT. B. watches, jewelry, and manu- 

factory of silverware, 25 Central, house 5 Kirk, corner Paige 
Sanborn Ebenezer G. house 4 Marshall 
Sanborn Edward P. mason, house 50 Howard % 

Sanborn Edwin, ( Furbish S? Sanborn), carriagemaker, Andover, 
corner Pleasant, house 286 Central 
Sanborn Elon A. overseer, Prescott Mills, house 8 Prescott corp. 
Sanborn Frank L. painter, house 45 Chestnut 
Sanborn Frederick P. photographer, 100 Merrimack, bds. 11 Lee 
Sanborn George A. painter, house 83 Lowell [Paige 

Sanborn George W. silversmith, 25 Central, boards 5 Kirk, corner 
Sanborn George W. police, house 7 Myrtle, Centralville 
Sanborn Heman, patternmaker, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 5 
Appleton corporation 

Sanborn Henry L. spinner, boards 18 Hamilton corporation 

Sanborn Caroline Mrs. house 83 Appleton 

Sanborn James, carpenter, house High, corner Chestnut 

BOSTON DIRECTORY, Published annually by Sampson, Daven- 
port, & Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St. Boston. 



Sanborn Janies B. teamster, Howes & Burnham, h. 26 Franklin 
Sanborn James B. P. woodworker, bouse 35 High 
Sanboru J<imes P. Mrs. house 82 Howard [36 do. 

Sanborn John, overseer spinning-room, Hamilton corporation, h. 
Sanborn Laroy S. clerk, 131 Central, boards 18 Hamilton corp. 
Sanborn Mitchel, laborer, house 322 Merrimack 
Sanborn Nathaniel C. ( Washburn fy S.), photographers, 28 Merr. 
Sanborn Nathaniel C. photographist, 50 Merrimack, house 120 
East Merrimack 

Sanborn Olivia W. fancy goods, 105 Merrimack, house do. 

Sanborn Page, house 11 Lee 

Sanborn Stephen C. overseer, Hamilton corporation, house 18 do. 

Sanborn Theodore A. mason, house 9 Myrtle, Centralville 

Sanborn Thomas J. police, house 41 Fayette 

Sanborn Timothy B. operative, Lawrence corporation, boards 52 do. 

Sanborn Warren, carpenter, boards 5 Tyler 

Sanborn William F. mason, house 23 Clay 

Sandenney Louis, laborer, boards 328 Merrimack 

Sanders Dana, laborer, house 27 Middle 

Sanders Elizabeth, widow, house 2 Merriain’s court 

Sanders Mary Mrs. house 74 Church 

Sanders Orpha, widow, house rear 69 High 

Sanderson Charles C. boards 11 Treraont corporation 

Sanderson Nelson, carpenter, house 17 Brown 

Sanderson Oliver, laborer, house 1 1 Tremont corporation 

Sanderson Samuel 0. carpenter, boards 11 Tremont corporation 

Sandiford James, woolsorter, house 49 Hamilton corporation 

Sansbury James, blacksmith, house 17 William 

Santry Arthur Mrs. house rear 49 Fenwick 

Santry James, liquors, house 51 Fenwick [house 37 Tyler 

Sargeant Benjamin C. bookseller and stationer, 158 Merrimack, 

Sargeant Henry W. harnessmaker, house 8 High-street square 

Sargent Aaron P. Mrs. boards 39 Hamilton corporation 

Sargent Addie L. teacher, Varnum school, boards 74 MechanicJ 

Sargent Amelia Miss, boards rear 4 Dodge 

Sargent Anna A. teacher, Edson School, boards 74 Mechanic 

Sargent Clara W. Miss, house 5 Oliver 

Sargent ( Eben j D.) and Cotton (Neal), fish-dealers, rear 57 
Central, house 16 Chapel [corporation 

Sargent Ebenezer, bedstead-maker, house 65 Lowell Machine Shop 
Sargent ( Edward M.) & Co., Boston Express, 5 Middle, house 
33 Andover 

Sargent Elhanan W. machinist, Merrimack corporation, h. 56J do. 
Sargent Emmons B. clerk, rear 57 Central, house 14 Chapel 
Sargent Frank Gr. clerk, boards Wanalancit, near Pawtucket 
Sargent Fred M. clerk, boards 33 Andover 
Sargent Frederick W. ( Chase, Sargent, § Shattuck), 5 Central, 
house Wanalancit, near Pawtucket 

Merchants’ and Farmers’ Mnt. Fire Ins. Co., Worcester. Inc. 1846, 
has always paid liberal dividends on expiring policies. (See p. 314.) 



Sargent Frederick W. jr. clerk, 174 Merrimack, boards Wanalan- 
eit, near Pawtucket 

Sargent George M. conductor, H. R. R. house 1 Madison 
Sargent Gilman, ice peddler, board s 3 McFarlin avenue 
Sargent Herman W. carpenter, boards Coburn, near Old road, 

Sargent John, rug-weaver, boards 115 Gorham 
Sargent John H. overseer, Lowell corporation, house at Dracut 
Sargent Joseph L. provisions, 4 Merrimack, house Seventh, bpposite 
Read, Centralville 

Sargent J. C. Mrs. dressmaker, 236 Merrimack, house do. 

Sargent Mary, widow, boards 10 Hale 

Sargent Reuben, farmer, house Coburn, n. Old road, Centralville 
Sargent Stephen, tinsmith, house 9 Boott corporation 
Sargent Stephen P. ( Boston ), house Middlesex, near Wilder 
Sargent Sumner, agent, house Broadway, near Walker 
Sargent Sylvester H. machinist, house 74 L. M. S. corporation 
Sargeut Waldo, clerk, bleachery, boards 1 Madison 
Sargent Wareham M. mason, house 69 Fletcher 
Sargent William W. clerk, 5 Central, boards 56^ Merrimack corp. 
Sarian Paul, tailor, 5 Central, boards 10 Read 
Satlers John, driver (horse car), boards 37 Mass, corporation 
Saunders Abigail C. widow, house 8 Church 
Saunders Alfred S. overseer, Merrimack Manufacturing Company, 
house 17 Fourth, Centralville 

Saunders Allen, spinner, Lawrence corporation, house 15 do. 
Saunders Charles H. marbleworker, boards 8 Church 
Saunders Charles W. (. Norcross Sf Saunders ) lumber, Middlesex, 
house 8 Stackpole 

Saunders Dana, teamster, 24 Middle, house do. 

Saunders Edward, laborer, house 148 Lowell [Merrimack corp. 
Saunders Edward T. freight conductor, B. & L. R. R. boards 122^ 
Saunders Francis E. carder, house 1 Hamilton corporation 
Saunders Franklin G. overseer spinner, Lawrence corp. h. 15 do. 
Saunders George A. dresser, Merrimack corporation, house 123 do. 
Saunders Jacob, clerk, 195 Middlesex, boards 8 Church 
Saunders James, laborer, house 1 Fenwick 
Saunders John N. Mrs. house 14 Third, Centralville 
Saunders Mary A. widow, house Maiden lane 
Saunders Robert, laborer, house 86 Suffolk 
Saunders Thomas, laborer, at Gas Works, house rear 17 Cross 
Saunders Thomas E. shoemaker, 138 Central, house 90 Middlesex 
Saunders, see Sanders 

Savage Ellery T., Merrimack corporation, house 195 do. r— 

Savage Goff, weaver, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Savage Margaret P. widow, b. Bridge, near City line, Centralville 
Savage Owen, weaver, Merrimack corporation, house 65 do. 

Savory Charles A. physician, 4 Savings Bank building, h. 7 Kirk 

Manchester (K.Il.) Directory, Published by Sampson, Daven- 
port, & Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Sawin Ruel, carpenter, house Ford, corner Suffolk 
Sawtell Abbott A. provisions, Liberty square, house 29 Franklin 
Sawtell Calvin, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop corp. b. 16 do. 
Sawtell Charles L. cook, 21 Merrimack, house 142 Lawrence 
Sawtell Delbert, carpenter, boards 17 Hurd 
Sawtell Henry I. machinist, house 30 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Sawtell Josiah, carpenter, house Sawtell place 
Sawtell Josiah A. bridge-builder, house Sawtell place 
Sawtell N. H. clerk, Liberty square, boards 29 Franklin 
Sawtell Selden L. provisions, 68 Dutton, boards 29 Franklin 
Sawyer Aaron, painter, boards Mount Pleasant, Centralville 
Sawyer Aaron C. carriagetrimmer and harnessmaker, 161 and 163 
Middlesex, house 55 Fletcher 
Sawyer Abbie, widow, boards 292 Merrimack 
Sawyer Alfred A. house 336 Merrimack 
Sawyer Barentha, widow, boards 35 Massachusetts corporation 
Sawyer Clarina A. Mrs. boarding-house, 110 Merr. corporation 
Sawyer Elizabeth Mrs. house 73 High [Centralville 

Sawyer Emma C. teacher, No. 48 Primary School, b. 16 Fourth, 
Sawyer Francis A. boards 21 Franklin square 
Sawyer F. A. clerk, Adams, corner Suffolk, boards 21 Adams 
Sawyer Frank L. teamster, house 238 Central [Butterfield 

Sawyer Hamilton J. machinist, Mount Vernon, n. Broadway, h. 64 
Sawyer Jacob II. superintendent Appleton Co. house 41 Tyler 
Sawyer John A. painter, boards Mount Pleasant, Centralville 
Sawyer John M. machinist, boards 43 Appleton 
Sawyer John P. cabinetmaker, house Mount Pleasant, Centralville 
Sawyer Luther D. house 173 Moody 
Sawyer Nelson, machinist, house 21 South 
Sawyer Rapha W. farmer, house River road, Dracut 
Sawyer Sophronia, widow, house 24 Fifth. Centralville 
Sawyer Sybil Miss, house River road, Dracut [Amesbury 

Sawyer Thomas C. carriage depository, 163 Middlesex, house at S 
Sawyer William E. boards Mount Pleasant, Centralville 
Saxon Alexander, Middlesex, house 2 Holbrook’s court 
Saxton Michael, laborer, house 1 Jefferson square 
Sayers John, laborer, house 11 Adams 

Sayers Thomas, house 10 Adams [Appleton 

Sayles Albert W. contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, house 102 
Sayles Nancy Mrs. boarding-house, 115 Merrimack corporation 
Scadding Aaron, carriage-trimmer, 163 Central, h. 142 Lawrence 
Scadding Alfred W. at H. Hosford’s, boards 142 Lawrence 
Scalan Patrick, laborer, boards 13 Winter 
Scales Ellen Mrs. house 82 Merrimack corporation 
Scales Francis R. moulder, house 44 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Scales Sally M. Miss, nurse, boards 66 Merrimack corporation 
Scales Sarah E. teacher, No. 40 Primary School, boards 82 Prince 
Scanlan Maurice, laborer at Gas Works, house 40 Adams 

Geo. F. Hunt & Co. are agents for Merchants’ amt Farmers’ Mutual 
Fire Ins. Co. Office, 38 Central St., Lowell, Mass. (See page 341.) 



Scanlon Patrick, pressman, house River, above Front, CentralviUe 
Scannell Mary, widow, house 106 Suffolk 
Scarlott James, laborer, boards 114 Merrimack corporation 
Schofield Joseph, printer, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Scholtz Charles, cabinetmaker, house Fulton, CentralviUe 
Schultz Charles, cabinetmaker, 11 Middle, house Coburn 
Scobey Jane D. widow, house 345 Merrimack 
Scollin John, laborer, house rear 25 Middle 
Scotchburn Thomas, pressman, house 160 Gorham 
Scott Agnes, widow, house 88 East Merrimack 
Scott Alfred, livery and sale stables, 202 Middlesex, also ( Litch - 
field, Edwards, Sf Co.), 127 Market, h. Middlesex, c. School 
Scott Ann, widow, house 16 Abbott 

Scott Clark M. fancy goods, 115 Merrimack, boards 21 Kirk 

Scott David, woolsorter, boards 16 Abbott 

Scott Edmund, boards 13 Central 

Scott Elhanan W. Mrs. house Mt. Vernon, CentralviUe 

Scott G. Clarence, counsellor, 43^ Central, house 56 Boott corp. 

Scott Hugh, woolsorter, Middlesex, boards 16 Abbott 

Scott Hugh, Middlesex, house Pleasant, near Pond 

Scott Isadore, machinist, house 5 Parson’s court 

Scott James, jackspinner, house Parker’s block, River, CentralviUe 

Scott James, shoemaker, 14 Middle, boards 162 Gorham 

Scott James, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, bds. 59 Appleton 

Scott James L. moulder, house 165 Broadway 

Scott John, farmer, house Quebec, corner Manchester 

Scott John, operative, house 133 Lawrence 

Scott John, foreman, L. M. S. locomotive dept. bds. 59 Appleton 

Scott John, gardener, house 21 Andover 

Scott Marshall, painter, boards 16 Abbott 

Scott Newell B. house 52 £ Merrimack 

Scott Robert J. patternmaker, 235 Middlesex, bds. 49 * Cushing 
Scott Thomas, machinist, house 20 Cedar 
Scott Thomas, soapmaker, Middlesex, house 6 Water 
Scott William, moulder, house rear 44 Howard 
Scribner Charles, contractor, L. M. S. house Liberty, near School 
Scribner George F. contractor, L. M. S. house 6 L. M. S. corp. 
Scribner Louisa Mrs. boarding-house, 35 Lawrence corporation 
Scripture George E. baker, 229 Central, house 227 do. 

Scripture Isaac Mrs. house 227 Central 

Scripture Stephen A. bakery, 229 Central, .house 227 do. 

Scruton George L. shoemaker, house 82 South 
Scully Betsey, widow, house 26 Winter 
Scully Dennis, dyer, boards 29 Winter 
Scully James, house 117 Lowell 
Scully John, laborer, boards 7 Fenwick 
Scully John, carder, house 61 River, CentralviUe 
Scully William, laborer, house 7 Fenwick 

IVewburyport Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, 
& Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Searl Edwin T. job-wagon, house 247 Central 
Searl Leora, clerk, 97 Central, boards 247 do. 

Searle Charles J. machinist, Merrimack corporation, house 54 do. 

Searle Frances, widow, vestmaker, house 4 Race 

Searle Ilosea A. mason, house 6 Alder 

Searle John P. shoemaker, 145 Middlesex, house 9 Perrin 

Searles Frances B. Mrs. house 65 Thorndike 

Searles Frank, weaver, boards 66 Thorndike 

Seaver George W. machinist, Fletcher, c. Cushing, b. 43 Howard 

Seaver James, blacksmith, house 99 Howard 

Seaver John C. clerk, 159 Middlesex, house 5 Railroad 

Seaver John W. agent, boards 3 Garnet 

Seaver William, Boston and Lowell Railroad, house 43 Howard 

Seery Ann, widow, house 58 Hamilton block 

Seery Thomas, grinder, house 16 Davidson [Middlesex 

Seger J. M. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, bds. Walker, near 

Self Robert, painter, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 50 Charles 

Selfe John, carder, house 29 Cady 

Semple Mary H. Mrs. house 27 Kirk 

Sendeney Louis, carpenter, house 322 Merrimack 

Sendeney Peter, laborer, house 322 Merrimack 

Senett Mary, widow, house 15 River, Central ville 

Senior George Mrs. variety store. 220 Merrimack, house do. 

Severance Elizabeth, widow, house 3 Carlton 

Severance Elizabeth, nurse, house 26 Austin 

Severance George W. bobbinmaker, Mechanics Mills, h. 3 Carlton 

Severance P. Smith, laborer, boards 30 Boott corporation 

Severance William H. spinner, house 26 Austin 

Sevrens Herod T. house 7 Hamilton corporation 

Sewall Samuel, Lowell Machine Shop, house 46 Water 

Sewall Samuel, jr. clerk, City Institution for Savings, b. 46 Water 

Sexton Ellen, widow, house 8 Congress 

Sexton John, boards 8 Congress 

Sexton John, pressman, house 1 Chapel 

Sexton Martin, operative, house 90 Gorham 

Sexton Patrick, at Naylor’s Mill, boards 8 Congress 

Shackford Charles J. clerk, 35 Merrimack, boards 12 Third, Cent. 

Shackley Caroline A. widow, house 33 North 

Shadduck George K. house 5 High 

Shae Jeremiah, laborer, house 3 Pearl 

Shanahan John, laborer, house head of Merrill 

Shanahan John, laborer, house 12 Howe 

Shanahan Timothy, laborer, house 1 Union court 

Shanahan Timothy, laborer, house 41 Treraont 

Shandley John, machinist, house 56 South 

Shandley John Mrs. variety store, 80 Middlesex, house 56 South 

Shanley James, mason, house rear 103 Gorham 

Shanley Patrick, operative, house 45 Gorham 

The Connecticut Fire Ins. Co., Hartford, Ct. A prompt and liberal 
Co. to insure in ; has never had a lawsuit. Cl. F. Hunt <fc Co., Agts. 



Shanley Patrick, grinder, house 6 Front, Centralville 
Shannon Ann, widow, house rear 58 Middle 
Shannon Daniel, laborer, boards 6 Merrill 
Shannon Francis G. laborer, house 18 Davis 
Shannon John, dyer, house 24 William 
Shannon John, boltmaker, house Merrill, near Taylor 
Shannon Richard, watchman, house 6 Merrill 
Shannon Thomas, laborer, house 8 William 
Sharette Alexander, laborer, house 9 Middlesex place 
Shattuck Direxa Mrs. house 8 Wamesit 

Shattuck George W. ( Custom House, Boston ), h. 39 Pawtucket 
Shattuck Harriet C widow, house 3 East Merrimack 
Shattuck Horace B. {Chase, Sargent, 8? Shattuck), 5 Central, 
house Andover, near city line 
Shattuck Mary B. widow, house 11 Nesmith 
Shattuck Orilla, widow, house Lincoln place 
Shattuck Sewall, photographist, 19 Central, house do. 

Shaughnessy James, spinner, house 18 River, Centralville 

Shaw Daniel W. boarding-house, 4 Suffolk corporation 

Shaw Edwin, machinist, Arch, near N. & L. depot, h. at Westford 

Shaw Francis E. clerk, Washington House [chanic 

Shaw James W. B. dry goods, 44 Merrimack, h. Worthen, c. Me- 

Shaw John, spinner, house 10 Lee 

Shaw Joseph, carpenter, house 158 Moody 

Shaw Josiah M. carpenter, rear 285 Merrimack, boards Pearl 

Shaw Major A. overseer, Prescott Mills, house 62 Mass. corp. 

Shaw Richard P. house 20 Charles 

Shaw Richard W. machinist, boards 20 Charles 

Shaw Ruth, widow, boarding-house, 73 Lawrence corporation 

Shaw Ruth S. Mrs. variety store, 125 Middlesex, house do. 

Shaw Thomas F. superintendent Boott corporation, house 46 do. 
Shaw William L. boards 73 Lawrence corporation 

Shaw , machinist, boards 96 Middlesex 

Shay , widow, house 69 Adams 

Shea Daniel, laborer, house 107 Lowell 
Shea James, laborer, house 8 Adams 
Shea James J. A. machinist, boards 8 Adams 
Shea Jeremiah, rag-gatherer, house 19 Winter 
Shea John, laborer, boards 23 George 
Shea Mary, widow, house 102 Suffolk 
Shea Michael, operative, house 168 Gorham 
Shea Michael, laborer, house 23 Adams 
Shea Michael, laborer, house 18 Winter 

Sheahan Eiward, bookseller and emigrant agent, 28 Gorham, h. do. 
Shed Caroline Mrs. boards 18 Hurd 

Shedd Freeman B. ( with E . W. Hoyt), 121 Central, bds. 76 High 
Shedd George W. carpenter, Putney’s court, house 3 Goward place 
Shedd George W. jr. fancy goods, 34 Merrimack, boards 76 High 

United States Directory, 1867, Price $30, for sale l>y Sampson, 
Davenport, & Co., 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Shedd Hosley, cabinetmaker, boards 119 Central 

Shedd John Mrs. house 76 High 

Shedd Lydia, widow, boarding-house', 7 Warren 

Shedd >Iary L. Miss, house 158 Suffolk 

Shedd S. D. cabinetmaker, Mechanics Mills, boards Central 

Shedd William, carder, boards 80 Merrimack corporation 

Shee Morris, laborer, house rear 13 Davidson 

Sheehan Bartholomew, operative, house 1 Swift 

Sheehan Dennis, laborer, house rear 15 Willie avenue 

Sheehan Edward, laborer, boards 51 J Lowell 

Sheehan Jeremiah, house 19 Winter 

Sheehan John, laborer, house rear 26 William 

Sheehan John, laborer, house 1 Putney’s court 

Sheehan John, carpetweaver, house Carpenter’s court 

Sheehan Patrick, laborer, house 4 Putney’s court 

Sheehan Patrick, stonemason, house 18 Cedar 

Sheeky John, laborer, boards 100 Market 

Sheffield Andrew, roofer, house East Pine, corner Carlton 

Sheffield Andrew Mrs. dressmaker, E. Pine, cor. Carlton, h. do 

Sheffield James, police, boards 13 Central 

Sheldon Abiel W. overseer, Suffolk corp. house 161 Moody 

Sheldon Alexander, laborer, house 70 Lowell 

Sheldon Arthur, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 

Sheldon George, screwmaker, 237 Middlesex, house 35 Howard 

Sheldon Henry, machinist, house 83 Howard 

Sheldon Henry, gasfitter, 13 Middle, house Fulton, Centralville 

Sheldon John, plumber, house Biver, near Fulton, Centralville 

Sheldon Mary C. teacher, No. 46 Primary School, b. 161 Moody 

Sheldon Nancy M. widow, house 35 Howard 

Sheldon William W. clerk, 44 2 Merrimack, boards 161 Moody 

Shepard Alva J. clerk, 43^ Central, boards 51 East Merrimack 

Shepard Benjamin, overseer, Scott’s Mills, house 2 Hudson 

Shepard G. Frank, machinist, house 35 Central 

Shepard Jacob, blacksmith, house 11 Prospect 

Shepard James, painter, house rear 101 Lowell [mack corp. 

Shepard John, overseer, Merrimack Print Works, h. 155 Merri- 

Shepard John, Appleton Mills, house 322 Merrimack 

Shepard Luther E. counsellor, 43^ Central, bds. 51 E. Merrimack 

Shepard Orwin N. baker, boards 11 Prospect 

Shepard William, broker, 32 Merrimack, house 3 Perrin 

Shephard Abram, overseer, Middlesex Company, house 9 Warren 

Shephard Bruce, tailor, 5 Canal block, boards 5 Lagrange 

Shephard George, bootmaker, house 16 Green 

Shephard Harriet, widow, boards 3 Perrin 

Shephard James, machinist, house 3 Water 

Shephard Robert, Stott’s Mills, house 3 Water 

Sherburne Alary C. widow, boarding-house, 28 Suffolk corporation 

Sheridan Dennis, blacksmith, 163 Central, house Holbrook’s court 

The Lowell Office of the Howard Fire Ins. Co. is at No. 28 Central 
Street. GEO. F. HUNT CO., Agents. e page 344.) 



Sheridan Edward, harnessmaker, 45 Market, house Broadway, 
corner Marion 

Sheridan Janies, operative, house 46 Adams 

Sheridan John, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 4 Appleton eorp. 

Sherlock Anthony, operative, house 1 Cross 

Sherlock Edward, harnessmaker, house Broadway, corner Marion 

Sherlock Michael, carpenter, house 6 Chapel 

Sherlock Patrick, laborer, house 93 Adams 

Sherlock Patrick F. harnessmaker, 45 Market, boards 119 Central 

Sherman Aaron H. Mrs. house 10 Decatur 

Sherman Alexander W. (AT. B. Barker fy Co), steam and gas 
pipe litter, 8 Central, house 10 Decatur 
Sherman Calvin G. machinist, house 3 Morse’s lane 
Sherman Charles H. machinist, house 10 Dodge 
Sherman Danforth, dresser, boards 11 Massachusetts corporation 
Sherman Edward F. counsellor, secretary Traders’ and Mechanics’ 
Insurance Company, 27 Central, house 34 Pawtucket 
Sherman Hugh Mrs. house 25 River, Centralville 
Sherman Marcus D. L. mason, house 23 Church 
Sherman Phebe Mrs. boarding-house, 53 Massachusetts corporation 
Sherman William F. ( Boston ), house 31 Grand 
Sherman William H. varnisher, 7 Central, house 32 Andover 
Sherman William W. paymaster, Lowell Machine Shop, house 108 

Sherran Eliza, widow, house 21 River, Centralville 
Sherwell Jesse, loom-harnessmaker, boards 43 Lawrence corporation 
Sherwin Charles Mrs. house 12 Cabot, corner Moody 
Sherwin Henry H. clerk, 138 Merrimack, boards 388 do. 

Sherwood Daniel ( Woods, S. Sf Co.), wire-worker, Bridge, opposite 
Seventh, Centralville, h. 33 Mt. Vernon, c. Bennett, Centralville 
Sherwood Ludbee, house 7 Abbott 
Shields Michael Mrs. house 23 Hanover 
Shields Michael, jr. painter, house 7 River, Centralville 
Shields Richard 0. laborer, house 9 Fenwick 
Shinnick Michael, laborer, house 22 Howe 
Shipley Samuel D. sasbmaker, Warnesit Steam Mills, h. 56 Fletcher 
Shipley Sarah L. widow, house 11 Tyler 
Shirley Charles H. carder, boards 51 Massachusetts corporation 
Shirley Eliza, boarding-house, 51 Massachusetts corporation 
Shirley Michael, laborer, house rear 48 Fenwick 
Shirley Samuel H. printer, house 66 South 
Shirley Sarah Mrs. house 66 South 
Shirley William, farmer, house near 6 Tilden 
Shirlock John, operative, house 96 Adams 
Shores Joshua W. carpenter, house 14 Linden 
Shorey Charles E. clerk, 60 Middlesex, boards 8 Hamilton corp. 
Shorey John, manufacturing jeweller, 81 Central, boards 159 do. 
Shorey Lorenzo W. painter, boards 8 Hamilton corporation 

Salem Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, &. Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Shorey Moses W. millwright, house 172 Gorham 
Short Charles M. Mrs. house 34 Lewis 
Short Edward, bleachery, house 8 Keene 

Short James, carpetweaver, hoards 344 Central [Appleton 

Short Josiah E. ticket-agent, Boston & Lowell Railroad, house 101 

Short Richard, clerk, boards 34 Lewis 

Short William, butcher, house 63 Bartlett 

Short William A. machinist, house 7 South Highland 

Short William E. laborer, boards 23 Massachusetts corporation 

Shortall John, laborer, house 31 Auburn 

Shovlin Margaret, widow, house 7 High 

Sbraudo D. mason, house 285 Middlesex 

Shughro James, laborer, house 13 Union 

Shute Alonzo, machinist, boards 93 Lawrence 

Shute Michael, carpenter, house 93 Lawrence [son’s court 

Sicard Napoleon, cabinetmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, bds. 5 Far- 

Sidebottom Elizabeth, widow, boards 53 Boott corporation 

Silcox Lazarus, Middlesex, house 49 Lawrence 

Silsby Samuel E. hostler, American House, boards do. 

Silver Edward H. student, boards 28 Thorndike [Railroad 

Silver Frederick A. stonecutter, Thorndike, house 4 Evans block, 
Silver George T. carpenter, 67 Middle, boards 36 Worthen 
Silver George T. carpenter, house 36 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Silver Harvey, machine shop ( Chelmsford ), house 28 Thorndike 
Silver James B. coffin-maker, 23 Prescott, house 71 Fayette 
Silver Oren B. contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, house 24 Lowell 
Machine Shop corporation 
Simes Ira H. blacksmith, house 70 Moody 
Simmons Henry, moulder, boards 119 Central 
Simmons Martha Mrs. boards 23 Appleton corporation 
Simonneau Edward, laborer, boards rear 120 Middlesex 
Simonneau Joseph, laborer, house rear 120 Middlesex 
Simonds Edwin, carpenter, house 219 Central 
Simonds George W. junk, 24 Middle, house 169 Moody 
Simonds John L. machinist, Arch, house 113 Appleton 
Simonds Nash, clerk, 127 Market, house Westford 
Simonds Samuel B. bookbinder, 36 Central, house 23 Willow 
Simonds Thomas ( Durant § Simonds ), 6 Middlesex, h. at Billerica 
Simonds William C. carpenter, house 43 Fletcher 
Simons Theodosia, widow, house 105 East Merrimack 
Simons Walter, bill-poster, house 113 East Merrimack 
Simpkins William, laborer, house 186 Central 
Simpson Abby H. boarding-house, 6 Boott corporation 
Simpson Alexander W. ( Fletcher § S .), furniture, Wamesit Steam 
Mills, boards 120 Merrimack [tral, h. 141 E. Merrimack 
Simpson Andrew J. & Co. music and musical instruments, 44 Cen- 
Simpson Ann, widow, house 3 Garnet 

Simpson Benjamin F. student, boards 8 Fremont, Centralville 

Mauufg Property, Merchandise, Dwellings, Si, Household Furni- 
ture, ins. at satisfactory rates, by Geo. F. Hunt & Co., Ins. 



Simpson Benjamin F. physician, 5 Merrimack, house do. 

Simpson Odanathus, carpenter, house 8 Fremont, Central ville 
Simpson Bichard, moulder, boards 11 Massachusetts corporation 
Simpson Robert ( Thomas Jefferies Co.), baker, h. 346 Central 
Simpson Thomas, variety store, Chelmsford, near Hale, house Lib- 
erty, corner Chelmsford 

Simpson Thomas, dresser, house 10 Tremont corporation 

Simpson Thomas, laborer, house 14 Charles 

Simpson William H. collector, house 9 Pleasant, Centralville 

Sinclair Abby Mrs. house 46 Howard 

Sinclair Daniel H. police, house 4 Church 

Singleton Thomas, machinist, house *25 East Merrimack 

Sisson Lizzie Miss, house 15 Massachusetts corporation 

Skelton Benjamin Mrs. house 50 Tyler 

Skelton Mary E. boarding-house, 113 Merrimack corporation 

Skillings David G. house 3 Fremont, Centralville 

Skinner Abner Mrs. house 8 Lee 

Skinner Adelbert C. thread and trimmings, 63 Merrimack, b. 8 Lee 

Skinner Arabella, at 63 Merrimack, boards 8 Lee 

Skinner David, boards 192 Gorham 

Skinner Smith, house Varney, corner Mt. Vernon 

Skivington Michael, machinist, house rear 19 Dummer 

Slade William, carpenter, boards 44 Boott corporation 

Slater Elizabeth, widow, house 8 Knowles place 

Slater Joseph F. clerk, Appleton Mill, house 11 Appleton corp. 

Slater Matthew, engineer, Cushing, c. Rock, h. 9 Lagrange court 

Slater Thomas, coppersmith, 8 Jackson, house 10 Front, Centralville 

Slater Thomas, machinist, boards 9 Lagrange court 

Slater William Mrs. house 19 Chestnut 

Slattery Dennis, laborer, house 60 Fenwick 

Slattery Patrick, laborer, house 5 Madison 

Slavin Ann, house 91 Gorham 

Slavin Bridget, house 91 Gorham 

Slavin Catharine, widow, house 62 Fayette 

Slavin James, Middlesex corporation, boards 62 Fayette 

Slavin James, stonemason, house 169 Gorham 

Slavin Mary, variety store, 75 Gorham, house do. 

Slee Thomas, writing-master, boards 6 Hamilton corporation 
Sleeper Abraham, carpenter, house 141 Merrimack corporation 
Sleeper Charles W. clerk, L. M. S. corporation, house 53 do. 
Sleeper James F. clerk, 14 Market, house River road, Dracut 
Sleeper John, stagedriver, house First 
Sleeper Van Buren, clerk, 20 Central, boards 111 do. 

Sleeper , stonecutter, boards 2 Middlesex place 

Sline Ellen Mrs. house 5 Quigley’s alley 

Sloan William, planer. A. L. Brooks’s 

Sloan William J. carpenter, house 24 Tremont corporation 

Slocum Horace, clerk, boards Branch, near School 

Taunton Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Slocum John P. engineer, house Branch, near School 

Slowey Mary, house Lowell, corner Adams 

Small Charles B. conductor, S. & L. R. R. house 55 Church 

Small Frederick J. carpenter, house rear 3 Dodge 

Small Paul D. carpenter, boards 70 Broadway 

Smart Charles E. teamster, freight depot, boards 5 Hudson 

Smart Charles H. bookkeeper, boards 14 Union 

Smart Mary J. Mrs. house 14 Union 

Smart Nehemiah, boards 21 Moody 

Smilie Henry, bungmaker, Mt. Vernon, n. Broadway, b. 260 Merr. 
Smiley John, carpenter, house 59 Butterfield 
Smiley Stephen J. moulder, house 29 L. M. S. corporation 
Smiley Sylvanus C. house 7 Garnet 
Smith Abbie H. widow, house 60 Worthen 
Smith Alonzo D. clerk, 20 Central, boards 26 Massachusetts corp. 
Smith Alonzo N. travelling agent, house Cambridge, 4th from Hale 
Smith Amasa, sash and blind maker, boards 23 Boott corporation 
Smith Amos B. painter, boards 69 Boott corporation 
Smith Andrew, printer, 21 Central, boards rear 48 Church 
Smith Andrew, operative, house 20 Cady 
Smith Andrew, jr. furniture-finisher, boards 20 Cady 
Smith Andrew W. ( Whiter fy Smith), marble- worker, 155 Central, 
house 152 Middlesex 

Smith Ann, widow, house rear 116 Middlesex 
Smith Ann, widow, house 32 Lewis 
Smith Arathusa, widow, house 121 Moody 
Smith Aurelia N. widow, house 396 Middlesex 
Smith A. H. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Smith A. H. operative, house 21 John 
Smith Bateson, operative, house Clark’s court 
Smith Benjamin A. carpenter, house 42 Water 
Smith Bridget Mrs. house rear 48 Church 
Smith Bridget Mrs. house 9 Wall 

Smith Caleb L. clerk, 46 Merrimack, boards 148 Middlesex 

Smith Catharine, widow, house 85 East Merrimack 

Smith Catharine, widow, house 80 Charles 

Smith Charles, laborer, house 9 Wall 

Smith Charles H., Washington House 

Smith Charles Mrs. widow, house 24 Race 

Smith Charles C. fuller, boards 278 Middlesex 

Smith Charles C. finisher, 7 Thorndike [Chestnut 

Smith Charles E. ( John S. Jaques Sr Co.), shuttlemaker, house 41 

Smith Charles G. teamster, house 5 Ford 

Smith Charles H. machinist, boards 309 School 

Smith Charles R. tinsmith, 198 Merrimack, house 30 Chestnut 

Smith Christopher, operative, house 133 Lowell 

Smith Costillia, 89 Merrimack, boards 1 High-street square 

Smith C. M. Mrs. dressmaker, 246 Merrimack, house do. 

North Am. Fire Ins. Co., Hartford, Ct. Capital and Surplus, over 
$100,000. G. F. Hunt & Co., Agents, 28 Central St. (Seep. 314.; 



Smith Daniel, spinner, house 19 Cady 

Smith Daniel B. ( Richardson fy Smith), near Salem, corner Com- 
mon, boaids 260 Merrimack 

Smith David, grocer, 10 Tilden, house 4 Lawrence corporation 

Smith Dorcas Mrs. house 9 Merr li’s court 

Smith Dudley H. carder, Merrimack corporation, house 75 do. 

Smith Edward, laborer, house 78 River, Centralville 

Smhh Edward, tinman, house 18 Paige 

Smith Edward Mrs. house 2 L-vingston block, Appleton 

Smith Eiwm, machinist, 237 Middlesex, boards 19 Cady 

Smith Elbridge G. showman, house 9 Merrill’s couit 

Smith Elizabeth, widow, house 131 Lawrence 

Smith Francis, hosiery and laces, 49 Merrimack, h. Kirk, n. Lee 

Smith Francis Mrs. house 1 Marion 

Smith Francis P. laborer, house 11 Adams 

Smith Francis S. job wagon, hou?-e 28 Keene 

Smith Frank, laborer, boaids 33 Common 

Smith Frank, machinist. 84 Middle, house 15 Adams 

Smith Frank W. clerk, 131 Cential, bds. 20 Adams, Frankin sq. 

Smith George, tailor, 222 Merrimack, house 85 Salem 

Smith George B. moulder, house 223 Middlesex 

Smith George C. house Moore, near Lowell cemetery 

Smith George F. overseer, at Richmond’s, house 131 Lawrence 

Smith George G. operative, boards 23 Boott corporation 

Smith George G. jr. carpenter, boards Moore, n. Lowell cemetery 

Smith George T. house 8 Marshall 

Smith George W. machinist, house 60 L. M. S. corporation 
Smith George W. Mrs. house 65 Cushing 
Smith Hannah, widow, house 309 School 
Smith Hannah A. widow, house 30 Chestnut 
Smith {Usury) & White ( Wesley J.), tinware manufacturers, 29 
Middlesex, house Dorchester 
Smith Henry, keeper rotind-house, house 148 Jackson 
Smith Henry Mrs. boards 35 Branch 

Smith Isabella, widow, house 33 Willow A 

Smith Jacob R. peddler, house 218 School 

Smith James, laborer, house Deeatur-street alley 

Smith James, Stott’s Mills, house 26 Water 

Smith James, 3d, carpenter, house Hale, near Grand 

Smith James, laborer, house 9 Davidson 

Smith James, laborer, house 2 John-street avenue 

Smith James, operative, house 7 Water 

Smith James, mason, boards 19 Cady 

Smith James C. house Pine, at City line 

Smith Janies E., Middlesex, boards 25 Church 

Smith James W. spinner, Merrimack corporation, boards 26 do. 

Smith Jesse C. boards 26 J Merrimack 

Smith John, 1st, stage office, 182 Merrimack, boards 260 do. 

Lynn Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, it Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Smith John, blacksmith, house Canada, near Tannery 
Smith John, operative, boards 115 Merrimack corporation 
Smith John, stonemason, house 20 Kirk avenue 
Smith John, laborer, house 58 Middle 

Smith Jotin, at Hosiery Mill, boards 61 Lawrence corporation 
Smitfi John, clerk, 18 Gorham, house 42 do. 

Smith John C. painter, boards 81 Hamilton corpora ion 

Smith John C. overseer carpenter, Merrimack P. W h. ar, Dracut 

Smith John W. overseer Merrimack corporation, house 26 do. 

Smith Joseph H. physician, 2 Museum building, h. 38 B utiefct 

Smith Joseph V. moulder, house 99 Appleton 

Smith Kate, variety store, 91 anti 98 Central, house 196 do. 

Smith Kilburn, musician and billiards, 2 Appleton block, house 
110 Central 

Smith Lawrence, gigger, boards rear 48 Church 
Smith Lucretia, widow, boards 26 Cabot 
Smith Luther, house 148 Middlesex 
Smith Maria, widow, boards 109 Merrimack corporation 
Smith Mary K. widow, house 276 Middlesex 
Smith M try N. boarding-house, 23 Boott corporation 
Smith Matilda C. tailoress, house rear 53 Salem 
Smith Michael, laborer, house 7 High [Centralville 

Smith Michael, carriage-painter, 163 Central, house Tyler's block, 
Smith Michael Mrs. house rear 86 Lowell 
Smith M. J. fancygoods, 93 Merrimack, boards 111 Central 
Smith M. N. operative, boards 17 Hurd 
Smith M. P. Mrs. house 8 Hodge 
Smith Newton, house Lincoln, near Tannery 
Smith Oliver W. carpenter, house 86 Church 
Smith Patrick, cooper, house 40 Lowell 
Smith Patrick, laborer, house 37 Floyd 
Smith Patrick, clerk, 40 Gorham, boards Union 
Smith Patrick, clerk, boards 80 Market 
Smith Patrick, operative, boards 4 Suffolk court 
Smith Peter, operative, house 29 North 
Smith Peter S. grocer, 17 East Merrimack, house 37 Fayette 
Smith Philip A. (Brady Sf S.), shoemaker, 304 Merrimack, house 
3 Suffolk court 

Smith Pii narn, physician, 151 Suffolk, house do. 

Smith Robert, spinner, house 1 Hurd 

Smith Robert, blacksmith, boards 3 Knowles place 

Smith Robert Mrs. house 5 Fayette 

Smith R)lla, sawyer, boards 278 Middlesex 

Smith Salome Mrs. house East Pine, near Nichols 

Smith Samuel A. machinist, boards 26 Read, Centralville 

Smith Samuel C. machinist, boards 123 Cross 

Smith Samuel F. sawyer, 6 Middlesex, house rear 91 Appleton 

Smith Samuel J. chairmaker, house 30 Chestnut 

Business that can’t afford Insurance is too poor to follow. Wis- 
dom, Prudence, Experience, all say, Insure at once. (See page 3140 



Smith Stephen B. clerk, ( Boston ), bds. 1 Methuen, Centralville 

Smith Stephen B. Mrs. house 26 Read, Centralville 

Smith Sylvester C., B. & L. R. R. boards Railroad, near Hale 

Smith Thomas, laborer, at S. Horn & Co’s, house 23 Union 

Smith Thomas, moulder, boards 23 Lowell 

Smith Thomas, machinist, house 69 Church 

Smith Thotnas Mrs. house 4 Suffolk court 

Smith Thomas D. Mrs. house Marion, near Lagrange 

Smith William, machinist, house 80 Cross 

Smith William, at foundry, boards 5 Tyler 

Smith William A. harnessmaker, house 188 Central 

Smith William D. cigar manufacturer, 2 Cady, house 31 do. 

Smith William D. shoemaker, house Taylor’s court 

Smith William Henry, sawyer, boards John Smith’s, Canada 

Smith William H. eating-house, 133 Middlesex, house 15 31arshall 

Smith William H. machinist, house 141 Moody 

Smith William H. house 15 Marshall 

Smith William M. supt. Lowell cemetery, house opposite do. 

Smith William N. gardener, house 21 Union 
Smith William N. bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Smith Mrs. house rear 61 Salem 
Smithson Margaret, widow, house 69 Church 
Snell Clara A. boarding-house, 2 City Hall avenue 
Snell Elizabeth L. widow, boards 27 Tyler 
Snell Ethan A. clerk, boards 7 High-street square 
Snell John S. machinist, Arch, boards 2 City Hall avenue 
Snell Ora M. carpenter, 26 Middle, boards 7 High-street square 
Snell Orlando, carpenter, 26 Middle, house 7 High-Street square 
Snellgrove Henry, machinist, Merrimack corporation, house 41 do. 
Snow Charles S. bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 123 Moody 
Snow Maria, widow, house 123 Moody 
Somes William E. baker, 1 Fayette, house 93 East Merrimack 
Soper Albert, hairdresser, 2 Merrimack House, bds. 50 Mass. corp. 
Soper E. H. hairdresser, 2 Merrimack House, bds. 50 Mass. corp. 
Soper Joseph E. moulder, house 17 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Soule Hatdeld N. book agent, house 5 Middlesex place 
Soule William 0. weaver, Boott corporation, boards 44 do. 
Southard Nelley Miss, house 88 Merrimack 
Southmaid Daniel, section hand, boards 24 Water 
Southwick George R. messenger, Merrimack Manufacturing Com- 
pany, boards 37 Tremont corporation 
Southwick John R. overseer dresser, house 37 Tremont corporation 
Southworth William S. printer, 21 Central, boards 81 Salem 
Spalding Charles, stonemason, house rear 18 Grand 
Spalding Charles P. student, boards 417 Middlesex 
Spalding David S. policeman, house 81 School 
Spaldiug Edward, cabinetmaker, house 15 Hurd 
Spalding Fitzhenry, boards 6 Tyler 

New- England Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & 
Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Spalding Haskell, house 6 Tyler 

Spalding Ira Mrs. house 270 Central 

Spalding James W. shuttlemaker, house 5 Howard place 

Spalding Joel, physician, Savings Bank building, h. 51 Pawtucket 

Spalding J. Tyler (ifosfon), boards 51 Pawtucket 

Spalding Noah, fanner, house Parker, near Chelmsford 

Spalding Samuel, laborer, house First, near Bridge 

Spalding Sidney, president L. & L. Railroad, h. 417 Middlesex 

Spalding Simeon Mrs. house Walker, corner Broadway 

Spalding Weld, house 1 Centre 

Spalding William B. boards 1 Centre 

Spalding William E. clerk, 227 Central, boards 6 Tyler 

Spalding William H. clerk, 99 Central, house 270 do. 

Spaleny August, operative, Lawrence corporation, house 4 do. 
Sparks Catharine, widow, house 347 Merrimack 
Sparks Clorinda, widow, boards Warren, corner George 
Sparks Fanny, widow, boards 2 William 

Sparks John, blacksmith and variety store, house 342 Merrimack 
Sparks Richard H. painter, house 347 Merrimack 
Spaulding Addison, fanner, house May, Centralville [81 Howard 
Spaulding Amasa M., Boston and Lowell Railroad car-house, house 
Spaulding Augustus E. house 25 Tyler 
Spaulding Doratha B. widow, boards 263 Central 
Spaulding Frank E. machinist, boards 81 Howard [Lagrange 
Spaulding George L. drygoods, 62 and 64 Merrimack, house 16 
Spaulding Lizzie, widow, house 32 Bartlett 

Spaulding Samuel V. travelling merchant, boards 9 Lawrence corp. 
Spaulding Sumner A. clerk,. 11 John, house 29 Bartlett 
Spear David H. clerk, 283 Merrimack, boards 323 do. [corp. 
Spearin Hiram, engineer, at Norcross & Saunders, h. 3 Tremont 
Speirs James, carpenter, house 67 Fletcher 
Spencer Ellen, widow, house 1 Howe 

Spencer Ethan N. overseer finisher, Lawrence corporation, h. 81 do. 

Spencer James, laborer, house 258 Lawrence 

Spencer Robert, moulder, boards 18 Railroad alley 

Spencer Robert, laborer, house 21 Tremont 

Spencer Sarah, widow, boards 24 Rock 

Spencer Thaddeus S. grocer, 19 Moody, house 139 do. 

Spencer William Mrs. house 401 Merrimack 
Sperry Charles, mason, house Somerset, corner Queen 
Spillane James, boards 14 Massachusetts corporation 
Spillane Michael, laborer, boards 2 Water 
Spillane Thomas, laborer, house Lowell, corner Jefferson 
Spinny Luke W. boards 2 Suffolk corporation 
Spofford Abram, machinist, house 35 Common 
Spofford Charles, overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 66 do. 
Spofford Frederick A. ( Stickney Sf Spofford ), grocer, Bridge, 
corner Third, house do. Centralville 

Narragansett Fire <S& Marine Ins. Co.. Prov., R.I. Cap., $500,- 
000. Policies written by G. F. Hunt & Co., Agtg., 588 Central St. 




Sprague Cordice, moulder, boards 97 Howard 
Sprague Henry D. Mrs. bouse 81 Merrimack corporation 
Sprague ( Henry E.) & George ( John S), clothing, 82 Merri- 
mack, house 44 Grand 
Sprague John M. express, house 26 Chapel 
Sprague Levi, contractor, house Mansur, near Fairmount 
Sprague Nabby Mrs. house rear 44 Howard 
Sprague Thomas, moulder, house 97 Howard 
Springer James F. grocer, Liberty square, house 78 Cushing 
Springer John W. patternmaker, h. 67 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Sproat Frank, weaver, Boott corporation, boards 44 do. 

Sproule Cornelia W. clerk, 29 Central, boards 156 East Merrimack 

Spurr Joseph M. clerk, 44 Merrimack, house 12 Dodge 

Stack John, laborer, house 28 Gorham 

Stack Patrick, laborer, house rear 19 Winter 

Stack Thomas, laborer, bouse 28 Gorham 

Stackpole Andrew J. (Swan, Stackpole , Sf Woodman ) , counsellor, 
13 Barristers’ Hall, house at Bostorf""' 

Stackpole Edwin A. upholsterer, house 30 Water 
Stackpole Frank, Prescott corporation, house 65 Mass, corporation 
Stackpole James, overseer, Prescott Mills, house 27 Prescott corp. 
Stackpole James A. weaver, house 30 Massachusetts corporation 
Stackpole 'Joseph H. weaver, boards 27 Prescott corporation 
Stackpole Michael, American Bolt Company, house 18 Cedar 
Stacy Duane P. clerk, at C. P. Talbot & Co.’s, boards 47 J Bartlett 
Stacy John 11. roofer, house 7 Lowell corporation 
Stacy Lucien P. bookkeeper, C. P. Talbot & Co.’s, bds. 7 Harrison 
Stafford Fred, painter, house 42 Bartlett 
Stanchfield Moses, carpenter, house 358 Merrimack 
Standfield John, blacksmith, boards 21 Market 
Standish Elizabeth Mrs. house 226 Central 
Stanley Eugene, boards 13 Third, Centralville 
Stanley George E. (Gonant Sf Co.), teamsters, freight depot, house 
Second, near Pvead, Centralville [tralville 

Stanley George W. overseer, Massachusetts, house 13 Third, Cen- 
Stanley H. E. widow, house 28 Church 
Stanley James, tinsmith, 29 Middlesex, house 2 Union 
Stanley Phineas, overseer, Merrimack, house Wilder, n. Pawtucket 
Stanley Sarah, widow, boards 56 Moody 

Stanley Stephen T. overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 78 do. 
Stanley William C. carnage-painter, house 18 Elm 
Stanton Albert D. periodicals, &c. 140 Central, house 23 Clay 
Stanton Charles P. variety store, 7 5 Adams, house do. 

Stanton Edward, laborer, house 80 William 
Stanton Henry B. tinsmith, 8 Jackson, house 18 Walnut 
Stanton Patrick, woolsorter, house 11 Spring 
Stanton William E. B.ev. house 35 Tyler 

Stanwood Sarah A. Mrs. boarding-house, 28 Massachusetts corp. . 

New- York State Directory, Published, by Sampson, Davenport, <fc 
Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Staples Alfred A. telegraph operator, 5 Middle, boards 63 High 

Staples Arthur, machinist, boards 31 Willie 

Staples Benjamin L. mason, house 38 Franklin 

Staples George W. clerk, boards 120 Merrimack 

Staples Nathaniel T. mason, house 31 Willie 

Staples Robert H. mason, boards 31 Willie 

Staples Theodore, overseer picker, Boott corporation, house 54 do. 
Staples Wallace, boards 5 Burns 
Staples William H. masou, house 101 Cross 
Starbird Charles I) butcher, house Branch, corner Walker 
Starrett Marcia A. Miss, boards 67 Pawtucket 
Stayner William, bobbinmaker, house 283 Middlesex 
St. Denie Medard, laborer, house Suffolk Hall 
Steakem Patrick, painter, house 3 Little 
Stearns Aaron F. door and sashmaker, boards 4 West’s court 
Stearns Amos Mrs. house 4 West’s court 
Stearns Augustus C. cabinetmaker, boards 4 West’s court 
Stearns Charles, lightning rods, boards 105 Gorham 
Stearns Charles, grinder, house 177 Merrimack corporation 
Stearns Charles A. doormaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house Walk- 
er, near Middlesex 

Stearns Elizabeth A. teacher, No. 5 Primary School, b. 62 Lawrence 
Stearns Erastus, carpenter, 87 East Merrimack, house 34 Fayette 
Stearns Lewis, ( Vermont ), boards 76 Bridge 
Stearns Mary N. tailoress, house 43 Hanover 
Stearns Nathaniel, overseer, Middlesex Co. h. 76 Bridge, Centralville 
Stearns Rebecca, widow, house 341 Merrimack 
Stearns Samuel, carder, Lawrence, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 
Stearns Susanna, widow, boards Walker, near Middlesex 
Stearns William, painter, Lawrence corporation, h. 112 Merrimack 
Stebbins Charles G. harnessmaker, 8 Merrimack block, boards 6- 
Massachusetts corporation 

Stebbins G. Henry, harnessmaker, 8 Merrimack block, boards 138 
Merrimack corporation 

Stedson Silas, weaver, boards 22 Hamilton corporation 
Steele George B. laborer, house 40 Water 

Steele Sylvanus ( Heath Sf Steele), provisions, 193 Central, h. 226 do. 
Stephens Alexander, butcher, house 24 Smith [Willie 

Stephenson Alexander W. hairdresser, 155 Middlesex, boards 32. 
Stevens Alonzo B. house 38 Cabot 

Stevens Belinda H. boarding-house, 18 Merrimack corporation 
Stevens Benjamin F. machinist, Arch, house 51 Howard 
Stevens Charles B. carpenter, house 227 School 
Stevens Charles L. laborer, at A. L. Brooks’s, house 71 Fletcher 
Stevens ( George ) & Anderson ( William H.), counsellors, 1 Bar- 
risters’ Hall, house 40 Chestnut 
Stevens George W. civil engineer, boards 33 Hanover 
Stevens James F. engineer, house Albro’s block, Cushing 

Fire, Marine, & Inland Insurance effected through the Security of 
N.Y. and Narragansett Ins. Cos., toy Geo. F. Hunt & Co., Agents*. 



Stevens James H. ( Bradford fy Stevens ), painter, rear 285 Mer- 
rimack, house 112 Middlesex [Middlesex 

Stevens John W. helper, at Dobbins & Cjrawford’s, house 265 
Stevens Jonas, machinist, Massachusetts corporation, house 40 do. 
Stevens Joseph, horseshoer, 56 Gorham, house 2 Linden 
Stevens Joseph, operative, Lawrence corporation, boards 52 do. 
Stevens Lafayette, printer, over Post-office, house 38 Willow 
Stevens Levi B. supt. Gas Works, house Walker,- near Broadway 
Stevens Lucy B. widow, house 8 Lawrence corporation 
Stevens Marcia Mrs. house 4 Chapel 
Stevens Mary E. Mrs. millinery, 119 Middlesex, house do. 

Stevens M. D. L. printer, house 38 Willow 

Stevens Rodolphus, variety store, 5 East Merrimack, house do. 

Stevens Ruth, widow, house 53 Hanover 

Stevens Solon, power-loom harness and reed manufacturer, Fletcher, 
corner Western avenue, house 47 Howard 
Stevens Solon W. teacher of music, boards 47 Howard 
Stevens William, jig-sawyer, boards 76 Dutton 
Stevens William, stonecutter, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Stevens William H. peddler, house Liberty, near Chelmsford 
Stevens William J. jig-sawyer, 239 Middlesex, boards 97 Dutton 
Stevenson Cushman S. Mrs. house 90 East Merrimack 
Stevenson Finley, bookkeeper (Boston), bds. 151 Merrimack corp. 
Stevenson Robert, machinist, house 151 Merrimack corporation 
Stevenson William E. machinist, boards 106 Middlesex 
Stewart Albion, carpenter, Merrimack corp. boards 5 Suffolk corp. 
Stewart Daniel, servant, at Dr. Burnham’s, 31 Tyler 
Stewart George, laborer, boards 28 Winter 
Stewart John R. loomfixer, house Broadway, corner Adams 
Stewart John W. tinsmith, 105 Central, boards 111 do. 

Stewart Levi D. cabinetmaker, 239 Middlesex, h. 2 Shaw’s block 

Stewart Maria, widow, house 148 Suffolk 

Stewart Prude Mrs. house 28 Winter 

Stewart Robert S. carpenter, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 

Stewart William H. carpenter, house 11 Oak 

Stewart, see Stuart 

Stickney Charles H. clerk, house 10^ Fifth, Centralville 
Stickney ( Daniel ) & Spofford ( Frederick A.), grocers, Bridge, 
corner Third, house 21 Third, Centralville 
Stickney James O. tanner, house 36 High 

Stickney Samuel W. president Railroad National Bank, h. 12 Kirk 
Stiles ( Alba G.), Rogers (/ G .), & Co. ( Edwin Lamson), 
flour, grain, and feed, 23 Market, house 25 Varney 
Stiles Charles F. produce-dealer, 90 Middlesex, house 19 Smith 
Stiles John, clerk, 32 Middlesex, house 162 Suffolk 
Stiles Julius A. machinist, boards 162 Suffolk 
Stiles Lewis, machinist, house 23 Cabot 
Stiles Perry P. clerk, 20 Market, house 2 Oliver 

Albany Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, «fc Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Stiles Sarah P ; widow, house 162 Suffolk 

Stiles Wilber A. dresser, boards 35 Hamilton corporation 

Stiles William Mrs. house 144 School 

Stillings Joseph, operative, Lawrence corporation, boards 43 do. 
Stinipson Charles M. moulder, house 7 Goward place 
Stimpson Daniel, machinist, house 47 Massachusetts corporation 
Stimson Lucius S. cigarmaker, house 253 Merrimack 
Stimson William A. machinist, house 54 High 
Stinchfield George, weaver, boards 139 Merrimack corporation 
Stinson Charles B. machinist, house 4 Chapel 
Stinson Charles W. blacksmith, 41 Middle, house 24 do. 

St. Ledger Patrick, laborer, house rear 12 William 
Stockbridge Silas P. laborer, house rear 61 Salem 
Stockman Edward, salesman, house Middlesex, near School 
Stockman Moses W. carpenter, house 91 Merrimack corporation 
Stoddard Chester S. ( Boston ), boards 28 Lawrence corporation 
Stoddard Elizabeth, widow, boards 37 Massachusetts corporation 
Stoddard Thomas G. engineer, house 28 Lawrence corporation 
Stoddard Walter A. machinist, Mechanics Mills, Fletcher, boards 
Tremont corporation 

Stokes Josiah H. bricklayer, house 80 Church 
Stone Aaron C. machinist, house 32 Church 
Stone Amasa C. machinist, house 72 Church 
Stone Charles, house 11 Adams 

Stone Edward, hamessmaker, 163 Central, house rear 237 do. 
Stone Joseph, laborer, house Broadway, corner Adams 
Stone Hilary Mrs. house 35 Massachusetts corporation 
Stone Orrin, woodworker, house 19 Franklin square 
Stone Beuben E. teamster, house rear 56 Moody 
Stone William, machinist, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Stone William S. weaver, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Stone Winslow F. machinist, Arch, opposite Nashua and Lowell 
Railroad depot, house Lincoln place 
Stone ( Zina E .) & Huse (S. IF.), editors and publishers, 21 
Central, house 51 Chestnut [boards 100 Appleton 

Storer Newman W. agent Florence sewing machine, 34 Meh’imack, 
Story Robert, weaver, house 64 Gorham 
Stott Charles, agent, Flannel Mills, house 16 Chestnut 
Stott Charles A. flannel manuf. Wamesit Power Co. li. 98 High 
Stott George, carder, boards 15 Charles 
Stott George, spinner, at Stott’s, house 2 Hudson 
Stott John, clerk, Belvidere Flannel Mills, house 36 High 
Stott John, overseer, Belvidere Flannel Mills, house 15 Charles 
Stott Samuel E. clerk, Appleton Bank, boards 15 Charles 
Stott Thomas, woolsortcr, boards 15 Charles 
Stover William, carpenter, house 15 Hurd 
Stowell Alvin M. cardgrinder, house 56 Boott corporation 
Stowell Jonas, American Bolt Company, house 11 Abbott 

Middlesex Mutual Fire lus. Co., Concord, Mass. Iuc. 1826. A pop- 
ular dividend-paying Co. G. F. Hunt & Co., Agents. (See p. 314.) 



Stowell Martha, widow, house 54 Massachusetts corporation 
Stratton Charles H. salesman, 57 Central, house 45 Fayette 
Stratton George A. brakeman, S. B. R. R. boards 31 Cushing 
Stratton Herbert B. patternmaker, 82 Middle, bds. 5 Mass. corp. 
Stratton Jonas, millwright, house 140 Lawrence 
Stratton Torrey E. machinist, house 122 Central 
Street Owen Rev. house 118 East Merrimack 
Streeter Frank H. boards Liberty, opposite School 
Streeter ( Harrison IF.) & Powers ( Hannibal ), grocers, 7 John, 
house Westford, near School 
Streeter Holland, house Liberty, opposite School 
Strickland John, shoemaker, house 48 Charles 
Strickland Pamelia C. widow, house 20 Prescott corporation 
Strickland Robert, shoemaker, Dutton, n. Fletcher, h. 41 Fletcher 
Strickland Wm. H. shoemaker, Dutton, n. Fletcher, b. 41 Fletcher 
Stringer John W. patternmaker, boards 67 L. M. S. corporation 
Stuart John L. M. varnisher, house 10 Race 
Stuart Sarah W. Miss, house 14 Ash 
Stuart, see Stewart 

Studdart John, laborer, house 19 Adams 

Sturtevant Albert M. teamster, A. L. Brooks, house 70 Moody 

Sturtevant Joseph E. woodworker, house 123 Cross 

Suffolk Manufacturing Company, Suffolk, below Moody 

Sugden John, combmaker, house 56 Lawrence 

Sugden John, variety store, 177 Central, house do. 

Sugden John, worsted spinner, house Stone house, Whipple ville 

Sugden Thomas, worsted spinner, boards Stone house, Whippleville 

Sullivan Ann Mrs. boards 23 Hanover 

Sullivan Ann J. widow, house 152 Lowell 

Sullivan Bartholomew, operative, house 26 Winter 

Sullivan Bartholomew, laborer, house 4 Quigley’s alley 

Sullivan Catharine, widow, house 70 Lowell 

Sullivan Catharine, widow, house 119 Lowell 

Sullivan Catharine, widow, house 10 Adams block 

Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, house 62 Fayette 

Sullivan Cornelius, teamster, at A. L. Brooks’s, house 106 Suffolk 

Sullivan Daniel, dyer, boards 48 Lewis 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 29 Wamesit 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 122 Lowell 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 14 Davidson 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 17 Adams 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 13 Spring 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 2 McCarry’s court • 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house Lowell, corner Jefferson 

Sullivan Daniel, farmer, house rear 16 Dummer 

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house Fenwick 

Sullivan Dennis, moulder, boards 42 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house 40 Davidson 

Troy Directory, Published by Sampson. Davenport, <& Co. (formerly 
Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Sullivan Dennis, foreman, at A. L. Brooks’s, h. rear 37 Fenwick 

Sullivan Dennis, harnessmaker, boards 23 Fayette 

Sullivan D. A. clerk, Dutton, corner Lowell, boards 70 Suffolk 

Sullivan Edward Mrs. house 12 Cross 

Sullivan Edward, laborer, house 122 Lowell 

Sullivan Elizabeth, widow, house 39 Cedar 

Sullivan Ellen, widow, house rear 16 Duminer 

Sullivan Ellen, widow, house 17 Adams 

Sullivan Ellen, widow, house 23 Fayette 

Sullivan Ellen, widow, house 33 Fenwick 

Sullivan Ellen, widow, house 104 Suffolk 

Sullivan Eugene, laborer, house 2 Putney’s court 

Sullivan Florence, laborer, house opposite 32 Adams 

Sullivan Humphrey, laborer, house 6 Little 

Sullivan Humphrey, laborer, house 16 Dummer 

Sullivan James, planer, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 17 Spring 

Sullivan James F. machinist, 237 Middlesex, boards 39 Cedar 

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, house 1 Cross 

Sullivan Jeremiah, Middlesex, house 62 Fayette 

Sullivan Jeremiah, foundry, boards 6 Little 

Sullivan Jeremiah, harnessmaker, 285 Merrimack, bds. 23 Fayette 

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, boards 14 Adams 

Sullivan John, laborer, house at Lowell Bleachery depot 

Sullivan John, laborer, boards 21 Tremont 

Sullivan John, laborer, house 183 Lawrence 

Sullivan John, watchman, Suffolk corporation, boards 5 do. 

Sullivan John, laborer, house rear 48 Fenwick 

Sullivan John, shoemaker, Parker’s block, Centralville, house do. 

Sullivan John, laborer, house 97 Lowell 

Sullivan John, boards 19 High 

Sullivan John, picker, house Clark’s court 

Sullivan John, Carpet corporation, house 26 Lowell 

Sullivan John, operative, house 12 Jefferson 

Sullivan John, operative, house 24 Jefferson 

Sullivan John, jr. house 183 Lawrence 

Sullivan John D. Mrs. house 6 Jefferson 

Sullivan John W. 0. machinist, house 20 Summer 

Sullivan Julia, widow, house 2 Putney’s court 

Sullivan Julia, widow, house 40 Davidson 

Sullivan Margaret, widow, house 20 Howe 

Sullivan Margaret, widow, house 27 Congress 

Sullivan Margaret, widow, house rear 19 Dummer 

Sullivan Margaret, widow, house 3 Putney’s court 

Sullivan Mary, widow, house 48 Lewis 

Sullivan Mary Mrs. boards 4 Jefferson 

Sullivan Mary, widow, house 13 River, Central ville 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, 9 Thorndike, house 70 Suffolk 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, Locks and Canals, h. 4 Quigley’s alley 

Geo. P. II unt & Co. are agents for the Connecticut Mutual Life 
Ins. Co. For full particulars, see pages 344 and 345. 


Sullivan Michael, laborer, at Gas Works, house opp. 30 Adams 

Sullivan Michael, currier, Willie, cor. Broadway, h. 104 Suffolk 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, house 41 Adams 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, house 15 William 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, house 12 Jefferson 

Sullivan Patrick Mrs. house 43 Adams 

Sullivan Eicbard, laborer, house 6 Suffolk court 

Sullivan Thomas ( California ), house 15 Adams 

Sullivan Timothy G. laborer, bouse 3 Jefferson square 

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, house 42 Appleton [h. 181 do. 

Sullivan Timothy ( Welch 3? Sullivan ), provisions, 177 Lawrence, 

Sullivan Timothy, Merrimack corporation, house rear 10 Little 

Sullivan Timothy, mariner, boards 14 Lowell 

Sullivan William, operative, house rear 17 Cross 

Summers Samuel, beltmaker, house First, near Bridge 

Sumner Mary Mrs. house 4 Fifth, Centralville 

Surprenant Hilaire, laborer, boards 293 Middlesex 

Surprenant J. Battiste, laborer, house 293 Middlesex 

Sutliffe William, machinist, boards 04 Gorham 

Sutton Sydney S. ( Lawrence ), house rear 3 Bodge [Dracut 

Swain Charles J. carriagemaker, 22 Bridge, Centralville, house at 

Swain Oliver, farmer, Pine, near Liberty 

Swain Samuel T. cabinetmaker, rear 239 Middlesex, boards Button 
Swan Charles C. clerk, 41 Merrimack, boards 25 Bartlett 
Swan ( Charles A. F.), Stackpole ( A. J. ), & Woodman (6r. Z>.), 
counsellors, 13 Barristers’ Hall, house Methuen, Centralville 
Swan Baniel, boots and shoes, 41 Merrimack, house 25 Bartlett 
Swan Baniel A. clerk, Merrimack, boards 25 Bartlett 
Swan Edward P. clerk, 23 Central, boards 15 do. 

Swan Joseph C. weaver, boards 120 Merrimack 
Swan Martha Miss, boards 97 Howard 
Swan Olive, widow, bouse 20 Congress 

Swapp Andrew F. asst, superintendent L. M. Co. h. 132 Market 
Swapp Isabella Mrs. house 132 Market- 

Swasey George S. overseer painter, Lawrence corporation, h. 2 do. 
Swazey Almond L. picker, house 57 Boott corporation 
Sweatt Benjamin B. machinist, Arch, near Nashua and Lowell de- 
pot, boards 40 Worthen 
Sweatt Henry, stonelayer, house Wanalancit 
Sweatt Jeremiah, yard-hand, Merrimack corporation, house 07 do. 
Sweatt Moses H. stonecutter, 3 Bangs block, Railroad 
Sweatt Oscar H. stonecutter, 3 Bangs block, Railroad 
Sweatt Samuel ( Runels , Clough , fy Co.), granite yard, Thorndike, 
corner Middlesex, house 85 Appleton [Chelmsford 

Sweatt William, repairer, at Norcross & Saunders’s, house at N. 
Sweeney Baniel, moulder, house 4 Cross 
Sweeney Bennis, weigher, house Suffolk, near Cross 
Sweeney B. F. hairdresser, 4 Central, boards 42 do. 

Providence Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Sweeney Edward, moulder, Willie, corner Dutton, house 12 Cross 
Sweeney Edward A. moulder, house Common, near Cross 
Sweeney Henry, laborer, house 12 Lowell 
Sweeney Hugh, carpetweaver, house 4 Kidder 
Sweeney James, laborer, house 5 McDermott’s block 
Sweeney Michael, house 6 Cross 
Sweeney Patrick, operative, house 352 Central 
Sweetser Adam, bobbinmaker, boards 2 Suffolk corporation 
Sweetser A. H. bobbinmaker, Wamcsit Steam Mills 
Sweetser Betsy W. A. widow, boards 2 Suffolk corporation 
Sweetser Ellen, widow, boards 18 Appleton corporation 
Sweetser Julia, widow, boards 406 Merrimack [Suffolk corp. 
Sweetser Oliver S. machinist. Mechanics Mills, Dutton, house 2 
Sweetser Sidney, at D. W. Horne’s, house Western avenue 
Sweetser ( Theodore H) & Gardner ( William S.), counsellors, 
43^ Central, house Nesmith 

Swett Daniel, jr. stencil-cutter, house Yarney, near School 
Swett Edmund, waiter, 42 Central, house 396 Merrimack 
Swett George, dyer, boards 44 Lawrence corporation 
Swett John F. moulder, house 126 Middlesex 
Swett John H. , Arch, near Northern depot, house 8 Branch 
Swett Lizzie G. teacher, No. 41 Primary School, boards 12 Law- 
rence corporation 

Swett Mary and Maria Misses, house 39 Bartlett 
Swett Samuel Mrs. house 12 Lawrence corporation 
Swett William L. carriagemaker, Pawtucket, near old canal, house 
Wanalancit, near Pawtucket 

Swett, see Sweatt [Lincoln 

Sykes James, sawyer, Cushing, corner Bock, boards Main, comer 
Sykes Bichard M. beltmaker, house rear 61 East Merrimack 
Sylvester George B. carpenter, 20 Common, h. Gold, near School 
Symmes Henry, shoemaker, house 3 Goward place 
Symonds Edward, variety store, 2 Tilden, house do. 

Symonds Ileman M. roofer, boards 14 East Pine 

Symonds Samuel, operative, boards 115 Merrimack corporation 

TABEB JOHN, farmer, house off Biver road, Dracut 

Tabor John Frank, clerk, 253 Merrimack, house Biver road, Dracut 

Taff Cristopher, laborer, house 30 Fayette 

Taffe Andrew, dyer, house rear 19 Summer [Nesmith 

Taft Nelson F. ( Drew , Taft , Welch ,), 126 Merrimack, house 3 

Taggart Charles L. clerk, 153 Central, boards 34 Bartlett 

Taggart Leander Mrs. house 34 Bartlett 

Taguc Hugh, machinist, house 39 Lowell 

Taisey Lydia, dry goods, Gorham, corner Middlesex, house do. 

Taisey Bobert, clerk, house 76 Dutton 

Talant Eben, carder, boards 11 Hamilton corporation [dlesex pi 
Talbot Charles C. fireman, Boston & Lowell Bailroad, bds. 2 Mid- 

How to provide for tile comfort and support of our families after 
our decease is the earnest thought of every man. (See pp. 344 & 345.) 



Talbot Charles P. & Co. ( Thomas , Edward R., fy Julian Talbot ), 
drugs and dye-stuffs, east end of market house, house Chest- 
nut, near Park 

Talbot Edward R ( Charles P. Talbot Sf Co.), drugs and dye- 
stuffs, east end of market house, boards Chestnut, near Park 
Talbot Julian ( Charles P. Talbot fy Co.), drugs and dye-stuffs, 
east end of market house, boards Chestnut, near Park 
Talbot Thomas ( Charles P. Talbot 8? Co.), drugs, east end of mar- 
ket house, house at North Billerica 
Talbot William F. clerk, 189 Middlesex, boards 43 Chestnut 
Tallant Samuel B. spinner, house 22 Jackson 
Talty Timothy, laborer, house 59 Gorham 
Tankard John, machinist, 35 Suffolk 
Tapley Eliza A. D. teacher, Mann School, boards 44 Branch 
Tapley Jesse, timber-dealer, house 44 Branch 
Tapley Joseph, house 37 Church 

Tapley Mary A. teacher. No. 15 Primary School, bds. 44 Branch 
Tapley & Leonard (A. W. Leonard ), wood-dealers, Jackson, near 
Round House 

Tarbell George G. salesman, 45 Central, house 43 Bartlett 
Tarbell Reuben Mrs. house 7 Garnet 
Tarbuck William, mason, house 8 Front, Centralville 
Tarr Eugene J. clerk, 52 Merrimack, boards 43 Tyler 
Tarr George J. house 43 Tyler 

Tatterson John, superintendent Suffolk Co. house 2 Cabot block 
Tay Sullivan, shoemaker, house Methuen, Centralville [Andover 
Taylor Albion C. (Cookfy T.) t 42 Merrimack & 103 Central, h. 48 
Taylor Alfred, finisher, house foot of Pleasant 
Taylor Catharine, widow, house 15 Kirk 
Taylor Charles I. cabinetmaker, boards 15 Kirk 
Taylor Daniel G. machinist, house 43 Boott corporation 
Taylor David, at Norcross & Saunders’s, house 29 School [corp. 
Taylor David B. shoemaker, 69 Middle, boards 4 Massachusetts 
Taylor Frederick ( Jacob Rogers fy Co.), 166 Merrimack, h. 15 Kirk 
Taylor George H. harnessmaker, 196 Middlesex, bds. 101 Central 
Taylor George W. overseer, house Howard, corner Middlesex 
Taylor James F. carpenter, boards 172 Merrimack corporation 
Taylor John, beltmaker, Lawrence corporation, house 51 do. 
Taylor John, teamster, 9 Thorndike, house 230 Middlesex 
Taylor John, blacksmith, 136 Middlesex, boards 20 Hamilton corp. 
Taylor Joseph, dry and fancy goods, 116 Merrimack, house do. 
Taylor Lewis W. overseer, house 12 High-street square 
Taylor Paris K. machinist, house 43 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Taylor Samuel A. wooden ware, 283 Merrimack, house 323 do. 

Taylor Samuel W. carpenter, house 172 Merrimack corporation 
Taylor Stephen K. watchman, house 11 Andover 
Taylor Susan Miss, rear Wamesit [house 16 Appleton 

Taylor Thomas E. ( Glazier fy Taylor), variety store, 9 Merrimack, 

Charlestown Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 4:7 Congress Street, Boston. 



Taylor Wilfred P. manufacturer of chemicals, head of Lawrence, 
house 15 Kirk 

Taylor William K. farmer, house River road, Dracut 
Taylor William R. harnessmaker, 45 Market, boards 29 Boott corp. 
Teabo Joseph, lumberman, house 9 Perrin 
Teague Patrick, clerk, 8 Merrimack, boards 20 Ash 
Tebbetts Charles G. spinner, house 39 Massachusetts corporation 
Teel George H. moulder, boards 115 Gorham 
Temple Benjamin F. weaver, boards 49 Massachusetts corporation 
Temple Drucilla, widow, house 34 Fayette 
Temple James, carpenter, house 20 North Franklin court 
Temple Samuel, engineer, L. & B R. R. house 19 N. Franklin ct. 
Temple Thomas W. mason, house Pine, near Liberty 
Tenney Horace B. clerk, 189 Middlesex, house 27 Chestnut 
Tenney Mary, nurse, at City Hospital, Merrimack 
Terrier Julius, blacksmith, house Parker’s block, Centralville 
Tetro Adolphe, carpenter, house rear 15 Willie avenue 
Thackrah Henry, boots and shoes, 82 Central, house 8 Lawrence 
Thatcher George, bell-hanger, &c. 52 £ Merrimack, house 77 Co- 
burn, Centralville 

Thayer Joseph A. gardener, boards Mt. Vernon, corner Cross 

Thayer Levi P. bootmaker, house First, near Bridge, Centralville 

Theodorian Zohrap K. machinist, boards 10 Read, Centralville 

Therreault David, laborer, house 7 Middlesex place 

Thissell Andrew, at Smith Adams’s, house 9 First, Centralville 

Thissell Charles E. carpenter, house Webster ave. cor. Ninth, Cent. 

Thissell Daniel Mrs. house Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 

Thissell Earl Amri, house 51 Bridge, Centralville 

Thissell John F. shoemaker, house Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 

Thissell Lydia Ann, boards Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 

Thomas Albert H. weaver, Merrimack corporation, house 67 do. 

Thomas Clarence, machinist, house 88 Merrimack 

Thomas Cyrus W. carpenter, house 29 Willow 

Thomas Edmund D. locktender, house Broadway, at Guard Locks 

Thomas Edward W. boards 11 Cabot 

Thomas Elisha A. watchman, house 16 Clay 

Thomas Eunice P. Miss, house 15 Auburn 

Thomas Francis, laborer, house 23 Adams 

Thomas Henry A. operative, boards 16 Clay 

Thomas John, laborer, house 37 Fenwick 

Thomas Joseph, laborer, house 30 Davidson 

Thomas Marcus A overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 72 do. 

Thomas Mary R. widow, house 15 Fayette 

Thomas Philip V. ( Boston ), house 123 Moody 

Thomas Richard, laborer, house 15 Adams 

Thomas William, Merrimack Print Works, house 11 Cabot 

Thomas , laborer, boards 67 Lawrence corporation 

Thomason Samuel, overseer worsted, Hamilton corp. bds. 5 Everett 

Ulutual Benefit Life Ins. Co., State Mutual Life Assurance Co. 
Worcester, Mass. G. P. Hunt &. Co., Agents. (See page 311.) 



Thornes Mary Miss, house 9 Tilden court 

Thornes Peter A. carpenter, house 4 Tilden court 

Thompson Alsie M. widow, house 95 Howard 

Thompson Alvin, carpenter, boards 1 Merriam’s court, High 

Thompson A. ( Packer 8? T.), homeo. physician, 16 Central, h. do. 

Thompson A. F. clerk, 268 Merrimack, boards 95 Howaid 

Thompson Bethuel T. Mrs. millinery, 91 Merrimack, boards do. 

Thompson Charles, miller, boards 109 Appleton 

Thompson Charles 0, painter, boards Chelmsford, corner Howard 

Thompson Eliza Mrs. house 82 Church 

Thompson George, watchman, Lawrence corporation, boards 46 do. 

Thompson George H. overseer wool-sorting, Hamilton, house 39 do. 

Thompson Harriet A. Mrs. house Chelmsford, corner Howard 

Thompson Ira, machinist, house 176 Merrimack corporation 

Thompson James B. patent-agent, house 71 High 

Thompson John, boards 82 Church 

Thompsou John, weaver, house Broadway, near Adams 

Thompson John B. carder, house 34 Prescott corporation 

Thompson Joseph P. clothing, house 11 Harrison 

Thompson Julia Ann, widow, house 277 Middlesex 

Thompson Marshall E. botanic medicines, 268 Merr. h. 18 Tilden 

Thompson Mary Ann, widow, house 5 Edgerly court 

Thompson Rinaldo R. gasfitter, house 2 Hamilton corporation 

Thompsou Robert, machinist, boards 29 Charles 

Thompson Roxanna, widow, house 133 Merrimack corporation 

Thompson Samuel, engineer, house 1 Merriam’s court, High 

Thompson Stephen L. carpenter, boards 7 Dodge 

Thompson Thomas, woolsorter, house 29 Charles 

Thompson Walter, weaver, house 33 Middle 

Thompson William K. saloon, 12 Merrimack, house 80 South 

Thorn Eli, mason, house 102 High 

Thorn John, wool carder, house 14 Suffolk corporation 

Thorn Samuel, mason, house 28 Lawrence corporation 

Thornby Joseph, spinner, house 8 North 

Thorning Cyrus H. folder, house 32 Bleachery 

Thorning John F. at bleachery, boards 23 Bleachery 

Thornley Peter, carpenter, house 2 Auburn 

Thornton Benjamin, laborer, house 51 Fenwick 

Thornton Bernard, laborer, house 111 Market 

Thornton Charles H. carpenter, house 177 Gorham 

Thornton Edward, Merrimack, house Llewellyn, Centralville 

Thornton Francis, grocer, 60 Middle, boards 32 William 

Thornton Henry R. carpenter, Bleachery, house 177 Gorham 

Thornton James, laborer, house Front, Centralville 

Thorp George, watchman, Merrimack, house 5 Chestnut 

Thorp James, calendering, house 27 East Merrimack 

Thorpe Mary J. widow, boards 13 Suffolk corporation 

Thurber Lizzie J. Mrs. boarding-house, 22 Lowell corporation 

Pall River Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Thurber Samuel W. Rev. house 85 Church 

Thurley Charles, operative, boards 5 Faulkner’s block 

Thurston Benj. proprietor Washington House, Central, cor. Church 

Thurston Eben R. boards 30 Smith 

Thurston Elijah C. tinsmith, 125 Market, house 2 Ford 

Thurston George, Print Works, boards 134 Merrimack corporation 

Thurston Joel M. watchman, 233 Middlesex, house 30 Smith 

Thyne John, blacksmith, house 38 Bleachery 

Thyng Charlotte G. and Mary A. house 36 Howard 

Tibbetts Charles G. spinner, house 39 Massachusetts corporation 

Tibbetts Henry Llewellyn, tallyman, boards 2 Middlesex place 

Tibbetts Joseph R. farmer, house Mount Pleasant, Centralville 

Tibbetts William B. phrenologist and teacher, house 53 Boott corp. 

Tibbin Robert, weaver, house 9 George 

Ticehurst James, machinist, house 92 East Merrimack 

Ticknor David, jr. shoecutter, house 47 Fayette 

Ticknor Henry L. carpenter, 26 Middle, house 26 Austin 

Ticknor Polly, widow, boards 132 Merrimack corporation 

Tiernan Bridget, widow, house 33 Summer 

Tierney John, laborer, boards 94 Gorham 

Tierney Margaret Mrs. house 94 Gorham 

Tierney Matthew, spinner, house 4 Knowles place 

Tierney Michael, laborer, house 2 Carolin’s block, Fayette 

Tierney Michael Mrs. variety store, 12 Winter, boards do. 

Tierney Michael, blacksmith, Arch, n. Northern depot, h. 12 Winter 
Tierney Patrick, weaver, Chase’s Mills, house Gorham, opposite 
Fair Ground 

Tiffney Richard, spinner, house 170 Gorham 
Tighe Edward, blackmith, house 64 Adams 
Tighe Hugh, laborer, house 7 Jefferson 
Tighe James, laborer, house 38 Davidson 
Tighe Lawrence, blacksmith, house 33 Common 
Tighe Matthew, spinner, boards 40 Boott corporation 
Tighe Michael, laborer, boards 2 Wall 
Tighe Michael, picker, house 12 Jefferson 
Tighe Patrick, laborer, boards 38 Davidson 
Tighe, see Tye 

Tilden Charles H. clerk, 14 Market, boards 112 Central 

Tilley James B. gardener, house Moore, near Bleachery 

Tilley John, stonecutter, house Crosby, near Mill 

Tilton Abraham, overseer, Lawrence corporation, house 88 do. 

Tilton Albert, carpenter, house 73 Church 

Tilton Augusta Mrs boards 119 Central 

Tilton Charles, clerk, boards 111 Central 

Tilton Charles F. letter-carrier, P. 0. boards 308 Central 

Tilton Edward, machinist, boards 67 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Tilton Frank, machinist, boards 115 Gorham 

Tilton George F. machinist, boards 13 Boott corporation 

GKO. F. HUNT &, CO., Fire Life Itis. Ag’y, representing $45,- 
000,000 Capital and. Surplus. 28 Central St., Lowell. (See page 314. 



Tilton George W. miller, S. N. Wood’s, house Walnut, c. Chapel 
Tilton Herman N. moulder, boards 41 Chapel 
Tilton John W. moulder, boards 297 Central 
Tilton Joseph, carpenter, house 308 Central 
Tilton Joseph O. at grist-mill, boards 308 Central 
Tilton Lucy, boarding-house, 21 Boott corporation 
Tilton Martin V. B. painter, boards 46 Charles 
Timlin Patrick, laborer, at A. L. Brooks’s, house 23 Union 
Tinker George, shoemaker, 75 Central, house 7 Andover 
Tinker Henry W. harnesso aker, 45 Market, boards 29 Church 
Tinker Law, shoemaker, 75 Central, house 9 Andover 
Tippen Robert, Middlesex, house 9 George 
Tirrell Joseph, junkdealer, house 22 George 
Tobin Helen, widow, house 1 Marion 
Tobin James, cabinetmaker, boards 25 Treinont 
Tobin John ( California ), house Donahoe’s court 
Tobin Michael, machinist, boards 1 Marion 
Tobin Patrick J. laborer, house 25 Tremont 
Tobin Thomas, moulder, boards 58 South [road, Dracut 

Tolman John C. variety store, 334 Merrimack, house Mammoth 
Tolinan Mary, widow, boards 135 Merrimack corporation 
Toohey Patrick, laborer, house Linden, near Auburn 
Toohey Thomas, painter, house 51 Market 
Toohey Timothy, cardstripper, h. Coburn, c. River, Ccntralville 
Toole Thomas, laborer, house r. River, above Coburn, Centralville 
Toomey Dennis, laborer, house 5 Quigley’s alley 
Toomey Mary, widow, house 2 Water 
Toomey William, laborer, boards 2 Water 
Toppan Abner Mrs. house Third, cor. Mt. Vernon, Centralville 
Torance Ruth, boards 29 Hamilton corporation 
Torbin Mary, widow, house 3 Dummer 
Torsey James M. boxmaker, house 16 Rock 
Totman Stark {Lancaster fy Totman ), tailors, 104 and 106 Cen- 
tral, house 110 East Merrimack 

Tower {Daniel 71), Pierce {James), & Co. {Peter D. Cutter), 
dry goods, 138 Merrimack, house at Cambridgeport 
Tower James, house 209 Central 
Tower Thomas T. painter, boards 209 Central 
Towey Lewis, operative, house rear 394 Merrimack 

Towey , yard-hand, Lawrence corporation, house 31 do. 

Towle Simon, photographist, 92 Merrimack, boards 16 Myrtle, 

Towler Harry, gardener, house Mammoth road, Dracut 

Towne David, millwright, house 39 George 

Townsend Abel D. carder, house 242 Gorham 

Townsend Horatio, machinist, boards 20 Hamilton corporation 

Townsend N. W. house 330 Merrimack 

Tracy Dennis, laborer, house 12 William 

Lawrence Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Tracy John, spinner, house 2 Lee 

Tracy Lucrctia P. boarding-house, 37 Massachusetts corporation 
Trahon Peter, operative, boards 2 Jackson 
Trainor Michael, laborer, house 14 George 
Trainble Jeremiah, laborer, house rear 87 Moody 
Trask Daniel, farmer, house School, corner railroad crossing 
Trask Diogenes E. boxmaker, boards 32 Branch 
Trask James T., Boston and Lowell Railroad, house 32 Branch 
Trask Joseph H. teamster, house 8 Bleachery 
Trask Oliver P. agent, stone-cutter, School, corner Boston and 
Lowell Railroad crossing, house 6 Franklin court 

Trask , boxmaker, 233 Middlesex, boards Branch 

Traver Abraham, carder, Boott corporation, house 67 do. 

Traver Jacob H. carder, house 21 Tremont corporation 
Traversi Joseph, laborer, house 160 Central 
Travercy William, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Travessey Paul, grinder, Cushing, corner Rock, boards 7 Garnet 
Travis Nancy M. widow, house Short 
Tremont Mills, Suffolk, below Moody 
Trimble Matthias, house Lincoln place 
Trimble Matthias, jr. laborer, boards Lincoln place 
Tripp George F. boards East Merrimack, corner Alder 
Tripp John, rollcoverer, house East Merrimack, corner Alder 
Trombley George, watchman, Lowell Felting Mills, h. Broadway, 
near Walker 

Trombley Nelson, operative, boards Lawrence, rear the mills 
Trombley Peter, operative, boards Broadway, near Walker 
Trombley, see Twonibly 

Tromley Levi, laborer, Lowell Machine Shop, house 92 Moody 
Trout Abby Y. Miss, house 14 Central 

Trow Elizabeth Mrs. boarding-house, 38 Massachusetts corporation 
Trow William, machinist, boards 38 Massachusetts corporation 
Trowbridge George F. machinist, boards 159 Moody 
Trowbridge George P. machinist, 237 Middlesex, boards 5 Jackson 
Trowbridge George M. (D. S. Kimball Sf Co.') cabinet-makers, 
Wamesit Steam Mills, house 159 Moody 
Trowbridge George N. furniture, house 159 Moody 
Trowbridge John, carpenter, house 4 Clark 
Trowbridge Phineas P. shoemaker, house 5 Jackson 
Trudean John B. laborer, boards 9 Middlesex place 
True Chapman H. carder, Boott corporation, house 71 do. 

True ( Charles 0.) & Cheney ( George A.), provisions, 273 Merri- 
mack, house 100 Salem 
True David W. dyer, house 2 Wamesit block 
True Hattie E. widow, housel3 Elm 

Trueworthy Gilbert, Massachusetts, house 6 East Jlerrimack 
Trueworthy James B. overseer, Hamilton corporation, house 46 do. 
Trumbel James W. sawfiler, Merrimack, c. Maiden lane, house 33 
Massachusetts corporation 

Agency of Royal Ins. Co., Liv., Rug., with Geo. P. Hunt & Co., 
over Prescott Nat’l Bank, 28 Cent’l St., Lowell. (See pp. 344 and 406.) 



Trumbull Thomas, peddler, boards 148 Central 
Tuck Andrew J. dresser, Merrimack corporation, house 71 do. 
Tuck Charles H. chemist, boards 8 Bleachery 
Tuck Edward, president Old Lowell National Bank, and broker 
(Boston), house 6 Sixth, Centralville 
Tuck George, watchman, boards 48 Massachusetts corporation 
Tucker Bridget, widow, house 24 J efferson 
Tucker Davis S., Appleton corporation, house 9 do. 

Tucker Gordon F. ( Keyes and T.), 184 Merrimack, h. 39 Tyler 

Tucker Joel, operative, boards 2 Suffolk corporation 

Tucker Joel, watchman, 7 Thorndike, boards Hamilton corp. 

Tucker Michael, teamster, house 291 Middlesex 

Tuckerman Anna M. Miss, hair jewelry, 117 Central, boards do. 

Tufts Eben, boards Washington House [Merrimack corporation 

Tufts Edward, treas. clerk, Merrimack Manufacturing Co. house 33 

Tuite Simon P. Mrs. house 69 Boott corporation 

Tullock Robert N. silversmith, 25 Central, house 61 Bartlett 

Tullock Stella A teacher, No. 3 Primary School, b. 61 Bartlett 

Tully Bridget, widow, house 56 South 

Tully John, laborer, house rear 82 Moody 

Tully John, laborer, house 2 Union court 

Tully Michael, laborer, house 36 Crosby 

Tully Owen, laborer, house 34 Crosby 

Tully Patrick, rnarbledresser, 181 Central, house 11 Court avenue 

Tully Thomas, boards 36 Crosby 

Tully Thomas, laborer, house 137 Lowell 

Tumilty James, varnisher, house 36 Lewis 

Tummelty Charles, clerk, 73 Gorham, boards 84 Charles 

Tummelty Felix, bootmaker, house 25 Winter 

Tummelty Patrick, laborer, house 26 Bleachery 

Tummelty Patrick, bleachery, boards 36 Bleachery 

Turner Benjamin F. house 260 Merrimack 

Turner Betsey, widow, house 19 Fayette 

Turner Frank D. bung-maker, boards 260 Merrimack 

Turner George F. carpenter, house 15 Hurd 

Turner James H. currier, boards London, Ayer’s City 

Turner John, moulder, house Railroad, near Hale 

Turner Joseph ( T. Atherton fy Co .), Howe, house 29 High 

Turner William, house 23 Moody 

Turner William H. machinist, boards 2 Jackson 

Turner William H. carder, Lawrence corp. house 26 Suffolk corp. 

Tuthill Augustus, hairdresser, 2 Hurd, house rear 245 Merrimack 

Tuttle Ann C. widow, house 41 Cushing 

Tuttle Eben, carpenter, house 29 Bleachery 

Tuttle Eliza F. boards Grand, south of Chelmsford 

Tuttle Franklin, overseer, house 17 Bleachery 

Tuttle George, printer, boards rear 105 East Merrimack 

Tuttle George S. clerk, 252 Merrimack, boards School, c. Liberty 

Lowell Directory, Published toy Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston, 



Tuttle John II. house Seventh, corner Bridge, Centralville 
Tuttle Levi B. painter, house Lincoln place 
Tuttle Merari, picker, house rear 105 East Merrimack 
Tuttle Thomas, spinner, house IS Howe 
Tuttle Wood bridge W. at bleachery, house 21 Bleachery 
Tuxbury Moses M. Mrs. house 37 Bridge, cor. Third, Centralville 
Tweed T. Gibson ( Carleton fy Hovey), apothecary, City Hall, 164 
Merrimack, boards 51 East Merrimack 
Twiss Benjamin P. carder, Lawrence corporation, house 6 do. 
Twiss James J. Bev. house 107 Gorham 
Twitchell Andrew S. house 73 Middle 
Twichell Stillman Mrs. house 91 Moody 
Twichell William A. machinist, house 91 Moody 
Twombly Edward, house 27 Appleton corporation 
Twombly Joshua, carpenter, house 14 Bleachery 
Twombly Octavius, laborer, house 8 Middlesex place 
Twombly William, operative, Lawrence corporation, house 39 do. 
Twombly, see Trombley 
Tye Henry, laborer, house 34 Cedar 
Tye, see Tighe 

Tyler Albert M. carpenter, house Middlesex, comer Central 
Tyler Artemas S. cashier, Prescott National Bank and treasurer 
Five Cent Savings Bank, house 170 East Merrimack 
Tyler Charles A. clerk, 5 Central, boards 121 do. 

Tyler Daniel B. painter, house 5 Ford 

Tyler David L. painter, house 126 Middlesex 

Tyler Hiram M. machinist, boards 9 Dodge 

Tyler Jane S. R. Mrs. boarding-house, 9 Merrimack corporation 

Tyler John B. machinist, Lawrence, boards 26 Suffolk corp. 

Tyler Jonathan, house Park, corner Andover 

Tyler ltinaldo H. machinist, house 17 Cady 

Tyler Silas, house 28 Church 

Tyler Silas, jr. house 20 Kirk 

Tyler Stephen A. stonecutter, house 104 Middlesex 

Tyler William Mrs. house 57 Howard 

Tyler William O. boards 57 Howard 

Tyng ( Levi B.) & Marshall {Asaph i?.), Lowell Wrench Com- 
pany, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. Grand, south of Chelmsford 
Tyng, see Thyng 

Tyrrell Alexander, carpenter, boards 57 Massachusett corporation 

Tyrrell Joseph, junk-gatherer, house 22 George 

Tyrrell Robert, laborer, boards 22 George 

Tyrrell William, laborer, house 5 Howe 

Tyrrell William B. carver, 239 Middlesex, house 22 George 

UMPLEBY JOHN, laborer, house Clark’s court 
Underhill Ervin, house Beacon, near Pawtucket 
Underwood Charles H. tinsmith, house 27 Adams 

Security Fire In,. Co. of N.Y. City. Capital, $1,000,000. Assets, 
$1,477,677.12. Losses promptly paid. Geo. F. Hunt & Co., Agts. 




Underwood Earnest A. woolwasher, 7 Thorndike 
Underwood Frank, dresser, Lawrence, boards 27 Tremont corp. 
Underwood Nathan G. carder, house 4 Middlesex place 
Underwood Thomas D. fanner, house River road, Dracut 
Unsworth Henry, bloekcutter, house 2 Hale 
Unsworth Henry, jr. rugweaver, boards 2 Hale 
Upham Amos, carpenter, house 309 School 

Upham Nathan G. carpenter, 300 School, house River road, Dracut 
Upton ( Albert JF.) & Parkhurst {Rollins), shoulder-brace manu- 
factory, 5 John, house 35 Fifth, Centralville 
Upton Frederick A. stonecutter, 12 Middlesex, house 248 do. 
Upton George, machinist, boards 13S Merrimack corporation 
Upton Henry, upholsterer, 7 Central, house 24 Branch 
Upton John T. watchman, Massachusetts, house 73 Fayette 
Upton Joseph, watchman, house foot of Water 
Upton Joseph S. overseer dresser, Lawrence corporation, h. 79 do. 
Urann Charles F. stonecutter, house 44 Paige 
Usher Eugene, watchman, Lawrence corp. boards 46 do. 

VALLERY SARAH, widow, house 116 Middlesex 
Yalrand Edward, cabinetmaker, boards 8 Middlesex place 
Yanasee Joseph, laborer, house 8 Middlesex place 
Yance Lorin A. farmer, house 71 Lawrence corporation 
Yance William, blacksmith house 71 Lawrence corporation 
Yancey Alexander, laborer, at H. & A. Whitney’s, house 129 

Van Decose Eugene, operative, Appleton corp. house 3 do. 
Vanhorst Alexander, teamster, house 129 Middlesex 
Yanslett Solomon, moulder, house 6 Goward place 
Yan Tassle John, carpenter, Merrimack corporation, house 52 do. 
Vantine Charles, baggagetnaster, B. & L. R. R. house 55 Howard 
Yanvalkenburgh George H. operative, house Mammoth road, Dracut 
Van Vronker Lucinda, widow, house 48 Chapel 
Varney John R. bookkeeper, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 52 Rock 
Varney Samuel J. Mrs. house 14 Ash 
Varnum Atkinson C. (Boston), house River road, Dracut 
Varnum Benjamin F. Mrs. h, Varnum, opp. Seventh, Central ville 
Varnum Bradley Mrs. boards River road, Dracut 
Varnum Charles F. carpenter, boards 44 Bartlett 
Varnum Daniel, house River road, Dracut 
Varnum Daniel H. secondhand, house Bow, Centralville 
Varnum Eliza M. widow, boards 97 Salem 
Varnum Emma W. nurse, house 3 High-street square 
Varnum George W. painter, house 18 Brown 
Varnum Henry C. clerk, house Varnum, Centralville 
Varnum James, boards River road, Dracut 
Varnum Jeremiah, farmer, house River road, Dracut 
Varnum Jonas P. (Marshall Sr Varnum ), counsellor, 3 Barristers’ 
Hall, house 97 Salem 

BOSTON DIRECTORY, Published annually by Sampson, Daven- 
port, Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 4T Congress St. Boston. 



Yarnum Joshua, house Bridge, corner Sixth, Centralville 
Yarnum Joshua B. farmer, bds. Bridge, corner Sixth, Centralville 
Yarnum Joseph B. clerk, 20 Market, boards 44 Bartlett 
Yarnum Leavitt R. J. bookkeeper, h. Read, cor. Sixth, Centralville 
Yarnum Lydia, widow, house Bridge, corner Old road, Centralville 
Yaruuui Mary P. widow, house Mammoth road, Dracut 
Yarnum Rebecca S. widow, house 44 Bartlett 
Yarnum Samuel, boards River road, Dracut 
Yarnum Thomas, farmer, house River road, Dracut 
Yarnum William H. {Boston), house Yarnum, Centralville 
Yarnum William P. farmer, house Mammoth road, Dracut 
Yarnum, see Farnham 

Yasser Ebenezer, carder, house 31 Hamilton corporation 
Vaughn Frank H. clerk, boards 67 Pawtucket 
Vaughn Michael, currier, house Manchester 
Vaughn Susan J. widow, house 67 Pawtucket 
Yeo Luke, baker, house Broadway, corner Adams 
Yeo Peter, baker, house Decatur 

Vickery Andrew, spinner, Lawrence corporation, boards 23 do. 
Vickery Josiah P. Mrs. house 11 Clay 
Yiles Albert, gardener, house Coburn, Centralville 
Vinal Charles A. carpenter, house 35 Adams 
Vinal George S. carpenter, house River road, Dracut 
Vinal Thomas, carpenter, house 2 Adams court 
Yinall G. A. W. dentist, 170 Merrimack, house 39 Chestnut 
Vincent Ann, widow, house 31 East Merrimack 
Yiney William, boards Washington House 
Yiney William, physician {Boston), house 16 Tyler 
Vining Ezra A. machinist, Merrimack corporation, house 40 do. 
Vinton {Henry) & Edmonds {George B.), spectacle manufactory, 
Mechanics Mills, boards 76 Dutton 
Vinton Horace Mrs. house Richardson, Centralville 
Vinton Leroy, carpenter, boards Richardson, Centralville 
Vinton Wilbur F. clerk, 45 Central, boards Richardson 
Vittum Frank, machinist, boards 70 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Yose Charlotte Miss, house 82 Charles 

WADE DEBORAH R. widow, boards 7 Perrin 
Wade Henry C. hatter, boards 17 Hamilton corporation. 

Wade Snell 0. machinist, 84 Middle, house 7 Perrin 
Wadleigh Julia A. Mrs. house 6 Ford 
Wadleigh Newell Mrs. house 6 Ford 
Wadleigh Phebe, widow, house 3 Spring 
Wagner William, laborer, house 4 George 
Waine John Mrs. house rear 20 Summer 
Waine Michael, laborer, boards rear 20 Summer 
Waite Aldis L. & Co. produce commission merchants, Dutton, oppo- 
site Mechanics’ Mills, house Chelmsford, near Parker 

Germania Fire Ins. Co. of N.Y. Assets over $875,000. A first-class. 
Co. Policies written at the office of G. F. Hunt «fo_Co» (See p. 31^. 



Waite Betsey, widow, boards 150 Suffolk 

Waite James, filecutter, house 113 Middlesex 

Waite James Mrs. variety store, 113 Middlesex, boards do. 

Waite J. K. clergyman, house First, near Simpson, Centratville 

Waite L. E. Mrs. house 159 Central 

Waite Nelson, laborer, house 5 Davidson’s lane 

Waite Otis J. clerk, Prescott National Bank, boards 159 Central 

Wakefield Charles C. cigars, &c. 58 Dutton, house do. 

Walcott Samuel E. sashmaker, boards 146 Jackson 
Waldo Allen, proprietor How T ard House, 211 Middlesex 
Waldron Elizabeth D. widow, house 131 Lawrence 
Waldron Mary A. milliner, 214 Merrimack, boards 20 do. 

Waley John, Hamilton corporation, boards 0 do. 

Waley Joseph, Hamilton corporation, boards 6 do. 

Walker Aaron, teacher, house 153 E-ist Merrimack 
Walker Alexander, overseer, Lowell, U. head Lawrence-street court 
Walker Benjamin, house 2 J Appleton 
Walker Benjamin F. carpenter, house 1 Fellows court 
Walker Charles H. ( William Walker § Co.), woolen manufacturer, 
80 Lawrence, boards 44 Tyler 

Walker Charles H. fruits &c. 204 Merrimack, house 49 Bartlett 
Walker Daniel A. machinist, Mechanics Mills, Fletcher, h 28 Suffolk 
Walker Daniel G. ( William Walker Sf Co.), 80 Lawrence, boards 
44 Tyler 

Walker Daniel W. machinist, house 28 Suffolk 
Walker Edward, presser, boards 100 Market 
Walker Elizabeth Mrs. boarding-house, 6 Lowell corporation 
Walker Frank, boards 43 Massachusetts corporation 
Walker George P. soap manufacturer, 382 Middlesex, house do. 
Walker George W. {Cutter S? Walker), shoulder braces, 48 Cen- 
tral, house 83 Summer 
Walker John, house 292 Merrimack 
Walker Joshua M. carpenter, house 16 Ash 
Walker Mary, widow, house 2 Garnet 
Walker Pailo T. machinist, house 129 Merrimack corporation 
Walker Ruel J. overseer, Boott corporation, house 62 do. 

Walker Sawyer, carpenter, house 2 Garnet 
Walker William, house rear 42 Charles 

Walker William & Co. (D. G. 2$ C. H Walker), woolen manu- 
facturers, 80 Lawrence, house 44 Tyler 
Wall Patrick, blacksmith, house 30 Summer 
Wallace Daniel R. weaver, Boott corporation, house 48 do. 

Wallace James, weaver, house First, Centialville 
Wallace John A. carder, boards 6 Hamilton corporation 
Wallace Stephen, mason, house 50 Church 
Wallace Thomas, laborer, boards 100 Suffolk 
Wallingford Lyman J. tinsmith, 118 Central, house 49 High 
Walsh Eben, mechanic, house 24 Hamilton corporation 

Manchester (N.II.) Directory, Published by Sampson, Daven- 
port, &, Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Walsh II mry, clerk, 48 Central, hou^e 80 Willow 
Walsh Henry, stonecutter, house 55 Hamilton block 
Walsh Horace W. spinner, boards 24 Hamilton corporation 
Walsh John, laborer, boards rear 18 Winter 

Walsh John, worsted-yarn manufactory, Whipple’s Mills, bouse rear 
Stone house, Whippleville 
Walsh John, boltmaker, house 5 Swift 
Walsh John, spinner, house Stone house, Whippleville 
Walsh John Mrs. grocer, 118 Lowell, house do. 

Walsh Mary, widow, house rear 18 Winter 

Walsh M’chael, laborer, 125 Market, house 28 Adams 

Walsh Michael, laborer, house 12 Mill 

Walsh Orin S. weaver, boards 24 Hamilton corporation 

Walsh Patrick H. tinsmith, 135 Middlesex, boards 88 Adams 

Walsh Rt'dmond, carpet- weaver, house 179 Lawrence 

Walsh Thomas, laborer, house 14 Adams 

Walton Andrew C. weaver, house 48 Massachusetts corporation 

Walton Calvin D. job-wagon, house Pine, near Westford 

Walton Charles, machinist, boards 48 Massachusetts corporation 

Walton Daniel, printer, house 52 West Union 

Walton Lorenzo W. weaver, house 61 Massachusetts corporation 

Walton Sarah, widow, house 60 Massachusetts corporation 

Walton William, L. & L. R. R house 61 Howard 

Wame.sit Power Company, Lawrence, near Whipple 

Warburton William, spinner, house 3 Paige 

Ward Francis, mason, house 6 Appleton 

Ward Frank, laboror, house 6 Appleton 

Ward J ohn G. at Felting Mills, house 8 Race 

Ward Josiah P. machinist, house 21 Walnut 

Ward Julia Mrs. house 18 Charles 

Ward Patrick, tailor, 2 Canal block, house rear 16 Appleton 
Ward Patrick, laborer, house 37 North 

Ward Stephen, operative, Lawrence corporation, boards 44 do. 
Ward Sullivan L. and W. Gr. and A. W. Burnham, dentists, 
Savings Bank building, house 143 Fletcher 
Ward Terrance, laborer, house 95 Gorham 
Ward Thomas, weaver, house Lawrence, near the bridge 
Ward Thomas, grocer, 68 Gorham, house 95 do. 

Ward Thomas E. foreman, R. Ivitson’s, house 18 Charles 
Ward Thomas E. machinist, house 18 Charles 
Ward William G. ( S.L.and IK G. Ward and A. W. Burnham), 
Savings Bank building, house 147 Fletcher 
Ward William H. weaver, house 22 Suffolk corporation 
Ward well James Y. car-inspector, B. L. & N. R. R. h. 12 East Pine 
Ware Lyman P. machinist, house 47 Cushing 
Warner James E. auctioneer and commission merchant, 20 Merri- 
mack, boards 14 High 
Warner Mary H. widow, boards 21 Queen 

Geo. F. Hunt & Co. are Agents for the Baltic Fire Ins. Co. of N.Y. 
This Co. joins no “ Combination ” or “ Association.” (See p. 344.) 



Warner Sarah Mrs. boards 14 Hamilton corporation 
Warren Aaron R. house 385 Merrimack 

Warren Charles H. clerk, 7 John, boards 7 Cady [cor. Howard 

Warren Emily M. teacher. No. 28 Primary School, h. Chelmsford, 

Warren Ezra P. butcher, house 19 Branch 

Warren Franklin P. mariner, boards 19 Branch 

Warren F. Levi, engraver, boards 7 Cady 

Warren James W. bookkeeper, boards 385 Merrimack 

Warren John, carpet mills, house Broadway, comer Marion 

Warren John, tailor, house 1 Adams 

Warren Rachel Mrs. house 7 Cady [6 Goward pi. 

Washburn ( Charles D.) & Pearl ( F . F.), grocers, 31 Market, h. 
Washburn Charles T. machinist, boards 134 Merrimack corporation 
Washburn Henry, machinist, h. 53 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Washburn (John il/.) & Sanborn (W. 0.), photographers, 28 Merri- 

Washburn John M. photographist, 100 Merrimack, h. 68 Appleton 
Washburn Zalmuna, machinist, boards 3 Prescott corporation 
Waterhouse Benjamin, boarding-house, 23 Hamilton corporation 
Waterhouse Benjamin W. musician, house Forrest, corner Stevens 
Waterhouse Frances P. widow, boards Wilson’s lane [bds. do. 
Waterhouse Kingman, carriagemaker, Arch, near Northern depot, 
Waterman Levi M. overseer, Hamilton corporation, house 10 do. 
Waters Edward, baker, house 18 Railroad alley 
Waters Jonathan, carder, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Watkins Helena C. widow, house rear 4 Dodge 
Watkins John C. boards rear 4 Dodge 
Watson Alden B. overseer, house 71 Appleton 
Watson Charles E. F. bobbinmaker, Mechanics iNIills, bds. Chelms- 
ford. corner Westford [Chelmsford, cor. Westford 

Watson Edward F. bobbin manufacturer, Mechanics Mills, house 
Watson Hiram, overseer, bleaching-room, Hamilton, house 54 South 
Watson James, overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 31^ do. 
Watson James, cardgrinder, house 4 Mechanic 
Watson John, second hand, Carpet corp. house First, Centralville 
Watson Lycurgus Iv. house 54 South 

Watson Lysander B. stonecutter, house 5 Bangs block, Railroad 

Watson Mary, widow, house 5 Edgerly court 

Watson Patrick, laborer, house 46^ West Union 

Watson Peter, cabinetmaker, 239 Middlesex, house 5 Spring 

Watson Rankin, loomfixer, house 38 Appleton 

Watson Robert, Lowell corporation, house 49 Market 

Watson Samuel W. carpenter, house 111 Appleton 

Watson Shepard, market-gardener, house Porter, corner Westford 

Watson Walter S. house 5 Bangs block, Railroad 

Watson William, overseer carder, Lawrence corporation, h. 41 do. 

Watson William, jr. machinist, boards 41 Lawrence corporation 

Watts Thomas H. carder, Merrimack corporation, house 49 do. 

JVewburyport Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, 
«fc Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Waugh Frank, hoards 51 Worthen 

Waugh John, slater, Mechanic, near Dutton, house 51 Worthen 
Waugh William, slater, boards 51 Worthen 
Way Charles, clerk, 4 Merrimack, house 22 Tyler 
Way Mary E. teacher, Moody School, boards 22 Tyler 
Waymouth George W. chief engineer, City Government building, 
house Coburn, Centralville 

Webb John E. woodworker, house 161 Merrimack corporation 
Webb Lucius, Hamilton, house 64 High 

Webb Melvin 0. machinist, bds. 66 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Webber Benjamin N. (Buttrick fy Co.'), 20 Market, h. Highland 
Webber Charles H. stonecutter, boards 109 Appleton 
Webber Henry P. teller, Merchants’ National Bank, b. 245 Central 
Webber Job P. house 245 Central [Merrimack 

Webber John P. clerk, at H. & A. Whitney’s, house 254 East 
Webber Mary A. Mrs. house 65 Hamilton block, Middlesex 
Webber Samuel, blacksmith, house 50 Hamilton corporation 
Webber Scott, stonecutter, house 2 Livingston’s block 
Weberly George, Merrimack, house 7 Middle 
Webster Abigail, widow, boards 3 Suffolk corporation 
Webster Caleb, millinery, house 3 Fifth, Centralville 
Webster Calvin, farmer, house Lincoln, near tannery 
Webster Charles 0. painter, Second, near Bridge, house 23 Bridge, 

Webster Ebenezer D. carpenter, house 53 Hanover 
Webster Elihu L. house 87 Appleton 
Webster Elisha A. cigarmaker, house 9 Lee 
Webster Franklin Mrs. house 37 Bridge, Centralville 
Webster George, carpenter, house 73 Bridge, Centralville 
Webster George E. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Webster James E. watchman, house 81 School 
Webster Joanna Miss, house 4 Fifth, Centralville 
Webster John G. painter, house 105 Moody 
Webster Joseph H. currier, boards Calvin Webster’s, Lincoln 
Webster Lyman 0. earriagemaker, 128 Middlesex, house 13 Queen 
Webster Mary A. teacher, High School, Anne, house 57 Biidge, 

Webster Peter S. teamster, boards Calvin Webster’s, Lincoln 
Webster Rebecca; widow, boards 62 Boott corporation 
Webster Richard, cloth room, Boott corporation, boards 43 do. 
Webster William A. millwright, house Albro block, Cushing 
Webster William A. clerk, boards 260 Merrimack 
Webster William P. ( Butler $>• Webster), counsellor, 4 Museum 
building, house Myrtle, corner Sixth, Centralville 
Wedgewood Andrew J. weaver, Merrimack corporation, h. 44 do. 
Wedgewood William C. tinsmith, boards 79 Merrimack corporation ' 
Weed Benjamin M. jr. at A. J. Simpson & Co.’s, 41 Central, 
house 96 East Merrimack 

If you want a first-class Fire, Life, Accident, or Live-Stock Ins. 
Policy, call at Geo. F. Hunt &. Co.'s Ins. Agency, 38 Central St. 



Weed George A. clerk, 41 Central, house 6 Merrill’s court 
Weed Norman, watchman, house 40 Lowell 
Weeds Serlo B. clerk, 83 Central, boards Smith, near Liberty 
Weeks Cordelia I. boarding-house, 34 Massachusetts corporation 
Weeks Martin V. B. clerk, 98 Merrimack, house 88 do. 

Weeks Samuel, cigar manufacturer, 25 Merrimack, h. 23 Walnut 
Weeks Samuel D. boots and shoes, 83 Central, h. Smith, n. Liberty 
Wehr Melissa, widow, house 6 Appleton corporation 
Welch Bartholomew, Middlesex corporation, house 30 William 
Welch Bartholomew, spinner, house 35 High 
Welch Charles A. overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 69 do. 
Welch Ban, carpenter, house River, near city line, Centralville 
Welch Edward, laborer, house 3 Molloy’s court 
Welch (j Edward) & Sullivan ( Timothy ), provisions, 177 Law- 
rence, house 179 do. 

Welch Edward, hairdresser, 130 Central, house 53 Lowell 
Welch Edward, laborer, house 5 Andover 

Welch Elizabeth B. widow, house 321 Merrimack [Race 

Welch Ezra B. {Drew, Taft, fy Welch), 126 Merrimack, h. 14 
Welch Frank C. tinsmith, boards 79 Merrimack corporation 
Welch George, overseer, Lowell corporation, house 15 do. 

Welch Horatio N. teamster, house 15 Elm 

Welch James, machinist, boards 42 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Welch James, job- wagon, house 15 Paige 

Welch James, laborer, house 14 Lewis 

Welch John, shoemaker, 39 Fletcher, house 118 Suffolk 

Welch John, tailor, 69 Charles, house 206 Central 

Welch John, operative, house rear 194 Gorham 

Welch John, at American Bolt Company, house 5 Swift 

Welch John, laborer on railroad, house 55 Common 

Welch John, gardener, house rear Pawtucket, corner School 

Welch John, painter, 7 Central, boards Paige 

Welch John, spinner, boards 22 Kirk avenue 

Welch John, mason, house 12 Green 

Welch John, finisher, boards 35 Bleachery [corp. 

Welch John C. bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, b. 22 Boott 

Welch John W. provisions, Lowell, cor. Hanover, boards 40 Salem 

Welch Joseph, blacksmith, house rear 4 Pleasant 

Welch L. A. Mrs. house 128 Merrimack 

Welch Maria, widow, house Pollard’s avenue 

Welch Margaret, widow, house 38 Adams 

Welch Michael, painter, 7 Central, boards Salem 

Welch Patrick, operative, house 5 Dempsey’s yard 

Welch Patrick, spinner, house 28 Davidson 

Welch Patrick H. student, boards 3 Swift 

Welch Pierce, gardener, house. 3 Swift 

Welch Redmond, laborer, house 22 North 

Welch Redmond, carpetweaver, house 179 Lawrence 

United States Directory, 1867, Price $30, for sale by Sampson, 
Davenport, & Co., 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Welch Richard, spinner, house 1 Andover 

Welch Thomas, spinner, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 

Welch Susan Miss, dressmaker, 1 Uniou, house do. 

Welch Willard C. overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 24 do. 
Welch William, clerk, 12 Merrimack, boards 17 John 
Welch William, machinist, house 45 Adams 
Weld Chester F. machinist, 84 Middle, boards 73 do. 

Weld Harvey, gasfitter, 8 Central, boards 9 do. [ter 

Weldun Henry P. bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, b. 32 Wa- 

Wellman George H. patent stripper, house 4 Sixth, Centralville 

Wells Charles D. watchman, house 14 Brown 

Wells David, physician, Welles block, boards Merrimack House 

Wells Louisa M. house River road, Dracut 

Wells Mary, widow, boards 87 Gorham 

Wells Moses, carder, Lawrence corporation, boards 46 do. 

Wells Nancy L. boards River road, Dracut 
Welsby Mary, widow, house Lowell, corner Jefferson 
Wentworth Charles W. machinist, house 66 L. M. S. corporation 
Wentworth John, laborer, house 1 Mt. Vernon 
Wentworth John R. machinist, Howe, house 10 Lawrence 
Wentworth Julia C. Mrs. house 58 Bartlett 
Wentworth Merrill J. carpenter, house 58 Massachusetts corp. 
Wentworth ( Tappan ) & Jewett (. Andrew F.), counsellors, 170 
Merrimack, house 24 Lawrence 
Wentworth Walter B. bookkeeper, boards 10 Lawrence 
West Caroline M. Miss, boards 260 Central 
West Daniel Mrs. boards 260 Central 
West George A. sashmaker, boards 23 Willie 
West Harvey, carder, boards 59 Massachusetts corporation 
West Mary J. widow, house 260 Central 

Westall William, clerk, 4 Appleton block, b. J. C. Smith’s, Dracut 
Weston Camilla E. Miss, boarding-house, 7 Merrimack corporation 
Weston Charles H. patternmaker, Arch, house 6 Branch 
Weston Granville S. pi-inter, boards 66 South 
Weston Henry, painter, boards 53 Massachusetts corporation 
Weston Jesse K. card clothing, house 198 Central 
Weston Porter, shoemaker, Merrimack, cor. Prescott, h. 61 Bartlett 
Weston Samuel, carder, house 87 Gorham 
Weston William P. shoemaker, boards 61 Bartlett 
Wetherbee Oliver, at Gordon & Currier’s, 23 Prescott, house 96 
East Merrimack 

Wetherbee Sarah M. widow, h. at Old Ladies’ Home, 58 Mooly 
Wetherbee Sophia P. teacher, Bartlett School, boards 19 Kirk 
Wetherbee Susan and Nancy, house 19 Kirk 
Wetherington Joseph Mrs. boards 48 Appleton 
Weymouth Augustus, founder, boards 225 Middlesex 
Weymouth Deborah, widow, house 64 Lawrence 
Weymouth Frank H. machinist, boards 225 Middlesex 

The best Stock and Mutual Fire Ins. Cos. are represented by Geo. F. 
Hunt &- Co., Fire and Life Ins. Agents, 38 Central St. (See p. 344.) 



Weymouth Harrison G. 0. boards 225 Middlesex 
Weymouth Sarah C. widow, house 225 Middlesex 
Weymouth Sarah C. teacher, Franklin School, bds. 225 Middlesex 
Weymouth Warren, wood-worker, Wamesit Steam Mdls, house 
Westford, head of Queen 
Whalan Anna, widow, house 18 Davidson 
Whalen Patrick, operative, house 28 Gorham 
Wheat Almira S. Miss, boards 8 Wamesit 
Wheat Frank H. spinner, boards 27 Tremont 
Wheat Maria S. widow, boards 27 Tremont corporation 
Wheat Solomon, house 27 Tremont corporation 
Wheeler Albert, grocer, 12 Tilden, house 882 Merrimack 
Wheeler Albert 0. contractor, L. M. S. house 47 L. M. S. corp. 
Wheeler Anson, overseer, Lowell corporation, house 12 do. 

Wheeler Daniel, shuttle-maker, boards 6 Massachusetts corporation 
Wheeler Daniel, overseer, Lawrence corporation, house 20 do. 
Wheeler Edward S. machinist, boards 171 Moody 
Wheeler Ellsworth, shuttle-maker, bds. 6 Massachusetts corporation 
Wheeler Frank W. insurance agent, 28 Central, house 66 Andover 
Wheeler Harriet Mrs. music-teacher, house 70 High 
Wheeler Henry, laborer, boards 11 First, Centralville 
Wheeler Hiram E. clerk, 12 Tilden, boards 171 Moody 
Wheeler John, carder, boards 4 Massachusetts corporation 
Wheeler John, carpenter, L. M. S. h. Cambridge, 3d from Hale 
Wheeler Joseph A. clothing, 174 Merrimack, housfi 99 Salem 
Wheeler Lucy, widow, house 171 Moody 
Wheeler Sanford S. overseer, Appleton, house 73 Appleton 
Wheeler Sarah Mrs. nurse, house 355 Merrimack 
Wheeler S. Frank, blacksmith, Tremont corporation, house 25 do. 
Wheeler Willard, carpenter, boards 47 Hamilton corporation 
Wheeler William, blacksmith, boards 80 .Merrimack corporation 
Wheelock Andrew C. real-estate agent, 224 Central, house do. 
Whelan Annie Mrs. variety store, 109 Thorndike, house do. 
Whelan Edward, laborer, house rear 20 South 
Whelan Martin, operative, house 109 Thorndike 
Whelpley Richard B. laborer, house rear 56 Moody 
Whelton Bartholomew, laborer, house Brewery court 
Whelton Daniel Mrs. house Suffolk, corner Broadway 
Whelton Daniel P. machinist, boards Suffolk, corner Broadway 
Whidden Benjamin, spinner, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Whipple Eugene E. laborer, freight depot, bds. 13 Hamilton corp. 
Whipple Oliver M. house Moore, corner Whipple 
Whipple Savrina, boarding-house, 13 Hamilton corporation 
Whitaker George Rev. house 17 Kirk 

Whitcomb Edward, boards 109 Appleton [191 Central 

Whitcomb George M. machinist, Fletcher, corner Cushing, house 
Whitcomb James M. tinsmith, house 9 Walnut 
Whitcomb Nancy, widow, house Tilden, near Moody 

Salem Directory, Published, by Sampsou, Davenport, &, Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 4:7 Congress Street, Boston. 



Whitcomb Ruel, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, b. 100 Appleton 
White Brothers & Kilburn ( Samuel B. jr. and William H. 
White and John M. Kilburn) , glove manufacturers, 07 East 

White Charles, carpenter, house Bow, Oentralville 

White Ellen M. teacher, No. 45 Primary School, boards 24 Chapel 

White Frederick, hairdresser, 191 Middlesex, house at Chelmsford 

White Frederick 0. mason, boards 138 School 

White Hannah, Sarah J , and Eliza F. Misses, house 118 Central 

White Henry G. clerk, 163 Central, boards 24 Chapel 

White James, fish-peddler, house 30 Common 

White James, jr. peddler, house 28 Salem 

White Jeremiah, carder, Lawrence, boards 26 Suffolk corporation 
White John, moulder, house Willie, corner Cross 
White John, harnessmaker, boards 5 Suffolk 
White John P. peddler, house 64 Moody 

White Joseph, wool-flock manufacturer, Whipple’s Mills, bds. Alder 

White Josiah, clothing, 3 Central, house 64 Lawrence 

White Josiah W. clerk, 3 Central, boards 64 Lawrence 

White Levi E. clerk, 105 Central, house 62 Middlesex 

White Lowell, spinner, boards 278 Middlesex 

White Mary A. millinery and lace, 81 Merrimack, house do. 

White Patrick, Merrimack PrintWorks, bds. 115 Merrimack corp. 
White Philip T. Mrs. house 24 Chapel 

White Rollin, inventor of firearms, house Rolfe, near Broadway 
White Samuel B. jr. ( White Brothers Kilburn ), glove manufac 

turer, 67 East Merrimack, house at Winchester 
White Sarah E. Mrs. house 2 Tremont corporation 
White Sumner A. hackman, 32 Prescott, house 26 Cabot 
White Wesley J. ( Smith White), tinware manufacturers, 29 Mid- 

dlesex, house 49 Summer 

White William, house River, above Bridge, Centralville 
White William H. ( White Brothers 8? Kilburn ), glove manufactu- 
rer, 67 East Merrimack, house 24 Bartlett 
White Mrs. house Lawrence-street court 

White woodchopper, house 131 Middlesex 

Whitehead Daniel, spinner, house 20 Abbott 

Whitehead James, laborer, house 7 Merrill 

Whitehorn William H. painter, Boott corporation, house 24 do. 

Whitehouse William, operative, boards 44 Lawrence corporation 

Whiteley John, boards 7 Fourth, Centralville 

Whiteley Joseph, house 7 Fourth, Centralville 

Whiteman John W. laborer, house 1 Maiden lane 

Whiteside Edward, Stott’s Mills, house 116 East Merrimack 

Whiteside Edward J. Stott’s Mills, boards 116 East Merrimack 

Whiteside Johnson, overseer, Middlesex, house 2 Oak 

Whithed Darius, grocer, 60 Middlesex, house Grand, corner Marshall 

Whithed Darius, jr. clerk, 60 Middlesex, house 42 Howard 

Merchants’ and Farmers’ Mat. Fire Ins. Co., Worcester. Inc. 184G, 
has always paid liberal dividends on expiring policies. (See p. 344.) 



Whiting ( Phineas ) & Co. belt manufacturers, Middle, corner Shat- 
tuck, house Mt. Vernon, near Pawtucket 
Whiting Phineas jr. beltmaker, Middle, corner Shattuek, boards Mt. 
Vernon, near Pawtucket 

Whiting Sarah, widow, boards 13 Tremont corporation 
Whitman Christopher, hatter, house Walker, near Broadway 
Whitmarsh William II. beltmaker, house 2 Ash [Lowell Hospital 
Whitmore George H. physician, 2 Savings Bank building, house 
Whitmore William, stencilcutter, 28 Merrimack, h. 414 Merrimack 
Whitney Abel, bookseller, 87 Merrimack, house 129 Gorham 
Whitney Albert ( H \ Sf A. Whitney), boards 189 Fletcher 
Whitney Ambrose, shoemaker, 120 Central, house 16 Fourth, Cen- 

Whitney Amos, house Pawtucket, junction Middlesex 
Whitney Arathusa, widow, boards 44 Boott corporation 
Whitney Charles, teamster, boards 6 Decatur 
Whitney Charles, lumber, and president Wamesit National Bank, 
Middlesex, house 136 Fletcher 
Whitney Charles E. machinist, boards 3 Alder 
Whitney Charles F. machinist, boards 33 South 
Whitney George Rev. house 17 Kirk 

Whitney George T. provisions, house Bridge, Centralville n. the line 
Whitney H. Mrs. house 3 Alder 

Whitney Harriet P. widow, house 31 Nesmith [Fletcher 

Whitney Hiram & A. lumber dealers, Western avenue, boards 139 
Whitney James S. patternmaker, 20 Middle, house 59 Chapel 
Whitney John Mrs. house 33 South 
Whitney John A. clerk, 87 Merrimack, boards 129 Gorham 
Whitney John S. machinist, boards 44 Boott corporation 
Whitney Lewis, watchman, boards 44 Boott corporation 
Whitney Nathaniel F. hostler, house rear 18 Grand 
Whitney Rufus B. butcher, house Mammoth road, Dracut 
Whitney William, spinner, boards 58 Massachusetts corporation 
Whitney William M. carder, house 1 Hamilton corporation 
Whittaker Abbie W. Mrs. dressmaker, house 2 Railroad 
Whittaker David, weaver, Suffolk corporation, bds. 120 Merrimack 
Whittaker James, operative, house 20 Elm 
Whittaker Ormond A. overseer, house 2 Oak 
Whitteraore ( Isaac W.) & Blanchard (j Elbridge A.), grocers, 45 
East Merrimack, house 121 do. 

Whitteraore Samuel D. blacksmith, house 34 L. M. S. corporation 
Whitten Charles P. golden-salvo manufacturer, house 68 Fayette 
Whitten John M. carpenter, house 70 Bartlett [Elm 

Whitten William T: tin, glassware, &c. 28 and 30 Andover, house 44 
Whittier Daniel V. bobbinmakcr, house East Pine, corner Carlton 
Whittier Moses, twine manufacturer, Boott corporation, house 79 do. 
Whittier Sarah, widow, boards 51 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Whittle Harrison G. O. tallyman, freight depot, house 15 Smith 

Tanuton Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Whittle Harry G. laborer, freight depot, boards 15 Smith 
Whitton Charles, cigarmaker, 23 East Merrimack, b. 58 Fayette 
Whittou Jane, widow, house 58 Fayette [Market, house do. 

Whitty John, hackman, Monument square, and variety store, 84 
Whitworth William, American Bolt Company, boards 248 Gorham 
Whooley John, laborer, house 6 Me Carry’s court 
Whooley Patrick, laborer, at Gas Works 
Whooley Patrick, mariner, house 4 Little 
Wier Benjamin, loom-harnessmaker, house 11 Austin 
Wier Henry, operative, boards 111 Central 
Weir Newton J. & Co. (F. E. Jewett ), stoves, tin ware, &c. 198 
Merrimack, house 16 Fifth, Centralville 
Wiggin Andrew J. machinist, house 139 Moody 
Wiggin Caleb M. bootmaker, 14 Middle, house 139 Gorham 
Wiggin George W. clerk, 5 Central 

Wiggin Lewis, painter, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 139 Gorham 
Wiggin Warren A. carpenter, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 80 Howard 
Wiggin William, boards 27 Suffolk 

Wiggin William H. carpenter, 58 Rock, house Willie, c. Franklin 

Wiggins Levi H. carpenter, boards 51 Massachusetts corporation 

Wight Antoinette, boards 15 Third, Centralville 

Wight Daniel W. tinsmith, 135 Middlesex, h. Westford, n. Grand 

Wight George II. machinist, 84 Middle, house Second, n. Bridge 

Wight James, house 15 Third, Centralville 

Wight Mary E. house 25 Nesmith 

Wight Nancy Mrs. house 25 Nesmith 

Wilbur William, house 154 Gorham 

Wilby Benjamin, shoemaker, 272 Gorham, house do. 

Wilcox Alexander B. house 4 Stackpole 
Wilcox James, spinner, boards 6 Hamilton corporation 
Wilcox Silas C. confectioner, 1 Middle, house 6 Merrill’s court 
Wilcox S. Jerome, jeweller, boards 6 Merrill’s court 
Wilde J acob, shoemaker, house end of Livingston 
Wilde James, overseer, house 34 Tremont corporation 
Wilde John, spinner, boards 47 Charles 
Wilder Ambrose S. stamper, house 9 Bleachery 
Wilder Charles H. farmer, house Middlesex, near City line [line 
Wilder Charles W. clerk, 132 Merrimack, b Middlesex, u. City 
Wilder Elias F. provisions, 98 Middlesex, house 70 Appleton 
Wilder Frank E. machinist, house 37 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Wilder Henry H. & Co. ( Chas . S. Adams), coppersmiths, plum- 
bers, tin and sheet-iron workers, 8 Jackson, house 36 Tyler 
Wiley E. J. painter, Ninth, Centralville, house do. 

Wiley John, machinist, house 11 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Wiley Life W. moulder, boards 1 Goward place 
Wiley Robert F. variety store, 84 Appleton, h. 1 Goward place 
Wiley Samuel F. carpenter, Howe, near Davidson, h. 28 Chestnut 
Wilkins Addison A. hostler, horse railroad, 53 E. Merrimack, h. do. 

Geo. F. Hunt &. Co. are agent* for Merchants’ ami Farmers’ Mutual 
Fire Ins. Co. Office, 38 Central St., Lowell, Mass. (See page 344.) 



Wilkins Albert C. clerk, 96 Market, house 37 Bartlett 
Wilkins Charles, machinist, house 48 L. M. S. eoiporat.ion 
Wilkins Fannie M teacher, Carter-st. Primary (School. l>. Ill Gorham 
Wilkins Harrison, machinist, house 3 Evans block, Railroad 
Wilkins Henry, jeweller, 73 Central, house 35 Fourth 
Wilkins Henry K. pork dealer, 37 Prescott, bouse 274 Gorham 
Wilkins Martha L. teacher, Carter st. primary school, b. Ill Gorham 
Wilkins Oreu T. tinsmith, 29 Middlesex, boards 111 Central 
Wilkins Rufus Mrs. house 274 Gorham 

Wilkinson Archibald, at Gas House, house Broadway, near School 
Wilkinson James, driver, boards rear 35 Cushing 
Wilkinson John, stripper, house rear 22 Howe 
Willand George K. gasfitter, house 14 Central 
Willard Alvah, machinist, house 3 Willow place 
Willard Gardner L. machinist, house River road, Dracnt 
Willett Albert, harnessmaker, 285 Merrimack, b. 5 Suffolk corp. 
Willey Charles H. ( Gardner fy Willey), carpenters, il Middle, 
house Engine House, Middle 
Willey George F. music-teacher, house 32 Appleton 
Willey Henry, clerk, 166 Merrimack, boards 32 Appleton 
Willey James H. carder, house 29 Massachusetts corporation 
Willey John, fireman, Appleton corporation, boards 26 do. 

Willey John F. physician, 3 Canal block, Central, boards 118 
Merrimack corporation 
Willey iSamuel, machinist, house 13 Brown 
Williams Ann Mrs. house 24 Lowell 
Williams Ann M. Mrs. house 80 High 

Williams Benjamin J. ( Williams 8? Williams), counsellor, 56 
Central, boards Nesmith, corner Andover 
Williams (Charles M.) & Williams ( Benjamin J . ), c •ousellors, 
56 Central, house 6 Stackpole 

Williams Charles M. cashier of the Old Lowell National Bank 
Williams Christina, widow, house 135 Merrimack corpora' ion 
Williams George H. Middlesex corporation, boards 80 High 
Williams George H. painter, boards Nesmith, corner Andover 
Williams Gilbert T. jeweller, 29 Merrimack, house 15 Chapel 
Williams Henry L. real-estate broker, 56 Central, house Nesmith, 
corner Andover 

Williams Jefferson, hairdresser, house Chelmsford, near Grand 
Williams John, machinist, house 80 High 

Williams Kendall, engineer, boards Middlesex, opp. Howard House 
Williams Lorenzo A., Lowell, boards 11 Lowell corporation 
Williams Martha S. teacher. No. 9 Primary School, b. -48 Central 
Williams Mary, widow, boards 111 Merrimack corporation 
Williams Patrick, house 13 River, Centralville 
Williams Robert E. picker, Lawrence corporation, boa* 3 do. 
Williams Samuel M. clerk, 29 Merrimack, house 248 Central 
Williman David, jr. woolsorter, house 84 High 

Liyuii Directory, Published by Sampson, D.t ven port . <& Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street. >.<*-» on. 



Willis Albert H. carpenter, house 128 Merrimack corporation 
Willis Charles, operative, Lawrence, house rear 4 Dodge 
Willis George, laborer, boards 128 Merrimack corporation 
Willis John, woolsorter, house 12 Water 

Willis Joshua A. T. machine-printer, h. 84 Merrimack corporation 
Willis Mary Ann, widow, house rear 4 Pleasant 
Willis Sarah Miss, house 128 Merrimack corporation 
Willis Simon W. carpenter, boards 21 Charles 
Willis William, house 88 Merrimack 
Willitt Albert, harnessmaker, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 
Willoughby Benjamin Lewis, 61 Merrimack, b. 5 Boott corporation 
Willoughby Elizabeth Mrs. house 67 Adams 
Willoughby John, miller, house 16 Mill 
Willoughby Mary, boarding-house, 13 Tremont corporation 
Willoughby Mary E. variety store, 11 Tilden, h. 13 Tremont corp. 
Willoughby William, machinist, boards 67 Adams 
Wills Daniel M. overseer, Lawrence, house 32 Cabot 
Wills John, carpenter, boards 288 Merrimack 
Wilman David, woolsorter, house 10 Chapel 
Wilmore James, mariner, house 75 Lowell 
Wilmot James, watchman, house 31 Prescott corporation 
Wilright Eugene, watchman, 138 Merrimack corporation 
Wilson Adelia, widow, boards 52 Massachusetts corporation 
Wilson Agnes E. millinery, 27 Market, boards 20 Lowell corp. 
Wilson Caroline P. nurse, house 40 Lawrence corporation 
Wilson David, carpenter, house 1 Bow, Centralville 
Wilson David, harness tier, house 58 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Wilson Edwin T. machinist, house 86 South 
Wilson Franklin S. & F. T. coffee mills, rear Mechanics Mills, 
Fletcher, also carpenters, 244 Middlesex, h. 45 Chestnut 
Wilson Francis T. (F. S. Sf F. T. Wilson), Coffee Mills, rear Me- 
chanics Mills, also carpenters, 244 Middlesex, house 7 Abbott 
Wilson Frank T. bookkeeper, Rock, cor. Cushing, h. 5 S. Franklin ct. 
Wilson Foster, carder, Merrimack corporation, house 130 do. 
Wilson George W. blacksmith, house 29 Union 
Wilson Gerry, farmer, house Bacon, Centralville 
Wilson Greenleaf, patent belthooks, house 222 Central 
Wilson Isaac, operative, boards 100 Market 
Wilson James, designer, Wilson lane, house do. 

Wilson James, moulder, boards 58 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 

Wilson Jane Mrs. house 18 Linden 

Wilson John, variety store, 212 Merrimack, house 210 do. 

Wilson John, loomfixer, Lowell corporation, house 20 do. 

Wilson John, laborer, boards 18 Lowell [non 

Wilson John A. draughtsman, L. M. S. bds. Yarney, cor. Mt. Ver- 
Wilson John S. Middlesex, house 13 Chapel 
Wilson Joseph, butcher, house Mammoth road, Dracut 
Wilson Joseph H. blacksmith, boards 29 Union 

The Connecticut Fire Ins. Co., Hartford, Ct. A prompt and liberal 
Co. to insure in ; has never had a lawsuit. G. F. Hunt «fc Co., Agts. 



Wilson Joseph M. butcher, boards Mammoth road, Dracut 
Wilson Justus B. machinist, boards 47 Lawrence corporation 
Wilson Mary J. Miss, boards 18 Linden 

Wilson Sophia Mrs. boarding-house, 52 Massachusetts corporation 
Wilson Thomas, soap-manufacturer, 19 Warren, house do. 

Wilson Thomas, wood-dealer, house Hale, near Cambridge 
Wilson Thomas, moulder, house 24 Clay 
Wilson William, house 97 Thorndike 

Wilson , carpenter, boards 109 Appleton 

Winchester Ann W. widow, house 2 Merriam’s court 

Winchester Elhanan, boarding-house, 3 Suffolk corporation 

Winchester Samuel, blacksmith, house 63 Lawrence 

Wing Alpheus G. ( Coburn , Wing , £$ Go.), house 5 Fifth 

Wing Alpheus J. fireman, boards 9 First, Centralville 

Wing Benjamin F. clerk, boards 11 First, Centralville 

Wing Dennis, laborer, house 42 Appleton 

Wing Edward, farmer, house 3 Livingston 

Wing Edward T. clerk, 3 John, boards at Tewksbury 

Wing JaneT. variety store, 10 John, house 5 Fifth, Centralville 

Wing John C. dresser, house 40 Charles 

Wing Michael, laborer, house rear 20 Summer 

Wing True, provisions, 3 John, house at Tewksbury 

Wing Willard O. clerk, 3 John, boards at Tewksbury 

Winn Bernard, laborer, boards rear 25 Middle 

Winn Charles S. machinist, boards 21 Race 

Winn Daniel K. physician, 29 Kirk, house do. 

Winn Helen, widow, house 40 Third, Centralville 
Winn James O. pressman, house rear 2 Dodge 
Winn John, laborer, house 64 Charles 
Winn Julia, widow, house rear 25 Middle 
Winn Parker, shoemaker, house 21 Race 
Winn Peter, laborer, house 24 William 
Winn Robert, boltmaker, house 8 Appleton 
Winn Willard, watchman, house 21 John 

Winn William, napper, bds. rear 105 East Merrimack [raith 

Winnek William G. ( Burbank fy IF.), tailors, 53 Central, h. 1 Nes- 
Winslow J. Manning, student, boards 108 Appleton 
Winter Fitz H. doormaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 51 Fletcher 
Winter (John B.) & Smith ( A.W . ), marble works, 155 Central, 
house 18 Grand 

Winter Richard J. dyer, boards 115 Gorham 
Winters Fitz, sash and blinds, boards 76 Dutton [house do. 

Winton John Mrs. periodicals and intelligence office, 59 Market, 
Wirt Amos, dyer, house 61 Church 

Wirt William (Bwrrill fy IF), painter, 20 Middle, house 14 Clay 
Wiseman James, house 80 Gorham 

Witham William C. shoemaker, house 26 Water [150 do. 

Withered George F. marble-worker and dealer, 165 Middlesex, h. 

Kew-Eitglaud Directory, Published toy Sampson, Davenport, & 
Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Witherell George S. mason, house 297 Middlesex 
Withered William H. spinner, house 83 Tremont corporation 
Witherhead Janies, overseer, house 46 Massachusetts corporation 
Wolstenholme Frank E. moulder, house 13 L. M. S. corporation 
Wood Charles, weaver, Boott corporation, house 70 do. 

Wood Charles F. clerk, 164 Merrimack, bds. 115 Merrimack corp. 

Wood Charles R. boards 12 High-street square 

Wood Edward N. clerk, 43 Market, boards 9 Centre 

Wood Francis L. teamster, house 60 Broadway 

Wood George H. watchmaker, 25 Central, boards 43 Boott corp. 

Wood Henry, wire-worker, house 11 Fifth, Central ville 

Wood Hiram, overseer, Boott Corporation, house 50 do. 

Wood Hiram D. weaver, house 50 Boott corporation 

Wood Horatio Rev., Free Chapel, house Liberty, opposite School 

Wood John, cabinetmaker, 135 Central, house 220 Merrimack 

Wood John C. block-printer, house 12 Chestnut 

Wood John G. machinist, house 54 Appleton 

Wood Lenora Mrs. house 5 Merrimack 

Wood L., Massachusetts corporation, boards 29 Prescott corporation 
Wood Relief Mrs. boarding-house, 49 Massachusetts corporation 
Wood Robert, veterinary surgeon, house High-street square, corner 

Wood Samuel, 43 Market, house 2 Chapel 

Wood Samuel N. flour, grain, &c., 43 Market, house 9 Centre 

Wood Sidney C., Massachusetts corporation, house 56 do. 

Wood Stephen, cook, 16 Merrimack, house at Nashua 
Wood Thomas, at J.C. Ayer & Co.’s, house Mason’s court 
Wood William, overseer, Boott corporation, house 60 do. 

Wood William H. clerk, 58 Merrimack, boards 2 Chapel 
Woodbridge Sarah Mrs. house 162 Suffolk 
Woodbury Amos Mrs. house 25 Race 
Woodbury Charles F. boards 40 Boott corporation 
Woodbury Elizabeth F. nurse, boards 53 Pawtucket 
Woodbury Horace D. machinist, house 40 Boott corporation 
Woodbury Hugh, weaver, Boott corporation, house 49 do. 
Woodbury Jedediah C. boarding-house, 38 Boott corporation 
Woodbury John E. boards 178 Gorham 
Woodbury John II farmer, house River road, Dracut 
Woodbury John W. Mrs. h. 60 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Woodbury Joseph, carpenter, house 178 Gorham 
Woodbury Marcus 31. bobbinmaker, boards 178 Gorham 
Woodies D. S. Mrs. house 20 Third, Centralville 
Woodies Edward S. clerk, L. 31. S. boards 20 Third, Centralville 
Woodies Frederick, clerk, L. 31. S. foundry, boards 20 Third 
Woodman George D. (Swan, Stackpole, Woodman ), counsellor, 
13 Barristers’ Hall, boards 58 Bartlett 
Woodman James, file-forger, boards 29 Cady 
Woodman John C. carpenter, house 11 Lagrange court 

The Lowell Office of the Howard Fire Ins. Co. Is at N o. 28 Central 
Street. GEO. F. HUNT CO., Agents. (See page 344.) 




Woodman Samuel, spinner, boards 29 Cady 

Woodman Thomas P. painter, Lawrence corporation, house 1G do. 

Woodman Watson, carpenter, house 108 Howard 

Woods Charles G. laborer, house Middlesex, near Wilder 

Woods Charles H. (Boston), house 23 Common 

Woods D. A. widow, house 23 Common 

Woods (Edward P ), Sherwood (Daniel), & Co. (C.H. Latliam ), 
wire-goods and hardware, Bridge, opposite Seventh, Central- 
ville, house 14 Fourth, do. 

Woods Eliza A. Mrs. hoop-skirts, 88 Merrimack, b. 12 Appleton 

Woods Ellen, widow, house 13 Massachusetts corporation 

Woods Ellen, widow, house 20 Jefferson 

Woods Henry S. clerk, 18 Central, house 106 Merrimack 

Woods Leonard Mrs. house 17 Tyler 

Woods Maurice, laborer, boards 20 Jefferson 

Woods Patrick, laborer, boaids 20 Jefferson 

Woods Polly Mrs. boards 13 Hamilton corporation 

Woods Thomas, house Pleasant, near Pond 

Woodward Alden II. clerk, boaids 41 Bartlett 

Woodward Alfred G. clothing, 30 Merrimack, h. 14 Stackpole 

Woodward C. >3. dressmaker, 4 John, house do. 

Woodward David, clerk, 30 Merrimack, house 39 Bridge 
Woodward George F. student, boards 26 Race 
Woodward Hannah, widow, boarding-house, 114 Merrimack corp. 
Woodward Helen, widow, boards 29 Suffolk 
Woodward Heman, house 41 Bartlett 

Woodward Henry M. mason, h. River road, c. Mammoth, Dracut 
Woodward Jacob A. clerk, near Pawtucket bridge, Dracut, b. do. 
Woodward John C. superintendent Water Works, house 26 Race 
Woodward Lorenzo D. Mass, corp., house 45 Prescott corporation 
Woodward Sylvester, carpenter, house 111 Howard 
Woodward William H boards 41 Bartlett 

Woodworth Artemas B. clerk, A. L. Brooks’s, house 96 Fletcher 
Worcester Leonard, clothing-manufacturer, Industrial Hall, house 
62 Bartlett [boards 62 Bartlett 

Worcester Leonard A. clothing manufacturer, Industrial Hall, 
Worcester William H. shoemaker, house 127 Moody 
Worden Charles H. bartender, 187 Middlesex 
Worth Henry, farmer, house Hildreth, Centralville 
Worth Will am, painter, house 14 Clay 

Worthen Bartlett E. confectionery and fruit, 131 \ Middlesex, h. do. 
Worthen Ezekiel B. & Co. (S. W. Locke), grocers, 216 Merri- 
mack, house Marion, corner Lagrange 
Worthen George E. clerk, 216 Merrimack, h. 29 Cabot [rimack 
Worthen George W. engineer, Lowell corporation, house 398 Mer- 
Worthmgton Ann Mrs. boards 21 Hamilton corporation 
Worthley Daniel E. machinist, house 164 Merrimack corporation 
Worthley George F. engineer, B. & L. R. R. house 23 Marshall 

New-York State Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, &■ 
Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Worthley Luke W. clerk, 41 Merrimack, b. 164 Merrimack corp. 
TVright Alanson, carpenter, boards 9 Tremont 
Wright Albert D. clerk, 138 Central, boards 239 do. 

Wright Almira W. dressmaker. 47 Charles, house do. 

Wright Amos D. & Co. ( D . A. Wright ), confectioners, 3 Appleton 
block, house L51 Moody 

Wright Andrew, machinist, house 108 East Merrimack 
Wright Andrew C. fancy goods, 74 Merrimack, house 28 Willow 
Wright Asahel B. {Boston), house 109 Gorham [Appleton 

Wright Arwell F. & M. S. provisions, 195 Middlesex, house 118 
Wright Dennison A. (A. D. Wright Co.), confectioner, 3 
Appleton block, house Yarney, corner Fleteher 
Wright Edward D. machinist, boards 41 Cushing 
Wright Ezra W. carpenter, Locks and Canals, house 60 Butterfield 
Wright Frank B. clerk, 74 Merrimack, boards 28 Willow 
Wright Franklin D. painter, house 7 Wamesit court 
Wright George, boots and shoes, 94 Central, bds. American House 
Wright George E. machinist, Mechanics Mills, Fletcher, house 
Loudon court 

Wright Ilapgood, boots and shoes, 51 Central, house 30 Lawrence 
Wright James J. blacksmith, 163 Central, house 35 George 
Wright John, agent, Suffolk corporation, house 355 3Ierrimack 
Wright John F. clerk, Button, corner Lowell, house 3 Oak 
Wright Joseph N. carpenter, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 1 Wil- 
low place 

Wright Judith W. boarding-house, 12 Hamilton corporation 
Wright Lucius, moulder, boards 42 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Wright Lucius 31. driver, horse railroad, house 32 Church 
Wright Luther, stonemason, house 4 Centre 
Wright 3Iary P. physician, house 1 Willow place 
Wright 3Ierrill S. ( A . F. 3? M. S. Wright), 195 31iddlesex, bds. 
Howard House 

Wright Millard F. clerk, 74 31errimaek, boards 28 Willow 
Wright Nathan 31. boots and shoes, 138 Central, house 239 do. 
Wright Pelatiah J. bedstead-maker, Wamesit Steam 3Iills, house 
158 3Ioody 

Wright Sabra 31rs. house Pawtucket, near Fletcher 

Wright Sabra, teacher, Bartlett School, bds. Pawtucket, n. Fletcher 

Wright Sheffield H. machinist, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 9 But-. 

terfield [Suffolk 

Wright Varnum B. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam 3Iills, house 154 
Wright William A. spinner, 3Ierrimaek corporation, house 47 do. 
Wright William S. bookkeeper. 45 Central, boards Fletcher, corner 
Pawtucket [square 

Wyman George W. moulder, Willie, corner Dutton, h. 11 Franklin 
Wyman John H. cabinetmaker, 1 and 2 Commercial square, house 
35 Fayette 

Wyman John II. fireman, house 37 Prescott corporation 

North Am. Fire Ins. Co., Hartford, Ct. Capital and Surplus, over 
$£00,000. G. F. Hunt &, Co., Agents, 28 Central St. (See p„34±.) 



Wyman Moses, assistant engineer, bds. 138 Merrimack corporation 
Wyman Stephen T. student, boards 35 Fayette 
Wyman Washington W. cabinetmaker, rear 239 Middlesex, boards 
23 Massachusetts corporation 

YARINGTON HARVEY J. second hand, Boott corp. boards 13 
Suffolk corporation 

Yeoman Robert T. shoemaker, house 43 Tremont 

Yore John, clerk, 17 East Merrimack, boards 37 Fayette 

York Charles A. clerk, 41 Merrimack, house 13 Charles [pleton 

York Edward L. insurance agent, 11 Barristers Ilall, h. (36 Ap- 

York James M. carpenter, Lawrence corporation, house 16 do. 

York Joseph B. watchman, at J. C. Ayers’, boards 13 Central 
York Walter R. insurance agent, 11 Barristers Hall, house at Bid- 
deford, Me. 

Young Aaron B. overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 42 do. 
Young Adaline W. widow, boards 123 East Merrimack 
Young Artemas S. machinist, honse 82 Bridge, Centralville 
Young Charles F. bookkeeper {Boston), boards Middlesex, corner 

Young Charles H. machinist, house 123 East Merrimack 
Young Enoch, weaver, Merrimack corporation, house 119 do. 
Young Francis, painter, house 29 Congress [Wilder 

Young George W. ( Custom House , Boston), h. Middlesex, cor. 
Young James, machinist, house 11 Hanover 
Young John, spinner, house 1 Wall ^ 

Young John R. engraver, boards 6 Abbott 

Young Samuel, Merrimack corporation, boards 71 do. [G. Locks 
Young Stephen L. second hand, Lawrence, house Broadway, near 
Young William M. clerk, 2 Appleton block, house do. 

ZIMMER CHRISTOPHER, gunsmith, 66 Central, h. 5 Water 

Albany Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Doston. 


Agricultural Tools. 

5 Central (see page 371) 

tral (see inside front cover) 

Morgan Ebenezer, 314 Merrimack 
Rogers Jacob & Co. 166 Merrimack 


CORNER JOHN, 306 Merrimack (see 
page 376) 

Lennon John, 28 Lowell 


Allen H. W ., Merrimack, cor. Suffolk 
Bailey F. & E., Merrimack, cor. John 
Baron Frederick, Merrimack, corner 

BUTLER F. H. & CO., Central, corner 
Jackson (see page 380) [mack 

Carleton & Hovey, City Hall, Merri- 
Dows A. W. 185 Central 
Duncan W. W., Wainesit Bank bldg. 
French William H. 2 Central, corner 

GORDON L. M. 356 Merrimack (see 
page 395) 

Hayes Joseph R. 18 Central 
Hovt Eli W., Central, cor. Middlesex 
corner Central (see page 394) 

Lane L. C. 79 Merrimack [then 

Leighton W. H., Merrimack, cor. Wor- 
Plunkett F. C., Dutton, corner Lowell 
Thompson M. E. 268 Merrimack 
Artists’ Materials. 
FIELDING J. B. 99 Central and 1, 3, 
and 4 Jackson (see page 384) 
Bank building (see page 403) 


PATCH E. B. 1 and 2 Commercial 
square (see outside front cover) 
Warner J. E. 20 Merrimack 

Bacon Works. 

WILKINS HENRY K. 37 Prescott (see 
page 374) 


BRADT G. J. & D., Whiting (see page 

Cornork James Mrs. 261 Merrimack 
tral, cor. Crosby (see page 381) 

MORRIS MARTIN, 34 Paige (see page 

tral (see page 380) 

Somes William E. 1 Fayette 


Appleton block (seepage 337) 

6 Appleton block (see page 337) 
corner Middle (see page 338) [tuck 
Lowell Institution for Savings, Shat- 

Carleton block, Merr. (see page 340) 
Merchants Bank bldg, (see page 341) 
and 28 Central (see page 339) 
Carleton block, Merr. (see page 340) 
INGS BANK, 26 and 28 Central (see 
page 339) 

BANK, Shattuck, corner Middle (see 
page 338) 

Middlesex, near Northern depot (see 
page 341) 

Bedstead Machinery. 
CAREY & HARRIS, Broadway, corner 
Mt. Vernon (see page 362) 

Beer Agents. 

CORNER JOHN, 306 Merrimack (see 
page 376) 

Murphy Daniel, 44 Dutton 
Bell Hangers. 

Thatcher George, 52£ Merrimack 
Trnmbel James W., Merrimack, cor- 
ner Maiden lane 

Belt Manufacturers. 

Mechanics building, Duttou (see front 
colored page) [enne 

Stevens Solon, Fletcher, c. Western av- 
WHITING & CO., Savings Bank build- 
ing, Shattuck (see page 385) 

Billiard Saloons. 

Barnard D. B. & J. B. 18 Merrimack 
Emery Henry, Merrimack House 

Business that can't afford Insurance is too poor to follow. Wis- 
dom, Prudence, Experience, all say, Insure at ouce. (See page 344.) 



Gilmore John D. 24 Central 
Smith Kilburn, 2 Appleton block 


Abbott A. H. & J. H. 292 Middlesex 
Blackington Daniel, Mechanics Mills, 

Coward Jacob B., Wamesit Water Pow- 
er Company 

Crawford James, 76 Charles 
Dane G., Dane [Dracut 

Drew J. H. & Co., Pawtucket bridge, 
Furbish & Sanborn, Andover, corner 

Holt & Burgeron, 285 Merrimack 
JENKINS JOEL, Arch ('see page 388) 
Lee J. T., Fletcher, near Dutton 
LOVEJOY DANIEL, Rock, cor. Cush- 
ing (see page 393) 

McCracken James, 244 Middlesex 
Nichols Converse, 132 Middlesex 
Price C. I).. Wamesit Steam Mills 
Stevens Joseph. 56 Gorham (shoer) 
Stinson Charles W. 41 Middle 
Swett William L. 69 Pawtucket 

Blankets and Flannels. 
Thorndike (see page 371) 

Bleaching and Dyeing. 
street (see page 356) 

Boarding Houses. 

Abbott Dorcas C. Mrs. 17 Hamilton 

Allen James M. 109 Appleton 
Atwood Almira Mrs. 14 Hamilton corp. 
Bacheller David S. 11 Mass. corp. 
Barnard Benjanin F 60 Mass. corp. 
Bates Phoebe Mrs. 119 Central 
Beaman Rachel W. Mrs. 278 Middlesex 
Bedell Adam Mrs. 17 Merrimack corp. 
Bennett Mary Mrs. 3 Merrimack corp. 
Bickford Abby C. 13 Merrimack corp. 
Blessington Ann, 1 William 
Bod well C. F. Mrs. 14 and 15 Warren 
Brophy Mrs. 51* Lowell 
Brown Bradbury D. 4 Mass. corp. 
Brown D. P. 3 Lowell corporation 
Bugbee Wooster, 40 L. M. S. corp. 
Burleigh Anne M. 15 Merrimack corp. 
Calef Susan Miss, 36 Boott corporation 
Calkins Sarah A. 19 Tremout corp. 
Calvert A. Mrs. 14 Lowell 
Carpenter Joseph Mrs. 23 Mass. corp. 
Carter Eliza E. W. 4 Boott corporation 
Castles S. 52 Dutton 
Chase Olive Mrs. 2 Middlesex place 
Chase Sarah E. Miss, 118 Middlesex 
Clark Adelaide A. Mrs. 5 Lowell corp. 
Clark Dustin, 29 and 30 Hamilton corp. 
Collins Lucy B. Mrs. 5 Merrimack corp. 
Danforth Sarah H. 23 and 24 Appleton 

Durant Ann M. 50 Moody 

Elwell Mary E. 26 Massachusetts corp. 
Evans Mary M. 1 Lowell corporation 
Fiske Levi Mrs. 79 Merrimack corp. 
Fogg Nancy, 31 and 32 Hamilton corp. 
Garland Nathaniel, 5 Suffolk corp.. 
Giles J. B. 51 East Merrimack 
Gilman E. T. 19 Suffolk corporation 
Gilman Rufus S. Mrs. 3 Hamilton corp. 
Gilson Lewis G. 21 Suffolk corporation 
Gordon Jeannette, 120 Merr. corp. 

Goss William L. 12 Suffolk corporation 
Gove Dana B. Mrs. 8 Merrimack corp. 
Green Sylvia B. Miss, 16 Merr corp. 
Ilamblet Joseph, 138 Merrimack corp. 
Hart Almira M. 70 L. M. S. corporation 
Harvey Samuel W. 13 Central 
Heald Samuel M. 4 Hamilton corp. 
Henderson S. J. Mrs. 5 Lowell corp. 
Hird Joseph, 78 Market 
Holmes Sarah Mrs. 27 Mass. corp. 

Holt Albert E. 1 George 
Hopkins Eliza Mrs. 25 Hamilton corp. 
Hoyt Wallace N. 2 Suffolk corporation 
Hunt A. A. Mrs. 17 Hurd 
Hunt Myra J. 5 Boott corporation 
Huntoon Oren, 14 Massachusetts corp. 
Johnson Eleanor Mrs. 19 Lowell corp. 
Kimball David T. 22 Boott corporation 
Kittredge George Mrs. 68 Warren 
Lane John Mrs. 96 Middlesex 
Lang Benaiah, 36 Massachusetts corp. 
Libbey Eliza, 14 Hurd 
Long Roxana, 1 and 2 Merrimack corp. 
Lougee Sarah A. 113 Gorham 
Lovejoy H. W. 113 Merrimack 
Lynch Susan Mrs. 57 L. M. S. corp. 
Manning Nancy, 105 Gorham 
Mansfield G. S. 61 Lawrence corp. 
Martin Mary S. 67 L. M. S. corporation 
Maynard Eliza Miss, 16 Hamilton corp. 
Me Wade M. 80 Merrimack corporation 
Merrill Charles M. 4 Lowell corp. 
Miller George W. 10 Suffolk corporation 
Mooney Henry, 33 Hamilton corp. 
Moore Mary G. 33 Hanover 
Morrison Hannah T. 4 Merrimack corp. 
Murrer Joseph, 141 Middlesex 
Myres Ann E. 14 Boott corporation 
Osterhaudt Simeon D. 38 Lawrence 

Page P and E. A. 140 Merrimack corp. 
Parker Aiken Mrs. 5 Jackson 
Parker Eliza, 11 Tremout corporation 
Parker Nancy L. 18 Appleton corp. 
Plimpton Betsy Mrs. 34 Hamilton corp. 
Reed Ann, 112* Merrimack corporation 
Reed Mary B. F. 13 Suffolk corporation 
Rice Catharine Miss, 12 Merr. corp. 
Richardson James B. 10 Merr. eorp. 
Ricker Charlotte Mrs. 7 Appleton corp. 
Rogers Eunice Mrs. 6 Merrimack corp. 
Sayles Nancy Mrs. 115 Merr. corp. 
Scribner Louisa Mrs. 35 Lawrence corp. 
Shaw Daniel W. 4 Suffolk corporation 
Shedd Lydia Mrs. 7 Warren 
Sherman Phoebe, 53 Mass, corporation 
Shirley Eliza, 51 Massachusetts corp. 

Troy Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. (formerly 
Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 



Simpson Abby H. 6 Boott corporation 
Stamvood Sarah A Mrs. 28 Mass. corp. 
Stevens Belinda H. 18 Merrimack corp. 
Thurber Lizzie J. Mrs. 22 Lowell corp. 
Tyler Jane S. R. Mrs. 9 Merr. corp. 
Walker Elizabeth Mrs. 6 Lowell corp. 
Weeks Cordelia P. 34 Mass. corp. 
Weston Camilla E. 7 Merrimack corp. 
Willoughby Mary, 13 Tremont corp. 
Winchester E. 3 Suffolk corporation 
Wood Relief Mrs. 49 Mass, corporation 
Woodbury J. C. 38 Boott corporation 

Bobbins and Shuttles. 
JAQUES JOHN S. & CO. Wamesit 
Power Co. (shuttles, see page 385) 
Parker & Cheney, Wamesit Steam 

WATSON E. F. Mechanics Mills, (bob- 
bins and spools, see page 386) 

Boiler Makers. 

near Mechanics Mills (see page 386) 

Bolt and Screw Manufacturers. 
American Bolt Co. 210 Lawrence 
Smith & Gibson, Mt. Vernon, near 

Bonnet Bleacheries. 

Fay R. Mrs. 92 Merrimack 
Flanders C. R. 82 Merrimack 
FLETCHER S. R. 96 Merrimack (see 
page 380) 

Bonnet Wire. 

HALE B. S. & SON, Wamesit Power 
Co. (see page 392) 


rim ick (see page 4) 

SARGEANT B. C., City-government 
building (see page 5) 

Simonds S. B. 36 Central 

Books ^llers and Stationers. 
Coggeshall Frederick P. 51 Merrimack 
Eaton S. B. Mrs. 40 Merrimack 
Gordon & Chandler, 32 Merrimack 
Judkins J. Judson, 6 John 
rimack (see page 4) 

Everson H. J. 29 Central 
SARGEANT B. C., City-governmant 
building. 158 Merrimack (see page 5) 
Sheehan Edward, 28 Gorham 
Stanton Albert D. 140 Central 
Whitney Abel, 87 Merrimack 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Bailey M. 6 Warren 
Berry Charles R. 339 Merrimack 
Brady & Smith, 304 Merrimack 
Butler S. B. 152 Middlesex 
Bntterworth John, 300 Central 
Cooney William, 138 Lawrence 
Dalton Michael, 89 Charles 

Daly Z. S. 38 Fletcher 
Far well J. R. 5 Warren 
Flanders & Keith, 302 Merrimack 
Hodge J. M. Mammoth road, Dracut 
Hovey W. Bridge, near River, Cent. 
Kent James, 224 Merrimack 
King John, 29 East Merrimack 
King Stephen, 110 Market 
Leavitt William B. 78 Moody 
Loker William L. 160 Middlesex 
Maguire Andrew, 43 Middle 
McCarty John, 12 Lowell 
McElholm William, 240 Merrimack 
McEvby Dominick, 31 William 
McKissock R. 6 Prescott block 
MoLees Thomas, 145 Middlesex 
Melvin B. F. 3 Prescott block 
Moore J. N. 193 Central 
Quinn Patrick, 13 East Merrimack 
Strickland Robert, Fletcher, n. Dutton 
Sullivan John, Parker’s block, Central- 

Taylor David B. 69 Middle 
Tinker Law, 75 Central 
Wilby Benjamin, 272 Gorham 
Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. 
Adams Enos H., Prescott, c. Merrimack 
Boots, Shoes, and Rubbers. 
Adams Bros. 45 Merrimack 
Boardman L. H. 34 Central 
Byam S A. 162 Merrimack 
Chase Lorenzo, 7 Tilden (ladies’) 
Collins Joseph B. 12 Tilden 
Crane George & Son, 120 Central 
Dearborn E. 98 Me rimack 
Donnelly John, 7 Canal block 
Dooley Edward, 337 Central 
Flanders H. R. 302 Merrimack 
Grant John E. 193 Middlesex 
Griffin Joseph W. 18 John 
Harvey E. A. agent, 35 Merrimack 
Hnntoon Moses C. 224 Merrimack 
Kittredge Daniel, 14 Middle 
KNOWLES BROS. 114 Merrimack (see 
page 3) 

Lamb & Nichols, 19 Merrimack 
Lovett S. 26 1 Merrimack 
McElholm William, 240 Merrimack 
McLaughlin Bros. 116 Central 
MoLees Thomas, 145 Middlesex 
Merrill A. A. & Co. 6 Central 
Plummer John W. 68 Central 
Robbins Albert F. 68 .Merrimack 
Swan Daniel, 41 Merrimack 
Tackrah Henry, 82 Central 
Weeks Samnel D. 83 Central 
Wright George, 94 Central 
Wright Hapgood, wholesale and retail, 
51 Central 

WRIGHT N. M. 138 Central (see page 

Botanic Medicines. 

Cady W. R. 242 Central (mustang lini- 

Dows A. W. 185 Central 

Jiarragausett Fire &. Marine (us. Co.. Prov., R.I. Cap., <8500,- 
OOO. Policies written by G. F. Hunt &. Co., Agts., 28 Central St. 



Kelsey Hugh, 29 Elm 
Thompson M. E. 268 Merrimack 

Box Makers. 

Brooks A. L., Mechanics Mills 
Davis & Melendy, 233 Middlesex 
Davis Asahel (fancy), Mechanics Mills 
Norcross & Saunders, agents, Middle- 

Braid Manufacturer. 

Dugdale James (alpaca), Whipple’s 

Brass Finishers. 

Reed & Hallowell, Mechanics Mills, 

Brass Founders. 

COLE & NICHOLS, Dutton, comer 
Willie (see page 395) 

WILDER H. H. & CO. 8 Jackson (see 
inside back cover) 

Bridge Builder. 

Sawtell .T. A., Sawtell place 

Dearborn H. H. (stock and exchange), 
28 Central 

Richardson L. B. & Co. 108 Central 
Building Materials. 
dike (seepage 389) 

Building Mover. 

Richards Leonard J. 17 Andover 
Bung Manufacturers. 
Vernon, near Broadway (see page 


ADAMS SMITH, Walker, near Middle- 
sex (see page 377 ) 

Cabinet Makers. 

Crosby George, Mechanics Mills 
Crosby Ephraim, Mechanics Mills 
Fletcher & Simpson, Wamesit Steam 

Hill Henrv E. 239 Middlesex 
Marshall *& Crosby, 266 and rear 239 

(see page 381) 

Cap Maker. 

Baker C. E. Mrs. 3£ Canal block 
Card Clothing Manufacturers. 
HOWE & GOODHUE, 90 and 92 Mar- 
ket (cotton and wool, see back col- 
ored page) 

KITSON R., Worthen, corner Dutton, 
manufacturer of cotton machinery, 
and needle-pointed card clothing, for 
carding flax, hemp, jute, and manilla 
(see back colored page) 

dle (see page 395) 

Card Grinders. 

WRIGHT S. H., Wamesit Steam Mills, 
Dutton (see page 384) 

Carpenters and Builders. 
Barclay C. P. 224 Middlesex 
Bennett J. C. 200 Dutton 
BENNETT J. W., Middlesex, corner 
Grand (see outside front cover) 

Berry Theophilus D., Stevens, near 
Chelmsford line 

Brown Myron C. rear 55 Gorham 
Chamberlin Joseph, rear 34 Charles 
DAVIS BARTLETT, 302 School (see 
page 391) 

Dow John D. 75 Market 
Emery A. H., Fletcher, near Whiting 
Farnham George B. 242 Middlesex, cor- 
ner Grand 

Foster Jesse, Salem, cor. Willie avenue 
Fowler George L. 13 Worthen 
Furnald N. G. 23 Midd'e 
Gardner & Willey, 11 Middle 
Grant Hugh J. 20 Gorham 
Griffin J. Edwin, 61 East Merrimack 
Harmon Moses, 67 Middle 
Haseltine George W., Central, corner 

Holt Daniel, Howe 
Hood Abram K., Willie, corner Rock 
Horton John F. 13 Prescott 
Howe H. C. & J. F., Wamesit Mills 
Howe H. F , Second, Centralville 
Howe James M. rear 25 Third, Central- 
ville . 

Howe L. G., First, c. Read, Centralville 
Leonard George, 288 Central 
Libbev I. H., Merrimack, corner Maid- 
en lane 

Mardin Joseph, 313 Middlesex 
Merrill & Calef. 26 Middlesex 
Page George W. 132 Middlesex 
Pettingell Walter, Mechanics Mills 
Pitt John, West, Centralville 
PROCTOR SEWARD N. 183 Central 
(see page 382) 

Richards Luther, 17 Andover 
Sawtell Josiali A., School 
Shedd George W., Putney’s co\irt 
Shaw J M. rear 285 Merrimack 
Snell O. 26 Middle 
Stearns Erastus, 87 East Merrimack 
Sylvester G. B. 20 Common 
Wiggins William H. 58 Rock 
Wdev S. F., Howe, below Diividson 
WILSON F. S. & F. T. 244 Middlesex 
and Mechanics Mills, Fletcher (see 
page 390) 

Carpet Manufacturers. 
Mather J. & Co. (cotton bucking), Gor- 
ham, near Thorndike 
PANY, Market (see page 353) 

Providence Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), dr Congress Street, Boston. 



MCDONALD JOHN, 10 Hale, near 
Thorndike (see page 371) 

Naylor George, Wamesit Power Co. 


Adams, North, & Co. 7 Central 
Benner B. C. & M. A. 3 to 6 Prescott 
NICHOLS JACOB, Dutton, cor. Low- 
ell (see page 390) 

Carriage Manufacturers. 
Conyers Samuel, 163 Central 
Eaton J. B. 128 Middlesex 
Furbish & Sanborn, Andover, corner 

GREEN AMOS, rear 292 Middlesex 
(see page 389) 

Hill Bros. 136 Middlesex 
JENKINS JOEL, Arch (see page 388) 
Lee J. F., Fletcher, near Dutton 
Sawyer A. C. 163 Middlesex 
Sawyer T. C. (depository), 163 Mid- 
dlesex [ville 

Skillings David G. 22 Bridge, Central- 
Swett William L. 69 Pawtucket 

Cement, Lime, and Brick. 
HORNE D. W., Fletcher, comer 
Western avenue (see page 397) 
LIVINGSTON WM. E. 9 Thorndike 
(plastering, hair, and laths, see 
page 389) 

Chair Bottomer. 

Flynn John, 352 Central 

Chemical Manufacturers. 
Lawrence, n. Wamesit Power Com- 
pany (see page 379) 

Chemical Works. 

Billings J. F. & Co., Bridge, corner 
River, Centralville 

Meldmm Robert, Pawtucket, north of 

Cherry Pectoral and Cathartic 

AYER J. C. & CO. 105 Market (see 
page 372) 

China, Crockery, Glass, &c. 
Clough Ira A. 80 Merrimack 
French & Puffer, 115 Central 
NICHOLS J., Dutton, corner Lowell 
(see page 390) 

NASH J. W. & CO. 105 Central (see 
front colored page, opposite title) 
Whitten William T. 28 and 30 Andover 

Cigar Dealers. 

CURRIER JAMES W. 54 Central fsee 
page 380) 

McSorley Patrick, 3 Bridge 
Meehan James, 17k Merrimack 
Noyes Henry H. 139 Central 

Cigar Manufacturers. 
Emerson David G. 128 Suffolk 
Flood Peter. 23 East Merrimack 
Hemingway J. H. 52 Central 
Mort J. W. 77 Central 
Patrick S. C. 70 Merrimack 
Smith William D. 2 Cady 
Weeks Samuel, 25 Merrimack 

Cistern Builder. 

Pettingell Walter J., Mechanics Mills 
Civil Engineers and Surveyors. 
Baker R. W., City Hall building 
Osgood William F. 65 Butterfield 

Claim Agents. 

Blaisdell Charles R. 3 Canal 
FRYE JOHN F. 43£ Central (see hack 


Adams John G. (Uv.), 53 Chestnut 
Blanchard Amos (C. T.), 8 Kirk 
Crudden Peter (R. C.), 17 Appleton 
Cutler William H. (C. T.), 35 Common 
Davis Joseph B. (F. B.), 47 Bridge, 

Edson Theodore (E. ), Merrimack, cor- 
ner Kirk 

Foster Addison P. (C. T.), 40 Branch 
Foster Eden B. (C. T.), 19 Tyler 
Grinnell Charles E. (U.), 410 Merri- 

Hanks Stedman W. 6 Kirk 
High William C. (M. E.), 67 Bridge, 

Hutchins Charles L. (E.), 28 Linden 
James Horace (C. T.), 9 Centre, Chap- 
el Hill 

Jones S. F. (M. E.), 18 Tyler 
Morse Frank R. (B.) 31| Merrimack 

O’Brien John (R. C.), Fenwick 
Romana Anthony (R. C.), 17 Appleton 
Stanton William' E. (B.), 35 Tyler 
Street Owen (C. T.), 118 East Merri- 

Twiss James J. (Uv.), 107 Gorham 
Whitaker George (M. E.), 17 Kirk 
Wood Horatio, Liberty 

Cloaks and Mantillas. 

ABBOTT & EAMES, 132 Merrimack 
(see page 370) 

Clock Repairers. 

McHugh James, 49 Market 
Murray James T. rear 20 Winter 
Thatcher George, 52£ M- rrimack 
Trumbel James W., Merrimack, cor- 
ner Maiden lane 

Clothes Cleaner. 

Hogan J. C., Prescott, near Merrimack 

Fire, Marine, &, Inland Insurance effected through the Security of 
N.Y. and Narragansett Ins. Cos., by Geo. F. Hunt <fc Co., Agents. 



( See also Gents ’ Furnishing Goods, also 

Aarons C. Mrs. (second-hand), 121 

Bowers Arthur E. 33 Central 
5 Central (see page 371) 

Cushing George S. 33 Merrimack 
Fox, Warren, & Co. 57 Central 
French Abram & Co. 92 Central 
Grover & Harvey, 31 Merrimack 
Hirshfiell Herman, 20 Central 
Huse H. E. 4 Canal block 
Hutchins & Dufur, 232 Merrimack 
Putnam A. 45 Central, corner Market 
Richardson A. B. &r Co. 23 Central 
Ritchie John P. 50 Central 
Russell Alonzo L. 1 Canal block 
Wheeler Joseph A. 174 Merrimack 
White Josiah, 3 Central 
Woodward Alfred G. 30 Merrimack 

Clothing Manufacturers. 
Fletche-- Siinoi T. 263 Central (vests) 
Green George W'., Prescott, corner Mer- 

Sprague & George, 82 Merrimack 
Worcester Leonard, Industrial Hall 

PATCH E. B. 1 and 2 Commercial 
square (see outside front cover) 

Waite A. L. & Co., Dutton, opposite 
Mechanics Mills 

Confectionery* Fruit, &c. 

{See also Fruit.) 

Belleisle Oliver .T. 52 Central 
(see page 383) 

Bray Brothers (manufacturers), 330£ 

Heald John, 1 Merrimack 
Hildreth Sherman F 47 Merrimack 
Lord Ralph W. 80 Central 
MASON R. E. 79 Central (see p. 380) 
(see page 394) 

O’Conner John, Dutton, cor. Fletcher 
PAGE DUDLEY L. 1 Middle and 39 
Merrimack (see page 396) 

Walker C. II. 204 Merrimack 
Worthen Bartlett D. 131| Middlesex 
Wright A. D. & Co. 3 Appleton block 


Hutchinson S. K. 21 Nesmith 

Powers William, 95 Lowell 

Coal and Wood. 

{See also Wood.) 

BENNETT & RODLIFF, Moody, cor. 

Tremont (see page 388) 

BROWN HIRAM, 55 Appleton (see 
page 399) 

Durant & Simonds, 6 Middlesex 
HORNE D. W., Fletcher, corner West- 
ern avenue (see page 397) 

Keys John, 15 Prescott 
Kittredge W. 28 Middle 
LIVINGSTON WM. E. 9 Thorndike 
(see page 389) 

McGuirk P. Suffolk, near Lagrange 
Coffee Mills. 

chanics Mills, Fletcher (see p. 390) 

Coffin Warehouses. 

Brooks J. W. 19 Prescott 
Gordon & Currier, 23 Prescott 
Hanover Terence, 24 Gorham 

Comb Manufacturers. 

Drake Alfred (machine wool), Whip- 
ple’s Mills 

Magic Comb Co. (chemical), 8 Went- 
worth’s building 

Commission Merchants. 
2 Mechanics building, Dutton (see 
page 384) 

Litchfield, Edwards, & Co. 127 Market 
Page, Kidder, & Co., Thorndike, corner 


WILDER H. H. & CO. 8 Jackson (see 
inside back cover) 


NICHOLS & FLETCHER, 146 Central 
(see page 374) 


MACK S. G. 123 and 125 Market (see 
page 402) 

Cotton Goods Manufacturers. 
(see page 359) 

foot John (see page 357) 

Jack*on (see page 352) 

north end Suffolk (see page 355) 
ket (see page 353) 

Merrimack and Concord rivers (see 
page 358) 

Mather John & Co., Gorham, near 

north end Dutton (see page 350) 
Suffolk Manufacturing Co. Suffolk 
Tremont Mills, Suffolk 

Cotton Openers and Cleaners. 
KTTSON RICHARD, Worthen, near 
Dutton (see back colored page) 

Charlestown Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Cotton Machinery. 
KITSON RICHARD, Worthen, near 
Dutton (see back colored page) 


Abbot Julian, 81 Central 
Abbott James C. 43£ Central 
Blaisdell C. R. 3 Canal block 
Boardmau H. W. 5 Barristers’ Hall 
Bonney A. P. 43^ Central 
Brown & Alger, 55 Central 
Butler & Webster, 4 and 6 Museum 

Caverly Robert B., Post-office building 
Corliss* H. G. F. 29 Merrimack 
Cowley & Allen, 75 Central 
Davis John, 49 Central 
Deane & Kittredge, 49 Central 
Egan & Bent, 56 Central 
FRYE JOHN F. 43£ Central (see out- 
side back cover) 

Griffin George A. 55 Central 
Hadlev S. P. jr. Police Court 
HOWE & GREENHALGE, 49 Central 
(see outside back cover) 

Keyes .1. B. 43£ Central 
Kimball J. C. 5 Barristers’ Hall 
Knowles J. A. 14 Appleton block 
Ladd Jonathan, 132 East Merrimack 
Loughran James, 3 Canal block 
Marshall & Varnum, 3 Barristers’ Hall 
McEvoy J. F. 75 Central 
Moore Albert M. 1 Barristers’ Hall 
Reed John W. 4 Barristers’ Hall 
Richardson D. S. & G. F. 55 Central 
(see front cover) 

Shepard Luther E. 43* Central 
Stevens & Anderson, 1 Barristers’ Hall 
Swan, Stackpole, & Woodman, 13 Bar- 
risters Hall 

Sweetser & Gardner, 43 £ Central 
Wentworth & Jewett, Wentworth’s 

Williams & Williams, 56 Central 
Curer of Hams. 

WILKINS HENRY K. 37 Prescott (see 
page 374) 


Cook E. G., Tanner, corner Lincoln, 
Ayer’s City 

EATON GF:ORGE W., Willie, corner 
Broadway (see page 385) 

INGHAM .JOHN, near Mount Vernon, 
corner Broadway (see page 383) 

Curtains and Fixtures. 
FIELDING J. B. 99 Central (see p. 384) 
Shorey John (fixtures), 81 Central 


Boston David I. derrimack, c. John 
Bryant A. M. o2£ Merrimack 
Gerry Gustavus A., Merrimack, corner 

Gladwin S. F. 128 Merrimack 

Johnson A. T., Wentworth’s building 
LAWRENCE A.& G. W. 9 John, cor. 

Lee (see back colored page) 
Lawrence Samuel, 32 Cen ral 
Vinall G. A. W. 170 Merrimack 
Ward S. L & W. G., & A. W. Burn- 
ham, Savings Bank building 

Doors, Blinds, and Sashes. 
FAVOR N. B. & SON, Wamesit 
Steam Mills, Dutton isee page 387) 
Kelley William, Mechanics Mills 
Peabody J. G., Wamesit Steam Mills 
Place Isaac, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Pratt. M. C. & Co., Wamesit Steam 


Adams H. S. 52 j Merrimack 
Baker Jane Mrs. 171 Gorham 
Bachelder J. C. Mrs. 208 Merrimack 
Brown A. G. Mrs., Nesmith’s building 
Burbeck Hattie L. 121 Central 
Cady Francis Miss, Nesmith’s building 
Carlton Emma A. Miss, 78 Middlesex 
Clark Mary A. Miss, 121 Central 
Dresser R.*R. Mrs. 75 Central 
Drew H. H. Mrs. 168 Central 
Emerson William R. Mrs. 144 Jackson 
Fay Hannah, 78 Lowell 
Gallagher Ellen Mrs. 17 Race 
Gregory W. J. Mrs. 314 Merrimack 
Guy S. & J. 236 Merrimack 
Hanley S. J. 33 Hamilton 
Harris Amanda, 41 Boott corporation 
Howell Mary S. 94 Gorham 
Hussey A. £. 52| Merrimack 
Lother S. A. 136 Merrimack 
Marston S. 114 Central 
Marsh I. S. 52£ Merrimack 
Marshall C. A. Miss. 20 John 
McManus Nancy Mrs. 13 William 
Mellen J. Mrs. 98 Fletcher 
Messer A. D. 52£ Merrimack 
Moore C. B. 14S Suffolk 
Morse Maria M. 20 Austin 
Moulton Fannie R. 95 Central 
Murphy Catharine, 30 Lowell 
Nary Sarah Mrs. 95 Cei tral 
Palmer L. H. 170 Merrimack 
Pearson Elizabeth B. 131£ Central 
Perrin Mary J., Wamesit bank bldg. 
Pierce A. S. Mrs. 24 John 
Rose Maria, 23 Kirk 
Sargent J. C. Mrs. 236 Merrimack 
Sheffield A. Mrs., East Pine, c. Carlton 
Smith C. M. Mrs. 246 Merrimack 
Wallace Anne V. Mrs. 9 First, Cent. 
Welch Susan, 1 Union 
Whittaker Abbie Mrs 2 Railroad 
Woodward C. S. 4 John 
Wiiglit Almira, 47 Charles 

Dry Goods. 

ABBOTT & FAMES, 132 Merrimack 
(see page 370) 

Anderson O. D. & Co. 48 Merrimack 

Middlesex Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Concord, Mass. Inc. 1826. A pop- 
ular dividend- paying Co. G. F. Hunt Co., Agents. (See p. 344.) 



'Brennan M. & Co. 56 Merrimack 
Brown Joseph S. 54 Merrimack 
Collins B. F. 84 Merrimack 
Cook & Taylor, 42 Merrimack and 103 

Dick Peter, 19 Market 
Drew H. C. 123 Central 
Drew, Taft, & Welch, 126 Merrimack 
Folsom J. P. 44£ Merrimack 
Gage James U. 52 Merrimack 
Hilton H. W. & Co. 36 Merrimack 
Hosford H. & Co. 46 Merrimack 
Keyes & Tucker, 134 Merrimack 
Peabody James M. 58 & 60 Merrimack 
Shaw J. W. B. 44 Merrimack 
Spaulding G. L. & Co. 62 Merrimack 
Taisey L., Gorham, corner Middlesex 
Taylor Joseph, 116 Merrimack 
Tower, Pierce, & Co. 138 Merrimack 


Chambers C. 252 Gorham 
Clifford Weare, 2 and 4 Andover 
Crowther C. H., Lawrence, near Whip- 
ple’s Mills 

PICKENS JOHN, 100 Moody (see page 

Dyewoods, Drugs, &c. 
Meldrum Robert, Pawtucket, north of 

TALBO T C. P. & CO., City Market 
(see page 378) 

Eating Houses. 

Hall L. B. 16 Merrimack 
Smith Wm. H. 133 Middlesex 
Edge Tools. 

LOVE JOY DANIEL, Rock, cor. Cush- 
ing (see page 393) 

Eleetrie Machines. 

Davis Asahel, Mechanics Mills 
Embroidery Stampers. 

Leland Thomas, 74 Central 
Moxley P. C. Miss, 252 Gorham 

Emigrant Offices. 

Molloy George, 15 Market 
Sheehan Edward, 28 Gorham 

Engine Builders. 

Burgess T. F. & Co. 235 Middlesex 

STONE & HUSE (copper plate), 21 
Central (see page 369) 


LOYEJOY F., Merrimack-st. depot 
(see page 386) 

PEN NEMAN G. F., Merrimack-st. de- 
pot (see page 386) 

Sargent & Co. 5 Middle 

Fancy Goods. 

(See also Variety Stores.) 

Adams M. W. Mrs. 61 Merrimack 
Bartlett H. J. 118 Merrimack 

Fall River Directory, 

Blood Sarah, 78 Merrimack (hoop- 

Carney Honora Mrs. 262 Merrimack 
Croxford L. J. Mrs. 17 Central 
Frnhauf Jacob & Co. 109 Merrimack 
Griffin S. P. 110 Merrimack 
Hutchins Elvira, 117 Central 
mack (see page 3) 

Leland William, 250 Gorham 
Marcy L. 332 Merrimack 
Maynard C. I. W. 76 Merrimack 
McGill James, 3 Welles block 
McGoverin Francis Mrs. 1 East Merri- 

Morrill Hannah A. 66 Merrimack 
Page Martha, 206 Merrimack 
Robinson B. & Co. 102 Merrimack 
Sanborn Olive W. 105 Merrimack 
Sargent J. C. Mrs. 236 Merrimack 
Scott C. M. 115 Merrimack 
Shedd G. W. ,jr. 34 Merrimack 
Smith M. J. 93 Merrimack 
Taylor Joseph, 116 Merrimack 
Wright Andrew C. 74 Merrimack 

Felting Mills. 

Lowell Felting Mills, Pawtucket, Moses 
A. Johnson, agent 

File Manufacturers. 
ASHWORTH SAGER & CO., 2 Fletch- 
er, near Dutton (files and rasps, see 
page 384) 

HISCOX A. J., Middlesex, near North- 
ern depot (see page 399) 

Fire Arms. 

White Rollin (inventor), Rolfe, near 


DOW A. F. 310 Merrimack (see page 

Hight R. S. 7 East Merrimack 
Hill .Tames E. 66 Middlesex 
KNIGHTS J. H. 201 Central (see page 

Perkins & Kilbern, Middlesex, corner 

Rilev Thomas, Graham, cor. Appleton 
SARGENT & COTTON, rear 57 Cen- 
tral (see page 375) 

Flour and Grain. 

Hills Geo. H. old freight depot, Thorn- 

LIVINGSTON W. E. 9 Thorndike (see 
page 389) 

Nichols & Co. old freight depot, Thorn- 

NICHOLS & FLETCHER, 144 and 146 
Central (see page 374) 

Page, Kidder, & Co., Thorndike, comer 

STILES, ROGERS, & CO. 23 Market 
(see page 374) 

Wood Samuel N. 43 Market 

Published by Sampson, Davenport. & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Fruit, Sc. 

(See also Confectionery.) 
(see page 383) 

Cheney Charles W. 10 Merrimack 
Cheney E., Market, corner Central 
Eaton Daniel A. 3 Merrimack 
MASON K. E. 79 Central (see p. 380) 
Morse J. C. 133 Central and 6 Gorham 
Newton Charles N. 143 Middlesex 
Newton C. E., Dutton, cor. Wamesitct. 
O’Conner J., Dutton, corner Fletcher 
Page Charles R. 298 Merrimack 
Reilly B. 77 Central 
Walker Charles H. 204 Merrimack 

COSTELLO T. & CO. 118 Central (see 
page 382) 

MACK S. G. 125 Market (see page 402) 
NASH J. W. & CO. 105 Central (see 
adv. opp. title page) 

WIGHT DANIEL W. 135 Middlesex 
(see inside back cover) 

WILDER H. H. & CO. 8 Jackson (see 
inside back cover) 

Furniture and Feathers. 
Adams, North, & Co. 7 Central and 28 

Benner B. C. & M. A. 3 to 6 Commer- 
cial square 

Clark William H. 25 Middlesex 
Fletcher & Simpson (manuf.), Wamesit 
Steam Mills 

Hunter Johu G. 255 Merrimack 
Kimball Daniel S. & Co., Wamesit 
Steam Mills 

Mehan J. & Brother, 24 Prescott 
NICHOLS JACOB, Dutton, cor. Lowell 
(see page 390) 

ket (see page 388) 

Patch E. B. & Co. 1 and 2 Commercial 

Puffer & Bradlev, 13 Market 
RAY WM. H. & CO. 11 Middle (see page 

Fur Goods. 

Barnes C. C. & Co. 2 Welles block 
Bascom Wm. 162 Merrimack (manuf.) 
Gas and Steam Pipe and Fixtures. 
tral (see outside front cover) 

Field George W., Whipples Mills ' 
near Broadway (see page 385) 

Gas Fitter. 

Sheldon Henry, 13 Middle 

Gas Light Companies. 
Kidder, agent, 16 Hurd (see outside 
back cover) 

corner Shaituck (see page 348) 

Gas Machines. 

tral (see outside front cover) 

Gents’ Furnishing Goods. 
Brazer W. P. 47 Central 
BURBA. sK & W1NNEK, 53 Central 
(see page 420) 

Fox Warren & Co. 57 Central 
Hodgman B. 30 Central 
SMITH GEORGE, 222 Merrimack (see 
back colored page) 

Woodward A. G. 30 Merrimack 

Glove Manufacturers. 

East Merrimack (see page 380) 

Grist Mills. 

LIVINGSTON WM. E. 9 Thorndike 
(see page 389) 

STILES, ROGERS, & CO., French, 
opposite Aune (see page 374) 

Wood S. N., Wamesit Power Co. 


Bancroft S. 2 Merrimack 
Barker Stephen, jr. 14 Market 
Barnard Charles H., Merrimack, corner 

Bergeron Louis, 8 Cabot 
Blair E. R., Broad way, corner School 
Blake Patrick, 11 River, Central ville 
Bohonan & Barney, 189 Middlesex 
BRYANT D. 110 Middlesex (see page 

Burrows Valentine, 49 Gorham 
Butler W. D., Dracut, near Pawtucket 

Buttrick & Co. (wholesale), 20 Market 
Callahan Charles, Bridge, near Front, 

Callahan Daniel, 82 Suffolk 
Carolin T. 8 Howe 
Chalmers James B. 10 Adams 
Chamberlain Joseph A. 9 Middle 
sex (see page 373) 

Cheuev & Hartwell, 251 Merrimack 
Churchill Sheldon W. 58 Middlesex 
Clement E. A. 256 Merrimack 
Clough Walter S. 8 Tilden 
Collins James, 68 Lowell 
Colwell Philip, 164 Central 
Conwav Bernard, Worthen, cor. Lowell 
COSGROVE JOHN, 272 Merrimack 
(see page 378) 

Coulson Samuel, 60 Gorham 
Courtney P. & J. 104 Suffolk 
Dempsey Patrick, 47 Lowell 
Devine Patrick J., Andover, cor. Water 
Dexter S. K. 113 Thorndike 
Donahoe James, 66 Gorham 
Duff’ John, 15 River, Centralville 
Eacott Wm. 28 Water 
Eaton Job S. 368 Merrimack 
Emerson Luther, 8 East Merrimack 
Farlev Owen, 74 Gorham 

Geo. F. Hunt & Co. are agents for the Connecticut Mutual Life 
Ins. Co. For full particulars, see pages 344 and 345. 



Finnegan Michael, 52 Church 
Forbush & Ingham, 167 Middlesex 
Frawley P. 0. C. 55 Gorham 
Fuller .Jason, 65 East Merrimack 
Garrigan Thomas .T. 134 Central 
GIBSON BROTHERS, Bridge, corner 
Paige (see page 376) 

Gove David & Co. 227 Central 
Greenwood R. & 0. 208 Lawrence 
Hall C. & A. P., Andover, c. Fayette 
Heland Hannah Mrs. 24 Adams 
Hemenwav Marshall, 221 Central 
HIGGINS' EDSON S. 105 Middlesex 
(see page 381) 

Jepson .1. C. 195 Central 
Jones Chas. M. 88 Gorham 
KEYES PATRICK, Lowed, near Han- 
over (see page 376) 

Kiley Lawrence, Lowell, corner Lewis 
Kiley Roger, 141 Lowell 
Knox Sylvester, 288 Middlesex 
Lee Michael Mrs. 119 Lawrence 
Lehany James, 53 Gorham 
Leonard John, 85 East Merrimack 
Lynch J., Suffolk, near Broadway 
Lynch John, 1 Adams 
Maguire Thomas, 78 Gorham 
Manning Daniel, 30 Adams 
MARREN JAMES, 34 Lowell (see page 

Mathews & Lake, 80 Dutton 
McAloon William, 69 Gorham 
McCann Arthur, 52 Gorham 
McCann John, 40 Gorham 
McCarty Michael, Suffolk, cor. Cross 
McGuirk P., Suffolk, near Lagrange 
McNabb Brothers, 8 Merrimack 
McQuaid Ellen, 55 Middle 
McSorley Alexander, 80 Middle 
Mealey & Guyton, 308 Merrimack 
Mollahan Peter & Francis, 44 Gorham 
Mooney Christopher, 19 E. Merrimack 
Moran John F. 129 Lowell 
Morse.Chas. H. 126 Central 
NICHOLS & FLETCHER, 144 and 146 
Central (see page 374) 

O’Neill Bernard, 81 Gorham 
Owens James, 148 Central 
Patnaud Joseph, 328 Merrimack 
Pearson John & Janies M. 3 Savings 
Bank building 
Persons J. 214 Merrimack 
Piper & Emery, Pawtucket bridge, 

Puffer A. D. & Co. 32 Middlesex 
Putnam Jacob I). 5 Prescott block 
Quinn P. 4 Salem 

Read Robert & Son, 30 Bridge, Central- 

Richardson Jno. B., Adams, c. Fletcher 
Richardson Sumner, Hildreth, c. Pearl, 

Riley John, 77 Gorham 

Riley John, Lowell, corner Worthen 

Rogers & Page, 11 John 

Rowe Richard Mrs., Lowell, c. Dummer 

Lawrence Directory, Published 

(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 

Runals Robert K. 319 Merrimack 
Russell Cyrus K. 281 Merrimack 
Russell Si S. 149 Central 
Russell & Lane, Lowell, cor. Worthen 
Smith Peter S. 17 East Merrimack 
Spencer T. S. 19 Moody 
Springer J. F. Liberty square 
Stickney & Spofford, Bridge, c. Third 
Streeter & Powers, 7 John 
Thornton Francis, 60 Middle 
Walsh J. Mrs. 118 Lowell 
Ward Thomas, 68 Goiham 
Washburn & Pearl, 31 Market 
Wheeler Albert, 12 Tilden 
WHITHED DARIUS, 60 Middlesex, 
corner Sontli (see page 377) 
Whittemore & Blanchard, 45 East Mer- 

Worthen E. B. & Co. 216 Merrimack 

tral (see page 392) 


Aruda Frank D., American House 
Barth Daniel W. 70 Central 
Bowman Maurice, 112 Merrimack 
Brown Jonas E. 181 Middlesex 
Brooks W. F. B. 276 Merrimack 
Clifford Charles F. 184 Merrimack 
Burton A. P. 22 Central 
Hapgood Harry, Central, cor. Church 
Lewis W. 2 Prescott block 
Libby A. H. 70 Central 
Loiselle J. L. 12 Central 
Manuel James, 11 Prescott 
McEnroe L. S. 4 Central 
Pike Albert J., Wamesit Bk. building 
Proctor H. B. 32 & 34 Prescott 
Richardson G. M., Monument sq. Mer- 

Tuthill Augustus, 2 Hurd 
Welch Edward, 130 Central 
White Frederick, 191 Middlesex 

Hair Restorer. 

AYER J. C. & CO. (Hair Vigor), 305 
Market (see page 372) 


Medina Emanuel J. 94 Merrimack* 
Raymond Daniel, 106 Merrimack 
Tuckerman Anna M. Miss (jewelry), 
117 Central 

Hardware and Mechanics’ Tools. 

Butcher John, 17 Middle 


5 Central (see page 371) 

tral (see inside front cover) 
KENNEDY CHARLES E. manufactur- 
er piano-fortes, Mechanics’ Mills, 
Fletcher (see page 393) 

Rogers Jacob & Co. 166 Merrimack 
Weston Charles H., Arch 

by Sampson, Davenport, &, Co. 
47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Harness Makers. 

Allen J. G. 46 Central 
Brabrook Joseph A. 45 Alarket 
Butm m S. L. 196 Middlesex 
Hatch George S. 8 Merrimack block 
Sawyer Aaron C. 163 Middlesex 
Willett Albert, 285 Merrimack 

Hats, Caps, Purs, &c. 

Brazer William P. 47 Central 
Hodgman Benjamin, 30 Central 
Huse H. E. 4 Canal block 
Lederer B. & Co. 5 Appleton block 


dike (see page 389) 


BROWN DARIUS C.(patent), Chur cli, 
corner Warren (see page 361) 


HORN SAMUEL & CO., School, near 
corner Middlesex (see page 374) 
Hoop-Skirt Manufacturers. 
Blood S. A. Mrs. 78 Merrimack 
CHENEY WM. Airs. 168 Alerrimack 
(see outside back cover) 

Woods Eliza A. Airs. 88 Alerrimack 

Horse Stalls (Patent). 
BENNETT J. W., Aliddlesex, corner 
Grand (see outside front cover) 

Hose Manufacturers. 

GATES JOSIAH & sONS, 4 and 6 Me- 
chanics building, Dutton (see front 
colored page) 


American House, Charles Going, 86 

Central Hotel, George W. Alark, 278 

Howard House, Allen Waldo, 211 Alid- 

Lafayette House, Thomas Heathwood, 
Aliddlesex, near Walker 
Alerrimack House, Henry Emery, Aler- 
rimack, corner Dutton 
Wamesit House, Samuel T. Dresser, 
187 Middlesex 

Central, cor. Church (see page 404) 

Ice Dealers. 

Pawtucket (see page 376) 

Ink Manufacturers. 

Billings J. T. & CO., Bridge, corner Riv- 
er, Centralville 

Insurance Agents. 

COOK JAAI ES, 49 Central (see p. 346) 

Davis John, 55 Central 

FOLSOM J. S. 21 Central (see p. 346) 

HUNT GEORGE F. & CO. 28 Central 
(see foot lines and page 344) 
Litchfield G. A. 5 Barristers’ Hall 
Mauley F. E. 87 Alerrimack 
Benefit Life Insurance Co. of New 
Jersey), 37 Alerrimack (see page 347) 
Norcross N. W. 4 Barristers’ Hall 
Page I. Henry, 49 Central 
RIPLEY GEORGE, 10 Aliddle (see 
page 347 ) 

STICKNEY S. W., Railroad Bank (see 
page 342) 

SHERMAN E. F. 27 Central. Agent 
for the following companies: Spring- 
field Fire and Alarine, Lorillard’s, 
Home of New York City. Yonkers 
and New York, and State Alutual 
(see page 343) 

Walker G. W. 48 Central 
WHEELER FRANK W. (life), 28 Cen- 
tral (see page 345) 

Intelligence Offices. 
(see page 377) 

Alorgan Ebenezer, 314 Alerrimack 
Wmton John Airs. 59 Alarket 
Iron Foundries. 

COLE & NICHOLS, Dutton, corner 
Willie (see page 395) 

Aloody, superintendent, Dutton (see 
page 360) 

Jewelry and Watches. 
HALLE l' r AI. G. 153 Central (see 
page 370) 

Josselyn Charles R. 82 Gorham 
Ordway II. Al. 86 Alerrimack 
Raynes Joseph & Co. 43 Central 
SANBORN AAIOS & CO. (manuf. and 
wholesale dealers) 25 a Central, corner 
Aliddle (see adv. opposite title page) 
Shorey John (manuf.), 81 Central 
Wilkins Henry, 73 Central 
Williams G. T. 29 Alerrimack 

Junk Dealers. 

Dodge L. C. 54 and 55 Dutton 
Hapgood Ephraim & Son, 43 High 
Simonds George W. 24 Aliddle 
Smith & White, 29 Aliddlesex 
Nugent AI. 18 Gorham 

Kitchen Furniture. 

NASH J. W. & CO. 105 Central (see 
adv. opp. title) 

Knife Manufacturer. 
LOVEJOY DANIEL, Rock, , corner 
Cushing (see page 393) 


gent, agent, Graniteville, near Low- 
ell (see pages 400 and 401) 

How to provide for the comfort and support of our families after 
our decease is the earnest thought of every man. (See pp. 344 & 345.) 



Lace Leather Manufacturers. 

Dutton (see front colored page) 

Laces, Enbroideries, and Dress 

Emerson P. H. 69 Merrimack 
Skinner A. C. 63 Merrimack 
Smith Francis, 49 Merrimack 

Leather Belting. 

GATES JOSIAH & SONS, 4 and 6 Dut- 
ton (see front colored page) 
WIIITING & CO., Savings Bank 
building, Skattnck (see page 385) 

Leather Dealers. 

Brown Willard A. 88 Market 
Dutton (see front colored page) 

Letter Cutter. 

GROVER AR1STON, 132 Middlesex 
(see page 391) 


City Library, City Hall 
Eaton S. B. Mrs. 40 Merrimack 
Mechanics’, Mechanics building 

Line and Twine Manufacturers. 

CLARK JEREMIAH, 96 Middle (loom 
harness twine, see pages 394 and 395) 
HALE B. S. & SON, Whipple’s Mills 
(see page 392) 

Liquors and Wines. 

Arlin J. F. 82 Merrimack 
Armstrong James, 93 Market 
Bradley Christopher, 26 Gorham 
sex (see page 373) 

CORNER JOHN, 306 Merrimack (see 
page 376) 

COSGROVE JOHN, 272 Merrimack 
(see page 378) 

Cummiskey Patrick, 89 Market 
Hoar Michael, Lowell, corner Dutton 
KEYES PATRICK, Lowell, near Han- 
over (see page 376) 

Lynch Patrick, 41 Market 

Livery Stables. 

(See Stables.) 

Locks (Patent Alarm). 

Brown Ephraim, Whipple’s Mills 
Locksmiths and Sawflders. 
Batchelder A. G. & Son, 94 Howard 
Curtis Thomas H. 129 Central 
Trumbel James W., Merrimack, cor- 
ner Maiden lane 

Locomotive Builders. 
Moody, superintendent, Dutton (see 
page 360) 

Loom Harness. 

(See also Reed and Harness .) 
HARRIS GEO. W., Lawrence corpora- 
tion (see page 362) 

Loom Pickers. 

KIMBALL MOSES F. 92 Market (see 
page 385) 


Brooks A. L., Dutton, corner Fletcher 
Davis & Melendv, 233 Middlesex 
HOWES & BURNHAM, Dutton, near 
VVainesit Steam Mills (see page 389) 
Noreross & Saunders (agents), Middle- 
sex, office 16 State street, Boston 
WHITNEY H. & A., Western avenue 
(see page 387) 

Machine Knitting. 

BROWN ADA MISS, 57 Appleton (see 
page 399) 

Machinery Manufacturers. 
CAREY & HARRIS, Broadway, cor- 
ner Mt. Vernon (see page 362) 
K1TSON R., Worthen, corner Dutton 
(see back colored page) 

LANE DAVID, Fletcher, corner Cush- 
ing (see page 398) 

LOVEJOY DANIEL, Cushing, corner 
Rock (see page 393) 


Moody, supt., Dutton (see page 360) 
SARGENT CHARLES G., Graniteville, 
near Lowell (see back colored page) 
SILVER & GAY, North Chelmsford, 
near Lowell (see page 396) 


Atherton Thomas & Co., 23 Howe 
BARKER H. R. & CO. 8 Central (see 
front cover) 

Cady George L. 237 Middlesex 
CAREY tte HARRIS, Broadway, cor- 
ner Mt. Vernon (see page 362) 
Burgess T. F. & Co. 235 Middlesex 
CRANE JOHN E. 20 Middle and 46 
Court, Boston (see front colored p.) 
Davis Asahel, Mechanics Mills (dove- 
tailing machines) 

Field George W., Whipple’s Mills 
Haskell C. T. 30 Prescott 
LANE DAVID, Fletcher, corner Cush- 
ing (see page 398) 

LOVEJOY DANIEL, Cushing, corner 
Rock (see page 393) 

Moody, supt. Dutton (see page 360) 
MURKLAND W. & J. W. 82 Middle 
(see page 383) 

Perkins Francis S., Mechanics Mills, 

Pierce Johu N., Howe 
ROBINSON WM. & CO., Mechanics 
Mills (see page 397) 

Sawyer H. J., Mt. Vernon, near Broad- 

Lowell Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, & Co. 
(formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



SILVER & GAY, North Chelmsford, 
near Lowell (see page 396) 

Stevens B. F., Arch 
Tyng & Marshall, Wamesit Steam 
Mills (Lowell Wrench Company) 
Steam Mills (see page 384) 

Machinist s’ Tools. 

Cady George L. 237 Middlesex 
Kidder Charles L. 237 Middlesex 

Moody, supt., Dutton (see page 360) 
ROBINSON WM. & CO., Mechanics 
Mills (see page 397) 

SILVER & GAY, North Chelmsford, 
near Lowell (see page 396) 

Magneto-Electric Machines. 
Davis Asahel, Mechanics Mills 
Manufacturers’ Articles. 
Kendall J. 1 Savings Bank building 
TALBOT CHAS. P. & CO. City Mar- 
ket House (see page 378) 

Manufacturers’ Supplies. 
CLARK JEREMIAH, 96 Middle (see 
page 394) 

Dutton (see front colored page) 
Bank building (see page 403) 

Marble Workers. 

Andrews William, 181 Central 
Nichols David, 59 and 61 Dutton 
Winter & Smith, 155 Central 
Witherell George F. 165 Middlesex 


Bailey Thomas D. 51 Hanover 
Cady Lyrnan, 12 Cady 
Coburn & Park (stone), Dracut 
Hutchinson S. K. 21 Nesmith 
Ilsley A. 9 Queen 

Kittredge Luther (stone), 4 Butterfield 
Messer Abiel (stone), 68 Bartlett 
Moulton John L., First, near Read, 
Central ville 

Page Charles, 197 Gorham 
Read & Frye, 20 Prescott 
Robinson Henry, Fletcher, near Willie 
Russell J. 215 Central 
Sanborn Theodore A. 9 Myrtle, Cen- 

Sanborn W. F. 23 Clay 
Sherman Marcus I). L. 23 Church 
Staples Nathaniel T. 31 Willie 
road, corner Mammoth road (see 
page 392) 

Wright Luther (stone), 4 Central 
Mat and Rug Manufacturers. 
Green Joseph, 8 Hale 
MCDONALD JOHN, 10 Hale (see page 


KNAPP C. F. 4 Mechanic (see page 

Richards, Morton, & Colburn, 15 Ash 
Mo we George S. 94 Middle 

Metal (Union) Manufacturer. 
Dodge L. C. 54 and 55 Dutton 


Corbett John C. 103 Pawtucket 
Russell Asa C. 39 Appleton ' 

Millinery Goods. 

Ambrose A. Mrs. 119 Market 
Carter E. B. Airs. 21 Moody 
Colburn A. A. Mrs. 1 Welles block 
Crowley Daniel, 108 Merrimack 
Donovan Mary A. 17 Market 
Doris C. A. & M. A. 122 Merrimack 
Elliott J. C. Mrs. 99 Merrimack 
Danforth M. G. Mrs. 107 Merrimack 
Finn C. S. Mrs. 101 Merrimack 
Folsom C. B. 73 Merrimack 
Fnrbush Anna A. 83 Merrimack 
Gage Wm. H. Mrs, Carlton block 
Hall Mary A. 5 Welles block 
Horn Emma E. 83 Merrimack 
Huntly Curtis Mrs. 43 Merrimack 
Huntley E. J. 90 Merrimack 
Lord H. M. 27 Market 
McDonough K. J. Miss, 2 Bridge 
McGill James, 3 Welles block 
Moses Stephen T. Mrs. 97 Merrimack 
Robinson F. W. 61 Merrimack 
Stevens Mary E. 119 Middlesex 
Taisey L., Gorham, corner Middlesex 
Thompson B. T. Mrs. 91 Merrimack 
Waldron Mary A. 234 Merrimack 
White Marv A. 81 Merrimack 
Wilson A. E. 27 Market 

Model Makers. 

Bradshaw K. A., Wilson, between 
Chelmsford and Hale 
CRANE JOHN E. 20 Middle, and 46 
Court, Boston (see front colored 

Music Dealers. 

RUGG & GRIFFITH, 77 Merrimack 
(see page 399) 

Simpson Andrew J. & Co. 41 Central 
Nail Manufacturer. 

Lisbon E. (horse and ox), 136 Middle- 

Notaries Public. 

Knowles John A. 14 Appleton block 
Williams Charles M. 56 Central 


Atwood Mary, 47 Hanover 

Baker Lucy, 2 Auburn 

Collier Mary S. 16 Suffolk block, Cabot 

Corlis Florella Mrs. 29 Walnut 

Faunce Emma Mrs. 6 Favor 

Goding Betsey, 39 Walnut 

Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co., State Mutual Life Assurance Co. 
Worcester, Mass. G. F, Hunt & Co., Agents. (See page 341 .) 




Gilson Lucy A. 4 Walnut 
Mclutire Ellen, Branch, corner School 
Moxley P. Mrs. 248 Gorham 
Poor Lydia H-, Blanchard’s place 
Rand Ruth E. 28 Appleton 
Scales Sally M. 66 Merrimack corp. 
Severance Elizabeth, 26 Austin 
Varnum Emma W. 3 High-st. square 
Wheeler Sarah, 355 Merrimack 
Wilson Caroline P. 40 Lawrence corp. 
Woodbury Elizabeth F. 53 Pawtucket 


ADAMS SMITH (neatsfoot), Walker, 
near Middlesex (see page 377) 
KENDALL JONATHAN (lubricating), 

1 Savings Bank building (see page 


Johnson Jonathan, Merrimack House 
• Oysters. 

DOW A. F. 310 Merrimack (see page 

KNIGHTS J. H. 201 Central (see page 



Adams G. W. 55 East Merrimack 
Barnes Horace B. 241 Merrimack 
Bradford & Stevens, 285 Middlesex 
Burrill & Wirt, 20 Middle 
Crooker Abel F. 139 Middlesex 
Donovan Matthew, 75 Market 
Emerson Nathan, 43 East Merrimack 
FIELDING JOS1AH B. 99 Central, 1, 
3, and 4 Jackson (see page 384) 
Havward Clark, 16 Middle 
Kelley Wtn. & John, 326 Merrimack 
Kittredge Abner, 22 Middle 
Kittredge Jeduthan, 24 Prescott 
Livingston Alfred J. 179 Middlesex 
Marble C. H. 330 Merrimack 
Morrill N. W. 197 Gorham 
Osgood George N. 252 Merrimack 
Parks George, 173 Central 
Phelps W. P. 24 Prescott 
Quimby Alonzo P. 63 Adams 
<^uimbv James B. 71 East Merrimack 
Webster Charles O., Second, n. Bridge, 

Wiley Edward J., Ninth, Centralville 

Freeman S. J. 292 Middlesex 
Lynch Alonzo K. 136 Middlesex 


Libby John F. 112 Merrimack 
Portrait , <fc. 

Hartshorn Newton T., Carleton block 
■Howes Samuel P. 112 Merrimack 
Lawson Thomas B. 8 Savings Bank 

Sign, 4c. 

Crooker Abel F.139 Middlesex 
Lynch Alonzo K. 136 Middlesex 
Pennington Wm. F. 99 Central 

Paints, Oils, and Glass. 
CORURN C. B. and CO. 1 & 2 Mechan- 
ics building, Dutton (manufactu- 
rers*’ supplies, seepage 384) 
FIELDING J. B. 99 Central, 1, 3, and 
4 Jackson (see page 384) 

Bank building (see pege 403) 
Kittredge A. L. 4 Appleton block 

Paper-Box Makers. 

PEASE GEORGE W.2 Appleton block 
(see page 379) 

Paper Hangings. 
FIELDING J. B. 99 Central, 1,3, and 4 
Jackson (see page 384) 

Kittredge Jeduthan, 24 Prescott 
rimack (see page 4) 

Paper Maker. 

Davis H. L. 2 Warren (dealer) 
RICHMOND C. B. 80 Lawrence (see 
page 379) 

Ripley George & Co. 10 Middle 

Paper Mill Bars and Plates. 
LOVEJOY DANIEL, Rock, corner 
Cushing (see page 393) 

Paper Warehouse. 

LADD F. W. 243 Merrimack (see page 

Passage and Exchange Office, 

Molloy George, 15 Market 

Passenger Agent. 
(see page 377) 

Patent and Enamelled Leather. 

Hubbard & Blake, Tanners, Ayer’s City 
Patents, Solicitor of 
CRANE JOHN E. 20 Middle, and 46 
Court, Boston (see front col’d page) 

Pattern Makers. 

CRANE JOHN E. 20 Middle, and 46 
Court, Boston (see front colored 

FLU?TJOSEPH K., Mechanics Mills, 
20 Fletcher (see page 393) 

HADLEY & MOULTON, CushiDg, cor- 
ner Rock (see page 396) 

HILLS EL1PH ALE 1', Mechanics Mills, 
Dutton (see page 391) 

MURKLAND W. & J. W. 82 Middle 
(see page 383) 

Weston Charles H , Arch 

BOSTON DIRECTORY, Published annually by Sampson, Daven- 
port, Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St. Boston. 




chanics Mills, Fletcher (wholesale, 
see page 390) 

Periodical Depots. 

Gordon Sarah A. 78 Central 
Libby Nelson F. 24 Liberty square 
MASON R. E. 79 Central (see page 

Morse James C. 133 Central and 6 

Newton Charles N. 143 Middlesex 
Stanton Albert D. 140 Central 
Winton John Mrs. 59 Market 


Brigham E. T. 103 Merrimack 
Eaton A. B. 15 Barristers’ Hall 
EMERSON M. W. 89 Merrimack (see 
back colored page) 

Gilchrest G. C. 92 Merrimack 
Gilchrest G. E. 88 Merrimack 
Harlow James H. 88 Merrimack 
Moore H. N. 245 Merrimack 
Newton E. 162 Middlesex 
Richardson Leonard, 27£ Kirk 
SANBORN N. C. 50 Merrimack (see 
Ontside front cover) 

Shattuck S. 19 Central 
Simpson Andrew J. 27 Central 
Towle Simon, 92 Merrimack 
Washburn John M. 100 Merrimack 


Members of the Middlesex North Dis- 
trict Medical Society , and who are also 
members of the Massachusetts Medical 
Society. Prepared by Dr. Jeremiah 
P. Jewett , President. 

Allen Nathan, 12 Hurd 
Bancroft Kirk H., Middlesex, corner 

Bass William, 129£ Central 
Burnham Walter, Central, corner Mid- 

Dickey Hanover, 15 Hurd 
Fox Lorenzo S. 2 Welles’s block 
Gage Daniel P., Lee, corner John 
Gilman John H. 7 Welles’s block 
Green John O., Savings Bank building 
Holt Daniel, 15 John 
Jewett Jeremiah P. 22 Kirk 
Kidder Moses W. 16 Hurd 
Kimball Gilman, Merrimack, corner 

Langlois J. E. 14 John 
Leighton W. H., Merrimack, corner 

Livingston Alfred, Middlesex, comer 

Lovejoy Daniel H., Central, corner 

Nickerson Frank, 6 Savings Bank 

Osgood George C. 14 Barristers Hall 
Parker Hiram, 17 John 

Parker Moses G. 4 First, Centralville 
Pearson John W., Merrimack, corner 

Pillsbnry Harlin, 24 Kirk 
Pinkham George E. Central, corner 

Plunkett F. C. 5 Welles’s block 
Savory Charles A. 4 Savings Bank 

Smith Joseph H. 2 Museum building 
Spalding Joel, 6 Savings Bank building 
Wells David. 1 Welles’s block 
Whitmore George H. 2 Savings Bank 


Day Thomas J. 34 Willow 
Dows Amos W. 185 Central 
Dowse John, 69 Lowell Machine Shop 

Melvin Joshua, 65 Fletcher 
Thompson M. E. 268 Merrimack 

Bannister Frank O. 4 Simpson’s block 
Willey John F. 3 Canal block 


Holt Daniel, 15 John 
Packer & Thompson, 16 Central 

Birmingham S. T., Tanner, near Ayer’s 

Coly Peter, 118 Middlesex 

Masta Joseph A. 3 Wentworth building 

Moody J. D. 184 Central 

Other Physicians. 

Allyn Rachel H. 34 Church 
Avery F. S. Mrs., Bridge, corner Tenth, 

Buswell Albert, 9 Central 
Chandler H. 55 Merrimack 
Chandler L. 62 Central, and 136 Essex 
street, Lawrence 
Chase George F. 118 Middlesex 
Farrar Cyrus S. 227 Middlesex 
Fellows R. 20 Hurd 
Ga'es Jeremiah, 6£ Hurd 
Hall Mary A. 27 Kirk 
Harmon J. M., Welles’s block 
Hobart Anna L. Mrs. (clairvoyant) 4 

Hooke H. M., Welles’s block 
Jackson William, 13 Andover 
Jenness L. W. 55 Merrimack 
Parker Daniel, 7 Barristers’ Hall 
Simpson B. F. 5 Merrimack 
Smith P. 154 Suffolk 
Winn I). K. 29 Kirk 
Wright Mary P. Mrs. 1 Willow place 
Pianoforte Hardware. 
Mills, Fletcher (see page 393) 


Foote Warren S. & Co. 275 Merrimack 
Hedrick George, 36 Central 

GEO. F . HUNT & CO., Fire &. Life Ins. Ag’y, representing $45,- 
000,000 Capital and Surplus. 538 Central St., Lowell. (See page 344. 



RUGG & GRIFFITH, 77 Merrimack 
(see page 399) 

Simpson A. J. & Co. 41 Central 

Waite A. L. & Co., Dutton, opposite 
Mechanics Mills 


Pictures and Frames. 

Gordon & Currier, 23 Prescott 
RUGG & GRIFFITH, 77 Merrimack 
(see page 399) 

Planing Knives. 

LOVEJOY DANIEL, Rock, corner 
Cushing (see page 393) 


(see page 373) 

WOODWARD HENRY M. } River road, 
corner Mammoth road (see page 392) 


Richards, Morton, & Colburn, 15 Ash 


COSTELLO T. & CO. 118 Central (see 
page 382) 

WILDER H. H. & CO. 8 Jackson (see 
inside back cover) 

Pop Corn Dealer. 

Eaton S. C. 107 Howard 

Pork Dealer. 

WILKINS HENRY K. 37 Prescott (see 
page 374) 

Powder Dealers. 
NICHOLS & FLETCHER, 144 and 146 
Central (see page 374) 
tral (see page 392) 


Chase & Hildreth, 9 Savings Bank 

Hildreth & Hunt, Museum building 
KNAPP & MOREY, 44 Central (see 
page 368) 

PENHALLOW B. H., Wyman’s Ex- 
change (see page 369) 

over Post office (see outside front 

STONE & HUSE, 21 Central (see page 

Produce, &c. 

BRYANT DANIEL, 110 Middlesex 
(see page 375) 

Buttrick & Co. 20 Market 
Hancock Levi, 76 Dutton 
Jepsou J. C. 195 Central 
Litchfield, Edwards, & Co. 127 Market 
Nichols G. N. & E. 109 Market 
NICHOLS & FLETCHER, 144 and 146 
Central (see page 374) 

STILES, ROGERS, & CO. 23 Market 
(see page 374) 

Stiles C. F. 90 Middlesex 

Bailey Gardner, 66 East Merrimack 
Bowman, Hurd, & Co. 3 Gorham 
Blood & Mitchell, Liberty square, Ad- 
ams, corner Suffolk 
Brierton Edward, 99 Lowell 
BRYANT DANIEL, 110 Middlesex 
(see page 375) 

Burtt J. Albert, 31 Middlesex 
CARLL A. W. 320 Merimack (see page 

Chase Ira M. 253 Merrimack 
Corbett Michael, 65 Gorham 
CORNER JOHN, 306 Merrimack (see 
page 376) [ville 

Courtney William, 47 River, Central- 
Cusack John, 344 Central 
Daly Zebedee S. 38 Fletcher 
Dozois J. B. 3 Salem 
EACOTT MATHEW, Bridge, near Sec- 
ond, Centralville (see page 379) 
Eaton W. 366 Merrimack 
Farrell Henry, 6 Lowell 
Flynn John, Duminer, near Lowell 
Giblin Martin, 61 Market 
Gilman A. H. 190 Middlesex 
Gove & Kidder, 196 Merrimack 
Grady P. 139 Lowell 
Gray D. S. 205 Central 
Green Andrew, 75 Charles 
Grimes Andrew, 122 Lowell 
Haviland & Brother, Lowell, c. Suffolk 
Heath and Steele, 193 Central 
Hunt E. S. 96 Market 
Kelley Simon, 67 Gorham 
Knox Sylvester, 288 Middlesex 
Lappen Thomas, 62 Gorham 
Lovejoy Edwin, 113 East M errimack 
Lynch Patrick, 97 Gorham 
Lynch Philip, 68 Middlesex 
McAnulty Lawrence, 12 Summer 
McCarron James, 167 Gorham 
McDermott J. & M. 66 Charles 
McKarney Patrick, 73 Gorham 
Mellen Patrick, Andover, cor. Water 
Miles James, 71 Market 
Mooney Peter, 38 Market 
Owen William N. 50 East Merrimack 
Philbrick M. E. 348 Merrimack 
Puffer Stephen, 90 Middlesex 
Rice H. M. & J. 4 East Merrimack 
Rice & Bailey, 131 Central 
Roark M. 39 Lowell 
Ryan B. Mrs. 53 Dutton 
Sargent J. L. 4 Merrimack 
Sawtell A. A. Liberty square 
Sawtell S. L. 68 Dutton 
True & Cheney, 273 Merrimack 
Washburn & Pearl, 31 Market 
Welch John W., Lowell, cor. Hanover 
Welch & Sullivan, 117 Lawrence 
Wilder Elias F. 98 Middlesex 
Wing True, 3 John 
Wright A. F. & M. 195 Middlesex 

Manchester (K.H.) directory, Published toy Sampson, Daven- 
port, Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), AT Congress St., Boston. 



Provisions (Salt and Smoked). 
BRYANT DANIEL, 110 Middlesex 
(see page 375) 

WILKINS HENRY K. 37 Prescott (see 
page 374) 

Pump Makers. 

Colby Amos, Howe 

WIGHT DANIEL W. 135 Middlesex 
(see inside back cover) 

Heal Estate Agents. 

Goward Francis & Z. 71 Summer 
Hubbard Josiah, 3 Canal block 
Manahan J. F., Branch, west of School 
Morgan Ebenezer, 314 Merrimack 
Shepard L. H. 43 J Central 
Wlieelock A. C. 224 Central 
Williams Henry L. 56 Central 

Reed and Harness Manufs. 
BROWN DARIUS C., Warren, corner 
Chnrch I see page 361) 

HARRIS GEORGE W., Lawrence corp. 
(see page 362) 

Stevens S., Fletcher, cor. Western ave. 

Refreshments, Oysters, &c. 
Arlin J. F. 82 Merrimack 
Bray Brothers, 330£ Merrimack 
Callahan James, 5 River, Centralville 
Dow Joshua, jr. 187 Middlesex 
Emerald J. R. 143 Central 
Emery Henry, Merrimack House 
Hale Mary j., Northern depot 
Hall Luther B. 16 and 18 Merrimack, 
and 47 East Merrimack’ 

Ingalls 0. W. 130 Merrimack 
Johnson Andrew E. 188 Middlesex 
McDonough John H. 731 Charles 
Meserve Eben, Merrimack-street depot 
(see page 394) 

Page Abram, 112 Central 
Richardson George, 21 Merrimack 
Richardson S. 42 Central, and 4 Pres- 

Smith William H. 133 Middlesex 
Roll Coverer. 

KIMBALL MOSES F. 92 Market (see 
page 385) 


BENNETT J. W., Middlesex, corner 
Grand (see outside front cover) 
COSTELLO T. & Co. 118 Central (see 
page 382) 

Goulding R. 54 Dutton 
Kittredge J. 24 Prescott 
WIGHT DANIEL W. 135 Middlesex 
(metal, see inside back cover) 


Otis John, 220 Middlesex 
Thompson Wm. K. 12 Merrimack 

Sausage Maker. 

WILKINS HENRY K. 37 Prescott (see 
page 374) 

Sawing and Planing. 

Brooks A. L., Mechanics’ Mills 
Mackie H. W. head of Lawrence 
Norcross & Saunders, agents, Middle- 
sex, office 27 State, Boston 
Pratt M. C. & Co., Wamesit Mills 
WHITNEY H. & A., Western avenue, 
(see page 387) 

Scale Makers and Dealers. 

gent, & Shattuck, agents), 5 Cen- 
tral (see front colored and page 371) 
HOWE’S Improved Standard, Fielding 
& Bartlett, 136 Central (see inside 
front cover) 

Knowles J. A. jr. Mechanics Mills 

ST. ANNE’S, Savings Bank building 
(sec page 342) 

ST. PATRICK’S, Adams (see p. 366) 
Screen Manufacturers. 
Kimball D. S. & Co. Wamesit Steam 

Screw Manufacturers. 
American Bolt Co. 210 Lawrence 
Cady George L. 237 Middlesex 
Seed Store. 

tral (see inside front cover) 

Sewing Machines. 

Carter N. C. 86 Merrimack 
Davis Asahel, Mechanics Mills, Fletch- 

Locke J. J. 37 Central 
RUGG & GRIFFITH, 77 Merrimack 
(see page 399) 

STORER N. W. 34 Merrimack (see 
outside back cover) 

Shear Blades. 

LOVE JOY DANIEL, Cushing, corner 
Rock (see page 393) 

Sheriffs (Deputy). 

Bancroft J. 9 Barristers’ Hall 
Clemence W. H. 10 Barristers’ Hall 
Hopkins James, 56 Central 

Shirt, Drawers, and Stocking 

Kimball D. S., Wamesit Mills 
Shoddy Manufacturers. 
Gerrish Thomas G., Lawrence, near 
Whipple’s Mills 

Shoulder Brace Manufacturers. 
Bemis M. L. 6 Wentworth’s building 
Cutter & Walker, 48 Central 
Upton & Parkhurst, 5 John 

Coburn, Wing, & Co., First, opp. Read, 

JAQUES J. S. & CO., Wamesit Power 

Co. (see page 385) 

Agency of Royal Ins. Co., Liv,, Eng., witli Geo. P. Hunt & Co., 
over Prescott Nat’l Bank, 28 Cent’l St., Lowell. (See pp. 344 and 406.) 




Hovey Cyrus, 86 Merrimack 

Silver-ware Manufacturers. 
SANBORN AMOS & CO. 25 Central 
(see adv. opposite title-page) 


Goulding Robert, 54 Dutton 
Waugh John, Mechanic, near Dutton 

Soap and Candles. 

HORN S. & CO., Middlesex, c. School 
(see page 374) 

McAloon A. (soap), Pleasant, Cent. 
Meldrum Robert (for Print Works), 

PUTNAM & CURRIER, Lenton court, 
near Charles (see page 378) 

Walker George P. 382 Middlesex 
Wilson Thomas, 19 Warren 

Soda Manufacturers. 
Bartlett, Moody, & Co. 52 Middlesex 

Spectacle Manufacturers, 
VINTON & EDMONDS, Mechanics 
Mills (see page 404) 


Butters G. S. 19 Church, n. Central 
Conant J. E. 170 Central 
Flint Oliver W. 112 Moody 
Hadley John, Worthen, n. Merrimack 
Leavitt Daniel G. 32 Prescott, and Mid- 
dlesex, near Northern depot 
Merrill Edwin, Paige, near Bridge 
MORSE H. 0., Monument square, Mer- 
rimack (see page 391) 

Norris G. W., Warren, near Central 
Perry J. B., Arch 

SCOTT ALFRED, 202 Middlesex (see 
page 381) 

Stair Builder. 

Pratt Thomas, 61 Cushing 

Stamp, Stencil, and Steel Letter 

Glover William B. 8 Merrill’s court 
GROVER A. 132 Middlesex (see page 

Haskell Job H. 13 Middle 
Parsons & Gibby, 3 Fletcher 
Preston John, 111 Thorndike 
Whitmore William, 28 Merrimack 

Steam Press Plates. 
Mechanics Mills (see page 386) 

Stone Cutters and Dealers. 
Coburn & Park (quarries), Dracut 
Runels, Clough, & Co., Middlesex, 
corner Thorndike 

TRASK, agent, School , comer N ash ua 
R. R. (see page 382) 

Stoves, Grates, Tin Ware, &c. 
COSTELLO T. & CO. 118 Central (see 
page 382) 

Duston Harlow, 12 Merrimack 
Foote J. L. & Co. 279 Merrimack 
MACK S. G. 123 and 125 Market (see 
page 402) 

Mead Matthias. 37 East Merrimack 
Mehan J. & Brother, 24 Prescott 
NICHOLS JACOB, Dutton, e. Lowell 
(see page 390) 

NASH J. W. & CO. 105 Central (see 
adv. opposite title page) 

(see page 388) 

Page J. Y. & Co. 265 and 267 Merri- 

Puffer & Bradley, 13 Market 
Wier N. J. & Co. 198 Merrimack 
WIGHT DANIEL W. 135 Middlesex 
(see inside back cover) 

Stucco Workers. 
(see page 373) 


Boardman H. W. & Co., First, opposite 
Read, Centralville 
Cutter & Walker, 48 Central 

STAR LABEL CO., F. G. Sargent, agt- 
Graniteville, near Lowell (see pages 
400 and 401) 


Barnes Emily R. 40 Central 

Tailors and Drapers. 

( See also Clothing.) 

Barnes Henry H. 5 Canal block 
Bender Frederick, Hale, n. Chelmsford 
Bennett William S. 11 Central 
BURBANK & WINNEK, 53 Central 
(see page 420) 

Central (see page 371) 

Costello Michael, 164 Central 
Delaney Thomas, 74 Market 
Doyle Moses, 58 South 
Gilman Alfred, 156 Merrimack 
Holland Michael, 3 Prescott block 
Lancaster & Totman, 104 and 106 Cen- 

Leslie E. C. 4 Merrimack House 
Mead Patrick, 175 Middlesex 
McEvoy Hugh, 2 Canal block 
Murphy John, 47 Market 
Napolski Francis, 69 Charles 
Napolski F. X. 62 Central 
O’Neal Hugh, 1 Hurd 
Quinn John, 1 Appleton block 
SMITH GEORGE, 222 Merrimack (see 
back colored page) 


ADAMS SMITH, Walker, near Middle- 
sex (see page 377) 

Newburyport Directory, Published by Sampson, Davenport, 
«fc Co. (formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.), 47 Congress St., Boston. 




Cook E. G., Tanner, corner Lincoln, 
Ayer’s City 

Tea and Coffee Stores. 
HIGGINS EDSON S. 105 Middlesex 
{seepage 381) 

Hutchins Asa B. 12 John 
Ryerson C. E. 3 Merrimack House 



Du Quet Edward, 21 Kirk 

Foote Warren S. 275 Merrimack 
Hamilton Mary H. 54 Lawrence corp. 
Hill Asa V. 25 Willow 
Hutchinson Reuben, 432 Merrimack 
Lennon Joseph G. 30 Lowell 
Morrison John F. 30 Appleton corp. 
Stevens S. W. 47 Howard 
Wheeler H. Mrs. 70 High 
Willey George F. 32 Appleton 
( Private School.) 

Folsom Mary F. 73 Merrimack 
( Writing.) 

Harrison Bertram, 61 High 
Rawson R. T. 128 Merrimack 

Telegraph Offices. 

Brickett H. W. agent, Merrimack-st. 

Staples A. A. agent, 5 Middle 
Ticket Agent. 

Brickett H. W., Merrimack-st. depot 
Tin Can Manufacturers. 
WILDER H. H. & CO. 8 Jackson 
(Sargent’s Oil Cans, see inside back 


{See also Stoves and Tinware.) 
NASH J. W. & CO. 105 Central (see 
advertisement opposite title-page 
Smith & White, 29 Middlesex 
Whitten W. T. 28 and 30 Andover 
WIGHT DANIEL W. 135 Middlesex 
(see inside back cover) 

WILDER H. II. & CO. 8 Jackson (see 
inside back cover) 


CURRIER JAMES W. 54 Central (see 
page 380) 

Tool Dealers. 

tral (see inside front cover) 

Tripe and Pigs’ Feet. 
ADAMS SMITH, Walker, near Middle- 
sex (see page 377) 

Trunks, &c. 

Allen J. G. 46 Central 
Burgess E. 38 Central 

mack (see page 3) 

Marriot John, jr. 58 and 60 Central 
Molloy George, 15 Market 

Umbrellas and Parasols. 
RUGG & GRIFFITH, 77 Merrimack 
(see page 399) 


Offntt George & Son, 135 Central 
RAY WILLIAM H. & CO. 11 Middle 
(see page 381) 

Variety Stores. 

Bamford C. T. 296 Merrimack 
Baxter Darwin W. Mrs. 151 Middlesex 
Berry Harriet Mrs. 70 Middlesex 
Besse J. V. 14 Tilden 
Blake E. O. 22 John 
Boyle Catharine, 51 Dutton 
Brewster John L. 13 Tilden 
Brown Alice, 97 Central 
Cavanaugh Thomas, 173 Gorham 
Chase A. W. 92 Middlesex 
Clark Betsey, 9 Tilden 
Clark John H. 187 Central 
Collins Josiah T. 170 Suffolk 
Cook William G. Mrs. 325 Merrimack „ 
Courtesraanches Peter, 72 Middlesex 
Crombie William, 65 Market 
Cummiskey James W. 286 Merrimack 
Devlin James, 24 Gorham 
Dowling John, 185 Gorham 
Drury Thomas, 77 Charles 
Eastman Dauiel, 11 Merrimack 
Eaton Daniel A. 3 Merrimack 
Elliott Edmund, 1 Tilden 
Faunce A. B. 362 Merrimack 
Fisher M. Mrs. 219 Middlesex 
Follansby Ellen Mrs. 238 Merrimack 
Ford L. ft. 344 Merrimack 
Glazier & Taylor, 9 Merrimack 
Glidden N. A* 78 Middlesex 
Grush Clara A. 157 Middlesex 
Hall John, 22 South 
Herrick E. S. 158 Suffolk 
Higgins William, 21 .Market 
Hildreth H. J., Bridge, corner Second, 

Hill E. W. Mrs. 49 East Merrimack 
Hincheliffe Richard, 147 Middlesex 
Hobbs Ruth A. 71 Merrimack 
Huntley John, 93 Moody 
Kalerv Michael, Gorham, cor. Summer 
mack (see page 3) 

Lamere A. 15 Merrimack 
Lamere John, Parker’s block, Bridge, 

Laycock Samuel, 100 Market 
Livingston James H. 105 E. Merrimack 
Lynch Abbie S. Mrs. 184 Merrimack 
Marble C. H. 330 Merrimack 
Martin & Bryant, 6 Tilden 
Martin George L. 17 Merrimack 
Mayberry Eliza, 76 Middlesex 

Security Fire Ius. Co. of N.Y. City. Capital, $1,000,000. Assets, 
$1,477,677.12, Losses promptly paid. Geo. F. Hunt & Co., Agts. 



McBride Bernard F. 80 Middlesex 
McCanney John, 42 Gorham 
McGuire Cornelius, 25 Summer 
McLaughlin James, 58 Gorham 
Melvin Susan J., Parker’s block 
Norris John, jr. 189 Central 
Ogelvie N. J. 85 Merrimack 
O’Grady John, 101 Gorham 
Page Martha, 206 Merrimack 
Rand M. A. 76 Central 
Reiley B. 77 Church 
Ryan John, 79 Charles 
Sails H. M. 95 Central 
Senior George Mrs. 220 Merrimack 
Shandley John Mrs. 80 Middlesex 
Shaw R. S. Mrs. 125 Middlesex 
Slav in Mary Mrs. 75 Gorham 
Smith Kate, 91 and 93 Central 
Sparks John, 342 Merrimack 
Stanton Charles P. 75 Adams 
Stevens Adolphus, 5 East Merrimack 
Sugden John, 177 Central 
Symonds Edward, 2 Tilden 
Tierney Michael, 12 Winter 
Tolman J. C. 334 Merrimack 
Waite James Mrs. 113 Middlesex 
Whelan Annie Mrs. 109 Thorndike 
Whitty John, 84 Market 
Wiley R. F. 84 Appleton 
'Willoughby M. E. 11 Tilden 
Wilson John, 212 Merrimack 
Wing J. T. Miss, 10 John 


MACK S. G. (Robinson’s patent), 123 
and 125 Market (see page 402) 

Veterinary Surgeon. 

WOOD ROBERT, High-street square, 
corner Bartlett (see page 373) 

Wadding and Batting Manufs. 
Fiske Wm. 3 Cushing 
Palmer James M. 120 Merrimack 
Ripiey Geo. & Co. 10 Middle 

Watch Makers. 

{See also Jewellers.) 

Carter E. B. 72 Central 
HALLETT M. G. 153 Central (see page 

Lyman Roland, 128 Central 
Johnson Jona. 1 Merrimack House 
SANBORN AMOS & CO. 25 Central 
(see adv. opp. title-page) 

Wilkins Henry, 73 Central 

Water Power. 

LOCKS & CANALS, Proprietors of, 
office Mechanic (see page 351) 
near Lowell Cemetery (see page 349) 

Water Wheels. 

SILVER & GAY, North Chelmsford, 
near Lowell (see page 396) 


Garland N. & Co. rear 285 Merrimack 
GREEN AMOS, rear 292 Middlesex 
(see page 389) 

Window Caps. 

MACK S. G. 123 and 125 Market (see 
page 402) 

Wire Goods Manufacturers. 
Cady Geo. L. 237 Middlesex 
BROWN DARHJS C., Church, cor. 

Warren (heddles, see page 361) 
HALE B. S. & SON (for galvanic bat- 
teries, &c.), Whipple’s Mills (see page 

Wire Worker. 

Hildreth H. A. 10 Central 
Woods, Sherwood, & Co., Bridge, opp. 
Seventh, Centralville 


Bailey Alvah W., Bridge, opp. Seventh* 

BENNETT & RODL1FF, Moody, cor. 

Tremont (see page 388) 

BROWN H. 55 Appleton (kindling, 
see page 399) 

Buckley Michael, Gorham, cor. Union 
Carlton Caleb, First, near Read, Cen- 

Clement D. W., Dutton, near Wamesit 
Steam Mills 

289 Merrimack (see page 395) 

Hill E. A. 341 Middlesex 
LIVINGSTON W. E. 9 Thorndike (see 
page 389) 

Richardson & Smith, Salem, corner 

Riley Bernard, 25 Davidson 
TAPLEY & LEONARD, Jackson, near 
Round House (see page 370) 

Wood Mouldings. 

Pratt M. C. & Co., Wamesit Steam Mills 
Wood Turning. 

Aldrich M., Mechanics Mills, Dutton 
Crosby Geo. Mrs., Mechanics Mills 
Fuller Ensign C., Mechanics Mills, Dut- 

HADLEY & MOULTON, Cushing, cor. 

Rock (see page 396) 

HILLS ELIPHALET, Mechanics Mills 
(see page 391) 

Wood Working Machinery. 
CAREY & HARRIS, Broadway, cor. 

Mt. Vernon (see page 362) 
ROBINSON WM. <te CO., Mechanics 
Mills (see page 397) 

Wooden Ware. 

NASH J. W. & CO. 105 Central (see 
adv. opp. title-page) 

Smith & White, 29 Middlesex 
Taylor Samuel A. 283 Merrimack 

United States Directory, 186 7, Price $20, for sale by Sampson, 
Davenport, & Co., 47 Congress Street, Boston. 



Wool Barring and Washing 

SARGENT CHARLES G., Graniteville, 
near Lowell (see back colored page) 

Wool Sorters and Washers. 
Carter, Rowland, & Co., Whipple’s Mills 

Woolen Goods Manufacturers. 
Belvidere Manufacturing Co. (flannels), 
Howe, corner Lawrence 
Chase A. H. (fancy cassiraeres), Law- 
rence, near Whipple’s Mills 
Faulkner L. W. & Son (flannels), Grove, 
near Lawrence 


Jackson (see page 352) 

Holt John (flannel), Howe 
CO. north end Suffolk (see page 355) 
Thorndike (blankets and flannels) 
(see page 371) 

Market (see page 353) 

page 354) 

Naylor Geo. (carpets), Wamesit Power 


Stott Chas. A. (flannels), Lawrence 
Suffolk Manufacturing Co., Suffolk 
TALBOT CHAS. P. & CO., City Mar- 
ket House (see page 378) 

Taylor S. A. 283 Merrimack 
Tremont Mills, Suffolk 
U. S. Bunting Co. (D. W. C. Farring- 
ton, agent), Whipple’s Mills 
Walker'Wm. & Co. 80 Lawrence 

Worsted Machinery. 

SARGENT CHARLES G. (combing), 
Graniteville, near Lowell (see back 
colored page) 

SILVER & GAY, North Chelmsford, 
near Lowell (see page 396) 

Worsted Yarns Manuf. 

Briggs Richard & Co. (yarns and last- 
ings), Jit. Vernon, near Broadway 
I Dugdale James, Whipple’s Mills 
Walsh John, Whipple’s Mills 
Wamesit Worsted Co., D. W. C. Far- 
rington, agent, Whipple’s Mills 


United States Business Directory, 

18 6 7 , 



^7 Congress Street, Boston. 


Germania Fire Ins. Co. of JV.Y. Assets over $875,000. Atirst-class 
Co. Policies -written at tlie office of G. P. Hunt &, Co. (See p. 341.) 





Artists’ Materials. 

Whipple M. J. & Co., Boston .404 


Brady P. H., Boston 406 

Clapp Otis, Boston 416 

Burr Millstones. 

Holmes & Blanchard, Boston .415 


Dodge, Collier, & Perkins, Boston 404 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

Carruth Daniel J. & Co., Boston 408 


Sampson, Davenport, & Co., Boston..., 6 


Chilson Gardner, Boston front colored 

Glass Cutter and Stainer. 

Cook J. M., Boston. 416 

House Furnishing Goods. 
Stearns Nathaniel C., Boston 416 


Photograph Goods. 

Dodge, Collier, & Perkins, Boston 404 

Picture Frames. 

Dodge, Collier, & Perkins, Boston 404 


Clapp David & Son, Boston 408 

Mudge Alfred & Son, Boston 413 


Clapp David & Son, Boston 408 

Sampson, Davenport, & Co., Boston 6 


Fairbanks, Brown, & Co., Boston, .front col'd 

Sewing Machines. 

iEtna Sewing Machine, Boston 413 

Steam Engines. 

Campbell, Whittier, & Co., Boston 412 


Metcalf M. J. & Son, Boston .413 


John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. Co 409 

Royal Insurance Company 406 

•Tewellers and Silversmiths. 
Crosby & Morse, Boston 410 


Dennison & Co., Boston front cover 

Star Label Co., F. G. Sargent, agt. Gran- 
iteville back of book and 400, 401 


Stearns A. T., Boston 416 

Stereotypers and Electrotypers. 

Peters C. J. & Son, Boston 406 

Stoves, Furnaces, &c. 

Chilson Gardner, Boston front eol’d 

Surgical and Dental Instruments. 

Codman & Shurtleff, Boston 414 

Tag Manufacturers. 

Dennison & Co., Boston front cover 

Star Label Co., F. G. Sargent, agt. Gran- 
iteville back of book and 400, 401 


Campbell, Whittier, & Co., Boston 412 

Sargent Charles G., Graniteville. .back col’d 

Silver & Gay, North Chelmsford 396 

Wilson James W. & Co. Boston 407 

Paper Hangings. 

Gregory & Robinson. Boston 410 

Paper Warehouse. 

Rice, Kenda . , , 41] 

Patents (Solicitors of). 

Crosby, Haiaieu,ot uuuiu, Boston 408 

Varnish Manufacturers. 

Porter J. & Co., Boston 411 

Watch and Clock Makers. 

Currier, Trott, & Co., Boston 413 

Watch Case Manufacturer. 
Thiery C. L., Boston 411 

Wines and Liquors. 

Carruth Daniel J. & Co., Boston 408 

Writing Ink. 

Maynard & Noyes, Boston 420 

City Charter approved, April 1, 1836. 

Annual Election, 


City Government 



18 6 8 . 




At large — Charles B. Coburn, Francis Jewett. 

Ward 1. — John M. Peyey. 
Ward 2. — Silas Tyler, Jr. 
Ward 3. — Edward C. Rice. 

Ward 4. — Wm. E. Livingston. 
Ward 5. — Frederick Frye. 
Ward 6. — Albion J. Dudley. 


Alfred H. Chase, President. 

Ward 1 — John Shepard, Frederick T. Greenhalge, John F. Merrill, 
Calvin Sawtell. 

Ward 2. — Francis D. Munn, Ruel J. Walker, Joseph A. Patten, 
Henry S. Orange. 

Ward 3. — Samuel D. Prescott, Albert A. Haggett, William Walker, 
George W. Badger. 

Ward 4. — John B. Hunt, Charles T. Crane, John Q. A. Hubbard, 
William H. Anderson. 

Ward 5. — Edwin Lamson, William Kelley, George S. Cheney, 
Ethan N. Spencer. 

Ward 6. — Alfred H. Chase, John N. Peirce, Jr., James La vton, 
Francis Brown. 

City Clerk. — John H. Me Alvin. Chosen in Convention of tin City 
Council, on the first Monday in January. 

Clerk of Common Council. — George Gardner. Chosen on the first 
Monday in January. 



Messenger. — Calvin Pliilbrick. Appointed on the first Monday of Jan- 
uary, by Mayor and Aldermen. 

City Treasurer and Collector. — Thomas G. Gerrish. 

Auditor of Accounts. — George Gardner. 

Superintendent of Streets. — Luther Richards. 

Civil Engineer. — Richard W. Baker. 

Librarian of City Library. — Marshall H. Clough. 

City Solicitor. — George Stevens. Office, Barristers’ Hall. 

City Physician and Superintendent of Burials. — George E. Pinkham. 
Office, Central, corner Jackson. 

Superintendent of Public Buildings. — Lorenzo G. Howe. 

Assessors of Taxes. — Caleb M. Marvel, Chairman. Joseph B. V. 
Coburn, Wm. Lamson, jr. John R. Southwick, Francis Goward. 

Surveyors of Highways. — George F. Richardson, Mayor. Alderman , 
Charles B. Coburn ; and Councilman , Henry S. Orange. 

Overseers of the Poor. — George F. Richardson Mayor. Charles B. 
Coburn and Albion J. Dudley, Aldermen. John Shepard, Ruel J. 
Walker, Albert A. Haggett, John Q. A. Hubbard, George S. Che- 
ney, James Lawton, Common Councilmen. The regular meetings 
of the Board are held at the Almshouse, on the last day of each 

Superintendent of the Almshouse.— Lorenzo Phelps. 

City Marshal. — Bickford Lang. Office, west end of Market House 

Deputy Marshal. — Charles P. Bowles. 

Day Police. — Jesse Huse, Beniamin G. Mooney, Henry Marshall, Asa 
D. Clark. 

Police Officers and Watchmen. — Levi Brown, Captain of the Night 
Police. Squire L. Bailey, Moses D. Barker, Benjamin F. Barnard, 
Allen P. Bickford, Theophilus C. Blaisdell, Andrew Blood, William 
Bodge, Otis Bullard, Abel C. Chase, William L. Clark, John Cole- 
man, Alfred Day, John Dougherty, Asa F. Esty, Wm. P. Farring- 
ton, Jacob G. Favor, Orra A. Fletcher, Augustus B. Foss, David H. 
Goodhue, Joseph Hovey, Wm. M. Lee, Almon Libby, Isaac L. Lib- 
by, William M. Locke, Eliphalet Miller, Charles Miner, George W. 
Sanborn, Thomas J. Sanborn, James W. Sheffield, Daniel H. Sin- 
clair, David S. Spauldiug, Joseph Upton, James E. Webster. 

Constables. — Bickford Lang, Calvin Pliilbrick, Thomas W. Pressey, 
Daniel G. Greenleaf, Josiah Hubbard, Owen McNamara, Bradford 

Health Commissioner. — Bickford Lang. 

Truant Officers. — Bickford Lang, Jesse Huse, B: G. Mooney. 

Tythingmen. — The Marshal and Police Force. 

Janitor of Huntington and Jackson Halls. — Warren Fletcher. 

Surveyors of Lumber. — Lorenzo G. Howe, James N. Morse, Joshua 
M. Hadley, Stephen C. Davis, Luther Smith, George W. Kelley, 
Samuel Newhall, Patrick Maguire. 

Fence Viewers. — Lorenzo Phelps, J. M. Hadley, Isaac Page. 

Field Drivers. — Bickford Lang, James Carley, George Webster, Chas. 
P. Bowles, Roswell S. Burnham, Henry Marshall, Frederick Faulk- 
ner, Joseph Field, Theophilus C. Blaisdell. 

Pound Keeper. — Thomas Simpson. 

Sealer of Weights and Measures. — John A. Knowles, jr. Office, 
Mechanics’ Mills. 

City ' Crier. — Walter S. Simons. Office, 21 Central street. 

Weigher of Hay and other articles. — Hiram Whitney. Office, Thorn- 
dike, corner Western Avenue. 



Measurers of Upper Leather. — Willard A. Brown, John Q. A. Hubbard, 
Nathaniel W. Frye, George W. Eaton. 

Measurers of Grain. — Samuel N. Wood, James Berry, Edwin Lamson . 

Surveyors of Plastering , Brick or Stone Work, and Painting. — Rich- 
ard W. Baker, Joshua M. Hadley, Luther Smith, Cyrus Latham, 
Samuel Newliall. 

Inspector of Milk. — George E. Stanley. Office, at Conant & Co.’s 
Express Office. 

Inspector of Bale or Bundle Hay. — Sidney Davis, at City Scales. 

Weigher of Coal. — Sidney Davis, at City Scales. 

Agent for the Sale of Pure Liquors. — Charles R. Kimball, corner Cen- 
tral and Merrimack Streets. 

Undertakers. — Calvin T. Chamberlin, Terrence Hanover, Daniel 
H. Gordon. 

Inspectors of Petroleum Oils. — David Chase, George W. Waymoth. 

Fish-warden. — Wm. McFarlin. 

Superintendent of City Scales , and Measurer of Wood and Bark . — 
Sydney Davis. 

Measurers of Wood and Bark , brought by water or railroad into the City. 
— Luther Smith, Samuel Newliall. 


Directors. — The Mayor and President of the Common Council, ex 
ojficiis, and the following persons, chosen by concurrent vote : — 

Ward 1. — William Ilardman. 
Ward 2. — Julian V. Keyes. 

Ward 3. — Henry P. Perkins. 
Librarian. — Marshall H. Clough. 

Ward 4. — Charles Kimball. 
Ward 5. — William F. Salmon. 
Ward 6. — John Stott. 

Chosen by concurrent vote, in 


On Accounts . — Aldermen Tyler and Livingston. Councihnen Che- 
ney, Orange, and Ilaggett. 

On Claims. — Aldermen Livingston and Pevey. Councilmen, Peirce, 
Anderson, and Greenhalge. 

On Commons. — Aldermen Pevey and Livingston. Councilmen R. J. 
Walker, Spencer, and Lamson. 

On Finance. — The Mayor , Councilmen Chase, Orange, and Peirce. 

On Fire Department. — Aldermen Dudley and Tyler. Councilmen 
Hunt, Patten, and Badger. 

On Lands and Buildings. — Aldermen Jewett and Frye. Councilmen 
Prescott, Kelly, and Brown 

On Military Affairs. — The Mayor , Aldermen Dudley and Pevey. 
Councilmen , Merrill, R. J. Walker, Prescott, Crane, Lamson, and 

On Printing. — The Mayor , and Alderman Dudley. Councilmen , Shep- 
ard, Munn, and Lawton. 

On Public Instruction. — Aldermen Frye and Coburn. Councilmen 
Greenhalge, Peirce, and Kelly. 

On Servers and Drains. — Aldermen Rice and Frye. Councilmen Hub- 
bard, Saw ted, and W. Walker. 

On Streets. — Aldermen Coburn and Rice. Councilmen Orange, W. 
Walker, and Cheney. 

Board of Health. — The Mayor , Aldermen Coburn and Jewett. Coun- 
cilmen Sawlell, Munn, and Merrill. 




On Bills in Second Reading. — Aldermen Livingston and Tyler. 

On Enrollment. — Aldermen Jewett and Pevey. 

On Licenses. — The Mayor , Aldermen Tyler and Jewett. 

On Lighting. — The Mayor , Aldermen Coburn and Frye. 

On Police and Police Stations. — The Mayor , Aldermen Dudley and 

On Repairs of Streets. — Aldermen Coburn and Rice. 

On Setting Trees. — Aldermen Pevey and Livingston. 

On Weights and Measures. — Aldermen Dudley and Frye. 


On Bills in Second Reading. — Councilmen Lawton, Badger, and Shep- 

On Enrollment . — Councilmen Anderson, Hubbard, and Spencer. 

On Elections. — Councilmen Haggett, Hunt, and Patten. 

Overseers of the Poor. — The Mayor , Aldermen Coburn, and Dudley. 
Councilmen Shepard, R. J. Walker, Haggett, Hubbard, Cheney, and 

Clerk to Committee on Streets , Sewers , and Drains. — Richard W. 


Ward 1 . — Warden , Edward B. Collins. Clerk, Edward F. Coburn 
Inspectors , George A. Saunders, Orrin B. Silver, True P. Jordan. 
Ward 2. — Warden, Daniel R. Wallace. Clerk , Henry T. Barnard. 

Inspectors , William Wood, David Chase, James S. Hovey. 

Ward 3. — Warden , Alfred Gilman. Clerk, Benjamin C. Dean. In- 
spectors, Arthur G. Pollard, Eli W. Hoyt, George B. Goodale. 
Ward 4. — Warden, Arthur L. Clifford. Clerk, Isaac N. Marshall. 

Inspectors , Henry P. Carter, Daniel W. Horne, Alonzo L. Russell. 
Ward 5. — Warden, Perry P. Stiles. Clerk, Rufus Rogers. In- 
spectors, Frank D. Wright, James O’Connor, Joseph N. Wright. 
Ward 6. — Warden, Alpha B. Farr. Clerk, William II. Bent. In- 
spectors, John Stott, Jeroboam Howe, James II. Pindar. 


George F. Richardson, Mayor, and Alfred H. Chase, President of 
Common Council, ex officiis. 

Term expires January, 1869. 

Ward 1 . — James B. Francis. 
Ward 2. — S. W. Stickney. 
Ward 3. — John F. Frye. 
Ward 4. — John H. Buttrick. 
Ward 5. — Rufus Rogers. 
Ward 6. — John A. Goodwin. 

Term expires January, 1870. 

Ward 1 . — J. W. B. Shaw. 
Ward 2. — G. A. Gerry. 
Ward 3 . — Ephraim B. Patch. 
Ward 4. — John Davis. 

Ward 5. — Sewall G. Mack. 
Ward 6. — Owen Street. 

Chairman, George F. Richardson, 

Vice Chairman, Samuel W. Stickney, 

Secretary, Charles Morrill, 

Superintendent of Public Schools. — Charles Morrill. 




On Accounts. — Messrs. Richardson, Chase, Stickney, Francis, and 

On School Houses. — Messrs. Francis, Patch, Mack, Chase, and Gerry. 

On Teachers. — Messrs. Frye, Goodwin, Street, Davis, and Buttrick. 

On Reports. — Messrs. Goodwin, Street, Buttrick, Rogers, and Patch. 

On Books. — Messrs. Richardson, Gerry, Frye, Davis, Shaw, and Good- 

On Music. — Messrs. Stickney, Gerry, Patch, Davis, and Rogers. 

On Salaries. — Messrs. Shaw, Mack, Francis, Stickney, and Street. 


George F. Richardson, — High School. 

A. H. Chase. — High School; Primaries 27, 33, 42. 

J. B. Francis. — High School; Primaries 11, 12, 23, 26. 

J. W. B. Shaw. — High School; Primaries 13, 20, 40,45. 

Samuel W. Stickney. — Green; Primaries 1, 3, 8, 29. 

Gustavus A. Gerry. — Varnum; Primaries 46, 47, 48. 

John F. Frye. — Edson; Primaries 4, 19, 39. 

E. B. Patch. — Colburn; Primaries 7, 18, 21. 

J. H. Buttrick. — High; Primaries 5, 6, 15, 30, 31. 

John Davis. — Franklin ; Primaries 17, 28, 34. 

Rufus Rogers. — Mann; Primaries 2, 22, 32, 41, 44. 

Sewall G. Mack. — Bartlett; Primaries 10, 36, 38, 43. 

John A. Goodwin. — High; Primaries 14, 16, 25, 37. 

Owen Street. — Moody; Primaries 9, 24, 35. 

gSf 3 Office of Superintendent of Public Schools. — In City Government 

Office Hours. — From March 1st to October 31st, inclusive, one 
hour after afternoon session; from November 1st to the last day 
of February, inclusive, one hour after the morning session. 

ggp* Regular Meetings of this Board. — On the last Monday in each 
month, at 7^ o’clock, p.m. 


High School, Anne and Kirk Streets. 

Principal. — Charles C. Chase. Assistant. — Levi S. Burbank, James 
S. Russell, Joseph H. McDaniels, Bertram Harrison, Mary A. 
Webster, Elizabeth S. Russell, Marietta Melvin. 


Bartlett School, Clark Street. 

Principal. — Samuel Bement. Assistants. — Marianna B. Kent, Mary 
E. Pike, Caroline E. Holt, Clemantha Ii. Nichols, Mary C. Gard- 
ner, Sabra Wright, Sophia P. Wetherbee. 

Colburn School, Lawrence Street. 

Principal. — Fidelia 0. Dodge. Assistants. — Elizabeth W. Frost, 
Susan M. Andrews, Hattie C. Critchet. 

Edson School, Highland Street. 

Principal. — Perley Balch. Assistants. — Harriet C. Hovey, Mary F. 
Carleton, Mary F. Dana, Olive W. Beane, Maria C. Richardson, 
Anna A. Sargent, Mary A. Balch. 



Franklin School, Branch, corner Middlesex Street. 

Principal. — Amos B. Hey wood. Assistants. — Sarah E. French, 
Elizabeth W. Clement, Sarah C. Weymouth. 

Green School, Middle Street. 

Principal. — Charles A. Chase. Assistants. — Alice J. Hardman, 
Ellen S. Burrill, Jennie II. Dennis, Nettie E. Carleton. 

Mann School, Lewis Street. 

Principal. — • Samuel A. Chase. Assistants. — Eliza A. D. Tapley, 
Laura F. Howe, Celestia P. Chase. 

Moody School, East Merrimack Street. 

Principal. — Joseph Peabody. Assistants. — Frances A. Holden, 

Diana M. Huntoon, Helen A. Haggett, Laura J. Pindar, Sarah E. 
Bailey, Mary E. Way. 

Varnum School, Myrtle Street. 

Principal. — Daniel P. Galloupe. Assistants. — Harriet Bradley, 
Addie L. Sargent, Sarah A. Bradley. 


No. Location. 

No. 1 . — Middle Street, 

No. 2. — School Street, 

No. 3. — Paige Street, 

No. 4. — Chapel Street,. . . . 

No. 5. — Elliott Street, 

No. 6. — Middlesex Street, . 
No. 7. — Chapel Street, . . . 
No. 8. — Wortlien Street, . . 
No. 9. — Church Street,.... 
No. 10. — Merrimack Street, 

No. 11. — Cross Street, 

No. 12. — Tilden Street, 

No. 13. — Carter Street,. . . . 

No. 14. — High Street, 

No. 15. — Middlesex Street,. 
No. 16. — Fayette Street,. . . 
No. 17. — Branch Street, . . . 
No. 18. — Central Street,. . . 
No. 19. — Charles Street, . . . 

No. 20. — Carter Street, 

No. 21. — Chapel Street,. . . 
No. 22. — Lewis Street, 

No. 23. — Tilden Street, . . . 
No. 24. — Howard Street, . . . 
No. 25. — ■ High Street, 

No. 26. — Salem Street, .... 
No. 27. — Lawrence Street,. . 
No. 28. — Grand Street, 

No. 29. — Middle Street, . : . 
No. 30. — Elliott Street, . . . . 
No. 31. — Powell Street,. . . . 


Sarah A. Hadley. 
Stella A. Tullock. 
Lucy F. Carleton. 
Elizabeth A. Stearns. 
Clara E. Bailey. 
.Mary J. Rice. 
.Martha A. Franklin. 
.Martha S. Williams. 
.Martha A. Neale. 
.Bella McAnulty. 

. Eliza Merriam. 

. Harriet A. Hadley. 
.Mary A. Tapley. 

. Carrie M. Garland. 

. Sarah C. Fiske. 
.Eliza Cowley. 
.Isabella E. Horner. 

. Sarah L. Gates. 
.Anna E. Richardson. 
. Ella F. Perkins. 
.Ellen A. Bridge. 

. Aurelia L. Howe. 
.Nellie M. Brown. 

. Charlotte S. Kaime. 
.Emily M. Warren. 
.Jane E. Horner. 
.Mary E. Hardman. 

. Abby D. Gates. 



No. Location. Teachers. 

No. 32. — Adams Street, . . . : Ellen F. Coughlan. 

No. 33. — Lawrence Street, Maria Osgood. 

No. 34. — Branch Street, Lizzie S. Lowe. 

No. 35. — East Merrimack Street, Nellie M. Hunt. 

No. 36. — Cabot Street, Mary A. Beard. 

No. 37. — Fayette Street, Lucretia A. Day. 

No. 38. — Cabot Street, Mary O. Kidder. 

No. 39. — Charles Street, Helen C. Frye. 

No. 40. — Hock Street, Sarah E. Scales. 

No. 41. — Lewis Street, .Lizzie G. Swett. 

No. 42. — Lawrence Street, S. Lizzie Dean. 

No. 43. — Cross Street, Mary F. Cummiskey. 

No. 44. — Lewis Street, Mary L. Hill. 

No. 45. — Hock Street, I Ellen M. White. 

No. 46. — Myrtle Street,. Mary L. Sheldon. 

No. 47. — Myrtle Street, Miranda W. Bradley. 

No. 48. — Coburn Street, Emma C. Sawyer. 


Chief Engineer. — George W. Waymoth. Salary, $500. 

Assistant Engineers. — William W. Bates, Cyrus E. Luscomb, Chas. 
H. Arlen, Samuel W. Taylor. Secretary , Josiah Butler. 


Excelsior No. 1. — Central, opposite Union Street. 

Foreman , Joseph Stevens. Assistant Foreman , Charles H. Smith. * 
Clerk , Henry H. Noyes. 

Tiger No. 5. — Colburn Street. 

Foreman , C. Martin Clark. Assistant Foreman , C. H. Hanson. Clerk , 
Ward S. Dudley. 

Mazeppa No. 10. — Fayette Street. 

Foreman, James Platt. Assistant Foreman , Patrick Cummiskey. 
Clerk, George W. Lawrence. 

General Butler Steamer, No. 1. — Middle Street. 

Weight, 5,600 pounds. Foreman , Charles II. Philbrick. Assistant 
Foreman, Henry W. Burton. Clerk, Albion B. Sleeper. Engineer , 
James J. Locke. 

Torrent Steamer, No. 2. — Middlesex, near Grand Street. 

Weight, 6,200 pounds. Foreman, Charles W. Marriott. Assistant 
Foreman, Andrew Kelley. Clerk , Ruel F. Britton. Engineer , George 

Wamesit Steamer, No. 3. — Middle Street. 

Weight, 7,650 pounds. Foreman, George F. Salmon. Assistant Fore- 
man, James F. Taylor. Clerk , Fredrick Bailey. Engineer, Torrey 
E. Stratton. 




Franklin Hook and Ladder Company, No. 1 . — Middle Street. 

Foreman , John G. Crockett. Assistant Foreman , Hiram N. Hall. 
Clerk , Charles A. Welch. 

Ocean Hose Company, No. I. — Warren Street. 

Foreman , Charles W. Burgess. Assistant Foreman , Edwin Little. 
Clerk , C. H. Holden. 

Mechanics Hose Company, No. 2. — Cross Street. 

Foreman , William A. Fifield. Assistant Foreman , Daniel Blackington. 
Clerk, Stephen E. Bartlett. 

There is included in the Fire Department, Docket Engine, No. 2, at 
Ayer’s City; Engine No. 12^ on Fourth Street.; Fire King, No. 6, 
at the Almshouse, — which are manned, when needed, by volunteer 

At the date of the last report of the Chief Engineer (March 30, 
1867), there were belonging to the Department, 7 engineers, 207 
firemen, 11 engines (including four steamers), 12,400 feet of leading 
hose (1,500 not considered reliable), 274 feet of suction hose, 11 hose- 
carriages, 1 hook and ladder carriage, 1 fuel wagon, 6 horses, 93 
buckets, 8 hooks, 25 ladders, &c. The corporations have 18,500 feet 
of hose and 350 force-pumps. The city has 13 reservoirs and 76 
hydrants, and 16,950 feet of water-pipe laid through different 

There is connected with the Fire Department, a Firemen’s Fund As- 
sociation, intended to relieve firemen, who may be in need of assist- 
ance. The trustees for 1867-8 are Chief Engineer Waymoth, 
Assistant Engineer Butler, and the Foreman and Assistant Fore- 
man of each Company. 


Kirk Street Church ( Orthodox). Organized May 21, 1845. 
Pastor, Rev. Amos Blanchard, D.D. Clerk, Albert XV. Burnham. 
Sexton, Daniel Simpson. Sabbath school held in basement church ; 
Superintendent, M. A. Johnson. 

Appleton Street Church (Orthodox). Organized December, 
1830. Pastor, Rev. Addison P. Foster. Clerk , M. Heminway. 
Sexton, Francis Brown. Sabbath school held in basement church; 
Superintendent , James G. Buttrick. 

First Congregational Church (Orthodox). Merrimack, above 
Worthen Street. Organized 1826. Pastor , Rev. Horace James. 
Clerk, Charles A. Kendall. Sexton, Samuel M. Patterson. Sabbath 
school held in chapel ; Superintendent , George W. Shattuck. 

John Street Congregational Church ( Orthodox ). Organized, 
May 9, 1839. Pastor, Rev. Eden B. Foster. Clerk, J. C. Wing. 
Sexton, J. H. Roberts. Sabbath school held in church; Superin- 
tendent, George Stearns. 

High Street Church ( Orthodox). East Merrimack. Organized 
1846. Pastor, Rev. Owen Street. Clerk, E. Brown. Sexton, S. B. 
Simonds. Sabbath school held in vestry ; Superintendent, Joshua 



First Baptist Church (Baptist). Church Street. Organized 
February 8, 1826. Pastor , Rev. Wm. E. Stanton. Clerk , H. W. X 
Tinker. Sexton , George A. Weed. Sabbath school held in church ; 
Superintendent , A. B. Wright. 

Worthen Street Church (Baptist). Organized 1831. Pastor , 

Rev. Frank R. Morse. Clerk , George E. Worthen. Sexton , A. B. ^ 
Watson. Sabbath school held in church ; Superintendent, James G. 

First Free-Will Baptist Church (Free-Will Baptist). Paige 

Street. Organized 1833. Pastor, Rev. . Treasurer, > 

A. L. Russell. Sexton, Abel A. Laughton. Sabbath school held in 
vestry; Superintendent , C. II. Latham. 

Worthen Street Church (Methodist Episcopal). Organized 
1841. Pastor, Rev. George Whitaker. Clerk, Henry Healey. X 
Sexton, Joseph Johnson. Sabbath school held in vestry; Superin- 
tendent, Foster Wilson. 

Central Church (Methodist Episcopal). John, corner Paige. 
Organized April 1854. Pastor , Rev. Wm. C. High. Secretary , )( 

N. J. Bacheller. Sexton, George W. Fullerton. Sabbath school 
held in church ; Superintendent, M. A. Benner. 

St. Paul’s Methodist-Episcopal Church (Methodist Episco- 
pal). Hurd Street. Organized 1826. Pastor, Rev. S. F. Jones. 
Secretary, Frederick T. North. Sexton, J. E. Short. Sabbath 
school held in church ; Superintendent, Frederick T. North. Mis- 
sion school, Chapel Hill ; Superintendent, Thomas Leland. Mission 
school, Ayer’s City ; Superintendent, S. T. Birmingham. 

Free Chapel. Middlesex Street. Minister at Large, Rev. Horatio Y 

First Universalist Church (Universalist.) Corner of Central 
and Green Streets. Organized July 1827. Pastor, Rev. J. J. X 
Twiss. Clerk, J. W. Nash. Sexton, George W. Roper. Sabbath 
school held in vestry; Superintendent, G. A. Gerry. 

Second Universalist Church (Universalist). Corner of Mar- 
ket and Shattuck Streets. Organized 1838. Pastor, Rev. John p 
G. Adams. Sexton, Aaron B. Young. Sabbath school held in ves- 
try ; Superintendent, James B. Trueworthy. 

First Unitarian Society (Unitarian). Merrimack Street. Or- 
ganized 1832. Pastor, Rev. Charles E. Grinnell. Clerk, John H. X 
McAlvin. Sexton, Alfred Scadding. Sabbath school held in ves- 
try ; Superintendent, Rev. Charles E. Grinnell. 

St. Anne’s Church (Episcopal). Merrimack Street. Organized 
February 26, 1824. Rector, Rev. Theodore Edson, D.D. Clerk, 

O. E. Cushing. Sexton, Wm. Dugdale. Sabbath school held in 
chapel ; Superintendent, I. W. Beard. 

St. John’s Church (Episcopal). Gorham Street, north of the 
Court-house. Organized 1860. Rector, Rev. Charles L. Hutchins. 

Clerk , Henry P. Webber. Sexton, George Hobson. Sabbath 
school held in chapel ; Superintendent, Charles Eaton. 



St. Patrick’s Church (Roman Catholic). Fenwick Street. Pas- 
tor, Rev. John O’Brien. Sabbath school held in church ; Superin- 
tendent, Rev. John O’Brien. 

St. Peter’s Church (Roman Catholic). Corner of Gorham and 
Appleton Streets. Pastor, Rev. Peter Crudden; Assistant, Rev. 
Anthony Romana. Sabbath school held in church; Superintendent, 
Rev. Peter Crudden. 

Union Mission School, Belvidere, held in No. 6 Ward-room; 
Superintendent, Samuel E. Stott. 

Lowell Sabbath School Union. Organized July 4, 1836. 
The members are the pastors of the evangelical Churches, superin- 
tendents and teachers of the several Sabbath schools. An annual 
meeting is held in Huntington Hall, and quarterly meetings in 
churches. Officers for 1867-8; President, Rev. C. C. Chase. Vice- 
President, A. W. Farrington. Secretary, George C. Edwards. 
Treasurer , Dennis P. Bates. 



Plymouth Rock Lodge. — Instituted March 2, 1859. Meets first 
and third Wednesday evenings, in the Wamesit Bank Building, 
corner of Middlesex and Thorndike Streets. 

Washington Lodge, No. 6. — Meets first and third Thursday even- 
ings, in the Wamesit Bank Building, corner of Middlesex and 
Thorndike Streets. 

Ancient Order Hibernians. — Organized 1867, for benevolent 
purposes. Meets second and fourth Mondays of each month, in 
hall, Central, corner Market Street. President, John Clynes. 
Treasurer, Patrick Boyle. Officers elected annually. 


South part of City. 

President, Oliver M. Whipple. 

Trustees, Samuel Burbank, William A. Burke, John L. Cheney, 
Stephen Cushing, Charles Hovey, Samuel K. Hutchinson, Joshua 
Merrill, Andrew Moody, Josiah G. Peabody, Isaac Place, Samuel 
W. Stickney, Edward F. Watson. Clerk and Treasurer, John II. 
Me Alvin. Superintendent, William M. Smith. Price of lots, $35. 


Organized in 1836, for the purpose of fiirnishing medicine and medical 
advice to the poor, gratis. Chairman of Board of Managers, James 
G. Carney. Secretary and Treasurer, George J. Carney. Physi- 
cians, Dr. F. Nickerson, Northern District. Dr. George H. Whit- 
more, Southern District. Consulting Physicians, Drs. J. O. Green, 
C. A. Savory. 


This is an Association of past-members of the Lowell High School. 
They hold an annual levee in July of each year. Organized 1863. 



Regular annual meeting holden first Thursday of January, in each 
year, at 7 1-2 o’clock, p. m. President , Edward F. Sherman. Vice- 
Presidents, John F. Kimball, John H. McAlvin. Secretary and 
Treasurer , Harlin P. Goodell. 


President , Nathan Crosby. Vice-Presidents , Isaac Holden and Josiah 
Gates. Treasurer , Joshua Merrill. Secretary , William Hardman. 
Trustees , Charles Kimball, J. G. Peabody, J. P. Jewett, Edward 
Sheppard, John W. Smith. 


Hospital, Merrimack, Corner Pawtucket Street. 

Organized in 1840, by the several manufacturing companies for the 
benefit and medical care of those in their employ who may be sick. 
The agents or superintendents of the several companies are the 
Trustees. Physician and Superintendent , George H. Whitmore, M.D. 


Converse Hall, Gorham Street. 

Organized for benevolent purposes. Regular meetings, first Monday 
in the month. President , Jeremiah Crawley. Treasurer , Terrence 

Hanover. Secretary , James McDermott. Officers elected annually. 


Free Chapel, Middlesex Street. 

Organized 1843, for the purpose of aiding the worthy poor of the 
city. Office hours, from 4 to 5 o’clock, P. M. Order-box at the 
door. Officers, 1868 : — President , F. P. Appleton ; Directors , John 
C. Palfrey, Charles E. Grinnell, Daniel S. Richardson, Peter Ander- 
son, E. B. Patch, J. F. Kimball ; Secretary , C. II. Coburn ; Treas- 
urer, Edward Tufts; Minister at Large, Rev. Horatio Wood; Col- 
lector, Matthias Parkhurst. 


Organized February 4, 1867. 

Reading-room, Library, and Hall, Barristers’ Hall, Central, corner 
Merrimack Streets. 

President, Ithamar. W. Beard ; Vice-Presidents, Aldis L. Waite ; James 
Hurd, Samuel V. SpauMing, Daniel R. Wallace ; Corresponding 
Secretary, Charles A. Chage ; Treasurer, Samuel E. Stott ; Record- 
ing Secretary , Oscar N. Kyle ; Librarian , George C. Osgood. 


Mechanics’ Building, Dutton Street. Incorporated 1825. 

President, Samuel K. Hutchinson ; Vice-President , Jacob Rogers ; Secre- 
tary, Thomas F. Burgess ; Treasurer, Thomas G. Gerrish ; Trustees, 
Wm. A. Burke, AndrewMoody, Foster Nowell, E. B. Patch, James K. 
Fellows, F. E. Jewett, James Adams ; Chairman, Albert B. Plimpton, 
Secretary , William Hardman; Directors of the Library and Reading - 



room , Charles Morrill, Joseph H. McDaniels, Z. E. Stone, John A. 
Buttrick; Librarian , Nathaniel Hill, jr. The Association owns 
Mechanics’ Building, in which is a large hall. Their Library con- 
tains over 9,000 volumes, and there is in the building a spacious 
Beading-room. There is also connected with it a Cabinet of Natu- 
ral History. A course of public lectures is given annually, under 
the auspices of the Association. Annnal meeting, first Tuesday in 
April. Quarterly meetings, first Tuesday in July, October, and 


No. 58 Moody Street. Organized July, 1867. 

President , Mrs. Geo. Hedrick ; Secretary , Mrs. John Nesmith; Treasurer , 
Luther J. Eames ; Auditor , Hapgood Wright; Trustees , Mrs. Geo. 
Hedrick, Mrs. John Nesmith, Mrs. C. P. Talbot, Mrs. William Kel- 
ley, Mrs. S. II. Hathaway, John Nesmith, John A. Buttrick, Wil- 
liam North, A. L. Brooks, E. B. Patch, and a Board of not less 
than fifty Patrons, to be chosen from the various religious societies 
in Lowell. Annual meetings of the corporation on the last Mon- 
day in July. Matron at the Home , Almeda Furbish. 

The “ Home ” is situated at the corner of Moody and Tremont 
Streets, entrance 58 Moody Street. It is now fully organized. 

Religious services are held there every Sabbath, by several clergy- 
men of the city. 

Visitors will be received Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, from 
2 to 5 o’clock, P. M. 

Application for admission, as inmates, should be made to the Board 
of Officers, or Patrons. 


Adams Street, near St. Patrick’s Church. 

Lady Superior , Lady Diserce, assisted by several Sisters and teachers. 
There is connected with the institution a free school ; also a school 
where pay is required from pupils. (See page 366.) 


Under the charge of the Sisters of Charity, High-Street Square, Lowell. 
Mass. Established May 1, 1867. The hospital is now open for 
the reception of patients of both sexes and of all denominations. 
The hospital is attended by the ablest physicians in the city, under 
whose professional and personal charge the Institution is conducted. 
On Sundays, visitors will be admitted from 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock 
in the afternoon. 

On Thursdays, from 10 o’clock, to 11 k o’clock, A. M. ; from 1 o’clock 
to 5 o’clock, P. M., and from 6 o’clock to 7^ o’clock. 

The Hospital closes at 7^ o’clock in the evening. 


No. 27 Appleton Street. Under the charge of the Sisters of Charity. 
A free evening school is held every evening, except Saturday and 
Sunday evenings. Sister Emerentiana, Sister Superior. 




Hall, 55 Central Street. 

Organized for the literary improvement of its members. Regular 
meetings, Wednesday evenings. Treasurer , James Loughran. 

Officers chosen semi-annually. 



Incorporated 1855. 

Embraces the city of Lowell, and towns of Billerica, Burlington, 
Chelmsford, Dracut, Dunstable, North Reading, South Reading, 
Tewksbury, Tyngsboro’, Westford ; and Wilmington, though persons 
from any part of Middlesex County can become members of the So- 
ciety. The exhibition of the Society takes place annually the last 
Thursday in September, on the Fair Grounds, comprising about 
fifteen acres, in the southern part of the city of Lowell. Officers 
for 1867-8 : — President , Asa Clement, Dracut. Vice-Presidents , 
Fordyce Coburn, Lowell; Thomas Talbut, Billerica; Ebenezer Swan, 
Tyngsboro’; Andrew Spalding, Groton. Treasurer , Henry A. Field- 
ing, Lowell. Secretary , James P. Yarnum, Lowell. There are two 
Trustees from each town in the district, the Lowell members being 
S. A. Coburn and Otis Allen. Annual election, Wednesday pre- 
ceding the last Thursday in September. 


Embraces the city of Lowell and several of the towns in its vicinity. 

Officers for 1867-8: — President , . Vice- 

President, Jeremiah P. Jewett, Lowell. Secretary , John H. Gilman, 
Lowell. Treasurer , N. B. Edwards, Chelmsford. Curator and 
Librarian, John H. Gilman, Lowell. Annual meeting, Iasi Wednes- 
day in April. Quarterly meetings, last Wednesdays in July, Octo- 
ber, and January. 


Comprising Lowell and the neighboring towns. Meetings are held 
quarterly in some place within the district, at which there are ad- 
dresses and discussions. Officers for 1867-8: — President, A. L. 
Brooks. Secretary, J. J. Judkins. Treasurer , Joshua Merrill. 


Aqua-Bentian Lodge, No. 122 I. O. G. Templars. 

Meet every Friday evening at Central Methodist Church, John Street. 
Golden Rule Lodge, No. 87 I. 0. G. Templars. 
Organized 1866. 

Meet every Tuesday evening at Upper Mechanics Hall. 

Star Light Lodge No. 113 I. O. G. Templars. 

Meet every Monday evening at Free-will Baptist Yestry, Paige Street. 



Arena Temperance Association. 

Middle Street. 

President , John Reardon. Treasurer , James McLaughlin. 


Independent Order of Odd Fellows. 

Hall in Tyler’s Block, Central Street, corner Market. 

Meetings held : Merrimack Lodge, No. 7, Monday evenings. Me- 
chanics’ Lodge, No. 11, Friday evenings. Oberlin Lodge, No. 28, 
Tuesday evenings. Monomake Encampment, No. 4, second and 
fourth Thursday evenings in each month. 


[Hall in Nesmith's block , John Street. Officers elected in October.'] 
Massachusetts Consistory, S.\ P.\ R.\ S.\ 

Instituted 1859. 

I.\ Sr. Cr. in Cr. S. K. Hutchinson, Lowell. ls£ Lieutenant-Commander , 
Wm. North, of Lowell. 2 d Lieutenant-Commander , Joseph Bedlow, 
of Lowell. Treasurer , Joel Spalding. Secretary , Henry P. Perkins. 

Mount Calvary Chapter, Rose Croix, 18°. 

Mr. Wr. $• P.\ Mr. W. F. Salmon. 

Lowell Council, Princes of Jerusalem, 16°. 

Mr. Er. Sr. Pr. Gr. Mr. William S. Gardner. 

Lowell Lodge of Perfection, 14°. 

TV. Pr. Gr. Mr. S. K. Hutchinson. 

Pilgrim Encampment Knights Templars. 

Instituted October, 1855. 

E. G. C., Charles A. Stott. G., Hocum Hosford. C. G., Geo. W. 
Bedlow. Treasurer , J. P. Folsom. Recorder, Arthur G. Pollard. 
Meetings, Wednesday evening after full moon. 

Ahasuerus Council of Royal and Select Masters. 

<, * 'Re-organized December 23, 1856. 

T. I. G. M., Bud J. Walker. R. I. G. M., Sager Ashworth. 
I. G. M., Atwell F. Wright. M. of Ex., William North. R., E. B. 
Howe. Meetings, Monday evening after full moon. 

Mount Horeb Royal Arch Chapter. 

Chartered 1826. 

H. P., Albion J. Dudley. K., Charles Morrill. S., John M. Pevey. 
Treasurer, J. P. Folsom. Secretary, R. W. Baker. Meetings, 
Monday evening on or before each full moon. 



Pentucket Lodge. 

Instituted 1805. 

IF. M ., Ruel J. Walker. S . Ward., S. S. Fuller. /. Ward., Albert 
B. Hall. Treasurer, Isaac Cooper. Secretary, Eliphalet Hills. 
Meetings, Thursday evening on or before full moon. 

Ancient York Lodge. 

Instituted 1852. 

IF. M., Henry P. Perkins. S. Ward., Albion J. Dudley. J. Ward., 
Albert A. Haggett. Treasurer, J. C. Abbott. Secretary , R. IV. 
Baker. Meetings, Wednesday evening on or before full moon. 

Kilwinning Lodge. 

Instituted 1867. 

IF. M., William S. Gardner. S. IF., Jona. P. Folsom. J. IF., Ho- 
cum Hosford. Treasurer, Albert Wheeler. Secretary , Chas. A. 
Kendall. Meetings, Friday on or before full moon. 

The North Lodge. 

U. D. 

IF. M., Hiram N. Hall. S. IF., Theodore Adams. J. IF., Atwell 
F. Wright. Treasurer, George F. Scribner. Secretary , Henry B. 
Fiske. Meetings, Wednesday on or before full moon. 



Captain, John A. G. Richardson. Is/ Lieutenant, Isaac B. Pendergast. 
2d Lieutenant, Ambrose S. Wilder. Clerk, Lyman B. Manning. 
Armorer, Joseph Walley. Armory, Market House. 


Captain, James M. Torsey. Is/ Lieutenant, A. J. Hall. 2d Lieuten- 
ant, E. W. Bartlett. Clerk, John J. Baker. Armorer , Lucius F. 
Wright. Armory, Market House. 

PUTNAM GUARDS, Co. G., 6th Regt. 

Captain, Albert Finder. Is/ Lieutenant , Edward S. Wheeler. 2d 
Lieutenant , G. Tarbell. Clerk, George C. Hedrick. Armorer , Al- 
bert T. Green. Armory, in Market House. 


Captain , Matthew Donovan. Is/ Lieutenant, John O. Grady. 2d 
Lieutenant, Frank McQuade. Clerk, Daniel W. Manning. Armo- 
ry, in Market House. 





Judge of Probate and Insolvency . — William A. Richardson, Cam- 

Register of Probate and Insolvency. — Joseph H. Tyler, East Cam- 

Assistant Register of Probate and Insolvency. — Isaac F. Jones, East 

Clerk of the Courts. — Benjamin F. Ham, Winchester. 

Assistant Clerk of the Courts — John J. Sawyer, Somerville. 

Register of Deeds. — South District, Charles B. Stevens, East Cam- 
bridge. North District, Itliamar W. Beard, Lowell. 

County Treasurer. — Amos Stone, Charlestown. 

Overseers of House of Correction. — James M. Usher, Medford ; Thom- 
as Rice, Jr., Newton ; G. D. B. Blanchard, Malden. 

Sheriff. — Charles Kimball, Lowell. / 

Deputy Sheriffs. — Luther L. Parker, East Cambridge. Lowell W. 
Chamberlain, Charlestown. John B. Moore, Concord. Joseph G. 
Bannister, Framingham. Andrew Robbins, Groton. Benjamin L. 
Howe, Groton Junction. Jonathan Whittemore, Hopkinton. 
Charles H. Robinson, Hudson. James Hopkins, Jefferson Ban- 
croft, William II. Clemence, Lowell. John H. Clark, Melrose. 
John T. White, Medford. Daniel B. Lovejoy, Reading. B. F. 
Lewis, Townsend. Eben W. Fiske, Waltham. Horace Collamore, 

Jailers. — Charles J. Adams, Cambridge. Charles Kimball, Lowell. 
Messenger at Court House. — James Hurd, Lowell. 

Master of House of Correction. — Charles J. Adams, East Cambridge. 



Law Term, at Boston, first Wednesday of January. Jury Term, at 
Lowell, third Tuesday of April. 


Civil Terms at Lowell, second Monday of March and first Monday 
of September; Cambridge, first Monday of June and second Mon- 
day of December. Criminal Terms, at Cambridge, second Monday 
of February, and fourth Monday of June; Lowell, third Monday of 


At Cambridge, second Tuesday and fourth Tuesday of each month, 
except July, and first Tuesday of January, March, May, and Octo- 
ber. At Lowell, first Tuesday of February, April, June, September, 
and December. 


At Lowell, first Tuesday of February, April, June, September, and 

At Cambridge, first Tuesday of January, March, May, and October ; 
and second and fourth Wednesday of each month, except July.; 
and on other days by special assignment and adjournment. 



County Commissioners . — Joseph II. Waitt, Malden, term expires 
January, 1871 ; Edward J. Collins, Newton, January, 1869 ; Leonard 
Huntress, East Cambridge, January, 1870. 

Special Commissioners. — William Hastings, Framingham, January, 
1869; William W. Edgerton, Shirley, January, 1869. 

Times and Places of Meeting. — At Cambridge, first Tuesday of Jan- 
uary and first Tuesday of June; at Lowell, first Tuesday of Sep- 

Commissioners of Insolvency. — Theodore C. Hurd, Framingham; 
John Davis, Lowell. 

Public Administrators — Duncan Bradford, Charlestown; Jonathan 
Ladd, Lowell. 

Masters in Chancery. — Joseph H. Tyler, East Cambridge; Charles 
Robinson, jr., Charlestown ; Arthur P. Bonney, William S. Gardner, 
Lowell ; William S. Stearns, Malden. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers. — Alpheus R. Brown, Na- 
than Crosby, George Stevens, S. W. Stickney, John F. Rogers, 

Commissioners of other States , residing in Lowell. — California , Charles 
A. F. Swan. Connecticut , Edwin A. Alger, Jonathan Ladd. In- 
* diana , Jonathan Ladd. Illinois , Jonathan Ladd. Iowa , R. B. Cav- 
erly, Jonathan Ladd. Maine , R. B. Caverly, Samuel Lawrence, 
Charles A. F. Swan. Michigan , Jonathan Ladd. Minnesota , Jon- 
athan Ladd. Nevada , Charles A. F. Swan. New Hampshire , 
Edwin A. Alger, John Davis, J. C. Kimball, Jonathan Ladd, Sam- 
uel Lawrence, Charles A. F. Swan, William P. Webster, G. D. 
Woodman. New York , R. B. Caverly, Edwin A. Alger, Charles 
A. F. Swan. Ohio , Jonathan Ladd. Rhode Island , Charles A. F. 
Swan. Vermont, Alpheus R. Brown, Jonathan Ladd, Charles A. 
F. Swan, William P. Webster. Wisconsin, Jonathan Ladd. 

Notaries Public. — Edwin A. Alger, Joseph II. Ely, John A. Knowles, 
Samuel W. Stickney, Abel Whitney, Charles M. Williams, Lowell. 
Coroners. — Jefferson Bancroft (special), Thomas W. Pressey, Jere- 
miah P. Jewett, Lowell. 


Room, west end of Market Building, Market Street. Established 
1833. Justice, Nathan Crosby. Special Justice, George Stevens 
Clerk , Samuel P. Hadley, jr. Sessions are held for the trial of 
criminal cases every day., at 10 o clock, A.M. Civil terms, first and 
third Mondays of each month. 


[Including Justices of the Peace and Qiuyrum, designated by a* ; and J ustices 
throughout the Commonwealth, designated by a f.] 

Julian Abbot, James C. Abbott, *Edwin A. Alger, -Hhuirr-A.- 
differ r William II. Anderson, Nathan Allen, John 

Agj&sp, James Bailey, £rpiire L. Bailey, Frank F. 

Battles, Ithamar W. Beard, William II. Bent, Amos A. Blanchard, 
William D. Blanchard, Charles R. Blaisdell, Morrill M. Bolionan, 
•fArthur P. Bonney, George Bragdon, * Alpheus R. Brown, 

John A. Buttrick, Joseph L. Cambridge, George J. Carney, Enoch B. 



Carter, * Robert B. Caverly, Alfred II. Chase, Jeremiah Clark, Chas. 
B. Coburn, Lorenzo D. Cogswell, James Cook, Isaac Cooper, Hora- 
tio G. F. Corliss, Charles Cowley, John E. Crane, <0 nle l >-Ci"ppby> 
^Nathan Crosby, Joshua W. Daniels, John Davis, Benjamin C. 
Dean, Luke C. Dodge, Luther J. Eames, Alpha B. 

Farr, David C. G. Field, Iloratio R. Fletcher, James 13. Francis, 
Abram French, Josiah B. French, John F. Frye, George Gardner, 

* William S. Gardner, Silas F. Gladwin, Thomas G. Gerrisli, Gus- 
tavus A. Gerry, Alfred Gilman, fJohn A. Goodwin, Benjamin God- 
dard, Francis Goward, Frederick T. Greenhalge, George A. Griffin, 
*Samuel P. Hadley, jr., Ainos B. Ileywood, E. A. Hill, Joseph S. 
licit, James Hopkins, Hoemn Ilosford, Charles F. Howe, Lorenzo 
G. HoTve, John Q. A. Hubbard, Elihn S. Hunt, John B. Hunt, Lu- 
cius W. Huntington, George L. Huntoon, * Andrew F. Jewett, Fran- 
cis Jewett, Jeremiah P. Jewett, Moses A. Johnson, Joseph J. Jud- 
kins, ^Joseph B. Keyes, fCharles Kimball, J. Chellis Kimball, John 
F. Kimball, *John A. Knowles, William Lamson, jr„ David Lane, 
Cyrus Latham, Cyrus II. Latham, Alvin Lawrence, Ambrose Law- 
rence, George P. Lawrence, Samuel Lawrence, John T. Lee, Wil- 
liam E. Livingston, James Loughran, * Sew all G. Maek, John F. 
Manahan, Joshua N. Marshall, John II. Me Alvin, John F. MeEvoy, 
George F. Morey, Samuel A. McPhetres, Albert M. Moore, Jota*- 
Nesmith, Alanson Nichols, Frank A. Nichols, ^William North, Wil-* 
liam L. North, Francis II. Nourse, William F. Osgood, *Ephraim 
B. Patch, fJosiah G. Peabody, John Pearson, Henry P. Perkins, 
Major G. Perkins, Abiel Pevey, George E. Pevey, PifippP y 

Joseph D. Pinder, Joel Powers, John N. Peirce, jr., Asahcl D. Puf- 
fer, Thomas W. Pressey, John W. Reed, Edward C. Riee, fDaniel 
S. Richardson, George F. Richardson, George Ripley, Jacob Ro- 
gers, John F. Rogers, Chester W. Rugg, William F. Salmon, Benja- 
min C. Sargeant, Joseph L. Sargent, George F. Scribner, * Alfred 
Scott, Luther E. Shepard, William Shepard, *Edward F. Sher- 
man, John W. Smith, *Ar ~J. "Sf avi t' p ffh, *George Stevens, Samuel 
W. Stiekney, Holland Streeter, ^Theodore II. Sweetser, Wilfred P. 
Taylor, Edward Tuek, Artemas S. Tyler, 'Vwmwi, Aklis 

L. Waite, Benjamin Walker, Daniel R. Wallace, Edward F. A Vat- 
son, James Watson, * William P. Webster, Charles A. Welch, *Tap- 
pan Wentworth, Abel Whitney, William T. Whitten, Henry II. 
Wilder, Charles M. Williams, Benjamin J. Williams, Andrew C. 
Wright, Asahel B. Wright, Ilapgood Wright, Samuel N. Wood, 






Capital ■ ■ - ■ $300,000. 

J. A. KNOWLES - - President. 

J. F. KIMBALL - Cashier. 

S. E. STOTT ----- Clerk. 




Annual Meeting, Second Tuesday in January. Dividends, First Monday of April 
and October. Discount, Mondays and Thursdays. 

U. S. 7-30 Xotes constantly on hand and for Sale. 

O" Dividends payable in Boston collected without charge. 

City Institution for Savings, 



Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 2 to 4 o’clock ; 
and Thursday and Saturday evenings from 7 to 9 o’clock. 

Quarters commence on the Second Saturdays of January, April, July, and 
























W. F. PUTNAM - - 




$ 250 , 000 . 




Annual Election in January. 






Discount Days, Mondays and Thursdays. Annual Election, 
Third Tuesday of January. 

Incorporated as a State Bank, March 11, 1828. Authorized to commence business 
as a National Banking Association, June 22, 1865. 

CAPITAL , $200,000. 

EDWARD TUCK, President. 




Frederick Ayer, Wili.ard A. Brown,* Luther W. Faulknee, 

Jonathan P. Folsom, Joel Spalding, Edward Tuck, 

John Waugh, Phineas Whiting, William H. P. Wright. 

BANKS. 339 




Incorporated. 1850 - Reorganized 1805. 

CAPITAL, $300,000. 

CHARLES B. COBURN, President. 



OTIS J. WAITE, Clerk. 


Charles B. Coburn, John L. Cheney, Samuel Burbank, Benjamin Adams, 
Elijah M. Read, Silas Tyler, Jr., D. S. Richardson, Charles Stott. 

J. A. Brabrook, E. F. Sherman, Hapgood Wright, V 


Discount days, Monday and Thursday; Dividends payable first of April and October. 

Bank Hours, 9 to 12, 2 to 4. SJmt Saturday, P. M. 

Sight Drafts and Orders on Boston collected without charge. General Banking 
and Exchange business done on most favorable terms. Drafts drawn on New York. 


Five Cent Sayings Bank. 


Receives Deposits in sums of 5 cents to $1,000. 

Opposite. Middle Street , First Floor. 

Open every afternoon, except Saturday, from 2 to 4; and Tuesday and Saturday 
evenings from 7 to 9 o'clock. Quarters commeuce first Saturday January, April, July, 
and October. 

HORATIO WOOD, President. 


Samuel Burbank, Nathan Crosby, Sewall G. Mack, Elijah M. Read, H. Hosford. 

John W. P. Abbott, Benjamin Adams, Chas. B. Cobnrn, Frank F. Battles, Joseph 
A. Brabrook, Thomas Talbot, John F. Kimball, William A. Richardson, Hapgood 
Wright, John L. Cheney, W’illiam F. Salmon, John Holt, Oliver E. Cushing, Silas 
Tyler, Jr., John C. Bartlett. 

ARTEMAS S. TYLER, Treasurer. 




Carleton Block, Merrimack Street. 


CAPITAL, $800,000. 


S. W. STICKNEY, President. 

JOHN F. ROGERS, Cashier. 




Discount , Tuesdays and Fridays . 




Open every afternoon (except Saturdays) from 2 to 4 o’clock; and on Thursday and 
Saturday evenings from 7 to 9 o’clock. 

WM, A. BURKE, President. JOHN F. ROGERS, Treasurer. 













The Wamesit National Bank 


Middlesex Street, near Northern Depot. 


Capital, $200,000. 








Anntial Meeting , third Tuesday in January. Discounts , daily. Dividends , 
first Monday of January and July. 


43 1-2 Merrimack Street. 

U. S. Depositary, and Financial Agent of the United States. 

CAPITAL, $ 300,000 . 

Converted September, 1804. 

HOCUM HOSFORD, President. 

JOHN N. PEIRCE, Jr., Caslaier. 

HENRY P. WEBBER, Clerk. O. W. GAY, Clerk. 




Discount , Monday and Thursdays. Annual Meeting , second Tuesday in January. 


Rooms in Savings-Bank Building* 

MISS M. E. MAGRATH, Principal. 

The three Terms of this School are as follows : — 

The Fall Term, from the 1st of September until Christmas ; the Win- 
ter Term, from the second week in January until Easter ; the Spring Term, 
from the second week after Easter until July 26, with a recess of one week 
at Whitsuntide. 

The tuition will be at the rate of about twenty-eight dollars a year for 
the English branches ; Languages, Drawing, and Music, extra, at the rate 
of fifteen dollars a year for each language; Drawing, four dollars for 24 
lessons ; Music, fifteen dollars for 24 lessons ; Languages, &c., without the 
English, six dollars each, per term. 

Pupils not connected with the school can take the extra studies at six 
dollars per quarter; Music at fifteen dollars per quarter. 

Application for further particulars may be made at Mr. B. C. Sargeant’s. 


.A.ccumulated Fund, December 1, 1865, 

§ 5 , 735 , 504 . 71 . 

Distribution, November 30, 1863, 

$750,000 in Oasli. 


BENJ. F. STEVENS, President. 

JOSEPH M. GIB BENS, Secretary. 

W. W. MORLAND, M. D., Medical Examiner. 

Directors. — Sewell Tappan, Marshall P. Wilder, Charles Hubbard, George H. 
Folger, James Sturgis, Francis C. Lowell, James S. Amory, Homer Bartlett, Ben- 
jamin F. Stevens. 

S. W. STICKNEY, Agent. 

GEORGE H. WHITMORE, Medical Examiner. 


S. W. STICKNEY, Notary Public. 



Traders’ and Mechanics’ 




CASH ASSETS, $ 108,000 . 



L. G. HOWE, 




C. B. COBURN, Pres. E. F. SHERMAN, Sec. and Treas. 

Office, 27 Central Street, Lowell. 

Home Insurance Co., of New York. 

CASH ASSETS, $3,633,000.00. 

Lorillard Fire Insurance Company, of New York. 

CASH ASSETS, $1,496,335.00. 

Yonkers and New York Ins. Co., of New York. 

CASH ASSETS, $601,500.00. 

Springfield Fire and Marine Ins. Co., of Springfield, Mass. 

CASH ASSETS, $780,973.00. 

State Mutual Life Assurance Co., of Worcester. 

4®- Insurance effected to any desirable amount, in the best Companies, at* cur- 
rent rates. 

E. F. SHERMAN. Agent, 




GEO. F. HUNT & CO., 

Fire and Life Insurance Agency, 


(Over Prescott National Bank,) 

l o w ell 3 im: a. s s. 

Hoyal Insurance Company, 


Losses promptly settled at their office in Boston, without reference elsewhere. 


Capital, $900,000. 

Merchants’ and Farmers’ 


Incorporated in 1846. Cash Assets over $900,000. 


Capital, $1,000,000, Assets, $1,477,677.19. 


Capital and Surplus, $876,815.50. 

Capital and Surplus, $751,438.15. 

Capital and Surplus, $401,974.73. 


Capital and Surplus, $304,601.08. 


Capital and Surplus, $964,000. 

Incorporated in 1826. Cash Assets, $141,741.48. 

Assets over $18,000,000. Average dividends over 50 per cent. Number ol 
members, 55,000. (See opposite page.) 

Assets over $15,000,000. Dividends 50 per cent. 

Ail Policies and Dividends are non-forfeitable. Policies are incontestable. Thirty 
days’ grace for payment of premiums. 

Dividends declared annually, and payable in cash. Premiums from 20 to 25 per 
cent lower than other Companies. 

All Policies in Massachusetts Life Insurance Companies are non-forfeitable bylaw 
of the State. Payment of Premiums, in above Life Insurance Companies, may be 
made either wholly in cash, or part cash and part note. 

Insurance effected, in large or small amounts, against Loss or Damage by Fire, in 
reliable Stock and Mutual Insurance Companies, on favorable terms. Forty to fifty 
per cent Dividends paid to Policy-holders by our Mutual Companies. Losses promptly 

Active and reliable Canvassers wanted. 





Connecticut Mutual 




Over Prescott National Bank. 

Number of Members , over 55,000. 
Accumulated Capital , $18,000,000. 

Annual Income, $6,500,000. 

Surplus Assets, over $5,500,000. 

Average Dividends , over 50 per cent. 

The Company was organized in 1846 upon the purely Mutual system. It 
has no proprietary, or Stock Capital; every dollar of its funds belongs to its 
members. The pre-eminent satisfaction, therefore, in the contemplation of 
its vast figures is, that they denote not the enrichment of a Corporation, but 
present and coming blessings to thousands of homes ! 

All Policies issued by the Company are either non-forfeitable by their terms, 
or may be converted into those that are so, at the option of the insured. 

Payment of premium can be made either wholly in cash, or half cash and 
half note. 

Insurance can be effected in this Company in all the forms desired. 

ftg=- Active and reliable Canvassers wanted. 

F. W, WHEELER, General Agent 

For Middlesex and Essex Counties. 

GEORGE P. HUNT & CO., Local Agents, 


LOWELL HUM Fill I! 188. JO, 


JAMES K. FELLOWS, President. 

JAMES COOK, Secretary . 


Jonathan Tyler, Benjamin Walker, A. R. Brown, John Nesmith, George Stevens, 
W. E. Livingston, William H. Wiggin, Abram French, Alden B. Buttrick, Charles A. 
Stott, Jacob Robbins, William P. Brazer, J. C. Abbott, E. B. Patch, J. K. Fellows, 
Amos B. French. 

JAMES COOK, No. 49 Central St., Agent for 

CITY, Hartford, Conn. Capital, $250,000; Cash Assets $423,838.49 

MARKET, New York. “ 200,000; Cash Assets 470,170.(5.3 

NORTH AMERICAN, do. “ 500,000; Cash Assets 755,057.77 

ALBANY CITY, do. “ 200,000; Cash Assets 260,800.00 

U. STATES, Baltimore. “ 500,000; Cash Assets 772,000.00 

TRADESMEN’S, N.Y. “ 150.000 ; Cash Assets 252,804 00 

MERRIMACK MUTUAL, Andover, Mass. Cash Assets 45,000.00 

CITIZENS’, Brighton, Mass. Cash Assets 33,000.00 

Cash Dividends in Citizens’ of from 10 to 50 per cent. 
CHARTER OAK LIFE, Hartford, Conn. Assets, $3,250,000, rapidly increasing. 

Life and Fire Insurance Agency. 


Assets, over $1,200,000. 


Capital, $1, 000,000. 

Capital and Surplus, over $1,300,000. 

Capital and Surplus, over $1,000,000. 

Capital and Surplus, $300,000. 




Capital, $400,000. 


Capital and Surplus, $590,000. 


Cash Assets, over $260,000. 


Jeremiah S. Folsom, Agt., 21 Central St., Lowell, Mass. 














CAPITAL, $500,000. 


CAPITAL, $150,000. 



Insures against loss of life, and disabling bodily injury, from accidents of all kinds, 
at low rates of premium. 


Lowell, January 1, 1868. No. 10 Middle St., near Central St. 




JOSHUA IflE&HILL,, A?ent, 

37 Merrimack Street, Lowell, Mass. 

Total Receipts for 1867 - - - $4,939,892 25 
Total Assets, Jan. 1, 1868 - $14,290,088 17 

A Dividend of Return Premiums of Fifty (50) per cent has been declared on the 
Life Policies issued prior to January 1, 186", applicable to the premiums paid in 1866; 
on ordinary Endowment Policies of the same year Forty (40) per cent; and on Non- 
Forfeiting Endowments Thirty three and one-third (33J) per cent. 

The Directors have also ordered the payment of the Twentieth and Twenty- 
first Dividends (those declared in 1866 and 1867), being Fifty per cent each (mak- 
ing One Hundred per cent), to the members entitled to the same, as their premiums 
become due during the year 1868; those holding Script to be allowed the same as cash 
in payment of Premiums, and, where there is a loan, the whole amount to be credited 

LEWIS C. GROVER, President. 


| L . - . 



Office, Middle, corner Shattuck Street, 

Capital $200,000 

Commenced Lighting, January 1, 1850. 

JOHN WRIGHT, President. 


William A. Barite, Sewall €r» Hack, 

Levi Sprague 9 Jacob Rogers, 

James B. Brands, Henry M. Hooke . 

JOHN F. ROGERS, Treasurer. 


J D. B. BARTLETT , Paymaster . 






CAPITAL .... $150,000. 


D. 0. G. FIELD, Agent. 

This Company controls the water of Concord 
Itiver , and leases the power to others for manufac- 
turing purposes. They hare an aggregate of 500 
II. P . — Steam and Water. 

The Charter permits the Company to manufac- 
ture on their own account. 



North End ot Dsdlon Street, 


CAPITAL - - - $2,500,000. 

B. F. CROWNINSHIELD, Treas., 60 State Street, Boston. 

BENJAMIN PATCH, Paymaster of Mills. 

HENRY BURROWS, Supt. of Print TYorks. 

WM. HARDMAN, Paymaster of Print Works. 

Spindles .... 

Looms ..... 

Females employed 
Males employed 
| Yards made per week . 
j Cotton consumed per week, lbs. 

Yards Dyed and Printed 
Kinds of Goods made Prints No. 30 to 37 







Pay-day on the Saturday before the 16th of each month. 

This Corporation runs five Mills, besides the Print Works. 





Loclts eft? Canals 

— ON — 


Office, Mechanic Street. 


JOHN S. MORSE, Treasurer, 



NOAH R, HARLOW , Paymaster . 

This Company control and manage the Water- 
Power of the Merrimack River, at Lowell, 
and also carry on works for 


Pay-day on the Monday after the last Saturday of 
each month. 





CapitaMy $ 1 , 200 , 000 . 

EBEN BACON, Treasurer, 

OLIVER JET. MOULTON, Superintendent . 

Spindles ------- 50,268 

Looms ------- 1,350 

Females Employed ----- 850 

Males Employed ------ 308 

Yards made per week - - - - 235,000 

Cotton consumed per week, lbs. - - - 50,000 

Cleaned Wool consumed per week, lbs. - 10,000 

Yards Dyed ------- 6,000 

Yards Printed ------ 126,000 


j Delaines, Cotton Flannels , Prints, Ticks, 
Stripes, Sheetings and Shirtings, 5 to 53. 


Pay-day, second week after last Saturday in each month. 



Lowell Manufacturing Company, 



Capital - - - $2,000,000. 

D. B. JEWETT, Treasurer, 28 State St,, Boston. 

THOMAS SAMPSON, Jr., Clerk, 28 Slate St., Boston. 
GEORGE C. RICHARDSON & CO., Selling Agents, 

96 Devonshire St., Boston ; and 81 Worth St., New York. 

SAMUEL FAY, Superintendent. 

AMOS A. BLANCHARD, Paymaster. 


12,500 Worsted and Wool, 2,816 Cotton. 


258 Power Carpet, 124 Cotton, 50 Stuff Goods. 

Females employed, 1,000 ; Males employed, 450. 

„ , _ , ( 35,000 YARDS CARPETINGS. 

Yards made per Week, •< 13,000 yakds sheetings. 

^ ^ \ 4 500 YARDS STUFF GOODS. 

Cotton consumed per week 
Clean Wool consumed per week 



Manufacture Carpets, Sheeting’s, and Staff 


Pay-day, week after the last Saturday in each month. 







CAPITAL - ■ - $750,000. 

RICHARD S. FAY, Treasurer, 

69 Federal Street , Boston . 

PERRY & WENDELL, Selling Agents, 

69 Federal Street , Boston . 


WILLIAM C. AVERY, Superintendent. 
ALBERT A. HAGGETT, Paymaster. 

Spindles, 16,400. 

Looms, 250 broadcloth, 50 narrow. 

Females employed, 320. 

Males employed, 427. 

{ 13,000-6-4. 

Yards made per week, < 2 , 000 - 3 - 4 . 

( 2,500 Sq. Shawls. 

Clean Wool consumed per week, 25,000 pounds. 




Pay-day, Friday after tlte fourth Saturday iu each month. 


Lawrence Manufacturing Co., 

north; etstjd of Suffolk. 


CAPITAL - - - 

$1,500,0 00. 



39 Kilby Street, Boston. 


T. Ij. P. LAMSOy, Paymaster. 


. 60,432 



Knitting Machines 


Females employed 


Males employed .... 


Yards made per week • 

j 300,000 Cotton Cloth. 

( 6,000 doz. Hosiery. 

Cotton consumed per week , lbs. 

. 110,000 

Clean Wool consumed per week . 



Sheeting, Shirting, Printing Cloth, Cotton and Merino 

Number of Mills run by tills Company, Five j and Dye Houses. 
Pay-day, second week after last Saturday in each month. 




Bleachery St,, in south part of the city, 


CAPITAL - - - $300,000. 

SAMUEL, a. SNELLMNG, Treasurer , 



HE NR T* P. PERKINS, Paymaster . 





All Grades and Styles of 


Pay-day, Tuesday following: last Saturday of each month. 



Amory, foot John Street. 


CAPITAL - $1,300,000. 

BICHARD D, ROCERS, Treasurer, 

60 State Street, Boston. 

WILLIAM A. BURKE, Agent. THOMAS S. SHAW, Superintendent. 

GEO. W. BEDLOW, Paymaster. 

Spindles ...... 


Looms ...... 


Females employed . 


Males employed, including mule-tenders 


Yards made per week . 


Cotton consumed per week, in pounds . 


t^* i e n i i 1 Drillings and Sheetings, No. 14. Sheetings, 

Kinds ot Koods made, | Shirtings> Print Cloths, 30 to 40. 

This Company Buns 5 Mills. 







Junction of Merrimack and Concord Rivers, 

Between Bridge and Merrimack Streets. 


CAPITAL - - $ 1 , 800 , 000 . 

Homer Bartlett, Treasurer, 60 State St., Boston; 

Frothingham & Co., Selling Agents, 59 Franklin St., Boston. 
Frank F. Battles, Agent. 

Amos Rugg, Paymaster. 



Females employed 

Males employed 

Yards made per week . . . 
Cotton consumed per week 
Kinds of goods made . . . , 
Numbers of Yarn 







Sheetings, Shirtings, Drillings. 
8 to 27 

Number of Mills Run by this Company, Six. 



ERASTUS BOYDEN - - - Superintendent. 



These Mills belong to the Massachusetts Cotton Mills, and the 
Statistics are included In those of that Company. 





CAPITAL - - - $600,000. 

GEORGE MOTLEY, Treasurer, 


J. H. SAWYER, Superintendent. 

A. H. ROBINSON, Paymaster. 

Spindles Sl,lSO 

Looms 717 

Females employed 400 

Males employed 1-40 

Yards made per week 160,000 

Cotton consumed per week, lbs 66,000 

^Manufacture Sheetings, JDrillings, and Shirtings, 1-4 to SO 

Number of Mills run by this Company are three. 







CAPITAL $ 600 , 000 . 


82 Milk Street, Boston. 

ANDREW MOODY - - - Superintendent. 
WILLIAM W. SHERMAN - - Paymaster. 



Cotton Machinery, Locomotives, 
Machinists’ Tools, Mill Work, &c. 

They have Four Shops, Smithy, and. Foundry. 
Pay-day, last Saturday In each month. 







Also Patentee and Sole Manufacturer of Improved 

Patented Wire Heddles, 


Warranted not to catch the Warp Thread in the eye. 

Patented Mat 21, 1867. 



(Near the Middlesex Mills,) 


The subscriber, in calling the attention of Manufacturers to his PATENTED 
WIRE HEDDhE, can confidently recommend it as the best adapted to all kinds of 
weaving (Woolen, Cotton, or Silk Goods) of any Wire Heddle now in use. The eye in 
this Heddle is near perfection, if not perfect; the warp thread will not catch in the 
twist of the wire which forms the eye, and the warper knots will pass freely through 
the eye without injury; and has given the most perfect satisfaction wherever it has 
been used. 

Orders solicited and promptly executed by 

D. C. BROWN, Patentee, 

Sole Manufacturer and Proprietor . 


The undersigned cheerfully recommend D.C. Brown’s Patented Wire Heddle 
as superior to any which has come to our knowledge : — 

George Crompton, Crompton Loom Works, Worcester, Mass. ; Davis & Furber, 
Wool Machine Makers, North Andover, Mass.; W. H. Salisbury, Agent Washington 
Mills, Lawrence, Mass. ; Edward Barrows, Agent Merrimack Mills, Lowell, Mass. ; 
William C. Avery, Supt. Middlesex Mills, Lowell, Mass.; Isaac Farrington, Proprie- 
tor Eagle Mills, Lowell, Mass. ; A. H. Chase, Chase Mills, Lowell, Mass. 

We, the undersigned, are using D. C. Brown’s Patented Wire Heddle, and 
are satisfied that it is the best Wire Heddle that we have ever used : — 

S. S. Fuller, Overseer of Weaving in Cloth Department, Middlesex Mills, Lowell, 
Mass.; H. Butterworth, Overseer of Weaving in Shawl Department, Middlesex Mills, 
Lowell, Mass.; J. E. Chase, Supt. Chase Mills, and Overseer of Weaving, Lowell, 
Mass.; O. W. Kenison, Overseer of Weaving, Pemberton Mills, Lawrence, Mass.; 
Joseph Clayton, Designer, Merrimack Mills, Lowell, Mass.; Thomas Clegg, Lawrence, 




Harris’s Patent Loom Harness 

Also Manufacturer of all kinds of 




Orders solicited and promptly attended to, and all work warranted. 


Corner of Broadway and Mount Vernon Streets, 



Patent Wood-Turning and Self-Feeding 



Wood-working Machinery, 

Including all kinds of Machinery for 


All our Machinery is warranted to give perfect satisfaction. 



Our improved adjustable Hanger, with self-oiling box, was awarded the 


At the late Middlesex Mechanics’ Fair in this city. 

RtT For Cuts and Circulars, address as above. 


Lowell Institution foe Savings. — Sliattuck Street. Theodore 
Edson, President. James G. Carney, Treasurer. 

Lowell Horse Hailroad Company. — Office, Museum Building, 
Merrimack Street, opposite Central. Hoad opened March 1, 1864. 
Capital, $100,000. William E. Livingston, President. Albert 
Wheeler, Vice-President. John A. Goodwin, Treasurer and 
Cleric. Directors , James Noxon, Syracuse, N.Y. ; Joel Thayer, 
Skaneateles, N.Y. ; Robert Wood, G. N. Kennedy, Syracuse, N.Y. 

Suffolk Manufacturing Company. — Suffolk Street. Capital, 

$600,000. John Wright, Agent. Pay-day, week after last Satur- 
day in each month. 

Tremont Mills. — Suffolk Street. Incorporated 1830. Capital, 
$600,000. Charles F. Battles, Agent. Pay-day, week after last 
Saturday in each month. 

United States Internal Revenue. — C. C. Esty, of Framingham, 
Assessor. George W. Coburn, Benjamin Goddard, J. D. Pinder, 
Assistant Assessors in Lowell. Office, No. 2 Nesmith’s Block. 
John Nesmith, Collector , office 1 Nesmith’s Block. George Hedrick, 
Deputy Collector , office 36 Central Street. James G. Buttrick, 
Deputy Collector , office 1 Nesmith’s Block. 


Office, Merrimack Street, opposite Central. John A. Goodwin, 
Postmaster. Levi Hedge, Chief Cleric. Samuel M. Bellows, 
Loring H. Austin, Philip P. Haggerty, James H. Pinder, Assistant 
Clerks. George Hobson, Charles F. Tilton, Albert Pinder, W. F. 
Marvell, Edwin A. Howe, William G. Brady, Letter Carriers. 
Office hours, from 7, a.m., to 8, p.m. Mails sent to Boston, Nashua, 
Concord, and Manchester, N.H., three times a day; to Worcester, 
Lawrence, and East, twice a day ; to New York, Fitchburg, and 
places on the Cheshire Railroad, and North of Concord, N.H., once 
a day ; to California by overland daily, and by steamer on the 10th, 
20th, and last day of each month ; to Pelham and Windham, N.II., 
and Concord, Mass., on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 
Foreign mails, three times a week. Letters are delivered and col- 
lected in the city, by carriers, free. 



View of New Depot, in Boston, on Causeway Street. 

The Boston and Lowell and Nashua and Lowell Railroads operate the Stony 
Brook and Wilton, Lowell and Lawrence, and Salem and Lowell Railroads. 
George Stark, Manager. John B. Winslow, Superintendent. Offices at the 
Depot in Boston. Charles E. Paige, Freight and Passenger Agent. Office, 
Middlesex Street Depot, Lowell. 

Incorporated June, 1830. Open for travel, June, 1835. New Depot, at 
Lowell, corner of Merrimack and Dutton Streets. 

Season Tickets, between Lowell and Boston, not transferable, and payable in 
advance, are given for three months, for $30 ; six months, $60 ; and one year, 
$120. They are not to be used on express business, and entitle the bearer to 
carry nothing but strictly personal baggage, or such parcels as may be taken in 
the hand, without incommoding other passengers. Other articles, or merchan- 
dise, are not to be taken as baggage, except at discretion of the conductor, and 
by paying extra. 

Package Tickets, to Boston, are sold in packages of 10, for $7.50; to North 
Billerica, in packages of 10, for $1.40. 

Lowell to 

Billerica Mills 

Billerica and Tewksbury.. 


North Woburn 

Woburn Watering-Place.., 

East VV oburn 






, li 
■ 14 £ 

. 16 

. 16 £ 

, 18 
. 21 
. 26 











No charge for children under four years of age. Between Boston and 
Lowell, second-class fare, 70 cents. The above rates are five cents less than 
the fare when taken in the cars. 



Nashua & Lowell Railroad. 

United with the Boston and Lowell Railroad, connects at Nashua 
with the Wilton Railroad, and with the Concord Railroad. 

Incorporated June 23, 1835. Depot, Middesex Street, Lowell. Opened for travel, 
October 8, 1838. 


Connecting with the Nashua and Lowell Railroad at North Chelmsford, 
and terminating at Groton. 

Incorporated in 1845. Capital Stock, $300,000. Opened for travel, July 1, 1848. 
Depot, Middlesex Street. 

Officers. — George Stark, Manager. J. B. Winslow, General Superintendent. 


Incorporated March 27, 1846. Annual Meeting, first Monday in January. Capital, 

F. H. Nourse, Local Superintendent , Treasurer , and Clerk. Office, Middlesex 
Street Depot. 

From Lowell* to Distances. Prices. 

Mace’s 3 10 

Tewksbury Centre 5 15 

Shed’s Crossing, f or Almshouse Station 6 20 

Hagget’s Pond 10 30 

Lawrence}: 13 40 

•Connects with Nashua and Lowell Railroad. 

^Connects with Lowell and Salem Railroad. 

lOonnects with Boston and Maine Railroad, and Manchester and Lawrence Railroad. 

Season Tickets between Lowell and Lawrence, three months, $11. Season Tickets 
between Lowell and Tewksbury, three months, $8. 


Incorporated in 1848. Opened August 1, 1850. Capital, $400,000. Annual meet- 
ing on Tuesday after first Monday of Jannary. 

Officers. — George Stark, Manager. J. B. Winslow, General Superintendent. 
F. H. Nourse, Local Superintendent , Clerk , and Treasurer. Office, Middlesex Street 
Depot, Lowell. 

From Lowell to 

Distances. Fares. 

Whipple’s Crossing 


Shed’s Crossing, or Alms-House Station .... 

Burt’s Mills 

Wilmington Junction 


North Reading 

Paper Mills 

Phelps Mills 

West Danvers 

Proctor’s Corner 

South Danvers 







18 * 





















idling Xatlits Acadcmt), 





For Board and Tuition, per Session of 46 weeks, one Quarter 
payable in advance ...... 

“ Washing . . . . . . • 

“ Half Boarders, who dine at the Academy, per Session as 
above ........ 

“ Piano and Vocal Music, per Quarter 

“ Guitar, per Quarter ...... 

“ Painting and Drawing, per Quarter 

“ Bedding ........ 


For Preparatory Class, per Quarter .... 

“ Grammar “ “ “ 

“ Higher Grammar Class, per Quarter .... 

“ Senior Class, per Quarter ..... 

“ Music, per Quarter ...... 

“ Drawing, per Quarter, as above. 

No extra charge for French. 

No deduction will be made for the withdrawal of a pupil before the expi- 
ration of the term, unless in case of sickness. 

Particular attention will be paid to Plain and Ornamental Needlework. 
Connected with the Academy is a Free Day-School ; also a Free Even- 
ing-School for Girls, Wednesday and Saturday evenings. 

The course of education embraces every useful and ornamental branch 
suitable for young ladies. 

Difference of religion is no obstacle to admission, provided the pupils con- 
form to the general regulations of the house. 

The scholastic year commences the first Monday in September, and ends 
about the 15th of July. Pupils are admitted at any time during the term. 

There will be an additional charge of twenty dollars for those who spend 
the vacation at the Academy. 

On Wednesday, from 2 o’clock till 5, p.m., the pupils are permitted to 
receive visits from their parents, and other persons formally authorized by them. 

For further particulars apply at the Academy, or by letter to the 

$150 00 
20 00 

60 00 
12 00 
12 00 
6 00 
5 00 

$4 00 

5 00 

6 00 
7 00 

10 00 





The largest 

and most widely circulated 
daily paper in Middlesex County. 

Published every afternoon (Sunday excepted), by 


No. 21 CENTRAL (cor. Central and Middle Sts.) 


Has a circulation one-half larger than any other daily paper in Middlesex 

Terms, $0.00 a year in advance, 

Or $6.50, if not paid within three months of the time of subscribing. 

Lowell Weekly Journal, 







It pays particular attention to COUNTY NEWS (having correspondents in 
all the towns); and also to the AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, which 
gives a large amount of original and selected matter from some of the best agricul- 
tural writers in the State. 

Terms, $2.00 a year, in advance. 

G. A. Marden. E. T. Rowell. 



mim ms office, 


Xu O W IE Xj Xu. 

This Establishment is amply provided with all the means for executing 



Neatly^ Cheaply , and Expeditiously . 

For Plain or Colored Posters, it has the largest sized Hand-Press in 
New England. 



And has the largest subscription list of any daily paper in Middlesex County. 



sc nynoptE-Y, 

Publishers and Proprietors, 

No. 44 Central, nearly opposite Middle Street. 







This Establishment, which was commenced in June, 1846, is one of the very largest 
and best in Massachusetts, for the rapid , perfect , and economical execution of JOB 
PRINTING, in its various branches. Its facilities are inferior to no other first-class 
office in New England. 

Manufacturers, Merchants, Mechanics, Insurance Companies, Banks, Lawyers — 
in fact, all persons requiring Printing done neatly and promptly, on terms as loio as 
any man can lire and pay his honest debts — are invited to call, and examine the numer- 
ous specimens (both plain and fancy) of the work of this Office, which the proprietor 
will take pleasure in showing them. 




No. 21 Central Street, Lowell, 


JOB PRINTING OFFICE (outside of Boston) 


vox: poptjijI, 

An Independent Family Newspaper, commenced in 1840; — Stone & Huse, proprietors 
and publishers. Terms, $2.00 per annum in advance. The circulation of Vox PorULI 
is larger than any other paper in Lowell. 

jearThis office, which is the oldest and by far the largest in Lowell, is kept 
thoroughly supplied with every material necessary for the prompt, neat, and econo- 
mical execution of LETTER-PRESS PRINTING. Having the most 


in use, the proprietors feel assured that they can compete successfully with any other 
establishment in the prompt and neat execution of all work intrusted to them, and 
at as LOW PRICES as can be ofl’ered anywhere. 

Special attention given to Printing for Cotton and Woolen Manu- 
facturing Establishments ; Mercantile, Banking, 
and Business Companies. 


All kinds of COPPER PLATE Printing, 

Marriage and Visiting Cards, and Circulars, of the latest styles. 

s'. W. HUSE*,' i Proprietors. 





Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, 


And Manufacturers of 

No. 132 Merrimack Street. 

C. H. Abbott. | 


| L. J. EAmes. 


(Successors to Joseph Tafley,) 

At the Railroad Wood-Yard, near the Round House, 






Orders may be left at 

No. 37 CHTJRCH ST., 


B. C. Sargeant’s Book Store, 




"West India G-oods, 

And Choice Family GROCERIES, Wines, Liquors, Cigars, &c., 




At the Old Brastow Stand, 153 Central St., Lowell. 

Fine Watches and Clocks carefully Corrected and Repaired. 
A good assortment of Swiss and American Watches constantly 

on hand. 

jay One of Howard’s best Astronomical Clocks kept for the 
purpose of regulating Watches correctly. 



Meadow River Manufacturing Co., 




Made of Coir, Sisal, Berlin, Manilla, and Wool. 

Odd sizes, suitable for Halls, Churches, and fine Tenements, made to order. 







Chase, Sargent, & Shattuck, 



Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vestings, 






Chase, Sargent, & Shattuck, 

Importers and Dealers in 

Hardware, Cutlery, Tools, 

And Manufacturers’ Supplies; 

Pipe, Pumps, Buckeye Mowing Machines, 
Agricultural Tools, &c., 


Agents for Fairbanks’s Scales. 




To its IN atural Vitality and Color. 

Yielding to frequent and urgent solicitations from persons 
in all parts of the country who had experienced the virtues of 
our medicines, we began, several years ago, a series of investiga- 
tions which should lead to the production of 

A really efficient Hair Restorer. 

After the most exhaustive researches into the diseases of the 
hair and scalp, and their remedies, aided by eminent chemists 
and physiologists, we have the pleasure to offer the public a prep- 
aration which cannot fail to win their confidence. It combines 
the most desirable qualities of the best preparations extant, with- 
out their objectionable ones; the result of a determination to supply what should be- 
both effectual and harmless, whereas many of the Hair Restorers in the market are 
feared as dangerous. The large number who have tried the VIGOR speak of it in 
unqualified terms of praise, expressing the fullest satisfaction with its results. 


Rendering the hair soft, pliant, and glossy, and perfuming it with a new odor of rare 
delicacy, much admired by all who have used it. On account of these peculiarities, it 
is already sought by ladies whose hair is so abundant as to require only a rich dress- 
ing. It excites the scalp to excrete its moisture, so that, after the VIGOR has dissi- 
pated, the hair is kept soft by this, its own proper unguent. 

Such a hair-dressing as we now supply has been long desired; one which could 
be relied on to effect known results, without being offensive or injurious to the hair, 
or the general health. Where a preparation is not needed to reproduce nor to color 
the hair, the use of the VIGOR will be found highly beneficial, as tending to keep up 
the vitality of the growth; and, as a dressing, is superior to any in the market, and is 
surely the best we can produce. To many, the preservation of this great natural orna- 
ment is so much an object that we know we aie meeting an urgent want when we 
8 upply a safe and agreeable dressing which beautifies the hair, if it is abundant; pre- 
serves it, if decaying; and restores it and its beauty, when they have been lost. 


Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., 

JP radical and Analytical Chemists , 

PRICE, $1.00. 

Solti by all Druggists and Dealers in Medicines everywhere. 


Gr. J. & D. BRAD. 


Bread, Cake, and Crackers, 



All orders thankfully received and promptly attended to. 

Gerritt J. Bradt. David Bradt. 


Veterinary Surgeon, 

| gj£L High-street cor, Bartlett, 

Treats all diseases of Horses, Cattle, and the lower animals; performs Surgical 
Operations; cures all curable cases of Spavin, Ringbone, Curb, Splents, and the like. 
Orders promptly answered. Address by mail, or telegraph, as above directed. 

95= Refers to all well-known horsemen in New England. 


201 Middlesex Street, Lowell, Mass., 


West India Goods, Groceries, and Chemical Salt 









Whitening, Coloring, and Whitewashing done at short notice. Orders through 
the Post-office promptly attended to. 



Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 




William Nichols. E. D. Fletcher. 



Hard, Soft, Soda, and Ammonia Soaps, 




Near Corner of Middlesex and School Streets, 


Samuel Horn. Alfred S. Horn. 






Lowell , Mass. 

A. G. Stiles. John G. Rogers. Edwin Lamson. 

lad Oheei 





201 Central St., 


Where you can always find a great variety of 



33 EEF, 












At their Fish Market, in the rear of No. 57 CENTRAL STREET, at the 
sign of the BIG FISH, daily receive, and are ready at all times to furnish the citizens 
of Lowell with Fresh Fish; including Halibut, Cod, Haddock, Mackerel, Shad, Lob- 
sters, Oysters, and all kinds of Fish in their season. Also Corned Fish, Tongues and 
Sounds, &c., &c. Orders respectfully solicited, and Fish delivered promptly in any 
part of the city. 



c. F. KNAPP, 


This Liniment needs only to be tried to recommend it to the public as one of the 
best in use. 









Also Kerosene Oil, &c., Ac., 

Comer of Bridge and Paige Sts. - - LOWELL, MASS. 

James Gibson. 

Moses Gibson. 


1 Ece Dealers, 

94 Pawtucket St., Lowell, Mass. 

William McFarlin. Luke McFarlin. 


Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

West India Goods 

And Groceries , 


Wholesale and Retail, 

123 Lowell St., near Hanover. 



Massey, Houston, <fc Co.’s 

Philadelphia Ale & Porter, 

in bbls. and half bbls.; 

Also Geo. Younger’s Scotch Ale, 




306 Merrimack St., Lowell, Mass. 




Keatsfoot Oil and Tallow f 




Orders for butchering Hogs attend- 
ed to at short notice. 



Beef, Pork, Lard, Ham, 

Country Produce, 



No. 320 Merrimack St., 






Teas, Sugars, Oil, 

Flour, &c., 

Middlesex, cor. South Street, Lowell, Mass. 

Intelligence and Employment Office, 


American House Stage-Office, 





Also general Passenger Agent. Tickets for sale to all points East and West. 


O. P. TALBOT & CO., 



Chemicals, and Dye Woods ; 


Dyers’ Drugs and Manufacturers’ Articles, 





A. F. DOW, 



310 Merrimack Street, 


A great variety of Fish, Oysters, 
Clams, and Lobsters constantly on 


Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 


Wines, Liquors, Cigars, &c. 

Pale and Amber Ale, wholesale and retail. 

ara merrimack street, 


Manufacturers of 

Soaps, Candles, & Tallow, 

Wholesale and Retail. 


Rear 40 Charles Street, 







Office, 80 Laivrence Street , Lowell . 



Whipple's Mills - - - - Head of Lawrence Street, 


Extract of Indigo, Carmine Blue, Pyroligneous Acid, Acetate of 
Lime, Iron Liquor, Red Liquor, Ac, All kinds of 


For Dyers ’ and Printers * use, 

Mir On hand and made to order, -ffifr 

W. P. TAYLOR, Agent. 






Vegetables, and general Provisions, 
Bridge Street - - - Centralville, 

Central Street, 





Lowell, Mass., 

Plil-lPPtl STORE 




All kinds of Foreign and Domestic Fruits, in their season ; 

Also all the PERIODICALS ami MAGAZINES of the day, and STATION- 
ERY, &c. 

N.B. — Back numbers of all Magazines and Papers constantly on hand. 


F. H. BUTLER & CO,, 



And Crackers, of all kinds. 
Bakery, 229 Central Street, 

4®=* All orders thankfully received and 
promptly attended to. 



Cor. of Central and Jackson Streets, 




Manufacturers of LADIES’ and GENTS’ 

fjjH Calf and Buck Gloves and Mittens. fj!ff§ 

Also Ladies’ Fine Castor Beaver 


Glove On If and Kid 81ioe Stock, 



«T- W. 

54 Central Street - - Loivell, Mass,, 





Hat and Bonnet Bleacliery, 


Gentlemen’s,, Ladies’, and Misses’ Felt and Beaver Hats Blocked in the latest styles. 
All goods sent by Express will receive prompt attention. 



Manufacturer of 

Bread, Cake, Crackers, 

PIES, Ac., 


Bakery, 34 Paige St., corner John, 


All orders thankfully received and 
promptly attended to. 


Manufacturers of 

Bread, Cake, Crackers, 

Bakery, Crosby, cor. Central St., 


All orders thankfully received and 
promptly attended to. 




Choice varieties of g 



Extracts, &c. 

No. 105 Middlesex Street, Lowell, Mass. 


Lounge Manufacturers, 


All kinds of Furniture repaired in the most thorough 
manner. Mattresses, Pew Cushions, and Cushions of all 
kinds made over, or new ones furnished. 



No, 11 Middle Street, ----- LOWELL . 

We warrant all our work, and our prices are low. 


Livery, Boarding, 



Middlesex St., 

Near Northern Depot, - LOWELL, MASS. 

Constantly on hand and for sale horses of all kinds; also, bought and sold 
on commission. 






Exclusive Agents for the Celebrated 

Stewart Parlor Stoves, 

Also the renowned Lawson Furnace and 
ADMIBAL cooking stoves, 

118 Central Street, ----- LOWELL. 

T. Costello. J. Costello. 


House Carpenter, 

183 Central, nearly opposite Tyler Street. 


Contracts for New Buildings taken. |5§i 
Repairing, Remodelling of Buildings, Stores, 
&c., attended to. 




Gr r anite W oris. 


Corner School Street and Nashua Railroad, 



Foreign & Domestic Fruits, Nuts, 

Pickles, Preserves, Condiments, Confectionery, Cigars, &c., 





Mechanical Drafting, Models, Looms, Jacquards, Card Cutting Machines, Winding 
Frames, Warping Mills, and all kinds of Light Machinery, built or repaired. 


No. 82 Middle Street, Lowell, Mass. 

Particular attention paid to building our new construction of JACQUARDS, of all 
sizes. Also a new and improved (PIANO) CARD CUTTING MACHINE, which may 
be run at any time by foot or power. 


(Successor to R. Ingham & Son,) 


FULTON STREET - - cor, Mt. Yemon St. and Broadway, 



Calf, Was, Grain, Buff, Splits, Pebble Calf, Ac. 

Particular attention paid to the Finishing of BELTING AND HARNESS 
LEATHER. The patronage of the Trade respecttully solicited. Reference given, if 





~ x r "? '• " 


2 Fletcher Street, near Mechanics’ Mills, Lowell, Mass. 

N.B.— The best CAST STEEL FILES constantly on hand, for sale. Old 
Files recat equal to new. 

C. B. COBURN & CO., 




Starch, and Manufacturers’ Supplies generally, 

Mechanics* Building, Dutton Street, LOWELL, MASS, 




House, Sign, and Ornamental Painter, 

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 


Artists’ Tools and Colors, Kerosene Oil and Lamps, 

99 Central, and 1, 3, and 4 Jackson Street, Lowell, Mass. 

WINDOW SASH AND BLINDS constantly on Land. 





General Job Work and Machine Blacksmithing 


Shop at Wamesit Mills, Dutton St., Lowell, Mass. 



Manufacturers of 



Corner of Middle and Shattuck Streets, Lowell, Mass.; 


Calf and Kip Lacings, Belt Hooks, Rivets, Pegs, Roller Cloth, Loom 
Strapping, Cotton-spinning Banding, &c. 



Worsted Apron, Lace, Suspender Strap, Curried, Grain, Buff, 








Manufacturers of all kinds of 





Leather Loom-Pickers, 


Second-hand Card Clothing, &c. 

Orders promptly attended to. 




Shop, at Bachelder’s, Mt. Vernon Street, 

(Near the Gas-Works.) 

House, First on "Wilder Street from IPawtrucket, 


Personal attention given to tbe business. Prices reasonable. 
ORDERS left at French & Puffer’s, 115 Central Street, will receive 
prompt attention. 







Merrimack-Street Depot, - LOWELL. 

No. 33 Court Square, BOSTON. 

Leave Lowell, 7 •, 9 1-2 ; 12 1-4 ; 2 1-4. 

Leave Boston Office, 6 1-2 | 9 1-2 ; 11 1-2 $ 2 $ 3 1-2. 


Are prepared to furnish 




Stills and Tanks of Every Description. 

Dutton St., near Mechanics’ Mills, Lowell. 

Repairing done at short notice* Second-hand Boilers on hand and for sale* 




Mechanics’ Mills, Corner of Dutton and Fletcher Streets, Lowell, Mass. 

Ring Filling, 
Carpet “ 
Jack Spools, 
Warper “ 


! Fine Fly Frame Bobbins, 

Slubber F. F. 


Higgins’s S. 










Warp Bobbins, 
Ring “ 

Throstle “ 
Winder “ 
Carpet Wp. “ 
Hoop Skirt “ 
Ring Quill “ 

Pins, Dowels, and all kinds of Bobbins and Spools used 
in Cotton, Woolen, and Silk Manufactories. 





Black Walnut, Butternut and Chestnut Veneered 

-A. 1 ST ID 



Wamesit Steam Mills, Dutton Street, 

N. B. FAVOR, j 
N. P. FAVOR. ) 


EC. & .A.. WHITNEY, 

"Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all kinds of 

Western, Canada, and Northern 

XL U W& Et & 


Pine, Cedar, Spruce, and Hemlock Shingles, 
Clapboards, Laths, Pence Pickets, Posts, &c. ; 


Western Avenue, nearly opposite Wamesit Steam Mills, 


F. W. LADD, 











Don.© at short notice. 


Near Nashua and Rowell Railroad Repot. 



Wood and Coal, 

Corner Moody and Tremont Streets, 


Wood Sawed to order, and Sawed Wood constantly on hand, 

95“ Order Box at G. T. Williams’s Jewelry Store, Post-Office Building. 






Mattresses, Sofas, Lounges, Crockery, Glass Ware, Clocks, Stoves, &c., &c. 

Upholstery, Painting, and Repairing promptly done in the neatest manner. 


Wholesale and Retail Agents for Symonds’s Patent Burner and 
Petroleum Fluid, and McKellar’s Patent Beer Powder. 

39 & 40 Market Street LOWELL. 






Rear of No. 293 Middlesex Street, Lowell, Mass. 
Repairing of all kinds done in a thorough manner. 





Plaster, Bricks, Hair, Laths, 





Dealers in all kinds of 


Dutton Street - - - Near Wamesit Mills, 


H. C. Howe. J. F. Howe. C. Burnham. 





New and Second-hand 


Feathers, Mattresses, 



The best Stove in the world. 

Corner of Dutton and Lowell Streets, 



Mechanics’ Mills, Fletcher Street, 

Manufacturers of, and Dealers in, 


Green, and Roasted to order; 



At Wholesale and Retail; 


Clark’s Concentrated Yeast. 


Residence, No. 7 Abbott Street. 




Public & Private Buildings, 

Shop, 244 Middlesex Street; 


No. 45 Chestnut Street . 

nxr. im:. 'w right, 





And Manufacturer of 


No. 13S Central Street, Lowell, Mass. 






Constantly on hand a large assortment of all sizes of PINE, SPRUCE, and OAK 
BUNGS for Oils, Spirits, Vinegar, Beer, Molasses, and Tar Barrels. 

INSPECTORS’ PLUGS, of every description, for Butter, Beef, Pork, and Lard, &c. 

A. BACHELDER & CO., Proprietors. 


Livery, Hack, 

Monument Square, Merrimack St., Lowell, Mass. 



Builder & Contractor. 

All Kinds of Job Work 
Executed with Promptness. 


Shop 302, Residence 300, School Street, Lowell, Mass. 




Stencil and other Dies, Branding Irons, Stencil-marking Plates, &.C., 
of any size or style of Letter, Manufactured and Furnished to order. 

No. 132 Middlesex Street, Lowell. 







3VJ[ AS O 3NT. 


Brick-work, Plastering, and Mortar Stone-Work. 


Residence, PAWTUCKET SdUARE, Dracnt. 

(Opposite W. D. Butler's Store.) 

B. S. HALE &c son, 




Also, all Descriptions of 

Silk and Cotton Covered "W”ire* 






Also Dealers in Cutlery, Shooting a